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<rneese> need to get the build ver up
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<gord9> I've been giving armbian to teat drive on my PinebookPro and it's super slick and I want to install to eMMC but the nand-emmc-install script doesn't see the internal storage. Booting Armbian from USB or SD requires me to flip the eMMC switch to <disabled>. How can I go about installing Armbian?
<lanefu> gord9: are you using a nightly image? or oen of the older ones?
<gord9> Im using the current build with kernel 5.8.12
<lanefu> okay
<lanefu> interesting
<lanefu> ohhhh
<lanefu> okay
<lanefu> what's on your eMMC right now
<lanefu> cuz i believe I have the answer
<gord9> I have and debian version I had given a test run. THE eMMC does boot and is seen as /dev/mmcblk2. However the wireless drivers were no good. Im all ears for any himts.
<lanefu> so you need to boot from eMMC
<lanefu> so flip teh switch the other way
<lanefu> but with the newer images ex: manjaro
<lanefu> their eMMC bootloader actually loads adn tries sdcard to boot before going to eMMC
<lanefu> anyway
<rneese> you can reset the emmc and bootloade via the c port
<rneese> but you have to have the right stuff
<lanefu> this dude's u-boot does the right thing...and is what we use https://github.com/pcm720/u-boot-build-scripts/releases/tag/v2020.07-1
<rneese> so this is the uboot that the pbp uses
<lanefu> so follow those instructions in that github page
<lanefu> and overwrite yuor deb's u-boot with that
<lanefu> and then hopefully that'll let you reboot adn boot from sdcard
<lanefu> and then you can do nand-sata-install etc
<lanefu> rneese: we're sitll building our own u-boot, but switched to 2020.07 and just applied the patches he had
<rneese> img is about done
<rneese> ok
<rneese> ok
<rneese> hmm
<rneese> I still have to work on edp next
<rneese> once I know the desktop works
<rneese> i wish the pbp had a nvme drive in it
<rneese> more space
<lanefu> rneese: they sell an adapter
<rneese> ok
<rneese> whey could have done like the t4 and had it on the board
<lanefu> i'm sure they had a reason
<gord9> I figured writing over the defaults would bork the boot partitions. I will give it a spin.
<lanefu> gord9: it might... but hopefully not
<lanefu> i did it on a different intall adn it worked
<lanefu> gord9: if not.. then the jankier process is to power on with emmc unplugged and sdcard inserted, then plug in emmc earlier enough fro u-boto to detect, but not so earlier it tries to boot
<lanefu> so if this breaks your shit i'm sorry
<rneese> he can recover with the usb c port/ debug port
<rneese> unless they did not put this
<rneese> you boot sd with out sd in the slot
<rneese> i know o n the t4 I can
<lanefu> they've got a wiki page on hardware boot order, etc
<lanefu> and there's a console port through the headphone jack if you have the proper cable and flip tehswitch
<rneese> ok
<gord9> I understand thanks for the warning. On another note, when I do attempt to install Armbian from USB, is the script supposed to refuse?
<lanefu> i'd have to look at the script
<lanefu> havent tried using it from usb
<lanefu> but i installed onto emmc from sdcard on my pbp
<lanefu> using the script
<rneese> SHA256 calculating [ Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Pinebook-pro_focal_current_5.7.19_desktop.img ]
<rneese> almost done
<rneese> you can grab the ing off the build sevrer
<rneese> its in the rneese dir
<lanefu> cool
<rneese> its 20.08 trunk
<rneese> thats what it was setup to use
<rneese> its loaded with apps so its a good starting point
<rneese> let me know what you think
<rneese> what was the clean rule
<rneese> lanefu,
<lanefu> CLEAN_LEVEL="" leaves all deb files, and dirty soruces
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<lanefu> just waiting on tar over ssh lol ssh -A armbian-builder-rneese "sudo tar -cf - /home/rneese/Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Pinebook-pro_focal_current_5.7.19_desktop.img" | tar -xf -
<rneese> ok
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<lanefu> add ,xz to compress output image if you actually need to ship it somewhere
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well its saying i have less then 8 gig its not cleaning out the output dir
<lanefu> oh you need bigger disk?
<rneese> you gave me 30
<lanefu> yeah do you need more?
