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<archetech> qui·es·cence
<archetech> / kwīˈesns,kwēˈesns
<lanefu> you gotta do it
<archetech> inactivity or dormancy
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<stipa> Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS , can i install that for the native building or it must be Focal 20.04 without .1 ?
<stipa> oh, there are newer ones as well
<stipa> no, my bad
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<nekomancer[m]> chewitt: Hi. now I see this http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-amlogic/2020-November/008863.html. Then, where it is?
<nekomancer[m]> not in 5.9.y
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<lanefu> stipa: any Focal should be fine
<stipa> lanefu: ok
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<ArmbianTwitter> @NicoD99364191 (NicoD): Those who like #Armbian #Linux. You can help! For building the images you download for your boards an aging server is used. Always more boards, means more images. To keep up Armbian can use a faster server. Every donation is a step closer. Thank you! https://t.co/G8IxO8dj3D (1.7h ago)
<archetech> what are the specs of this aging server?
<fromport> and what will the new server be ?
<archetech> new one is a eypc beast
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<archetech> I think its overspeced
<archetech> 7502 amd
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<lanefu> current is similar to my xeon box.. slightly different cpu.. i have E5-2650 v3
<lanefu> use is build more images, packages, more frequently, testing etc
<lanefu> talks a little bit about our CI journey
<lanefu> archetech: can't overspec when panhandling
<archetech> 5950 same cores/threads way faster clocks 256 GB ram limit 1/3 to 1/2 the cost
<archetech> desktop vs server but that can be just marketing
* lanefu prefers server class hardware assuming its not marketing
<lanefu> but i have no horse in this race, i'm just a jockey
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<archetech> well I se it as this is high value easy to buy implement other is dream machine
<archetech> cpumark 7502p 47000 5950 64000
<archetech> id wait for milan cpu's but who dont want a dream machine right
<lanefu> truedat
<lanefu> man i'm so glad my poweredge 2900 and my old switch are gone
<lanefu> so much quieter in laundry room now
<archetech> I got a r5 1600 for $100 new to double the perf its quadruple the price atm
<archetech> no zen3 for me it seems
<lanefu> yeah cpu upgrades for used servers is always weird... try to find like BestCPU - 2
<archetech> and I dont upgrade unless its rational and a bargain
<lanefu> yeah
<archetech> and 12/24 for me is not rational
<lanefu> when i upgraded that 2900 from 2ghz to 3ghz xeons. i waited until they were like $20 a cpu lol
<archetech> yeah ebay specials are fun
<lanefu> shit speaking of which i have a bad harddrive i need to swap
<lanefu> thanks for somehow reminding me
<archetech> heh
<archetech> how ya like that nippon place ?
<archetech> treat you ok?
<archetech> ippon
<lanefu> oh yeah I love it there
<lanefu> and nice thing abot being a consultant is.. you're not stuck at the same job forever
<lanefu> you eventually move on to something else
<archetech> yes I did some of it long ago
<archetech> peeps still use T-1's for wan ?
<archetech> or is it just fios to aws and done
<lanefu> yeah fios,comcast biz etc
<lanefu> T1s are a last resort
<lanefu> so you might still end up with bonded T's at a weird location
<lanefu> or like when I was installing an MPLS network and ATT brought us in 6 bonded T1s because they could do that fast and temporarily while they worked with city to trenchand bring in metro ethernet
<lanefu> and even that was like 7 or 8 years ago
<lanefu> well. so you have like business class internet.. comfast, fios
<lanefu> and then you've got like carrier/data center grade
<archetech> do u do that part of the designing?
