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<[TheBug]> if I had a microscope and hot air station I would check and fix it
<[TheBug]> but I don't
<stipa> if you did then it'll be hard to patch that
<[TheBug]> the balls are still mostly attached to the memory chip so likely so
<fromport> Tonymac32: I have another hc1 that works great, i already used a different sd card. still the same. I think something wrong with the unit itself. just not experienced enough to see where it is barfing. but kernel is not giving any output either :-(
<Tonymac32> I'm not sure, u-boot is ok it seems
<Tonymac32> wait no
<Tonymac32> duh
<Tonymac32> 0 bytes read in 19 ms (0 Bytes/s)
<Tonymac32> libfdt fdt_path_offset() returned FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND
<Tonymac32> so the device tree isn't getting loaded
<Tonymac32> I don't know why I didn't notice that the first time XD
<fromport> is that something that is on the SD card ?
<Tonymac32> can you share the log from a working board?
<fromport> i could try , my 3rd hc1. give me a minute
<[TheBug]> well if someone has a rework station and wants this board I guess let me know I don't see it booting -- I gues I can't even reset bios at this point which is probably main reason it won't boot
<[TheBug]> they don't even provide a bios reset switch
<Tonymac32> fromport does it have an eMMC installed?
<[TheBug]> interesting I can hook a ttl maybe
<stipa> [TheBug]: try asking on ##electronics , I'm banned there so i can't be your moral support, sorry :D The channel is very active.
<Tonymac32> rofl wow
<stipa> what can you do
<Tonymac32> [thebug] if the bottom of the ram chip doesn't look like it has pieces of the PCB on it it should be able to be reflowed back together
<fromport> 3rd hc1 : same behavior. now hooked up sercon to my only working hc1. will now reboot and log the output
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: do you have a reflow station and want to do it for me?
<[TheBug]> I will ship you the board
<Tonymac32> I could try
<[TheBug]> well
<[TheBug]> shitty thing is
<[TheBug]> I feel bad cause Igor sent me this
<[TheBug]> and well you can't even buy one
<[TheBug]> :(
<[TheBug]> I just bought the headtsink for it
<[TheBug]> was gonna change it
<[TheBug]> and screwed my self
<stipa> [TheBug]: take a picture of the ram chip, one below it and one of the board where it should be, go as close as you can
<Tonymac32> yeah
<Tonymac32> before paying any shipping/etc
<Tonymac32> It might have been a shite reflow job in the first place
<[TheBug]> If you want leave you your address in PM and I will send it out sometime this week if you want to take a stab Tonymac32
<fromport> Tonymac32: working hc1 boot sequence: https://termbin.com/q4dx
<fromport> and afaik, hc1/mc1 board don't have the ability for emmc
<Tonymac32> [TheBug] the coppor colored bits on the RAM don't make me feel like that's going to go back together
<[TheBug]> ;/
<[TheBug]> what I get for getting excited about my RockPi's I guess
<Tonymac32> that's the x86 one, right?
<[TheBug]> goods news I guess is the emmc is compat with the RockPi 4cs
<[TheBug]> yep
<[TheBug]> and you can't even buy it
<[TheBug]> not the 4Gb version I got
<Tonymac32> yeah, pre-order
<[TheBug]> no you can't even preorder it
<[TheBug]> ohh wait
<[TheBug]> maybe you cant but yuou have to buy a emmc
<[TheBug]> arg
<[TheBug]> k I cant order a 32Gb version
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: since I can order a new one, if you want this one without emmc and want to try and get it working ill send it to you
<[TheBug]> its an Armbian board anyways
<[TheBug]> so if you get it fixed you can keep it
<[TheBug]> Actually if you get it working ill send you a 16gb emmc card for it
<Tonymac32> hahaha if I can get it working I'll change my name to Montgomery Scott
<Tonymac32> :D
<stipa> [TheBug]: ripped pads mate, that's bad, very bad...
<Tonymac32> But only come of them, that thing must not have been a clean board when they pasted it
<Tonymac32> A couple of them have some actual length of trace connected, I think I'd wind up with a mess no matter what
<Tonymac32> some of them*
<fromport> Tonymac32: i moved one of the sd cards to a new pristine mc1 and it booted right up. so I think my hc1's are br0ken :-(
<stipa> [TheBug]: sell it for parts...