<lanefu> lemme add some
<lanefu> rneese: have to power down if i expand
<lanefu> cool?
<rneese> its down
<rneese> go for it
<lanefu> k working on it
<lanefu> k done
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<rneese> budgie build now runnig
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<lanefu> k gonna try this image
<lanefu> brb
<rneese> ok
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<lanefu> rneese: pretty slick, homeboy
<rneese> cool
<rneese> when budgie is done have you test it also
<rneese> its running now
<rneese> i think this on the ppb will be great
<lanefu> yeah its pretty good
<rneese> run a full test and let IgorPec know
<rneese> but this is a good start
<rneese> I loaded apps I would use
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<rneese> and some of the apps that where in xfce
<rneese> but dde has alot of apps built in
<rneese> hey IgorPec you here
<lanefu> i mean its like 1 or 2 am there
<lanefu> yeah this is pretty f-in cool
<rneese> ok if you right click the lower launch bar you can change the mode and size and other items
<lanefu> there's some pbp specific stuff to fix like brightness keys and sound mixer stuffs
<lanefu> but prett lean
<lanefu> going to reboot back into 2005 now
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<rneese> ok that means adding laptop tools to the build
<rneese> so we can work on the pbp build and whats missing
<lanefu> it picke dup all the battery and power stuff
<rneese> the mixer you have to select the output in the control center
<rneese> until I can learn to set it by default
<lanefu> yeah.. like i said there's some pbp specific stuff
<lanefu> has to be alsa driver
<lanefu> and there's some udev tweaks for backlight keys
<rneese> ok then once we know what the pkgs are we make a dir called pinebook-pro/packages file
<lanefu> which actually it probably picked up the udev
<lanefu> nm
<lanefu> i just work here
<lanefu> actually i dont
<rneese> well i based this all on the xfce build so I have to figure out whats missing
<rneese> its something to fix asap
<rneese> so if you can get me a pkg list from the pbp build that has everything I can sort it out
<lanefu> not that elegant unfortunately
<rneese> ?
<rneese> it might be the wrong kernel ver
<rneese> whats the kernel you have on the pbp
<lanefu> rneese: should be the bulk of it https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2208/files
<rneese> can you test update to it
<lanefu> 5.8.9 when i started.. 5.8.12 now
<rneese> ok it looks like we have a 5.7 kernel
<rneese> did you check
<lanefu> sorry I didnt
<rneese> we have to figure these changes of the new build
<rneese> if you get time and can reboot it and update to the matching kernel I would like to see
<rneese> then figue otu how to update the builder
<lanefu> how good are you at git
<rneese> I am relearning
<lanefu> so yo could add the main armbian repo as another remote
<lanefu> and fetch
<rneese> right now I am on my windows laptop
<lanefu> then if youre ballsy git pull upstream master
<lanefu> but yuo can also check our files or dirs from master git checkout upstream/master config/
<lanefu> ah maybe github desktop can help
<rneese> hmm
<rneese> not the branch we are wing
<rneese> this is what we are working with
<rneese> so we have to move the patches and setting intothier own are
<rneese> so I have to find out how the apply the pbp patches in correctly
<rneese> the xz file is almost done
<rneese> ok lanefu in the armbian-desktop/output/imges there is a budgie xz file
<rneese> if yo have time to test
<rneese> ./home/rneese/armbian-desktop/output/images/Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Pinebook-pro_focal_current_5.7.19_desktop.img.xz
<rneese> we have to fix the namimg of the files
<rneese> this is a issue
<lanefu> that isnt kernel 5.7.19?
<rneese> it should be
<rneese> I will have to check
<lanefu> anyway thats probably all the testing im gonan do tonight
<rneese> ok
<lanefu> hopefully you adn myy can figure out how to get that stuff merged into master branch
<lanefu> and then you wont have to fiddle to sync up
<rneese> yeah
<rneese> well off to bed tomorrow we start working on desktop mods and building off it
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<Werner> Good morning
<Unit193> Heya.