<lanefu> which is more like how you used to get internet to a backbone carrier via T1, but its just metro ethernet, or dark fiber or other
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<lanefu> only networking I've done at ippon is just AWS stuff, but if a client wanted direct connect I could help with that
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<archetech> sd-wan
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<lanefu> yeah.. and now these insane overlay networks used in like kubernetes n stuff
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<lanefu> or if you're like a corporate comany, you want a WAN, and don't give a shit about QoS there's stuff like this now https://www.catonetworks.com
* nekomancer[m] hates hight frequency trading
<lanefu> oh man do you work in that field? or you just hate the market
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<archetech> I started to build a MSP too much research learning got fried
<lanefu> whats a MSP
<archetech> Managed serv provider
<archetech> I had cato's bix plan in my head 20 yrs ago
<archetech> biz
<archetech> knew where it was going
<lanefu> yeah cato == fancy vpn
<archetech> my idea was basically an internet club of cost sharing businesses
<archetech> me being the hub with fractional T-1's
<archetech> or or their isp
<nekomancer[m]> <lanefu "oh man do you work in that field"> not already.
<nekomancer[m]> happy, happy
<archetech> I would be the wholesaler of att/verzon and a cisco gold/plat dealer
<archetech> fun stuff
<archetech> nice $$
<archetech> big headaches
<ArmbianTwitter> @fkardame (Furkan kardame): @lanefu @thepine64 @armbian @linuxfoundation @GlobalscaleTech @Tinkerboarding @khadas_official What are the possible options? (23s ago)
<archetech> I should have just been a plumber at the local water dept heh
<lanefu> steady work and good benefits lol
<archetech> high tech peep are not fun the tech is
<archetech> hight tech hobby peeps are hard enough
<lanefu> tech mgr == cat herder
<archetech> I can manage sales peeps not techs
<Tonymac32> archetech XD
<archetech> same issue over over you thought that was a good idea eh
<archetech> did ya think to ask first
<nekomancer[m]> kill all sales
<Tonymac32> sales people don't like to call me, because I'm the king of the tech peeps and I yell at them for selling things that don't exist XD
<nekomancer[m]> kill all promoters, marketers
<Tonymac32> nekomancer[m], I feel like we speak the same language after all
<archetech> neko if you did the world would stop dont be naive
<lanefu> if it did, we could all go outside and play frisbee
<Tonymac32> haha I think that's obvious, but the sentiment is pure enough
<Tonymac32> :)
* nekomancer[m] buy hp storage that not exist once. at work.
<lanefu> ouch!
<nekomancer[m]> unforgetable.
<Tonymac32> uuugh
<nekomancer[m]> it should do realtime replication and failover on iscsi...
<Tonymac32> The reason I am where I am is that I have a knack of managing to produce the thing that did not exist when sales thought it was a cool idea
<lanefu> i have a love-hate relationship with iscsi
<lanefu> dealing with storage is just always terrible
<nekomancer[m]> they tells "not work as it should" for 4 month after I have it on site.
<lanefu> which is why eventually object storage seems okay afterall
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: oh thats infuriating
<nekomancer[m]> and then they tell it will newer work as I need, and I have to buy next level model.
<archetech> im the weirdo who sells and installs built in honesty if I sell it and cant make it work I lose too
<nekomancer[m]> they win. My employer buy next level FC storage. Add tons of additional moneu and about 8 month ot total time lost.
<lanefu> yeah i beat a lot of people won when you had to buy FC switches and HBAs to go with it
<lanefu> man one time I had a SAN and i was doing upgrade... so you know the controler fails over while the other patches...... well so while 1 was patching, the otherone crashed
<archetech> neko thats why ya use a contract
<lanefu> knocked my whole environment offline
<archetech> there be laws about that kind of selling
<lanefu> In Russia, HP Sells you?
<archetech> ah right russia never mind
<archetech> good luck!
<archetech> what did you do lane
<lanefu> to what
<lanefu> i just work here
<archetech> san down....run
<lanefu> i some how brought up SAN trauma
<archetech> oops I quit?
<lanefu> haha no
<lanefu> was on the phone a lot
<lanefu> i think afew offices lost a days worth of work
<nekomancer[m]> шт Дфемшф
<nekomancer[m]> in Latvia
<nekomancer[m]> Yes. contract must have in a hursh SAN world.