<[TheBug]> stipa: no I will give it to someone in Armbian is they want it, its an Armbian board not mine technially
<[TheBug]> thats what sucks
<[TheBug]> well that was an 85$ mistake
<Tonymac32> fromport I onl;y see 1 difference
<[TheBug]> new on here in 3 weeks I guess
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: seriously if you want it just gimme your address it will ship this week
<[TheBug]> you also may be able to get it working with 2Gb ram
<[TheBug]> for all I know
<Tonymac32> fromport Using Device Tree in place at 44000000, end 44018464 <--- not working one
<Tonymac32> Using Device Tree in place at 44000000, end 4401847e <---- working one
<Tonymac32> it's loading a different treeit looks like?
<Tonymac32> [TheBug] I have too many boards now, I don't have anything I would use the little bugger for
<[TheBug]> well you have a rework station so if you could fix it you could send it to someone else in Armbian if they wanted to use it
<stipa> [TheBug]: All parts on that board a re probably fine including that ram, maybe someone will actually fry that same board one day and the spare part will be ready.
<[TheBug]> or I can pay you for your time and you can ship it back to me if no one wants it
<[TheBug]> I just don't have the tools
<Tonymac32> with the listed copper that repair is really unlikely to succeed
<Tonymac32> lifted*
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> and it's BGA
<stipa> which makes things even worse...
<[TheBug]> I know all this stuff lol
<[TheBug]> again I don't have the tools, you do
<[TheBug]> so there is a 60% better chance it gets fixed if you have it than I do
<[TheBug]> lol
<stipa> tools are oke when pads are healthy
<stipa> :D
<[TheBug]> so it just goes in garbage I guess then
<stipa> someone could look at it under the microscope
<[TheBug]> could be a fully working 85$ board if someone wants to try
<stipa> but the chances are very slim to patch all that 20 ripped pads
<[TheBug]> but no one tries its a paper weight
<stipa> 20+ *
<[TheBug]> again if someone has the right tools they can probably also reset bios and maybe it would boot with 2gb
<stipa> i don't have a microscope
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> I don't know
<[TheBug]> I just don't have time to fuck with it
<Tonymac32> I have a microscope too. I mean if you want to send it I can look at it, I'm guessing I'll fail pretty miserably
<Tonymac32> was that heatsink epoxied down?
<[TheBug]> thermal adhesive
<[TheBug]> usually don't have this issue
<[TheBug]> that soc must get too damn hot and have baked it hard
<[TheBug]> cause I have used same over and over and never ripped a chip
<[TheBug]> but I guess there is always a first time
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> it's to be expected
<Tonymac32> I used thermal epoxy on my water cooled XU4. That's never coming off XD
<stipa> i need that stuff, looked online but couldn't find any...
<stipa> for crappy peripherals that overheat and need an additional heatsink...
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: well if I hadn't actually built this into a retro game center for my niece and I I would just be happy with the AtomicPi on the desk here, but now I really want the RockPi X for the use case, so I ordered a new one even though I shouldn't -- so again, last time I will offer, if you want it and to attempt to fix it, ill send it, if you get it fixed and don't want it, you can send
<[TheBug]> it back to Igor or me or anyone in Armbian who wants to test it out
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<fromport> Tonymac32: i think i solved the mystery. the hc1's do boot when I disconnect the ssd sata disk. i think the same UUID is used on the sata as on the sd card for the os partition
<rneese> I thoought the hc1 had a jumper
<rneese> to boot from drive or emmc/sd
<fromport> rneese: afaik hc1/hc2/mc1 don't have emms option
<rneese> ok you have to boot from sd for the nas
<rneese> it does not allow booting from the ssd/hd
<rneese> I am reading
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<fromport> yeah, in my case I want to run os from sd and data on ssd but it wouldn't boot. because same UUID was present at ssd as well
<[TheBug]> cause you dd from sd -> ssd?