<VoyagerSpeC> Good evening
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<Werner> Torrents looking good now
<IgorPec> good morning
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<rneese> morning igore
<rneese> IgorPec, so lastnight lanefu booted a dde img on the pine
<rneese> pbp
<rneese> and it worked but now I have to work on learning in the new biuilder how to add patches /mods per board
<rneese> so the builder works and the img loads
<rneese> sofar budgie/xfce/ have been tested
<rneese> and dde
<IgorPec> yes, i saw ... looks very nice
<IgorPec> if we want to produce working images, we need to sync those branches
<rneese> yeah as we need a updated kernel
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<IgorPec> and this is the only way
<rneese> also I need to get some patches in for the pineboard
<IgorPec> we will not fix this branch manually
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> this is only for desktop development
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<rneese> so lookin I see a costum/board/boardname
<rneese> is this where we apply custom changes ?
<IgorPec> i know less then you :)
<rneese> like these
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well I am learning fast
<rneese> but its a bit hard
<IgorPec> but if you plan to add things outside desktop areas
<IgorPec> send MR to master branch
<IgorPec> i already asked myy to merge things - if possible without hours of manual adjustemenbts
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<rneese> well its not done yet with setup but Iw iwll once done
<rneese> trying to figure out board settings now
<rneese> myy is MyyMatrix ?
<rneese> yeah I am reading the page
<rneese> and learnign
<rneese> its a big change to the builder but its going to make it nice
<IgorPec> yeah, just patiance that he can do things without much pressure
<rneese> yeah well thats why I am learning this .once i understand it a bit better it will get easier to do the work
<rneese> and tis was something I wanted back 3 years ago
<rneese> lol
<IgorPec> yeah, it takes time
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<rneese> well the issue was some megalomaniac mane IgorPec was in a mood and wanted nothing to do with changing the desktop at the time
<rneese> lol
<rneese> hehheh
<rneese> just nudging you man
<rneese> thanks for all the work on this thou
<IgorPec> i can't deal with everythinh
<rneese> armbian has become a great arm os
<rneese> ok back to reading
<rneese> and figuring things out
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<rneese> ok IgorPec on the imgs I have built the bootup screen works. ithe shows armbian and the little dot wheel
<IgorPec> yes, that's correct
<IgorPec> nologin: tnx, it seems like a bug
<rneese> ok but when on the img I have for from dl.armbian.com currently dont
<rneese> i like the boot screen
<rneese> btw
<rneese> or it might have been the one based on minimal img where I installed the desktop
<rneese> hmmm
<IgorPec> only desktop images
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> elsewhere is disabled
<rneese> i did put in a request for a file naming fix to add the desktop name into the img file
<rneese> so _desktop.img to become dde_desktop.img
<rneese> so people know what desktop it has
<rneese> still reading over and over till I figure out how to do the 2nd part of the desktop
<rneese> its getting there
<IgorPec> development takes time
<rneese> yes . but its keeping me from going stir crazy ...
<rneese> heheh
<IgorPec> well, patience is must have with things like this
<IgorPec> it can be worse
<IgorPec> putting a pressure on developers can make them go away
<stipa> guys, what's most stable desktop environment for linux?
<nologin> twm ;)
<rneese> lxde
<IgorPec> xfce is just fine
<stipa> wont do graphics, just some chrome browsing with pyautogui...
<IgorPec> which is why we use it, but its not fancy
<nologin> gnome on main desktop, xfce everywhere else (x86/aarch64)
<stipa> I have stuff now in a Windows 10 Virtaul box runing windows server 2019 but my wifi usb interface is crashing after a day or after an hour, I'm going slowly mad. I want to transfer that to stable linux machine.
<stipa> Windows drivers are just CRAP!
<stipa> You know, it works for 2 days and just crashes...
<stipa> sometimes it works for one day, sometimes just for 2 hours
<stipa> hope linux will solve that
<stipa> it should
<stipa> don't need to be fancy, just functional
<stipa> thanks guys!
<archetech> build yer own creation
<archetech> Host: blfs-n2 Kernel: 5.8.12-1-MANJARO-ARM aarch64 bits: 64 Console: tty 0
<archetech> Distro: Linux From Scratch 20201001-systemd
<archetech> fresh out of the oven
<IgorPec> but its manjaro :(
<IgorPec> :)
<archetech> I like a prebuilt kernel
<IgorPec> me too, so i use armbian kernel
<archetech> funny cuz armbian is somebody elses kernel and deb/ubu userland sewn together its not really a distro even
<rneese> all linux are that way
<rneese> armbian is a distro justa like any other distro but geared at arm boards
<archetech> not mine its build from source
<nologin> btw. any improvements on meson audio in 5.8.12?
