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<flyback> so now we just need to figure out what happen between bionic and focal that broke this
<flyback> I take it back it failed but not as bad
<flyback> wow it bombed
<rneese> Tony_mac32, see pm
<flyback> it fucntions but it's getting too hot
<flyback> so something is still wrong
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<nologin> flyback: arson?
<ArmbianTwitter> @4ntsu (antsu): Spent a few hours trying to get Armbian to boot from the eMMC module without success. It seems U-boot cannot read the partition table on the eMMC, but it does work just fine inside Linux if booted from the micro SD. (21s ago)
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<flyback> no but im done
<flyback> its junk and I give up
<nologin> :(
<flyback> mabye in a few months I can try again
<nologin> messing with kernel was easier in the past, i don't get some of the dtb stuff myself
<nologin> let's hope future will bring better sbc support in the official kernel
<flyback> yeah if I last that long
<flyback> heh
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<Tony_mac32> renegade DMC still not triggering, staying 786 MHz 100%
<lanefu> DMC?
<lanefu> cant get to 88mph
<Tony_mac32> the memory controller
<lanefu> oh
<Tony_mac32> so it can dynamically clock the DDR4
<lanefu> ohhhhh
<Tony_mac32> only it doesn't on renegade
<Tony_mac32> but does on the Rock Pi S
<Tony_mac32> so...
<lanefu> ha i'm revisiting the XU4 DMC stuff right now
<Tony_mac32> erm, not the S
<Tony_mac32> the little RK3328 board
<Tony_mac32> DDE looks nice on this board, but is slooooowwwwwww
<Tony_mac32> (I forgot to tell rneese that the elite was the ROC-3k3399-PC
<lanefu> DDE?
<lanefu> Rockpi S
<lanefu> I mean Rockpi E
<lanefu> i have one on my desk
<lanefu> lol
<Tony_mac32> desktop environment
<Tony_mac32> lol
<lanefu> ohhhh
<Tony_mac32> gotta check vendor image and see what's up with our ram
<Tony_mac32> the device is present
<Tony_mac32> but no switchy
<Tony_mac32> ugh there's no alsa config for this board either
* Tony_mac32 stares at stack of NAS HDD's
* Tony_mac32 checks order status again
<lanefu> ohh you got helios64 comign?
<Tony_mac32> hehe I have one "Processing"
<Tony_mac32> :P
<lanefu> it looks great, but couldnt rationalize purchase since i have a synology and a helios4
<Tony_mac32> I have a water cooled XU4 and a slightly tenderized Sans digital RAID tower
<Tony_mac32> :D
<lanefu> thats pretty awesome
<lanefu> i need to give this little rockpi S a job
<lanefu> it only has 512meg
<lanefu> ram
<Tony_mac32> yeah...
<Tony_mac32> too much bits
<Tony_mac32> not enough bytes
<lanefu> probably great for wireguard
<lanefu> maybe some traffic sniffing
<lanefu> the raxda boards are really nice tho
<Tony_mac32> I went full on burnout right after getting the RockPi 4
<Tony_mac32> So I'm still getting aquianted
<lanefu> ha
<Tony_mac32> some life events and such in there made the last couple years less than idea
<Tony_mac32> ideal*
<lanefu> yeah i need to figure out a more sustainable momentum
<Tony_mac32> OK: Renegade: No DMC worky, No audio
<Tony_mac32> Mali-450 maybe not best for fancy desktops
<flyback> DOES HAVE linux support though
<flyback> thx to reverse engineering the driver commands
<Tony_mac32> it's my task to make it better linux support
<Tony_mac32> not the mali I guess, lol
<Tony_mac32> it could be a PowerVR after all XD
* Tony_mac32 prepares for objects to be thrown
<Tony_mac32> ugh, compositors
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: barking out you about window effects?
<lanefu> *at
<Tony_mac32> it flickers like crazy while moving mouse and then eventually anything transparent-ish turns bvlack and it settles down
<Tony_mac32> But, given the target was likely not correct I'm not blaming anyone haha
<Tony_mac32> oh, and the RAM is running at 60% speed or so, that too
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: are you using glmour?
<Tony_mac32> this was the image rneese put together real quick
<lanefu> but I think DDE needs a little power
<lanefu> it was decent on my PBP, but felt more natural on N2
<Tony_mac32> more big cores N2
<Tony_mac32> which GPU is in the N2 again? A T8xx?
