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<lanefu> "hold by beer" brb
<TRS-80> I am not removing "need PR" as that seem to be Igor favorite hint to people lol
* TRS-80 gets thirsty
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<lanefu> ha alright that was awesome
<TRS-80> success I take it?
<lanefu> yeah! works great
<TRS-80> sweet
<lanefu> c0rnelius: yeah i get tired of figurting otu what the package name is for my kernel adn dtb that i have to purge. before install
<lanefu> song and dance is partgially important if you have a seperate /boot partition liek on btrfs root builds
<lanefu> anyway i added my repo, armbian-config -> system -> other kernels
<lanefu> and my stuff was there adn it did all the rituals
<c0rnelius> so ur dicking around with btrfs... don't you find it slow writing too? or is that just me.
<c0rnelius> but ur kernels are all given names right? so version number shouldn't matter correct?
<c0rnelius> like - sudo apt purge -y meson64-linux-image meson64-linux-headers and then just sudo dpkg -i *.deb for the new kernel.
<lanefu> yeah i build with some additional flags that give it some uniqueness
<lanefu> c0rnelius: yeah i use btrfs pretty much on all my armbian stuff
<lanefu> docker is a big reason
<c0rnelius> i see
<lanefu> but in theory i could start doign snpashots as well
<lanefu> which i think i will
<c0rnelius> couldn't you stick the uniqueness bits at the end so its after _$version_$lanefustuff
<c0rnelius> then the name is the only thing that should matter I believe
<c0rnelius> you could then just install right over top and there would be no confusion
<lanefu> well if i replace armbian -dev kernel with a new -dev series... generally yes
<lanefu> if i replace a -current with -dev
<lanefu> there's conflicts
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<c0rnelius> could also add to the builddeb pre and post scripts so it just auto removes shit that could be in the way and creating confusion.
<lanefu> so its its same flavor yes already there w/ armbian
<c0rnelius> like how fat partitions behave. don't like anything being overwritten.
<c0rnelius> gotcha
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<c0rnelius> yeah I must say not a fan of btrfs. not sure what the biggie is with that honestly.
<c0rnelius> the libre boys like to use that and its... so slow writing too. apt update && apt upgrade -y is a chore using that.
<TRS-80> You all well know I am Libre not open sores guy, but even I prefer ZFS to btrfs. :/
<c0rnelius> I use to use ReiserFS back in the day, but then that fella murdered his wife and well... that went out the window.
<lanefu> hmm maybe they choose poor mount options
<lanefu> if it says its optimized, it's gotta be good right?
<lanefu> [ 5.346976] BTRFS info (device mmcblk2p2): enabling ssd optimizations
<TRS-80> Original Sun devs working on it and big contract from feds to LLNL is just too much development resources to overcome
<c0rnelius> its possible, but I don't know. Mount options seemed fine to me.
<c0rnelius> I just stick with ext4 these days... treats me just fine.
<lanefu> yeah nothing wrong with it
<c0rnelius> I think alot of these fs options come down to overall FSSIZE right? like some behave better the larger the drive space?
<fromport> asking about not-supported-armbian images (odroid hc4) is not done, right?
<TRS-80> If you are working on, you can ask, but forum might be better, depending on question.
<TRS-80> Development questions are one thing, "user" questions another...
<c0rnelius> looks like a mini C4 with sata options
<c0rnelius> I wonder if the uboot is the same?
<TRS-80> I mean, we are not strict in here, by any means, just fire away
<c0rnelius> if its the same uboot, after that its all kernel work.
<fromport> has petitboot and that is my problem. can't get it to work :-(
<c0rnelius> it only uses petitboot?
<fromport> maybe petitboot calls uboot ? my hurdle is petitboot ;-)
<lanefu> yeah i dont have petitboot skills
<fromport> oh i just realized i used images for C4, not HC4. i feel user error popping up . ignore please ;-)
<c0rnelius> it has a microsd slot, must be used for something?
