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<stipa> so it compiled without that module and it's unavailable
<stipa> bummer
<stipa> i also can't find that module inside the menu, i can only dind it by "/" option but i have no clue where it's in ./compil.sh menu
<lanefu> stipa: you modified linux-sunxi64-current.config and it didnt accept your change?
<stipa> didin't touch it
<lanefu> what module
<stipa> IFB
<lanefu> lane@pineh64-b:~$ zgrep IBF /proc/config.gz
<lanefu> CONFIG_LIBFDT=y
<lanefu> shitwrong letters
<stipa> IFB*
<lanefu> lol
<stipa> yeah
<lanefu> yeah nothing
<lanefu> what is IFB?
<stipa> something
<stipa> for qos
<lanefu> is it possible it's deprecated or called something else now?
<stipa> have no idea
<stipa> with legacy i think it works
<stipa> legacy option
<lanefu> yeah I'd dig around and see if it's deprecated
<stipa> at least i can find it with '/' in ./compile.sh and its '=m'
<lanefu> sounds like most logical explaination
<lanefu> yeah but just because it's our canned config file doesn't mean it exists
<stipa> have no clue about that, it's above my skills
<stipa> have no clue how it all works
<stipa> i tought it just loads config file
<stipa> and that's it
<stipa> selects it in ./config.sh menu
<stipa> and compiles selected
<stipa> luck is not on my side
<stipa> :D
<stipa> i was so close
<nekomancer[m]> Why that supermicro DOM better than samsung sata ssd?
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: because it doesnt need a power cable and just plugs into teh sata port on the motherboard
<lanefu> stipa: yeah so i think ifb is an older way of doing things.. and if you want to do QoS on a newer kernel you'll be doing it through netfilter / nftables related stuff
<lanefu> was trying to find something more definitive to explain, but best i can come p with
<stipa> lanefu: will check it out
<stipa> thanks
<archetech> whats the SM MB model?
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: they're just purpose built for being a boot drive... I like to pretend the firmware is optimized for it vs a samsung desktop drive
<lanefu> dunno model.. might be on the forum post. or in irc log
<lanefu> the board has IPMI :) :) :)
<archetech> thats a must
<nekomancer[m]> where to store data? raid0 — work set, temporary. DOM — boot only. then somewhere should be raid1 as storage
<archetech> raid 0 is what they have for 2 nvme ssd's
<archetech> storage only
<archetech> dom plus that is a good setup imo
<archetech> easy to backup and restore too
<nekomancer[m]> raid0 not a storage/
<nekomancer[m]> every raid0 will dead eventualy
<archetech> yeah right
<archetech> been using R0 forever here
<lanefu> i had 2 64gig DOMs in my super micro, but for some reason the bios dosn't support raid for them lol
<stipa> bummer
<lanefu> then one of them went bonkers
<lanefu> and now i just use an SSD lol
<lanefu> like i've totally done software mirroring on bootdrives way back in the day
<lanefu> but its just not worth fiddling with
<nekomancer[m]> use mdadm raid
<nekomancer[m]> it's work.
<lanefu> yeah I just have my server config written in ansible instead
<lanefu> and backup the shit i care about
<lanefu> speaking of which i need to setup borg
<stipa> i have in plan to have radi0, probably software one
<stipa> raid0*
<stipa> since my opi doesn't have it :D
<stipa> in hardware
<lanefu> lol
<stipa> :D
<stipa> for backup, if one goes bad the other will probably survive, i guess
<stipa> that's a plan
<lanefu> yeah do DRBD between two orangepis lol
<stipa> i'm a poor man, i have only one
<stipa> so it'l be two external usb drives
<stipa> in software raid0
<stipa> need to find two cheap ones
<stipa> i'll duct tape them
<nekomancer[m]> beware of head
<nekomancer[m]> heat
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<nekomancer[m]> and vibrations.
<stipa> i will
<stipa> thanks for the tips nekomancer[m]
<[TheBug]> Any of you guys ever used zram on Centos 7 and kernel 3.10.0 -- for some reason no matter what I do their stock kernel with their stock module will not allow the zram module to be inserted -- curious if anyone knew a way around that.
