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<lanefu> flyback: yeah thats normal
<badCRC> lanefu: thanks! i've found /usr/lib/armbian-firstboot ... let me have a look at userpatches/customize_image.sh
<badCRC> are there plans to also menuconfig u-boot?
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<lanefu> badCRC: Nothing on the roadmap thati know of. it's hard enough just getting boards to mainline u-boot as is, but POCs and discussion on forum etc are welcome
<lanefu> are you talking about using uEFI?
<lanefu> or what is menuconfig
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<badCRC> lanefu: i would like to strip down u-boot ... remove some commands and so on. but i completely agree ... it's hard enough to get u-boot running on a new board
<badCRC> big thanks to you all. i'm new to armbian but i'm deeply impressed, it's amazing!
<lanefu> badCRC: yeah i'm glad you "get it" it's a big tool with a lot of moving targets, but really normalizes a lot of things
<flyback> well..........
<flyback> lost rootfs
<lanefu> ..and it's fairly customizable if you put a little energy into understand the framework
<ArmbianHelper> and it's fairly customizable if you put a little energy into understand the framework [en~>eng]
<flyback> reboot fixed it but ick
<lanefu> flyback: "lost" how?
<flyback> ext4 blah blah blah error blah blah not found
<flyback> blah blah
<lanefu> while it was running?
<flyback> yep
<lanefu> do you have a shitty SD card?
<flyback> it's possible I bumped it or something
<flyback> no it's a good sandisk
<lanefu> hmm
<flyback> but I had problems with the socket it broke for a while then fixed itself
<lanefu> okay... so occams razor says... sdcard connection
<lanefu> :P
<flyback> ext4_find_extry errors
<nekomancer[m]> what's mean `CANUCKED`?
* lanefu also curious and surpresses stange brew references
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> Canadian flavor of redneck engineering i guess
* flyback drags A CANADIAN against the sd card
<flyback> ill get a industral sd eventuallt
<flyback> once I am sure this thing is going to work
<flyback> heatsink and case also
<lanefu> engineered by derevenshchina
<lanefu> flyback: orangepi plus2e might be a nice option for you as well
<lanefu> has 16gig onboard eMMC storage
<lanefu> 2 gig ram
<lanefu> same CPU
<nekomancer[m]> thank you, flyback
<lanefu> specfically plus2e, not to be confused iwth plus2, etc
<flyback> this is going to be fun for spyserver
<flyback> fine
<flyback> it works over wifi too just tested
<nekomancer[m]> with buffering?
<flyback> nope
<flyback> it's only 500KB/sec
<flyback> spyserver is very efficient
* flyback headangs to der kommisar
<nekomancer[m]> but what if some jamming, or access point power outage
<flyback> yeah it would stop but it's not a big deal this is a sdr radio module
<flyback> I am going to make a ups for it though
<flyback> mabye just with a supercap
<flyback> or a usb battery and a relay
<flyback> or mosfet
<flyback> nekomancer[m], my antenna is in the garage
<flyback> so spyserver will beam the partially processed radio signals over wifi to my house
<flyback> where pc's in my house can pickup stream and decode
<nekomancer[m]> and data loss when you reboot your home computer
<flyback> nekomancer[m], uh
<flyback> how would that happen
<flyback> what the canuck are you smoking
<flyback> the orange pi is beaming the output from a shortwave like sdr receiver signal
<flyback> to pc;s on my lan
<flyback> there's no storage involved at all
<nekomancer[m]> and while pc does reboot?
<flyback> it's rf radio stuff
<flyback> uh
<flyback> you would miss that part of the broadcast
<flyback> that's all
<flyback> just like going the bathroom during a tv show
<nekomancer[m]> main and juicy part!
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<Tony_mac32> no doom on the renegade running the ddr4 at 1056 MHz
<Tony_mac32> I don't think the RAM or the SoC could handle 1.21
<flyback> boo
<flyback> they have doom running on a camera
<flyback> doom runs on anything
<Tony_mac32> rofl
<Tony_mac32> it's amazing what some well-written software can do on devices made to scale with increasingly poorly written software...
<Tony_mac32> ROFL when you said digital camera I did not expect a floppy drive one
<Tony_mac32> oh I mis spoke, this one does CF
<Tony_mac32> ROFL
<flyback> heh
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<Tony_mac32> Wife couldn't sell old microwave. Time to make a tesla tree
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<comrade> hey is there anything in Armbian that minimizes disk writes to increase the longevity of SD/flash cards?
