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<TRS-80> I'm having a drink, damot
<lanefu> yeah my kombucha has uhhhhh trace amounts of alcohol
* TRS-80 had to search internet to confirm but yes it is a fermented drink as he suspected
<TRS-80> much better
<TRS-80> it was a long hard week of arguing with people who are wrong on the Internet
<stipa> ha ha
<stipa> that's the spirit
<stipa> at least some use of the freakin internet
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<IgorPec> sleep people
<stipa> sleep you people
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<lanefu> lol
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<lanefu> fighting the internet is not for the faint of heart
* lanefu added a tiny second desk to his office
<TRS-80> how tiny? lol
* TRS-80 has a huge IKEA setup spanning the length of two walls
<TRS-80> and a corner
<TRS-80> is this the vaunted PBP?
<lanefu> haha indeed it is
<lanefu> this is the other desk https://armbian.lane-fu.com/linx/s/7pbm40d3.png
<TRS-80> Re: desk; any bigger and it will only fill with junk anyway. Looks great, man
<lanefu> yeah thats the purpose of the little one lol.. laptop only, no cords
<lanefu> a place to retreat as battle station is usually exploded
<TRS-80> yeah second one is a little more like my setup, only way more junk in my case XD
<TRS-80> zen minimalist desk
<TRS-80> :D
<lanefu> yeah i gotta kinda manspread around the drawer lol
<TRS-80> I am kind of digging the plain look of the PBP
<TRS-80> t. long time ThinkPad fanboy
<TRS-80> how bad is chicklet keyboard
<lanefu> oh so tha the punchline
<lanefu> the keyboard.. way better than it should be
<lanefu> and better than the butterfly keys on my 2018 mbp by a longshot
<TRS-80> remember I said
<TRS-80> t. long time ThinkPad fanboy
<TRS-80> I have certain idea of what "good keyboard" is
<TRS-80> pretty mch nothing in lasy ? years meet the description
<lanefu> best feelign laptop keyboard i have I think is my OG chromebook of all things
<lanefu> yeah you're just not gonna find anyting with that kind of key travel
<TRS-80> I keep thinking I will take one of these old ThinkPad shells and rip out the guts and jam some SBC in there and then get it working somehow
<TRS-80> pipe dreams probably
<lanefu> yeah its a fun fantasy
<lanefu> wiring the keyboard back in would be the labor of love
<TRS-80> when I come down to reality PBP is one thing I keep coming back to though, fwiw
<TRS-80> but really I hang on to all my old ThinkPad for as long as possible, like some sort of Techpriest hoarding old tech
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<TRS-80> I acquired highly sought after FlexView screen from well known guy on ThinkPad forums a couple years ago, cost me couple hundered which I was happy to pay even today. Shipped all the way from Poland. I don't think there is anything comparable any more these days.
<lanefu> yeah sounds like you have the one
<lanefu> as long as it keeps up and battery works
<lanefu> not much reason to swap
<TRS-80> I have piles of spares
<lanefu> lol
<TRS-80> well, OK, a few, anyway
<lanefu> what CPU and ram?
<TRS-80> They are like dual core 1.7 -2.whatever MHz, with 3GB RAM which was max possible.
<TRS-80> PBP by now might even be more performant
<TRS-80> esp with graphics
<TRS-80> But as I am mostly in Terminal / Emacs, they are perfectly serviceable for my needs. Firefox a little on the slow side though, depending on the site.
<TRS-80> DDR2, remember :)
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> yeah stick to 1 browser tab and a prayer and probably alright
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<TRS-80> it's gone back up the bathtub part of price curve by now
<TRS-80> the RAM I mean
<lanefu> oh yeah
<lanefu> yeah probably get anotehr computer prices
<TRS-80> I dunno, been some time since I bought and I think I have hoarded enough for time being :D
<TRS-80> but yeah, at some point inevitably I think I buy something else, and that something else I think would be something like PBP before some x86 crap
<TRS-80> x86 is dead to me going forward
<TRS-80> fuck Intel, AMD, their backdoors, and all 3 letter agencies
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<TRS-80> to say nothing of over pricing
<TRS-80> I wil spend $thousands on POWER arch before I buy another x86
<TRS-80> but probably I can find something ARM for cheaper
<archetech> impressive how useable my ddr2 wolfdale boards still are
<archetech> E5x00 cpus 2 cores and a 9500gt nouveau
<archetech> and a GT460
<TRS-80> old tech is where it's at!
