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* TRS-80 cracks open second beer
<lanefu> man i gotta figure out how to do utf emojis from xfce
<TRS-80> You mean, other than copy paste?
<TRS-80> emoji picker is on the todo list for my rofi-in-elisp project, not that it helps you :)
<TRS-80> There are some (regular) rofi based ones, though (where I got the idea).
<lanefu> I need somethign to copy from
<lanefu> nah might use javascript
<lanefu> nah seirosuly that seems like a nativeapp thing
<lanefu> although i wonder if weechat has something
<TRS-80> check plugins, I forgot about until you mention it, I think there is actually
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<fromport> where are the dns resolvers defined in networkmanager ? it keeps overwriting /etc/resolv.conf with external resolvers .. argghhh
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<fromport> root@cs4:NetworkManager/system-connections # cat Wired\ connection\ 1.nmconnection ty ;-)
<lanefu> :beer:
<lanefu> fromport: lemme give you some breadcrumbs
<TRS-80> I see :beer:
<TRS-80> colon b e e r colon
<lanefu> fromport: here's an ansible playbook i use to clean all that crap up https://armbian.lane-fu.com/linx/ttfiq8u3.yaml
<TRS-80> Is this on Debian or Ubuntu based images?
* TRS-80 never noticed anything
<fromport> armbian ;-)
<fromport> i would like to remove networkmanager, going to google that
<TRS-80> I meant in the context of Armbian
<fromport> deb
<fromport> lanefu: line of your yaml is a typo (positively intended feedback)
<fromport> first
* TRS-80 goes looking in /etc/resolv.conf in various Armbian boxen
<TRS-80> I got nothing in there (maybe because I assign IPs at router?)
<lanefu> fromport: haha yeah i just typed that by hand because i missed the line when i copied lol
<lanefu> debian install seem to be a little less evil in that regard
<lanefu> TRS-80: is /etc/resolv.conf a symlink
<TRS-80> no
<fromport> it wasn't in my system
<TRS-80> mine is simply https://bpa.st/YXEA
<fromport> my router is .1, but my dhcp server hands out .62 (pi-hole) as resolver. but for some reason NetworkMangler wrote (firewalled) and .1 (router ip) in /etc/resolv.conf
<fromport> https://bpa.st/DE7Q <- so why/who is adding to it now ? arrgghhhh
<TRS-80> you been hacked
<fromport> right ;-)
<fromport> ahh /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head:nameserver
<fromport> why only in one of my many armbian setups ?!
<TRS-80> looks like I only have networking.service running, not Network Manager (unless that is the same?)
<TRS-80> I think networking is systemd though
<TRS-80> fromport: I never recall having any such problems, fwiw, on any other boards, either
<TRS-80> my guess is you have multiple competing network things going on
<TRS-80> on this particular box, for some reason
<TRS-80> maybe something installed some dependency?
<fromport> i have 10 odroic HC2's running armbian with lizardfs. i think i found something. let me paste
<TRS-80> > lizard
<TRS-80> > literal bug (almost)
<TRS-80> :D
<fromport> bug eater ;-)
<TRS-80> good point
<TRS-80> I was thinking more how you find them in electrical boxes, etc. like the original literal bug
<TRS-80> yeah lines 30 and 31
<fromport> i would like to remove network manager and configure everything static. but by googling "remove networkmanager' not getting any positive vibes at the moment
<TRS-80> fromport: try just systemctl stop network-manager && systemctl disable network-manager (with sudo) then reboot
<fromport> and add config in /etc/network/interfaces ?
<TRS-80> you could also do some Debian apt reverse depends and see what brought it in
<TRS-80> do you want to manually assign IPs?
<fromport> is there a dhcp client available when you remove networkmanager ? that would be nice
<TRS-80> I just let the router do it. As doing otherwise seems extremely complicated nowadays for whatever reason (or maybe I am just dumb).
<TRS-80> Yes there is networking service I am pretty sure (at least that is what's running on my cubietruck)
<TRS-80> but it's not end of world just to disable a service and try
<TRS-80> you don't even need to stop it, if you are going to reboot anyway
<TRS-80> network manager, to me, is more for like desktops, picking a wifi or vpn interface, etc.
<fromport> wow, no dependancies on network-manager
<TRS-80> did you install because you thought you needed it?
<fromport> no
<TRS-80> just curious how it got there
<fromport> must have been pulled in somehow, but all my chunk servers have it
<TRS-80> interesting
<fromport> after reboot not coming back up :-(
<fromport> going to install serial console cable
<TRS-80> yeah I dunno man
<TRS-80> I don't have any resolvconf service running, either
<fromport> login -> dhclient -v and networking is back up
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<fromport> things in /var/log are on zram, and probably don't survives reboots?!
<fromport> otherwise i could look in /var/log/dpkg.log
<TRS-80> they are flushed every so often
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<TRS-80> and maybe saved if you shut down properly I would guess
<TRS-80> I could be mistaken about that, thouugh
<fromport> what do you have in /etc/network/interfaces for your wired connection ?