<fromport> so it booted from sd, and tried to mount/run / from sata(ssd)
<rneese> did you do a fresh install on the sd
<fromport> i now booted from sd, inserted the ssd, ran dd to wipe the first blocks of ssd
<fromport> i bought this system used (ebay) hence the confusion. ssd was siped but not the partition info it seems
<rneese> ok you should grab a fresh os img and re img the sd
<rneese> then boot and wipe the ssd
<rneese> that way it has no data about the ssd on it
<fromport> again: afaik all fresh images of armbian use same uuid. so whoever booted from sata copied that uuid. so if i booted with ssd/sata connected it went haywire
<rneese> no
<rneese> it will not have a uuid
<rneese> until you first set it up
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<rneese> so that info is incorrect
<rneese> cat /etc/fstab
<rneese> thats where it sets the uuid info
<rneese> what software was it using for nas
<rneese> opennas
<fromport> filesystem was wiped, it was ext4 though. but partition table was still there
<rneese> ok you have to rm the lines from fstab
<rneese> where it mounts
<rneese> you have to fdisk the drive and wipe all info make a single partition and save
<rneese> but if I where you I woud start fresh
<rneese> get a fresh os img and start over
<fromport> i started fresh, many times over
<fromport> i have another hc1 that is still in limbo
<fromport> when i boot from fresh/new/virgin sd card with armbian on it, it will reboot after "loading kernel"
<rneese> what kernel
<fromport> but when i dd'ed the first blocks of the ssd, then it would boot with both sd & ssd connected
<fromport> 5.4.61
<rneese> are you using a dev kernel
<rneese> I dont see 5.4.x for the hc boards
<rneese> I only see the 4.14.x kernel
<rneese> its also only 32 bit
<rneese> ok
<rneese> its using the xu4 base stripped img
<rneese> are you shure on the correct img
<rneese> I am not seeing a updated iiiimg
<rneese> I see the igs below
<rneese> bulleye is marked unstable
<rneese> you using ubuntu bullseye or focal
<fromport> https://www.armbian.com/odroid-hc1/#kernels-archive-all -> check for other download options
<rneese> buster or focal
<fromport> buster minimal stable 5.4.y sep 1 2020
<rneese> ok
<rneese> I would put the ssd on a diff system and wipe the mbr
<rneese> for 1
<rneese> other then that I dont know
<rneese> as the uuid is generated on first use of the device once its mounted
<fromport> rneese: i have said now twice i did exactly that . remove ssh, boot from sd , click ssd back in, wipe using dd ;-)
<fromport> finding out it wouldn't boot with the ssd attached was the hard part ;-)
<rneese> thast the odd part
<rneese> can you put the drive on a diff system and fdik /mbr
<rneese> or dd on a diff system
<rneese> not the system your working on
<fromport> will do with the second one, let me finish the first one ;-) i need it in my distributed filesystem ;-)
<rneese> ok
<rneese> if you plug on a diff drive does it act the same
<rneese> where it sets a uuid the device uuid should be diff
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<rneese> as no 2 devices should have the same uuid
<fromport> i have 2 hc1's , both with a 240gb ssd, and both exibited the same behavior. i fixed one, so will be able to check later with the second one
<rneese> ok
<fromport> i can tell you you are wrong with your assumption already
<rneese> how I deal with boards all day long and never seen 2 uuid the same
<fromport> all my armbian units I booted from sd, will grow filesystem at first boot, all have same UUID for the SD card
<rneese> so hc1/1 and hc1/2 have the same uuid for the sd card
<rneese> then we have to fix that
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<rneese> the uuid should not be set until after first boot
<rneese> I will dig into this
<rneese> unless its a bootloader issue
<fromport> proof that my 2 hc2's running on sdcards have the same UUID for armbian
<fromport> for the root file system
<rneese> then we have to fix this thats a issue
<rneese> all hardware should have its own uuid
<rneese> unless its setting a uuid when it builds the ing
<rneese> img
<rneese> let me look into this
<fromport> i don't disagree with that, but that is not how armbian currently is it seems
<rneese> ok
<fromport> i think the image already has a uuid and merely grows/resizes the partition to full size of the SD
<fromport> hence: they are all the same
<rneese> okk
<rneese> I will have to look into how we can fix this
<fromport> use tune2fs -U [random UUID] after resize of FS ;-)
<rneese> ok
<rneese> will have to get that added into the script
<fromport> is it just the hc1/hc2/mc1 version that has this problem?
<fromport> or all armbian images ?