<rneese> we add patches to make things work lbetter like the u-boot and the device trees
<nologin> i see
<archetech> my audio works fine
<rneese> we have a patch ssytem that patches for over 100 arm/arm64 boards
<archetech> patches dont make it a distro
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<archetech> distros are dev build gnu/linux from source
<nologin> archetech: what sbc?
<rneese> yes it does thats all linux is on each distro a bunch of patches applied to kernel and applications to make them work
<rneese> get real ma
<archetech> not hacked together from diff places
<rneese> n
<rneese> ok explain how you think armbian is not a duistro
<archetech> you might want to ask a debian ubu or arch dev/packager so you know what you're talking about
<rneese> we base our builds on debian and ubuntu but we gear ours to work better then just a default release
<archetech> you sound like a salesman
<rneese> the have kernel patched and uboot patches that make arm boards work 100% better then a default release
<rneese> no infact I am a railroad worker that does computers on spare time
<archetech> ask a developer what it takes to make a distro like one of those 3
<rneese> we patch the performace for arm board and if you dont like it you dont have to use armbian 4
<rneese> I come from real unix backgrond
<rneese> I come from BSD/os 4.4 and freebsd which where areound before linux
<rneese> so get real
<rneese> linux is a kernel with applications wrapped around it
<thebigfrog> rneese: leave him be, you're just feeding the troll
<rneese> so any distro is not a real distro they are all patched the way that distro wants
<archetech> not trolling im giving facts
<archetech> easy to google the definition of a distro
<archetech> vs bs
<archetech> btw Iused armbian deb 11 bullseye to as a host for my lfs build worked well so im not anti armbian
<rneese> Linux distribution - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › wiki › Linux_distribution
<rneese> A Linux distribution (often abbreviated as distro) is an operating system made from a software collection that is based upon the Linux kernel and, often, a package management system. ... The software packages are available online in so-called repositories, which are storage locations usually distributed around the world.
<rneese> EOL
<archetech> ok so does armbian have a package manager no
<rneese> apt is a package manager and so is synapric
<rneese> synaptic/moan
<rneese> wich are in the desktops
<rneese> we have a repo
<archetech> apt pacman etc are part of those distro's
<archetech> avail sep too ofc
<rneese> back to reading almost go a handle on this new change
<IgorPec> manjaro do nothing but add branding
<rneese> custom theaming and some custom patches just like us
<IgorPec> linux from sources = yocto / buildroot but not sure if many people want to go that crazy route
<rneese> theme sorry typo
<archetech> if manjaro isnt a distro then neither is Ubuntu heh
<IgorPec> it is a commercial distro like many others
<archetech> go tell ubu they are just rebranded debian
<IgorPec> they are not just that ofc not
<IgorPec> manjaro is comercialized arch
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<IgorPec> and ubuntu is ...
<archetech> ubu is same thing but deb base
<IgorPec> and manjaro = arch
<archetech> so your logic stinks
<IgorPec> manjaro is rebranded arch or is it something completly different?
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<archetech> manj just reuses arch pkgs is main diff from ubu who makes their own pkgs
<IgorPec> this means manjaro + is lower then ubuntu + compared to their base distro, right?
<rneese> its archlinux with diff desktops and their theme and their patches
<rneese> just like armbian
<archetech> I can see manj being not quite a distro too fwiw
<IgorPec> 90% of distros out there are not even at this level
<archetech> but armbian has no branding decorations etc
<IgorPec> little we have
<archetech> idk why peeps get offended its a matter of a definition not a put down
<rneese> tbh the only real live linux thats out there is slackare which all where born from
<rneese> smile
<IgorPec> people get offended when people compare
<archetech> yeah thats the new kooky sickness in the world wasnt a problem todiscuss differences preferences years ago one knew the difference between an opinion and a definition
<archetech> now its just raaa "I cant think for myself!"
<IgorPec> haha
<IgorPec> very few can
<[TheBug]> They can, they are just not challanged enough to care about doing it a lot of the time. Our world is pretty dumbed down and even the intelligent are bad about taking advantage of it 'because they can'
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<[TheBug]> "If you can get someone else to do all the thinking for you, why spend your energy" kind of thinking
<nekomancer[m]> <IgorPec "nekomancer https://github.com/ar"> Great! will try at night.