<TRS-80> iface eth0 inet dhcp
<TRS-80> pretty sure that's Debian default
<TRS-80> something like that
<TRS-80> It's very straightforward. Then on my desktop (where NM is running) it still says that in that file but my interface (per `ip a` for instance) is like enps0 (?)something
<fromport> i received my 24V -> 12 & 24V -> 5V dc-dc converters yesterday. now I can really fire up my odroid mc1 cluster.
<TRS-80> enp4s01, I dunno
<TRS-80> enp3s0 and enp4s0, that's it
<fromport> DHCPDISCOVER on enx001e06328b8d
<TRS-80> this is your interfaces file?
<TRS-80> I can't help but wonder if this is lizardfs related somehow
<fromport> mac address as label it seems
<TRS-80> no, there is some nomenclature, newer interface names in Linux follow some specific, reproduceable naming scheme
<TRS-80> but that looks a little weird
<fromport> but my case, enx0[macaddress] == interface name
<lanefu> fromport: do you need to get off of network manager or do you just need to fix dns
<TRS-80> ok guess so then
<TRS-80> lanefu probably knows more about networking than me, honestly
<TRS-80> I must admit I still don't really understand it all in Linux
<TRS-80> especially networking
<fromport> lanefu: i was busy upgrading my armbian machines, started with cs1, 2 3 and 4 couldn't resolv hosts outside my network because of broken resolvers.
<TRS-80> I keep reading about it though lol
<fromport> i installed all my units from same armbian XU4 odroid image. must be something 'weird' about that image
<TRS-80> which image?
<fromport> Armbian_20.08.1_Odroidxu4_buster_current_5.4.61_minimal.img.xz
<TRS-80> I mean, that looks like right one from https://www.armbian.com/odroid-hc1/#kernels-archive-all
<TRS-80> (other than fact we are on 20.11 now)
<lanefu> fromport: what's your /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf look like
<lanefu> does it look like this? https://armbian.lane-fu.com/linx/agcr747m.ini
<TRS-80> Oh you can paste text, also? oO
<lanefu> TRS-80: yeah click on "paste"
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<lanefu> fromport: `systemctl |fgrep -i resolv`
<TRS-80> I might have to set up one of these. Well, I might be using yours in meantime. Ha! But I already set up my other solution, too... such conflict very wow
<fromport> i have a nice domain for that pastebin server . will work on that later ;-)
<TRS-80> he has resolvconf, networking.service, AND network-manager all running
<TRS-80> I think this is the problem
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<TRS-80> but what do I know
<fromport> lanefu: resolvconf.service loaded active exited Nameserver information manager
<fromport> dinner time here, i just ordered some takeout. will be afk for a while ;-)
<fromport> thanks for all the help ! really appreciated
<TRS-80> make sure you come back and tell us the exciting conclusion
* TRS-80 is invested now
<lanefu> fromport: k.. so bsaically do this.... systemctl stop resolvconf && systemctl disable resolv.conf && rm /etc/resolv.conf && touch /etc/resolv.conf then make sure "files" is first choice in /etc/nsswitch.conf for hosts
<lanefu> then reboot
<lanefu> and hopefully rage is over
<fromport> thanks will try when i return ;-)
* stipa has transitioned from Virtual Box to KVM, i'll let it run for few days...
<TRS-80> And there was much rejoicing!
<stipa> that was a long day
<stipa> KVM is much punchier
<stipa> i would tell maybe even 3x faster
<TRS-80> oh wow
<stipa> at least when running win
<stipa> windows server 2019
<stipa> network settings in Virtual Box are like 'one click' thing, in KVM it's like science.
<TRS-80> Yes but you become wizard by learning. And now you are off from Oracle's reservation. Congratulations.
<stipa> TRS-80: thanks man!
<lanefu> stipa: oh yeah virtualbox feels slow after you use other stuff
<stipa> lanefu: yeah, i dig it
<lanefu> stipa: networkign is a little weird... are you using virt-manager and virsh?
<stipa> lanefu: i'm using virtual manager and hypervisor default if that makes any sense
<stipa> NAT
<stipa> i still don't get the terminology
<stipa> of the KVM
<stipa> but i have some problems in KVM's NAT system, i had to disable DHCP server in it
<stipa> so ip on my VM inside of the KVM is static
<lanefu> stipa: don't need to disable DHCP, need to enable another network via a bridge
<lanefu> i mean unless yuou wanna stay nated
<stipa> yeah, i want bridge
<stipa> that's the next step
<stipa> i have to rearrange network settings to do it
<stipa> i'll let it run for a while as is to see how stable is it
<lanefu> yeah basically make a bridge first, then you can use like the `virsh net-edit` command to add the bridge
<stipa> lanefu: yeah, i know i need to create a bridge but the `virsh net-edit` is new to me, i'll take a note
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* TRS-80 just figured out how to do Note, Warning etc. blocks in mkdocs
<lanefu> :praise:
<lanefu> dayum that looks _good_
<TRS-80> emoji are still not rendering for me, FYI
<lanefu> yeah that was an emoji fail
<TRS-80> neither your beer earlier, fyi
<lanefu> you have to isntall abunch of packages... neko told me what ot do i probablydint make note
<lanefu> did it at least be an ugly square?