<rneese> I dont know
<rneese> when my n2+ gets here I will have to check
<fromport> n2+ ++ nice unit
<rneese> its going to be a week or 2 before I get it
<rneese> the n2+ should be here by friday
<rneese> so I will know then
<rneese> I can also look at t4
<rneese> ok it seems the uuid is generated for each sd card when its first build
<rneese> so it looks like each sd card for eeach device will have the same uuid
<rneese> so this does need fixing
<rneese> need to add uuid-runtime to install
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<fromport> and then change in these 3 spots: /media/boot/boot.ini, /media/boot/boot.ini.default and /etc/fstab
<lanefu> on devices that use armbianEnv.txt you'd need to update it there
<lanefu> but lets look at whats already in place
<lanefu> the nand-sata-install script definetly updates UUID config
<rneese> it might be broken
<rneese> I have 2 nanopi neo and they do boot same uuid
<rneese> so its not rewriting a new uuid after it resizes the fs
<lanefu> yeah if you just flash the SD its gonna have the same
<lanefu> right
<rneese> this should be fixed
<rneese> it should chaneg the uuid on firstboot
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<lanefu> okay I agree it could be improved. Do we need to drop everything and fix it?
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<rneese> now on the t4 as it uses the emmc to /boot and the ssd for / it does put dif uuid
<rneese> so thats fine
<rneese> but when you used the sd to boot we need to change the uuid so not eveyone has the same uuid on the sd card
<rneese> ok now how to read the uuid
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<lanefu> lsblk -o UUID /dev/mmcblk0p1|tail -n1
<lanefu> is one way
<lanefu> also just from /dev/disk/by-uuid
<fromport> blkid -o value -s UUID "/dev/mmm[whatever]"
<rneese> blkid | grep UUID=
<lanefu> anyway
<rneese> also works
<lanefu> lets create an issue so that others can chime in on it before its merged
<lanefu> also we're trying to wrap up release for v20.11 so changing first-boot like that isnt the best timing, so we'd probably prefer to merge afterwards
<lanefu> make sense?
<rneese> yes and no
<rneese> as this is a issue we should fix before release but can be a fast patch after release
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<rneese> well the command is not working so have to figure out whats wrong
<rneese> tune2fs -U $(uuidgen) /dev/mmcblk0p1
<rneese> does not reset the uuig
<rneese> uuid
<fromport> little update about _my_ problem: my hc1 still won't boot from SD when there is _a_ disk (i tried 3 different ones) attached to sata port. which leads me to believer there is some flash somewhere that states to mount root filesystem from sata. when i boot without a disk attached I have full control over the unit booting from SD
<fromport> is there a setting in armbian-config I should check ?
<rneese> everything I am reading there is no nand flash on the board
<rneese> or spi flash so nothing on the board to reset
<rneese> well lanefu the uuid does not change
<rneese> I tried so something is odd
<lanefu> rneese: for what filesystem
<rneese> etx4
<rneese> ext4
<rneese> by default
<rneese> on the sd
<rneese> I would like to see if we could move to f2fs in the future
<lanefu> k. so honestly my suggestion is create and issue, document your findings for now, then we can like identify all the touchpoints
<rneese> ok
<lanefu> and not try to test what i would consider to be a impactful last minute change befpre a release
<rneese> grrr not good at that
<lanefu> i mean you can still stage a WIP pull request and work on it in a branch
<rneese> yeah but I have to figure out why the command is not working
<rneese> is /boot ro
<lanefu> which SoC
<rneese> is mmcblk0p1 not setable
<rneese> thie is on a h5
<rneese> the neo2
<lanefu> ive seen where mmcboot0/1 is RO and there's something you have to poke
<lanefu> but
<lanefu> im not sure if you can modify that while it mounted
<lanefu> would be my guess
<lanefu> so whats the edge case where this is really a problem? other than you have 2 identical boards, and decide to mount the sdcard of the first one in the second one via usb adapter
<rneese> the issue is no 2 machines should have sd cads with the same uuid where possible
<rneese> every boards sd should have its own uuid to better track issues on that device
<lanefu> yeah but thats an opinion, not an edge case where its a problem :)
<lanefu> no different than provisioning VMs from same base image
<rneese> which I always found ugly but yes
<rneese> uuid is a better way to track issues on that device
<rneese> but thats me I guess
<lanefu> yeah i def prefer uuids in general
<lanefu> especially from a device enumeration perspective
<lanefu> thats the biggest painpoint that UUID generally solves
<rneese> ok I see the issue tune2fs has to be run on a unmounted system
<rneese> To be able to change the UUID of the filesystem, it must be umounted first. # umount /data.
<rneese> The tune2fs command allows the UUID to be changed using the -U flag. ...
<rneese> When modifying existing UUIDs, make sure to update any references to the old labels in fstab. ...
