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<lanefu> you can pin kernel with armbian-config via "freeze" feature
<lanefu> k gonna build rockpi s image and watch mandelorian
<archetech> on the buildr
<archetech> er
<archetech> no dont leave all the plants will die
<archetech> stripes
<archetech> bad movie great lines
<c0rnelius> if ur looking to just build uboot following the commands
<c0rnelius> its very simple
<archetech> why not just give me a ./compile.sh line
<c0rnelius> because I'm not using that for my testing
<archetech> ah
<archetech> good answer
<c0rnelius> i also don't advertise, so please don't share :D
<archetech> ok so....ill build this uboot from you which is ok for armbian but w/about arch?
<archetech> ok np there
<c0rnelius> should be. might have a problem with a preflashed image though? that I don't know.
<archetech> I mean if I build it how is it flashed
<c0rnelius> as the pastebin suggested
<c0rnelius> dd if=idbloader.img of=/dev/xxx seek=64
<c0rnelius> dd if=u-boot.itb of=/dev/xxx seek=16384
<archetech> clone
<c0rnelius> use 2020.10
<c0rnelius> its the latest stable
<archetech> so dont git clone
<c0rnelius> nah
<archetech> k
<c0rnelius> i actually rename the idbloader.img to idbloader.bin. I'm not sure that it matters but I feel better about it.
<archetech> what about my current boot.scr boot.txt
<archetech> arch uses a initramfs
<archetech> and dtbs
<archetech> that new bl has to find the kernel
<c0rnelius> and thats what the boot.src or extlinux.conf file is for
<archetech> ls /boot/
<archetech> boot.scr dtbs Image.gz initramfs-linux.img rksd_loader.img
<archetech> boot.txt Image initramfs-linux-fallback.img mkscr u-boot.itb
<archetech> whats in boot
<c0rnelius> uboot just gets you there
<c0rnelius> 204 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 206905 Oct 10 12:12 config-5.8.14
<c0rnelius> 4 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Oct 10 13:35 extlinux
<c0rnelius> 24292 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 24872968 Oct 10 12:12 Image
<archetech> ok so it will read whats in /boot
<c0rnelius> 12252 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 12544514 Oct 10 13:39 initrd.img-5.8.14
<c0rnelius> 4 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Oct 10 13:38 rockchip
<c0rnelius> 5060 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5177962 Oct 10 12:12 System.map-5.8.14
<c0rnelius> 9936 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 10174420 Oct 10 12:12 vmlinuz-5.8.14
<c0rnelius> yeap
<archetech> maybe I should just copt your /boot dir
<archetech> copy
<archetech> heh
<archetech> smart
<c0rnelius> i don't use boot.src unless I have no choice
<archetech> deb boot/kern arch rootfs why not right
<archetech> can you tar it up and post it?
<archetech> tar dcljksldas blah .gz /boot
<archetech> all this for some dumb azz pine64 dorks
<archetech> id be heres a v3 shut up
<archetech> so what im saying is your sugg to use main uboot isnt so simple yes to build it no to use it
<rpifan> Tonymac32, https://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,38309,page=2 is that of any help
<archetech> if boot.scr untouched finds it that would be nice but its not for sure
<c0rnelius> hmm?
<c0rnelius> the uboot should have almost nothing to do with the OS, I've gotten the rock64 to boot fedora no probs.
<c0rnelius> same with odroid c4 for that matter
<archetech> ok ill try it cuz this image isnt that important
<archetech> im close to cutting the board like it's an old credit card ;p
<c0rnelius> archetech: just wait.. this old grrl is close to being done compiling the kernel? been how many hours? lazy old thing.
<archetech> im happy for you
<archetech> seriously I am\
<archetech> I got screwed
<archetech> happens
<c0rnelius> i can push you a debian img real quick if you like? already have everything compiled. what user name you want?
<archetech> lol
<stipa> hey peeps, is there command systemd-anlyze available for armbian?
<stipa> systemd-analyze
<archetech> c0rnelius: sure boss
<c0rnelius> thats the username?
<archetech> yup
<c0rnelius> k
<archetech> lol
<archetech> just tryin to have some fun on a fri night on arm
<c0rnelius> archetech: just need tobootstrap this rootfs and I'll fire it out... gonna be linux 5.9.1 as thats whats there.
<archetech> sweet
<archetech> use bullseye?
<archetech> or is that too late
<c0rnelius> to late
<c0rnelius> if you don't mind away i can ctrl+c
<c0rnelius> waiting*
<c0rnelius> its already archiving
<archetech> na
<archetech> its a test
<c0rnelius> thats what I was thinking
<c0rnelius> i was using this for the fedora testing, but it should work.
<c0rnelius> nothing is really changing but the rootfs
<archetech> yeah
<c0rnelius> archetech: its archiving. post once its uploaded.
<archetech> k
<archetech> tony and lane gave up c0rnman goes the distance !
<archetech> not that they failed just ran out of interest
<archetech> fedora that distro I havent tried on the n2 or rock
<archetech> always liked it for x86 but rarely use centos too
<archetech> lane built a couple images to no avail he did try which was nice
<archetech> why this corrupts on boot which may happen again idk
<archetech> some armbian flaw/difference in ways to make v1-v3 work
<archetech> igor moved it off of supported which i understand
<c0rnelius> he moved it to unsupported because of all the revisions and the diff between them all. that's my understanding.
<c0rnelius> i have no play in that game so... just a guess.
<c0rnelius> user="sureboss"
<c0rnelius> passwd="board"
<c0rnelius> i haven't tested as this silly board I got is still compiling
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<archetech> ok
<c0rnelius> i think it has RTLAUXX support wifi wise? and all the usual suspects
<fromport> i have helios64 now running from sdcard, finally usuable. Is there a way I could copy the contents of the sdcard to the internal emmc (/dev/mmcblk1) and boot/run it from there ? in the x86 world you would have to write bootloader to the disk itself. with uboot i assume that is not necessary?
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<archetech> dd it?
