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<nekomancer[m]> ...why open media vault ignores ubuntu and so tight binded to debian?
<ArmbianHelper> .why open media vault ignores ubuntu and so tight binded to debian? [en~>eng]
<nekomancer[m]> last 2 images I just build for rockpi-4a at first boot showsL
<nekomancer[m]> because line 5 is:
<nekomancer[m]> BUILD_REPOSITORY_URL=[ .... ] Git not responding. Retrying in 10 seconds.
<nekomancer[m]> [ .... ] Git not responding. Retrying in 10 seconds.
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: that's just how OMV is designed
<lanefu> it's gotta do a lot of low-level system stuff to manage devices and services..
<nekomancer[m]> o.
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<nekomancer[m]> try to set up zfs-dkms on rockpi-4 — and it hangs. I set watchdog daemon, test it with `echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger` — it reboot system; but after try to set zfs-dkms again — it hangs, and no reboot.
<nekomancer[m]> strange hang. no consolr reaction, bo network — but watchdog responder still work.
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<nekomancer[m]> try to limit max cpu clock to 1300
<nekomancer[m]> it works on 1200
* nekomancer[m] discover `1942` on top of RK3399 chip.
<nekomancer[m]> looks like message from fime-traveller
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<Werner> Good morning
<nekomancer[m]> good morning
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<IgorPec> good morning
<IgorPec> nekomancer[m]: git shows some troubles lately, yeah
<IgorPec> github
<IgorPec> just looking into yeah
<IgorPec> you disable ads for me :(
<IgorPec> :))
<Werner> Yeah, I know its a bummer :P
<IgorPec> "Click here to remove this ugly big red text", Font40 :)
<Werner> Hehe
<Werner> They actually were pretty annoying when using the dark theme and I avoided messing with the code this way :P
<IgorPec> well, but people don't know that its possible to remove that
<IgorPec> so actually some a little more nice text there
<IgorPec> i think i have seem forums running this way
<Werner> I did not make an announcement for such stuff on purpose as it is still in testing phase
<IgorPec> sure
<Werner> Then its going like "hey if you donate you get an exclusive theme, ad removal and maybe some extra editor tools...."
<IgorPec> no need to complicate, especially with themes and addons ... they might break someday
<IgorPec> and you are under pressure to fix them
<IgorPec> do we have a dark theme?
<Werner> Yeah. Added recently but it is not visible for validating, members and guests
<IgorPec> aha, i see, looks quite nice
<IgorPec> fonts are a bit weird
<IgorPec> those for topic titles
<IgorPec> forum tittles
<Werner> Yeah I know, had some trouble adjusting but if you see the fornt that is actually used in the original it is really ugly ^^
<IgorPec> generally, pretty decent
<Werner> And it was free. Though I have sent the author a few bucks because its well made.
<IgorPec> nice!
<Werner> He was quite helpful with my questions about adjustments
<Werner> There is still some weirdness. Like if you open the forums with Edge the forums title background is green and not black.
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<IgorPec> if persons is actively working on that, than it will be solved
<Werner> He already announced to make an update for it. Maybe this gets addressed too.
<Werner> Especially with some extra motivation via paypal
<Werner> What do you think about adding a few additional language packs? Thought about russian and german. Russian to make balbes more comfortable and german to do the same with me :P both are free of charge
<IgorPec> i don't mind
<Werner> okay
<IgorPec> btw. yesterday i added Microsoft code to the repo
<Werner> oO
<IgorPec> its one of the rear microsoft product not hated by OSS community :)
<IgorPec> i am just playing with it on Odroid xu4 and it works perfectly
<Werner> I used code for python stuff too
<IgorPec> i am actually thinking to push it to the desktop image
<IgorPec> unless some weird licence prevents this?
<Werner> I have no clue...if in doubt better not ship it with images
<Werner> Like any other package it is easy enough to install manually
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<IgorPec> anyway we have time to check this
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<Werner> lol
<Werner> it seems like additional language packs are depending if a locale is present on the server
<IgorPec> o
<Werner> tf why?