<comrade> i briefly read somewhere that Raspbian had this, but i can't find the reference now
<ArmbianTwitter> @kobol_io (Kobol Innovations): @BrodersORG Seems to be SDcard issue (bad contact). Please report your issue on the following forum thread : https://t.co/OhgJPSHJLi (28s ago)
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<Tony_mac32> hi comrade, yes
<comrade> Tony_mac32: thanks for the quick response; any more details on the exact optimization? is /var/log redirected to RAM storage or something like that?
<comrade> fs atime disabled?
<Tony_mac32> ramlog, and a periodic sync
<Tony_mac32> now I don't get into those specifics too much, I just know they exist
<Tony_mac32> My playground is a little more hardware-oriented
<comrade> thanks
<comrade> and what do you mean by "my playground is more hw-oriented"; what do you work on? (just curious)
<Tony_mac32> I'm an EE by trade, here I mostly try to keep the device trees/drivers/lower level parts working
<Tony_mac32> the awesome userspace optimizations are taken care of by others
<comrade> and also, debian armhf/aarch64 (or arm64 is the more common term?) do *not* implement these flash-card-longevity-saving optimizations, right?
<Tony_mac32> correct, the generic ones do not
<comrade> thanks
<Tony_mac32> lanefu I snuck the dram clock up to 1068 MHz since this is a ddr4 board, so far looks good. The irq latency error I saw appears unrelated to the ram, some discussion I was presented with a patch attempting to correct it for completely other reasons
<Tony_mac32> comrade, neither did Teslas ;-)
<comrade> we talking about the Serb or the South African now?
<Tony_mac32> the incredibly poor quality EV maker
<Tony_mac32> who focuses on how shiny it is and has a cult following
<comrade> sadly that's a requirement to be able to sell anything in today's world of a dumb consumerism
<comrade> i can't say i am convinced that EVs are the logical conclusion of personal vehicles
<comrade> have we reached Peak Oil yet? over it?
<comrade> is it really a fossil fuel or is the Earth a giant centrifuge that continuously replenishes oil underground?
<comrade> at the end of the day you need a dense, cheap to extract source of energy
<Tony_mac32> lol yes, and I'm not sure either concerning EV's
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<Tony_mac32> Good Morning Werner
<Werner> Morning Tony
<Tony_mac32> getting ready to make a PR for the fastest Renegade kernel yet. XD
<Werner> \o/
<Tony_mac32> I want us to test the crap out of it for stability, but I was just running BOINC and a full-screen youtube video (smooth enough to watch, actually, but certainly not perfect) for over an hour with no issues
<Tony_mac32> the vendor kernel opps aren't possible with the mainline clocks (how? don't know), so I have the "performance" clock set to 1068 MHz
<Tony_mac32> so DDR4-2136 XD
<Werner> This is something we call here Böhmische Dörfer für mich :P
<Werner> Or "
<Werner> It's all Greek to me." ^^
<Tony_mac32> haha
<Tony_mac32> well, tkaiser's complaint was well founded, when we changed u-boot the board was using 333 MHz ram clock
<Tony_mac32> so epic slow
<Tony_mac32> the driver Piter added should have worked except we had a regulator set too low for the fast speed, and the dram signal delays (from the lengths of the traces from the SoC to the RAM) were wrong
<Tony_mac32> I hope I fixed all of the above
<Werner> There is only one way to find out
<Werner> Thomas dug really deep into stuff. Almost nobody does that
<Tony_mac32> it's running on mine so far. The true test is to submit the PR and tag tkaiser
<Tony_mac32> and wait to be mocked
<Tony_mac32> :D
<Tony_mac32> well, if I understood correctly he actually supported products running armbian
<Tony_mac32> but yeah, his depth of knowledge is almost extreme
<Werner> Its a bummer that he disagreed with the direction armbian goes not to ditch stone-age boards. Well that is my knowledge about the story at least.
<Tony_mac32> well, adopting too many random ones and never properly supporting them. Unfortunately Renegade is one such
<Tony_mac32> however Rockchip and Firefly did not help anyone
<Werner> a mixed blessing
<Tony_mac32> standard memcpy : 1690.2 MB/s (2.9%)
<Tony_mac32> standard memset : 6203.7 MB/s (3.6%
<Werner> add some frustration about lacking support of the vendors and here we are.