<lanefu> yah no idea what it is
<Tony_mac32> lol the Tinker would probably be fine as well, it's got a T7xx
<Tony_mac32> and 4 big cores, even if they are 32-bit
<Tony_mac32> was playing some tuxcart on one :P
<archetech> n2 has honkin G52
<Tony_mac32> ahhh ok
<Tony_mac32> that makes sense then
<Tony_mac32> I forget that the G12b is so new, since it already got wastbinned by Amlogic
<Tony_mac32> I'm not sure what they're doing, but they went through SoC generations like shorts over the last 2 years
<archetech> wastedbinned? its in active heavy dev
<Tony_mac32> software wise sure
<Tony_mac32> Gut G12 --> SM1 --> whatever the S905X4 is
<Tony_mac32> But*
<Tony_mac32> lol
<Tony_mac32> probably still SM1
<archetech> S922X >G52
<Tony_mac32> I'm talking Amlogic platforms
<archetech> that is
<Tony_mac32> G12b is the S922X
<archetech> thast the N2
<archetech> thats
<Tony_mac32> Correct. same family as the S905X2 (G12A)
<Tony_mac32> my point was Amlogic is iterating through SoC's really fast right now
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: hey so what's the best way for me to figure out if a patch has been merged into mainline
<archetech> G78 next year guess I dont see how g52 is old
<lanefu> basically it seems like https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/11657269/ is in the latest odroid 5.4.y
<lanefu> ohhhh
<lanefu> they may have added it
<Tony_mac32> archetech I already said it isn't
<archetech> dont be takin wstebinned about new stuff
<archetech> talkin
<Tony_mac32> ummm, ok, "Superseded"
<archetech> I just bought the dang thing heh
<archetech> took me 2 yrs to decide too lol
<archetech> after the rock64 fiasco
<archetech> its a dream board
<Tony_mac32> Well right, and like the GX family, it'll be in the kernel for a long time. Unlike the GX family, it seemed to be immediately competing with it's own successors in the SM1 parts.
<lanefu> archetech: you'll be happy to know we're demoting rock64 from "supported" to "community supported"
<Tony_mac32> I was honestly expecting to see Archetech show up to comment on that one :D
<archetech> knew I shoulda stayed on my pogoplug v2 arm5
<Tony_mac32> I had a pgogplug at one point
<Tony_mac32> I used to be able to type, too
<archetech> rock can die a fiery death
<archetech> and rockchip
<Tony_mac32> the RK3328 is quite honestly a disappointment all around
<archetech> 3399 runs hot screw em
<Tony_mac32> if you ran it at Pogoplug speeds it wouldnt :D
<lanefu> i've been happy with teh rk3399 on my PBP
<lanefu> and actually my opi4 has taken over most of my cluster workloads laterly
<archetech> ya u got 10x10 inches of heasink
<Tony_mac32> The RK3288 and RK3399 are significantly different than the H3/5/6/A20 in that they were designed to be used in netbooks
<lanefu> thats what she said
<Tony_mac32> they are not TV box processors
<Tony_mac32> the RK3328, however, is a TV box processor
<lanefu> bwaah those numbers again
<lanefu> so RK3288 is the 32bit one right
<Tony_mac32> so are the S905(X), etc
<Tony_mac32> yes, quad-core A17, 1.8 GHz
<archetech> imo I bought the only armv8 board worth a dang
<archetech> N2+
<Tony_mac32> A53's are small cores, so you can't expect good desktop out of them
<archetech> im getting old and I dont like trouble !
<Tony_mac32> the RK3399 and the RK3288 (unpopular opinion) are not different enough in performance without careful scheduling for it to matter unless you need 64-bits explicitly
<Tony_mac32> same clock speeds, etc
<Tony_mac32> now that the kernel is finally supporting it properly the RK3399 is the right choice
<Tony_mac32> but a year ago honestly I'd have said flip a coin and prepare for U-boot troubles if you flipped RK3399
<archetech> heat makes it a poor choice for compiling
<archetech> just like rpi4
<Tony_mac32> you can't run processor like that without a fan
<archetech> nas then almost anything is ok
<Tony_mac32> sure, but we're talking about a 6 year old processor
<Tony_mac32> the fact that I didn't have a better functioning desktop SoC until the N2 and RK3399 were properly supported means it will be hot AF
<Tony_mac32> the RK3399 is over 4 years old
<Tony_mac32> hopefully Rockchip is going to make a real replacement
<Tony_mac32> on a betterprocess
<Tony_mac32> I keep seeing mention of the RK3588, but http://linuxgizmos.com/rockchips-roadmap-reveals-8nm-octa-core-rk3588/
<Tony_mac32> it has been speculated/teased for a looooong time
<Tony_mac32> and seems overly awesome to be reasl
<Tony_mac32> real
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: do you use usb->barrel plugs for your odroids?
<Tony_mac32> No, I have a 300 watt chassis supply I have set up like an octopus
<Tony_mac32> one came with my pinetab though
<Tony_mac32> that tiny little barrel jack, I don't know why they went that way with power, but ok
<lanefu> yeah i just do't have odroid size barrel cables
<lanefu> so oddly I use POE adapters to drive them cuz they have the right size plug
<lanefu> but i've been running sbc bench adn had a crash or something earlier... but i'm not entirely sure my test is valid given my power source is ethernet lol
<lanefu> i've got the right size pigtails, i just need to resume working on my relay power board
<lanefu> follow-through isnt my forte
<archetech> vaporware
<Tony_mac32> pbp has an M.2 slot inside, right?