<TRS-80> greetings fellow Techpriest, we will be only ones left standing in apocolypse
<archetech> linux keeps em hummin
* TRS-80 goes to make second freshie
<stipa> that's cool stuff about Linux, it's very conservative
<stipa> running mainline on 20 year old machines...
<TRS-80> yeap
<TRS-80> everyone else is all "be a good consumer and buy new device every ${time_frame_that_WE_dictate}"
<stipa> right, and you can throw zout old hardware away...
<stipa> your*
<stipa> many do it
<stipa> sure, all those thrown machines need power that cost money but it's just sad how much good stuff is destroyed.
<TRS-80> almost all reasons are not because they are the right thing to do but rather it is someone's "business model" to do it that way
<TRS-80> > It's almost like coming to Debian forums advertising Ubuntu / PopOS / Elementary / Mint ... features
<TRS-80> touche IgorPec
<stipa> sure TRS-80, it's busniess
<sunshavi> TRS-80: erc?
<TRS-80> sunshavi: weechat, actually :)
<TRS-80> I had some problem with erc and SASL or something when I first tried it, I should probably try again
<TRS-80> other than weechat I am one of these meme people who do almost everything else in Emacs :)
<sunshavi> TRS-80: I am one of them
<TRS-80> there is a lot to be said for consistent environment
<sunshavi> But. I would like to have weechat.el working (one thread is not enough when You do everything inside emacs)
<sunshavi> I alo use emacs on tty. But I prefer the virtual console
<TRS-80> you use erc now? or weechat?
<sunshavi> and with vterm i do emacs inside emacs
<sunshavi> erc now
<TRS-80> I use X Emacs, but all my windows undecorated and I use i3-gaps so I feel I have all advantages of both X Emacs and term emacs
<TRS-80> also I am running Emacs as s service with many emacsclient windows
<sunshavi> I almost never use x-frames
<sunshavi> same here about emacs --daemon
<TRS-80> I cannot speak to the weechat.el part, but I have found weechat pretty cozy after some initial learning curve
<sunshavi> my SBC is always on. But rendering c files is very slow. So i turn on other SBC with freebsd and use tramp for development
<sunshavi> do you use wechat.el for accessing the wechat server?
<TRS-80> I was just abot to say, /me goes to look up weechat.el because I start to think about how it probably works
<sunshavi> or Do You have a separate terminal just for weechat
<TRS-80> no, just regular terminal
<TRS-80> however I do use the weechat server functionality to access from Android client
<TRS-80> I wonder now if I am better off staying how I am, considering threading concern you mentioned
<TRS-80> I hear similar things about gnus and others
<sunshavi> mmm. ok. If You get weechat.el working that could be the solution I am looking for having just one server and accessing the same irc session from different emacs sessions
<TRS-80> you tried it?
<sunshavi> my mail client is wanderlust
<TRS-80> I also used wanderlust briefly, as I read it is only actual proper compliant IMAP client! :)
<sunshavi> well first of all I should try weechat as server and see if threading improves when using just weechat.el
<TRS-80> oh I am sure it probably would
<sunshavi> i have more than 15 years with wanderlust
<TRS-80> wow man
<TRS-80> are you Japanese?
<sunshavi> no
<sunshavi> I also use w3m
<TRS-80> almost all WL users arem you know
<TRS-80> s/arem/are,/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: almost all WL users are, you know
<TRS-80> it's like some wonderful Japanese Emacs alternate reality :D
<sunshavi> emacs-fu let me use wanderlust @ that time gnus was very difficult on setting up an IMAP account
<sunshavi> Yes. Those are great products
<sunshavi> But I also use gnus on debbugs and rmail for inspecting mbox files
<TRS-80> yes, my Email workflow I need to improve
<sunshavi> trs-80: what is ur SBC?