<c0rnelius> might wanna extract it first
<fromport> not same size (64gb sd vs 16gb internal emmc)
<c0rnelius> ur time
<archetech> cp -a
<c0rnelius> you can rsync to the mmc
<fromport> do i need to adjust the bootable media reference somewhere in a file in /boot/?
* fromport feels like absolute beginner. since my helios64 was so unstable, i reverted back to buster legacy with 4.4 kernel. now I know the schedular was the culprit, i would like to try a 5.x kernel (but not the newest). armbian-config gives me option to choose other kernel, but only legacy.
<fromport> is there a setting i need to change first to switch to current ?
<archetech> c0rnelius: lights flicker and go out no display nmap no ip :(
<archetech> what a pos board
<archetech> ill probe it some time ...maybe
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<c0rnelius> this kernel i'm making on the rock is compressing the debs... let me test when i'm done
<archetech> ok
<c0rnelius> i agree though.. this board is kinda trash
<c0rnelius> maybe a good media player if u using cooling?
<archetech> even a crappy paper weight
<archetech> funny cuz w/e it is it wants boot
<archetech> to
<c0rnelius> archetech: Marvin: Storage $ ssh sureboss@
<c0rnelius> The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
<c0rnelius> ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:6sLWQXrQPlFlyl5koexGX0Q0IPnkfNaR1Oe66wYyDFo.
<c0rnelius> Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
<c0rnelius> Warning: Permanently added '' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
<c0rnelius> sureboss@'s password:
<c0rnelius> Linux amlogic 5.9.1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Oct 27 16:37:23 EDT 2020 aarch64
<c0rnelius> seems just fine
<c0rnelius> never mind the amlogic I didn't change the hostname
<c0rnelius> sureboss@amlogic:~$ dmesg | grep Machine
<c0rnelius> [ 0.000000] Machine model: Pine64 Rock64
<c0rnelius> my blue light flickers for a bit and then shuts off as I created a systemd service to kill it? is thats what urs does?
<archetech> I have red light no blue
<archetech> whats that say
<archetech> diff boards
<archetech> white and red here
<c0rnelius> My bad I meant red
<c0rnelius> Yeah red and white
<archetech> those rats did sumthin stupid and hid it from customers
<archetech> gah
<archetech> ok they still rats
<c0rnelius> I have amlogic on the brain
<archetech> so we tried
<archetech> thks
<c0rnelius> Yeah we did try
<c0rnelius> I'm not sure brother but it works for me.
<c0rnelius> And I picked mine up for $8 off that stupid Amazon thingie
<archetech> its all god
<archetech> and good
<c0rnelius> I know it's a revision 2 it says so right off the board
<c0rnelius> This is why I don't buy pine 64
<archetech> yeah itsa batch thing
<archetech> my last effort will be using ayufans 4.x build
<c0rnelius> Oh God
<archetech> that works for some reason
<archetech> 4.4.19----
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<c0rnelius> My biggest wonder is why the renegade does not boot using extlinux whilst on mainline uboot.
<archetech> ill use that and hook a hdd to the usb3 see if it works as a nas
<archetech> and toss my pogoplug
<c0rnelius> Rk3328 is just... Garbage.
<c0rnelius> I hate to say it but it's really just no good
<archetech> yeah its was a media player idea
<archetech> stupid one
<c0rnelius> Very
<archetech> but all you did was great its a closed case ty
<c0rnelius> Ur welcome
<c0rnelius> I am still interested in making it work though cuz I like a puzzle
<archetech> right thats the only reason I persisted
<archetech> it would take r-e the ayufan old org build configs and move em to new onezs
<c0rnelius> The only thing that pisses me off is that once you get it to boot it's still pretty much useless
<archetech> it would take r-e the ayufan old original build configs and move em to new onezs
<archetech> lol
<archetech> that ayufan works great its just old as f
<c0rnelius> Yeah. It's why I've never used it.
<archetech> but this board was current at that time so makes sense
<archetech> 2018-19
<archetech> all the new stuf is the prob
<archetech> nobody cared to keep it up just make v3 work and f them old versions
<archetech> thats all there is to it imo
<archetech> and I am not goona find why
<archetech> or what it takes
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<archetech> this was its last chance ;)
<archetech> I mean it (says to himself)
<archetech> its a $20 loss im over it!
<archetech> minus the sdcard 15
<c0rnelius> on a testing level I'm always welcome to suggestions.
<archetech> yeah you like a challenge
<c0rnelius> always
<archetech> me too to a poit
<archetech> point
<c0rnelius> the hard but is after the boot as far as i'm concerned
<c0rnelius> part*
<archetech> right its like slap a probe and keep going no ty
<archetech> thats the carrot it gets close
<archetech> waiting for panfrost is my only other qrm thing
<archetech> arm
<c0rnelius> may i ask what do you want from this other than getting it to "kinda" work?
<archetech> ive seen what arm is and turned and walked away
<archetech> to compile things w/o crashing
<c0rnelius> cuz personally both my rk3328s are almost useless
<archetech> is that too much too ask?
<c0rnelius> yes
<archetech> apparently yes
<c0rnelius> get a n2+ or a rk3399
<archetech> i have n2+
<archetech> waiting for panfrost is my only other qrm thing
<archetech> arm
<c0rnelius> if ur looking native compiling
<archetech> as a tech im not impressed with arm technology at al
<archetech> its so infantile in its devel
<archetech> the community has passion but no real cohesion
<c0rnelius> it depends what ur end game is I thinks
<archetech> bunch of geeks moving ij a thousand directions
<c0rnelius> don't depend on the community for starters... depend on who you know and do the leg work after the fact.
<archetech> na ive seen no section having true succes
<archetech> rpi4 is only thing close to cohesion
<c0rnelius> I'm not gonna speak for the community at large here... but its obvious people have an agenda.
<c0rnelius> have you tested the rpi4 mainline yet?