<IgorPec> no idea
<Werner> Ah. It seems like this is needed to determ stuff like date formatting and such...
<IgorPec> you have that pinguion that you edited for swag shop anywhere around
<Werner> Yeah, hold on
<Werner> sent via forums
<IgorPec> ok
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<IgorPec> check PM :) is it too provocative for twit?:)
<Werner> Not so sure about that... I'd consider posting this if we know we can ship code actually with images
<IgorPec> apt install code
<IgorPec> is now
<IgorPec> its good enough to tell that one can install it
<Werner> Hm yeah
<IgorPec> shipp it or not, thats question for next or after next release
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<Werner> Release Candidate Code Freeze Date: 2020-10-18
<Werner> Still within merge window :P
<IgorPec> let our legal department deal with this sh* :)
<Werner> We have a legal department?
<IgorPec> we have some consultancy, yes
<Werner> Nice
<IgorPec> but not sure if its necesarry to bother silver_hook with this
<Werner> Up to you. I have no clue :)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): If you are running Armbian desktop and you like to @code Open terminal and run: sudo apt update sudo apt install code #microsoft #devtools @arm single board computer hardware. https://t.co/IVlRnun3ri (7s ago)
<IgorPec> this broke admin last time :) i did
<Werner> We can nag support to fix it again :P
<IgorPec> updated without breaking
<Werner> Awesome
<ArmbianTwitter> @EmmiePaivarinta (Emmie Päivärinta): @armbian @code @Arm Maybe it's time to get a @thepine64 PineBook. (16s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @gregkh Sleeping :) ? ... and waiting that recompilation of all kernel branches is done and pushed to the repository. Then update. (27s ago)
<Fleck> how is the clock managed in armbian?
<Werner> RTC module?
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<scops[c2]> hi
<scops[c2]> does someone know which packages i need for audio on odroid c2?
<scops[c2]> i flashed bullseye minimal package
<Fleck> Werner: I mean - synced from internets ;D
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<Werner> Fleck, ah :). Via chrony I think
<rneese> os for those of you who want a good dockbar for the xfce desktp
<rneese> I was playing with this on the xfce desktop lastight
<rneese> i think docks make the desktop alot more usefull
<scops[c2]> indeed... (i'm using the enlightenment shelf like a dock)
<rneese> url never seen it
<rneese> cairo dock is another good one but the DockerX intergrates into xfce
<rneese> so I figue it was the best choice
<scops[c2]> i dont use xfce anymore... it needs to much ram imho
<rneese> no the latest version uses less then 700mb
<rneese> most desktops have been working to lower ram use
<rneese> but what desktop do you use
<rneese> so I will look to add it to our new desktop builder
<rneese> right now on mty t4 with just xfce running its only using 640m of ram
<rneese> thats low
<scops[c2]> ehm enlightenment uses about 180mb
<rneese> ok well when I get it test built we will see
<rneese> I have to get the pkg list for it
<scops[c2]> to work good with it you should install packages "enlightenment libevas-loaders terminology"
<scops[c2]> :) (terminology is a great terminal)
<scops[c2]> rneese, do you know which packages are needed for the odroid c2 for audio ?
<rneese> no I dont have one
<rneese> I have only nanopi boards
<rneese> but I plan to order a odroid n2+
<scops[c2]> :) i like the little c2 much... but i tryed armbian bullseye with minimal image, and on it the sound doesnt work out of the box... alsa alone is not enought...
<IgorPec> scops[c2]: have you tried desktop from the official download section. I think we have sound on C2 there ...
<IgorPec> but also not 100% sure. We had many troubles with working / not working ...
<scops[c2]> i want to use debian testing as base ... for bullseye there is no desktop image
<Werner> We cannot provide images in all flavors with all different kernels. The amount of data is insane already. Thankfully using the build script it is rather easy to create new images with the flavor and kernel package you want ;)
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<IgorPec> debian testing with working sound on c2 ...
