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<stipa> when you have full internet of IT experts copying shit that doesn't work from each other and helping people with their IT skills.
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<stipa> Does anyone know how to make youtube "burst" data not to come in bursts but to be consistent, is there any trick to make it happen? I have 2Mbs download internet connection and I cant watch on YT anything better than 360p because ot he "bursts". :( I guess that's how the YT works.
<stipa> i could live with 480p, 360p is to pixelated
<stipa> but 480p is constantly buffering
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<[TheBug]> well, they would tell you to download them before you watch them
<stipa> YT bursts visualized https://ibb.co/qCg5H05
<[TheBug]> well if on Android device
<[TheBug]> I guess thats not possible in browser
<[TheBug]> hm
<[TheBug]> can you raise the buffer maybe
<[TheBug]> so it buffers more before
<stipa> i tried some plugins but they're too old and seems like they're not functional.
<stipa> like they wait until buffer is ful enough
<[TheBug]> cause it says you can make it fully buffer
<[TheBug]> but it will only be like 360p
<[TheBug]> so
<[TheBug]> wha wha
<stipa> yeah, 360p works
<stipa> 480p not!
<[TheBug]> someone does suggest some ideas for firefox there
<[TheBug]> if maybe it works in firefox for you
<stipa> i'll see
<[TheBug]> seems you can set some readahead
<lanefu> yo
<TRS-80> stipa: mpv YOUTUBE_URL
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<TRS-80> but that requires recent youtube-dl, fyi
<DigitalMan1983_> any u-boot experts in here? :)
* TRS-80 was about to ask DigitalMan1983_ the same thing after reading his forum post today :D
<lanefu> DigitalMan1983_: spill the beans
<stipa> TRS-80: this? https://mpv.io/
<DigitalMan1983_> I'm building my own...wondering if there is an easy way to replace the bootloader
<DigitalMan1983_> on an exisiting imagve
* DigitalMan1983_ stops worrying and loves the bomb
<TRS-80> stipa: Yes. I prefer it but I like minimalist things. Do man mpv for keyboard controls (but there is some minimal UI)
<TRS-80> DigitalMan1983_: If/when you figure out, let me know, too here: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15966-working-on-u-boot-recovery-documentation-some-guidance-please/ (and maybe something helpful there for you)
<lanefu> DigitalMan1983_: there's a script here you can source: root@pineh64-b:/usr/lib/u-boot# cat platform_install.sh
<DigitalMan1983_> I'm wondering if it's possible to let armbian build tools build the image, with whatever canned U-boot it builds
<lanefu> TRS-80: btw that didnt work on sunxi64
<lanefu> uImage
<TRS-80> lanefu: ?
<DigitalMan1983_> then build the bl31.bin and overwrite exisiting bootloader
<lanefu> 64bit allwinner
<lanefu> the debs dont have uImag.. that have Initrd image and then a postscript cleans it up
<lanefu> DigitalMan1983_: you can do that....
<stipa> TRS-80: ok
<lanefu> DigitalMan1983_: take a look at /usr/lib/u-boot/platform_install.sh on armbian device
<TRS-80> lanefu: Depending on what you meant by "that", this is why I hesitate and ask for advice in my thread I just linked. Because I am trying to generalize it to a manual recovery documentation context, and not sure I am on the right path, due to differences in boards as you mention.
* DigitalMan1983_ suddenly begins headbanging as Rush's Limelight plays
<lanefu> TRS-80: sorry.. the deb extraction procedure
<lanefu> yeah "we" really to understand the u-boot stuff from head to toe
<DigitalMan1983_> it would be pretty awesome to add u-boot customizability to the build tools
<TRS-80> yeah, you are referring to the method I propose in that thread, right?
<lanefu> TRS-80: correct
<lanefu> DigitalMan1983_: what do you need to customize
<DigitalMan1983_> just an entry point to the make menuconfig like with the kernel would be awesome
<lanefu> you should be bale to patch
<lanefu> s/bale/able
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: you should be able to patch
<DigitalMan1983_> that would be awesome
<DigitalMan1983_> I need to turn LCD support on
<TRS-80> I figured if no one answer me, I bump later after release. I have now created a new Org file strictly for tracking such issues in Armbian so I (personally) don't lose track of them.
<lanefu> #orgmode
<TRS-80> das rite
<DigitalMan1983_> it's actually a configuration setting when you build u-boot, so it's more like kernel configuration parameters (i.e. VIDEO_DISPLAY_MODE) rather than environment settings that you'd find in armbianEnv.txt or boot.cmd
* TRS-80 is being summoned to dinner
<DigitalMan1983_> an, there ARE environment parameters that need to be set
<DigitalMan1983_> enjoy!!
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<DigitalMan1983_> cd build
<DigitalMan1983_> ./compile CONFIGURE_KERNEL=y
<DigitalMan1983_> shit
<DigitalMan1983_> sorry guys
<TRS-80> thanks for tut :D
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<stipa> [TheBug]: The stuff from your link stopped working long time ago, TRS-80 mvp, at least the newest version for windows is crashig, noth 64 and 32 bit versions, will try version before the newest one.
<stipa> both* 64 and 32*
<TRS-80> stipa: Oh, sorry I am not on Windows.
<stipa> i know, i know
<TRS-80> Do you have a moment to hear the word of our Lord and Saviour rms?
