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<rneese> gn
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<rneese> we have a new bug
<Tony_mac32> Hi eth01, I think I can answer this one, we don't support RPi with Armbian, but thanks for the offer. There are a lot of discussions on the forums as to why, some pleasant/civil, some not I'm afraid.
<Tony_mac32> rneese oh?
<rneese> t4
<Tony_mac32> what is it?
<rneese> it seems the bl updated and now its copplaining it can not finr phy
<Tony_mac32> ethernet phy?
<rneese> yes
<Tony_mac32> lovely
<rneese> so now I can not boot
<Tony_mac32> in the last day or so?
<rneese> as of today
<Tony_mac32> hm ok
<rneese> 10 min ago
<Tony_mac32> I noticed I started building 5.8.13 today
<rneese> well now forked
<Tony_mac32> and, a bunch of wifi patches got taken out for being deprecated
<Tony_mac32> can you give me the precise error? I'm working on renegade still but might be able to take a look
<rneese> ok plugged in ether net now it hangs at loading
<rneese> its trying to tftp
<Tony_mac32> u-boot fail
<rneese> yep
<rneese> seems its forked
<rneese> so now I have a borked install
<rneese> will have to build a img tomorroww and see if I can get it back
<Tony_mac32> my favorite bugs are in u-boot (rolls eyes)
<rneese> its says loading t t t t t then fails and reboots
<rneese> so
<rneese> ok gn
<Tony_mac32> later
<rneese> long day had to reload the laptopp
<rneese> its back up and working on linux now and a new ssd
<rneese> so got all the apps I use and steam installed
<rneese> I play Myst Saga
<rneese> Myst/Riven/Exile/+ the other 2
<rneese> ok out
<archetech_arm> Weston desktop on my Rock64 http://ix.io/2zLj
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<nekomancer[m]> poor little rock64
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<Tony_mac32> hahahaha whhaaaat
<archetech_arm> on OpenGL ES 2.0
<archetech_arm> wayland
<nekomancer[m]> archetech_arm: your link have no extension file and bad media type
<archetech_arm> I just looked at it
<archetech_arm> png
<Tony_mac32> yeah it gave me a mess
<Tony_mac32> it is a png but the ix.io is sending txt
<Tony_mac32> �PNG
<Tony_mac32> ���
<nekomancer[m]> chrome shows.
<Tony_mac32> I'm not about that life
<nekomancer[m]> O. at last I see good window title decoration and usable frames. So rare this days.
<Tony_mac32> I have it installed though
<Tony_mac32> cool
<archetech> link renders pefectly on win10 and the rock64
<archetech> check your cleints
<Tony_mac32> lol with Chrome it does
<Tony_mac32> firefox it does not
<Tony_mac32> win10 + firefox = nope
<archetech> win10 edge
<Tony_mac32> what is edge? oh, it's chrome
<Tony_mac32> :D
<archetech> rock64 falkon both work
<nekomancer[m]> server tells it "text/plain". firefox work as it should.
<archetech> look how sharp it is
<Tony_mac32> I'm trying to figure out the clock source for the renegade DMC so I know what valid frequencies are
<archetech> on a mali450 even
<Tony_mac32> and archetech, that looks goo
<Tony_mac32> good*
<Tony_mac32> ugh
<Tony_mac32> unlike my typing
<archetech> yeah the renegade why not foucus on the rock64 config its much more popular board
<Tony_mac32> it's 3 boards
<Tony_mac32> and the Renegade has better RAM
<archetech> v1 can be ignored
<archetech> noticably better ram no way
<nekomancer[m]> archetech: I like your desktop
<archetech> technically ok
<archetech> ty neko itsa bad azz little desktop
<archetech> easy too just use arch wiki weston setup
<Tony_mac32> memcpy is 230 MB/s faster, memset is 1700 MB/s faster
<Tony_mac32> assuming the damned DMC is working XD
<archetech> thats not due to faster ram thast cuz its got a decent config
<Tony_mac32> ddr4 is a PITA on rockchip
<nekomancer[m]> youtube video?