<[TheBug]> modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'zram': Operation not permitted
<stipa> does it give you to insert some other module?
<lanefu> archetech: you see NicoD's review of that arm server? https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15879-arm-server-review/?do=findComment&comment=112330
<archetech> I watched his review of the n2 he's an oddball
<archetech> guess he likes to promote stuff
<stipa> wowo it has power consumption sensor on each core
<stipa> or all together, not sure
<nekomancer[m]> <[TheBug] "modprobe: ERROR: could not inser"> selinux? try to off?
<[TheBug]> yep tried that
<[TheBug]> that was my first go to
<lanefu> nicod is a solid dude
<[TheBug]> its really odd as its the module provided by the centos kernel it's self and it won't allow it's self to be inserted
<archetech> 3.10 kernel is that a joke?
<[TheBug]> it's Centos
<[TheBug]> so I guess Centos is a joke
<[TheBug]> but thats how Centos works
<[TheBug]> its all back ported
<lanefu> yep... RHEL commits to a kernel for 10 years
<lanefu> weird using 3.10.0
<[TheBug]> Technically 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64
<lanefu> haha yeah
<archetech> theres a newer stable kernel than that for centos
<[TheBug]> not for Centos 7
<lanefu> elrepo probably has a newer, but yeah for officail rhel-supporte stuff its crazy ld
<archetech> then I would pass on that distro for arm
<[TheBug]> well it wasn't for arm, but I agree, I wouldn't use Centos on ARM if you paid me
<[TheBug]> :D
<[TheBug]> this is #datjob
<[TheBug]> s/#datjob/#dayjob
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: this is #dayjob
<archetech> last I checked this was an arm channel
<[TheBug]> thank you captain obvious, would you like a cookie?
<stipa> he deserves a cake
<[TheBug]> :D
<[TheBug]> nekomancer[m]: though thanks for your suggestions :D
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<archetech> rc3 with patches building on LFS N2
<lanefu> archetech: from that drm repo?
<archetech> yup
<archetech> some git blah fanciness
<lanefu> cool. added url to my notes
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<archetech> no boot compile ending didnt look right either revert
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<lanefu> womp womp
<lanefu> thats a bumme
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<archetech> headers are originall
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<Thibault_> Hi, I have a question concerning enabling SPI ports on Olimex Lime2, is there anybody here ?
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<IgorPec> thubault: armbian-config -> system -> hardware?
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<ArmbianTwitter> @manuti (manuti): Donated!!! Thanks #armbian https://t.co/6agB0wf7v6 (13s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @manuti: Donated!!! Thanks #armbian https://t.co/6agB0wf7v6 (19s ago)
<lanefu> Morning
<IgorPec> morning
<Werner> Good day
<archetech> funny nicod review post gets log in, what have I logged into oh look lots of cpus lets bench em
<lanefu> haha yeah... if he'd gotten a login to WOPR he would have done the same thing
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<archetech> seems its an eMAG and = 5 N2's on a mboard so Ill do some logic like his...
<archetech> 5 x$80 = $400 motherboard plus ram cost
<lanefu> lol i love the odroid N2 being the practical unit of measure for usable ARM computing
<archetech> avantek puts it in a bequiet case adds psu and gpu card charges $3500 lol
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<rneese> so what is everyone working on
<lanefu> documenting monitoring crap for my client
<stipa> Wasting time on LinkedIn
<stipa> people are turbo agressive
<stipa> due to COVID and no jobs
<archetech> ^ on arm dev board googles it's not looking good
<Werner> Trying video transcoding capabilities on H6
<rneese> well I think thhis whole year has been a sham
<archetech> yup the year of deception wading through mountains of BS to find a speck of truth is the future
<stipa> i think next will be even better
<stipa> year*
<rneese> 2020 take 2
<rneese> lol
<stipa> :D
<rneese> December 3123.99.999999 Jumanji
<rneese> lol
<archetech> I studied the new area of digital instrumentation in college 30 yrs ago I'm glad I didnt go that way
<archetech> cuz if this is best man can do invent arm and then proceed to make it a cesspool of microcontroller garbage
<rneese> fo me I want to go back to the days of Centralized system 5 to 6 servers with large storage array and XDMCP clients like the ncd pizza boxes
<archetech> almost no american engineering too
<rneese> so people stop screwing things up
<rneese> yeah
<archetech> cept for TI which is very conservative
<rneese> its sad that america sld out
<rneese> very little in the way of tech mad in the usa
<stipa> Popular stuff is rarely something intelligent people love.