<TRS-80> :praise: is what I got
<TRS-80> literal "colon p r a i s e colon"
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<TRS-80> 💩
<TRS-80> works?
<TRS-80> I see it rendered on my side
<stipa> works
<lanefu> TRS-80: yeah that was a 100%
<lanefu> for the praise it should have done whatever
<lanefu> grr i gotta fidn the fonts
<stipa> 💩
<TRS-80> 👊 bump fist to monitor
<TRS-80> stipa is in the poop club
<stipa> sure
<stipa> at least it's a club.
<TRS-80> 🧙‍♂️
<TRS-80> whoa
<stipa> a dog's head?
<TRS-80> 🧙‍
<stipa> thy're tiny in weechat
<TRS-80> yes, too small
<stipa> yeah
<lanefu> lol i wish i had scripted
<TRS-80> lanefu: What are your religios reasons against docker-compose? lol
<lanefu> whatevs no more hacking.... disappointed cuz i had started working on the python redirect stuff again and i got bogged down in implementing a proper reload within uwsig
<lanefu> TRS-80: it's just super workstation-oriented for developers, and doesn't translate to any sort of practical real world deployment
<lanefu> also gives docker too much ownership of the workflow
<lanefu> liek i just want docker to run a container with x volumes and y ports mapped when i tell it to
<lanefu> also you can easily graduate to podman if you stay away from docker compose
<lanefu> podman is stateless.. no daemon to crash adn screw you
<TRS-80> I do like that the whole ecosystem seems to be moving toward generalization and standardized tools
<lanefu> to be fair that rarely happens on new kernels
<TRS-80> yes, that too
<TRS-80> but I don't think I ever will need to scake up to Kubernetes
<lanefu> TRS-80: the crime is people are trying to make k8s a standarized tool, and it's sooo insane
<lanefu> k8s is terrible
<lanefu> the glue you use with it is terrible
<TRS-80> my "deployment" will be <10 services probably all in one or 2 locations (second as backup only)
<lanefu> like there's some awwwesome off-the-shelf stuff you can do
<lanefu> like its cake to deploy a clustered prometehsu and database n stuff
<lanefu> but wait 18 months and that helm chart or operator will break and you have to unwind it
<lanefu> so you can run nomad as a single instance... and launch stuff... but also. you can just run containers from systemd unit files
<lanefu> TRS-80: here's a systemd unit file i use for redirect http://ix.io/2Fv0
<TRS-80> like OK, so this would be instead of dockerfile?
<lanefu> Instead of a docker compose
<lanefu> Its counter intuitive. Dockerfile is just build instructions for an image but not for a running container
<lanefu> Compose adds orchestration to build and run
<TRS-80> aah ok
<TRS-80> right
<lanefu> Also you dont have to build with a docker file
<lanefu> You can just like fire up a debian container with interactive shell. Do stuff then checkpoint that container an image and reuse it
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<TRS-80> you mean with docker run, amirite?
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<ArmbianTwitter> @9to5linux (9to5Linux): Armbian Linux for #ARM Devices Has a New Major Powered by #Linux Kernel 5.9, Now Supporting #Ubuntu 20.10 https://t.co/W4mAQnDZlX @armbian https://t.co/am2HQ1bh65 (8s ago)
<lanefu> `docker run --rm -it debian /bin/bash` will launch a debian container in an interactive shell and delete after
<lanefu> Try that command to tinker
<TRS-80> I guess the whole point is to have that file though as a sort of definition which you can put in a repository. Although yeah, definitely going to do that.
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<fromport> lanefu: after doing what you suggested i still have no working networking. "dhclient -v" is enough to restore it.
<ArmbianTwitter> @MariusNestor (𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓾𝓼 𝓝𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓻): Armbian Linux 2020.11 Released for #ARM Devices with #Linux Kernel 5.9, Support for Odroid-HC4 and Rock Pi 4C https://t.co/Bmsz4OJQJx @armbian #opensource https://t.co/4C1AApHy9t (22s ago)
<TRS-80> fromport: I would be afraid that is only putting one thing in charge at this moment. Did you test to see if that survive reboot?
<lanefu> systemctl enable NetworkManager maybe? Did it get disabled
<TRS-80> I think disable NM and resolvconf, no? Just leave networking service?
<fromport> lanefu. i actually did a dpkg -P network-manager. i thought it was all overhead since radioshack doesn't even have it installed on his armbian. will restore ;-)
<lanefu> Networkmanager is fine and sane. Just resolver addons can make a mess
<lanefu> The modern minimalist way is to use systemd-networkd
<fromport> yep, working now after bootup
<TRS-80> which is networking.service, amirite?
<lanefu> Great for server with wired ethernet
<TRS-80> fromport: yaay finally
* fromport really not a fan of systemd. can't get used to it. feels like almost an OS within an OS
<lanefu> Nope it's a whole other thing lol
<lanefu> fromport: glad its behaving
<lanefu> Looks like the armbian media blitz is happening
<ArmbianTwitter> @DataAugmented (SyntaxError): Armbian Linux for ARM Devices Switches to Linux Kernel 5.9, Supports Ubuntu 20.10 https://t.co/AIguopLOkG #Linux (7s ago)
<TRS-80> lanefu: networking.service - Raise network interfaces; Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/networking.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
<TRS-80> I guess I search difference between that and networkd
<fromport> lanefu: what about this ? https://bpa.st/I2BQ
<TRS-80> there are too many damn similarly named networking tools, it's so confusing
<fromport> should i try and remove resolvconf package ?