<TRS-80> :D
<stipa> if it's not on YT maybe
<TRS-80> Well, I was joking but here anyway: https://www.fsf.org/about/what-is-free-software
<TRS-80> :)
<lanefu> TRS-80: this may be part of equation regarding recovery
<TRS-80> I had actually noticed that, too
<TRS-80> or it crossed my mind, anyway while reading it
<lanefu> In other news the weechat android app has gotten updates and is pretty awesome now
<TRS-80> I noticed it's even on F-Droid
<TRS-80> rms approved
<TRS-80> :)
<lanefu> Has upload support lol
<TRS-80> infact I think I have it on my phone already
<TRS-80> upload? what like files?
<lanefu> Yeah you can configure some url endpoint for it to push attachments
<lanefu> You'll see it in the entry box
<TRS-80> Oh OK. Yeah that's how sending images / files works on XMPP also (at least with Prosody, anyway).
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<stipa> TRS-80: freedom is nice concpet, it works when everything is fine and dandy but people when pushed hard are Evil Sons of Bitches.
<TRS-80> stipa: Well, I would say that Copyleft was designed explicitly to counteract evil sons of bitches. :)
<TRS-80> Anyway, I pretty much don't use (nor recommend) any software anymore which is not F/LOSS, and preferably, GPL. I just don't have time to keep re-inventing wheels.
<stipa> let's enjoy till it lasts.
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<TRS-80> stipa: Anyway you reminded me about one of my many ideas. And in the meantime I got mpv JSON IPC interface working via command line. Next step: writing some Elisp to automatically pause and fetch the current video time and insert it into Org buffer at point for taking notes of a video. :)
<TRS-80> timestamped notes
<stipa> hmmm
<stipa> like subtitles?
<TRS-80> these sort of things are only possible (generally) with F/LOSS tools
<TRS-80> no it will just interact with mpv and return the timestamp of current position
<TRS-80> via unix socket
<TRS-80> I take a lot of notes. Some times I would like to take video notes, with time stamps, in case I need to refer back or reference later.
<TRS-80> e.g. 0:22 discussion of whatever
<TRS-80> etc
<stipa> sounds similar to 'markers' in video editing software
<TRS-80> maybe but this would just be grabbing the time stamp and inserting it into my text notes
<TRS-80> automatically
<TRS-80> upon keypress or whatever
<TRS-80> without needing to dicker around with mouse, change window, etc...
<TRS-80> remote control of mpv from Emacs, essentially
<stipa> nice
<stipa> sounds like journalism
<stipa> like narrating video material
<sunshavi> sometimes it is just for references
<TRS-80> OK, I think I see what you meant by subtitles now. More like what I would imagine the workflow might be in creating them, yes.
<TRS-80> As my understanding they are just a file with the narration and some time stamps.
<TRS-80> a text file
<TRS-80> But yes this tool could easily be adapder to that, I suppose.
<sunshavi> stipa: idea could be nice also. next time You watch the video. You could see your previous notes
<TRS-80> stipa: do you have a recent version of youtube-dl also installed?
<TRS-80> As I am pretty sure that's required for mpv to get the video stream from the youtube URL. Maybe that's why it crashed (or could just be Windoze).
<stipa> TRS-80: i tried runing mpv.exe, inserted a link in it and it just shuts off without errors.
<TRS-80> call (from shell): `mpv YT_URL` except replace with URL to video you want to watch. But install youtube-dl first
<TRS-80> mpv exits when it's done, I am guessing it never found a stream, or maybe you did not pass it argument properly
<TRS-80> no idea how that works on Windows, actually
<TRS-80> but should be similar? or do run cmd.... man it's been a while... lol
<stipa> it's a mess
<stipa> folder full of files
<stipa> *.bat *.com *.exe ...
<stipa> i'll make a screenshot
<TRS-80> Is there any reason to stay on Windows any more? Some particular software you use? If you are building Armbian, I think you can handle GNU/Linux as your daily driver. Join us in freedom and happiness. :D
<stipa> yeah, i do pro audio
<stipa> linux is weak at that spot
<stipa> i use linux for network
<stipa> NAS...
<TRS-80> I started dual booting for some time, it didn't take me long to realize I don't need Windoze any longer. Sounds like maybe you have some different needs. By now I'm so glad not to have to deal with it any longer.
<TRS-80> Something magical happens also when all the boxen in your home are running open protocols on systems designed to be interoperable (e.g. Linux). Everything "just works." :)
<stipa> TRS-80: this is what i have tried https://ibb.co/LgK6MQM
<TRS-80> try .\mpv URL
<TRS-80> but it should work if you installed it, I dunno what gives
<TRS-80> maybe exit and open shell again?
<TRS-80> or try tab complete on mpv
<TRS-80> i.e., mpv<TAB> and see if it autocompletes .com or .exe
<stipa> TRS-80: bunch of errors
<TRS-80> like what?
<stipa> maybe there's a manual
<TRS-80> I can't tell, but where it asked you about youtube-dl, you hit Yes, right?
<TRS-80> to be clear, that is a separate program that also needs to be installed
<stipa> didn't
<TRS-80> in addition
<stipa> it just flew by it
<stipa> didn't let me choose
<TRS-80> mpv is just a media player
<TRS-80> oh ok
<TRS-80> OK, do .\mpv "URL"
<TRS-80> or maybe .\mpv.com or .exe, etc "URL"
<stipa> .\mpv.exe "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVXnkfgKbJE&t=101s" it deosn't spit error but it also doesn't start mpv
<TRS-80> it can take several seconds to parse the web page, extract the streap and start buffering it before it plays
<TRS-80> s/streap/stream/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: it can take several seconds to parse the web page, extract the stream and start buffering it before it plays
<stipa> i'll wait
<stipa> there's nothing in the processes
<stipa> network is silent...
