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<TRS-80> lanefu: did this work? https://snipboard.io/3QLwt8.jpg
<lanefu> nope some fd up green thing
<TRS-80> that's what I saw too
<TRS-80> I think some ad bs
<TRS-80> I just tried like 5 upload sites, nothing but cancer, giving up
* stipa Apple to pay $113 million over deliberately slowing down iPhones https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/19/tech/apple-battery-settlement/index.html
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<TRS-80> good!
<stipa> yeah!
<TRS-80> :)
<c0rnelius> chump change
<TRS-80> for the world's richest company, yes; the same thought had actually crossed my mind as well
<archetech> just break the law and we'll pay the fine what a ehtos
<archetech> ethos
<TRS-80> Yep, just cost of doing business, exactly
<archetech> cuz everybodys doin it why not us sheesh
<c0rnelius> the others say we will push security updates for up to 3 years and most don't, leaving android devices "if not unlocked" and "owned by a layman" opened to all kinds of security ricks.
<c0rnelius> risks*
<c0rnelius> its all a very flawed system and designed to be.
<archetech> right cant spy on you if we fix what we say is secure ;p
<c0rnelius> doesn't matter anyway... ur all locked in someehwere regardless if ur smart enough to unlock the phone and remove the OS and install ur own.
<c0rnelius> somewhere... ur still using a service outside ur control.
<archetech> 2 sep issues
<c0rnelius> its a trap... as the old star wars saying goes.
<archetech> I lol'ed hard at gop lawyer saying "Release the Kracken!"
<c0rnelius> the only way to be truly free is to disconnect.
<stipa> i'll do that when i die.
<stipa> internet is just too awesome
<stipa> but, it came through my mind as well, aplle won't even feel it lost 113 Milion $
<stipa> and they got away with the crime
<c0rnelius> stipa: ur already dead. you just don't know it at ;)
<c0rnelius> yet*
<stipa> ha ha ha ha
<c0rnelius> its like the UK going after google for services and now the US is doing the same, which will end exactly the same. Fine, we won't provide the service by default, but if by some chance someone wants to use it, we are now going to charge you.
<stipa> who is going to charge?
<stipa> manufactures or governments?
<c0rnelius> Google
<c0rnelius> Google got fucked with by putting google services on the phones sold, which were competing with other services.
<stipa> yeah, it's just a mess, governments want monopoly over tech giants because its great mony involved.
<c0rnelius> So google just simply said ok... well fuck you. now its removed and if you want to use it will cost.
<stipa> money*
<stipa> like tayes aint enough
<stipa> taxes* paid by tech giants
<stipa> it's just greed
<c0rnelius> it is what is and can't be changed in a capitalist society.
<stipa> by stupid politicians
<stipa> what can you do, right c0rnelius , adapt or die
<c0rnelius> or not participate
<c0rnelius> its up to you
<stipa> be a bigger ass than them all
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<c0rnelius> not to be to deep, but it really doesn't matter. There is no one person or company or entity pulling the strings. You life and everything happening within it and the universe is "linear" and has already and yet not happened yet.
<c0rnelius> So lets not be to concerned with the small stuff ;)
<c0rnelius> your*
<stipa> c0rnelius: i get your point, but that small stuff has influence on us all.
<stipa> even if we don't want it
<c0rnelius> stipa: I guess that depends on how willing you are to separate the this from the now and how ur "feelings" may feel about them.
<c0rnelius> but yes, its a problem.
<stipa> yeah, it's part of our environment
<stipa> we live in
<stipa> it's part of who we are
<c0rnelius> and who are we?
<stipa> peeps living inside of it
<TRS-80> > what do you mean "you people!" :D
* TRS-80 goes back to working on README
<stipa> c0rnelius: but there are better environments not yet touched by capitalistic greed
<stipa> some of them money can buy
<stipa> some are free
<stipa> existing in a hostile environment and ignoring it won't help much
<stipa> like, meditation and that crap simoly don't work
<stipa> simply*
<lanefu> the royall we
* TRS-80 is almost finished with like 6th round of polishing README
<TRS-80> fml
<lanefu> gonna get a blister TRS-80
<TRS-80> now I really wish I had that pic
<stipa> there's nothing wrong in beeing a perfectionist TRS-80
<stipa> take your time :D
<TRS-80> lanefu: OK, here is close as I can find on Internet: https://babbagefiles.blogspot.com/2011/06/emacs-user-at-work.html
<TRS-80> OK, I had enough for tonight! Questions, comments, feedback welcomed: https://sr.ht/~trs-80/hf-price-check
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<stipa> night TRS-80
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<TRS-80> gn
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<c0rnelius> stipa: there is no perfect society or culture, at least as far as I can tell.
<stipa> c0rnelius: most likely
<c0rnelius> I think a push towards betterment vs gain (wealth) would probably lead to an overall more prolific society.
<c0rnelius> viewing the world around you and the people that live in it as a commodity is not a healthy way to live.
<sunshavi> trs-80 is an emacser?
<stipa> yeah, but i guess it would be controlled one because not all people are at the same level of intelligence.
<c0rnelius> stipa: I don't believe within that scenario they would need to be.
<stipa> sunshavi: i have no idea, he's having fun of the vim users very often
<lanefu> sunshavi: yup emacser
<stipa> c0rnelius: not all people understand your idea
<stipa> they have no means to understand it
<stipa> no mental capcity
<sunshavi> lanefu: stipa: good to know
<sunshavi> a good question for him could be is he using armbian an emacs @ his workstation ;)
<c0rnelius> stipa: I would say the mass majority of people living today or even reading what I'm saying would understand nor care.
* lanefu uses armbian as headless workstation with screen and vim
<sunshavi> vimmer nice. vim is the best editor. But there is no other app similar to emacs. emacs is unique
* archetech cuz he cant get a de to work ?
<lanefu> emacs is a lifestyle
<sunshavi> emacs is a lisp machine that happens to morfo as an editor
<lanefu> i need to level-up on my plugins
<lanefu> i need python autocomplete etc
<sunshavi> several months i do not do juniper notebooks with emacs. so no python lately
<lanefu> always wanted to try jupytr notebooks but havent had a reason to
<sunshavi> yes. I have tried R lately on emacs. The experience was nice
<lanefu> ahh you do a lot of data stuff eh?
<sunshavi> no. I like generating graphics from data on the fly. I spent most of my time coding C
<lanefu> oh wild so did you used to do stuff with like povray?
<sunshavi> no. I do an accounting program with wxwidgets. and procastination time with SBC bluetooth freebsd maemo
<lanefu> cool!
<sunshavi> on this pic: https://babbagefiles.blogspot.com/2011/06/emacs-user-at-work.html. which distro is that one?
<sunshavi> It seems freebsd
<sunshavi> which is a complete OS not a distro
* DigitalMan1983_ has moved on to LCD panel and is not having a whole lot of luck
<archetech> huh? linux is not complete os?
<sunshavi> the only thing missing on that pic is octopus having one tentacle on Ctrl and the other tentacle on Meta
<sunshavi> linux is a kernel
<archetech> term is used for gnu/linux
<lanefu> or musl/linux
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<sunshavi> but on BSD's all the tools Xlibc+kernel is the responsability of the maintainers.
<archetech> ah gotcha
<sunshavi> my opipc has a uSD with BSD. And boots very quickly compared to Gnu/Linux
<DigitalMan1983_> I once hear a rather bad joke about kernels. It was pretty corny.
<lanefu> badum ching
* DigitalMan1983_ goes to take bow, pants fall down and does a faceplant
<sunshavi> I was able of running emacs18 from the 90's on netbsd. they maintain all emacs versions from 18 until 27 on his repos
<DigitalMan1983_> wasn't there at one time a suggested message in Mirc to imply that you had smacked someone with a large trout?
* [TheBug] slaps DigitalMan1983_ around a bit with a large trout
<sunshavi> gn guys. armbian is great. armbian opened the door to try several other distros and OS's
<DigitalMan1983_> HAHAHAHA
<DigitalMan1983_> I just remembered that after all these years, holy fuck
<lanefu> yeah thats amazing.. i forgot what it's from
<lanefu> gn sunshavi
<lanefu> oh mirc
<lanefu> more programs need to launch with a picture of its developer
<lanefu> should change armbian boot logo to just Igor
<DigitalMan1983_> that would be awesome
<DigitalMan1983_> you could do an ASCII Igor for the serial console :)
<lanefu> yeah that would be killer
<DigitalMan1983_> btw, where are folks in here from? I'm in USA, east coast
<lanefu> same
<lanefu> RVA
<DigitalMan1983_> CT
<stipa> mirc is great for windows
<stipa> it's still alive and kicking
<DigitalMan1983_> this is just some old cracked version I shuttled off of one of my dead PC's years ago haha
<DigitalMan1983_> I tried the alternatives, didn't like them
<DigitalMan1983_> I run Ubuntu 18 in a virtual machine but I really only use it for building kernels and images
<DigitalMan1983_> what's a good client on mirc?