<nekomancer[m]> windows dragging-resizing, content csrolling?
<Tony_mac32> the Rock64 is lpddr3, the renegade is ddr4
<nekomancer[m]> cursor over video, over scrolling text?
<archetech> neko build it and see
<nekomancer[m]> what to checkout?
<archetech> easy too just use arch wiki weston setup
<nekomancer[m]> isn't it an armbian?
<archetech> mines on arch arm
<archetech> armbian should produce the same
<archetech> cept my arch has mesa-git 20.3
<archetech> apt install weston xorg-xwayland etc
<archetech> Tony_mac32, run John McCalpin's stream memory bandwidth benchmark.
<archetech> bet they dont differ that much
<archetech> I said this was the problem back when I got the rock64
<archetech> some % exhibit this
<Tony_mac32> ugh lovely
<archetech> get it straight add it back to supported :)
<archetech> I will test
<Tony_mac32> I have a feeling it isn't the RAM's fault there either, the drivers don't seem very robust
<archetech> its not the ram its the config as ive said since jan 2020
<archetech> uboot-dtb etc
<Tony_mac32> it's the binary blob from rockchip
<Tony_mac32> most likely
<archetech> Does anyone know how to make uboot files which initialize the memory at 600 or 666 MHz?
<Tony_mac32> I changed that on Renegade today and it quit crashing, but I still have strange benchmarks from tinymembench
<archetech> thats the posters last question im really happy somebody confirmed my hypothosis
<Tony_mac32> I think you'd need to talk to someone who knows how to patch the binaries
<Tony_mac32> so a couple things can cause this, including (drumroll) crappy routing of the board
<Tony_mac32> but I know the rockchip blobs are not fantastic
<archetech> ur right its the rockchip devs uboot blobs
<archetech> but it seems this guy is onto it
<Tony_mac32> the renegade runs the ram at 933, I'd like to see if I can push the 1066 it can theoretically do with the RK3328
<archetech> 933 is probly optimal
<archetech> for 3328
<archetech> since cpu is max 1296
<archetech> and poss 666mhz being best not 933
<archetech> given the segfaulting
<archetech> id be happy at this guys 400 in the graph if it compiles right
<Tony_mac32> I changed u-boot on the renegade with 0 issues to mainline, should try rock64 next
<Tony_mac32> clean up the build script by tossing out extra junk
<archetech> yes! pls
<Tony_mac32> includes newer rockchip blobs
<archetech> lemme know if want me to do anything
<Tony_mac32> I have a V1 and a V3, so once those work, we'll test "The V2"
<Tony_mac32> :D
<archetech> besides burn an image ;p
<Tony_mac32> you certainly have the unique board, so you're the corner test case
<archetech> I have the board that whole thread and others are about
<archetech> i e not a corner case
<archetech> seems alot of them went out not just a few
<archetech> I think the bug bought same as mine v2 recon sentinel
<archetech> for $8
<archetech> bottom line any owner with an orig receipt should get a warr replacement to solve the issue
<archetech> not goofin with all this blob stuff
<Tony_mac32> someone just tweeted about those recon sentinels today, expecting another rash of unhapiness any day
<archetech> lol
<archetech> one buyer gets defrauded another gets a tuxracer toy
<archetech> roll the dice
<Tony_mac32> for ddr4 at least, if I could figure out the values in there. I know one, which confirms my math
<Tony_mac32> 333
<Tony_mac32> gotta grab the driver and see what's in there
<archetech> pine thread says precisely what to do for rock64 uboot at 400Mhz all thats needed afaict
<archetech> last post has a blob for 600
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<Tony_mac32> had to kill the 1056MHz opp though
<Tony_mac32> there is a newer BL31 that claims to fix some timing issues with DDR4, might try it tomorrow, that will need a review from the master of Rockchip64
<IgorPec> so i wait with the image rebuild?