<TRS-80> however if started from shell, you should also see terminal output of things happening
<TRS-80> my guess is maybe youtube-dl might not be installed, but not sure
<TRS-80> does powershell do command ocmpletion?
<stipa> il'll taje a look at youtube-dl
<TRS-80> see if you can type `youtube-<TAB>` and it completes or not
<stipa> nope
<TRS-80> hmm, I am still not sure it installed or not
<stipa> probably not
<TRS-80> well I guess worth a try
<TRS-80> just make sure it's on path so mpv can find it
<stipa> iguess i have to download youtube-dl.exe and putit into the same folder as mpv ?
<TRS-80> something like that, yes
<TRS-80> you can also use pip (it is just a Python script after all)
<stipa> oh
<stipa> wil try that if this step fails
<TRS-80> that may be a whole another can of worms on Windows
<TRS-80> just DL the exe
<TRS-80> important: make sure it is on your path!
<stipa> oh
<stipa> something is going on
<TRS-80> :)
<stipa> +TRS-80 | it can take several seconds to parse the web page, extract the streap and start buffering it before it plays
<TRS-80> yep
<TRS-80> but you should get terminal output in the meantime telling you things
<TRS-80> and it shouldn't take too long
<TRS-80> few seconds at most
<stipa> no
<stipa> terminal output
<TRS-80> maybe several
<TRS-80> yeah that's not working probably
<stipa> an the quality is HD i think
<stipa> 1080p
<TRS-80> oh ok that could be it, but still mpv will be putting output in terminal the whole time
<stipa> no output
<stipa> it had started and exited, and after that mpv window opened after i putted youtube-dl in the same folder
<TRS-80> how did you insure youtube-dl is on your path?
<stipa> before*
<stipa> i didn't
<stipa> or
<TRS-80> that's probably the problem
<TRS-80> unfortunately I can't tell you how to do that on windoze any more
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<stipa> TRS-80: https://ibb.co/zVC4Fby
<TRS-80> works? look like
<stipa> works, yes
<TRS-80> awesome man! enjoy! :)
<stipa> i'll have to dig into the switches to lower the quality...
<stipa> thanks TRS-80
<TRS-80> no problem mate, yeah tons of stuff in options and also keyboard commands to get the most of it
<TRS-80> just in time, too, Mrs. gave me 5 min warning to meet in bed :D
<stipa> night
<TRS-80> gn stipa, and everybody else too
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<greypilgrim[m]> ah man, one of the microSD cards i got from Pine64 won't mount :(
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<Tony_mac32> oof
<greypilgrim[m]> to be clear, it's a brand new one. no data loss or anything. i'll keep trying because the reader seems sketchy
<Tony_mac32> right, but still, brand new card shouldn't be toast, maybe the reader
* Tony_mac32 current inspecting a PCIe to NVMe adapter card and realizing he could design/order them from LCSC
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<IgorPec> good morning
<Tony_mac32> good morning
<Tony_mac32> I just jettisoned Jellyfin into space, sitting there idle it decided it needed 70% of my RAM
<IgorPec> on helios64?
<Tony_mac32> Yep
<Tony_mac32> I have been watching it since Plex is a bit RAM hungry, and I was halfway through swap
<Tony_mac32> I was playing with Jellyfin just to see, but nah
<IgorPec> you had xu4 for the same job before, right?
<Tony_mac32> yes, but never used Jellyfin because ffmpeg doesn't work because they tied it to RPi at some fundamental level on armhf
<IgorPec> aaha
<Tony_mac32> I had it installed for a day on a test machine and gave up
<IgorPec> you should buy rpi :)
<Tony_mac32> LOL
<Tony_mac32> I'll install Plex on my build server first ;-)
<IgorPec> you need to cover 4k content?
<Tony_mac32> I still don't know how you say you're open source with a straight face and make a closed source anti-free licensed binary blob a requirement
* Tony_mac32 looks over at Amlogic
<Tony_mac32> :P
<Tony_mac32> No, my TV's are 1080p still, I don't have any big enough that it matters
<IgorPec> open source sales
<IgorPec> like freedom and democracy :)
<Tony_mac32> :'(
<IgorPec> :( indeed
<IgorPec> werner: already up?
<Tony_mac32> back to the video stuff, my source material is only HD, and all of my home endpoints can directly play whatever formats I have (some MKV's are the exception, but it can transcode 1 stream on the ARM cores no problem)
<IgorPec> but doesn't plex always recode?
<IgorPec> well, i was only experimenting with plex once or twice
<IgorPec> and was optimistically tried to play 4k h256 over it
<IgorPec> and it was no go
<Tony_mac32> It can directly play on the client if the client has the right codecs
<Tony_mac32> Roku, Shield, most Android boxes will be fine
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<IgorPec> that looks pretty retro :)
<Tony_mac32> A single gate ALU XD madman
<Tony_mac32> and he didn't even use an IC for that gate, he built it from transistors
<IgorPec> OMG
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<chewitt> Tony_mac32 this might be useful for Armbian .. needs testing (looking for testers to confirm)
<IgorPec> my only gxm is running librelec :)
<Tony_mac32> Vim2, eh?