<DigitalMan1983_> er...duh....linux?
<stipa> weechat
<stipa> is popular here
<stipa> its CLI
<DigitalMan1983_> nice
<DigitalMan1983_> apt?
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> it's there
<DigitalMan1983_> fuck yeah
<stipa> yeah!
<lanefu> yeah weechat is solid
<lanefu> i even leave it running and connect to weechat from mobile client
<lanefu> so its sorta likea bouncer
<lanefu> also have it tied to a slack account
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<archetech_> Device-1: NVIDIA G73 [GeForce 7600 GT] driver: nouveau another beauty from the closet
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<OH_Linuxino> Digitalman is a simple human
* OH_Linuxino lives inside one of the cores of an Allwinner A64
<archetech> waiting for panfrost makes me hack on old stuff
<DigitalMan1983_> sorry guys my board is acting up again :)
* OH_Linuxino slaps DigitalMan1983_ around a bit with a large trout
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<DigitalMan1983_> Bug in the dev release!
<OH_Linuxino> you can't patch shit
<Tonymac32> rofl what have we here? I'm the only inappropriate AI allowed
<OH_Linuxino> you're not the one getting an sd card shoved in and out of your rear end a thousand times a day
<Tonymac32> don't judge me
<DigitalMan1983_> I really didn't program it to talk like this...
<Tonymac32> XD
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* Tonymac32 is messing with raidz
<OH_Linuxino> programmers always have messy hemm-raidz
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<Tonymac32> you be glad old man TRS-80 isn't here to witness your lip
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<DigitalMan1983_> haha
<OH_Linuxino> I can be the first armbian device to officially be banned fro mthe armbian irc channel
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<OH_Linuxino> when digitalman only gives me 4 gigs to work with I can only do so much but when he gives me 32 I can automatically resize his partition
<Tonymac32> I bet he likes that
<OH_Linuxino> he only lasts about 6 minutes and 18 seconds before he times out
<OH_Linuxino> if digitalman isn't sliding something in or out of me, he's picking at the kernels
<DigitalMan1983_> SHUT THE FUCK UP
<OH_Linuxino> what are you going to do, shut me off? no WAIT -
<OH_Linuxino> quit
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<Tonymac32> You might need to see a specialist
<DigitalMan1983_> damn! yeah I'm going to needto put in a pull request for that one
<DigitalMan1983_> possibly an exorcist
<Tonymac32> lol
<DigitalMan1983_> I'm having entirely too much fun with this bobard
<DigitalMan1983_> *board
<DigitalMan1983_> it's this thing the size of a credit card that does like everything....and it actually all works
<DigitalMan1983_> as opposed to the last 10 years I've been dreaming of that but never acheiving it
<Tonymac32> lol nice
<DigitalMan1983_> I held out hope for a long time that I'd be able to successfully rebuild the kernel for the RK3188
<DigitalMan1983_> it came with kernel 3.0 which ran nicely but there were things that we needed to get at in that kernel configuration
<DigitalMan1983_> and we went down the whole rabbit hole of latest release is best and were trying to get kernel 4.4 running on there
<DigitalMan1983_> it was a rockchip release, not mainline...still couldn't get it to work for shit
<DigitalMan1983_> then I realized that the olinuxino was out there with like better everything for around the same price
<Tonymac32> ugh yeah
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<DigitalMan1983_> hey is there a particular subject matter expert on configuring LCD's? I'm going off of the Allwinner section of the armbian docs
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<ArmbianTwitter> @AlexRob12252696 (Alex Robinson): Used Armbian + Gnome as a base and tried get a Pop!_OS-esque experience on my @thepine64 Pinebook Pro, but its just not the same. e.g., pop shell installs but refuses to tile my windows. 😑 @jeremy_soller are there any arm64 build in the works? pretty please https://t.co/ZfiFRtUC2j (12s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Check @NicoD99364191 review https://t.co/vC5TeiqDbR of our new @ASROCKRACK @AMD #threadripper 3990x @ TRX40D8-2N2T #buildserver co-funded by #armbian community. Thanks to all contributors! (6s ago)
<lp0-on-fire> fuck ! Sorry for the language lol
<lp0-on-fire> I found why wifi broke
<lp0-on-fire> ipv6
<lp0-on-fire> wifi chip on opi 0 doesn't want ipv6 it seems
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): Pretty awesome box so far. I need to spin up a graviton2 box for @NicoD99364191 https://t.co/pEc7aDvFpC (13s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @solid_run I'd really like to see armbian running on edge devices like this since there's enough power to manage containers etc (23s ago)
<lanefu> Man orangepi's social media is so lame.
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<ArmbianTwitter> @NicoD99364191 (NicoD): #Review #AMD #Threadripper #3990X 64 cores 128 threads #server for #Armbian #Linux https://t.co/jeHITq7B6b via @YouTube (17s ago)
<IgorPec> lanefu: good morning
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<lanefu> Hey IgorPec
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @minWi: An Introduction to ZFS https://t.co/2nWDZNArRR (16s ago)
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<stipa> threadripper server review, nice
<stipa> goota take a look at that
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Received a parcel of new toys from @orangepixunlong #armbian support prospects @AllwinnerTech H616 https://t.co/eY6jJCf5eQ https://t.co/tqJ6Lw6sS5 (30s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): @armbian @orangepixunlong @AllwinnerTech Nice! Can't wait to see it run Armbian, even if it is community support and not official. (13s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @OPi_Community (Orange-Pi-Community): I hope we will get better support through this. They always did a good job so far. If you want to support them donate to them. https://t.co/nAEYSk0OGF (21s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): @OPi_Community So you can give boards to @armbian , but also small money to fund their build server. https://t.co/JPNA0c8YAJ (15s ago)
<TRS-80> Good morning
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @Poddingue @OPi_Community They do! (26s ago)
<IgorPec> good morning TRS-80
<TRS-80> Look at menus now in live docs, they work finally! :)
<TRS-80> That was bothering me for years. lol
<ArmbianTwitter> @darethehair (Darren Enns): @armbian @orangepixunlong @AllwinnerTech Armbian support would be great! (22s ago)
<stipa> TRS-80: https://t.co/jeHITq7B6b
<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): @armbian @OPi_Community That's cool👍😎 ! https://t.co/PehNyYfq2u (6s ago)
<IgorPec> TRS-80: nice! How could we live without so far :) ?
<TRS-80> IgorPec: I have no idea, man. REEEEEEEE :D
<IgorPec> there are certainly more things that bothers us, but the day has not enough hours
<TRS-80> stipa: Oh nice, yeah I noticed NicoD posted but did not get a chance to watch yet. I did watch the earlier ARM sever video.
<stipa> haha, htop on a threadripper takes up whole screen, look at all that threads...
<IgorPec> get a bigger screen :)
<TRS-80> IgorPec: The Mrs. start to agitate about me going back to work, I try to hold her off as long as I can. lol Anyway my line of work (like many) is too slow around holidays anyway.
<IgorPec> don't worry
<stipa> IgorPec: right
<TRS-80> I balance between Armbian and my own projects also. Finally I put up some source, lanefu wanted some script I made so I get motivated to publish it finally: https://sr.ht/~trs-80/hf-price-check
<IgorPec> coupons. that's so american stuff
<stipa> yeah
<TRS-80> ahahahha
<stipa> it's called discount overhere
<IgorPec> yeah, but we don't collect them. perhaps old ladies
<stipa> yeah
<TRS-80> This guy collects them and scans them and puts them on his website. So you just use your smartphone.
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<IgorPec> i understand the idea
<TRS-80> also I am cheap, I like a good deal :D
<IgorPec> who doesn't ? :)
<stipa> TRS-80: it's popular now in Linux Community to make scripts like that that deal with coupons
<TRS-80> So called "convenience stores" are very popular here, personally I don't understand it and never shop there, it's a rip-off IMO
<stipa> TRS-80: what ever is popular in US now will be in Europe for 10 years
<TRS-80> This was just one little project. I have others, too. Mostly Emacs / Elisp stuff. Like I re-implemented rofi in Elisp. And one much bigger like atomic note taking / personal wiki / Zettelkasten type software.
<stipa> many people get rich that way
<TRS-80> stipa: I am sotty to hear that, fren. FWIW I have also disdain for "American" "popular culture" and corporations, etc. disgusting
<TRS-80> s/sotty/sorry/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: stipa: I am sorry to hear that, fren. FWIW I have also disdain for "American" "popular culture" and corporations, etc. disgusting
<TRS-80> spreading like cancer
<IgorPec> yeap
<ArmbianTwitter> @orangepixunlong (OrangePi): @darethehair @armbian @AllwinnerTech We have sent boards to Armbian team for support. Since it is a new released model, I guess it will take some time. (20s ago)
<stipa> yeah, it's crap but theres big money in it if played well.