<Tony_mac32> the rk3328 was unfortunately a terribly supported processor from Rockchip until very recently, and even now it's not as good as RK3288 or RK3399 support wise
<Tony_mac32> and Rockchip's vendor kernel is 4.4
<Tony_mac32> getting a little crusty
<Werner> ayufan branch?
<Tony_mac32> Rockchip official
<Werner> Do they at least update to mainstream or neglect too?
<Tony_mac32> Ayufan is a tweaked fork of it to handle the oddities that make up the Rock64
<Tony_mac32> there are Rockchip contributions to mainline, I've seen a recent increase actually
<Tony_mac32> I found these ram parameters in a firefly repo, but I didn't trust it because the thing was a mess, so I downloaded the 4 GB BSP, and found the same mess XD
<Tony_mac32> it gave me "close enough" to the right parameters it looks like
<Werner> I wished balbes would give a bit more feedback about the tv boxes plan moving to clubs...
<Werner> balbes150: Please give some feedback :P
<ArmbianHelper> Пожалуйста, оставьте отзыв: P [en~>ru]
<Werner> lanefu, there you go :P
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @A13_technology Checked on and around https://t.co/93plniLUPz ? (10s ago)
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<pavelbian> Hello. I have a cubox i4 mini pc. I tried to use both armbian buster and armbian focal, but the perfomance is really painfull. Why does the system use llvmpipe instead of vivante open source drivers? Is there any way to fix that?
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<lanefu> Werner: that's so awsome!
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* nologin just fired up his first crt monitor 14" after it's been sitting in the basement for quarter of century
<buZz> nice, still works? :)
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<nologin> buZz: it ended up in the basement because it wasn't working, so i took it to the only repair shop in town i could find still does crt and the guy revived it
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<nologin> it is amusing how small monitors we've been using and how quickly we've become acustomed to flat screens
<nologin> looking at it i can't believe how "round" the screen is
<buZz> nologin: CRTs have their place though, like when you often run different resolutions fullscreen
<nologin> buZz: games! no input lag on the crt
<buZz> nologin: oh that aswell
<buZz> the wii gamers at our hackerspace keep using the 16:9 CRT i dumpsterdived
<nologin> i would love to get my hands on good crt tv myself for retro console use
<buZz> check out the regional giveawayshops
<nologin> i'm in europe, no giveawayshops here
<buZz> i'm in europe , giveawayshops here
<buZz> they just dont advertize ;)
<buZz> i live in a (eco-aware) small city of 30000 inhabitants, 3 of em here
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<nekomancer[m]> What the city?
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<nologin> buZz: i should have said "no giveawayshops where i live" :)
<nologin> buZz: people give things away via a site like craigslist
<buZz> many/most dont have physical locations
<buZz> and often the 'giving away for free' includes you manually carrying it from 5th floor with no elevator :D
<[TheBug]> nologin: if you are in US he is refering to Good Will
<buZz> something thats -hard- to do with 30" CRTs :P
<buZz> [TheBug]: no, lol
<buZz> thats a commercial shop
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<nologin> buZz: exactly
<buZz> i'm talking about 0 money 'shopping'
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<[TheBug]> you say commerical I think you mean donation, cause things are usually comically inexpensive.. but I get your point
<buZz> no
<buZz> zero donation zero money involved
<nologin> still, no such 'shops' here, east europe isn't called 'eastern' for no reason ;)
<buZz> because you speak asian? :D
<nologin> rusian more likely, lol
<buZz> :P
<nekomancer[m]> why packages like that `linux-headers-current-meson/focal 20.08.6 armhf` are binary-dependable? I mean `armhf`, not one for arm64 and armhf?
<lanefu> because they are headers for a binary-dependable kernel?
<buZz> the armhf or arm64 kernels might have been patched by your distro (very likely)
<buZz> which could mean the headers arent compatible amongst them
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<nekomancer[m]> ah, there meson64 for arm64
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<IgorPec> Tony_mac32: no renegade here :(
<IgorPec> pavelbian: i don't understand the question very well but proably is possible to fix. We just don't have any maintainers for imx6
<IgorPec> we only test basic functionality
<[TheBug]> lol, if you wanted someone else with one to test then you should have said yes the other day when I asked if I should order one -- lol, it would already be here :Z
<nekomancer[m]> why linux-source packets have references both to armbian and kernel versions `linux-source-5.8.13-current-meson64/focal,focal 5.8.13-current-meson64+20.08.6 all` but linux-headers `linux-headers-current-meson64/focal,now 20.08.6 arm64 [installed]` only armbian but not kernel?