<archetech> yeah sell crap and watchem squirm
<archetech> no rpi here
<archetech> just n2 and r64
<c0rnelius> it actually works
<archetech> yeah if ya like the gpu ok
<c0rnelius> Linux raspberrypi 5.9.2 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Oct 29 22:31:03 EDT 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<archetech> dont like that vr w/e
<c0rnelius> i run headless everything
<archetech> yeah thast fine
<c0rnelius> i just like messing about
<lanefu> My agenda is revenge
<archetech> i woundnt buy arm for a nas in amillion yrs for free
<archetech> lol
<c0rnelius> i have atomicpi I use as a nas
<c0rnelius> x86
<c0rnelius> makes more sense
<archetech> ya thats ok
<lanefu> Helios4 has been a solid device. I use it as secondary nas
<archetech> pfft you hide the truth
<archetech> it has flaws and you know it
<lanefu> That it's my secondary nas
<archetech> my real nas is a simple itx e5300 intel that saturates my gb lan
<archetech> thats a f'in NAS
<lanefu> Lol
<archetech> never had a day of trouble
<archetech> ever
<lanefu> I have a synology 1815+ running raid10
<archetech> runs raid 0
<lanefu> 2x2 LACP
<archetech> done that too
<archetech> and it sits in a case from 2006
<archetech> same pcu
<archetech> psu
<archetech> 15 yrs!
<archetech> f this arm chit
<lanefu> Yeah that's nutty
<archetech> im old and i dont this aggravaton
<archetech> lol
<lanefu> Lies you live for it
<archetech> no Ive dove into it and .... got crap all over me
<archetech> how can you guys deal with this
<archetech> then apple says we want some of that crap on us too!
<archetech> nvidia says we gona buy the whole load of crap in one swing lol
<archetech> cracks me up
<archetech> its the future dont ya know
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<c0rnelius> Lift ur shoulders up and stop being suck wuss... its gonna be fine.
<archetech> heh
<c0rnelius> such a*
<lanefu> Go dig up an eMachine I'm sure its stable x86
<archetech> im gonna use intel/amd and have fun
<lanefu> I have fun with my xeon
<archetech> especially when intel releases their new sb'c
<lanefu> ...compiling Armbian
<ArmbianHelper> .compiling Armbian [en~>eng]
<archetech> I have a goole PC fr 2007
<c0rnelius> lanefu: does Armbian have an option for just building uboot bins?
<archetech> google
<archetech> uses a via cpu trash
<lanefu> c0rnelius: yeah ctrl-c lol
<archetech> dont get out of the boat!
<c0rnelius> ha
<c0rnelius> you guys need one
<archetech> f'in tiger nice tiger
<lanefu> Sorry i suck at uboot
<c0rnelius> just saying
<lanefu> Nah makes sense
<c0rnelius> the builder needs a break down
<lanefu> All the stages need to be as granular as possible
<lanefu> And artifacts de-coupled
<archetech> whats a breakdown?
<lanefu> What you probably had 10 years ago
<c0rnelius> like a make all or make just this
<archetech> lmao
<archetech> ya you scheduled for one too
<lanefu> Shit man that's the truth
<archetech> damn right
<lanefu> I mean I changed jobs 2 years ago that was a solid mitigation
<archetech> you chat with me i dont pull punches
<archetech> you chat with me i dont pull punch's
<archetech> but i love honsesty
<archetech> sp
<lanefu> c0rnelius: there's a few secret tricks in there let me get my laptop so I can poke around the build scripts and use 2 hands for sparring with ole archey
<c0rnelius> :)
<archetech> for what end?
<lanefu> front and rear i guess
<archetech> pick one
<archetech> cant do both
<archetech> at same time
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> ie dont bother
<lanefu> man kernel 5.8.y moves fast
<lanefu> i feel like theres a dot release like every few days
<archetech> I wore him out
<lanefu> last man standing
<fromport> i am reading https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Armbian-Config/ and supposedly under system there should be a "switch" option that is missing in my menu: 'Switch - switch to/between alternative kernels: legacy, current, dev'
<fromport> anybody know how to switch ? :-)
<lanefu> fromport: which board?
<fromport> helios64
<lanefu> lemme check something there may not be legacy or dev flags for it
<fromport> there is both a legacy & current buster image out there.
<fromport> would a pita to have to reinstall the current version just to switch from 4.x to 5.y kernel ;-)
<lanefu> are you running nightly kernel?
<fromport> lanefu: no, i had 2 weeks of troubles with weird lockups till somebody suggest switching to permance schedular and since it is rock solid. but now stuck on 4.4.
<fromport> it is a nas, so nightly would be pushing it, but i would like to try 5.y kernel
<fromport> thanks to your post I've successfully switched between legacy, current & dev kernels after updating `LINUXFAMILY` in `/etc/armbian-release`. <- wonder what that means
<lanefu> do me a fav and do armbianmonitor -u and share the url
<[TheBug]> fromport you see most recent update
* archetech watches Robin Trower live
* Tonymac32 was obviously looking away for a bit
<fromport> [TheBug]: just read it, got notification because I posted in that thread.
<Tonymac32> "You are about to close 106 tabs. Are you sure?"
<Tonymac32> :
<Tonymac32> :/
<nekomancer[m]> chewitt, I build N2 with your patch and now I have watchdog device! Thank you!
<archetech> lmao
<archetech> only 106?
<Tonymac32> ...I have 4 windows open
<ArmbianHelper> .I have 4 windows open [en~>eng]
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<lanefu> gonna crash, sorry fromport i ran out of brain
<fromport> lanefu: thanks for looking, asked for help in the helios64 support thread on the forum ;-) thanks for trying and NN. i am going Zzz as well
<archetech> kids zzzzz
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<Werner> Good morning
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<Strykar> The guy's a moderator and not one Armbian dev chimed in on the topic? Surely this is reprehensible for an OSS project?
<Werner> This guy is a moderator because he is basically the only person that cares a bit about keeping the tv boxes forums halfway clean from spam.
<Strykar> If something was truly lost in translation (which it doesn't seem like), an Armbian dev should post it at the bottom of the now locked topic... this taints the Armbian project (even if _you_ look at him as just someone from the Android TV forum)
<Werner> As for myself following this story fleetingly I haven't seen proper evidence yet that there is some malwareish stuff, just a few claims without proof.