<stipa> but it sells
<rneese> yeah
<stipa> like, in the beginning you had to solder your computer, but it didn't bring much sales
<stipa> apple is a pure example of make it as simple as you can
<stipa> it'll sell
<stipa> laziness sells
<stipa> and simplicity
<rneese> yeah thats why I see the world getting fatter and fatter and less and less active
<rneese> it sucks
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> adapt or die
<rneese> iin time it will become like movie wallie
<rneese> we will have to leave earth
<stipa> colonization of moon is near
<stipa> probably in our lifetime
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<stipa> i'm not so sure for colonization of Mars
<stipa> it's to far away and there are many variables
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<archetech> /me cuts his grass with petrol gets exercise emits pollution and laughs
<archetech> like my dad and granddad did
<stipa> because of you the ice is melting
<archetech> wanna see a polluter go down to Zug island Detroit and tell them to clean up their act
<stipa> sure
<stipa> why not
<rneese> right now i want to play a game called The Purge. everyone gets 2 weapons and 3 boxes of ammo
<rneese> for 24 hours once every 6 months we play
<rneese> and for who ever you kill you collect their ammo and their weapons
<stipa> i would probably be the first to die in my neighbourhood
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<lanefu> guys I don't want to brag.. okay i do.. i'm literlly in the middle of my back yard https://www.speedtest.net/result/10396274422.png
<lanefu> on wifi
<rneese> nice
<stipa> it's nice
<rneese> PING ms
<rneese> DOWNLOAD Mbps
<rneese> 93.08
<rneese> 8
<rneese> UPLOAD Mbps
<rneese> 11.44
<stipa> what's the iperf3 speed?
<stipa> lanefu:
<stipa> to the AP
<stipa> or something connected with ethernet cable to the AP
<stipa> rneese: nice
<stipa> i'm on 4G
<lanefu> ix.io/2DFh
<stipa> so it could go even faster
<stipa> if the wifi signal would be better?
<stipa> probably the phone can't go faster
<lanefu> that iperf was laptop on wifi to synology
<lanefu> speedtest kinda sucks for benchmarks above 100mbit
<stipa> is that AC or HT40, N ?
<stipa> wifi*
<stipa> AC one antenna?
<stipa> plugged into usb 2.0?
<lanefu> AC 5GHZ 40mhz wide
<stipa> so, what's practical speed of AC with one antenna?
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<stipa> around 220 Mbs?
<lanefu> maybe? if the stars align perfectly
<stipa> i can't still try AC, linux driver for my usb3 adapter doesn't support usb3 yet.
<lanefu> yeah this is on my macbook pro so it's best case scenario
<stipa> right
<rneese> ook lanefu i will be here let me know when things are done
<rneese> I am reading
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<lanefu> rneese:new port.. 10123
<lanefu> old box is sitll up
<lanefu> for now
<lanefu> in case you need something
<lanefu> ssh key only
<stipa> archetech: Zug Island looks very old
<rneese> i have to make a new key for you
<stipa> built on a graweyard, oh man
<stipa> the factory*
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<rneese> you can kill the old one
<rneese> I am building now on the new one
<lanefu> k thanks
<lanefu> i gave you a few more cpus
<rneese> ok
<rneese> its building
<lanefu> yup i hear fans
<rneese> heling heat the place
<rneese> lol
<rneese> helping even
<rneese> ok IgorPec i am on a new build system we loaded up focal and ran the conpilescript and let it do the setup/iinstall
<lanefu> rneese: i put igor's logi and key on that box too
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well there is a issue with the repo list I had to start fresh
<rneese> it gave a md5 error on a ppkg
<rneese> if it happens we will have to change the apt source.list file
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<rneese> well I have to figure out whats wrong
<rneese> but I get a md5 error
<rneese> crap
<IgorPec> where
<rneese> orca look in the dev channel I posted the error
<Werner> Neo3 LTS...that one must be new
<Werner> Any1 knows if this is the same board with a enhanced fancy name?