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<rneese> morning
<rneese> IgorPec, the latest update for the T4 screwed the bl
<rneese> not my t4 trie dto load the ehter net and if not plugged in it fails
<rneese> then it gets to loadiing and just says t t t t tt and fails to load
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<rneese> jira worked lastnight now today its sayiing something went wrong and wont let me log in
<rneese> IgorPec, i fixed the missing appsgroup dir where you set the apps to be installed for bulleye
<rneese> you have to edit the appsgroup/subdir/packages toset packages and any editra parts
<rneese> just have to have the changes merger
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<rneese> Miouyouyou, update pushed
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<rneese> Miouyouyou, 1 more done
<rneese> I added the edtra desktops for testing
<rneese> on bullseye
<rneese> fixed in all the desktops
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<rneese> lanfu I need the buildserver name again
<rneese> lol
<rneese> lanfu nm I go it
<rneese> quiet this am
* lanefu works for a livin
<lanefu> the nort americans are quiet in the daytime.. the europeans usually seem to chime in early then evening.. so midday for them
<rneese> ahhh
<rneese> 10 am here so yeah
* lanefu usually knows its time to goto bed when Werner starts chiming in
<rneese> lol
<rneese> well my dde desktop got screwed up lastnight
<rneese> the new bl update forked it
<lanefu> bl?
<rneese> bl=bootloader
<lanefu> oh
<rneese> uboot strikes again
<rneese> its trying to tftp boot
<lanefu> it should fail and move on. do you have a a PXE boot DHCP value being pushed?
<rneese> so I am going to have to reload
<rneese> its now
<rneese> it gets to loading and does T T T T T T T and fails
<lanefu> womp
<Werner> Good day
<Werner> Just went back from work and gym
<rneese> werner is here run
<Werner> and if you come back bring something to eat :P
<rneese> lol
<rneese> where to upload iimgs of whats happening
<rneese> ?
<Werner> ?
<rneese> new BL as of last night on T4
<Werner> snipboard.io is pretty nice
<rneese> man I am liking ubuntudde remix alot
<rneese> my lptophas never worked so well even the touchscreen
<rneese> so long windows
<rneese> got steam installed lastnight so I can pplay myst
<rneese> ok break bbia
<Werner> lanefu
<lanefu> Werner: yo
<Werner> I got the script done. Check the docs repository
<rneese> ?
<rneese> what script
<rneese> what we scripting now
<lanefu> rneese: deep breaths
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<lanefu> Werner: awesome so just need me to iron how pushing hte document?
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<Werner> Needs somebody to know how to edit videos ^^
<Werner> Just looking for feedback
<lanefu> probably worth soliciting on forum?
<Werner> Dont know
<rneese> if you dont know and lanfu dont know then who knows
<rneese> geesh
<rneese> lol
<Werner> Maybe IgorPec knows :P
<IgorPec> make video with NicoD
<IgorPec> together
<IgorPec> he is in this
<IgorPec> and i also asked him to help
<lanefu> we should have video of igor talking, but dub it over with NicoD's voice
<IgorPec> i can do talking but its EE accent
<IgorPec> also Nico has strong germanic type of accent
<IgorPec> we could also hire someone, this is fairly cheap
<lanefu> i was just joking
<Werner> Maybe I do some testing to record it on my own and give it to nico for processing
<lanefu> yeah.. i've got plenty of recoding gear if we realy do need a voice over
<[TheBug]> lol
<lanefu> but whatever we do will be fine
<[TheBug]> We should use cameo.com and get some famous actor to do it ;p
<[TheBug]> or whatever that site is
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> (joking)
<[TheBug]> but would be awesome to have Arnold Schwareneger do it ;p
<[TheBug]> lol
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<Werner> At the end of the video "I'll be back" ^^
<[TheBug]> :D see your getting the idea
<[TheBug]> should make some halarious script ;p
<Werner> I guess using some deep learning AI to fake his voice is cheaper than getting the original ^^
<lanefu> Arnold just saying "Armbian" would be pretty good
<[TheBug]> LOL
<lanefu> "Install Armbina on your tiny computer"
<[TheBug]> "Get Armbian, I'll be back!"