<Werner> The more annoying part from my POV is the spread of false information like we would try to hide something by moving forums to clubs. Which is BS. 1st the moving was planned long before which is documented visible for everyone at AR-230.
<ArmbianHelper> AR-230 [Story] "Decide what to do with TVboxes" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-05-04. Status: In Progress
<Werner> 2ndly the movement kept all original URLs to topics intact. This was important for SEO.
<Strykar> Honestly, I dunno how you see few claims without proof.. The dev himself is clearly stating he will sabotage hardware and his one massive commit on github in spite of managing the project for years.. it's the silence from Armbian devs instead of quickly clearing the air that is muddying the waters IMO. The moving of the forum is the least suspicious thing here
<Werner> And still the basis for this "evidence" is a translation which nobody knows if accurate or not. And there was a statement just a few postings after: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15490-information-for-users-of-tv-boxes-on-the-amlogic-platform/?do=findComment&comment=110676
<Strykar> A translation the dev has pasted himself, so excuse the naysayers if they don't want to believe someone who has not articulated the post themselves eh
<Werner> If you speak Russian I suggest to sent him a message so he can answer in his mother tongue.
<Werner> We implemented a few things to make it a bit easier for him as well as other foreign developers like the auto translation to English (check IRC documentation) and recently a reverse translator for any language to Russian.
<Werner> ..Nicht jeder spricht gutes Englisch.
<ArmbianHelper> Not everyone speaks good English. [de~>eng]
<Werner> balbes150: And certainly not everyone speaks accurate russian
<ArmbianHelper> И уж точно не все говорят по-русски [en~>ru]
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<chewitt> I do speak/read/write a little Russian and Google Translate is reasonable but always seems to choose strong/firm words when going RU > EN
<chewitt> that's also my specific experience with Oleg (who also contributes to LE)
<Werner> Interesting. Thanks
<chewitt> so something where he's mildly annoyed gets translated to being thoroughly pissed off
<chewitt> I do make him post in Russian sometimes so that I can read it, or get Mrs Hewitt to read it back to me (native speaker)
<chewitt> but the underlying issue is related to the folks at CoreELEC who took some of his scripts, converted them to binary code, and then included that in their images
<chewitt> at that point in time, the project lead being a narcissistic arsehole of epic stature, who has persistently ignored copyrights/attribution
<Werner> I see...
<chewitt> he's no longer around, which is good
<chewitt> the senior folks in their team kicked him out, then he absconded with the paypal donations and trashed all their git repos (deleted etc.)
<Werner> Jesus...
<chewitt> for a long time I'd been portrayed as 'the great satan' for kicking him out of LE (although he resigned rather than we kicked, tho wish we had)
<chewitt> after that episode I think they realised we/me might have been telling the truth about him :)
<chewitt> anyway.. old news now and we normalised senior dev relations between teams a while ago
<Werner> Glad you could figure it out and bring to a good end.
<chewitt> but some of their forum users bait Oleg .. and he does dig holes and jump-in sometimes with odd statements and accusations which fuel fires
<chewitt> he hasn't been so active around LE recently, partly because of that
<chewitt> also because his commit style makes it impossible to collaborate with him
<chewitt> one weekly commit with 200,000+ files touched .. no fcuking way I am wasting time trying to spot what he changed
<Werner> Those statements might also have been altered by bad translation and brought unnecessary confusion?
<Werner> lol
<chewitt> I have tried (and apparently failed) at teaching him 'git rebase'
<chewitt> yeah, the translations don't help
<chewitt> the same forum people followed him to LE forums, and Khadas forums
<chewitt> so he's been hounded a bit .. and over time the original issues have been obscured by new ones
<chewitt> and for some reason Amlogic users often turn out to be particularly whiny shits to deal with
<chewitt> 'tis a cursed platform :)
<Werner> Some more, some less. People in general are often unappreciative...sad thing
<chewitt> I think the "damage boxes" is a misinterpretation/mistranslation of his desire to not-support the tweaked bootloader that CE uses, which can lead to boxes that don't boot
<chewitt> (when you do stuff that vendor u-boot doesn't handle)
<chewitt> but he's been wound up by idiot users and comes over a bit paranoid .. which adds confusion and emotion to any discussion
<Werner> Also a reason why I don't waste any time to argue on reddit. Thankful that lanefu did though.
<chewitt> he also persists in talking about "his code" in a very possessive way (even in Russian) which isn't realistic when it carries at GPLv2 license which encourages people to take the stuff you publicly post to GitHub
<chewitt> speaking personally.. I expect a percentage of people to copy stuff without attribution .. it's inevitable
<Werner> comprehensible when thinking about ingratitude
<chewitt> Oleg's expectations appear to be different
<Werner> Speaking about copy stuff without attribution...we had that two days ago with xulong "forking" the build repository and releasing it as their own. Thankfully this could be "corrected"
<chewitt> I find most peopled do things out of inexperience and ignorance, and with polite education are happy to fix things
<chewitt> once in a while there's a 'special' person, but those are normally a lost cause in many ways .. missing attribution is usually the least concern :)
<Werner> Well Xulong did a pretty good job feeding the prejudice of Chinese stealing stuff in first place...
<Werner> That is also what I told them directly via Twitter.
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<c0rnelius> lanefu: thanx for the link
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<rneese> Lanfu tiime to wipe the dir again
<rneese> we are working on naming and fixing builds
<rneese> when you have time
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<archetech> nice to hear some info fr someone who knows the guy and his history vs the mob
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<c0rnelius> yah
<ArmbianTwitter> @devinstever (stever devin): amlogic s805 cpu development broad. armbian ❎ https://t.co/y1Tnjw7TsA (30s ago)
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<lanefu> yeah chewitt thanks for the background
<Tonymac32> did that person literally come here to gripe about google translate not doing its job? This isn't my first project working with people from all over the world, I also do so professionally as an engineer
<Tonymac32> ugh
<Tonymac32> translation is always the first thing to look at when something crazy gets sent out in these circumstances
<Tonymac32> Our Spanish speaking colleagues don't have different words for "weld" and "solder", so my customer went nuts thinking we were soldering wires together by hand :D
<lanefu> Strykar: I did post 2 responses on reddit (which were mostly downvoted). The bottom line is we're relying on our own judgement of character of balbes, vs what is on the forum. It's not the response that some of hte community is looking for, and that's the burden we'll have to carry. Someone on reddit told me that my reputation is shit, and that I'm a stain on the opensource community. That hurts. My
<lanefu> skin isn't that thick, but personally I'm going to stand by our current judgement call, and if some slueth finds empircal evidence in code or an image, then naturally we'll respond swiftly.