<IgorPec> s912
<Tony_mac32> right
<Tony_mac32> I don't have any S912's unfortunately
<IgorPec> i think those were always in balbes domain
<IgorPec> s912 is mainly in tv boxes
<IgorPec> server just got (over)funded
<Tony_mac32> cool
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @Ell_o_Punk @wynandbooysen Using them in CI conducting test installs until they die off? (19s ago)
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<lanefu> You can do direct stream and direct play with plex it's just sometimes a pain
<IgorPec> good morning
<lanefu> Hi
<lanefu> I transcode all my videos in advance with https://github.com/donmelton/video_transcoding
<IgorPec> so you have variant for mobile and variant for 4k ?
<lanefu> Nah just 1 file. Although now in more interested in having 1 with subtitles burned in and 1 without
<lanefu> Dynamic subtitles crushes plex
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<imliubo> Hi, I want driver LCD with spi, but I don't know how to start it, anyone can give me some advice? :)
<imliubo> My board is nanopi-neo-air and ili9341 lcd, I have searched a lot of information including videos, but it seems to be outdated in the latest kernel version(5.8.x)...
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<stipa> imliubo: what about this? https://pypi.org/project/python3-spi/
<rneese> well on the neo air did you gointo the armbian-config and enable the spi overlay
<rneese> and the gpio and i2c
<stipa> oh, yeah, sorry, you need to turn on the SPI hardware, my bad
<rneese> you have to flip a lightswitch to get light
<rneese> lol
<rneese> in stipa case just +12v
<rneese> lol
<stipa> rneese: you're right, there's some stuff in the 'armbian-config' command
<rneese> heheh
<stipa> (.)(.)
<rneese> I only work part time for Friendlyelec .
<rneese> lol
<rneese> use to now only when the call
<stipa> ha ha
<stipa> you're an expert on SPI
<stipa> and GPIO
<imliubo> Thanks, I use "Armbian_5.59_Nanopiair_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.14.65.img" test it now!
<stipa> rneese: what's the noobest question someone asked you over the phone?
<rneese> I dont do phone as I am legaly deaf
<stipa> bummer
<imliubo> I run this command "modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341 gpios=reset:0,dc:1,led:2 bgr=1 rotate=90",but got error: [ 70.139476] fb_ili9341 fb_ili9341.0: Missing 'wr' gpio. Aborting.
<rneese> I do email and online live chat
<imliubo> [ 70.139788] fb_ili9341: probe of fb_ili9341.0 failed with error -22
<[TheBug]> Do you know american sign language?
<rneese> asl bsl and a little gsl
<rneese> and signed exact engish
<[TheBug]> used to be semi-fluent but thats saying a lot since its been years since I really used it in any regularity -- I probably would fail miserably lol
<rneese> my see is better then my asl/bsl now days
<imliubo> Any ideas with my error :(
<rneese> asl is like not my fave
<stipa> imliubo: try google
<rneese> did you follow the setup and reboot
<rneese> and then follow the how to on setting up screen
<rneese> I have never used a spi screen
<[TheBug]> stipa: Your googlefu is strong, you beat me.
<stipa> [TheBug]: thanks man!
<imliubo> stipa: thanks! I check it.
<rneese> as for the most newbie question I ever answered is I powered on the board but nothing happens .. why
<rneese> 99.9% of the time they never plug in the sd or the serial console
<stipa> rneese: ha ha, how did they end in that mess :D
<rneese> because no one reads now days
<stipa> surely it's not something they want
<[TheBug]> read? what's that?
<rneese> lol
<stipa> rneese: you have kids in schools that have homeworks with SBC's, more than half of them dont know what they want in their life
<[TheBug]> it used to be polite to tell people to go RTFM, now everyones such a snowflake you can't pull that off in the same way :Z
<rneese> kids have become coddled
<rneese> and its wrong parents afraid to do their job and raise thier kids because kids call cps
<rneese> its gotten out of hand .
<rneese> Parent need to grab the belts and wooden spoons and unite
<stipa> right
<rneese> I have no issue with a belt or spoon on the ass but the min you hit the back or use a fist then your in the wrong
<rneese> and thats when police should step in but otherwise let my set my kid straight
<stipa> yeah, there is a lot of stuff, you have such parents and their kids end up in some high positions in society and terorizze people expecting from them what they have been taught.
<rneese> now stipa go do your home work or I am going to beat you like the red headed step child you are
<rneese> lol
<[TheBug]> discipline is one thing, beating someone cause your a rage-aholic idiot is another. Its the intention in what you do. One is to help, other is to harm.
<[TheBug]> s/is to/is to do
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: discipline is one thing, beating someone cause your a rage-aholic idiot is another. Its the intention in what you do. One is to do help, other is to harm.
<rneese> kids should not have a cell phone till 18 unless they are driving
<rneese> kids walking around like zombies txting and not talking
<stipa> [TheBug]: discipline is a complex thing
<[TheBug]> problem is with everything, school and about your person is being made electronic, soon a phone will be required just so you can access your identity, health information and finances
<Werner> Great day
<[TheBug]> So it won't be possihble to just block kids from the devices
<[TheBug]> s/possihble/possible
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: So it won't be possible to just block kids from the devices
* rneese depants werner and runs off
<rneese> lol
<stipa> internet is full of predators
<[TheBug]> so is the real world
<[TheBug]> its just not as forwardly obvious
<Werner> Still great :P
<stipa> [TheBug]: it's hard to explain that to a kid
<[TheBug]> Not like those things didn't exist before the internet, its just more prevelant and easier to see the paterns on the internet
<rneese> the issue is now days both parents work leaving the tv computer and cellphone to raise thier kids
<rneese> and it is leading tto alot of disrespect in the family
<rneese> also kids expect to just ask for things and ge them
<rneese> because parents feel bad and give in
<Tony_mac32> that is a solid concern, the lack of parenting at all. No form of discipline holds if you don't even talk to your kids. For too many children are a societal success checkbox, an accessory
* [TheBug] starts to imagine rneese dressed up as a pimp...