<sunshavi> BTW: I have the feeling emas is smooth on freebsd
<sunshavi> s/emacs/emacs/
<ArmbianHelper> sunshavi meant to say: emacs-fu let me use wanderlust @ that time gnus was very difficult on setting up an IMAP account
<TRS-80> Well I have a few SBC, but they are "servers." I also have ThinkPads for laptops, but my main battlestation is actually a quite beefy server mobo x86 with triple monitor setup.
<TRS-80> in fact I thought to offer you to help with some of your compilation tasks. :D
<sunshavi> my battlestation is an SBC
<sunshavi> opi+2e with arch
<sunshavi> lol: I need compilation help on freebsd for having firefox ;)
<TRS-80> I think watching NicoD videos and listening to you guys making me seriously consider saving some electricity. :D
<sunshavi> whois nicod?
<sunshavi> Did YOu fill the emacs poll?
<TRS-80> NicoD is long time community member and mod who make some nice SBC videos on YouTube about Armbian, especially desktop usage
<sunshavi> I think I am one of the first persons using and arm-workstation
<sunshavi> n900-> opi+2e
<archetech> nobody has an arm workstation cept a few devs
<sunshavi> and probably that is also the reason I have threading problems
<TRS-80> No, because I am not sure who is behind it and I agree with some commenters there on Reddit (who were downvoted, of course) that it will show some bias because of where it was done (Reddit) and without any sort of official support nor even blessing from FSF.
<archetech> WS=armv8 with min 16 cores
<sunshavi> have You watched some emacsconf videos?
<archetech> but armbian has access to 2
<TRS-80> not yet but I did just see the announcement on mailing list about it, so I am thinking about checking them out :)
<sunshavi> archetech: yeah proper workstation you are right. But having all your computer tasks on an arm device
<sunshavi> just emacs let's you do that on lower end hardware
<sunshavi> And i have tried vim. But vim does not have imenu built-in
<archetech> fyi ive never seen 2 guys drool over a cmd line editor
<archetech> like u2
<TRS-80> t. jealous vim user
<TRS-80> get it right it's "an Operating System"!
<archetech> im a nano guy from start to fin
<TRS-80> not sure if srs
<sunshavi> You have the option for picking what goes on your workbench ;)
<archetech> btu I dont code so I dont count
<archetech> but
<sunshavi> lol
<archetech> I do like gedit and kate for looking at code
<sunshavi> archetech: emacs is a software package that morfos as an editor. The best editor in the world is vim
<TRS-80> I start using Emacs for writing, actually. Keeping personal notes and such. In version control.
<TRS-80> Emacs is your own personal Lisp Machine
<sunshavi> I started for coding. But was a pain at the beginning
<sunshavi> vim let's You edit at the speed of thought. And emacs is very near to it
<sunshavi> trs-80: my speed of light version of emacs is emacs23.
<TRS-80> You have been using it way longer than me, friend
<TRS-80> I only started few years ago
<sunshavi> i started with emacs22. But. I have tried them from 18
<TRS-80> Emacs was a learning curve. But worth it, IMO. As I now view it as a universal computing environment. I never tried vim. You are one of rare birds who use both, hats off to you.
<archetech> sunshavi, ever build gentoo or LFS ?
<TRS-80> I do find modal interface interesting, however. I briefly tried Xah Lee keybindings which are modal. And Lispy is "sort of" modal.