<archetech> that term is so fitting for arm device news
<lanefu> honestly not sure if that slot is m.2 or not.. they sell a m2/nvme adapter for it for liek $5
<lanefu> i bought it just in case
<lanefu> proud to say i havent removed the screws from the thing
<lanefu> pro-tip don't try using pass-thru charging with like a dongle and usb-c
<archetech> yet
<lanefu> or you might fry your usb like my buddy did
<Tony_mac32> oof
<lanefu> current theory is that maybe his PD charger negotiated w/ the dongle, and not with the pbp
<archetech> if a 3588 dropped out of the sky itd take a yr to be useable
<lanefu> so it fwd'd 9vs to a 5v
<Tony_mac32> 2
<Tony_mac32> unless Google is using it
<archetech> k 2
<lanefu> yeah 2 seems to be the magic number
<lanefu> everytime i've bought the latest orange pi, it sits on desk for at least a year
* Tony_mac32 won't talk about not having a single operating orange Pi
<lanefu> dude my Opi's have been awesome
<archetech> look at the n2 ur right 2 yrs for a mainline gpu driver ...maybe
<lanefu> my pool of plus2es have been running nonstop for literally 3 years
<Tony_mac32> I thought the 3 would be it, but with 1 GB RAM it won't stay running
<Tony_mac32> the OPi 3
<Tony_mac32> I had the 4G IOT, it never even booted the linux properly
<lanefu> i've got a oneplus running pihole and wireguard
<lanefu> it slings bits
<lanefu> just give in a 1gig job
<Tony_mac32> I didn't look at any of their boards that had a FriendlyARM equivalent
<Tony_mac32> No, I could get it to boot, I think the dev sample is a dud
<Tony_mac32> it would boot/hang repeat
<lanefu> oh
<Tony_mac32> anyway, I have FriendlyARM H3 boards, and the Tritium ones from Libre Computer
<Tony_mac32> so the OPi's never grabbed my attention
<lanefu> ah makes sense
<archetech> between the 2 of you theres is all the arm history experience there is I think :)
<lanefu> yeah i've 4 allwinner boards with 52 day uptime
<Tony_mac32> not even close haha I never really got into the A20, for example, I just used it as a device, never touched the linux I put on it
<Tony_mac32> I did use the Mini2440/make images for that way back
<Tony_mac32> "way back"
<archetech> you get in bed theres a arm board ya gotta move lol
<Tony_mac32> like 2009
<Tony_mac32> rofl my wife wouldn't stand for that
<Tony_mac32> but if it's an RK3288 you don't need an electric blanket I guess...
<Tony_mac32> :D
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: can you run sbc bench on this image and see if it falls over or not? https://armbian.lane-fu.com/Armbian_20.11.0-trunk-AR-388_Odroidxu4_focal_current_5.4.69.img
<ArmbianHelper> AR-388 [Task] "XU4 - Introduce new Mem freq scaling patch and re-enable" reported by Lane Jennison at 2020-08-04. Status: In Progress
<Tony_mac32> sure
<lanefu> i'm moving my test over to a real power supply now
<Tony_mac32> oo, I can make a bracket for all these MC's with my 3d printer
<lanefu> nice!
<lanefu> man... ive had a Creality 3 in a box for 2 years
<Tony_mac32> I got an FLSUN Q5, $250
<Tony_mac32> and... yeah, it works.
<lanefu> yeah i got the ender 3 on some firesale when CNX_software guy posted something
<Tony_mac32> nice. Put it together. If you have an RPi wasting away somewhere put octoprint on it and call it a day
<lanefu> ha i do
<Tony_mac32> because like everyone else, that software is tied hard to the shit workarounds that make RPi Linux I/O possible
<lanefu> ohhhhhhhhhhh
<Tony_mac32> I think it can be put on other hardware, but it takes some effort
<lanefu> yeah i got an rpi 2 thats done nothing ever
<Tony_mac32> I wonder how a 2 would do...
<lanefu> 4 cores of fury
<Tony_mac32> hahaha
<Tony_mac32> My N2 has been hammering away at heavy math for months on end now
<lanefu> man its so silly, but i get so annoyed when tech neds are like "ya just get a raspberry pi and .."
<Tony_mac32> as long as I don't plug anything that needs any power at all into the USB ports :D
<lanefu> i'm like LAAAAAME
<lanefu> but i can't talk so much shit thanks to rpi4
<Tony_mac32> hahaha
<Tony_mac32> sure you can
<Tony_mac32> the SoC is still a mess
<Tony_mac32> the board is a wreck
<Tony_mac32> "We HaVe So MuCh RaMs!!!
<lanefu> ...and UEFI.. and native vmware (wtf)
<ArmbianHelper> .and UEFI.. and native vmware (wtf) [en~>eng]
<Tony_mac32> oh?
<Tony_mac32> :P
<Tony_mac32> vmware RPi
<Tony_mac32> hmmm
<lanefu> yeah vmware hustled their ass and pivoted
<lanefu> adn they're smart adn realzied if htey run it on the nerd home device
<lanefu> huge adoption
<Tony_mac32> lol oh, Apple mentality
<Tony_mac32> and TI
<lanefu> yeah
<lanefu> i mean vmware was genreally pretty awesome
<lanefu> i havent used it since htey got into kubernetes land tho
<lanefu> but you also paid $$$$ for vmware
<Tony_mac32> yeah
<Tony_mac32> So, with RPi I am comfortable for now making assumptions on the Pi 4 to some extent, because I'm certain they didn't use an entirely different team and different philosophy and different release process between it and the 3
<lanefu> ha
<lanefu> yeah i think like maybe still no crypto offloadin gor something?
<lanefu> i should look at TK's benchmarks
<Tony_mac32> I'm not sure, that was SoC specific that there was no crypto accelerator
<Tony_mac32> none
<Tony_mac32> nada
<lanefu> wow
<Tony_mac32> I don't know if the 4 suffers the same
<lanefu> NSA approved
<Tony_mac32> lol yeah
<Tony_mac32> unlike my ESP32 board :D
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> dude did I tell you i need a project with eSP32 with FreeRTOS and amazon IOT stuff?