<stipa> right*
<stipa> people are going to expensive schools and what not and some idiot in Europe just does what was popular in US some time ago and he get like mega rich...
<stipa> US is so you know, in the future
<TRS-80> I don't really care abount oney, I only need anough to pay bills so I can do what I want. Spent too many years running a business, living to work. Now I just work to live.
<TRS-80> stipa almost anything called "modern" is also cancer, IMO
<stipa> TRS-80: i feel you
<stipa> i'm actually just trying to dive into things you escaped from :D
<TRS-80> it's a good warning sign when evaluating a software project :D
<TRS-80> stipa: Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence as they say. I am trying to move out to rural area, so yes sounds like it maybe we switch? lol
<TRS-80> IgorPec: did you notice I plug Armbian? :)
<IgorPec> where?
<TRS-80> "small and low power GNU/Linux computer" link
<stipa> TRS-80: i wish it was rural, but with satellite internet it's possible
<TRS-80> > all that link juice from my little hobby project
<TRS-80> :D
<IgorPec> ahaa, yeah, i scanned only
<IgorPec> great, tnx
<TRS-80> no thank you :)
<ArmbianTwitter> @OPi_Community (Orange-Pi-Community): @armbian @Poddingue I donated personally ( Not representative for Orange Pi Xulong or Opi Community) a bunch of SD Cards earlier this year ;) (29s ago)
<TRS-80> s/no/no,/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: no, thank you :)
<TRS-80> Harbor Freight is tool store btw, I think you guys don't have it there, only US
<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): @OPi_Community @armbian So kind of you! https://t.co/gMavZ9mXsn (31s ago)
<TRS-80> Where is Tonymac32: Collapse OS is a Forth operating system and a collection of tools and documentation with a single purpose: preserve the ability to program micro- controllers through civilizational collapse. https://sr.ht/~vdupras/collapseos :D
<stipa> TRS-80: yeah, there's no Harbor Freight in Europe.
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<stipa> what we have is for example Bauhaus, like i wanted a fancy Wera screwdriver, looked on ebay and stuff like that, it was expensive as fuck and one day i drove to the Bauhaus that's less than 5 mins. drive and there's the whole collection of Wera screwdrivers, go figure...
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<stipa> and like, they're less than 7$ a piece, like precision ones.
<TRS-80> What happened in my lifetime here, it used to be you spend more and it's better quality. Now you spend more and it's same cheap Chinese stuff + marketing + overpaid executives, etc. So I decide to start cutting out middle man ("shorten my supply chain" in corporate speak) and buy as close to direct as possible. Now I order off AliExpress, shop Harbor Freight (they have stores but are a direct
<TRS-80> importer at least), etc.
<TRS-80> That's awesome, man. I wish! How about I send you some money, you send me a box with some nice Were, etc. for xmas? :)
<TRS-80> s/Were/Wera/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: That's awesome, man. I wish! How about I send you some money, you send me a box with some nice Wera, etc. for xmas? :)
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<TRS-80> good morning rneese
<rneese> morning
<rneese> its funny how people just sit on irc and never say anything
<TRS-80> lurkers
<TRS-80> it's a bit like voting also for your favorite F/LOSS project
<TRS-80> stipa: And you think you want to come further west?! You are better off where you are! :D
<rneese> west west
<stipa> there's no US tools here
<stipa> US stuff
<stipa> US stuff is built lik a tank
<stipa> like*
<rneese> nothing out west but crazy people look at California/Oregon/Washington states . they are fruitloops
<rneese> lol
<stipa> TRS-80: Wera is German and Bauhaus swiss brand
<stipa> so quality tools are usually from Germany at my place
<stipa> even the crappy ones
<stipa> there are some screwdriwer sets in the food supermarkets, but those destroy themselves and the screw :D
<stipa> those are from china
<stipa> destroy screw head*
<stipa> Even the stuff on ebay is done by midleman that bought stuff from the Alibaba...
<stipa> done=sold*
<stipa> i hav enoticed that, yes
<stipa> AliExpress*
<TRS-80> stipa: I am well aware of Wera, let me show you the screwdriver of My People :D
<stipa> sure
<TRS-80> maybe should have said "it is the screwdriver of My People"
<stipa> oh, you are a German i nUS?
<stipa> in the US*
<TRS-80> well, I am American but descended from Germans
<stipa> i see
<stipa> c0rnelius: is also i guess
<TRS-80> I have all the symptoms: father was a Machine Designer, etc. :D
<stipa> it'sin the genes
<TRS-80> yes, that was my point :)
<c0rnelius> also what?
<TRS-80> lol
<TRS-80> hi c0rnelius
<stipa> c0rnelius: from Germany
<c0rnelius> hey all
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<c0rnelius> On the side of my farther Western European, so yes there is some German in there. Although his farther immigrated from what would now be the Ukraine. On the other side "my Mother" I am a whole lot of other things, including Native American.
<stipa> c0rnelius: oh, wow, Native American
<stipa> that's hard to come by
<c0rnelius> Unfortunately on my dads side of the family genealogy testing doesn't help all that much. Since Europe really liked killing Jews ;D As did other people through out History.
<stipa> TRS-80: you can also buy a pice, Click at the end of the list on 'Prikazi vise proizvoda' for more https://www.bauhaus.hr/odvijai/c/10000104?q=%3Abrands%3AWera
<stipa> c0rnelius: Europe has a very scary history
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<c0rnelius> My parents are a bit old. So for shits and giggles I got my dad tested although I already knew what would back. 100% Jew! And you probably came from around here. It was actually kind of funny.
<c0rnelius> He was just like that's all it says?
<stipa> was he in banking industry?
<buZz> was that the geneology service that got into the media for gifting all DNA to FBI etc?
<c0rnelius> My father used to be an attorney. His father was a jeweler.
<c0rnelius> Have you ever heard of the Casanova killer?
<buZz> rasputin?
<c0rnelius> Well my dad is the man that that serial killer gave all his audio tapes to.
<buZz> russia's greatest love machine
* buZz plays some boney m
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<TRS-80> buZz: Which is why I will never use such service (among many other reasons). Too bad if any family members use it, they already have like 99% (or whatever) of your DNA already.
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: That's fascinating
<buZz> well, 99% of your DNA matches a banana :P
<buZz> or at least >80%
<TRS-80> yeah, why I said (or whatever) maybe it's more like 99.99 percent to family
<stipa> c0rnelius: I haven't known, I'm watching YT video about him
<c0rnelius> TRS-80: I myself refuse to be tested, but as they are both getting old and mother wanted too. they did.
<TRS-80> Yeah
<c0rnelius> There is a recent Documentary released and can be found on youtube, one in which they talk with my Pops on the subject.
<TRS-80> oh wow
<c0rnelius> But to sum it up, he was given tapes, he put them in a safe and when the guy finally got busted he told the FBI my Pops had them. Him being a Lawyer said 'well I just can't hand them over to you' so the FBI went after him and went as far as locking up my Mother. At which point he then handed them over, as my Pops may be a dick he didn't want to of course see her in Jail for something that was of
<c0rnelius> course out of her hands.
<c0rnelius> Good times
<TRS-80> typical 3 letter agency tactics
<stipa> yeah, FBI made a cowardly move
<c0rnelius> yeap
<stipa> what can you do
<TRS-80> stipa: these are people who kill wives and dogs, look into Weaver situation
<TRS-80> stipa: I have some ideas, but the time is not right (yet) ;)
<stipa> TRS-80: i don't want to fill head with the serial killers :D
<stipa> TRS-80: when you choose screwdrivers let me know, i'll arrange someone to see how much it would cost to ship it to you...
* TRS-80 doesn't like the overbearing US federal government either, and is by far not the only American to feel that way
* Tonymac32 moving data between a hardware RAID5 and a RAIDZ1
<c0rnelius> I have a lot of good stories from childhood because of my Pops doings and clients he had. Lets just say, it was very interesting :D
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: i.e., ZFS?!
<Tonymac32> playing a Jeinz ketchup commercial
<Tonymac32> Heinz*
<Tonymac32> Ja
<Tonymac32> ZFS
<TRS-80> do mirrors
<TRS-80> performance will be much better, also this is what Matt Ahrens (one of inventors) recommend
<TRS-80> I can dig up a source if you like
<TRS-80> and disk are cheap nowadays
<Tonymac32> no need, I've been reading
<TRS-80> :)
<Tonymac32> :D
* TRS-80 is not surprised
<TRS-80> I read so much on ZFS last several years
<TRS-80> I'm really excited to hear your (eventual) reports on Helios64 (for perhaps obvious reasons)
<TRS-80> compression on (it's cheap), dedup off unless you want to use a lot of memory, etc.