<rneese> no worse Warden
<rneese> you punks do what I say in my building
<rneese> else its back to your cage
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<Tony_mac32> My kids have Fire tablets and an MP3 player. Their schoolwork takes place on 2 Linux PC's
<Tony_mac32> they're still young enough that me shaping cardboard boxes into "cars" with a little exacto knife and tape has distracted them for a few days
<rneese> lol
<Tony_mac32> I'm still wondering how my 6 year old is beating my 8 year old on her times tables though
<Tony_mac32> stipa good links for LCD overlays/etc
<rneese> I miss the days of the huge tinker toys and erector sets
<stipa> Tony_mac32: just a fast search...
<rneese> and box forts
<stipa> Tony_mac32: good thing for imliubo ist that there is plenty of information
<rneese> she might be getting more sleep
<rneese> or a prodagy
<Tony_mac32> rneese I made an ESP32 motor controller that bolts to erector (meccano)
<rneese> or just good at math
<rneese> cool
<Tony_mac32> Need to build a rev 2
<rneese> I was liiking at that with my lego train and monorail sets
<Tony_mac32> with MOAR POWAH
<rneese> lol
<Tony_mac32> The the real masochists I was considering a DUO or NEO/core carrier with motor control
<Tony_mac32> I have major reservations about anything Linux touching anything real time
<Tony_mac32> :P
<Tony_mac32> maybe have a micro to handle the real work and a linux board for the advanced interfaces only
<rneese> could be
<rneese> brb
<imliubo> BTW, my english is not good... Sometimes it's hard to unstander the talking... It's very sad :(
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<Tony_mac32> No worriestell us if we need to repeat or clarify something
<imliubo> and not familiar the IRC chat(weechat) lol...
<stipa> imliubo: F7 & F8 = change windows, Alt + left or right arrow = change chatroom, Alt + z = zoom the window
<stipa> those i use the most
<imliubo> I enable the spi-spidev & i2c0/1/2 in armbian-config, but run "modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341 gpios=reset:0,dc:1,led:2 speed=80000000 bgr=1" command, still got error: fbtft_device: spi_busnum_to_master(0) returned NULL failed to register SPI device
<imliubo> stipa: thanks very much! :)
<[TheBug]> imliubo: also you may be able to talk in you native here if you require by prefix what you say with '..' and our bot should attempt to translate for you
<[TheBug]> ..Halo, wie gehts?
<[TheBug]> ...Halo, wie gehts?
<[TheBug]> is it 2 or 3
<[TheBug]> or off
<[TheBug]> wee
<stipa> neither
<stipa> +[TheBug] | ..Halo, wie gehts?
<stipa> +[TheBug] | ...Halo, wie gehts?
<[TheBug]> bot not reply I guess maybe trigger is off or changes
<Tony_mac32> Hallo
<Tony_mac32> Was ist los?
<Tony_mac32> :P
<[TheBug]> well ArmbianHelper used to translate
<[TheBug]> who knows if thats still on
<[TheBug]> Werner would know
<Tony_mac32> yeah, it gets shut off when we aren't having big staff meetings because it incurs cost if we go over so many translations I think
<[TheBug]> ohh, okay
<[TheBug]> make sense then
<[TheBug]> imliubo: obviously I don't know what I say
<[TheBug]> ;p
<lanefu> oh i think i can look
<imliubo> It seems so difficult, I don't know how to start learning linux at all, even though I am very interested!
<archetech> can you burn an iso ? all ya need
<lanefu> Werner: hey on the armbian bot container, can you config my login for passwordless sudo?
<[TheBug]> imliubo: thats how you learn, just do differnt things and try things, knowing you can start over from scratch anytime and do it all again... find things that interest you and read and try
<stipa> imliubo: just paste your errors into the google and see what comes out
<[TheBug]> even the best of us have setup a system just to rm -rf / ...
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<imliubo> I google the error,but sometimes can't get the right answer(maybe I read the english not wery well...
<stipa> imliubo: https://www.google.com/search?q=fbtft_device%3A+spi_busnum_to_master(0)+returned+NULL+failed+to+register+SPI+device&oq=fbtft_device%3A+spi_busnum_to_master(0)+returned+NULL++++failed+to+register+SPI+device&aqs=chrome..69i57.270j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
<stipa> google is the database of errors and potential solution to them:D
<imliubo> Well, I will try it again tomorrow, it’s too late tonight, and I need to go to work tomorrow. . . Thank you all for your help!
<imliubo> stipa: thanks!
<Tony_mac32> Lanefu wants the power to make the worlds collide
<stipa> imliubo: np
<imliubo> +[TheBug]: thanks!
<[TheBug]> np!
<imliubo> thanks everyone! :) I will try it tomorrow!
<imliubo> good night~
<stipa> night
<lanefu> lol man i saw passwordless sudo and people think its wreckless lol
<lanefu> s/saw/say
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: lol man i say passwordless sudo and people think its wreckless lol
<lanefu> ..fix your google api
<archetech> ubu would be unusable without it
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* archetech clears superblocks from raid hdd's
<archetech> got 2 ltop hdd's for the N2
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<Tony_mac32> Hello TRS-80
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<TRS-80> Good morning
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drobo_01 is now known as drobo_00
<stipa> TRS-80: hi
<TRS-80> hi stipa
<TRS-80> I see we hit our server goal! :)
<IgorPec> overhit
<Tony_mac32> put some racing stripes on it
<Tony_mac32> and a cold air intake
<IgorPec> i need to change casing
<WoC> TRS-80, just curious but what do you run on your TRS-80 ?