<rneese> Mount the filesystem back again.
<lanefu> yeah makes sense
<lanefu> anyway i totally understand the motivation to make them unique during first boot, but probably not worth the work if it has to be while unmounted
<rneese> well new sd cards are all 2 fs now as /boot use to be fat now no longer
<lanefu> fromport: whats your boot.scr, armbianEnv.txt and /etc/fstab say
<lanefu> rneese: armbian has alwayas use ext4 for /boot
<rneese> has it as I recall like 4 yeasr ago it did not
<rneese> I might be wrong
<lanefu> its possible... and some stuff like retrorangepi used fat
<rneese> well I liek it now as you dont have to fight dos/ext4
<lanefu> yeah
<lanefu> one big ext4 partition by default makes it easy
<lanefu> and if you chooose btrfs root, it makes 100 meg ext4 /boot
<rneese> yes
<rneese> I do think thou that if you have a 64 gig or 32 you have the option to have a /home for user data
<rneese> so that if somethign happens you can mount that partition and recover data iif needed
<rneese> but only on bigger disk
<rneese> but ok time to check the polls and hit the sack
<rneese> well have to check tomorrow
<rneese> this is the worst year for all this crap
<rneese> I am donr
<rneese> done
<lanefu> haha dude this year sucks
<rneese> and I want a do over
<lanefu> yeah seperate home on big disks would be cool
<rneese> or in 2021 we all yell Jumanji
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> with btrfs you could do subvoles for home
<lanefu> without any partition nonsense
<rneese> yes btrfs on nvme ssd is good
<rneese> ok night guys
<rneese> great having a good discussion
<lanefu> yeah man have a good night man
<lanefu> yeah was fun digging into the details
<fromport> lanefu: https://termbin.com/7foe
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<lanefu> fromport: doh sorry.. what about boot.ini please
<lanefu> and.. for extra excitement
<lanefu> hotplug in a sata drive then do a ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid /dev/disk/by-path
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<fromport> cat boot.ini | nc termbin.com 9999 -> https://termbin.com/yov1
<fromport> for the hotplug info ;-)
<lanefu> good ole jmicron
<lanefu> change that verbosity setting in boot.ini from 1 to 7
<lanefu> reboot
<lanefu> and see if you get better info on its fail
<fromport> will that increase kernel verbosity on sercon ?
<lanefu> yup
<fromport> \o/
<fromport> til !!! that worked
<lanefu> gotta love a tiny victory
<fromport> such simple things make me happy. didn't solve the mystery though: https://termbin.com/mw2m
<fromport> seems to try and mount root filesystem , barfs -> reboot
<lanefu> okay yeah i was curious
<lanefu> take that output to the odroid forums
<lanefu> i think we have something deep and interestijng going on
<lanefu> also
<fromport> i will
<lanefu> and i hate saying this
<lanefu> but can you try another sdcard and power supply
<lanefu> (if not sdcard or power) then we have something interesting going on
<lanefu> lol
<fromport> i like the thought, but I have 12 hc2's, 3 hc1's and 20 mc1's. I already switched sd cards (sandisk & samsung) , power supplies etc. i know the drill all too well :-(
<lanefu> lemme spin you an image with dev kernel for grins then
<lanefu> which os? buster? focal?
<lanefu> are you running MC1s in same cluster?
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<fromport> lanefu: i am currently running lizardfs on hc2 & hc1. I am redoing the mc1's once I get my new power supply in.
<lanefu> cool i wanna see a pic of your MC1 setup when you get it together
<fromport> i in tend to run everything from 24 volt system powered by solar ;-) ordered a bunch of 12-36 volt -> 5 volt dc-dc converters
<lanefu> love it
<fromport> 9kWh li-ion battery system
<lanefu> do you have any sort of transfer switch between solar and AC? or just solar and battery all DC
<fromport> currently standalone. panels are providing shade for my chickens (i am in southern cali) so 300+ days per year sunny
<lanefu> what charger controller do you use
<fromport> just bought an old school 2500 watt inverter that is both grid tie and off grid in case of grid failure. When I hookup enough solar I could feed 2500 watt back in the grid if needed ;-)
<lanefu> if i didnt say it already thats hella awesome
<fromport> http://electrodacus.com/ my li-ion controller
<nekomancer[m]> <fromport "or all armbian images ?"> all.
<fromport> nekomancer[m]: my lizardfs hc's ?