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<IgorPec> is something you will need to check
<IgorPec> shortest check is to at least try to build one with our tools
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<scops[c2]> cya :)
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<jschwart> I was looking at VPU acceleration for the Tinkerboard, would this indeed work with the latest Armbian? https://github.com/Miouyouyou/FFmpeg-V4L2-Request
<IgorPec> "17 months ago"
<IgorPec> no idea
<IgorPec> you are probably asking for modern 5.8.y kernel right=
<IgorPec> ?
<jschwart> yes
<jschwart> I found OpenGL is working out of the box now :)
<IgorPec> 3d is mainly operational, but somewhere we are disabling it due to instability
<IgorPec> for VPU i don't know
<jschwart> what do you mean with disabling? OpenGL seems to work fine with Armbian Focal
<IgorPec> on this hardware it works and its not disabled
<IgorPec> but on allwinner H6 its disabled for example
<IgorPec> there is completly different chip behind
<jschwart> ah I see
<jschwart> yeah I am only familiar with the Tinkerboard
<IgorPec> and its support is not matured, while tinkerboard is old and matured, but also not as fast as moder ones
<IgorPec> must go ...
<jschwart> but it seems fine for my purpose :)
<jschwart> enjoy!
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<jschwart> seems the device is there: hantro-vpu ff9a0000.video-codec: registered rockchip,rk3288-vpu-dec as /dev/video2
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<ArmbianTwitter> @jhalbrecht (Jeff Albrecht): @armbian @code @Arm What's the status of VS Code Remote Development on Unsupported architecture: armv6l Any inside information? https://t.co/fWjRReLBAt (1s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @jhalbrecht (Jeff Albrecht): What's the status of VS Code Remote Development on Unsupported architecture: armv6l Any inside information? https://t.co/fWjRReu0bT https://t.co/L0XAUqe7Bc (20s ago)
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<Fleck> Werner: what is chrony? :D crontab?
<Fleck> ahh no, it's an NTP thingie
* Fleck reads...
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<jock> hi all!
<Werner> Hi
<jock> hello Werner!
<jock> I'm reading the "bad thread about tvboxes" on the forum... what a mess :/
<IgorPec> haven't read it today :)
<IgorPec> worse or better?
<jock> From your POV nothing happened, your message is the last one :)
<IgorPec> ok
<jock> But I was a bit behind
<IgorPec> yeah. balbes used a bit untact way of saying he has enough of it
<IgorPec> at least a part of
<jock> I see, keeping up with some users can be quite frustrating at times
<IgorPec> users expectations on average varies between high and insane. Those who are realistic and know how things are, those usually don't push
<jock> Yeah, the dumbest the user the higher the frustration
<IgorPec> yes. and i don't see why makers / doers / developers should pay the full price of that.
<IgorPec> this support part is critical and contraverse since ever
<jock> Indeed. I would like to think that most of the people are actually silent or disciplinate, immature ones are the minority, but they break the balls most
<jock> But I guess that's the way real life goes too
<IgorPec> IMO this is the case, not many are problematic, but those who are, makes 80% of the damage :)
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<IgorPec> :(
<jock> I hope clubs will help
<Werner> That is what I was hoping too but balbes dont seem to care :/
<IgorPec> not sure if that will help this problem
<IgorPec> werner: in what why he doesn't care?
<IgorPec> i think he is under too much attention with or without this problem, clubs, etxc
<Werner> Maybe
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<c0rnelius> just read some of that. looks like a shit show.
<c0rnelius> goodness
<IgorPec> well, development is hard ;)
<c0rnelius> Seemed pretty understandable to me. Like you said, there is a fork button ;D
<archetech> Host: groovy-minimal Kernel: 5.8.0-odroid-arm64 aarch64 bits: 64 Desktop: GNOME 3.38.1
<archetech> Machine: Type: ARM Device System: Hardkernel ODROID-N2Plus d
<archetech> Distro: Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla)
<IgorPec> archetech: audio works?