<lanefu> actually i got one of my guys on the bench to do most of it :P
<lanefu> but FUCK
<lanefu> FreeRTOS is hard
<lanefu> ..but robust
<ArmbianHelper> but robust [en~>eng]
<Tony_mac32> haha
<lanefu> like because it's a realtime OS
<lanefu> and uses task stacks
<lanefu> and prfers tobe interrupt driven
<lanefu> like just using a dht22 wouldn twork because it's time based
<lanefu> until we like added a semphamore or some nonsens
<Tony_mac32> So RPi 4 is 1.5 GHz. *yawn*. The slowest A72
<Tony_mac32> but makes sense, it's not possible for them to provide power to anything better
<Tony_mac32> historically speaking
<lanefu> nerd podcasts always talk about overclocking their rpi4s
<Tony_mac32> Ja, and it gets as hot as an RK3288, imagine that
<lanefu> ha
<Tony_mac32> same ultimate clock speed too, I think 2.2 GHz is top out for the RK3288
<Tony_mac32> ...which is 6 years old XD
<ArmbianHelper> .which is 6 years old XD [en~>eng]
<lanefu> don't make 'em like they used to
<Tony_mac32> That SoC was pretty unique
<Tony_mac32> Rockchip can't seem to repeat it either XD
<Tony_mac32> did RPi ever fix their fail at USB PD?
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<Tony_mac32> running the performance numbers on a 4 would be interesting to see how much time it actually spends at max clock
<Tony_mac32> given it has the firmwarez actually running the show Linux wouldn't necessarily be told if it throttled, see Amlogic, which is a much lesser offender
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<Werner> Good morning
<Tony_mac32> Good Morning
<lanefu> mornign Werner
<lanefu> yeah i think they did roll out a revision that resolves the PDF defect
<Tony_mac32> and the dual screen/wifi conflict?
<lanefu> you know what's funny.. the odroid MCsolo's have been more picky about power than any other board i've had
<lanefu> wasnt aware of the display / wifi thing
<Tony_mac32> interesting, I haven't really poked at them that much. My 10 cent cables were a no-go, but then the things use some power
<lanefu> wow according to his benchmakrs. Xu4 is fatser
<lanefu> lol
<Tony_mac32> exactly
<lanefu> wow
<Tony_mac32> and the XU4 is a throttling mess
<Tony_mac32> I don't know how he kept it cool XD
<lanefu> my benchmark seem sto be survivng.. glad it was a power issue
<Tony_mac32> looks like it is staying at reported clock speeds, that's actually a positive, thanks RPi
<lanefu> Werner: wow do you just wake up productive
<Werner> If you call copy and paste being producive then, yeah I am extremely productive :P
<lanefu> yeah you get full credit
<lanefu> some of my finest work is
<lanefu> somebody else's
<Werner> Woohoo \o/
<Tony_mac32> waiting for quiet so the sbcbench can commence
<lanefu> alright time for slumber
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> yeah -minimal images are better
<lanefu> i need to make like a sbcbench runlevel
<lanefu> or whatever systemd woudl call it
<lanefu> alright i'm gonna crash
<Werner> Sleep well
<lanefu> thanks.. have an Armbian Day!
<Tony_mac32> TK only has the Tinker listed at 1.73 GHz
<Tony_mac32> Mainline was missing 1.8 because of failure to differentiate the -C
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<Tony_mac32> haha look at the team firefly DMC table for the Renegade:
<Tony_mac32> SYS_STATUS_NORMAL 1024000
<Tony_mac32> SYS_STATUS_REBOOT 1024000
<Tony_mac32> SYS_STATUS_VIDEO_4K 1024000
<Tony_mac32> SYS_STATUS_SUSPEND 1024000
<Tony_mac32> SYS_STATUS_VIDEO_1080P 1024000
<Tony_mac32> SYS_STATUS_VIDEO_4K_10B 1024000
<Tony_mac32> SYS_STATUS_PERFORMANCE 1024000
<Tony_mac32> SYS_STATUS_BOOST 1024000
<Tony_mac32> I'm changing the opps as a test, our frequencies don't line up with the ones in the 4.4 table
<Tony_mac32> lanefu http://ix.io/2zFo
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<Werner> Nice
<Miouyouyou> It's impressive to see how prefetch just double the performances
<Miouyouyou> on little cores only though. On big core, you "only" get a net boost of 500MB/1Gb per second.
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<lanefu> Tony_mac32: ha just a little cut and paste
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<lanefu> Myy prefetch what?
<rneese> morning
<lanefu> Yo
<rneese> so I am working on the pinebook stuff to understand all the fixes and put them into the new builder but like the xfce power I have to figure out what has to be done for th epower app dde uses
<rneese> so today I am reading
<rneese> and following the install steps
<rneese> and waiting on report back from Tony_mac32 on his test lastnight
<lanefu> Power stuff worked fine
<rneese> ok it was the audio then
<lanefu> Yeah.