<Tony_mac32> I'm the boring case guy, I always go for the plainest black one
<Tony_mac32> I blame my mother's family for that tendency
<archetech> force_enabled by user: Force enabled by envvar webrender on firefox X
Naaka is now known as Nakaori
<archetech> yeah me too $ away from the guts I always felt
<Tony_mac32> I also grew up eating a lot of pork and potatoes...
<Werner> lanefu, done
* archetech had ketchup samdwiches
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: cheap cases, lots stickers, sometimes spraypaint
<Tony_mac32> hahahaha
<TRS-80> WoC: I don't own one currently (or ever, in fact) (but Tony_mac32 does). :) I chose the moniker because it was one of my first experiences with a computer, programming in BASIC in elementary school.
<Tony_mac32> mine is used by the children to play with BASIC at the moment
<stipa> what about rack case?
<stipa> i guess this won't be last server for you guys...
<TRS-80> I was always "use whatever case" guy, but few years ago something happened to me, I dunno, realized life was short or something and I bought nice (yet understated) Corsair 750D case, along with nice mechanical keyboard when building a decent system. Also my first brand new furniture at that time to put it on.
<archetech> I'd get one with the little caster wheels
<archetech> alwayswanted one of those
<TRS-80> archetech: The cube Corsair one you mean?
<archetech> dont think its corsair
* lanefu cut 1U case in half
<TRS-80> IgorPec: Besides the money, that sort of support has to restore some of your faith in the community, validate what you are doing, etc. No?
<WoC> TRS-80, ah. Nice start :)
<WoC> My first was ABC-80
<TRS-80> Because that's a decent figure, IMO. I am pleasantly surprised we hit it, actually. But I have no idea what download numbers, etc. are, maybe we are more popular than I am aware.
* Tony_mac32 has a 2U case from the days when PC's still had AT keyboard connectors
<Tony_mac32> I've been debating scrapping it for years
<TRS-80> start now shedding detrius, it will make your move to the hills easier when the time comes
<TRS-80> As an alternative, reject this notion totally and go out there and first build a big pole barn to house all your antique computers and go full hoarder
* archetech never goes full hoarder
<TRS-80> showed this to the Mrs. some time ago, she was like "don't you dare!"
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* Tony_mac32 walks a fine line
<Tony_mac32> that's not hoarding, you won't find any dead cats in the debris there
<TRS-80> yes I was kidding, it's quite impressive actually
<lanefu> oh man i remember
<lanefu> sooo awesome
<lanefu> finding an old man collection like that for screws and parts an nicknacks is always epic
<WoC> Tony_mac32, they still sell pretty good on ebay...
<WoC> retro ;p
<stipa> TRS-80: did the owner of all that parts die?
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<TRS-80> stipa: I had thought so too, but in the video Dave mentions he was "going overseas" or something, so I guess not. Unless that is some sort of Ozzie euphamism? lol
<TRS-80> Maybe he was retiring or something. Improtant to note the majority of those components were desoldered (salvaged). A tremendous amount of time went into that.
<fromport> just the costs of the containers alone.
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<buZz> those kinda containers are what chinese food comes in here
<TRS-80> the stacked ones did not look too expensive to me, but the wall bins, etc. are
<buZz> well, the stacked ones
<buZz> hmhm
<stipa> yeah, i wouldn't part from something like that if i would have invested so much live into it.
<stipa> love*
<buZz> we're working towards it
<lanefu> i wish i was teh orgqnized kind of crazy
<lanefu> instead of the disorganized kind of crazy
<lanefu> thats not entirely true. i'm moderately-- organized
<TRS-80> lanefu: It just takes time. Which is hard when you are on the hamster wheel.
<buZz> one of our hackerspace members now owns the 'partkeepr' repo on github
<buZz> and they're trying to bring that up2date some
* TRS-80 has been on the hamster wheel, too; just taking a break from it atm
<buZz> we have maybe 5000 different components in our partkeepr instance
<lanefu> linkmeeee
<buZz> but maybe 50000 left to add
<lanefu> what is partkeeper
<lanefu> linkmeeee
<lanefu> what is partkeeper
<TRS-80> electronics part organization software, surprised you have not heard of it
<lanefu> sorry i was scrolled back
<lanefu> lol
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<buZz> they are trying to find people who know some of the right php frameworks for help in migrating it all to newer instances
<buZz> symphony? i think its called
<TRS-80> I started working on my own, more generalized solution. Working title: Libre Quartermaster. It's more geared toward grocery lists and inventory management. But it's general enough it could be useful for anything (including electronic parts) which is why I like it.
<TRS-80> My thing is very general. Each node has exactly one parent. So you can have however many you want locations, shelves, bins, drawers, etc. defined as such. All searchable of course. I did it in Python with bottle and sqlite but it's barely prototype phase and I haven't touched it in a while.
<stipa> partkeeper should be something i could benefit from
<stipa> could*
<TRS-80> buZz: That's super cool man. Amazing who you meet in IRC. :)
<TRS-80> Yeah PartKeeper is really cool and is ready to use right now. But IMO, if you are going to the effort of entering all your stuff into some eystem, I want some more universally applicable system. OTOH, partkeeper is specialized toward electronics so I am sure there are some nice features around that.