<rneese> no its the new 3328 rockchip
<rneese> they changed the cpu on it
<rneese> there is a specs page
<rneese> 20 bucks for board not bad
<c0rnelius> bet that sucker runs hot
<c0rnelius> isn't the NEO4 using an RK3399?
<Werner> I have the "old" neo3. Its a nice toy
<rneese> neo 3 had display 2 usb
<rneese> the neo3 lts is headless
<Werner> neo3 without lts too
<c0rnelius> I only gots the NEO Plus2.. H5 SoC.
<stipa> if the ethernet port is 1Gbs NanoPi NEO3-LTS it's not bad at all for the price.
<stipa> i guess the part of the board where memory and cpu are could go directly to the aluminum plate of the box it could be mounted in...
<stipa> with the help of thermal conductive pad
<stipa> i guess the cpu an memory aren't at the sam "height"
<stipa> it is gigabit ethernet, nice
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<archetech> AMD announced its new Ryzen Embedded V2000 SoCs today, which brings the company's Zen 2 architecture to the embedded market for the first time
<stipa> cool
<lanefu> everything is Ryzen
<lanefu> therefore nothing is Ryzen
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<jonathon> hey all. are there any forum mods/admins around? if so, is there any way my (newly-created) account could be bumped up a trust level so i can post more than once per day?
<IgorPec> jonathon: https://forum.armbian.com/subscriptions/ any one
<IgorPec> and you get normal status at once
<IgorPec> without adding work to admin
<jonathon> yeah... i'm not paying for forum access as a contributor to plenty of OSS projects already.
<IgorPec> then wait like others
<jonathon> wow. thanks so much.
<IgorPec> thank you for your "understanding"
<jonathon> cheers
<IgorPec> i see
<IgorPec> enabled
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<stipa> poor man
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> honestly it's not my favorite policy, but it keeps the noise down
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<c0rnelius> I think it's a pretty lousy policy. I understand trying to keep spam down but to suggest somebody needs to make a contribution in order to have a discussion is a bit ridiculous.
<ikmaak> one post per day can also make the topic system less interesting, as people could just make a big post, quoting all the other active posts of the day, and responding on them.
<c0rnelius> And let's not take into account that the whole reason the form exists is for support purposes? Might as well charge people before signing up.
<c0rnelius> Forum*
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<c0rnelius> I think a better approach might be to force people to use authentication. Be it an app or what have you. As far as I know general bots can't do this yet?
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<stipa> i never felt a need to create more than one post per day
<stipa> i usually go to the forum if i have a problem
<stipa> and i don't have more problems than one which is one post per day
<stipa> more than enough for my needs
<stipa> why would that guy need more is a little bit fish
<stipa> fishy*
<rneese> might be a new board he wants supported
<rneese> or a spammer
<rneese> or a grammer freak
<rneese> a grammer spammer
<rneese> lol
<stipa> haven't heard of grammer spammer before
<stipa> what do those do?
<rneese> spell/grammer checks your site and spams you with changes
<rneese> lol
<IgorPec> its terrible policy and it creates colateral damage
<c0rnelius> one approach could be to just ask for money and see how many people you turn off?
<IgorPec> i mean i want to suppress technical support questions, ideally just ridiculus
<IgorPec> which is ofc not realistic
<stipa> rneese: got it
<stipa> IgorPec: right, you can't please everyone
<IgorPec> i know, but i am too tensed lately
<IgorPec> and overreact on any shit
<stipa> project needs some cash and that's the way to go
<IgorPec> but not by force :)
<stipa> "This is the way"
<c0rnelius> i thought armbian got backing from some of the vendors? sponsors as such.
<IgorPec> we do, but we can't have full time staff
<IgorPec> or cover some expensive R&D
<c0rnelius> do you all have free hosting? local universities and colleges and a like that are willing to support open source and whatnot?
<IgorPec> we were on free hosting until this year
<IgorPec> but it was too many troubles
<c0rnelius> gotcha
<c0rnelius> ugh
<IgorPec> we decided to move main infrastructure to HA
<IgorPec> while mirrors are donated, yes
<IgorPec> the biggest problem is not this, but time lost on things we don't like to do
<c0rnelius> sounds like a business :)
<IgorPec> its not paid, so its not :)
<IgorPec> its like business
<c0rnelius> i know, just saying.