<lanefu> Yes resolvconf is the devil
<TRS-80> lol
<lanefu> And systemd-resolver is a minion
<TRS-80> I wonder how it got installed?
<lanefu> Dude I keep figiting it and it some.how shows up
<lanefu> I had code in armbian to make dns sane
<lanefu> But sometimes that package shows up and wrecks shop on ubuntu
<lanefu> fromport: using ubuntu?
<TRS-80> I asked him he said Debian
<TRS-80> because I never had these sort of issues on Debian based Armbian, either. Not ever.
<fromport> i have no ubuntu repository in my config
<fromport> am I running some corrupt image ?
<TRS-80> did you checksum download, etc?
<TRS-80> certain good sdcard? etc?
<TRS-80> but why say that now? I thought it was working?
<fromport> i have 10 units running!
<fromport> I went to https://www.armbian.com/odroid-xu4/#kernels-archive-all and downloaded buster minimal with 5.4.x kernel
<lanefu> so here's where it tries to do the righ thing https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/lib/distributions.sh#L451
<fromport> and this is my "TODO list" when I add chunkservers: http://www2.dth.net/new_machine/lizardfs_new.txt
<fromport> am did not add any weird packages or anything
<lanefu> but i dont think it ever gets executed
<lanefu> ..and there's code for netplan, but we don't isntall netplan
<fromport> can I unpack one of those image files to check what packages are included in an image ?
<lanefu> yep but the truth all resides here https://github.com/armbian/build
<lanefu> in a few easy-to-understand lines of code
<TRS-80> ahahahahahahaahaahahahahaaaa!
<nekomancer[m]> need short movie clip with text "armbian, bitch!"
<TRS-80> gn
<TRS-80> Happy Thanksgiving everybody
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<nekomancer[m]> ฅ^-ﻌ-^ฅ ฅ^-ﻌ-^ฅ
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<Werner> Good morning
<ArmbianTwitter> @tuxmachines (Tux Machines): #Armbian Linux for ARM Devices Switches to Linux Kernel 5.9, Supports Ubuntu 20.10 (29s ago)
<Werner> Tony_mac32
<Tony_mac32> you rang?
<Tony_mac32> haha fixing it now
<Tony_mac32> but yes, somehow it submitted while I was typing
<Werner> okay :D
<Tony_mac32> tada!
<ArmbianTwitter> @tuxmachines (Tux Machines): #Armbian Linux for ARM Devices Switches to Linux Kernel 5.9, Supports Ubuntu 20.10 • sǝuıɥɔɐɯ xnʇ ☞ https://t.co/1d7ykgmkLM (30s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @TeeFirefly (T-Firefly): Good news! #Station P1 and M1 both support Official #Armbian OS now! https://t.co/AD69timUqh #stationp1 #stationm1 #geek #minipc https://t.co/76ZI8y7zeK (6s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @StationGeeker (Station): Good news! #Station P1 and M1 both support Official #Armbian OS now! https://t.co/lbH4AzY5fi #stationp1 #stationm1 #geek #minipc https://t.co/nEKExAKNEq (11s ago)
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<IgorPec> good morning
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<ArmbianTwitter> @raspberrytorpes (raspberryparatorpes): #community powered Million thanks to all the @armbian team and collaborators https://t.co/zpQaUpfeyR (16s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @schestowitz (Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)): #Armbian Linux for ARM Devices Switches to Linux Kernel 5.9, Supports Ubuntu 20.10 • sǝuıɥɔɐɯ xnʇ ☞ https://t.co/3vejYFJdFV •●• #GNU #Linux #TuxMachines #News (3s ago)
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<diskless> Hello everyone. This is Saurabh from India. I understand that balbes150 has stopped supporting AML based set top boxes (OTT) since Jnue 2020. I was wondering where I could download images from before 2020-06. I see that on users.armbian.com, Yandex as well as Megs, all images older than 202010 have been removed.
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<IgorPec> diskless: we have nothing to do with this
<diskless> I understand, IgorPec. Thanks for your response.
<diskless> What are some of the ways I could get involved in Armbian development. I have a number of boards, mostly OrangePi, x86 boards with Intel Celeron processors, and some older RaspberryPi and A10/A20 based boards. I have experience with kernel development, and a fair bit of experience with Linux OS stuff like systemd.
<IgorPec> most straightforward way is to jump on bugs
<IgorPec> there are plenty recorded one in jira, github, forums
<IgorPec> we also have some bigger projects in motion, where help is welcome
<diskless> That makes sense. Let me look at the JIRA. I can begin with bugs.
<diskless> What are some of these bigger projects?