<archetech> its called brain washing from too much media propaganda producing tribalistic thought imo
<rneese> its all IgorPec fault for making a great project/distro
<rneese> people are jelous
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<IgorPec> i am just a small part in this
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<archetech> I think "The Armbian Project" is a good accurate title
<archetech> lets call in the ad men!
<IgorPec> haha
<IgorPec> and boost ads allover
<archetech> or The Igor Fusion Project
<archetech> but theyd want free energy I think
<archetech> with every image
<[TheBug]> TAP ? Sounds like a goverment agency of some kind :D
<IgorPec> TAP sounds formal indeed
<[TheBug]> s/goverment/government
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: TAP ? Sounds like a government agency of some kind :D
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<lanefu> IgorPec: meeting this saturday right?
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<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> i am just frantic since didn't do anything regarding this yet :)
<lanefu> wondering if we should discuss demoting some boards to CSC... ex: espressobin
<lanefu> or is that better for forum
<IgorPec> and rock64 :)
<lanefu> yes and rock64
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<IgorPec> i think we can discuss that, yeah. i think we have that on the default plan
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<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> not gonna fix the poor ol Rock64 :p
<[TheBug]> or EBin
<IgorPec> no more support for your new purchase :) LOL
<[TheBug]> geez, just rip my heart out
<lanefu> [TheBug]: its okay i already volunteered you for ebin support
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> actually
<[TheBug]> I am half tempted to start harassing some people at Marvell
<IgorPec> need some emails :)?
<[TheBug]> some of their drivers are just trash for EBin and need some real work
<[TheBug]> been seeing issues with Topaz switch driver where it can't allocate memory and has DMA issues which I think causes weird bitrot issues as well (or it to basically drop data) seen it only a few times but happen even in most recent kernels
<[TheBug]> That said, at least the 5.4, 5.6 kernels I have been using have been stable, not crashing or showing kswapd issues I was seeing in some other images
<IgorPec> ah, their bsp is utter junk
<IgorPec> i think ebin will finally become stable, but also not very interesting
<[TheBug]> well thats more true now with 3k3399
<[TheBug]> er rk3399
<[TheBug]> as I think it is actually a very good replacement for EBin and more performant with m.2 to pcie adapter and sata card
<nekomancer[m]> <rneese "no infact I am a railroad worker"> white or blue collar?
<[TheBug]> but that said
<[TheBug]> I have had good stability now on all v7 EBins
<[TheBug]> with pcie adapter + sata card or just with 4 port sata card in mpcie slot
<[TheBug]> but speeds reduced a good bit from BSP
<[TheBug]> you have a IO drop off of about 30M/sec
<lanefu> my buddy has a lot of pain with his v5.
<lanefu> i feel bad cuz i told him to get one
<[TheBug]> well if he wants to come on irc I will be happy to help him some
<[TheBug]> can tell him come here or join #espressobin there are a few hard core Ebinners there
<[TheBug]> lol
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<rneese> trying to get linux on my thubdrive working here
<rneese> lol
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<Miouyouyou> meese : I'll try to bring the apt sources modification today and the rest this week-end.
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<IgorPec> hey
<IgorPec> i am trying to pool rneese out of your shoulders as much as possible :)
<stipa> khm, khm. I have gotten xfce running on arch linux, but, Fonts aren't the same like in Windows's chrome. Many of the screenshots I made for pyautogui on Windows won't work now on Lnux with xfce. Is there any hack to make chromium on Linux look like Chrome on windows?
<IgorPec> Miouyouyou: how much work is to make it mergable from upstream?
<IgorPec> that we can pull regular fixes in?
<Miouyouyou> A few patches on scripts here and there. However, I'd prefer that every useful feature is implemented before merging, though.
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<IgorPec> ok
<Miouyouyou> I'll try to check the conflicts with the current version of the "armbian-desktop" branch and the master branch.
<Miouyouyou> Well, I'll check that up this week-end, after implementing the two others features.