<IgorPec> i am strouggling to keep it on the level "we like"
<c0rnelius> when I moderated the xfce forums it was out of the kindness of my heart, sounds like thats what you guys need.
<c0rnelius> and then teams designated to certain aspects of armbian
<IgorPec> this was here as well
<IgorPec> perhaps my perception is changed so much
<IgorPec> or i see just complains all over
<c0rnelius> it start to wear i'm sure.
<c0rnelius> starts*
<stipa> ego crap
<IgorPec> ego crap is everywhere
<IgorPec> :)
<IgorPec> especially in male comunities
<c0rnelius> welcome to linux ;)
<stipa> ha ha
<c0rnelius> bsd is even worse
<IgorPec> yeah, one local guy said few weeks ago ... you linux folks are like pigs
<IgorPec> like everyone is shitting something in the code
<c0rnelius> guess he hasn't hung on the freebsd forum before.
<IgorPec> he is probably from there :)
<c0rnelius> its all dick measuring on both sides. I mostly just try to ignore it.
<IgorPec> yes
<stipa> it's impossible
<stipa> to ignore it
<stipa> bsd guys are just jealous
<stipa> but i have nothing againts any os
<stipa> whatever works
<c0rnelius> I appreciate constructive criticism, even when I don't wanna hear it at first. Its still good to hear and makes you think. But honestly most of its just BS opinionated nonsense.
<stipa> it is
<stipa> nothing useful
<c0rnelius> and then I find a lot of it to be petty... I want it this way! and why isn't exactly how I want it and blah...
<IgorPec> "this is my baby"
<stipa> like Trump
<IgorPec> vs "this is my baby" :)
<c0rnelius> yah
<stipa> my baby is smarter than yours
<stipa> it's competition
<c0rnelius> yes and no
<c0rnelius> I'
<IgorPec> competition on prime levels
<IgorPec> ego stuff
<stipa> egocentricity
<c0rnelius> I'm not competitive... but I am always interested in learning new ways of doing things.
<stipa> mee to, but you always have those competitive peeps lurking around
<c0rnelius> very true
<stipa> so if you want to get rid of them you have to compete :D
<stipa> lol
<IgorPec> or show them your superiority :) LOL
<IgorPec> and we are at "this is linux"
<stipa> yeah, it's wowen into the code
<stipa> part of it
<stipa> part of the linux ideology
<IgorPec> we will hardly get rid of this problem, we can only try to mitigate
<stipa> but it's not just in Linux, it's everywhere
<IgorPec> by importing womens into our communities perhaps ?:)
<stipa> ha ha
<stipa> i think that's not a good idea
<stipa> it would make things 100x worse
<IgorPec> solving one problem, but make several new :)
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<stipa> why not
<stipa> that7s the only way to move forward
<IgorPec> how to do it then?
<stipa> maybe visuals
<stipa> find a woman to do visuals for Armbian
<stipa> it could attrack more women
<stipa> her art
<IgorPec> ok, first we need a pimp :)
<stipa> just wave with a dollar bill and they'll come
<IgorPec> i can allocate some dollars, will you do it?
<stipa> hmmmm
<IgorPec> the case is that we have no personal for such things. so whatever we speak about we can usually just speak about
<stipa> i'm not sure if i have a taste to choose one
<stipa> there are plenty on Linkedin in my connections
<IgorPec> its more about organising things, let other choose
<stipa> Oh
<IgorPec> just throwing out ideas
<stipa> i don/t know how Armbian hierarchy looks like
<stipa> but some cute visuals would help to attract more women
<stipa> ut i'm not sure
<stipa> but*
<stipa> just guessing
<IgorPec> well, i support the idea even i don't know how this should / would work out
<stipa> it's
<stipa> subconsciously stuff
<stipa> women like cute stuff
<IgorPec> yep
<stipa> and the best way to make something cute is to hire a woman
<stipa> to do it
<stipa> but the
<stipa> problem is wich women
<stipa> which one will make it happen
<stipa> 100%
<IgorPec> i don't know. but we can start with a making a profile?