<buZz> nurdspace.nl is our hackerspace, we just liked the project enough that one member wanted to keep it alive
<stipa> it would be cool to make an online shop os used parts
<lanefu> i'd kinda lke it for tracking my car parts
<TRS-80> Also my thing is little more than an idea at this point. :) But above is my rationalization, anyway.
<lanefu> but is al the data entry manual?
<buZz> we do it manual yeah
<TRS-80> lanefu: Which? PartKeeper or my system?
<buZz> but autofill the location from a barcode on the container
<lanefu> haha either
<TRS-80> Mine is designed as client server with an API. In my case I even bought a barcode scanner. So we can hook that up to some SBC via USB in say the living room. Then we scan in all groceries. We would then keep it near the trash, and try and remember to scan them all out as you throw away. If you can manage to keep up with that, ideally you have an always up to date shopping list (after setting
<TRS-80> some par levels, etc.).
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<TRS-80> Then in my system there is a notion of locations and departments. So you set up your local stores with customizable department order per store. Then your shopping list is presented to you in the same order as you walk around that store. Also price tracking is part of it.
<buZz> yeah we have a pile of barcode scanners here aswell
<buZz> some even wireless :D
<buZz> and some windowsCE things with a barcodescanner
<TRS-80> They are cheap nowadays. I gave < $30 for mine on AliExpress and it is also wireless (BT I think). When I said USB I meant the dongle.
<TRS-80> Cool think I realized about barcode scanners, is that often times they just appear as plain USB keyboard.
<TRS-80> I mean, there are a couple different options usually to hok them up, but yeah. Pretty straightforward.
<TRS-80> lanefu: For your car part application, I think you need fields like year, part, maybe part number, and very likely some way to link to some parts interchange database (which should be separate software, IMO). Then some sort of location code. All of which I suspect would be easier in my system (but I could be wrong). Too bad it's vaporware, currently. lol
<TRS-80> I plan for the system to be general and flexible however to accomodate more different needs like that, as opposed to being just geared towards electronics. Well, that's the idea, anyway. :)
<stipa> you guys are having fun
<TRS-80> always :)
<stipa> ok guys, eneough with the fun, I need a fancy torrent client that works in CLI, any recommendations?
<TRS-80> What do you mean by "fancy"?
<stipa> like, the fancier thing there is
<stipa> maybe one that can be accessed remotely like through browser gui...
<TRS-80> Fancy to me can mean one of two things: 1. superfluous UI, etc. 2. many features. The former not being desirable (IMO) nut the latter is (also IMO).
<stipa> one that doesn't crash...
<TRS-80> s/nut/but
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: Fancy to me can mean one of two things: 1. superfluous UI, etc. 2. many features. The former not being desirable (IMO) but the latter is (also IMO).
<TRS-80> You are probably looking for transmission.
<stipa> hmmmmmm
<TRS-80> There are CLI, GUI, and many remote clients available.
<stipa> i'll take a look at it
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<Tonymac32> transmission does, and it has a web UI
<stipa> Tonymac32: i'm trying to get it going
<TRS-80> stipa: understand it's a client - server type architecture
<stipa> right
<TRS-80> for the most part it should "just work" especially when installed as a Debian package
<TRS-80> assuming Debian/Armbian target here, of course
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<Tonymac32> lol went to image my daughters machine to an SSD, the HDD decided it would not go gentle into that good night
<TRS-80> :D
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<stipa> for quite some time i was modifying wrong config file but i can access web gui of the transmission now.
<TRS-80> cool!
<TRS-80> stipa: Do you have Android phone?
<stipa> old one
<stipa> why?
<stipa> it's rooted...
<TRS-80> Only because I know there are clients in F-Droid for transmission, too. You can remote control, check status, etc. Very handy.
<TRS-80> There is API, so you can tie in to your Home Automation and all sort of things. :) This stuff is only possible with well written Free (Libre) Software, generally speaking.
<TRS-80> Turn on light when download finished, you get the idea...
<stipa> yeah, that can be useful
<c0rnelius> Transdroid
<c0rnelius> That's what I use.
<c0rnelius> Works for transmission and deluge.
<c0rnelius> I think they call it something different in the play store but I just download it directly from the source.
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<c0rnelius> great app when dealing with torrents - https://github.com/erickok/transdroid
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<stipa> c0rnelius: ok man
<c0rnelius> stipa: ok, what? :)
<stipa> thanks for the tip
<c0rnelius> oh... no probs :D
<stipa> ok, torrent is downloading, had some folder permission problems but i think it's all ok now.
<stipa> nthe only problem i have is that i need to disable password in order to use transmission-remote -l, but if i do that then i can't use Web UI :/
<stipa> transmission-remote -l > Unexpected response: <h1>401: Unauthorized</h1>Unauthorized User
<c0rnelius> I know nothing of transmission, but setting up deluged "as a service running somewhere" is pretty simples.
<c0rnelius> actually have mine running on a atomicpi. see a torrent I like, no matter from my phone/tablet or PC it just pushes it to the atomicpi.
<c0rnelius> I could host from it to, but I tries not too.
<stipa> i'm downloading torrent to the NAS
<stipa> but playing movie from the SBC would be hot i guess
<c0rnelius> That's exactly what I do
<stipa> i was like thinking to send stuff to chromecast from the SBC, but i think that machine that sends data to chromecast has to process the video but i'm not sure, that would make SBC host very fast...
<stipa> host very*
<c0rnelius> The atomic pi is like the best piece of garbage ever. X86 and low maintenance.