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<ArmbianHelper> AR-200 [Story] "Improving Desktop images" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-04-04. Status: In Progress
<IgorPec> AR-444
<ArmbianHelper> AR-444 [Story] "Improving download infrastructure Phase 2" reported by Lane Jennison at 2020-09-25. Status: To Do
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<IgorPec> AR-457
<ArmbianHelper> AR-457 [Story] "Enable native arm/arm64 building" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-10-03. Status: In Progress
<IgorPec> Jira is ready only by default - if/when you need write access, msg me or lanefu
<IgorPec> and provide email
<IgorPec> this one is one of annoying https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/2315
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<diskless> AR-200 and AR-444 seem like something I could work on.
<ArmbianHelper> AR-200 [Story] "Improving Desktop images" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-04-04. Status: In Progress
<diskless> Looking at the open JIRA tickets also.
<IgorPec> build system with improved desktop already sits in main repository
<IgorPec> branch: desktop
<diskless> I do not have an Orange Pi3. I have ordered an Orange Pi Zero2 with H616 processor. That should be arriving soon, and then I hope to make Armbian work on H616. OrangePi has put up some images on their website. Need to look at that and see if any kernel source code has been provided too.
<IgorPec> we received this board few days ago, but we just had a release. no time for R&D
<IgorPec> bugfixing
<IgorPec> new release bugfixing :) it seems we have some serious troubles https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16112-2011-orange-pi-zero-not-booting/
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<ArmbianTwitter> @BrideOfLinux (Christine Hall): Lotsa new release stuff coming down the media pipeline for a holiday, even if it is a regional one: Armbian Linux for ARM Devices Switches to Linux Kernel 5.9, Supports Ubuntu 20.10 - @9to5Linux https://t.co/fklVDjJUYM (17s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @BrideOfLinux (Christine Hall): Lotsa new release stuff coming down the media pipeline for a holiday, even if it is a regional one: Armbian Linux for ARM Devices Switches to Linux Kernel 5.9, Supports Ubuntu 20.10 - @9to5linux https://t.co/fklVDjJUYM (4s ago)
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<lanefu> I look forward to a PR from onions00 https://armbian.lane-fu.com/linx/6943fy9k.jpg
<IgorPec> regarding?
<lanefu> Anything. Their name is onions00
<IgorPec> aha, i see they are doing some wrt stuff
<lanefu> Oh interesting
<lanefu> I should follow wrt on armbian more as I have formally given up my quest for VYOS on armbian
<IgorPec> i just scanned quickla that document but i guess it should work
<lanefu> Which doc
<imliubo> Hi,I finally got my /dev/fb0, but my LCD display still can't display it, maybe there is still a problem I haven't solved.
<imliubo> Very happy, and one step closer to my goal!
<stipa> imliubo: can you blink a led with the GPIO?
<imliubo> Yes!Backlight is right!
<stipa> if screen is not responding maybe it's time to debug the SPI protocol with digital analyser...
<imliubo> lol... oh no...
<stipa> oh, yeah!
<stipa> you can build one with an arduino...
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Armbian 20.11 released! New kernel and U-Boot, Ubuntu “Groovy Gorilla” build support, new servers, and more! https://t.co/38zs1Xn18K https://t.co/PmiEHWqXzH (14s ago)
<imliubo> LCD can be used without any problems(I used it on ESP32
<stipa> right, but you'll have to figure out why it's not working on opi
<imliubo> I will find the problem, thank you very much for your help, I hope to consult you if there is a problem!
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): This is actually pretty awesome. WRT on armbian opens up a lot of opportunity for small potent routers. I've given up on my dream of building #vyos on armbian until the new config backend is out there and I understand it. https://t.co/iFyU4wZRLK (7s ago)
<stipa> imliubo: np, good night
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<imliubo> Goodnight stipa!
<lanefu> IgorPec: well his install process could be improved for sure lol but good stuff. I could probably refactor easily
<imliubo> goodnight everyone!
<lanefu> Night!
<TRS-80> good night and good morning :)
<IgorPec> good night / morning
<IgorPec> lanefu: yeah - it doesn't look much complicated
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<lanefu> Yeah looks pretty same. Looking at their git. Would like to figure out how to package more neatly. But even filtering out his hack could work
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @cnxsoft: .@IloveRockchip has revealed more details about RK3588 octa-core #Arm Cortex-A76/A55 #processor that is now expected to launch… (6s ago)
<Werner> Good day
<lanefu> Hi Werner
<TRS-80> hey Werner
<IgorPec> werner!
<Werner> Too much attention. I should get away :P
<TRS-80> :)
<Werner> IgorPec, you think xradio broke upstream?
<[TheBug]> everyone in the channel starts chanting, "Werner, Werner, Werner, Werner!"