<Tony_mac32> OK, I'll build a minimal image and host it for lvrp16 to look at, next item on Renegade is sound.
<nekomancer[m]> seems kernel version reference is more relation to kernel that armbian?
<nekomancer[m]> ir I miss something?
<Tony_mac32> Igorpec the other thing is finding the 1400 MHz opp details from the vendor kernels, we have 200 MHz spacing between opps until the 1200-1300 one (rounded numbers), then jump 200 again for the OC point.
<Tony_mac32> I think having 100 on the OC's would be better for board variation purposes if users choose to use them
<Tony_mac32> ah, and to test rneese image with the updated device tree :)
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<flyback> im dippping below 50C once in a while
<flyback> so armbian + latest updates = still working
<Tony_mac32> I hit 85 diromg benchmarking
<Tony_mac32> during* wow
<flyback> the only glitch so far wss the loss of sd/root
<Tony_mac32> yeah that'sa weird one, but you said you hada a suspect SD socket
<flyback> one time and one time befoe this many weeks ago which I think were just random socket glitches
<flyback> well the eject mechanim died but then it went back together and not giving me trouble since
<flyback> it's possible the card got bumped against the laptop
<flyback> when it happen yesterday so it'a probaby fine and not a issue
<Tony_mac32> I smoked a couple boards because of too much electronics debris in my worspace. :(
<flyback> the only other possible thing is it's wifi is a sdio bus
<flyback> so it's probably on the same sdio as the sd card
<Tony_mac32> no, it would be different
<Tony_mac32> I've never seen them shared, let me say
<flyback> ok
<flyback> well im not going to worry about it for now
<flyback> next thing I need to do is figure out how to make armbian 20 work and then get a heatsink, case and long antenna for wifi for in the garage
<flyback> work bbl
<Tony_mac32> I'm on lunch :)
<flyback> also have to figure out best way to drive a ir signal for activating the antenna rotator
<Tony_mac32> why IR?
<flyback> might be better doing that from the esp32 I plan to use as a remote console/remote power cycle/ups monitor
<flyback> well just infrared its not even modulated
<flyback> cause it had a remote control
<flyback> to move the antenna
<Tony_mac32> ah ok
<Tony_mac32> interfacing to existing thing
<flyback> yep
<flyback> else I would do it direct or something
<flyback> bbl
<pavelbian> IgorPec: well, on cubox armbian uses llvmpipe and there's no gpu acceleration at all. I wonder if there is a way to fix that
<pavelbian> Actually I cannot find any modern distro that uses etnaviv/armada gpu stack
<[TheBug]> sounds about right for Marvell
<[TheBug]> suprised there is even an image with it working to begin with :Z
<[TheBug]> I assume by your reference there is likely an ancient BSP that supports it, if so, my bet would be it hasn't been ported to mainline so probably only way to get GPU access their would be to use the BSP I would guess
<pavelbian> Well
<pavelbian> I am currently running that ancient BSP on my own debian-based system
<[TheBug]> probably either a 3.x or 4.x bernel with driver blobs
<pavelbian> 4.x
<pavelbian> However, there are references on the web that etnaviv is working good on imx6 with mainline kernel. I guess it's lack of appropriate packages in Debian that causes the issue
<[TheBug]> Yeah AMrvell decided they didn't care much about helping to mainline there stuff after the 4.x kernel series and doesn't really even update their drivers well, so the chance your gonna see some way to implement GPU in mainline or a newer kernel isn't very likely
<[TheBug]> ahh
<[TheBug]> imx6
<[TheBug]> well
<[TheBug]> then there might be, sorry I didn't realize that was what you were disdcussing based on the armada reference
<[TheBug]> I didn't read far enough up
<pavelbian> Well, I have cubox in my very first message. My bad, I should make it more clear
<pavelbian> So there is no active maintainer for imx6 boards, right?
<[TheBug]> though maybe seems some special paid images
<[TheBug]> but they at least promise support in mainline
<[TheBug]> sorry, not seeing a cost but you do have to register there is sems
<[TheBug]> seems*
<[TheBug]> pavelbian: was also my fault, I didn't read in much detail and was assuming based on key words there, so my bad as weell
<pavelbian> Even if the image was free to download, I would prefer to know the way how to build it, but not the image itself
<[TheBug]> maybe e-mail them and ask?