<nekomancer[m]> all armbian images have disk uuid generated on image build.
<nekomancer[m]> not only some model
<fromport> so every new image released has new uuid, but when I install 10 units from same image, i have 10 systems with same uuid for root filesystem
<lanefu> fromport: yup
<lanefu> is that a problem for lizardfs?
<lanefu> and charge controller looks surprisngly affordable
<fromport> nope, i manually configure the data drives. let me take a screenshot
<fromport> http://www2.dth.net/pmt/lizardfs_126TB_20201103.png <- filer1 is helios64 with 5x12TB btw
<lanefu> so what do you like about lizardfs compared to other distriubted FS
<lanefu> other than the sweet dashboard
<lanefu> \lol
<nekomancer[m]> is it good fs for contaidners? sql databases? virtual machines? nosql databases?
<fromport> just the fact that friday, 2 new 14Tb's arrive, i have cs (chunkserver) 5&6 ready, pluging drives, make filesystem, and suddenly i have 28TB extra capacity. currently everything is set to 3 copies, except some stuff i can always download again. and things like administration i put on 4 copies. you can change that per directory on the fly
<fromport> once replication starts to kick in, performance goes down rapidly. so if you loose a drive, it automatically is corrected by mirroring the still available data to different disks. at that performance is 'gone' if you would run database queries. i go from full gig-E down to 500 megabit/s
<lanefu> so would you view it more as a distributed archival filesystem than meant for something doing block-level IO
<fromport> and it spread reads from different servers/disks . but compared to my 41TB zfs server, the performance is sometimes shaky. but on zfs i never <knock wood> lost a drive or had to rebuild. but also couldn't go from 3 copies to 4 copies if needed
<fromport> that is a nice description
<lanefu> cool. i think i get it. so it would be like a much better solution to a situation where one might otherwise opt to use fuse in front of distrubted object storage
<lanefu> and you run all of this just for street cred on /r/datahoarders ?
<fromport> i am just lurking on reddit ;-)
<lanefu> probably archiving reddit to your lizardfs cluster
<nekomancer[m]> reddit is obsolete since lemmy is there
<lanefu> anyway its really cool to see you doing that with a bunch of odroids and armbian
<fromport> and a helios64 with armbian ;-)
<fromport> going to order a few odroid hc4's for expansion ;-)
<nekomancer[m]> what services do you run on helios64?
<fromport> at the moment just lizardfs.
<nekomancer[m]> .. я год мечтал о helios64 чтобы запускать на нём zfs, а сейчас полон сомнений
<ArmbianHelper> I dreamed about helios64 for a year to run zfs on it, but now I am full of doubts [ru~>eng]
<fromport> i experimented with snapraid at first. but ran out of ram with a sync. interesting concept: generate the parity with cronjobs, not while writing to the disk.
<nekomancer[m]> on top I want file storage with smb and nextcloud access and some docker containers with web services
<fromport> i am afraid zfs is also way to power hungry with zfs. plus buster is too old to compile latest zfs. needs gcc10
* nekomancer[m] have snapraid in plans to test
<fromport> i am running omv on my intel platform , zfs, docker . it's nice, but also power hungry & loud
<nekomancer[m]> zfs-dkms runs on latest armbian-focal
<nekomancer[m]> I not did work tests, but fs created, mount, files writes and reads
<nekomancer[m]> * I not did workload tests, but fs created, mount, files writes and reads
<nekomancer[m]> I not did workload tests, but fs created, mount, files writes and reads
* fromport not a real ubuntu fan. old school and stuck with debian ;-)
<nekomancer[m]> then maybe you can say: why debian not accept something like ppa?
<fromport> i agree that debian is way to old/conservative. but lets be honest: it is _rock_ solid ;-)
<fromport> in my younger days i tried to get involved with politics of debian. but it was such a tanker: once it headed somewhere the mass was so large, you could not deflect one degree. i gave up ;-)
<lanefu> yeah just mdraid and btrfs for me
<fromport> have you tried omv ? i think it is really nice.
<lanefu> yeah i use it on my helios4
<lanefu> its pretty good
<lanefu> especially for the price
* lanefu spoiled by synology tho
<fromport> to come back to lizardfs: if something would be setup where you have 2.5 or even 10gb speed, i think the performance would be much more acceptable for timing critical applications.
<lanefu> and its named after its creator Dr. Jonathan Lizard?