<Miouyouyou> There's only additional apt sources and the ability to install "recommended" and "suggested" packages for Desktop related packages
<Miouyouyou> For a "complete experience"
<rneese> yes
<rneese> and kernel
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<Miouyouyou> kernel will be dealt by the main branch itself
<IgorPec> exactly
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<IgorPec> if its broken, you can build with FROM_REPOSTIORY
<ArmbianHelper> Miouyouyou thinks IgorPec meant to say: if its broken, you can build with FROM_REPOSITORY
<IgorPec> so you don't build kernel but use prebuilt one
<rneese> ook
<Miouyouyou> Oh, indeed, that should solve the problem
<IgorPec> check docs for exact syntax
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<rneese> ok
<rneese> brb
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<lanefu> rneese: FYI I'm gonna play with fire and upgrade my build server
<IgorPec> REPOSITORY_INSTALL="kernel,armbian-config,armbian-firmware"
<IgorPec> REPOSITORY_INSTALL="u-boot,kernel,armbian-config,armbian-firmware"
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* archetech grabs popcorn
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well go fo it if it breaks we can go from scratch
<archetech> i upgr my ubu 18 couple times not fun
<archetech> its gone now :p
<lanefu> archetech: on x86?
<archetech> on vm
<lanefu> server or desktop?
<lanefu> rneese: your VM won't be upgraded
<lanefu> just its host
<archetech> w/e the armb wiki said 6 months ago
<rneese> ok
<rneese> i thought you where going everything
<rneese> if you break the server side then what
<lanefu> then i have to unfuck it
<archetech> I wouldnt upgrade it id reinstall ubu 20
<rneese> ok so I now confirm the gitkraken issue is on arm64 and not intel
<archetech> and then put builder on that
<rneese> its workign fine on the buntudde I am runnig
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<lanefu> oh I could take a btrfs snapshot before i upgrade
<archetech> lanefu: dont you guys have an ubu focal builder image already to go?
<IgorPec> i just update build server today and its still alive
<lanefu> archetech: maybe as a container
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<IgorPec> it is half done
<archetech> not that a real vm image like for vbox
<IgorPec> we are making docker image but there is no automated mechanism to make use of it
<lanefu> archetech: no vm images
<lanefu> i usually jus tinstall builder stuff via ansible
<IgorPec> speaking on upgrade - will this be enough ?:) https://snipboard.io/qnl8OJ.jpg
<lanefu> lol yeah probably so :P
<IgorPec> for a few build VMs
<lanefu> I like it
<IgorPec> i am not sure if we need 256GB memomory, perhaps 128Gb is enough and perhaps dual CPU with one at this time is a better option
<lanefu> yeah 128GB is plenty.. my server at 256 and I like can barely touch it
<lanefu> builder really doensn't use that much ram to be honest
<lanefu> other than tmpfs
<IgorPec> when i want to rebuild all armbian images 1TB of memory would not be enough :)
<lanefu> haha
<archetech> you can get a threadripper for halfs that
<lanefu> well with that NVME tmpfs becomes a little less important
<lanefu> does threadripper have same amount of cache on chip?
<IgorPec> threadripper is still considered an option
<IgorPec> i think less
<IgorPec> there are less boards to choose from, mainly RGB stuff
<lanefu> man if you're gonna build a server build a server... i hate gamer shit for servers
<IgorPec> exactly. server hardware and ecc memory is must have
<archetech> TR isnt a gamer cpu
<archetech> its a workstation/server cpu
<IgorPec> no, its a desktop CPU
<archetech> well low end server not etpc level
<IgorPec> i would agree there is little dif
<archetech> eypc
<archetech> gigabyte TR40
<archetech> and a 3970x
<IgorPec> it looks like my desktop build :)
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<lanefu> despite my talking trash about desktops... my frankendell is still humming long in teh garage rafters through summer and winter
<lanefu> #badideastartingnow
<lanefu> root@billroyall:/# btrfs subvolume snapshot / /.snapshots/before-focal
<lanefu> Create a snapshot of '/' in '/.snapshots/before-focal'
<lanefu> root@billroyall:/# do-release-upgrade
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> that server ram price is insane
<lanefu> haha
<archetech> 2k for 32GB
<lanefu> well that failed quickly
<lanefu> i forgot it was using my own ubuntu mirror :P
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<lanefu> rneese: btw i think that dde desktop will be great on my N2 which is a little spunkier than the PBP
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well we will still have to work on the mods
<lanefu> anwyay im canceling my server upgrade for now lol
<rneese> ok
<rneese> setting up my usb thumbdrive at the min
<IgorPec> its 8 x 32Gb
<rneese> then we can do a n2 build if you want
<rneese> ?