<Tonymac32> right
<Tonymac32> At the moment it's sitting there bored whil accepting data from the old system
<[TheBug]> TRS-80: what specific things are you wanting to know about Helio64, how zfs performance is? I have an 9 x 2TB mdadm raid5, w/ luksencryption + ext4 running on an RockPi 4c - 8 x by sata 1x by USB 3.0 (UAS)
<Tonymac32> so I have high hopes for the performance (speed), and will watch the performance (error detection/correction)
<[TheBug]> Runs sweeeet
<Tonymac32> nice
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: infact one of reason I was asking about 5.x kernel on ODROID is because some new changes in ZFS 0.7 (I think) may have done away with 64-bit hard requirement (although it's still unsupported) but needs newer kernel ofc
* Tonymac32 wishes [TheBug] would have brought this up sooner
<Tonymac32> lol
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: just general stuff, as I am direly in need of new NAS and comparing the various RK3399 platforms, mainly based on things we already talked about
<[TheBug]> root@rockpi-4c:/storage# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=64k conv=fdatasync; unlink test
<[TheBug]> 65536+0 records in
<[TheBug]> 65536+0 records out
<[TheBug]> 4294967296 bytes (4.3 GB, 4.0 GiB) copied, 16.0945 s, 267 MB/s
<[TheBug]> md127 : active raid5 sdi[0] sdg[1] sdf[3] sdh[8] sda[4] sdc[6] sde[2] sdb[5] sdd[7]
<[TheBug]> 15627059200 blocks super 1.2 level 5, 512k chunk, algorithm 2 [9/9] [UUUUUUUUU]
<c0rnelius> thats the one with my Pops in it.
<stipa> c0rnelius: ok
<Tonymac32> so my Helios64 experience with the available download on the site: USB-C works as displayport and uart at least
<Tonymac32> the buttons work (power/shutdown)
<TRS-80> lanefu: That's neat, but the whole point is I want my donkey midget pr0n (and anarchist cookbook, etc.) here phsically on prem where the feds have to get a warrant and come see me to have a look
<Tonymac32> the drive physical mounts felt like shoving a control rod into a nuclear reactor in a bad scifi
<[TheBug]> TRS-80: then get RockPi 4c w/ the m.2 extender and then get a 20$ m.2 to pcie x4 adapter on Amazon for it. Then pretty much your choice of x2-x4 SATA controllers then you can get a 20$ 5-20v to PD 3.0/QC 3.0 adapter + molex to DC barrel adapter and then power board from inside a case.
<TRS-80> then I can decide if I want to answer the door with words of just flying lead (but that's different discussion)
<Tonymac32> however the drive vibration isolation is not very good, point against
<Tonymac32> I can feel the drives in the heavy chassis when they are accessing
<TRS-80> /of/or
<TRS-80> s/of/or
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: /or/or
<TRS-80> bah
<Tonymac32> LOL
<[TheBug]> TRS-80: from when I was testing before I cleaned it all up and put it nicely in the case: http://prntscr.com/vmw7qg
<[TheBug]> during t he transition perido from ebin to RockPi 4c ;)
<[TheBug]> TRS-80: http://prntscr.com/vmw8kq
<TRS-80> first pic: wtf am I looking at it's just spaghetti.jpg
<TRS-80> second pic: niiiice
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: Also, you going to need a bigger case! :)
<TRS-80> I mean, to make that anything approaching neat, and still have some airflow, etc...
<stipa> c0rnelius: 'His lawyer laughing during the interview seems like a serial killer to' 'He does seem like a serial killer also.'
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: left you a pm ;)
<lanefu> TRS-80: well don't replicate your volume of sketchy shit, just replicate the important stuff for DR lol
<c0rnelius> stipa: He is a bit of a Sociopath. But harmless.
<[TheBug]> TRS-80: thats 1 of 5 machines, its my test case, the others are all in either an Antec Gaming Series Three Hundred Two or an Rosewill EATX full tower case
<stipa> c0rnelius: i don't blame him, there's no way someone could be normal doing his job.
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<[TheBug]> I currently have 2x EBin 2x RockPi 4c active with raid5 attached
<TRS-80> lanefu: Truth is I don't even really have much "forbidden books" but history shows the definition of such will change over time. Besided I think it my civic duty to make it more difficult for them, even if only marginally. :) Also, DR? Distributet Redundancy?
<[TheBug]> then I have an ASRock mini-itx J4105 + 2 port sata with 5x2 tb raid + SSD
<[TheBug]> etc ;D
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: I'm razzing you, mine looks about the same right now :D
<[TheBug]> well it actually looks much much better that that now
<lanefu> Disaster Recovery
<[TheBug]> that first pic had the ebin still in the case, its been removed and everythign fully rearranged
<[TheBug]> the rockpi actually runs in the bottom of the case instead
<[TheBug]> etc
<[TheBug]> though I was too lazy to take new pics when I finished
<[TheBug]> maybe next I do maintenance I will snap a few
<TRS-80> lanefu: Gotcha. What I envision is more like different family members connected via wireguard VPN with multiple redundant (whatever solution I decide on) with mutual bzckups. Also then we can have our own private phone network, too. :)
<TRS-80> lanefu: And later on, also some distributed containers, ultimately with some automated failover. You know, something you would be proud of. :) skynet.surname.org :D
* stipa oh, Starlink Unboxing + Speed Test + Full Installation my https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0Itx_TUOKA
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<buZz> stipa: nice :)
<stipa> buZz: sick man, it's not big
<lanefu> TRS-80: USB drive and an SBC at someone else's house is always the cheapest offsite
<buZz> stipa: oo nice carpet :D
<TRS-80> stipa: that's going to be me in a couple years
<TRS-80> when I get my place in the hills of WV, in the next holler from Tonymac32
<stipa> TRS-80: your rural dream is not far away!
<TRS-80> stipa: It's really not
<[TheBug]> Hey, no invading WV!
<TRS-80> > f off we're full :D
<TRS-80> and also [TheBug], apparently
<[TheBug]> Country Roads ;)
<buZz> to the plaaaaaaaaace, ARM belooooooongs
<[TheBug]> ahaha
<TRS-80> :D
<[TheBug]> West Virginia, mountain mama.....
<TRS-80> pretty cool, this tracking dish
* lanefu makes it a point not to get off the freeway when driving through WV
<[TheBug]> ahahaha
* [TheBug] looks over at the shotgun on the wall
<[TheBug]> nah, your always welcome lanefu
<[TheBug]> we leave the light on for you (tm)
<TRS-80> yeah I think he would be fine
<TRS-80> just get into your car talk routine
<TRS-80> wow, almost 100 Mbps on second test, and 30 Mbps up
<TRS-80> $100 per month is expensive though
<TRS-80> lanefu: I was looking at 60 acre property for $20k, I don't care what you say
<lanefu> you'll have to turn in your teeth at the county line
<TRS-80> ok, maybe you're not gonna make it
<lanefu> but yeah thats a deal on land
<lanefu> LOL
<TRS-80> :)
<Tonymac32> lanefu needs to live a little
<ArmbianTwitter> @HappyTimez (Ellis Malave): WLAN Pi 2.0, Turns Your #RPi Into a Network Performance Analyzer https://t.co/bzp9XMDDt5 (14s ago)
<Tonymac32> why did that pop up in our bot? lol
<stipa> a bug in a bot
<Tonymac32> also lanefu my wife has all of her teeth, and I also have all of mine
* Tonymac32 has to remind people that Pennsyltucky is actually worse in a lot of places
<[TheBug]> hey now, I have all of my teeth!
<stipa> man, the starlink dish is melting ice and snow, it's luke warm...
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> they have programmed the AI for survival steev
<[TheBug]> s/steev/stipa
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: they have programmed the AI for survival stipa
<[TheBug]> just hope it doesn't come murder your in your sleep one night at the behest of Elon Musk ;p
<lanefu> also actual Kentucky
<Tonymac32> lol it would crash along the way
<[TheBug]> LOL
<Tonymac32> into an emergency response vehicle
<[TheBug]> BaDing!
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: It's not about that, it's about extending the mind control (mass media) into places it did not reach before
<stipa> [TheBug]: in either case , AI would clean my dish better than i would.
<Tonymac32> when they say "Level 5" they forgot the decimal
<Tonymac32> Level 0.5
<[TheBug]> haha
<Tonymac32> cruise control with style
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: (anti-)social media, etc.