<sunshavi> archetech: i have got some patches from gentoo to arch
<sunshavi> never LFS. I think BSD is a better os than lunix in general
<archetech> If I thought that i'd be using it
<TRS-80> But BSD people are asshole. You seem nice though. :)
<sunshavi> I tried Xah in the past. I have tried god-mode too. now I have Caps as Ctrol and Enter morphing as Control too. C-c c equal to Control and C-c m equals to Meta
<sunshavi> i never use backspace
<sunshavi> my WPM are 40 and I am trying to improve for getting 60 wpm. perhaps on 2021 who knows
<sunshavi> netbsd people are really nice people. freebsd people not so nice at the beginnig. Now i think they are more talkative with me
<TRS-80> I would have thought higher. Let me pull up my last terrible "hunt and peck really fast" results. lol
<TRS-80> Maybe I just have some bad experience. I never interact with actual community, just some individuals outside.
<sunshavi> use speed-type package
<TRS-80> I was doing some online thing, but OK
<sunshavi> I almost never use the browser {it is too much for my SBC}
<sunshavi> 2 Gb memory is not enough for firing up gimp and libreoffice ;)
<TRS-80> this is why I am on server mobo with 64GB of RAM, so I can use Firefox XD
<sunshavi> archetech: I am using freebsd almost daily on my SBC
<sunshavi> trs-80: and probably You use all of it ;)
<archetech> w/e floats yer boat try building LFS on arm some time ya geezer
<TRS-80> all jokes aside, I notice they have gotten better lately, I think since they start re-writing stuff in Rust maybe
<TRS-80> but in general, "modern web" is cancer, I am sure you probably read my rants in here many times already
<sunshavi> trs-80: firefox is only cross-platform option out there
<sunshavi> trs-80: I have not read ur rants. erc just tracks and all the chanells i am pressing the word emacs, sbc, n900
<sunshavi> s/pressing/subscribed/
<ArmbianHelper> sunshavi meant to say: trs-80: I have not read ur rants. erc just tracks and all the chanells i am subscribed the word emacs, sbc, n900
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<TRS-80> :)
<TRS-80> I lurk mostly in here, some times Emacs
<sunshavi> emacs channell has too much info at the same time. impossible to follow
<TRS-80> I keep all logs so I no longer stay in channels I am not participating
<TRS-80> I love it though, so many smart people in there
<TRS-80> but yes, conversation therefore is very tangential
<TRS-80> I thought about bringing erbot over here :)
<sunshavi> trs-80: right. last time i was there i was asking how to convert text to vertical like this one:
<TRS-80> did you solve it?
<sunshavi> i ended with this: https://termbin.com/if68
<TRS-80> it works?
<sunshavi> they almost kick me out for doing it on the chanell.
<sunshavi> trs-80: yes it does
<sunshavi> try it
<TRS-80> LOL, what do you mean?
<TRS-80> you feed it to erbot?
<sunshavi> You know about flooding the chanell with several lines at the same time
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<TRS-80> yeah, you post all that, instead of using paste?
<TRS-80> paste service I mean
<sunshavi> Yes Sir
<TRS-80> idiomatic Elisp is also not supposed to be >65 chars wide, just sayin ;)
<archetech__> u2 give me a inxi -SMCG
<TRS-80> and also no hanging parens like that, put them back up on next to last line
<archetech__> see who's eating the dogfood
<sunshavi> trs-80: probably You are right.
<sunshavi> trs-80: the file that has that function has more the 3400 lines
<TRS-80> if I could only get sr.ht to render .org properly at same level of support as .md I would already be publishing a lot more of my code, which is mostly Elisp
<TRS-80> cool man, your init file?
<sunshavi> my init file is more than that
<sunshavi> plus 3 files. and anothere additional secrets.el
<TRS-80> pretty sure you got me beat, I am still <5K loc including settings.org and my-functions.el and others
<sunshavi> BTW: I do not use use-package. Using it means not having my dot_emacs working with xemacs or sxemacs
<TRS-80> but I still want to publish my dotfiles, a bit pissed off how long it's taking to get working on sr.ht in fact
<TRS-80> I don't either. I feel like we must be the only ones. lol
<TRS-80> I keep all my Elisp packages right in my dotfiles repo
<sunshavi> have You read "If my car were emacs"?
<TRS-80> I don't think so
<TRS-80> archetech__ is like wtf these people
<sunshavi> i do not have emacs-packages {not authored by me}
<TRS-80> really?