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<lanefu> Tonymac32: nah they're a long-time lurker in here. I've seen them chat in here before
<Tonymac32> hmm
<Tonymac32> ;)
<ArmbianTwitter> @pedrolamas (Pedro Lamas): My #NanoPi M4V2 is running @armbian with 19 concurrent Docker containers (and I keep adding more!), system load is consistently below 0.5 - something I find amazing for such a small system! 😁 https://t.co/5FgiaONvgB (28s ago)
<lanefu> Tonymac32: a flaw in my SBC tree is that heatsinks like to fall off
<lanefu> i finally bought some thermal tape
<lanefu> it's annoying to trim and i'm sloppy
<Tonymac32> hehe I have used thermal epoxy like a savage a few times
<lanefu> i bought soem micro taps, i'm gonna thread in standoffs on it the branches
<Tonymac32> Harbor Freight (AKA "Hazard-fraught") brand?
<Tonymac32> I have a set of those somewhere. good enough for occasional use, even tapped some stainless successfully
<lanefu> no AvE i bought on amazon
<Tonymac32> :D
<lanefu> which means one came from an industrial tooling supply place adn the other is chinesium
<Tonymac32> It's mid-grade chinesium
<lanefu> all of HF's new lines of tools are frustrarting because it means i have to recalibrate my instinct on each
<lanefu> ex: my premium-end Chicago Electirc osscilator tool that got with a coupon for pennies is great
<lanefu> but that doesnt mean i'm gonna go buy their fake hilti
<lanefu> lol
<Tonymac32> lol the vibrating death saw will make you deaf in 12.5 seconds, but it will absolutely destroy anything you point it at
<Tonymac32> after you buy some Bosch blades
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @pedrolamas: My #NanoPi M4V2 is running @armbian with 19 concurrent Docker containers (and I keep adding more!), system load is consiste… (24s ago)
<Tonymac32> I used that to plunge cut the tongues off of some floor boards I was replacing in my living room before I refinished it
<lanefu> dude that tool is a deafening life saver
<lanefu> especially when installing old-work boxes in to plaster-lathe walls
<Tonymac32> oh yeah, that seems Ideal for it too
<Tonymac32> I mean it's just the hair trimmer from hell
<lanefu> ROFL
<lanefu> someoen told me the tech comes from saws for removing plaster casts from humans
<lanefu> which i guess means i can't plunge-cut jello with it
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<Tonymac32> you just need the right blade
<lanefu> Screw you Tidal: https://snipboard.io/tQU94O.jpg
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* lanefu attempts chromium n arm again
<lanefu> ruined my f-ing affernoon i sware
<lanefu> i can't believe how much I'm praying for M$ to bridge edge to arm64 linux
<lanefu> oh a positive front... google is permitting deb chromium to login to gmail
<lanefu> so i guess bye firefox
<ArmbianTwitter> @Nosluop56 (George P): @pedrolamas @armbian It sure is an awesome board @thepine64 (18s ago)
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<lanefu> JK it doesnt matter
<Tonymac32> again, I get $5 and used albums off of Amazon and rip them to my collection
<Tonymac32> :P
<lanefu> yeah this is feelig mor etempting
<lanefu> MF
<lanefu> man its so funny having like some Mike Patton Album i bought in 2000 on amazon be in my amazon music collection
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> somebody was really good at not losing data
<nekomancer[m]> chewitt: returning to N2 watchdog patch. Can your patch be added to armbian mainline?
<chewitt> if the patch is acked by the maintainers .. I'm sure it can/will be picked
<chewitt> I don't work on Armbian so I'd finger-point t someone like @Tonymac32 to pick it
<Tonymac32> haha
<nekomancer[m]> Then I'll do a PR.
<lanefu> n2 powered by... neko-power
<lanefu> or at least watchdog reboots powered by neko-power
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<forest-johnson> hello, I have a question about the armbian image builder repository https://github.com/armbian/build/
<forest-johnson> I want to build an armbian image that has some tools like ansible, docker, docker-compose pre-installed
<forest-johnson> I read about the userpatches/lib.config file that covers most of what I need, however I still need to add the docker apt repo
<forest-johnson> would I use userpatches/customize-image.sh for that ?
<Werner> Yes. Simply put commands in this script to be executed inside the image chroot.
<forest-johnson> also, I know that when I run the normal armbian image on my odroid XU4 and then install ansible, it has to compile a bunch of python C bindings specifically for that architechture and what not
<Werner> For a repository something like echo "deb https...... main contrib" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
<forest-johnson> is this going to work if I run the build on a computer which is NOT armhf ?
<forest-johnson> or do I need to run the build inside a VM which emulates the same architechture as the build tarket
<Werner> Of course. The arm environment is provided via qemu
<lanefu> forest-johnson: all the customize-image step are ran in armhf or arm64 qemu emulation
<lanefu> so it'll be fine
<forest-johnson> oh, so when I am on my amd64 desktop and I simply clone to repo and run ./compile.sh, its gonna spawn a QEMU vm ?
<lanefu> forest-johnson: not exactly
<lanefu> it does a fancier trick
<lanefu> its' effectively per-process emulation
<forest-johnson> lol, sounds over my head, but wow, you guys offer some premium software O__O
<Werner> written in bash :P
<lanefu> there' sa kernel module called binfmt_misc that knows the file's cpu arch
<lanefu> and then automatically runs qemu-static-(archecture) around it
<forest-johnson> and somehow inside the chroot or whatever, apt knows that its supposed to install / compile packages for armhf ?