<rneese> ok so it has to install the asound files and few other things
<rneese> I lost my link to patch but I will dig
<rneese> gotit
<rneese> so t All I have to do is add the parts to the post install
<rneese> so the suspend workd
<lanefu> Didn't test suspend
<rneese> see there are some settings I have to understand for pine
<rneese> see issue is the xml files that xfce uses and dde does not
<rneese> so I have to figure out the fixes
<lanefu> Once the desktop overhaul is merged in master I can help with the system-specific tweaks
<rneese> this is where I need to get a pbp to lay things out and test
<rneese> ok
<rneese> there are alot of tweaks to be done and figur eout
<rneese> grumble
<rneese> like you uys have diff key shortcuts
<rneese> and I have to figure how to map them also
<rneese> alsong side all the pre mapped keys in dde
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<rneese> xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts
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<rneese> hey lanefu we still have a issue on builder
<rneese> (appstreamcli:31397): GLib-ERROR **: 12:15:14.827: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<rneese> Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)
<rneese> qemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped
<rneese> looks like getauxval is missing
<rneese> but not finding it in 9pkgs
<rneese> seems to be a known error
<rneese> no fix
<Tony_mac32> hi rneese, the renegade image for rk3328 booted up and looked nice, but would flicker any time a menu item was opened our the cursor moved.
<Tony_mac32> Just to be clear that is the RK3328 board
<Tony_mac32> so quad-core A53 and Mali-450
<rneese> ok you have to goto the control center cog and then disable the a mode 1 min
<rneese> it has to do with a bug in kwin
* Tony_mac32 curses when his build for rk3328 died last night in compile... checking logs
<rneese> you have to goto the all-settings in the control center and disable window-effects
<rneese> then everything works fine
<rneese> there is a bug in kwin they are working on the seems to show up worse on arm64 then in amd64
<rneese> the -lite board
<Tony_mac32> yep
<Tony_mac32> ok, so that's what I described to Lanefu last night, it had disabled window effects itself after enough stuttering around
<Tony_mac32> once I get the ram working on this board again maybe this will wake up a little
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<rneese> ok
<rneese> when you have time look at the budgie build also
<rneese> let meknow how its looks and works on your board
<rneese> working to clean my laptop and wipe it and load linux
<rneese> I am done with windows for the most part
<rneese> microshaft last update caused so many issues
<rneese> ok bbiab off to clean house
<Miouyouyou> The whole "Adding APT sources" might take a little more time to implement, as I'm trying to readapt the installation process in order to be to use "add-apt-repository" from "software-properties-common", for adding additional APT sources.
<ArmbianTwitter> @WG5EEK (WG5EEK): I snagged this Single Board Computer/System on a Chip Rockchip 64 board with case SD card, and power supply for $15 on Amazon. #rockchip64 #sbc #soc #ysfreflector #hamradio #amateurradio #nerd #geek #linux #ubuntu #armbian #armbian_operating_system https://t.co/Wa2bTG3Pev (24s ago)
<flyback> hey
<flyback> does anyone know if on allwinner chips
<Miouyouyou> Trying to split the packages installation into two. First the traditional packages list provided in the scripts, then the Desktop packages list. The traditional list contains software-properties-common. Doing it that way guarantee access to add-apt-repository, which help adding PPA decently. Adding PPA manually requires to know the repository URL AND the repository GPG key in advance. That could be automated through another script but
<Miouyouyou> ugh...
<flyback> if usb vcc routes thru the soc
* flyback might have found one of his issues
<buZz> flyback: quite sure the 5v just runs external
<flyback> ok :/
<buZz> you could check schematics for your SBC though?
<flyback> was thinking mabye the usb radio dongle and ethernet usb are too much power
<flyback> which causes the cpu to heat up fast
<flyback> although doesn't explain why it works fine in xulong ubuntu 16.04
<Tony_mac32> ooo, kernel panics are good, right?
<buZz> -usually- cpus dont include powersupplies :P
<flyback> buZz, yes but it does includie the usb controllers
<buZz> right, but usb controllers arent powersupplies either
<flyback> so they might have routed vcc so they could controlt them
<buZz> what SBC are you using?
<flyback> h3
<flyback> allwinner
<buZz> which board?
<flyback> orange pI lite
<flyback> it runs fine on xulong ubuntu 16.04 port
<Tony_mac32> sbc-bench crashed with my new device tree for renegade
<flyback> on armbian 20 it overheats and lags to death
<buZz> thats got a H6?