<IgorPec> or do we need to find some HR expert for that?
<stipa> we can go directly on LinkedIn
<stipa> to the artist
<IgorPec> but we got no budget for full time
<stipa> they are freelancers
<stipa> they make, you pay, and that's it.
<IgorPec> ok, then making a plan what to do?
<archetech> let's cutify Armbian um lets not next idea
<IgorPec> ok
<stipa> :D
<IgorPec> "cutify armbian" sounds right
<stipa> but maybe there would be to much women to handle
<IgorPec> then "you are fired" :)
<stipa> :(
<IgorPec> no, joke on a side
<archetech> ya dont cutify electronics its wries high voltage tools sentive connections/connectors just sit over there sweetty pie and we'll chat
<stipa> women with problems
<stipa> that's to much to handle
<IgorPec> missin is: cutify pimp: stipa
<IgorPec> women without problems exists?
<stipa> no
<IgorPec> calculated rish then ;)
<stipa> let's make it cheap
<stipa> and fast
<stipa> just stick head of Justin Bieber instead of tux
<stipa> that'll lure em in
<IgorPec> ok, stipa you have our Jira credentials?
<IgorPec> i can't do much about, but if you are willing to push it, I am in
<IgorPec> it should be fun but also serious project
<stipa> so you want me to get more women into Armbian community?
<archetech> Collabra has Alyssa as some kind of dev-leader at #panfrost she's interesting young gal I admit tone of the room is good humorous
<IgorPec> i don't know who to ask this
<archetech> vs competitve snarking
<archetech> dev humor is weird
* archetech inserts random space in src.py
<stipa> IgorPec: Marketing firm with woman boss
<archetech> if ya know python that is funny
<stipa> IgorPec: I know one that deals with IT marketing
<stipa> perfect match
<IgorPec> do some research what we can do. with limited resources
<stipa> IgorPec: so the main goal is to attract women? right?
<IgorPec> yep
<IgorPec> which will cutufy armbian
<stipa> ok
<IgorPec> cutify
<stipa> right
<IgorPec> that's the goal, but we need a woman(s) for that i guess :)
<stipa> she'll probably change visuals, are you good with that?
<stipa> few lines or so to
<IgorPec> if we will be good. i will not take decisions on that
<IgorPec> wer
<IgorPec> we
<stipa> do you have linkedin account?
<IgorPec> yes i do
<stipa> ok
<IgorPec> but don't seend me womans for to chat with them
<IgorPec> my resonse rate is terrible
drobo_00 has joined #armbian
<stipa> IgorPec: ok
<stipa> i have sent you a request to connect
<IgorPec> you hamradio as well?
<stipa> not yet
<IgorPec> oh, i was also air defence in the army :)
<stipa> ha ha
<IgorPec> just i was shooting planes down :)
<stipa> with rockets or big bulets?
<IgorPec> rockets
<stipa> cool
<IgorPec> just never fired one. which is good
<stipa> right
<stipa> i was radio connection
<stipa> those people in army are pretty stupid
<stipa> my instructor was a sniper guy
<IgorPec> one of my best friends now is my army instructor, but he aint' stupid
<stipa> go figure
<stipa> i don't know how to use radios but i can come a centimeter behind you and you wont hear me or sense my presence...
<IgorPec> hehe
<stipa> haha
<nekomancer[m]> <rneese "right now i want to play a game "> US will play this game soon.
<archetech> best humor around here is lanefu riding around his yard on who knows what checking his laptop signal strength
<archetech> what geeks
<archetech> on a neighbors electric kiddie 4x4
<stipa> archetech: you two are neighbours?
<archetech> no
<archetech> its called embelishment
<archetech> he was doingthat today
<stipa> oh
<stipa> wifi signal is a bitch
<archetech> not his he has a HAL 9000 radio
<stipa> where could i get one?
<archetech> heh
<archetech> google it
<stipa> i dont have gui atm
<archetech> his wifi is so strong its sentient
<stipa> i have poweredoff wrong machine
<stipa> fuck
drobo_00 has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
<stipa> archetech: lanefu knows the stuff