<archetech> yup
<c0rnelius> its not like you are the ones making promises you can't keep and peddling hardware that doesn't do what was suggested.
<IgorPec> archetech: i added two patches today, but haven't been able to test
<archetech> c0rnelius, get an N2+
<archetech> sell everything else :)
<archetech> next test is get rid of this non-free mali_kbase and go all mainline
<IgorPec> i use 3950x for desktop :) no need for n2+
<c0rnelius> archetech: ha. I planned on getting one at the end of the year or start of the next. Give it more time to marinate.
<archetech> IgorPec, you have no advantage with that running gnome
<IgorPec> i don't run gnome
<IgorPec> kernel is recompiled in around 30s
<IgorPec> but i do agree n2+ is a very nice gadget
<c0rnelius> well it does have 16 cores :)
<IgorPec> and another part is storage
<c0rnelius> so spec wise is the N2+ better than the latest rk3399s?
<archetech> I could run this off usb3-ssd ~350MB/s
<archetech> no need
<IgorPec> my NAS runs 950MB/s
<IgorPec> :)
<IgorPec> usb storage is not something to trust on a long run
<archetech> 3399 is a flaming turd runs hot S922 runs at room temp
<IgorPec> N2+ is faster then 3399, sure
<IgorPec> but lacks PCI. if that is important, rk3399 is better
<archetech> yup n2 is 6 cores @2.2 Ghz
<archetech> 2 of them at 1.9
<IgorPec> it goes up to 2.4 easily
<archetech> yes
<c0rnelius> archetech: thanx I couldn't recall and I thought last time I looked it over it was. very decent.
<c0rnelius> gonna have to get one for sure
<IgorPec> i got two, one in the autotest facility and one for hacking
<c0rnelius> nice
<archetech> I think armbian should support the pine and odroid stuff only forget the rest :)
<IgorPec> pine quality is questionable, odroid have good internal team
<c0rnelius> i agree
<archetech> yup but those laptop/phone/tab are nice
<c0rnelius> I only bought that rock64 because it was 8$
<c0rnelius> i would never pay 25$ for that thing
<archetech> im not goin there
<IgorPec> we receive all boards for free, so usually don't even know the price tag
<c0rnelius> not worth it, thats the price most times ;)
<c0rnelius> fun to play with though
<IgorPec> i skipped all those pine top/phone(clock/tab product
<c0rnelius> i stopped at the pinea64+, up until that lil deal on the rock. I have no plans on buying anything else from them.
<c0rnelius> Friendlyarm seems to make some pretty solid stuff
<archetech> ok then armbian odroid only heh
<IgorPec> Its Allwinner A64 in different outfit
<c0rnelius> its a print server now :D only thing its kinda good at.
<archetech> no more stress or spread too thin
<archetech> just happy people and odroids here
<IgorPec> you mean like manjaro folks, which only see Pine hardware :)
<archetech> yeah they like that horse
<rneese> I want my hands on pbp
<rneese> and I want a n2+
<archetech> next N2+ batch is almost ready get em while ya can
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<IgorPec> out of stock
<archetech> Id preorder
<c0rnelius> aren't they accepting preorders?
<IgorPec> probably
<IgorPec> i didn't try
<c0rnelius> when I got the C4, I just bought it directly from HK. They had it to me within two days.
<archetech> how u like that c4?
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<IgorPec> yes, me too. then i kill it in two days and they send me another one :)
<c0rnelius> its a fine lil board. nothing amazing, but solid.
<archetech> has G31 gpu almost as good as G52
<rneese> I just wish the n2+ had they wifi /bt on board
<archetech> would make it too $$
<rneese> that like 5 bucks
<rneese> its not that expensive for the chip
<archetech> chip cost isnt the issue
<archetech> its explained at their forum
<rneese> or add more usb ports
<IgorPec> i think its about certification
<rneese> I hate using hubs
<archetech> IgorPec, yes
<c0rnelius> just get ur self some dongles, you'll be fine.
