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<archetech> Mobo: ASUSTeK model: 900HA v: x.xx serial: EeePC Intel Atom N270 MATE 1.22.2
<archetech> 10" Netbook
<lanefu> man
<lanefu> like the first atom
<archetech> single core
<archetech> 32 bit
<lanefu> 800x400 resolution
<archetech> its not fast but it works well 1024 x 600
<archetech> got xp and ubu mate
<lanefu> ha
<lanefu> yeah i had a sweet samsung netbook
<lanefu> keyboard was great o nit
<archetech> im on 1920x1080 mon over vga :)
<lanefu> yeah i'm on 1080p on my pinebook pro running armbian
<lanefu> neener
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<gord9> hi
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<lanefu> howdy gord9 hows your pinebook
<gord9> machine of my dreams
<lanefu> awesome
<gord9> one queation, when using xflock4 do you experience behavioir where the screen blanks, but does not present a login?
<lanefu> i guess I havent used it
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<archetech> EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p1): re-mounted. Opts: commit=600,errors=remount-ro
<archetech> [ 9.131398] Internal error: SP/PC alignment exception: 2e8ae000 [#1] PREEMPT SMP
<archetech> using piters build
<archetech> serial log
<archetech> so it books ther64 but goes bad there
<archetech> the r64
<archetech> if anyone cares
<archetech> ayufan uboot 2017-09
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<nekomancer[m]> currently N2 images not contain /boot/armbianEnv.txt. is it bug or feature?
<nekomancer[m]> can I try to fix it?
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<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: let me check i thought we re-added that
<nekomancer[m]> oh, sorry, I not check freshest
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<archetech> kernel is missing something is my best guess here
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: yeah looks like it's supported now w/ Mainline https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/bootscripts/boot-odroid-n2-mainline.ini#L96
<nekomancer[m]> board=odroid-n2-mainline?
<nekomancer[m]> or when this file used?
<lanefu> so for odroidn2 images using -current kernel instead of legacy
<nekomancer[m]> no-no.
<nekomancer[m]> env file referenced there. but it missed in image.
<lanefu> oh
<lanefu> gotcha
<lanefu> right yeah it would be in there
<nekomancer[m]> and this file not contain fix required to boot if /boot placed in separated partition.
<lanefu> look throgh the espressobin config, we recently add armbianEnv.txt for it
<lanefu> generally armbianEnv.txt isn't used on the odroidn2 for like root device UUID, etc
<nekomancer[m]> no. this folder looks like armbianEnv files placed in /usr... folder
<nekomancer[m]> not in /boot
<nekomancer[m]> armbianEnv.txt differs. at least for my rock64
<nekomancer[m]> linux-focal-root-legacy-odroidn2: /usr/share/armbian/armbianEnv.txt
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: yeah Odroidn2 works differently than the uboot config on rockchip and allwinner
<nekomancer[m]> `linux-focal-root-current-odroidn2: /usr/share/armbian/armbianEnv.txt`
<nekomancer[m]> he-he. but armbian-config not know and looks in /boot
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: yeah i'm surprised its in usr/share/armbian honestly
<lanefu> reason its not in boot
<lanefu> is because it would need to be on the build config for BOOT_ENV
<lanefu> so nothing in armiban builder sets BOOTENV file name for it to be written as /boot/armbianEnv.txt
<lanefu> for the odroidn2
<lanefu> does that make sense?
<lanefu> ahh.. so yeah nothing at least for devicetree overlays?
<nekomancer[m]> yes.
<lanefu> anyway so you should be able to just make an armbianEnv.txt file
<nekomancer[m]> it looks for prefix in this file
<lanefu> and add some of the overlay files
<lanefu> as a workaround
<nekomancer[m]> It start to work if I do manual.
<lanefu> are you asking me? or tell me you did it manually and it worked?
<nekomancer[m]> I try to make this file on my droid and then armbian-config start to work
<lanefu> balbes150: neko: okay that's great! If only I had an english to russian translator
<ArmbianHelper> неко: хорошо это здорово! Если бы у меня был переводчик с английского на русский [en~>ru]
<nekomancer[m]> magic!
<lanefu> it really is magic
* nekomancer[m] read english better than write on it
<lanefu> ha ha yeah that's understandable. That's pretty common for most people and whatever language is foreign
<lanefu> anyway if you ever get frustated that you can't get your message accross you can prefix your sentence with .. and google will translate it. I follow you most of the time :)
<lanefu> Anyway.... I'll make a ticket about armbianEnv support for odroidn2 since it's obviously incomplete
<nekomancer[m]> and now — victory https://snipboard.io/4rj65f.jpg
<nekomancer[m]> `# cat /boot/armbianEnv.txt
<nekomancer[m]> overlay_prefix=meson`
<nekomancer[m]> overlays=amlogic
<nekomancer[m]> I just still not found where `/boot/armbianEnv.txt` should be copyed or created *due process*
<archetech> lanefu: want to build me a r64 kernel ?