<[TheBug]> if image is free maybe information would be as well
<pavelbian> I think I will try building armada xorg driver myself and see
<[TheBug]> ohh
<[TheBug]> pavelbian
<[TheBug]> look at the very bottom of that page
<[TheBug]> !!
<[TheBug]> One uses Armada graphics driver for xorg via etnadrm:
<pavelbian> Yeah
<pavelbian> I have seen that
<pavelbian> I was wondering if there are prebuilt packages in armbian
<[TheBug]> no
<pavelbian> I will try building it from git tommorow and see
<[TheBug]> and generally there won't be as GPU accel is last thing we really tackle
<pavelbian> I have already tried modesetting driver
<pavelbian> It crashed xorg
<[TheBug]> especially since a lot of them require firmware blobs and we tend to keep towards open source
<pavelbian> Etnaviv can run without blobs as far as I can see
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<pavelbian> So I will probably try to upstream it to armbian repo once I manage running it
<pavelbian> By the way, thanks for a great work on pinebook pro. It works awesome and feels solid and well-done
<[TheBug]> well then I would say maybe talk with IgorPec, see when he has time and maybe make some type of donation to cover some of the time that would be spent on working on it for you and it may be able to get worked into our build though, I can't promise anything and I am not sure it would be as 'immediate' as you want unless you are a generous person and somehow donate enough for Igor to want to
<[TheBug]> drop everything else ;p
<[TheBug]> but it really comes down to a time thing and someone having enough time to fight it and get it working as it should
<[TheBug]> as well as someone with the board who is interested in testing it
<[TheBug]> or working on it
<pavelbian> I will try to get it working and tested
<pavelbian> I don't have choice anyway haha
<pavelbian> Current BSP drivers are ugly
<lanefu> so yeah accelerated desktop equation is like.... kernel DRM driver that works + kernel GPU driver that works + mesa build that works + Xorg driver that works (ex: kms_driver w/ glamour accelerator)
* lanefu doesn't know more than what he just said above
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<jock> hello!
<lanefu> congratulatons jock
<jock> thanks lanefu
<jock> for what exactly? :D
<lanefu> just bein here
<lanefu> lol
<jock> lol
<jock> the dream of a whole life is finally accomplished :D
<[TheBug]> ;)
<jock> I'll be in the seventh heaven when I'll be able to read the efuse of my rk3318, then I'm done
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<badCRC> is it just me, or changed the screen output from ./compile.sh drastically since yesterday?
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<badCRC> lanefu: you've told me to do some extra work in userpatches/customize_image.sh yesterday. Thx again for the hint, i've added "rm /root/.not_logged_in_yet" :-D
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<lanefu> badCRC: oh good deal glad that helped
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<lanefu> rneese: welcome back
<rneese> thanks surgery is done but now having woke up I am sitting up with laptop
<rneese> loooking over stuff and finding out alot of pkgs that ubuntu has you have to use snap to get on debian
<rneese> line notepadqq and or notepad-plus-plus
<lanefu> badCRC: I thikn it's just use. nothing in commimt history looks too signficant in that regard
<rneese> they rename firefox firefox-asr
<lanefu> s/use/you/
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: badCRC: I thikn it's just you. nothing in commimt history looks too signficant in that regard
<lanefu> asr? or firefox-esr?
<rneese> asr sorry
<rneese> esr I thinko
<lanefu> yeah esr is what i use on deb
<rneese> ok but in ubuntu its just firefox
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<rneese> so here is a dev questiooon most of you ubuntu or debian users with armbian
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<Tony_mac32> I have an i.MX6, but it has never booted AND doesn't have an HDMI :P
<Tony_mac32> it's an i.MX6ULL
<Tony_mac32> I don't have an LCD compatible with the ribbon cable socket either
<Tony_mac32> the vendor kernel should be a 4.14, so it's beating the Rockchip stuff
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<jock> Tony_mac32: actually rockchip pushed out 4.19
<jock> a couple of months ago
<jock> didn't try it, but I guess they are slowly closing the gap with mainline. Also they made a lot of tidy up in repositories and removed a lot of interesting stuff there
<jock> I hope they are just moving to mainline for things like rga, drm, etc...