<archetech> id like to se a better usb3 chip and 6 ports
<archetech> or a m2 slot
<archetech> for onboard nvme
<IgorPec> if you lack ports :)
<IgorPec> i only have 26 USB3 ports on my desktop
<c0rnelius> looks like a keyboard
<rneese> wow 26
<archetech> for panfrost ill need a patched 5.9 kern and mesa 20.3 git hmm
<IgorPec> 20.2 is in debian
<IgorPec> sorry, ubuntu
<rneese> I dont see a nvme adapter board
<archetech> na I need a dev with them made already :p
<jock> bullseye comes with 20.3
<IgorPec> ok
<archetech> yeah bullseye is a good candidate
<archetech> too bad i wiped my armb builder
<c0rnelius> So when you guys gonna start with a CSC pi4 image? it runs pretty spot on using mainline now :D
<IgorPec> git clone armbian
<IgorPec> :)
<IgorPec> pi4, rpi 4?
<c0rnelius> mhmm
<archetech> just say no to rpi
<IgorPec> i will not do anything about
<IgorPec> its still interesting why nobody started that
<c0rnelius> I know. I'm just playing. It does work though.
<IgorPec> i am sure we would accept contribution
<IgorPec> as a build target ... we have many strange boards there
<c0rnelius> I got the 5ghz wifi working too
<Werner> I tought we could adopt it from Karmbian but they never delivered...
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> they underestimate adding new boards :)
<rneese> imho I thin armbian should spilt into 2 systems now 1 for 32 bit boards and 1 for 64 bit boards then we would have less work to maintin for both
<rneese> as 32bit arm boards are becoming less and less
<IgorPec> so less and less maintaining
<IgorPec> the idea is to have one 32bit and one 64bit kernel ... but
<IgorPec> some will stay behind
<IgorPec> there are many open things and we can't solve everything at once. merging kernel is not that critical and necessary
<rneese> well i have been digging and I have to get with MYY about the build issue with custom boards dir not working
<IgorPec> but that build system has nothing to do with arhitecture
<IgorPec> i mean it should not play any role
<rneese> well for minimal/server iimgs no
<rneese> buut for desktops its getting harder
<rneese> ok back to code rading
<IgorPec> what images? that's packages repository
<IgorPec> prebuild images are only the one found at armbian.com/download
<IgorPec> but you can quickly build one
<archetech> no builder
<rneese> so dl.armbian.com nolonger acrtive
<IgorPec> dl.armbian.com is redirected
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> we have round robin around servers and www.armbian.com is the one that selects a mirror for you
<IgorPec> automatically
<IgorPec> archive.armbian.com is old style since its single server
<IgorPec> but there are only older images
<IgorPec> enable it and it will be done in next run
<rneese> I like the t4 its nice but nanopi has not done much of new boards in almost 2 years
<IgorPec> they were first with 3399
<IgorPec> or among first
<rneese> yeah and the fact the board has the nvme on the bottom is great
<IgorPec> yeah!
<IgorPec> 1Gbps faster SSD than on Rpi4 :)
<IgorPec> or N2+
<rneese> the n2+ has a ssd adaptr I did not see it
<IgorPec> it doesn't
<IgorPec> USB3 to something
<IgorPec> its limited to that speed and reliability
<IgorPec> so its the same sh* as Rpi4 in this matter
<rneese> ok
<c0rnelius> rpi4 is kids toy
<IgorPec> yeah, but too many people take it serious
<rneese> they geared if for learning
<rneese> I hate that bcm has locked kernel blobs
<rneese> unless they finally opened it all upp
<IgorPec> that is their power
<c0rnelius> yeah... well everything is locked down somewhere it seems. but i get ur point.
<IgorPec> they will certainly not do that
<rneese> I figure thats why armbian never went for it
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<IgorPec> that's one and also its userbase
<IgorPec> its much more on the consumer side
<c0rnelius> true true
<c0rnelius> they need to go balls to the wall and slap on a emmc module and a few other extra ports for those really interested in toying with it. Make it a bit more interesting.
<IgorPec> yeah, but why?