<flyback> on armbian 19 it works but eventually overheats
<flyback> h3
<flyback> you are looking at 2
<flyback> I have the origional lite
<flyback> 64 bit was overkill for this project
<flyback> it's going to sit in a hot and cold garage I didn't want to waste a nice one in there
<flyback> for a headless radio streamer
<buZz> on that H6 board i linked ; https://i.imgur.com/RFeOpSO.png
<flyback> the only things left to try are using the dtb files from xulong
<buZz> the +5V for USB ports is being generated by VCC-5V
<flyback> and compike a kernel with xylong config
<flyback> buZz, ok assing the boards are the same
<flyback> man I didn't get a pi zero because I heard of overheat problems
<flyback> looks like I did anyways :/
<flyback> I guess the h2/h3 chip is just canucked
<buZz> i doubt it
<buZz> i have a h3 running armbian in my 3d printer
<buZz> rocksolid forever
<buZz> 17:34:14 up 47 days, 19:05, 2 users, load average: 0.11, 0.14, 0.09
<flyback> I actually went tits up twice
<flyback> null pointer deference
<flyback> buZz, do you have any rtlsdr dongles
<buZz> not on me, i think i donated them all to someone at our hackerspace that was playing with them
<flyback> welll I am trying to run a program called spyserver
<buZz> thats now a LXC on a x86 machine with 4 of em connected, i think :P
<flyback> it streams the q or i part of the signal over lan or wifi
<buZz> ah, cute
<flyback> so it can have the dongle with my big rotator antenna in the garage
<flyback> do you have a heatsin on your h2/h3
<buZz> yes, a small passive one
<flyback> yeah mabye if I just get one of those it would be o
<flyback> k
<flyback> although the speed at which is heats up I doubt it
<buZz> CPU temp: 28°C
<flyback> 55C
<flyback> +
<buZz> 17:38:03 up 47 days, 19:09, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.06, 0.07
<buZz> well, this is practically idle ;)
<flyback> oh as soon as I quit spyserver it cools down in like 2s
<flyback> I think something is off with the scaling
<buZz> or that program just uses a ton of cpu :P
<flyback> 150%
<flyback> which is like 1.5 cores out of 4
<flyback> if my math is right
<buZz> yeah
<flyback> so no way in hell it should be stroking out
<flyback> I guess it's time to try compiling a kernel using .config from xulong ubuntu on armbian
<flyback> and if that doesn't help then swap the dtb files from xulong
<flyback> do I have to go thru a bunch of special steps in armbian to build a ernel or can I just make config make
<flyback> I had to switch my data recovery boxes to gentoo because ubuntu's kernel build system was broken
<flyback> so I wonder if it's still broken in arbian
<flyback> ugh it's like xulong ubuntu
<flyback> need a external vm to build everything
<flyback> who was it here that offered to build me a kernel if I sent them .config.gz
<flyback> buzz I Might eventually experiment with elf sdr using the mic input on a zipit btw :)
<flyback> you can do sdr with just a mic input attached to an antenna up to a few khz
<Tony_mac32> buZz what is between the heat sink and the SoC?
<Tony_mac32> rneese budgie started up no problem, of course still really slow but this board is suspect at the moment
<rneese> ok
<rneese> i think its slow on first boot but want to see how it acts on reboots
<rneese> if its faster after first setup
<Tony_mac32> no problem
<Tony_mac32> I need to benchmark the board with the default dts and see if it kernel panics like my altered DMC opps too
<rneese> ok
<Tony_mac32> a bit better, load average is just above 2 though
<rneese> i need the asound patch for the pinebook to see if it works on the t4
<Tony_mac32> hmmm
<Tony_mac32> could you make an image for the Tinker? I'm curious how this would behave on the RK3288
<rneese> 1 min
<Tony_mac32> should be about 5x better than the RK3328 stuff TBH
<rneese> is tinker as the board name
<rneese> tinkerboard
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<rneese> building
<Tony_mac32> awesome thanks.
<flyback> hmm
<flyback> I started setting up qemu on one of my data recovery boxes to compile ppc linux but it ididn't pan out
<flyback> I guess I cuold use it to make the arbian vm
<rneese> ok somethiing happen'
<rneese> they changed a pkg
<rneese> Package deepin-system-monitor is not available, but is referred to by another package.
<rneese> This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
<rneese> is only available from another source
<rneese> going to start fresh
<Tony_mac32> tinker is 32-bit
<Tony_mac32> so maybe no 32-bit package exists?
<rneese> might be
<rneese> but why is it 32 big when its rk3288
<rneese> is it not 64 bit ?
<Tony_mac32> RK32 is 32-bit
<Tony_mac32> RK33 is 64
<rneese> well I just wiped the builder and started fresh
<rneese> 3288 ok
<rneese> they might not have that pkh in hf
<rneese> ok
<rneese> we will see
<Tony_mac32> ugh looks like our bootloader config for the Renegade is using Ayufan sources. I might have found our memory problem, that's not a supported board through that source
<rneese> ok
<rneese> so you have to find the new src
<rneese> and patch
<Tony_mac32> I'll just try to bring it in line with all the other rk3328's, Piter doesn't have one so he didn't move it
<rneese> nicce
<rneese> wrong window
<rneese> sorry
<rneese> nope seems dde is arm64 only at the min for installing
<rneese> so that wont work
<rneese> I bet buddgie will
<rneese> running a budgie build for you on timker
<buZz> Tony_mac32: the heatsink was for a pi3, there's some adhesive on the back that it shipped with
<buZz> there's 3M on the backing of them, but no type
<buZz> flyback: oh cool @ zipit :D
<buZz> i didnt even realize it had mic input :P
<flyback> I think it does
<flyback> I could be wrong
<flyback> nope it does
<flyback> just checked connectir
<flyback> I dunno if the single core arm on there is enough to process a am signal but I suspect so
<Tony_mac32> buZz ok, some of these boards ship with 2-5mm thick pads that go between the sink and the SoC
<Tony_mac32> was just making sure
<Tony_mac32> the Pi heatsinks are usually really tiny though
<rneese> thats because they have less cpu power and governed more
<rneese> so less heat = less need
<rneese> ok we have some qemu issues to fix on 32 bit builds
<rneese> that dont happen on 64 bit
<rneese> hmmm
<Tony_mac32> for your changes or general build? I didn't see any last time I tried
* Tony_mac32 should say "I got an image that boots and didn't check logs"
<rneese> just on general build of armbian and budgie
<rneese> qemu: Unsupported syscall: 403
<rneese> qemu: Unsupported syscall: 410 qemu: Unsupported syscall: 4012
<rneese> loads of these building for 32 bit
<flyback> f*** google
<flyback> they keep taking away things like stream from browser
<flyback> and harassing you now to sign up
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<rneese_> I dont think the 32 will work like it should to many syscall issues
<nekomancer[m]> helios4 has no ECC. As all rockchips 3399.