<TRS-80> I don't even...
<TRS-80> but why tho.jpg?
<lanefu> TRS-80: i do owe you a more serious response to your infra post. Ive been wanting to piece together some sort of arm petting-zoo demo for a long gime
<sunshavi> read that article when You have some spare time
<TRS-80> lanefu: As time and energy allow, friendo, don't sweat it
<TRS-80> my plan is to mke it nice long running cozy thread
<TRS-80> hopefully
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<TRS-80> lanefu: lol, just saw your reply
<TRS-80> almost replied: "^ a 'professional', everyone! XD"
<archetech__> state of the art buildon arm
<TRS-80> sunshavi: OK, I add to my list now. In Orgmode of course. I just create references.org. I been experimenting with some different workflows around that, actually.
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<sunshavi> I use org also. I would like to create a tryptich with it. But I have not done it yet
<sunshavi> trs-80: what did You mean with "tho.jpg"?
<TRS-80> "but why tho".jpg is a meme; "But why though?" in ref: not using any Emacs packages at all
<sunshavi> Oo: I use emacs packages. But I have not created or published any yet.
<TRS-80> yes there are so many useful ones, I was shocked :)
<TRS-80> finally I feel I am at the point where I may have created a few (little) things that others may also find useful
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<sunshavi> trs-80: that's great.
<pakcjo> nice to see emacs users here, btw, which version are you running? is the 27 available on rasbian repositories already?
* archetech laments the fact that so few actually build anything from source except as a last resort
<sunshavi> archetech: how did You get your last text bold?
<archetech> lol
<archetech> idk accident maybe
<pakcjo> I don't mind rebuilding stuff :)
<sunshavi> pakcjo: 27 is my version. I am planning on compiling master soon. But armbian is not my distro
<[TheBug]> sunshavi: /me before your text, if that is what you meant
<archetech> lol its not manys distro here
<sunshavi> Thebug: thanks
* [TheBug] slaps DigitalMan1983_ around a bit with a large trout
<pakcjo> 27 is great :)
<TRS-80> pakcjo: you are aware this is #armbian and not #raspbian, right? :)
* sunshavi great info guys
* archetech is glad its not a requirement torun armbian and be here ;)
* archetech puts up chicken wire to block tomatoes and beer bottles
<TRS-80> looks like 27 is available in Bullseye/Testing https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=emacs
<sunshavi> TheBug: "* [TheBug] slaps DigitalMan1983_ around a bit with a large trout". That one was with a command also?
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<pakcjo> TRS-80: ups, sorry. Yes armbian is what I ment, sorry... multitasking malfunctioning
<TRS-80> suuuuure lol
<TRS-80> but anyway, Armbian userspace is just Debian (or Ubuntu) anyway, so see above
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<pakcjo> I use ubuntu at work and ended up using a launchpad repo to have the latest emacs snapshot. But probably building 27 from source is better
<TRS-80> few things changed from 26->27, make sure you read if unaware
<pakcjo> the native json had made a huge improvement in performance (at least for my workflow)
<sunshavi> pakcjo: do you parse json files?
<pakcjo> i don't, lsp does
<sunshavi> right. lsp uses it.
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<Werner> Good morning
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<IgorPec> good morning
<Werner> Morning
<IgorPec> should we just merge opizero2 as wip in?
<Werner> Sure. Wip and dev. Does not matter if nothing works :)
<IgorPec> compilation shouldn't break
<IgorPec> :)
<IgorPec> yeah, lets merge
<IgorPec> we might need a label for that?
<Werner> label?
<Werner> like dont-expect-much? ^^
<IgorPec> no, to tell that its ready to merge
<IgorPec> or something like that
<IgorPec> "WIP but ready to merge"
<IgorPec> or just "ready to merge"
<Werner> latter should suffic
<Werner> s/suffic/suffice
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: latter should suffice
<Werner> oh crap
<IgorPec> what crap
<Werner> somehow I screwd up at a few patches
<Werner> seems like just forgot new line at file end
<IgorPec> those we just merged ? :)
<Werner> yep. I compiled locally and it worked before reworking
<IgorPec> don't worry, send a fix
<Werner> working on
<IgorPec> werner: merge?