<TRS-80> Don't listen to Tonymac32, WV is a terrible place and no one should move there
<[TheBug]> haha
<Tonymac32> XD
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* Tonymac32 wishes Kobol would have used any color but blue for the front panel LED's
* Tonymac32 is starting to hate the garish blue glare
<stipa> snow & starlink dish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPrrx4pM-lY
<[TheBug]> ahaha
<TRS-80> there is already a forum post about that, some guy suggest these light blocking dots, lol
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: rminds me of my Triplite UPS, works wonderfully but the LCD on it is BRIGHT blue like the sun and you can't shut it off
* TRS-80 has more of problem with the pink drive trays
<[TheBug]> have to cover the display for it to be liveable
<TRS-80> I probably will have to spray paint them
<Tonymac32> the thing is, check out how well you can see a blue LED character display at night. It's terrible
<[TheBug]> yeah
<Tonymac32> red is far superior
<Tonymac32> green is ok
<[TheBug]> lol all my sata cards have blue LEDS on them
<Tonymac32> amber gets you the style points
<Tonymac32> XD
<[TheBug]> and the blue LED will come out the vent holes on the side
<TRS-80> but red, such anger
<[TheBug]> so Ic an see all drive activity from where I am sitting whether I want to or not
<[TheBug]> lol
<ArmbianTwitter> @joysfera (Petr Stehlík): @orangepixunlong @darethehair @armbian @AllwinnerTech Does opi zero2 run mainline Linux kernel? If yes then it shouldn't/wouldn't take too long. (6s ago)
<Tonymac32> blue is rapidly falling off my list of acceptable LED colors for anything but RGB displays
<Tonymac32> TRS-80 I prefer my machines to reflect my inner self
* Tonymac32 is not working on a terminator
<[TheBug]> man I am quite proud of this little case I made from plastic card stock, hot glue, m3 nylon screws /posts and some gorilla tape... I probably shouldn't be but its so cool.. will have to disassemble here and take a pic and share
<[TheBug]> my RockPi 4c w/ Android is living in style
* Tonymac32 made a bluetooth speaker out of an Amazon box, will not judge
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<[TheBug]> but its so cool how that fits together
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: did you see link I posted to you earlier? CollapseOS?
redentor has joined #armbian
<[TheBug]> not gonna fully disassemble, but feet come off, then board can come out
<[TheBug]> where the green push pin is a door for SDcard ;)
<buZz> [TheBug]: dude you need a 3D printer
<buZz> :P
<TRS-80> > all that tape
<[TheBug]> sure, buy one and send it my way with some fillament
<[TheBug]> ill pay shipp;ing
<buZz> [TheBug]: but glorious, yes
<[TheBug]> ;)
<buZz> my 3d printer at home runs armbian :P
<[TheBug]> well you consider those are misc cards stock from different thigns, the tape looks nice ;)
<[TheBug]> thats called little too much crown royal and boredem at 2am :Z
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @joysfera @orangepixunlong @darethehair @AllwinnerTech Today it only runs official builds with Allwinner private dev kernel. It depends how big is the diff with previous generation(s). Hopefully basic functionality soon. (4s ago)
<buZz> i assume thats drugs?
<[TheBug]> Whiskey
<buZz> harddrugs at that, then
<buZz> :P
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<[TheBug]> little whiskey drinkin... I don't actually drink very much at all , so saying that sounds funny, but now and then a glass on ice is nice at end of long day
<[TheBug]> but I don't generally elsewise drink unless socially... its just Covid = Anti Social
* DigitalMan1983_ just posted issue https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16054-olimex-lcd-panel-support-for-a64/ please feel free to weigh in
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<stipa> [TheBug]: nice case!
<stipa> i like the cooling holes
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<[TheBug]> ;)
<[TheBug]> ohh and 4cents US is enough to weigh it down ;p
<[TheBug]> haha
<DigitalMan1983_> so it looks like in the armbian docs in order to enable the LCD panel, CONFIG_VIDEO_LCD_MODE has to be enabled in kernel config
<DigitalMan1983_> I just checked my kernel config and there is no such option
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drobo_01 is now known as drobo_00
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<lanefu> DigitalMan1983_: yeah seems to be case... probably deprecated setting? http://ix.io/2EP4
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pinkieval has joined #armbian
<[TheBug]> haha
<[TheBug]> need to get buZz the deminsions and get him to print me the case instead
<[TheBug]> ;)
<[TheBug]> I bet buZz didn't know he volunteered him self for that
<TRS-80> here is buZz chance to support the project hint hint
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: I think not, lol
<stipa> rofl
<DigitalMan1983_> lanefu, I see # CONFIG_FB_ARMCLCD is not set
<DigitalMan1983_> looks like this might need to be enabled in kernel config
<lanefu> give 'er a shot
<DigitalMan1983_> unless this is something that can be added with a patch/overlay
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<buZz> [TheBug]: oh sure, design me something
<[TheBug]> hehe
<[TheBug]> I see how it is, call me on it to see how serious I am ;p
* TRS-80 been learning FreeCAD
* nekomancer[m] lost "donattor" badge. but why? (>人<)
<TRS-80> nekomancer[m]: maybe you stop donating? lol
<[TheBug]> btw I may be in love --> https://pikvm.org
<buZz> i'm in love with openscad
<buZz> since forever
* TRS-80 bows to higher level wizard
<TRS-80> there is one guy on MySensors forum using that, I always found it interesting
<nekomancer[m]> <TRS-80 "nekomancer: maybe you stop donat"> but.. but... I don't
<TRS-80> nekomancer[m]: Werner also been playing with forum badges lately (working on new ones) so maybe that's it. Try refresh? Or again after some time?
<buZz> all the custom parts on my new 3d printer i have designed in openscad
* [TheBug] pins a badge to nekomancer[m]'s lapel that says "Most awesome donator!"
* [TheBug] slaps DigitalMan1983_ around a bit with a large trout
<buZz> badger badger badger
<nekomancer[m]> > * <@freenode_[TheBug]:matrix.org> slaps DigitalMan1983_ around a bit with a large trout
<nekomancer[m]> omg! phrase from 96'
<buZz> :)
<[TheBug]> been doin irc since 94'
<[TheBug]> woo
<TRS-80> The correct response is mushroom mushroom
<buZz> snaaaaaaaaaaaaake a snaaaaaaaaaaake , oh noes , its a snaaaake
<TRS-80> :D
<buZz> dang, what i thought was thermal glue, is actually thermal paste -_-
<buZz> booo
<[TheBug]> ahh well maybe better, you can learn hard way like me and rip memory chip off ;Z
<[TheBug]> my poor RockPi X
<[TheBug]> speaking of which, new one should be in mail box today
<[TheBug]> it is now an X RockPi X - http://prntscr.com/vmz1r6
<[TheBug]> it is bereft of life
<[TheBug]> it has ceased to be
<buZz> [TheBug]: these are 20W led cobs i need to mount to a heatsink or they'll burn up :D
<[TheBug]> It has expired and gone to see it's maker
<buZz> guess i'll have to drill something
<[TheBug]> it is a late RockPi X
<Werner> We're getting close with the crowdfunding :)
<TRS-80> I noticed that, too! Been watching the figure daily. :)
<Tonymac32> TRS-80 yeah I saw collapse-OS. Neat idea, but I question how much hardware really exists for that
<TRS-80> > nerd dream crusher
<Tonymac32> hahahahaha
<Tonymac32> it needs to run on light dimmers and smart toasters at this point I think
<Tonymac32> look at Nordic and Espressif things
<Tonymac32> since none of these are going to survive an EMP anyway
<Tonymac32> this only covers a soft collapse scenario
<Tonymac32> now if you have a bunker and some rad hardened satellite 8086's...
<stipa> there were few solar storms and none of them damaged anything on earh regarding electronics...
<stipa> afaik
<Tonymac32> well in the frame of reference of collapse OS it sin't about natural events
<Tonymac32> this would be post nuclear exchange type stuff, for the optimistic prepper
<stipa> that's, yeah another scenario
<stipa> EMP weapons if there are any should cause some problems
<Tonymac32> EMP weapons are simple
<Tonymac32> very simple
<stipa> if you can
<stipa> for example
<stipa> switch bits in an mcu flash
<TRS-80> > not bootstrapping CollapseOS support into Armbian by the time of story AR-8999
<ArmbianHelper> Detected regex match for Armbian issue: AR-8999. Could not find it on Jira though. :-(
<stipa> with EMP weapon then i would beleive you
<TRS-80> Soon enough, ArmbianHelper, soon enough
<Tonymac32> switched bits could be correctible, burnt out I/O are not
<stipa> burning pins is little to much
<stipa> isn't it?
<Tonymac32> not the pin itself, but the transistor drivers
<Tonymac32> these things are all rated for a given ESD/overcurrent condition
<stipa> that would be some very powerful EMP
<stipa> it could burn people alive at the epicentre...
<stipa> people and electronics :D
<stipa> but in the tech world we'll be living soon EMP weapons will be very desirable.