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: what are your doubts about zfs on helios64? RAM or CPU?
<lanefu> fromport: re UUID issue
<lanefu> befoere you write image
<lanefu> you could mount it with losetup
<nekomancer[m]> ram — in context of additional services
<lanefu> and modify uuid and the mount filesystem and edit configs
<lanefu> neko makes sense... it would use every drop of those 4 gigs for zfs probably
<Tonymac32> hmmm
<nekomancer[m]> possible same problem with ssh host keys. But I don't check that.
<fromport> lanefu: when I hot plug the ssd and do this: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=4096; parted --align optimal /dev/sda mklabel gpt mkpart lizardfs 0% 100%
<fromport> then i make xfs filesystem: mkfs.xfs -s size=4k -f /dev/sda1
<Tonymac32> lizardFS was actually invented in Washington DC by the reptilians
<Tonymac32> :D
<nekomancer[m]> did all armbian hosts run from one image have same ssh host keys?
<fromport> doesn't matter what I do, everywhere in the chain of events, it never boots WITH the ssd attached
<fromport> ino, ssh is generated everytime is my experience
<nekomancer[m]> everytime — when? on every boot?
<lanefu> neko yeah in think ssh host key is unique because host keys are created first time daemon is started, which it isnt started durring debbostrap
<fromport> lanefu: oh, you were talking about the sd card image. sorry
<lanefu> yeah
<fromport> no, during install new ssh key is generated
<fromport> once
<nekomancer[m]> yes. they definitely generates on install. One hope — they possible can be removed.
<lanefu> Tonymac32: this is from a single power-on of fromprots odroid with sata disk plugged in https://termbin.com/mw2m
<lanefu> and theyve already tried sdcards and power
<Tonymac32> what did you do rofl
<lanefu> fromport: whait are you driving that with a dc-dc converter
<Tonymac32> ok, so we already went verbosity ++
<fromport> lanefu: not yet, currently every odroid has it's own power brick powered from the wall
<Tonymac32> power brick specs?
<lanefu> gold or adobe
<Tonymac32> entertain me, I'm trying not to watch dumb shit on TV
<nekomancer[m]> watch anime!
<fromport> Tonymac32: 5 volt 3amp for the hc1
<Tonymac32> have we verified it actually works as advertised? This is a common ridiculous reality
<Tonymac32> #ThanksCountryImNotAllowedToBlameThatMakesCheapMislabelledStuff
<fromport> i have 3 hc1's, 1 works as expected, 2 won't boot from SD card (kernel reboot) when 2.5" SSD is plugged in the sata port
<Tonymac32> So here's the thing
<fromport> i have plenty of sd cards, 16/32/64gb, both sandisk & samsung.
<Tonymac32> I have a SanDisk SSD sitting in front of me
<Tonymac32> it needs 1.6 Amps
<fromport> gasp, that seems a lot
<fromport> brand/size ?
<Tonymac32> SanDisk 256 GB
<Tonymac32> sry 250 GB
<Tonymac32> I had an external SSD that shut down my Odroid N2
<Tonymac32> lights out the second you plug it in]
<fromport> i can hot plug it just fine once the odroid is started. the odroid always boots, just kernel reboots after 10 seconds after trying to mount the ext4 fs on the sd card it seems
<Tonymac32> the HC1 is 12V in isn't it?
<Tonymac32> no it's 5
<Tonymac32> ok
<Tonymac32> the 2 is 12V
<redentor> Solat system
<fromport> the 'motherboards' look identical, but hc1 & mc1 are 5 volt, hc2= 5volt
<fromport> mc1 == hc1 minus sata bridge
<Tonymac32> correct
<Tonymac32> I have 5 of them
<fromport> i have 20 to hookup ;-)
<Tonymac32> ROFL nice
<lanefu> -2 down 22 to go
<Tonymac32> friggin cell phone SoC's
<Tonymac32> I don't see anything in the dmesg pointing to an oops
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<fromport> nope , that is the weird part
<lanefu> im gonna crash
<lanefu> cya
<fromport> same here !
<fromport> thanks for everything, learned a lot ;-)
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<Werner> Good day
<IgorPec> good morning
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<Tonymac32> good morning
<lanefu> i wouldn't call it good, but its morning
<fromport> i would even dare to say it is bad.