<lanefu> archetech: sure
<archetech> EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p1): re-mounted. Opts: commit=600,errors=remount-ro
<archetech> [ 9.491878] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address ffff80007b57c027
<archetech> happens at same spot on both piters builds so
<archetech> its not uboot
<archetech> least i dont think so atm
<archetech> ill get you the settings I think will help
<archetech> and whats that command to chk this kernel zcat blah?
<lanefu> zcat / zgrep /proc/config.gz
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<archetech> ty
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: nice!
<lanefu> you're unsure what needs to be configured in armbian-build for armbianEnv.txt to work with odroidn2?
<archetech> what 'd ya fix on N2 ?
<lanefu> archetech: device tree overlays
<nekomancer[m]> <lanefu "you're unsure what needs to be c"> нуы
<archetech> what part
<nekomancer[m]> yes
<nekomancer[m]> <archetech "what part"> this https://snipboard.io/KY1TxC.jpg
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<archetech> hmm that looks ok heh
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: do you have armbian build checked out?
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<nekomancer[m]> you mean to do fresh build with latest master of armbian build? no, I still use a little obsoleted image.
<nekomancer[m]> yesterday and 3 days ago images I build for rock64 was unbootable. Now I make fresh with master — and it boots. but without kernel boot log in serial console.
<nekomancer[m]> i do `./compile.sh BOARD=rock64 BRANCH=current RELEASE=focal BUILD_MINIMAL=no BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes INSTALL_HEADERS=yes BUILD_KSRC=no`
<nekomancer[m]> like changes commited
<ArmbianTwitter> @sal_snowrx (すのー❄): /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-hardware-optimization: line 330: /proc/irq/$(awk -F":" "/eth/ {print \$1}" </proc/interrupts | sed 's/\ //g' | head -n1)/smp_affinity: No such file or directory (16s ago)
<archetech> lanefu: nm cant find the items I thought were off on current config
<archetech> such a puzzle
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<Tony_mac32> well hello
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<Werner> Good morning
<[TheBug]> Hmm
<[TheBug]> any idea why on RockPi 4c if you stop lightdm on an image with Desktop on it you end up then with the following in dmesg: https://paste.ee/p/y0rCk
<[TheBug]> thats something not cleanly exiting from X?
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<IgorPec> good morning
<Werner> Good morning
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<rneese> lanefu, you alive yet
<rneese> lanefu, to the development department stat lanefu to the development department stat .
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<rneese> lanefu, you fall off the planet
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<lanefu> rneese: yo
<lanefu> can't do too much armbian this weekend.. gotta tweak resume for a gig i'm interested in, and put my wife's car back together
<lanefu> [TheBug]: i2s == sound... so probably just pulseaudio or something of that variety closing and making noise
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<rneese> ok
<rneese> well I am just woring on outting files inplace on the istall now
<rneese> but the version we have still not merged with head
<rneese> so I should have a new pine img for you to test with asound and xorg and kbd/trackpad
<lanefu> nice
<lanefu> rneese: maybe i should have an automatic rsync from your output dir to my webserver so you can share images
<rneese> make a dir called beta or alpha or testing
<rneese> so people know we are working on these
<lanefu> ha well if its on my webserver its implicitly unoffical
<rneese> ok
<rneese> I am going to push up the channges I have done to my git and test build
<rneese> I just know I had to rm alot of the xfce out of your pates
<rneese> there is still one I have to figure out but getting there
<lanefu> rneese: your home dir is empty, are you not building on that VM anymore?
<rneese> I had to wipe it and strt fresh
<rneese> I had a few issues that where killing builds
<rneese> I should start again today once I finish patches
<lanefu> okay but i can still assume /home/rneese/build/output/images is where images will be
<rneese> yes
<rneese> still working to get your patches in
<rneese> brb
<rneese> ok well go do your thing and I will try to get you a working img today at soome point with dd
<rneese> dde and budgie
<rneese> once I finish my code fixing
<lanefu> rneese: okay rsync will run every 5 minutes and put things here https://armbian.lane-fu.com/rneese/
<lanefu> rneese: i recommend putting hte following in userpatches/config-default.conf
<lanefu> COMPRESS_OUTPUTIMAGE="xz,sha,gpg,img"
<lanefu> IgorPec: sftp upload speed to users.armbian.com is looking much better today
<lanefu> i spoke too soon lol
<lanefu> getting throttled down to 600K-800K/sec
<lanefu> starts off strong for first 30 seconds or so
<lanefu> stupid internet
<rneese> ok
<rneese> I dont fiind that file lookign
<rneese> is there a link
<rneese> biab running to food store
<lanefu> it may not get generated until the first tie you run
<lanefu> config-example.conf is a symlink
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<flyback> so
<flyback> 24 hrs np
<flyback> now gotta figure out how to make latest armbian work
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<jock> heja
<rneese> docker is not working on ubuntu the new add repo is not working
<rneese> i[15:37:25] <rneese> docker is not working on ubuntu the new add repo is not working
<rneese> so I just ran a test build and it failes at fetching the pkgs for docker
<rneese> sorry ment to be in devel
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<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: are you iav on github?
<nekomancer[m]> yes
<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: yes
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<lanefu> cool
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