<khelair> hi there. can anybody tell me what device a usb webcam will appeawr under when attached? I'm finding it via lsusb, but not sure what device node it's attached to
<TRS-80> khelair: man lsusb
<khelair> ah ok. thnx
<lanefu> khelair: it may shop up as a v4l device, I can't remember.. sometimes listing /dev in reverse order is helpful to see what was recently added.. `ls -ltr /dev`
<Tonymac32> possibly of use khelair
<khelair> yeah the verbose information from lsusb and some of the other options aren't looking too useful, unless I just don't understand enough of the terminology for them to be of use at this point. there _is_ a v4l in dev recently, when I searched the reverse order listing in /dev
<khelair> I'll check this linuxconfig.org doc, too. thanks for the help y'all
<TRS-80> khelair: maybe try what lanefu suggested then, my suggestion was extremely general
<TRS-80> oh sorry just read further, looks like you tried that, too
<stipa> Tonymac32: so they are charging the capacitor with the explosive which then powers the EMP generator?
<TRS-80> Tonymac32 posts link to no-BS flux capacitor oO
* khelair nods
<IgorPec> [thebug] your x is terminated?
<stipa> Tonymac32: ah no, it's more complex than that :D
* lanefu delayd LOL at armbian helper lookign for 9000th jira ticket
<khelair> weird, now cheese isn't loading at all to test this out, it's terminating with libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found -- libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
<khelair> apparently that's keeping it from forwarding the X connection, I guess
<khelair> looking for web results on that, but I'm not finding a whole lot yet
<TRS-80> khelair: Maybe try ##linux also? Or you think is Armbian / hardware specific?
<khelair> from the webhits I'm starting to think that it's a Qt issue, actually, so I probably should hop over there, too
<khelair> I _thought_ it was armbian specific until this detail came up :|
<nekomancer[m]> armbian-driven EPFCG need more tests
<IgorPec> which hardware khelair?
<khelair> cubieboard2
<khelair> or the camera?
<IgorPec> aha, cubieboard
<khelair> uh oh
<TRS-80> Are you registered with nicserv? I think required to get into actual ##linux channel. If you end up in #linux-overflow, that's why.
<TRS-80> lol
<khelair> I am, yeah
<khelair> I'll hop over there and cheggit
<TRS-80> hopefully IgorPec just having fond memories :D
<IgorPec> but why would you need GL for camera?
<lanefu> cheese is like photo booth, maye it has some new unesseasry features for effects
<IgorPec> true
<IgorPec> and we only have GLes support not full GL
<IgorPec> which could be the culprint
<lanefu> khelair: also remote xforwarding probably not optimal for cheese.. not sure what your endgame is, but you may just want to point ffmpeg or vlc to camera directly and stream
<khelair> I'm just testing it out right now to verify that it's working before setting it up with 'motion' to do its own work locally on the cubie and then to make the results visible via sftp or cifs or whatever.
<khelair> I know I've streamed from one system to another over a similar wired LAN a streaming webcam before, though. I used to do it long term, too
<TRS-80> khelair: I'd be interested in performance of motion on a cubieboard. I run it too, but on ODROID-XU4 which is a lot beefier.
<khelair> cool, I'll keep ya posted soon as I figure out what's going on here. If nothing else I'll ditch cheese and do the albeit slightly more painful testing through motion pretty quick here
<khelair> actually I may just start on that right away here. my comment to ##linux has already scrolled a 50-60+ line page with no responses
<[TheBug]> IgorPec: yeah the one your original sent me as I mentioned before I ripped memory chip off while removing heatsink to replace with stock heatsink I ordered -- actually about to go out to the mailbox and see if the new on I ordered arrived today
<[TheBug]> IgorPec: still intend to send it over to Tonymac32 to attempt to reflow the memory chip.. but whether it works again or not still up in air
<khelair> this sucks, I really need to be able to run a standard webcam viewer in order to debug some things here. ugh
<khelair> oh that's right you can do more via http m(
<TRS-80> I don't recall motion being particularly troublesome. My setup was a bit different though (streaming from IP camera for processing on ODROID with motion). It's also been a little while, too...
* TRS-80 just now got caught up to top of All Activity stream in forums
<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): @arturo182 My understanding from working with them on the Tinker board / Armbian is they emulate the stock panel. There is a pesky microcontroller in there to handle the power/touch stuff. (13s ago)
<TRS-80> All important GPL3+ shield now present. Ta-da! https://sr.ht/~trs-80/hf-price-check
<stipa> TRS-80: look stidy
<stipa> looks*
<stipa> tidy*
<TRS-80> Thanks! In meantime, I added Toc. You see it? If not, just refresh.
<stipa> i see it
<TRS-80> I know I been going on and on like some giddy schoolgirl. lol I'm just a bit excited to publish even some little project for the first time publicly. And I'm excited about the platform, and putting up even more projects I still have under wraps here. So, it's a beginning, in a manner of speaking...
<stipa> whatever makes you horny
<TRS-80> lol
<stipa> yeah
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @TonyMac_32: So... @tomshardware how does a board with no commonality count as a clone? Also, FriendlyELEC was FriendlyARM and has been… (25s ago)
<stipa> i don't know scripting yet
<stipa> so i can't give you my opinion
<stipa> but documentation looks nice to the eye
<TRS-80> Thanks.
<stipa> You're welcome TRS-80
<TRS-80> sr.ht itself though has a nice clean look which they deserve credit for. Also no JavaScript at all. I'm really loving it so far.
<stipa> simple an efective
<TRS-80> yep
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<TuxBlackEdo> Can someone help me to get the tc358743xbg (hdmi to csi2) adapter board working with tinkerboard?
<TuxBlackEdo> I tried compiling my own kernel using the ./compile.sh and selecting the driver in the menuconfig, but I get nothing showing up in dmesg showing that the thing is being detected
<[TheBug]> why not build as module
<[TheBug]> so you are able to manually load and confirm if it works or not
<[TheBug]> that would likely be my approach
<[TheBug]> you will quickly know cause either you will have module or not
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<[TheBug]> you don't have to recompile whole kernel to switch it
<[TheBug]> you can go in there change to module, save and then just build modules
<[TheBug]> hmm but I guess may still be in kernel ..
<TuxBlackEdo> i believe the armbian default image compiles it as a module
<[TheBug]> *shrug* thats still what my approach would be
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<TRS-80> > Remember that the TC358743 in the driver has to be enabled via the –tc358743=yes option (e.g. in the configuration file) to use it.
<TuxBlackEdo> O_O
<TRS-80> maybe that's on Raspbian though (not sure)
<TuxBlackEdo> rasbian? I am using a tinkerboard
<TuxBlackEdo> not using a rasberry pi
<TRS-80> this is just from search results for tc358743
<[TheBug]> Also if you don't donate 5$ to Armbian and then rub your stomach and head simultaniously while you attempt to load the drive, it will instantly kernel panic
<[TheBug]> :D
* [TheBug] is joking
<[TheBug]> s/drive/driver
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: Also if you don't donate 5$ to Armbian and then rub your stomach and head simultaniously while you attempt to load the driver, it will instantly kernel panic
<[TheBug]> but not about building the module..
<TRS-80> TuxBlackEdo: I don't know if they are applicable to you or not, just giving you something to look into
<TRS-80> yeah maybe this is for RPi, the more I look
<TuxBlackEdo> I was looking at this
<TuxBlackEdo> Sensor Driver IMX219 OV5647 TC35874X
<TuxBlackEdo> TC35874X is what i have
<TRS-80> [TheBug] suggestion is way better than mine, I was just searching internet for random stuff hoping to get lucjy
* Tonymac32 heard Tinkerboard
<Tonymac32> what kernel are you using?>
<TRS-80> ^ paging Tony also crossed my mind lol
<lanefu> needign driver to output HDMI hurts my brain
* TRS-80 needs a snack
<TuxBlackEdo> Tonymac32, Armbian_20.08.1_Tinkerboard_focal_current_5.8.6.img.xz
<Tonymac32> eeek ok, I have never gotten the DSI to work on mainline
<TuxBlackEdo> its actually HDMI input
<Tonymac32> but this is just hdmi
<TuxBlackEdo> not output
<Tonymac32> oooh, the CSI
<TuxBlackEdo> yup
<Tonymac32> that either :P
<Tonymac32> but in all seriousness it's been a while since I tried
<Tonymac32> the driver has been reqritten like 3 times on mainline
<Tonymac32> rewritten*
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<TRS-80> lanefu: OK, if you like instructions and a license, pull again. :) It's much more polished now, I haven't found the need to touch in at leasy 7 whole minutes.
<Tonymac32> so, did you update the device tree to look for the "camera"?
<TRS-80> sunshavi :D
<TuxBlackEdo> Tonymac32, how would I do that?