<lanefu> Re dropping xradio..... opizero is our top download so I think keeping it alive is important
<[TheBug]> xradio is just broke, period
<lanefu> Oh
<[TheBug]> i mean
<[TheBug]> it 'works'
<[TheBug]> but the drivers have always been absolute horse shit
<IgorPec> so if we remove it, it will work? @lanefu
<lanefu> Maybe only ship xradio with legacy kernel as compromise
<IgorPec> gpg: signing failed: Cannot allocate memory
<Werner> Not likely dropping but if it works without considering fixing xradio to a specific known to work commit
<lanefu> IgorPec: not sure need to test
<IgorPec> i am also on opi zero - checked others like zero+ and h5 zero
<IgorPec> others works well
<lanefu> what all uses xradio
<[TheBug]> Allwinner
<[TheBug]> H3
<IgorPec> blacklisting it is enough IMO
<[TheBug]> few other boards
<IgorPec> just a few
<IgorPec> nanopi duo
<[TheBug]> Xunlong had a habit of using it anywhere they could glue it on
<IgorPec> its probably dirty cheap
<[TheBug]> yep
<[TheBug]> you get what you pay for ;)
<IgorPec> this one really made us some grey hair
<[TheBug]> indeed
<[TheBug]> I remember it was a pain for H3Droid as well
<[TheBug]> and we were using Armbian legacy kernels for H3
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<lanefu> since wife is playing video games, im allowed on laptop now
<lanefu> lemme do some builds
<[TheBug]> Good lanefu, don't upset the wife on a holiday where she cooks food for you!
<[TheBug]> (well assuming she is the cook in the house I guess)
<lanefu> [TheBug]: oh dude we're totally punting this year.. we got thanksgiivng pre-made through some program her company has
<[TheBug]> ahh
<lanefu> we made big breakfast, and kitchen is clean and done
<lanefu> lol
<IgorPec> lol
<[TheBug]> well, then the wife you share yummy hot food with ;p
<lanefu> yup... having older lady down the street as guest. gonna eat outside this afternon
<stipa> cook smart
<lanefu> but yeah usually I do turkey adn she cooks other stuff, or we goto a friend/family place
<[TheBug]> Of course, for some reason I will never understand, on a day where my job is operating 'on call' of course everyone and their mom starts calling in trying to get support
<[TheBug]> past 48 hours had like 2 calls, start out today, 6 so far
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> It's a Holiday! Leav me alone :D
<stipa> yeah, it felt like it's Sunday in here
<stipa> didn't know why
<[TheBug]> cause most US adults are off so it is more active here ;p
<[TheBug]> hehe
<stipa> right, right
<lanefu> I'm gonna build a legacy image with xradio and see if it works
<lanefu> Then I think we can just offer xradio on legacy and that's it. Win win
<TRS-80> I gather there is some other (better?) option on mainline?
<lanefu> TRS-80: the better option is don't use the crappy XR819 wifi devices
<TRS-80> Those are built-in, right? So in other words, if what you propose is enacted (xradio only on legacy) then there would be no wifi driver at all on mainline, and necessetate someone adding some dongle? I'm just trying to follow along here.
<[TheBug]> yes that would seem to be the case
<[TheBug]> I mean in a perfect world someone would come along and just fix the driver
<[TheBug]> but its pretty crap
<TRS-80> Or do those appear in some dongles, too?
<[TheBug]> no most built-in on board
<lanefu> [TheBug]: it's like an sdio based interfact, so won't make sense on dongle
<[TheBug]> as I was saying Allwinner packaged witha bunch of their chips
<lanefu> sorry was for trs
<[TheBug]> np
<[TheBug]> so you will see it with H3 and I think H5
<TRS-80> K, I am guessing as usual no support from mfr?
<[TheBug]> right
<[TheBug]> well the original driver is junk and a blobby mess I believe
<[TheBug]> been a while since I looked at it (thankfully)
<TRS-80> I meant like documentation, etc. so community could write F/LOSS one instead.
<[TheBug]> I would hazard to say no, but would welcome being proved wrong on that
<TRS-80> I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, my understanding that's pretty typical, no? Especially with certain things like wifi, gpu, etc.
<TRS-80> ddr4 require blobs so far (to my understanding) and probably lots other things, too
<lanefu> IgorPec: how do you build opi with 5.8 kernel? i chose the install from repo deb for kernel w/ builder, but it still pulled 5.9.11
<IgorPec> yes that way
<Werner> Pre made packages from archive
<IgorPec> let me see, just doing the same
<IgorPec> [ .... ] Installing from repository [ linux-image-current-sunxi ]
<TRS-80> > This application has industry leading low cost BOM to simplify product development
<lanefu> ohh maybe it's just the build tool confusing me... do you think the version number comes from the deb, or from what's local checkout [ .... ] Updating initramfs... [ update-initramfs -uv -k 5.9.11-sunxi ]
<TRS-80> > to simplify product development
<IgorPec> [ .... ] Updating initramfs... [ update-initramfs -uv -k 5.8.16-sunxi ]
<IgorPec> i checkout to v20.11
<IgorPec> of build script
<TRS-80> > 6 WLAN Transceiver Performance: TBD.
<TRS-80> ahahahahaaahaa
<TRS-80> you don't say
<lanefu> i should not have used my slow sdcard for this
<lanefu> IgorPec: are teh xr819 drivers in the kernel, or addedd seperately through EXTRAWIFI=yes
<Werner> extra IIRC
<lanefu> :P rebuilding
<IgorPec> blacklisting is usually good enough
<IgorPec> my zero works fine
<lanefu> hmmm EXTRAWIFI flag doesnt seem to matter when using pre-packaged kernel
<IgorPec> with xradio
<lanefu> IgorPec: can i download your image
<IgorPec> updatged
<lanefu> ha
<IgorPec> my image doesn't boot at all :) lol
<IgorPec> its something with boot loader
<Werner> bad crc?