<IgorPec> people buy it anyway
<IgorPec> adding stuff is killing the profit
<rneese> ok time to put out the xmas wish list
<rneese> 1 Pinebookpro 1 pinephone for toying around
<c0rnelius> well. From what I can tell they are moving away from 32bit. Hence the reasoning behind the 8GB model. Which makes me think they are trying to corner more than one market.
<rneese> and a new UPS as mine died 1 week ago
<rneese> ?
<rneese> 8 gig is fine for basic android tv boxes
<IgorPec> i also think that 8gb move was to corner others
<IgorPec> people buy numbers
<rneese> but for a os you need atleast 16 min and 32 is better
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<c0rnelius> exactly
<IgorPec> its not what you need :) but what your money can buy
<IgorPec> and 8 is more than 4
<c0rnelius> and if ur going aarch64, the more power the better.
<IgorPec> well, it dependas
<rneese> o the 8 gig ram ?
<IgorPec> for IOT you mainly don't need 64bit
<IgorPec> nor 1Gb memory
<c0rnelius> true
<c0rnelius> but they are trying to do the desktop replacement thing
<IgorPec> which is ridiculus if you only add memory
<IgorPec> and a very slow one
<IgorPec> but you have garbage storage on the other hand
<c0rnelius> the board can be over clocked to 2.1? or something like that.
<rneese> I would like to see a armboard that uses mem modules
<IgorPec> it doesn't help.
<IgorPec> memory is slow
<rneese> as 8 gig on arm is alot and would kick butt
<IgorPec> desktop class nvme is faster
<c0rnelius> exactly. this is why i think the next one will probs come with emmc. I mean what would the next step be for them?
<IgorPec> IDK, pci for sure
<IgorPec> chip has it, its just not used
<c0rnelius> nvme would probs cost to much
<rneese> they have a nvme adapter board now I thought
<IgorPec> yeah, but its usb connection
<IgorPec> which is joke
<c0rnelius> oh?
<rneese> yeah
<c0rnelius> i need to keep up :D
<IgorPec> RPI4 only have PCI internally
<IgorPec> you can't hook nvme on it
<IgorPec> only via USB3 hub which is connected to PCI
<rneese> so I reloaded the default build today with the dockerx and its nice and works well and intergrates well
<IgorPec> so you have NVME drive (PCI) -> USB3 -> USB3 <- PCI < RPi
<rneese> but I do see one thing I wish we could change and theme better
<rneese> and thats the pulldown programs menu
<c0rnelius> yeah its not very good
<rneese> on xfce
<IgorPec> nope, but customers are too dump to realize
<IgorPec> s/customers/consumers
<ArmbianHelper> IgorPec meant to say: nope, but consumers are too dump to realize
<rneese> lol
<rneese> yeah
<c0rnelius> personally i think the best board they released was the rpi3a+
<IgorPec> especially good for NAS applications ;)
<IgorPec> joke
<c0rnelius> was gonna say
<c0rnelius> wtf
<rneese> I want a n2 style case for the t4
<c0rnelius> huge ass heatsink?
<c0rnelius> get a fan
<rneese> I have the little metal case its in now
<IgorPec> t4 heatsink is too small
<c0rnelius> way to small
<IgorPec> i attached two big ones on the top to cool it down
<rneese> I have a small fan on mine it works great
<rneese> i so think they could have made a better one thou
<c0rnelius> its a good board over all. everything is working on mainline for the most part.
<rneese> yes except the edp port on armbian
<rneese> still trying to figure out what pbp did to get it to work
<rneese> so I can get my 11 in screen working
<IgorPec> perhaps hw not wired properly?
<rneese> its works fine with fe images
<IgorPec> ahaa
<rneese> its wired correctly
<c0rnelius> didn't they just fork armbian?
<rneese> and it works on the bp imgs
<rneese> no
<IgorPec> he mean legacy kernel
<IgorPec> 4.4
<rneese> they have teir own builder
<rneese> I think
<c0rnelius> is it in a hub?