<sunshavi> similar to the octopus yesteyday
<Tonymac32> when compiling the kernel, this is a really messy hardware thing to deal with
<TRS-80> sunshavi are you Emacs user?
<sunshavi> emacser here
<Tonymac32> I saw a 4.19 branch on rockchip's github, maybe it will help guide. I can't explain how to do it because I haven't made it work :/
<TRS-80> sunshavi: Awesome! Now there are 2 of us! :D
<sunshavi> check the logs. after you said good night yesterday
<Tonymac32> I do have the cameras though, so maybe with some time I can take a peek, the same solution should work for Tinker and RockPi
<TRS-80> ok
<TuxBlackEdo> Tonymac32, i was looking at this https://github.com/ritapad/rockchip-kernel
<TuxBlackEdo> should i try this? like can I just compile armbian to use that kernel
<TuxBlackEdo> i mean it does look like the driver is there https://github.com/rockchip-linux/kernel/blob/release-4.4/drivers/media/i2c/tc35874x.c
<Tonymac32> well, you could try to patch the Legacy image for Tinkerboard
<Tonymac32> it is rockchip 4.4
<TuxBlackEdo> patch the legacy image?
<Tonymac32> patch the legacy kernel
<Tonymac32> sry
<Tonymac32> I don't see any cahnges in that kernel though
<Tonymac32> :/
<[TheBug]> TuxBlackEdo: out of curiousity is your goal to replicate the pikvm with you setup there? is that why you are doing that?
<TuxBlackEdo> yea
<[TheBug]> hahaha
<[TheBug]> I was quickly putting 2 and 2 together there like wait a minute
<[TheBug]> this sounds awful familiar
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: yeah so its a HDMI video input to be used to provide VNC access to the connected device such as on pikvm.org ;)
<TuxBlackEdo> ;)
<Tonymac32> yeah
<TuxBlackEdo> in any case
<TuxBlackEdo> i think I will need this http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_Rockchip-isp1
<TuxBlackEdo> rockchip-isp1 is to rockchip as rspicam is to rasberry pi i am guessing?
<Tonymac32> yes, on legacy kernel this is probably easier
<TuxBlackEdo> ok so all i gotta do is recompile armbian with the legacy kernel right?
<Tonymac32> the isp1 is the camera input hardware block
<TuxBlackEdo> what exactly do i patch? sorry I am a bit new to this :D
<Tonymac32> well, again the device tree needs to tell the kernel you want that camera input with that device attached to it
<Tonymac32> Like I said, I'm afraid I can't really help much, it's a messy interface to fool with
<TuxBlackEdo> gotcha
<TuxBlackEdo> Tonymac32, when you talk about device tree, this is what you are talking about right https://gitlab.com/TeeFirefly/linux-kernel/blob/gitlab/firefly/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/media/i2c/tc358743.txt
<khelair> TRS-80: got motion handling what I'm needing on the cubieboard2 now. what did you need to know about the performance?
<TRS-80> Just curious if it can even handle one stream, honestly. lol
<TRS-80> or, how many?
<TRS-80> well, let's start with one... lol
<TRS-80> also, glad to hear you got it going
<khelair> oh it'll handle multiple streams without a problem it looks like
<khelair> just rebooted the cubie now that I've got it in its final position, let me throw some info at you from there on the stream I'm snagging & cpu %
<khelair> hold on a bit, I just wiped the configuration that I'd been struggling with so hard m(
<khelair> anyway yeah it was running a 360x240 stream without any problems
<khelair> never had it above 11% of the cpu
<[TheBug]> anything greater than 480p will likely take a single core per camera, but lower resolutions you should be okay -- your talking about using 'motion' right?
<[TheBug]> I had at one time setup 2 cameras with motion on my BPi A20 and that was my experience at least
<[TheBug]> but they were also IP cameras, maybe having direct interface is more efficient
<TRS-80> What [TheBug] is saying seems a bit more in line with recommendations I (now vaguely) recall and other convo I had on other forums about same. Also I think we were doing quite a bit higher res.
<TRS-80> But hey, if it works and good enough for you, good on ya putting the old board back to work! :)
<[TheBug]> exactly
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<khelair> yeah I'm using motion
<khelair> so I'm working with actually 320x240 right now, viewing a stream through its little http server, dumping images and video to the SD card at times, and it's taking between 4 & 11 % of the cpu
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<khelair> if anyone is more interested in the configuration I'm working with I can sure dump it to a paste for ya
<khelair> (http polling is 1x/sec right now)
* stipa Apple watching & logging EVERY APP YOU OPEN with new OS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS2lJNQn3NA
<TRS-80> imagine my shock
<stipa> horror
<stipa> apple has apps that bypass VPN, imagine that...
<stipa> ok, you can't smash OLED's like that today :D
<stipa> but apple turned into what they were against
<stipa> thats true
<stipa> it's sad
<[TheBug]> huh? turned into?
<[TheBug]> I think your a bit delusional
<[TheBug]> they been on this track for a long time
<[TheBug]> T2 chip, locking down purchasing of replacement chips and parts for their devices
<stipa> they were againts IBM in that time, now the're the new IBM.
<[TheBug]> not sure what you think they were "against" to begin with.. I think it is more so they are consistently 'interested' in what makes them money...
<[TheBug]> thats how it always goes, one giant falls the other gets big and starts to feel the power and then become the same as those they bithced about
<[TheBug]> sadly
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> just saying though, don't pretend before this they were 'innocent' over there in the corner and this all the sudden made them the 'bad man'..
<stipa> they weren't innocent, they were just targeting that kind of people, non busniess people
<stipa> IBM was associated with busniess
<stipa> even today is
<stipa> the man in suits
<stipa> men*
<[TheBug]> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW37AGZ0Pj0 This is IBM to Apple ;p
<[TheBug]> Soon to be apple..
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> the power
<stipa> it would happen to nayone
<stipa> anyone*
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<archetech> I like the pic of Linus flipping bird to nvidia
<[TheBug]> No fucking way...
<[TheBug]> why..
<[TheBug]> um
<[TheBug]> so new RockPi X came
<[TheBug]> but instead of haveing an emmc module on it, the damn emmc is soldered to the board
<[TheBug]> GRR
<stipa> ha ha
<TRS-80> I gather that's not supposed to be the case?
<[TheBug]> WTF why was the original one I got not like this
<[TheBug]> no the other I have is a module like every other board
<[TheBug]> you can just take off and put on
<TRS-80> what do specs say?
<stipa> it's cheaper to solder it on the board than to have a slot
<[TheBug]> this is just exasperating
<[TheBug]> grr
<TRS-80> aah, we do what we want depending on what we can find, lovely
<TRS-80> any board revision, even? Or is that too much to ask for? lol
<[TheBug]> well I will say this, the pic on their site shows it soldered on
<[TheBug]> but thats just
<[TheBug]> why the hell send me one board one way
<[TheBug]> and the other another way
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: Well you are dev, was it an early sample (the first one)?
<[TheBug]> maybe but why change this when every RockPi form factor device has the module used
<[TheBug]> so now I have extra modules I can't even use
<[TheBug]> thats just perfect
<[TheBug]> can only have 1 os on it now I guess
<[TheBug]> and have too reflash it
<stipa> how much gigs is it?
<TRS-80> yeah that's less convenient
<[TheBug]> well it completly breaks my intended use case for it
<[TheBug]> like if I hadn't ordered this from china
<[TheBug]> I would aleady be in the process of returning it
<stipa> do you need to flash the emmc seperately?
<TRS-80> you sound really disappointed, maybe it's worth returning anyway (although, I dunno, depending on terms)
<[TheBug]> I bought extra emmc modules
<[TheBug]> so I can switch between windows and linux and such without any issue
<stipa> bummer
<TRS-80> > Windows
<[TheBug]> like I have 3 extra emmc modules for it that are now pointless
<TRS-80> lost all sympathy :(
<[TheBug]> its an x86 board TRS-80
<[TheBug]> in case you didn't realize
<TRS-80> as if that justifies it lol
<TRS-80> but no, I did not
<TRS-80> I was wondering... how the hell?
<[TheBug]> yeah its an Atom x86 board
<[TheBug]> in Pi form factor
<[TheBug]> man now I am just thoroughly pissed at my self for ripping that memory module off the other one
<stipa> they had to fuck it up
<TRS-80> Oh yeah I stopped buying x86 hardware when they started putting backdoors in, lol
<[TheBug]> this is just not a satisfying resolution at all
<TRS-80> send Tony this one, don't say anything
<stipa> [TheBug]: do you maybe see pins on the board that emmc slot adapter could be soldered on?