<Werner> ...in a few minutes and teach you how to use it"
<ArmbianHelper> .in a few minutes and teach you how to use it" [en~>eng]
<IgorPec> i am open for any experiment :)
<IgorPec> can't get you Arnold :(
<IgorPec> but we could ask TJJoe?
* IgorPec goes shopping grocerie
<Werner> I need some practive but I think I can do that
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<ArmbianTwitter> @MechReport (Mech Report): WLAN Pi 2.0, Now Built on Armbian, Turns Your Raspberry Pi Into a Network Performance Analyzer https://t.co/dg6czaH2Jh #Networking #DIY #WLAN #RaspberryPi (6s ago)
<Werner> Erm...nope?
<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @MechReport Interesting. Armbian does not support RaspberryPi devices... (27s ago)
<lanefu> Karmbian supports Rpi :P
<rneese> sorry to say we are moving armbian to the amd64 platform only
<rneese> all arm devices must be forfitted
<rneese> lol
<rneese> jk
<lanefu> x86 is the new counter-culture archetecture
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<rneese> put down my eyes now cannot find them
<lanefu> so likes lyrics to a bad metalica song
<rneese> lol had to enlarge the txt to read
<rneese> man etcher on linux is nice
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<lanefu> yeah i use it on my mac
<lanefu> its definietly easy
<[TheBug]> easy mac
<ArmbianTwitter> @ezeaqui (Eze Garcia): @Poddingue @kieranbingham @A13_technology @armbian Could you share your encoding pain points? (18s ago)
<rneese> well other then the work I did dde it seems the dde 20.x will not have lts support they are moving to 20.10 as their base
<rneese> well I just got screwed on the dde desktop
<lanefu> IgorPec: lol I listened to that episdoe when it came out, but he never did anymore
<IgorPec> yeah, sadly
<IgorPec> i see we can merge Rpi into the build tools :)
<rneese> so the dde we are running it seems is 15.11 not the new v20
<IgorPec> probably better to stick to latest stable?
<rneese> and they say the v20 will only support debian bulleye and ubuntu 20.10
<IgorPec> we don't need to rush with that ... we need armbian styling
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well we will work on styling but it changes in v20
<rneese> so
<IgorPec> most of the styling usually doesn't change
<rneese> it seems they are doing a najor rewrite on the pkgs on v20
<rneese> from what I am being told but this still as a dde desktop is nice
<rneese> so I guess we work with it
<IgorPec> yeah, i would worry about that nowe
<IgorPec> now
<IgorPec> not
<rneese> ok
<rneese> so we will work with current wich will get bug fixes
<IgorPec> all desktop variants we will choose to support - have to work hassle free
<rneese> but will not get the full v20 update
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> v20 is half a year away?
<IgorPec> more?
<rneese> they say with in the next 2 to 3 months is the goal
<IgorPec> half a year then ;)
<rneese> yeah
<IgorPec> forget about that for now
<rneese> ok I will just work on the 15.11 and polishing it for use
<rneese> then budgie/lxde/lxqt
<IgorPec> yep
<rneese> ok
<rneese> I still like the look of 15.11 so its not a bad choice for a desktop
<rneese> dde 15.11 that is
<rneese> deepin release v20
<rneese> its out
<rneese> iths the ubuntudde-remix that is not supporting 20.04
<rneese> ok
<rneese> back to work on polishing a turd
<rneese> sorry just a bit mad
<rneese> the new look and it is a major rewrite
<rneese> but looks nice
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<ArmbianTwitter> @NicoD99364191 (NicoD): What is #Armbian? Focal/Bionic/Bullseye/Buster? What's Legacy kernel VS mainline? https://t.co/N6BsatdSki via @YouTube (18s ago)
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<lanefu> LOL NicoD works fast
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<IgorPec> Werner put out an idea in the morning, Nico had a movie in the afternoon :)
<lanefu> haha yeah that was super quick turnaround
<IgorPec> watching the video ... its something else
<IgorPec> so we have more great content!
<IgorPec> werner idea is about general welcome video
<IgorPec> how to start etc.