<Tony_mac32> hmmmm I didn't see this kernel
<Tony_mac32> aha I see it's a branch
* Tony_mac32 knows what will distract him tonight
<Tony_mac32> looks like all rv1126 stuff
<Tony_mac32> so still 95% 4.4 BSP for now
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<Bosinski> Hi evrbd, i’m looking for a way to connect a SOC with a Mac via USB3. The SOC runs, lets say 2 or more SSDs, so speed is important. In 2005 one could directly connect two host via USB-2, on the linux-side one got a ethernet-device that was operating around 100-Mbit. Is there anything similar possible with USB3 ? Or do we have to wait for USB4 ?
<[TheBug]> just get a board and make a NAS and connect via gigabit network?
<[TheBug]> could get like RocPi 4c and 2x usb3 to sata adapter and then setup samba/nfs on it and access via gigabit network
<jock> Tony_mac32: hum, this looks interesting: https://github.com/rockchip-linux/kernel/commit/0ae3c5a3663faff666f7d48b3665820301ebc4f8 an rk3568 is appearing on the horizon
<Bosinski> hmm, ok you got me - i has the NanoPi 4M V2 in mind - but Gigabit-ethernet is ‚too slow‘ when your drives deliver 300-500 MB..
<jock> dunno if it is a typo, but I thought they would call it rk3566
<Bosinski> in a more general sense - who could think other uses of such a channel, besides NAS, maybe clustering or failover or smth. else. And why are there zillions of USB-charging devices on kickstarter but not one USB3-device that enables evrb. to link to hosts ?
<[TheBug]> They do make such a device, they are USB3 to SSD / NVME devices -- otherwise fastest anything going to expose is gigabit via network
<[TheBug]> or I guess if you want to go all in
<[TheBug]> you could get like a clearfog or somethign that supports 2.5Gbit or possibly 10Gbit
<[TheBug]> but at that point, why not just get an intel board and a 10gbit nic
<rneese> intel how dare you sir
<[TheBug]> lol
<rneese> this is a non intel channel
<[TheBug]> well I mean if your truly Mr. Moneybags
<[TheBug]> there are some viable ARM solutions
<[TheBug]> but gonna be super expensive ;p
<rneese> thats a 10 min time out for you sir
<rneese> go sit in the corner
<rneese> ok back to bed to ice the knee bbl
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<Bosinski> well, first of all - i have a - quite old, but still working - Drobo-NAS under my desk. It has a (old) marvell-cpu setup and a 1GB-ethernet - thats it. One can install small binaries on that thing. A nano, bash sshd and such. But for a squid the remaining ram would not suffice. I like the enclosure (takes 5 hdd) and the concept of it. I’m thinking of upgrading that box to - maybe the Nano-Pi plus SATA-hat. I’d say that the
<Bosinski> super-sweet Kobold/Helios 64-box marks the upper limit of investments here.
<Bosinski> To keeps thinks cheap - and NBase-ethernet on the macis ridiculus e
<Bosinski> -side is ridiculus expensive. So why not use the USB3 that is availible on both ends ?
<nekomancer[m]> just build armbian for rock64, `BOARD=rock64 BRANCH=current RELEASE=focal BUILD_MINIMAL=no BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes`.
<nekomancer[m]> is it something known?
<nekomancer[m]> image written to flash with etcher, with read checking
<nekomancer[m]> bootlog https://pastebin.com/EAQT7DQY
<nekomancer[m]> did somebody run current armbbinan on rock64?
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<archetech> nekomancer[m]: I just tried a focal current on my v2 no go
<nekomancer[m]> archetech: sorry, not sure I uderstand correctly. no go — not boots too?
<archetech> no boot
<nekomancer[m]> uboot change!
<nekomancer[m]> will look for it
<archetech> k
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<nekomancer[m]> to check I need to checkout armbian build repo to previous commit and build?
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<nekomancer[m]> or just copy old `build/config/sources/families/rockchip64.conf`?
<badCRC> nekomancer[m]: yes, i'm trying to shrink the kernel since yesterday on a nanopi-r2s (arm64)
<nekomancer[m]> to srink?
<badCRC> nekomancer[m]: reduce the size of vmlinuz
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<flyback> so far so good
<flyback> restarted testing using wifi instead of usb nic
<flyback> then we have to figure out why spyserver works on armbian biontic but not 20.x
<nekomancer[m]> bisect impossible: old toolchains not found
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