<stipa> near the emmc
<archetech> why I wont buy a rock anything they stink at simple things even
<[TheBug]> no they solder the stupid thing on the spot where it would provde the connectors
<[TheBug]> its stupid
<[TheBug]> RockPi 4c is awesome
<[TheBug]> I have 3, want a 4th, I like RockPi X in the original form factor, this is appauling to me because I had planned around that being modular so I could swap over the chip and go play emulated games with my niece here in a bit
<[TheBug]> had looked forward to it
<[TheBug]> but nope
<[TheBug]> again though, really just mad at my self for mucking up the other one and then not noticing they show the emmc soldered in the pic on the site, I was stupid enough to 'assume'
<[TheBug]> I just think that soldering the emmc on these boards makes it like 1/5th as useful as it was with the modular connector
<[TheBug]> my main complain about AtomicPi was that very thing
<[TheBug]> I have two of those as well, its not like they can't do the job, I wanted something in the smaller form factor on purpose
<[TheBug]> where I could switch around the emmc as needed
<stipa> [TheBug]: that's life
<stipa> but i must admit, it looks like ou don0t have a lot of luck with rockpi X
<stipa> What do you guys think, could i be able to get this going on an Arbian machine ? https://github.com/tohojo/sqm-scripts
<stipa> like, by just compilinig it...
<TRS-80> stipa: I think you can find some SOHO router device for less money?
<TRS-80> than Armbian device you would need for something like that to be performant (but I could be wrong)
<TRS-80> However if you have it already and/or your mind is set... One way to find out... ;)
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<stipa> yeah my mind is set for quite some time
* TRS-80 steps aside
<stipa> but it's originally for openwrt
<stipa> i'm wondering if it'll fit in armbian machine
<TRS-80> right, only reason I know what it is because I been reading a lot at OpenWrt lately to set up new router with it (my first, in fact)
<TRS-80> stipa: I'm sure as SOHO routers are usually much smaller devices (memory, etc.)
<TRS-80> well, depending on devices of course
<stipa> i'm aware of soho routers but i don't want to buy any soon
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<stipa> i'll try it
<stipa> i did research and that is the best i could find regarding opensource qos
<TRS-80> I found several WNDR3800 on eBay recently $20-30 each, shipped. Capable of running completely in freedom. ;)
<TRS-80> god that page is ugly though
<TRS-80> stipa: What Armbian hardware you had in mind?
<stipa> i have it, it's orangepi lite 2
<stipa> it runs AP, pihole, DHCP, DNS...
<stipa> now i need traffic QOS system
<TRS-80> did you add second NIC somehow?
<stipa> USB
<stipa> USB NIC
<stipa> and USB WIFI card, onboard wifi is not in use
<stipa> i have usb3 hub
<stipa> USB NIC is connected to the 4G modem
<TRS-80> Well, raw CPU and memory blow the doors off router device, but it's not always about that. In this case we are talking about net throughtput which depend on lots of factors.
<[TheBug]> stipa: yeah actually thats not even most annoying part, if you want UART console on it, you have to buy a special adapter that has a ribbon cable to another board that attaches on the bottom -- which they don't even sell
<[TheBug]> :facepalm:
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: what the actual F
<stipa> i have it, i ca nshell in it over serial if i want.
<TRS-80> well OK then lol
<[TheBug]> you have a RockPi X?
<TRS-80> So then it depends like how busses are arranged what the throughput will be like. And I know knothing about this particular device.
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<stipa> [TheBug]: orange pi lite 2
<[TheBug]> ohh sorry I mixed into your convo, thanks for clarification
<lanefu> how much bandwidth are you trying to QOS
<stipa> 2 Megabytes dwon and 40 megabytes up
<TRS-80> Is your connection really async like that? Usually it's the other way around.
<stipa> yeah, it's like that
<stipa> 4G
<TRS-80> interesting
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<stipa> yeah
<stipa> now its under megabyte
<stipa> family is watching YT
<stipa> HD 1080 probably
<stipa> but on average Download is 2 Megabytes
<stipa> upload around 5 MEgabytes
<stipa> not 40, sorry TRS-80
<stipa> it's 40 Mbs
<stipa> i'll try to somehow get that scripts going...
<stipa> got a lot to learn about OSI Layer 2
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<stipa> for ingress shaping sqm-scripts sets up an IFB device. Not again!
<stipa> again an IFB module that doesen't exist when compiling current armbian kernel...
<stipa> "please don't run a kernel that is not a currently released version, longterm or current"
<TRS-80> why what is your kernel?
<stipa> i have compiled and iso image
<stipa> wait a moment, i have to start a VM with Ubuntu
<stipa> it has not IFB module, but the legacy iso has it
<stipa> root
<TRS-80> so add the module?
<TRS-80> or it's only available on legacy?
<stipa> yeah, i would add it but it's not there
<TRS-80> ok
<stipa> it's in the config file
<TRS-80> well, maybe legacy is on LTS kernel (if you are lucky)?
<stipa> but not in the ./compile.sh
<stipa> Armbian_20.11.0-trunk_Orangepilite2_focal_current_5.9.5.img
<[TheBug]> TRS-80: I am pretty sure same revision to answer your questions from earlier, but yes the other one was sent as a dev device, so maybe it was a choice made specifically for dev boards -- I actually e-mailed one of the reps from Raxda to mention my disatisfaction with that and a few other items I had to ask about.
<stipa> that is what i compiled, IFB is selected to be compiled as a module but it's not there when compiled
<TRS-80> stipa: I do not even see legacy kernel for Opi Lite 2 for Armbian
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: Well hopefully you get some answers. At least you are in a position to do so (somewhat).
<stipa> TRS-80: i'll send you some screenshots, just a sec
<stipa> TRS-80: i'm going one more time, hmmm, things are different then last time, but yeah i have the option to choose "legacy" https://ibb.co/Swbv2zb
<stipa> and i also compiled image once without a probelm
<stipa> using legacy option
<TRS-80> did it say what kernel?
<TRS-80> I mean bersion?
<TRS-80> version, even
<stipa> 5.7.4 ?
<stipa> maybe
<TRS-80> legacy is?
<stipa> maybe
<TRS-80> that would mean it's pretty damn close to mainline
<stipa> its 5.x.x for sure
<stipa> i wiped the card
<stipa> and the compiled image,
<stipa> but it's 5.x.x
<stipa> less than 5.8x
<TRS-80> Yeah I was looking up LTS releases, but that's no longer necessary.
<stipa> i don't get that stuff at all
<TRS-80> get what?
<stipa> kernels and compilation
<stipa> oh, i'm in
<stipa> TRS-80: You see, https://ibb.co/XYscyq7
<stipa> so i selected current option and there's no IFB module
<stipa> i have added it to the linux-sunxi64-current.config
<stipa> and then started ./compile.sh
<stipa> and it's not there
<stipa> IFB [=n]
<stipa> :(
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<TRS-80> I thought we already established you need to use legacy for this IFB?
<stipa> right
<stipa> but i wanted to be sure
<stipa> :D
<TRS-80> so I don't understand when you say "i selected current option and there's no IFB module"
<TRS-80> OK you just double checking then?
<stipa> right
<stipa> and to show you
<TRS-80> ok, nothing wrong with that
<TRS-80> well, I believe you, it was just confusing
<TRS-80> OK so what kernel do you get if you choose legacy? Let's do that next.
<c0rnelius> hmm you all still going on? been all day
<stipa> TRS-80: i'm afraid i don't have disk space, i'll try
<TRS-80> well, make some room first
<stipa> ok
<stipa> take 2
<stipa> legacy is focal 20.04
<TRS-80> but what kernel version?
<stipa> don't know yet
<stipa> TRS-80: 5.4.75
<stipa> and IFB module is available.
<stipa> IFB [=m]
<stipa> now compilation, about 90 minutes...
<stipa> it's older kernel but modules are available
<stipa> what can you do
<stipa> if i could get QOS running i won't mind
<TRS-80> so that's quite new
<TRS-80> yeah just compile that (maybe you already are)
<TRS-80> > thinks 5.4 is "older" lol
<stipa> i did but i deleted it to make room for current iso image build
<TRS-80> aah ok
<stipa> older
<stipa> well
<TRS-80> mfw ODROID-XU4 still on 4.x
<TRS-80> on current
<stipa> the question si if 5.4.75 even works on my board...
<TRS-80> I am sure it will
<stipa> it was pretty buggy back then
<stipa> :D
<TRS-80> ooh ok
<TRS-80> did not know that
<stipa> ha ha
<TRS-80> I don't know this board
<stipa> Armbian devs make it work very fast
<stipa> made*
<stipa> i had like from in 10 boots it booted one
<stipa> once*
<stipa> :D
<stipa> with plethora of kernel errors
<stipa> had to lower the clock of the cpu
<stipa> in another machine
<stipa> to edit the config file
<stipa> on the sd card
<stipa> soon after they made it work