<nekomancer[m]> Nobody in SBC have ECC.
<nekomancer[m]> death is inevitable.
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<rneese_> most arm boards are tinkerboards except those used for tv boxes
<rneese_> its all about building and learning
<buZz> Tony_mac32: yeah its small, the soc is idle 99% of the time anyway
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<rneese> the build failed even for budgie on 32 bit tinkerboard build
<rneese> digging into this
<Tony_mac32> ok benchmark with Piter's opps (stuck at minimum frequency) didn't crash
<Tony_mac32> so dmc is angry about frequencies I guess
<Tony_mac32> but regulator adjustment was needed too, so testing it separately
<rneese> ok
<flyback> think I am going to jave to install android tv on this tv pc and stop using my roku
<flyback> I can't stand any more political ads
<rneese> roku is built into my tv
<rneese> so
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<nekomancer[m]> <lanefu "it looks great, but couldnt rati"> What software stack and FS you use on Helios?
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<Tony_mac32> ok, benchmarking with just upping the voltage of the vreg to match what's demanded by the opps
<Tony_mac32> lvrp16 do you have/know of any mainline images for Renegade with working dynamic memory frequency?
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<Tony_mac32> she froze immediately. OK
rneese_ has quit [Quit: Leaving]
<Tony_mac32> ah, it tried jumping to 1056 MHz opp, I'll hold it at 933
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<nekomancer[m]> is it usable for current usb-powered SBC? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32956534561.html
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<DigitalMan1983_> anybody experiencing "scripts/Makefile.build:280: recipe for target 'drivers/net/wireless/rtl8189es/os_dep/linux/ioctl_cfg80211.o' failed" when building from current source?
<flyback> omfg I can't stand biden commercials anymore
<DigitalMan1983_> tried a fresh pull and still getting same error
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<DigitalMan1983_> it looks like wifi-4004-fix-cfg80211-for-5.8.patch failed
<DigitalMan1983_> as well as wifi-4003-fix-sha256_state-clashes.patch
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<flyback> hmm
<flyback> if I skip a 500gb hd and leave it as the image for now
<flyback> then I only got about another 1tb to image so around 1.5-2tb total not including cd's or floppy images but I can reuse old hds to store those
<flyback> so I Might be ok for this project of imaging most of my old data
<flyback> and I can get rid of boxes of old hd's faster
<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): @ezeaqui @kieranbingham @A13_technology @armbian Thanks. I already have four RK3399 devices, but I haven't been successful hardware encoding efficiently yet with this SoC. (19s ago)
<flyback> and then mabye I will have some room to work on my orange pi again
<ArmbianTwitter> @kieranbingham (Kieran Bingham): @Poddingue @ezeaqui @A13_technology @armbian What's preventing you from using the RPi? (7s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): @kieranbingham @ezeaqui @A13_technology @armbian Personal taste (lots of reasons), form factor, price, no eMMC, and so many interesting alternatives 😍 (25s ago)
<Tony_mac32> OK, Renegade survived my simplified patch, I did not include any oppp above 933 MHz. I suspect the latencies are incorrect in the Rockchip stuff, but no way to tell
<Tony_mac32> welll, that isn't right
<Tony_mac32> OK...
<nekomancer[m]> <archetech "look at the n2 ur right 2 yrs "> and still no watchdog and RTC in current (not 4.x) armbian.
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<IgorPec> what is wrong with "and still no watchdog and RTC in current (not 4.x) armbian."
<Tony_mac32> mainline didn't even have patches to discuss RTC until a few weeks ago
<Tony_mac32> so of course there was nothing in Armbian :D
<IgorPec> yeah, aha so something is moving into that direction
<Tony_mac32> yes
<IgorPec> well, people just expect every features works the next day :)
<Tony_mac32> unlike my Renegade, which somehow has no DMC now after my patch :D
<Tony_mac32> sigh
<Tony_mac32> I think I will try to fix uboot first, it should not be on Ayufan's
<Tony_mac32> and go from there
<IgorPec> is ayufan doing anything there?
<Tony_mac32> the renegade was never supported there
<Tony_mac32> I think it was used just to keep the # of u-boots down
<IgorPec> yeah
<Tony_mac32> I think it is in mainline now, checking
<Tony_mac32> then the ddr blob is a question, if we're using the right one/etc
<Tony_mac32> do you know if any of the other RK3328 boards are lpddr4?
<Tony_mac32> ah, the R2S
<IgorPec> there are not many
<IgorPec> r2s and neo
<Tony_mac32> right, but they work with the DMC
<Tony_mac32> so I'll move to that u-boot
<Tony_mac32> simplifies the sources situation a bit and given the different ATF/DDR blob, might fix the memory too
<Tony_mac32> good
<IgorPec> yeah, that looks good
<IgorPec> anyway we should be moving to 2010
<IgorPec> 2020.10
<Tony_mac32> right
<Tony_mac32> the device tree will need a couple tweaks, we are patching the mainline one, but nothing extreme
<IgorPec> just use RC branch to get things working
<IgorPec> i doubht there will be much changes until releaser
<Tony_mac32> For RK3399, do we still allow our images to try to use 2 GHz out of the box?