<IgorPec> no, nothing
<IgorPec> zero on serial
<IgorPec> like u-boot would not be flashed
<lanefu> IgorPec: is uInitrd file missing?
<IgorPec> no no, no prompt from u-boot
<IgorPec> opi zero -> from repository - > focal cli
<IgorPec> i make another one, this works
<lanefu> okay trying
<IgorPec> download will probably be slow
<IgorPec> syncing is in action
<lanefu> yeah not real quick
<Werner> Some torrents need attention somewhen later
<IgorPec> which one?
<Werner> Armbian_20.11_Cubietruck_bullseye_current_5.8.16.img.xz Armbian_20.11_Cubietruck_buster_current_5.8.16_desktop.img.xz Armbian_20.11_Bananapipro_buster_current_5.8.16_minimal.img.xz
<IgorPec> what is error?
<Werner> Piece xyz, which was just downloaded, failed its checksum test
<Werner> where xyz is some number
<IgorPec> aha, i had to reupload few images, mirrors are synching slowly ...
<IgorPec> and cubietruck was remade
<IgorPec> wait a week
<lanefu> lol
<IgorPec> we only have one mirror fully syched at this point
<IgorPec> estonia ... which is this s3 thing, damn
<lanefu> IgorPec: i guess after we push new images we probably need ot wait a day before udpating hte redirect links
<IgorPec> yes. they are fixed to estonia now
<IgorPec> problem is synching direction - it goes from me and my line is slow
<IgorPec> ideally it would be to have estonia as a main rsync hub
<lanefu> IgorPec: yeah.. maybe we can look at exposing minio via s3fuse
<lanefu> and do rsync that way
<lanefu> well let me see if there's soemthign more direct out there
<IgorPec> idk how to handle this minio
<lanefu> lol well if we host our build server there
<lanefu> would be easy to make an rsync gateway
<lanefu> well
<lanefu> new idea
<lanefu> IgorPec: are the minio keys on stuff somewhere i lost them
<IgorPec> not sure if we had them there ...
<IgorPec> i only have keys in some config files here but dunno where
<IgorPec> i use those keys for rclone
<IgorPec> you got image? download finished?
<lanefu> got imaeg extracting
<lanefu> IgorPec: send me minio keys and rsyncd.conf please
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<IgorPec> where those keys should be?
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<IgorPec> i remember lauri sent me and i only pasted them to the file in the location
<lanefu> probalby in your rconole confi
<IgorPec> yes, but where is it? :)
<lanefu> hahaha
<lanefu> let me check again.. i thought i had saved them
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<IgorPec> but i want to find them :)
<IgorPec> don't know how to search for
<lanefu> ha i do have them
<lanefu> thanks me
<lanefu> now just need your rysnc config
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<IgorPec> coming on email
<IgorPec> so its possible to run rsyncd on this minio without having a Phd on minio?
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<lanefu> IgorPec: standby currently leveraging phd
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<Heisath> I'll upload a better picture tomorrow, lighting is shit right now
<IgorPec> great!
<IgorPec> this suppose to function as predicted ?
<Werner> I think my OPi zero is toast. The image you mentioned does not work for me
<IgorPec> wermer: lets wait others to try ... i am powering my zeroes via pins
<lp0-on-fire> Werner: toasted how ?
<Werner> medium
<Werner> Others like their SBCs well done :P
<IgorPec> we don't like medio around here
<Werner> No clue. I tried five different images this morning and now the one igor mentioned to work and most of the time it stuck somewhen at boot
<lp0-on-fire> hmm
<lp0-on-fire> I admit I don't power it proper…
<lp0-on-fire> I should get a psu for it
<lanefu> IgorPec: i was wrong i do need the keys
<lp0-on-fire> I power it using my laptop… and it thinks its usb 2 device, 500 mAh max
<Heisath> Igor, unfortunately it is not fully assembled. So I will need to buy/order and assemble the rest.
<Heisath> Will take some time
<IgorPec> i power via usb3
<IgorPec> heisath: no worries, whenever
<lp0-on-fire> yeah I have the usb 3 plugs… but my dell still say usb 2 on usb 3 port
<IgorPec> lanefu: i don't know where they are stored :(
<lp0-on-fire> I guess one possibility might be that I just happen to only have a bunch of usb 2 cables. I don't know
<lp0-on-fire> hard to get usb cables right tbh
<lp0-on-fire> they feel all the same to me
<lp0-on-fire> but I thought that since the opi 0 only has usb 2 plugs then even if I get a usb 3 cable in, it wouldn't matter
<lanefu> IgorPec: look in ~/.aws folder for the account it runs as...
<IgorPec> lanefu: got lauri ... one moment
<[TheBug]> Heisath: that looks exciting :D
<lp0-on-fire> ulo [TheBug]
<[TheBug]> lp0-on-fire: g'day
<lp0-on-fire> what'd you guys think ? If I remove the firmware and driver and additional things needed in the device tree to get the xr chip working, will it stop drawing current or I should be even more radical and remove even the mmc 1 things ?