<rneese> no its on the boards
<c0rnelius> so the patches used aren't available to the public?
<IgorPec> porting from kernel 4.4 to 5.8 is usually not trivial
<rneese> from everythign I see its in the kernel
<c0rnelius> ohhh
<c0rnelius> they are still on 4.4?
<rneese> the pbp uses the mlk
<c0rnelius> geez
<rneese> and it works
<rneese> so I have to fiiiiigure out whats the diff in patches
<IgorPec> you might need to look into boot loader as well
<rneese> I know the bl has to load it up also
<IgorPec> perihperals as such might need to be powered up, or some part of it, before kernel goes up
<c0rnelius> well... investigate I suppose. check the rk3399 dtsi and specific dts's.
<rneese> yeah . its on the todo I will take a dya or 2 break from the desktop builder
<rneese> i need to fiind what bl armbian uses for the t4
<rneese> I believer its the rk ml bl
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<rneese> i think is what is used
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<rneese> is what I had tried
<rneese> since its just uboot
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<rneese> where is the dtb
<rneese> dti
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<IgorPec> IMO this means you need to have support in u-boot
<rneese> then I have to find the uboot the pbp uses and find their patch
<IgorPec> not sure if its just setting variables that are passed to kernel
<IgorPec> not sure, just thinks wider if it doesn't go
<rneese> well I will dig this further but its something to get working
<rneese> as having a edp screen with touch is nice
<rneese> ok looking at the dtsi in the u-boot loader they have the edp routed
<rneese> thats the dtsi file
<rneese> they have a few for pins and other things
<nekomancer[m]> <Fleck "how is the clock managed in armb"> `hwclock`, `chrony` daemon
<rneese> the t4 has panfrost in the kernel
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<emOne> IgorPec: can I get an ssh login to the build server so I can compile my armbian images? :)
<jschwart> I'm still looking at this VPU thing, I see a lot of stuff from Kwiboo, but not really a step by step guide that would apply to the latest Armbian
<rneese> igore where d I find the rockchip/rk3399-pinebook-pro.dtb
<IgorPec> emOne: currently not uncofigured network nor server for that kind of things
<emOne> I have a different nick in the forum BTW
<emOne> But I have also sent you a pm there
<IgorPec> i figured out
<IgorPec> :)
<IgorPec> and we were probably talking about new server to be
<IgorPec> current is poor - it was recompiling todays update whole afternoon. still working
<IgorPec> but the ide is to provide such service. actually some people did it, but then the service was put down i think
<emOne> That is a shame. It would be great imo
<emOne> Is it a dedicated server at the moment?
<IgorPec> yeah, it would be great. But we are again with maintaining
<emOne> We need more small business donators
<IgorPec> also, but someone needs to put this code / scripts together
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<IgorPec> its a dedicated server - more or less just for this + on VM for Github actions
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<emOne> I think I read somewhere that dedicated arm servers exist somewhere
<IgorPec> yes, but for that we would need to refactor build engine
<IgorPec> again some work
<IgorPec> not planned for this year
<rneese> grrr
<IgorPec> current plan is to upgrade x86 build machine and possible added some arm64 server, but to make use of it, we would need to refactor things
<emOne> I can help refractor things
<IgorPec> this give you root access to arm64 server :) not just ssh
<emOne> Ooh nice
<emOne> I like root access
<IgorPec> yeah. i would rather go for ARM server, but I am affraid on the work this brings
<IgorPec> well, the ide for x86 was to go for 64C epyc
<rneese> ok bbiab brain break
<emOne> I don't know if arm cpus or servers are as well supported as x86
<IgorPec> for our job probably they are
<IgorPec> if not, we will make them
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<emOne> They will be much faster at compiling natively I would assume
<IgorPec> probably, but they are more effective
<emOne> "Ampere has yet to publish much in the way of Altra benchmarks, but from one of the numbers they did disclose during the press briefing was that for SPEC int rate performance, the Altra was 4% faster than an AMD EPYC 7742 or 2.23x the Intel Xeon Platinum 8280"
<emOne> Again it depends how easy they're to use
<IgorPec> ok, i will talk to ampere, you try to get some more help for RFC to native
<IgorPec> :)
<emOne> No point if no software runs well on the cpu
<IgorPec> while cross compilation must ofc remain. we need to have both
<emOne> Awesome
<emOne> Yea
<IgorPec> i will send you invite to our jira
<IgorPec> there we keep project statuses
<IgorPec> and for server purchase, Jira for server purchase is already open.