<IgorPec> i think yes
<Tony_mac32> I saw where they had limited it to 1.8
<Tony_mac32> Rockchip that is
<IgorPec> upstream kernel?
<IgorPec> if you don't have good cooling, 2.0 is probably over the edge
<Tony_mac32> I think it is the same kind of story as the RK3288, where they were shutting down the GPU to get 1.8 GHz on the older ones
<IgorPec> haven't notice
<Tony_mac32> I need to find it, I know they were pushing as 2 forever, but I saw 1.8 a few times due to stability, if we haven't had issues then *shrug*
<IgorPec> but well, i was mainly deling with everything else but board hw
<Tony_mac32> right
<IgorPec> for the pas weeks
<IgorPec> so you think it would be wise to clock it down?
<IgorPec> and provide an overlay for the bold ones?
<Tony_mac32> I wouldn't do anything yet, let's see if I can find the thing I saw again :P
<IgorPec> s/clock down/clock it to default
<ArmbianHelper> Error: Search not found in the last 1000 messages.
<IgorPec> ok
<Tony_mac32> Trying not to distract myself from this uboot just yet ;)
<eth01> before I forget to mention, we are deploying some rasp pi's soon in one of our data centres, they will essentially be managed using tinkerbell
<eth01> may you be interested ? :)
<IgorPec> what you will be doing with rasberries?
<Tony_mac32> lol firefly has a phobia of using the correct naming convention
<Tony_mac32> roc-cc-rk3328_defconfig
<IgorPec> they added the config?
<Tony_mac32> eh, ok, I guess u-boot actually wants them backward like that
<Tony_mac32> instead of SoC-vendor-board
<Tony_mac32> and yeah, the renegade config is in 2020.07
<Tony_mac32> it built, let's see if it boots
<Tony_mac32> Piter has that whole mess pretty nicely organized, I only need a map and a compass :D
<Tony_mac32> instead of being hopelessly lost
<IgorPec> yeah, piter is having best control over rockchip booting
<IgorPec> i am not keeping up
<IgorPec> drop him a msg, he is usually around at this time
<Tony_mac32> Glad to see none of us sleep
<IgorPec> he is EU bases :)so
<IgorPec> reasonble hour for us
<Tony_mac32> !! it booted and I see 933 MHz as the DMC speed
<Tony_mac32> ok, sbc-bench time
<IgorPec> good!
<Tony_mac32> I ordered 6 acrylic fan cases for RPi-shaped boards
<Tony_mac32> I recieved 10
<Tony_mac32> so now I'm trying to find all of the ones I have to use these cases
<Tony_mac32> The DDE and Budgie desktops look really cool, but I don't think the RK3328 has enough oomph to drive them
<IgorPec> i think all those fancy desktops comes handy with rk3399 and n2+
<IgorPec> xu4 perhaps?
<Tony_mac32> I think so
<IgorPec> but people put desktops on opi zero :) so...
<Tony_mac32> but rneese said the build system was spitting out qemu errors all over the place
<Tony_mac32> for 32-bit builds
<Tony_mac32> I asked for a Tinkerboard one
<IgorPec> i will start to test seriously once it would be easy to merge
<IgorPec> i made a few builds and all for N2+
<IgorPec> where things works superb
<Tony_mac32> The biggest GPU :D
<Tony_mac32> and 4 big cores like the XU4 and Tinker
<Tony_mac32> Well, the board has not frozen yet, doing 7-zip now
<buZz> i have a exynos 5800 with 4gb ram as 'desktop'
<buZz> works really nice :) although i'm still using fbdev and sw opengl :D
<Tony_mac32> I've used an XU4 that way
<Tony_mac32> did the same with a Tinker board, both did well
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<buZz> hmhm, well, this 'desktop' is a laptop :P
<buZz> >7hr batterylife, 1080p 13"
<buZz> really not that bad a experience :)
<IgorPec> former chromebook?
<buZz> exactly
<Tony_mac32> rk3288 chromebook is good too
<Tony_mac32> I have a veyron
<Tony_mac32> which one had the exynos in it?
<buZz> the 'samsung chromebook 2' , but there's many different models
<Tony_mac32> ah ok
<buZz> this is the XE503C32
<buZz> which has the exynos 5800 , so can use all 8 cores
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<Tony_mac32> ugh, I don't have a mximum frequency spec for the RAM controller
<Tony_mac32> gof for broke
<Tony_mac32> 933 - 1066 - 1200 XD
<buZz> :)
<Tony_mac32> That is on the board, unless my eyes are worse than I think
<Tony_mac32> 2400 Mbps
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<Tony_mac32> might check the driver for latencies vs the datasheet
<Tony_mac32> Driver of unknown origin. ;)
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<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: just armbian with openmediavault
<rneese> well the thumb drive was locking up so reloaded laptop with ubuntudde and getting it setupp
<rneese> now I =qdxc zx zcxv<huuuqqqqhu'
<rneese> 6
<rneese> sorry
<rneese> keyboard was sticking
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<eth01> IgorPec: sorry didn’t see your question until now they will be for projects to use for testing etc. We have will have a bunch of them and will offer them On a first come first served basis.