<[TheBug]> um if you remove from dtb is shouldn't be activated then I would think
<lp0-on-fire> my thoughts too, but can't confirm if it still draws power despite not being usable at all as of now
<lp0-on-fire> I will try one of these usb multimeters with bluetooth
<lp0-on-fire> I hope its gonna be useful
<IgorPec> lanefu: rsyncd on minio not possible
<lanefu> Yeah going to do it with fuse
<TRS-80> inb4 lanefu says "here hold my beer"
<lanefu> I have a vm spun up in germany
<IgorPec> but traffic wise?
<IgorPec> there is a lot of it
<lanefu> Yeah its temporary to expedite syncing
<lanefu> Will cost me 20 bucks tops
<lanefu> Just run it for a few days
<Heisath> Maaan I have to get Hijax in here. The boards are not as assembled as I had thought. Also the programming of the µC is missing, but he helpfully sent me a programming adapter
<IgorPec> lanefu: i can also ask lauri for vm
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<lanefu> either way
<lanefu> i'm going to continue POCing as is
<IgorPec> ok
<IgorPec> idk why lauri is so big fan of this
<TRS-80> minio?
<IgorPec> yes
<TRS-80> I gather it's the new hotness
<TRS-80> "cloud" etc
<IgorPec> i get that, but wtf
<IgorPec> our mirrors are synching over rsync
<IgorPec> minio has rclone
<IgorPec> no rsync support so
<IgorPec> if i want to make use of it, we would need to change all (not our) infrastructure to rclone
<TRS-80> because they are silicon valley startup
<TRS-80> imagine my shock
<IgorPec> idk what they are
<IgorPec> Kubernetes Native,
<IgorPec> High Performance
<IgorPec> Object Storage
<IgorPec> :)
<TRS-80> all corporate memespeak covered
<[TheBug]> lanefu: pm when you get a moment to look up from what your doing
<lanefu> well i have s3fuse workiong against my house so thats a start
<lanefu> wife gettting made gotta step away
<TRS-80> mine sleeping on the couch atm, luckily :D
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<IgorPec> lanefu: simpler sulution is to ask eth01 if they can easily switch to rclone?
<lanefu> IgorPec: yeah I was thinking that too. [TheBug] definitely can
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<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): @lanefu I generally buy my small routers at ANDDEAR 888 Store, but would love to have an #Arm machine running #Docker on top of #Armbian instead. It's used to handle SBCs anyway, so consistency is the keyword there. 😁 https://t.co/wSngVWNFvT (12s ago)
<IgorPec> but it will complicate network structure
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<lanefu> Nah if bug syncs with rclone then we can just re-add his mirrors to rotation sooner
<lanefu> No changes otherwise
<lanefu> I like that much better actually lol
<IgorPec> ok
<IgorPec> then we bug bug
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<[TheBug]> what who, where , why , how?
<[TheBug]> I didn't do anything.
<[TheBug]> it was the other guy
* [TheBug] points over towards lp0-on-fire
* [TheBug] felt his ears burnin
<IgorPec> no, can you point synching to minio lanefu will give you details
<IgorPec> no rush
<IgorPec> holiday time :)
* [TheBug] gets some aloe to sooth away that burn feeling on his ears
<[TheBug]> Im supposed to be making some hamburgers for lunch :Z
<[TheBug]> haha
<[TheBug]> bbiab
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<ArmbianTwitter> @AlexRob12252696 (Alex Robinson): @armbian I can't find any Bullseye releases for the pinebook pro, do you know where i can find them? also, minimal builds would be appreciated. (6s ago)
<eth01> somebody said my name :p
<TRS-80> oh you are a person
<TRS-80> somehow I thought Igor was referring to the interface, it all makes so much more sense now
<eth01> ah, switching to reclone, I@
<eth01> i'll ask our mirrors-admin *
<lanefu> Yep! Thanks eth01
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<Tony_mac32> oh man, I'm glad someone wrote a how-to on the forum, but do we really need to bring in Docker for a zfs pool XD
<IgorPec> docker for zfs pool??
<IgorPec> doesn't work out of the box?
<Tony_mac32> zfs needs built
<Tony_mac32> but
<Tony_mac32> there is a dkms package
<Tony_mac32> so
<IgorPec> ahaa, what if we build it in?
<Tony_mac32> My understanding is that it is a complete bitch to build in
<IgorPec> it is :) i already tried
<Tony_mac32> haha
<Tony_mac32> we do need to probably put up a simple how-to, it took me a bit to figure out I didn't have the module, installing the tools doesn't point out that you don't actually have support
<IgorPec> so the problem is we are having too recent kernel for the ubuntu dkms?
<Tony_mac32> no, there is no problem, it worked perfectly for me
<Tony_mac32> just the OP on the forum must enjoy working hard
<IgorPec> ahaa
<IgorPec> so give him a hint that it can be build into the kernel as well
<Tony_mac32> well, let me be a bit cautious. I have kernel 5.8
<Tony_mac32> he did it on 5.9
<IgorPec> dunno if that makes much diff
<IgorPec> i know focal was limited to 5.4 kernel
<IgorPec> for up, you need to grep from git
<IgorPec> but now its probably newer package
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