<lanefu> yeah makes sense
<[TheBug]> c'mon you know we need an video of you Igor indroducing things ;D
<lanefu> maybe ETAprime would do one
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> tell him to send over some spare board while your at it
<[TheBug]> ahah
<IgorPec> nicod already wented to have an interview at fosedem two years ago
<IgorPec> but we couldnt meet
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<lanefu> thats a shame
<lanefu> and now covid ruins eveerythin
<IgorPec> yeah, now it will be difficult
<IgorPec> but we will need to make some online events
<archetech> [TheBug], any probs with your rock64's?
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> This was my take from reviewing it the other night: https://paste.ee/p/3tAEE
<[TheBug]> at least what I left in my notes
<[TheBug]> but depends what your goal is
<[TheBug]> if you just want a headless board to do some stuff in the background
<[TheBug]> its not too hateful
<[TheBug]> you want something with VPU access.. not gonna be the boad for you
<[TheBug]> need something with graphical access.. will be okay as long as you don't push your luck trying to do video playback as it seems to make stuff unstable
<[TheBug]> and sometimes will glitch and cause a freeze
<archetech> its the ram speeds
<[TheBug]> past of the issue seemed to be around 1GB of ram and swapping
<[TheBug]> part*
<archetech> set in uboot/blobs
<archetech> try to compile cmake or even ninja -j4
<[TheBug]> If you got the board for using Android, it seems would be a good candidate but they only put out Android TV versions which are halfway useless as it limits what prorgams you can get from the paly store to start and then even worse when they produced the SDK they never certified it with Google so there is no device reference for the board on play store so you get even less compatability.
<archetech> dont care bout all that here just compiling cuz if thats vrap so is all else
<archetech> crap
<[TheBug]> I honestly didn't attempt any compiling on the board it's self
<[TheBug]> most of my testing was very general
<archetech> lemme know when ya do
<[TheBug]> and a pprtion of it was finding out how horible the versions that do support VPU were ported -- since it seems they used basically the kernel and blob from android to pull it off which was even more unstable.
<[TheBug]> s/pprtion/portion
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: and a portion of it was finding out how horible the versions that do support VPU were ported -- since it seems they used basically the kernel and blob from android to pull it off which was even more unstable.
<[TheBug]> Right now it is currently booted running Android 8.1 I think cause I was testing that last
<[TheBug]> but I will write emmc again with Linux I guess
<[TheBug]> do you have any specific thin you would want me to test compiling there?
<archetech> try to compile cmake or even ninja -j4
<[TheBug]> if you have something to try out maybe pastebin and leave it in a PM and I can test
<archetech> just some random pkg at -j4
<[TheBug]> was thinking more like a repeatable set of steps thats you have tried that you would want the outcome from when replicated on a different board?
<[TheBug]> was it just freezing or ?
<archetech> \you'll see
<[TheBug]> well I know it wasn't clocking up to full speed when I was testing only hitting 1.3Ghz in all the images
<[TheBug]> Also did you use emmc?
<[TheBug]> will that taint the results if I do?
<archetech> see pine forum for the segfault thread
<archetech> use any storage ya want
<[TheBug]> does version of board have an impact? I got v2
<[TheBug]> my understanding is those who ordered got various versions
<archetech> v2
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<[TheBug]> hmm general research shows that yeah its something with clocking of memory right? Some have showed downclocking memory to 333Mhz or similar resolved that issue, did you try that?
<[TheBug]> also, what cooling solution were you using
<[TheBug]> I have an actual heatsink and fan on it
<[TheBug]> and it covers both SoC and memory chip
<[TheBug]> I see other people say cooling could also be involved with that behavior
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @NicoD99364191: What is #Armbian? Focal/Bionic/Bullseye/Buster? What's Legacy kernel VS mainline? https://t.co/N6BsatdSki via @YouTube (21s ago)
<archetech> just a fan is enough
<archetech> told tony he's on it soon he said
<archetech> but he has no v2
<archetech> im just curious to see how widespread this v2 junk is
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<IgorPec> i got one :)
<IgorPec> also v1 and v3
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