<Werner> not yet
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<Werner> Now I need to recover my daily build script which I accidently stashed ^^
<IgorPec> next time merge squashed :)
<Werner> ok
<IgorPec> btw did you get anywhere with our theme designer?
<Werner> no
<Werner> Guess we're on our own for now
<IgorPec> what was his response?
<IgorPec> i can waste afternoon and find nothing
<IgorPec> perhaps because our theme support expired ?:)
<Werner> I dont know
<IgorPec> or peoople is just busy
<IgorPec> ok, not that critical problem
<Werner> As far as I understood Pete T quits doing stuff for invision to focus on own projects and main jb
<IgorPec> ahaa
<Werner> his free plugins seem to now be maintained by invisionify.com but I could not get an answer for the paid stuff (yet)
<IgorPec> probably they need to settle with some payoff
<IgorPec> he made lots of things, its not just this theme
<Werner> Vort3x is one of the guys behind invisionify as it seems. He is the one behind both dark themes in the forums and I already got in touch with.
<Werner> Maybe he can do more since he was granted access to the theme from Pete T recently. https://invisionify.com/forums/topic/24-xmas-headers/?tab=comments#comment-52
<IgorPec> you can ask him, probably its an easy way to fix
<IgorPec> for him
<IgorPec> and forward his paypal, so i can send hime some beer
<Werner> Ill get in touch with him once he answered to this xmas thingy if we wants to do more and maybe do whole maintenance for the theme
<IgorPec> ok
<IgorPec> i just read it, cool
<Werner> None of us did
<Werner> yet
<Werner> I got in touch with gounthar and piter and it seems they have some issues with their email system
<Werner> firefly i mean
<IgorPec> yeah. i put P1 and M1 to download section as CSC target
<IgorPec> balbes also sent me contacts to get that server made from RK3399
<IgorPec> from them
<Werner> uh...nice
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<Werner> Is BUILD_MINIMAL missing its default value?
<Werner> docs state "no" is default but it actually asks me if I want to build standard or minimal if I dont pass the argument
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<ArmbianTwitter> @OpenwrtH (OpenWrt-Help): @RoganDawes @armbian Hi I can't help you I am not a dev, but this seems like a verry strange board With a slow CPU. I don't think menny people will be willing to take a lot of time to make openwrt run on it. Sorry. (4s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @OpenwrtH (OpenWrt-Help): @RoganDawes @armbian I would like to point out that I am just a OpenWrt not a dev and I don't speek for the project! (11s ago)
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<IgorPec> werner BUILD_MINIMAL must be declared, yes
<Werner> ok
<lanefu> Morning
<Werner> hi
<lanefu> What's your gutfeel on h616 performance vs h6
<Werner> Hard to tell if you dont even know on which clock it runs
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<Werner> from gut feel its truly slower
<demanu> hello, how to make armbian boot form USB? no SD at all
<demanu> Rock64 board
<Werner> Not sure if this is possible. YOu most likely need the sd card for the boot loader at least
<demanu> how to do this?
<demanu> because SD cards are dying in my Rock64 all the time, 15 minutes after flash I have I/O error
<Werner> Then either your board is broken or you are using the crappiest sd cards on the planet :D
<Werner> Anyway. In armbian-config you can find an option to copy your rootfs to sata/usb/nand/emmc/whatever
<demanu> ok
<demanu> but I still need SD right?
<Werner> yes. minimal usage though in comparison to having the whole system on it
<fromport> if you boot from sd card, it basically is readonly and should last "forever" , correct ?
<fromport> boot from sd, continue from usb scenario
<Werner> in theory, yes
<lanefu> demanu: i think the rock64 has spi flash. If so you can install uboot to spi that supports USB boot. You'd need to look on the pine64 forums to figure it out
<demanu> ok i will check
<demanu> damn its not booting after crash
<demanu> but after flash it always boots at first time
<demanu> it looks like starting anything crashes card
<demanu> but card has no error on other computer
<demanu> its after trying to access to gpio
<demanu> armbian can crash whole system because I'm trying access to gpio?