<lanefu> forest-johnson: if you're doing a standard ubuntu vm you're fine.. if yo're usually a special vm image like a ubunut-cloud, you'll have to change kernels.... anyway.. cross that brige whe you get there
<lanefu> forest-johnson: exactly
<lanefu> or exactly-ish
<lanefu> lol
<forest-johnson> I am actually not running it in a VM I just ran it from non virtualized ubuntu
<Werner> Its not interactive...yet
<lanefu> forest-johnson: yeah my box is bare metal too
<forest-johnson> because I am noob :) I just wanted to poke it and see waht happens
<lanefu> so shouldnt have any surprises
<lanefu> forest-johnson: its a pretty cool tool... it's easy, but can be a bit confusin gon occasion
<Werner> Actually that is a pretty interesting idea. Making the customization interactive by providing a chrooted qemu shell.
<lanefu> Werner: yeah i have some kind of related thougths in that regard
<lanefu> i want to make a new build target, that is just a armbian virtual machine image
<lanefu> that i can just launch on my ARM VM hosts
<lanefu> then we can do much better CI testing
<lanefu> and even enable like FreeNX or something for testing out desktop stuff
<forest-johnson> This is my configuration : https://picopublish.sequentialread.com/files/userpatches.txt I hope it works :D
<lanefu> forest-johnson: this line needs to be in userpatches/lib.conf
<lanefu> PACKAGE_LIST_ADDITIONAL="$PACKAGE_LIST_ADDITIONAL curl netcat dnsutils rsync jq unzip software-properties-common apt-transport-https ca-certificates gnupg-agent libc6-dev-armhf-cross build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python3-dev python3 python3-pip graphviz"
<forest-johnson> yeah typo
<lanefu> forest-johnson: also honsetly i just use the docker provided by ubuntu and docker, rather than adding docker's repos
<forest-johnson> I don't remember why I chose that one, I think it was a newer version or something ?
<lanefu> yeah maybe docker-ce-cli? i've never used that package before
<lanefu> but anyway plain docker.io from native works fine for my nomad cluster
<lanefu> but eveyrone is different
<lanefu> probalby some advantages iwth docker-compose or something.. i don't use docker-compose for religious reasons
<forest-johnson> lol
<forest-johnson> I've never used Nomad, but this is for something aimed at hobbyists so docker-compose is the simplest and most easy to grok I think
<lanefu> yeah it's meant to be user-friendly from a dev perspective
<lanefu> but if you start getting k8s fever..... try nomad first
<lanefu> it's way leaner
* lanefu stops evangelizing
<Werner> haha
<forest-johnson> Thanks for the clarification, yall. Maybe the documentation or readme should explain this somewhere ?
<Werner> Dont know. I stopped following when lanefu started explaining fancy stuff. Too much for me :P
<forest-johnson> I just mean maybe there should be some sort of explanation there stating
<forest-johnson> How does this work when the host machine is AMD64 and you are installing/compiling software which is meant to run on armhf ? Well, you see, there are these xyz configurations that make apt do the right thing, also there is this magic qemu-static-xyz wrapper which virtualizes any process that nees to be virtualized, this is how it is set up, etc
<forest-johnson> etc
<forest-johnson> I don't know how to write it but as a user who was confused by these docs and had to punt and ask you guys, I do know that this information should be included in the docs and as far as I can tell its not
<archetech> you'd need to look at the bash inside for that
<Werner> And I dont understand it at all...so its kind a difficult :P
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<archetech> maybe ask igor for a guided tour of it :)
<forest-johnson> even if the docs say "Please be advised that even though you are compiling an image on an amd64 machine, any additional packages you configure or commands you run in customize-image.sh should be correctly installed/executed/virtualized for the architecture of the build target SBC"
<forest-johnson> and then after that it says
<forest-johnson> "TODO explain HOW this actually happens"
<forest-johnson> that would still be a big improvement :D
<lanefu> forest-johnson: yeah feel free to create issues for specific topic suggestions like that in teh docs repo
<lanefu> ..or add a PR
<ArmbianHelper> or add a PR [en~>eng]
<forest-johnson> thanks, I will add a PR what does [en~>eng] mean ?
<lanefu> but yeah when someone is clear about what's needed in an issue, it's easier for me or werner, or someone in community to write fo rit
<lanefu> we have a translator hot key that is triggred by .. and i have a bad habbit of starting sentences with that
<lanefu> ..donde esta mi pantalones
<ArmbianHelper> where is my pants [es~>eng]
<Werner> ..Niemand will das wissen
<ArmbianHelper> Nobody wants to know [de~>eng]
<forest-johnson> oh lol!!
<forest-johnson> thats really cool
<lanefu> it really is
<Werner> primarly designed for developer meetings because not everybody knows english very well and this way they can simply write in their main language and the bot will detect and translate to english
<lanefu> ..Ĝi eĉ subtenas Esperanton, ideologian lingvon de la 60-aj jaroj, kiun parolas nur kiel 200 homoj
<ArmbianHelper> It even supports Esperanto, an ideological language of the 1960s, spoken by only about 200 people [eo~>eng]
<Werner> forest-johnson, if you want to take on the challenge and enhance the docs don't worry too much about formatting. I can fix that afterwards.
<Werner> (and hope not getting into murderous frenzy by thinking about mkdocs....)
<lanefu> yeah Werner will yell at me about mkdocs despite the fact that its awesome, and he just does weird formatting shit not meant for markdown :P
<lanefu> like specific emojis instead of bullets
<Werner> I'll take whatever reason I can get to blame lanefu :P
* lanefu has to take ownership for pain he caused
<Werner> I'm curios if I actually found the issue for the package weirdness mentioned in the forums
<lanefu> mkdocs weirdness? or other
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: good call on xfs
<Werner> other.