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): I like my mugs. Guess I need one from @fosshostorg too in my collection. #Armbian #netcup https://t.co/fd5gCTTeyK (29s ago)
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<rneese> NOVEMBER 6 - 12:10 PM
<rneese> Out for Delivery, Expected Delivery by 9:00pmElizabethton, TN
<rneese> my n2+ is out for delivery
<rneese> so it will be here today
<rneese> ok here is a question--- do we have a list of all the arm64 2/4g ram boards
<rneese> that armbian supports
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<lanefu> Nope. You can derive a lot of that from build/config/boards/*
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<rneese> well my n2+ will be here today
<rneese> so I will have a new test board and the t4 will become my desktop with a nvmessd
<rneese> but I am working on the mate desktop to rm the ubuntu pkgs but no matter what I do it wants 1 pkg
<rneese> ubuntu-mate-default-settings
<rneese> wish they would have just called it maate-default-settings
<rneese> but I am still fighting the fact that we need to look how to diverge the issue with desktops on ubuntu and debian
<rneese> siince they are moving away from each other faster and faster
<rneese> going food hunting back in a bit
<lanefu> Benchmarks for our WorksOnArm 32core ampere server http://ix.io/2Dcc
<Werner> quite some heat... looking forward to see it "roasting" a few kernel images
<lanefu> amen to that
* nekomancer[m] have 2 "T4" Fujitsu Sparc servers
<archetech> so its done deal what model ampere?
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<lanefu> archetech: this a bare metal server we've won temporary (at least 3-6 months) access to front a worksonarm grant
<archetech> ok emag
<Werner> Would be neat to get a more permanent one though
<archetech> going arm vs amd is good idea
<archetech> large x86 emulation vs native gotta have benefits
<Werner> my idea was go spin up github ci on both x86 and arm and build changes on both in parallel to check for issues
<archetech> yes its great to not buy it so you can make good decision after testing your specific workload
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<lanefu> Werner: yeah yeah good idea. I've got an ansible playbook for adding runners so its cake
<Werner> awesome
<archetech> worse case it can be made into a hackintosh next yr if ya dont like it
<lanefu> Rofl
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<nekomancer[m]> servers and desktops without plug-and-play, with device tree. Disgusting.
<nekomancer[m]> Welcome to 1993, but instead of mess with jumpers and numbrers in confgigs — mess with .dts files.
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<archetech> id prefer jumpers to dtb's
<nekomancer[m]> different kinds of shit. 25 years of evolition down the drain.
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<IgorPec> lanefu: we can get additonal ampere server and two clusters full of rk3399 :) Not sure what to do with all this:)
<Werner> Nice
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<IgorPec> putting this hardware to use is much harder
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<archetech> Kernel 5.9.3-1-ARCH aarch64 bits 64 Desktop Xfce 4.15.1
<archetech> Distro Linux From Scratch 20201001-systemd
<archetech> Machine: Type ARM Device System Hardkernel ODROID-N2Plus
<archetech> with panfrost HW Acceleration woo
<archetech> xfce4 4.16 final beta hoo
<c0rnelius> why not 5.9.6? scared :)
<IgorPec> it doesn't work :)
<c0rnelius> what doesn't work about it?
<IgorPec> probably breaks down for some 3rd party reason
<c0rnelius> ah... running headless it appears fine.
<IgorPec> this is normal if you want to run bleeding edge
<c0rnelius> I know .5 had a bug
<IgorPec> each one has it
<IgorPec> many of them.
<IgorPec> we are also rushing too much lately - our builds are also on 5.9.y now and i don't like that
<c0rnelius> well its always better to wait for it to mature... just because 5.8 is EOL don't mean you can't keep using it for awhiles
<IgorPec> it depends. but if you have one aarch64 kernel, you have no choice
<IgorPec> but here you have alfa kernel, alfa 3d driver, alfa vpu, alfa xfce ... :)
<c0rnelius> True. You guys are on this desktop mission so it makes sense.
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<IgorPec> our desktop will be ready in two months
<IgorPec> while 3D is not going to be stable by then on all platforms
* archetech thinks rneese is sitting on his porch waiting for his N2+ :)
<c0rnelius> I know they have made progress in the https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/vulkan-wsi-layer department, but seems to be so far aimed at armhf.