<rneese> but I need the server name again since on my linux drive
<lanefu> lemme see what port it was
<rneese> I know the port
<rneese> I forgot the name
<lanefu> armbian.lane-fu.com
<lanefu> lol which is totally a different name than last time but its all the same
<rneese> 1 min
<nekomancer[m]> can armbian build for kind of x86 virtualisation? like x64-KVM?
<nekomancer[m]> can be userful for non-hardware related debug and tests, like current desktop works
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: not currently
<rneese> is it odroid-n2 or just n2 for the board flag
<lanefu> i have been wanting to work on a arm64 VM for testing
<lanefu> rneese: odroidn2.. dont worry about it for now
<rneese> ok
<nekomancer[m]> <IgorPec "i am not sure if we need 256GB m"> possible to try to run typical builds on different cpu-memory balanced AWS or Dogital Ocean instances and look what ot bottleneck beore pay for cpu and ram
<lanefu> gord9: any luck with the u-boot stuff?
<gord9> After sleeping on it, I decided to attempt booting from the working sd while flicking the emmc switch from disabled to enabled just before the led changed from red to green. The emmc was able to be detect and install script is currently doing its thing.
<lanefu> nice!
<lanefu> and going forward you should be able to boot from sd as needed
<rneese> I have a to make a dd iimg of my drive and I can wile and reload it with linux
<rneese> time to drop winderz
<stipa> Never tought fonts would be problem betweene oses... What a nightmare.
<stipa> I'm forced to run virtual windows on a linux machine only because of the fonts.
<gord9> is updatimg SPI woth the new uboot worth the while?
<lanefu> stipa: fonts are way better than they used to be on linux
<IgorPec> nekomancer[m]: more ram = more simultaneus image building
<lanefu> a lot of polished distros have good ones
<lanefu> you cant find the ones you need
<stipa> My need is simple.
<stipa> I need that Chromium in Linux looks exactly the same like it looks on Windows.
<lanefu> does chromium on mac look like it does on windows?
<stipa> The "rendering" I think.
<stipa> on mac it is very close.
<stipa> maybe the same
<stipa> but on xfce it's like night and day
<lanefu> yeah that fontset sucks, just liek copyy our windows fonts
<IgorPec> nekomancer[m]: and in case there will be wishes for more desktop variants - and i am sure there will be - this machine will barely be enough
<lanefu> anyway gonna goto auto parts store for axle nut and maybe go for a drive
<rneese> i prefer brave browser
<rneese> just wish they would port it to arm64
<stipa> I'll try to run windows VM on linux, it's my fastest route I think, fonts should look good in VM running windows.
<stipa> wish me luck!
<stipa> HA HA
<archetech> can I umount my /boot partition while the OS is running?
<IgorPec> sure why not
<IgorPec> it has to be mounted at upgrades
<archetech> well the kernel is in there
<IgorPec> kernel loads and then its nothing
<archetech> ah was thinking that too
<archetech> ty
<IgorPec> well, you will need it if you will be installing something since each time initrd is recreated
<IgorPec> which is also there
<archetech> looks like that server is about the going rate
<IgorPec> but you can boot with older one safely ...
<archetech> for that level of perf
<archetech> can bump the ram to 3200 if ya want
<archetech> mhz
<IgorPec> yeah, but this ram is not rated 3200, only 2666 I think
<IgorPec> here prices also bump significantly. this ram is actually cheap
<archetech> yes eu is not us on price why I think its decent deal
<IgorPec> but in us you can usually find things cheaper, especially now
<IgorPec> euro is in better position toward usd
<IgorPec> well, i am not buying this today, just seriously thinking about.