<Werner> AR-496
<ArmbianHelper> AR-496 [Bug] "build script mixing families" reported by Werner at 2020-10-31. Status: To Do
<nekomancer[m]> 🙂
<lanefu> forest-johnson: merged...thank you... I may move it around later, but no reason to delay adding the info
<forest-johnson> ok, wow you guys dont have a lot of red tape do you
<[TheBug]> ..Ellos estan en el compactador de basura lanefu
<ArmbianHelper> They are in the lanefu garbage compactor [es~>eng]
<forest-johnson> looking at it again maybe it should say
<forest-johnson> commands you run in customize-image.sh will be automatically installed/executed/virtualized
<forest-johnson> instead of commands you run in customize-image.sh should be correctly installed/executed/virtualized
<forest-johnson> it makes it sound almost like the onus is on the user to do that
<[TheBug]> lanefu: los pantalones son para coños
<lanefu> forest-johnson: we try not to... we need more community involvement, so keeping barrier to entry to low is good... especially on stuff that's easy to interrate on.. like documentation
<lanefu> forest-johnson: i'll wait a few minutes this time
<forest-johnson> well lets just say I have been impressed again and again by the armbian project!
<lanefu> it's refreshing to hear that. people often generous of sharing a wide range of opinions about the project lol
<nekomancer[m]> chewitt: wtd or wdt? mistype or not?
<forest-johnson> does the compile.sh script do any intermediate caching locally ?
<lanefu> forest-johnson: yeach
<lanefu> 2 places
<forest-johnson> nice
<Werner> It uses ccache which has heavy impact on further builds
<forest-johnson> my build just errored at the last step, pip angry with me :(
<lanefu> build/cache/sources build/cache/rootfs build/.tmp
<forest-johnson> if I don't specify CARD_DEVICE will it spit out a disk image file ?
<Werner> creating a img file is default behavior IIRC
<forest-johnson> that was another sort of confusing thing, I couldn't easily tell based on the readme or docs what exactly the end result of running compile.sh is
<forest-johnson> I think that should be on the readme of the build repo.
<lanefu> forest-johnson: that's enterprise-tink
<lanefu> think
<lanefu> :P
<lanefu> end result coudl be, .deb packages, packages + image, patch set, or other
<forest-johnson> if you guys and this channel didn't exist or if you were tired of people coming in and asking "stupid" questions then adding it to the readme would help newbies a ton
<lanefu> it's certainly a ktichen-sink comnad that it's driven by params
<forest-johnson> > enterprise-think
<lanefu> lol
<forest-johnson> yes because enterprises treat ppl as replaceable and they always want to be able to pull some dude in off the street and have him able to contribute
<nekomancer[m]> google tells me that watchdog in japanese — tadaaaa!!! — (ウォッチドッグ) U~otchidoggu
<lanefu> man thats hella true
<forest-johnson> personally I don't think thats a bad practice, to assume folks reading the readme know nothing and want to learn
<lanefu> yeah no such thing as a company-man for sure
<lanefu> at least client i felt weird for some of the people whose contract was up and they'd send farewell emails
<lanefu> "From: person you've never heard of. body: It's been an honor working with a great team. blah blah warm adn fuzzy. I'm moving back to India tomorrow, my email is blah"
<lanefu> always hurt seeing that
<lanefu> forest-johnson: anyway for the readme.. sounds like you have a good vision of what's mssing.. if you juts wanna toss a sugestion outline in issue in docs i can try to help with that
* lanefu already context switching too much
<forest-johnson> wait, so submit an issue in the docs repo with an explanation of what needs to be added to the readme in the build repo ?
<lanefu> haha yeah... cuz there's overlap, and its just easier to think about documentation in documentation repo
<forest-johnson> (y)
<lanefu> maybe my brain is being dumb
<lanefu> either is fine
<nekomancer[m]> watchdog → 番犬
* lanefu needs emoji fonts
<Werner> awesomefont?
<lanefu> is that all ineed for it to work in xfce/
<lanefu> forest-johnson: ohh lemme give you a pro-tip since you forked
<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: https://www.joypixels.com/emoji
<lanefu> tldr: `touch /path/to/my/checkout/build/.ignore_changes`
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: what's the proper way to set tha tstuff up, so my xfce4-terminal just does the right thing
<lanefu> forest-johnson: fyi we have a channel called #armbian-commits thats a live feed of repo activity
<nekomancer[m]> hm. it's just a fonts. They have to be present in system and be accessible for terminal
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: yeah but technically it's using 2 fonts at the same time
<forest-johnson> lanefu, i didn't create the .ignore_changes file but my changes to the userpatches files were still applied -- maybe because I didn't commit them yet ?
<forest-johnson> are you saying if you dont have that file it basically does a git pull origin master on every build ?
<nekomancer[m]> isn't it what you name "just does the right thing"? terminal can do that, or not.
<lanefu> forest-johnson: oh the userpatches stuff will work fine.. it's just if you start doing stuff to yoru checkout outside of userpatches
<lanefu> forest-johnson: and yes it will checout master otherwise during build
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: okay.. well i should just play with it i suppose :P
<lanefu> thanks for the links
<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: I not use xfce myself, but found this https://medium.com/@oorkan/emojifying-your-linux-terminal-9a5c1e8f6b3c
<nekomancer[m]> fast reading tells me "it should just work"
<archetech> from the ashes of defeat to ayufans rock64 focal gnome wayland lol
<archetech> board is psychotic
<lanefu> echo 🦊
<lanefu> lol
<Tonymac32> archetech haha nice
<lanefu> archetech: dude that _is_ pretty awesome
<lanefu> do you think there are fans of ayufan
* nekomancer[m] was fan if ayufan until pinebook pro die
* nekomancer[m] * was fan of ayufan until pinebook pro die
<lanefu> rofl
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: is yorus still dead
<lanefu> you seriously havent been able to get help with it?
<nekomancer[m]> I got some help on irc... but it not helps :)
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<lanefu> do you have their console cable?
<nekomancer[m]> yes
<lanefu> do you get anythign from console?
<nekomancer[m]> nothing
<lanefu> have you tried removing the emmc moduile entirely adn just booting from sdcard?
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<nekomancer[m]> sure yes.
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<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: wow sounds legit toast
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: do an emoji
<nekomancer[m]> 😀
<nekomancer[m]> 👍️
<lanefu> IT WORKS!