<stipa> hot very**
<stipa> well, it can run x86 oses
<stipa> that's cool
<c0rnelius> You can also just push it to a Kodi box. This is why I got rid of my Chromecast.
<c0rnelius> Use yatse and they make extensions for both Firefox and chromium for doing this.
<c0rnelius> And you can push YouTube videos.
<c0rnelius> You might have to set up a Google API for that as they like to be dicks about it but it's possible and not too difficult.
<stipa> i was using kodi once to watch TV, but i could never got it working...
<c0rnelius> Yeah I don't really tend to use it for that I have tried in the past and it works for some things but I think it's regional.
<stipa> to watch like TV channels that were digitized and available on the internet
<c0rnelius> Yeah. I'm pretty sure it's a regional thing.
<stipa> that's my only experience with it and it wasnt nice :D
<c0rnelius> Like it won't let me see some random news station in Ireland in some random North American city.
<c0rnelius> You can watch the NASA channel though 😁
<c0rnelius> And anything live streamed off of YouTube
<stipa> the problem is that illegal stuff get off very fast
<stipa> like illegal TV rips
<c0rnelius> Yeah that's why I don't play with any of the illegal add-ons
<stipa> real time hacks
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> but for what you're using kodi for it's nice if there's no better option
<c0rnelius> And I can say this it works. Add minidlna on ur nas and you can also use a roku or fire stick to watch what was downloaded.
<c0rnelius> sometimes those devices don't support the format, but kodi is always a winner. just use a half a decent sbc for ur kodi box.
<c0rnelius> I tend to use Le Potato because its cheap, but an N2 or C4 would rock it very well.
<c0rnelius> supported rockchip boards do alright, but they heat up to much.
<stipa> right
<ArmbianTwitter> @6502_ftw (Cold November Dave): @jhamby Fun fact, BTW: Thomas Kaiser, who maintained a lot of the AppleTalk stuff in netatalk, is now one of the lead devs for the Armbian project, which is probably the best broad-based Linux distro out there for ARM SBCs. (20s ago)
<TRS-80> Bit dated news, ArmbianTwitter
<IgorPec> :)
<TRS-80> aah "the media" /smh
<c0rnelius> Ha
<stipa> There's na Apple fan amoung us !
<TRS-80> Apple is BSD under the hood
<c0rnelius> Well it's just funny because he's also one of the rudest people to ever read. Which I'm fine with because I like his bluntness.
<c0rnelius> FreeBSD if you want to be proper
<TRS-80> That's the German in you c0rnelius. :) I also appreciate TKaiser, probably for same reasons.
<c0rnelius> I will give him this over the last few years that I've seen he's become a little bit more polite.
<c0rnelius> Very smart fellow though
<TRS-80> I think most people tend to get rough edges sanded off over years. But yes, some prolific genius, also why I appreciate him. I get it that he doesn't have patience for people with less understanding. Not excusing it, just saying I get it (not that I think I am that smart).
<TRS-80> anyway I need to focus on polishing this release notes
<c0rnelius> I use to visit the cnx site to read his comments 😁
<c0rnelius> Pretty much the only reason I went there
<stipa> a fan of an apple fan
<c0rnelius> No I'm just a fan of snarky people
<stipa> ha ha
<stipa> Deadpan
<c0rnelius> I think this feeling is mutual. But of everyone I'm not a fan of Da. I find he lacks a sense of humor. But I'm sure he's a great fellow.
<stipa> A sense of humor is rarity.
<stipa> The worst are those who read somewhere that it's desirable to have a sense of humor.
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<c0rnelius> I wouldn't say its desirable to have one and of course we all vary as individuals, but to lack one of such and to dismiss those off hand who are questioning ones actions and to not see the... "well maybe he is kinda right?" and that I shouldn't be so serious is a bit of drag.
<c0rnelius> But... nothing really matters anyway. ;)
<lanefu> delayed LOLing at twitterbot
<lanefu> Fun Fact he hates us
<TRS-80> Maybe a bit strong?
<lanefu> well hopefully not, but he's over us
<lanefu> lol
<TRS-80> I mean, I am somewhat aware of history, but time heals all...
<lanefu> yeah need to write down some stuff that like WWTKD
<lanefu> what would tk do
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<Tonymac32> WWTKD
<Tonymac32> Step 1: Insult all SBC vendors
<Tonymac32> Step 2: Do massive amounts of testing to excuse insulting all SBC vendors
<Tonymac32> 3) be correct in insulting all SBC vendors
<Tonymac32> XD
<Tonymac32> * and anyone else who gets in the way with "numbers without meaning"
<c0rnelius> pretty much
<c0rnelius> But lets face it, most of the vendors do suck.
<Tonymac32> I did not posit anything to the contrary.
<c0rnelius> Like even the Ubuntu team have major reservation on how the Pi Foundation conduct themselves and not to mention the in fighting and politics that goes on inside Canonical. I know only very little, but its seems all very ridiculous.
<lanefu> Tonymac32: n ailed it
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<stipa> nothing's perfect
<stipa> a guy on Linkedin told me in comments of his post "Always highlight bad things in someone, it'll serve you well" :D
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<stipa> a joker
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<Tonymac32> lol
<stipa> guy makes fun of himself in a post and then crowd insults him in the comments...
<stipa> if insukt is good he'll make a post about it
<stipa> insult*
<stipa> he sells Fromula 1 tickets and hosts crowd in Monaco from England on his yacht...
<stipa> something like posh stuff but down to ground
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<stipa> lately, there's no much interest in his services.
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<DigitalMan1983_> hey gang