<ArmbianHelper> AR-457 [Story] "Create fund raising campaign for new build server" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-10-03. Status: To Do
<IgorPec> raising some cash is just one part
<IgorPec> helping summing information what do we need and what we would like to have ...
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<emOne> I have signed in to jira
<emOne> Yes there is a lot to do
<IgorPec> yep, if you can help only on this task - well, there will be ofc my help - its a progress. And it will take few months to see something
<emOne> On ar457?
<IgorPec> yeah
<emOne> Sure I would be happy to help
<IgorPec> well, any other as well if you can
<emOne> I can maybe help on others too
<emOne> Locales sounds fun
<IgorPec> you saw the strange locales issue on forum?
<IgorPec> IMO that probably user damaged his system somehow
<emOne> I have seen it in the to do for Russian and German
<emOne> Languages which I happen to know
<IgorPec> ahaa, yeah
<IgorPec> that's werner idea, but we don't know how to proceed i think
<emOne> What's not to know?
<emOne> Werner speaks German I would guess
<IgorPec> yes
<emOne> Balbes knows Russian
<emOne> I know German and Russian
<IgorPec> i don't know what's the problem
<IgorPec> great! ich kann auch deutch sprechen
<emOne> Das wusste ich nicht :)
<emOne> I thought you were Serbian?
<IgorPec> aber bitte nich scheel
<emOne> Hehe
<IgorPec> slovene
<emOne> Ohh sorry yes
<IgorPec> no problem
<emOne> I forgot which country but one of your neighboring counties is confused
<emOne> They used to use the cyrilic alphabet
<emOne> But now they use a mix
<emOne> Whatever they feel like
<emOne> Sometimes they use cyrilic and sometimes Latin
<IgorPec> yes, they use cyrilic we don't
<IgorPec> yeah its sometimes kind of
<emOne> Sometimes both
<emOne> Why is the server so expensive?
<IgorPec> price is undetermined
<emOne> Is this the yearly rate for the server?
<IgorPec> at this moment, that is highest price
<IgorPec> but we will surely get some discount
<emOne> We need more money if we want to work full time on armbian
<emOne> :) :) :)
<IgorPec> that's a good one. but it would be handy to have some fulltimer(s) support
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Yet another all-armbian kernel update to fix #BleedingTooth bug. sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade sudo reboot https://t.co/9poNNjKRd9 (14s ago)
<emOne> Sorry for the ignorance but doesn't 5.9 fix bleeding tooth?
<IgorPec> we have 5.8.y 5.4.y 4.14.y ...
<IgorPec> each branch need a fix
<IgorPec> only wreckless distros have 5.9.y kernel
<emOne> Is it too new?
<IgorPec> absolutely
<emOne> :(
<emOne> And here I am waiting for 5.10 hehe
<IgorPec> in a month or two, situation will change
<IgorPec> but today, its bad
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<jock> I'm quite a newbie in rockchip64 bandwagon, is it a sensation of mine or the rk3328 mainline support is still missing some important pieces?
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<archetech> who has the oldest running arm sbc around here
<archetech> pogo v2
<archetech> Kernel: 5.8.13-1-ARCH armv5tel bits: 32 Console: tty 0 Distro: Arch Linux ARM
<archetech> Machine: No /sys/class/dmi; using dmidecode: no smbios data. Old system?
<archetech> CPU: Single core Feroceon 88FR131 rev 1 (v5l) (-UP-) (ARM) speed: 1200 MHz
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