<lanefu> thanks dude
<lanefu> i guess i need to add that to my ansible stuff as well
<nekomancer[m]> :👨‍🌾
<lanefu> ha
<nekomancer[m]> mm?
<archetech> lenovo duet vs pinebkpro thoughts ?
<lanefu> definetly get the duet
<archetech> just comparing psecs not buying
<archetech> specs
<lanefu> oh in that case i'll look lol
<lanefu> I think the conversation is really Helio P60T vs RK3399 isnt it
<lanefu> so 4 big 4 little
<lanefu> mediatek wins
<buZz> are those mediateks supported by armbian?
<lanefu> doubtful... chewe maintained some of the older mediatek boards
<archetech> Kernel: 5.6.0-1137 Distro: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)
<archetech> <archetech> Machine: Type: ARM Device System: Pine64 Rock64
<archetech> hmm should I go to mainline
<archetech> ml seems to be where all the trouble starts
<lanefu> archetech: try mainline without our patches
<archetech> ayu has one
<lanefu> well its not mainline w/o patches then
<archetech> not deviating fr his stuff on this board
<archetech> if had all I can take
<lanefu> what ver is his mainline
<archetech> 5.9
<archetech> mline uboot is fr june
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<forest-johnson> :( my armbian build has been stuck on
<forest-johnson> the part where I told it to pip3 install docker-compose
<forest-johnson> for like an hour
<forest-johnson> Running setup.py bdist_wheel for pynacl ...
<forest-johnson> its probably not an armbian problem
<forest-johnson> I am just sad
<forest-johnson> weird thing its it appears to be doing stuff, based on watching top. weird. could it be that the qemu aspect of things is making it take 10 to 100 times longer ??
<lanefu> forest-johnson: you're running docker-compose via customize_image?
<archetech> bummer internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
<lanefu> c0rnelius: wasit you messing with rockpi-S hdmi stuff yesterday?
<archetech> no loss in trying mainline now
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<forest-johnson> no, I was trying to pip3 install docker-compose
<forest-johnson> it finished ! after 10,000 years I'm free! :rita-repulsa:
<lanefu> hahah
<lanefu> yeah that stuffs not super fast in emulation
<forest-johnson> it appeared to be spending most of its time inside the link time optimization step of c compilation
<lanefu> ahh
<lanefu> i think it might be single threaded there too
<forest-johnson> yep.
<forest-johnson> hey it works I have a 2.1GB image resting on my disk!
<forest-johnson> 10/10 build script
<lanefu> ha nice
<lanefu> oh for docker
<lanefu> you might like this ./compile.sh param..... ROOTFS_TYPE=btrfs
<lanefu> you might like this ./compile.sh param..... ROOTFS_TYPE=btrfs
<lanefu> sorry for duplicate
<forest-johnson> you mean to try to make the build complete faster ?
<lanefu> no, just so that the root filesystem is btrfs, which IMHO is a better experience for docker
* nekomancer[m] use btrfs main reason is docker
<forest-johnson> oh, sure, but i expect the user to have an HDD/SSD anyways so I guess i can do that when i create the partition for them on there
<lanefu> yup
<forest-johnson> this is what I'm working on https://sequentialread.com/p/b211da58-3023-47d6-b8f3-acd2b427f7ef/ (rough unpublished draft )
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<forest-johnson> I want the user to have an experience where they can write an SD card, plug it in, turn it on, and have a web site already running/accessible within seconds/minutes, thus why I wanted to pre-install some things
<lanefu> interesting project
<c0rnelius> lanefu, nope.
<lanefu> forest-johnson: re-ansible... there's this awkward painpoint thanks to systemd. https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/71528#issuecomment-719871697
<lanefu> he merged the fix, but it was too late for ansible merge window
<lanefu> might need this collection for now as workaround https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/71528#issuecomment-719871697
<forest-johnson> thanks for the heads up, I am scrolling through this github issue and I'm having a hard time making heads or tails of it
<lanefu> forest-johnson: basically there's a systemd bug
<forest-johnson> are you saying that when you install ansible inside the customize-image.sh it messes up something ?
<lanefu> where it looks at "kernel capabilities"
<lanefu> and systemd didn't account for new capabilities being added
<lanefu> and in kernel 5.8, a capability flag for BPF was moved to its own thing
<lanefu> and systemd doesnt'a ccoutn for it
<lanefu> so when you do something simple like systemd status
<lanefu> it creates an error return code
<forest-johnson> is this specific to installing inside customize-image.sh ?
<lanefu> so that broke the service modile on ansible
<lanefu> forest-johnson: no, it's specific to running ansible on a 5.8+ kernel
<lanefu> which according your diagram, ansible would be running on that board afterwards
<forest-johnson> yeah, so you mean maybe I need to specify an older kernel version ? Right now I am using.. let me see.. .
<lanefu> I would stick with running the newest armbian kernel you can
<lanefu> but saying when you install ansible on that board
<lanefu> for it to install other stuff later
<lanefu> you're gonna need that workaround, or the ansible service module will fail
<lanefu> alternatively you can install upgraded systemd from backports... but people have mixed results on that.. I did it once, but didnt document
<forest-johnson> Armbian_20.08.1_Odroidxu4_focal_current_5.4.61.img
<lanefu> oh
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> well you're off the hook for now
<forest-johnson> so, that one worked
<forest-johnson> the one I just built is `Armbian_20.11.0-trunk_Odroidxu4_buster_current_5.4.72_minimal.img`
<lanefu> yeah kernel 5.4, so you're fine
<lanefu> XU4 kernel stays a bit further behind or others
<forest-johnson> I wanted to support it because i happen to have one and I think the HC1/HC2 are extremely user friendly
<forest-johnson> just slappp in a hard drive and go
<lanefu> yeah its a good platform
<forest-johnson> although the pi4 is just way better now that it came out
<lanefu> i have some MC1-solos
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<lanefu> well i guess the first thing I should pay attention to, is that I have a Rockpi E
<lanefu> and not an S
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