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<c0rnelius> I haven't tested it myself, someone I know said the lil they played with it at the time it was pretty decent.
<c0rnelius> some blog post about it on the pi forum, which she directed me to - https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/vulkan-update-merged-to-mesa/
<c0rnelius> pi blog*
<archetech> manajro mesa-git has that now
<c0rnelius> kool
<archetech> N2 took 2 yrs to have working mainline gpu kind of a shock to find out when I bought it
<archetech> 3 months now I got it going panfrost should be ok in a month
<archetech> you guys can build images w/o all the patching
<archetech> so rneese timing is right on him coming around
<IgorPec> arche: so you will bring that on armbian?
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<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): I gave some coffee money ☕️ 💵 to @armbian so that they can buy a new CI build server, and you should too if you appreciate their work and can afford it. ☺ https://t.co/JPNA0c8YAJ (8s ago)
<[TheBug]> Cheers to you Bruno!
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @thenaughtysquid @killyourfm @ubuntu @fedora Each ARM SBC (family) needs specially hacked Chromium to provide video acceleration, which is must have desktop functionality. Sometimes hacks doesn't just work ... Normal distro usually distribute Linux for some hw when support comes to cheap-to-support levels. (27s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @thenaughtysquid (name cannot be blank): @armbian @killyourfm @ubuntu @fedora Yes but RPi are only supporting their few specific boards, and such a thing should be setup for auto building on new releases... (8s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @thenaughtysquid @killyourfm @ubuntu @fedora Bugs raises up and lives also on 1st class x86 Chromium and Intel / Nvidia / AMD (i would assume cleaner) implementation. Chromium become complex and sometimes your hack breaks on CI but you have to find out why ... while upstream moves on. (5s ago)
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<lanefu> sup
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<IgorPec> trend is one arm server per day :)
<lanefu> lol, did you fin anothe rarm server?
<IgorPec> yes, ampere
<lanefu> killer
<IgorPec> next week not accepting hw donations :)
<IgorPec> unless it comes in a form of SBC
<lanefu> nice
* lanefu building PineH64 image since opi3 is kaput... new headless workstation I hope its stable
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<stipa> i'm a little bit confused, my installed version of Linux is orangepilite2 5.7.15-sunxi64, i have downloaded linux headers using armbian-config but they are /usr/src/linux-headers-5.8.6-sunxi64/ not 5.7.5 . Is that normal?
<stipa> 5.7.15 *
<stipa> not*
<stipa> did it twice
<stipa> install > uninstall > install
<stipa> same thing
<stipa> there was not 5.8.6 before on the sdcard.
<stipa> it's a clean install of 5.7.15
<lanefu> yeah some of that most be borked
<lanefu> you can grab the headers deb there
<nekomancer[m]> What cpu will have rk3399 SBC successor? 4+ GB RAM size
<stipa> lanefu: ok
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: yeah good question.. and i recently learned that a lot of the 64bit SOCs use 32bit memory controllers.. so makes it more challenging to go past 4
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @haerwu Indeed. We just received first aarch64 server as a donations from @worksonarm for development and CI purposes. To support moving our build system away from CC. Also more hw is promised. (14s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @haerwu (Marcin Juszkiewicz): @armbian @worksonarm Time to abandon building on SBC and move to serious machines? (9s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @haerwu @worksonarm Currently we are building on serious (but a bit old) machines, like up to 50 images simultaneusly ... Goal is to move away from x86 and start building natively on aarch64 servers and perhaps also on SBC clusters. (2s ago)
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<lanefu> still no emmc for pineh64 eh?
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<lanefu> ha have console on opi3 now
<lanefu> its just naturally different pni out than my other orange pis net to it
<IgorPec> emmc doesn't work?
<lanefu> yeah it's a known issue from what i've read in the past
<lanefu> even pineh64 wiki says it lol
<IgorPec> oh, so they fu* it up
<scope> onboard or module?