<demanu> it looks like its remounting to ro mode and after reset it wont even boot
<demanu> i must flash again
<IgorPec> morning folks
<ArmbianTwitter> @RoganDawes (Rogan Dawes): @OpenwrtH @armbian Oh, it’s certainly old,but all the peripherals are quite interesting. (16s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @linux4kix: Hey Arm based developer twitter folk! What would be your reasonable dream specs (is that an oxymoron?) for a device a quarte… (22s ago)
<demanu> what is bus error?
<ArmbianTwitter> @appelboor (Sander ⭐): @linux4kix @armbian M.2 SSD interface, bootable from that SSD, HDMI interface, 4 or 8 GB RAM, in a nice box. (6s ago)
<demanu> each command makes this error after trying access to GPIO
<Werner> dont know. have no experience with this board
<demanu> ok
<demanu> but its any command, ls, apt, mkdir... doesnt matter
<IgorPec> we stopped dealing with rock64 since it has too many quality issue and three different incompatible versions are floating out there. Support nightmare.
<demanu> Yeah I know...
<demanu> its crappy
<IgorPec> support is 100% private cost
<IgorPec> ours :(
<demanu> "bash: /usr/bin/pip3: Input/output error"
<demanu> damn
<demanu> again...
<IgorPec> that's something with sdcard/emmc driver incompatibility
<IgorPec> it tells that fs is fuc* up
<demanu> but it boots normally
<IgorPec> it doesn't work properly
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<Werner> chmod: cannot access '/tmp/tmp.X45ZYsN54T/armbian-config_21.02.0-trunk_all': No such file or directory
<Werner> I noticed that a couple of times now
<lanefu> yeah that's been happening on all my builds
<lanefu> for a week ro so.. keep on forgeting
<IgorPec> started recently?
<IgorPec> ahaa, that is harmless.
<IgorPec> i am just too lazy to fix
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<Werner> lanefu
<Werner> wasn't uk the mirror which is kind a slow? 12/06 19:35:35 [ERROR] CUID#20 - Download aborted. URI=https://uk.mirrors.fossho.st/armbian/dl/_rootfs/focal-cli-armhf.4e25811ca5638509f93a772e4163e747.tar.lz4 errorCode=3 source not found
<IgorPec> we put it out, but torrents try to pull from it
<Werner> okay
<IgorPec> dont't know hot to tell aria2 to don't throw out errrors
<Werner> -q did not do the trick?
<IgorPec> not sure if that helps
<Werner> Make aria2 quiet (no console output). Default: false
<IgorPec> i know i didn't want to suppress all
<Werner> from their docs
<IgorPec> i want normal output, but errors (of this kind)
<IgorPec> download progress is nice to have
<Werner> I guess it is not possible to divide which errors to show and which not... tried redirect strerr to debug log and dev null?
<IgorPec> i think no
<IgorPec> not with this version that is shipped with ubuntu
<Werner> Hm yeah, could be older...
<IgorPec> but it would be worth checking. i have't been on this since some time
<Werner> actually aria2 is up to date on focal
<IgorPec> then there is little to do.
<IgorPec> one workaround is that we only use certain 1st class mirrors for torrent support
<Werner> Or ignore for now. It does not break the process since it retries
<IgorPec> yes, its only cosmetical problem
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<rneese> just got home
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<TRS-80> Welcome back, man! How you feeling?
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<TRS-80> maybe dumb question, but are ssd faster than sdcard?
<xperia64> Yes
<TRS-80> or does it depend on the board, interface, etc?
<TRS-80> ok, thanks
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<stipa> how much ram does xfce takes on average on Armbian?
<stipa> i would like to boot into the xfce, use TV as monitor and play movies, i have 1 GB of ram, would it be enough?
<stipa> TV is 192x1080
<stipa> TV is 1920x1080*