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<nekomancer[m]> good morning
<rneese> well /devv/video0 seems not to work
<rneese> so v4l will not work
<rneese> this sucks
<rneese> I want to make a webcam ot of my neo air
<rneese> vfe_v4l2 not a module in the kernel
<rneese> ok that sucks
<korwin95> Hi rneese
<korwin95> You will probably need to compile your own kernel
<korwin95> I have also tried to use the kernel provided by Armbian
<korwin95> But eventually I realized that I need to build custom one
<rneese> yeah
<rneese> grrr
<rneese> reading this
<korwin95> Yesterday I compiled the kernel for NanoPi NEO Air
<rneese> ok
<korwin95> I will try it today after work and let you know
<rneese> and included the v4l2 drivers
<korwin95> Need to check this
<rneese> ok
<rneese> back shortly have to get ready for dr appt
<korwin95> But I will also need that cause apparently we're doing the same project
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<rneese> making the air into a wifi camera
<rneese> yes
<rneese> but I have the b500 camera
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<korwin95> I thought about this
<rneese> you will need to git this and install it
<korwin95> But I prefer H264 instead of MJPEG
<korwin95> this will be better for my use case
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<rneese> ok
<rneese> the issue is still the missing modules in the kernel
<rneese> and the cam driver in the kernel
<rneese> we will see
<rneese> the 202 and the 500b are the cams that are by default used on the air
<rneese> so
<rneese> I have the cam500b so this will be a bit of work
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<rneese> so I m reading and following this to statr
<rneese> start
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<rneese> l8r off to dr
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<ArmbianTwitter> @lq_feed (LinuxQuestions Feed): Video : Armbian Instructions : How to install Armbian Linux headless on your https://t.co/NoqNXHrNaZ (11s ago)
<archetech> mc
<lanefu> i always had so much trouble naviating with midngiht commander
<archetech> swiss army knife
<HerculeP> indeed, like the norton commander decades ago :D
* nekomancer[m] always use mc
<HerculeP> cant live w/o it
<lanefu> yeah dosshell kept me from getting norton commander
<nekomancer[m]> in russian tells «как без рук» — "like without hand"
<lanefu> tab completion in bash these days makes it less necessary
<archetech> just wtach oit for using it on in place of rm -rf
<archetech> watch
<c0rnelius> mc is great if needing to ssh between devices and move stuff around
<archetech> which I do a ton of source building
<archetech> easy editing too
<c0rnelius> yeah. i prefer nano for editing configs and code though.
<c0rnelius> have the ability to right click and paste comes in handy
<c0rnelius> having*
<archetech> f3-4 opens nano
<c0rnelius> i know, you can actually set as the default editor if you want.
<archetech> f2 f10 save done
<lanefu> oh interesting you use it for scp?
<archetech> no
<archetech> butits handy on a web server
<rneese> ?
<archetech> but its
<rneese> ?
<rneese> ?/
<rneese> ?
<archetech> can tar stuff so much of it I dont use
<c0rnelius> in mc you can click F9 choose left or right and select shell link. from there choose the device to ssh into and now you have access to both rootfs.
<c0rnelius> cp and move files between them and such
<lanefu> that's pretty cool
<c0rnelius> yeah its great
<[TheBug]> no
<[TheBug]> MC is bad mmmmkay
<[TheBug]> omg so many people who don'
<[TheBug]> t
<c0rnelius> and yes tar and untar and all kinds of other good stuff
<[TheBug]> okay maybe my keyboard will work now
<[TheBug]> anyways mc is bad in a production enviroment
<[TheBug]> so many people i have seen make 'mistakes'
<c0rnelius> dats cuz they be dumb
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<lanefu> lol yeah can't try run commands easily with mc
<lanefu> echo "rm -rf /path/${VALUE_FROM_COMPLEX_THING}/something/important"
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<nekomancer[m]> why? easy. just do it.
<c0rnelius> i find just using the command line is easier in a lot of ways and quicker, but for certain things mc does shine.
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<scope> olla
<scope> bought a XXX core ARM server yet?
<fromport> for home use this would be enough for now: https://www.crowdsupply.com/traverse-technologies/ten64/
<scope> 600 bucks for a complete kit (ex mem) sounds reasonable
<fromport> first unit i considered for dekstop use because i would like > 8G ram
<scope> there's not something like a board that fits a couple of SOMs?
<fromport> could be, but probably $$$
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<fromport> nice! very nice. bookmarked
<scope> gigabyte ;)
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