<rneese> well off toget a covid-19 test for surgery
<rneese> this covid-19 crap bneeds to become history
<IgorPec> yeah, around here is also covid frantic
<IgorPec> but less spooky then in 1st wave where we didn't go anywhere
<archetech> fyi 3rd gen epyc cpu's are out soon or out
<[TheBug]> whoa I walk away for a minute and you guys scroll the channel for 2 pages.. woo
<IgorPec> this channels got crazy :)
<IgorPec> lol
<IgorPec> archetech: yeah, i plan to wait for more modest prices, but for this or similar setup
<IgorPec> i would preffer to start with a dual cpu and 1cpu, then purchasing additional one later when pricess drop
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<rneese> man do they try to reach your brain with the test
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<archetech> i dont trust them sounds plain wrong to do that
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<rneese> ok nap time everyone grab you blankies and you cuddles
<rneese> Miouyouyou, you here
<rneese> lanefu, i have a budgie img for the n2
<rneese> if you have time to run a test
<rneese> but we have a build issue until we fix the naming on the output on img files
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<rneese> lanefu, 2 imgs for u budgie and dde
<rneese> when you have time to test
<IgorPec> rneese: you need https://users.armbian.com/
<rneese> yeah so we can post ings for testing
<IgorPec> send me public ssh key
<rneese> now I have to make one on linuz
<rneese> have to rember how with openssh
<rneese> 1 min
<IgorPec> its normal sftp access with a key, nothing special ...
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> also mirrored here - faster download https://minio.k-space.ee/minio/armbian/users/
<rneese> ok let me gen a key
<rneese> something is wrong its not outputting the file
<rneese> ssh-genkey ask me to save
<rneese> i enter everything and it shows a key but not saved to file
<IgorPec> then you have some permission issue or worse
<rneese> where to email it ?
<IgorPec> paste here on private msg
<lanefu> copying images now
<rneese> putty is not loading th key so I have to remember openssh how to
<rneese> whats the user/pass
<rneese> it did not pass the key
<rneese> brb
<rneese> this is where I have to get back to doing linus
<IgorPec> working?
<rneese> trying to lget the command for openssh putty is not passing the key
<IgorPec> ssh will not work
<IgorPec> its sftp only
<rneese> ok I have see if sftp is on the builder
<IgorPec> it must be
<IgorPec> just saying that ssh protocol is disable on server
<IgorPec> you can't login that way
<IgorPec> or rsync
<nekomancer[m]> <rneese "trying to lget the command for o"> use pageant as key agent with putty
<rneese> I mived to a linux desktop
<rneese> brb
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<IgorPec> i have to crash soon.
<rneese> ok
<rneese> crash I will get this I have to chase a puppy that just broke through the screen door
<rneese> brb
<lanefu> rneese: budgie's pretty cool too... file manager seems broken.. could display my home folder or downloads or anything from that top right folder https://snipboard.io/960XGe.jpg
<lanefu> terminal app really seems like its xfce-terminal renamed
<rneese> ok will dig into it
<rneese> but htis is a alpha
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<rneese> so once I put my keys over
<rneese> I can put them up on building
<lanefu> rneese: oh dude no critism here i know its alpha
<lanefu> again super impressed, fired right up
<rneese> cool
<lanefu> my buddy with an N2 is probably gonna tinker check out the images too
<rneese> ok
<Translat-Embedde> where can i find how programming ARM development boards ? for example in websites http://w3.org existing any documentation or informations ?
<rneese> I will get them up on the web in a min
<lanefu> images are posted there
<rneese> ok
<rneese> even the ones i build
<lanefu> i have to copy manually right now
<rneese> ok
<lanefu> but those you just made i put there
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<lanefu> i can cron an rsync i suppose
<rneese> ok
<rneese> we have to get 1 fix in
<rneese> before we do
<rneese> we have to fix file output name
<rneese> to add the desktop_
<rneese> brb
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<rneese> this puppy sitting is going to kill me
<rneese> she is a ball of energy
<rneese> lanefu, ok well let me know what he thiks
<rneese> I am still workingon them
<lanefu> rneese: so with dde, it needs accelerated desktop working for desktop effects... and the multi-desktop/workspace needs acceleration
<lanefu> i assume
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<rneese> its windows key left right for 2nd desktop
<rneese> you can go back and forth
<rneese> I think at min its locked to 2 I have to figure out how to add more
<rneese> I am still learning it
<rneese> i am on the x86 build now checking things to compair
<rneese> the kwin has a bug
<rneese> so the widnows effect does not work correctly
<rneese> they are working to fix it
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