<fromport> petitboot on 16kb on the sbc and then it can boot from sd/usb/even pxe i think
<TRS-80> OK what do you guys think? https://github.com/armbian/build/labels
<c0rnelius> yeah but that shouldn't be just by default I would think. I mean I don't own the board but a lot of things have petitboot.
<c0rnelius> Look how beautimous you made this.
<TRS-80> green signify places encouragins community involvement
<TRS-80> status grey, disposition dark blue, etc.
<TRS-80> components blue
<c0rnelius> when ur done can you come make a wiki for me? :D
<TRS-80> my autism is satisfied (momentarily)
<lanefu> nice, really ties the room together
<TRS-80> :D
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: Make your own, to suit the way your own brain works: orgmode.org
<c0rnelius> ugh
<TRS-80> I wasn't 100% some of workflows and things IgorPec was going for, I had no input from him and therefore hope I didn't wreck anything in particular he had going on.
<c0rnelius> I'm no good... I started these projects and then they attracted attention and now its getting out of hand.
<TRS-80> > Markdown
<TRS-80> disgust.jpg
<c0rnelius> I my self just like fiddling about in the dark
<TRS-80> I gotta run to store though, then dinner, so tt y'all after a bit
<c0rnelius> watch out for 'virus'
<TRS-80> lol
<c0rnelius> :D
<TRS-80> "I have a pre-existing medical condition"
<TRS-80> those are the magic words
<c0rnelius> me too, I'm human
<c0rnelius> its a problem
<c0rnelius> Actually I find the best way to get to the front of the line at any hospital. Tell them you've had tuberculosis.
<c0rnelius> Doesn't matter if you have or not but you will immediately be brought in
<c0rnelius> Lucky for me I'm not lying when I answer the questionnaire. But I have noticed it gathers a lot of attention.
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<lanefu> buZz:16
<lanefu> sorry
<lanefu> i'm getting bad at my keyboard
<buZz> :)
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<Tony_mac32> well well well
<lanefu> Look what cat dragged in
<Tony_mac32> just the head
<Tony_mac32> likes to leave it on the doormat
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<lanefu> Lol yeah wife had a cat like that
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<Tony_mac32> my Norwegian liked to put the whole rabbit in his food dish though
<c0rnelius> not some bad wifi pull on Renegade:
<c0rnelius> Testing download speed................................................................................
<c0rnelius> Download: 77.00 Mbit/s
<c0rnelius> Testing upload speed......................................................................................................
<c0rnelius> Upload: 25.46 Mbit/s
<c0rnelius> Linux renegade 5.9.11 #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Dec 1 10:27:17 EST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<c0rnelius> liking this kernel
<Tony_mac32> what adapter is that?
<c0rnelius> comfast I believe - 88XXau
<c0rnelius> aircrack
<c0rnelius> older dongle, thenew ones use the 2xbu i thinks
<c0rnelius> which by the way I found I cleaner source for, if anyone is interested.
<c0rnelius> i put it in my hubs, but the source is there linked if you wanna check it - https://github.com/pyavitz/rtl88x2bu
<c0rnelius> also the 8821cu which builds much cleaner as well - https://github.com/pyavitz/rtl8821cu
<c0rnelius> x2bu* mt bad.
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<c0rnelius> those comfast dongles... the key is placing a heatsink on them.
<c0rnelius> makes a world of difference
<c0rnelius> helps with the ralink (module) based dongles a lot too
<c0rnelius> shit
<c0rnelius> Testing download speed................................................................................
<c0rnelius> Download: 87.27 Mbit/s
<c0rnelius> Testing upload speed......................................................................................................
<c0rnelius> Upload: 35.96 Mbit/s
<c0rnelius> thats pretty good for a dongle
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<ArmbianTwitter> @guidol70 (Guido Lehwalder): @its_hard_2_name @armbian but the case looks like a M5Stack (30s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @its_hard_2_name (IAMLIUBO): @guidol70 @armbian Yes, I disassembled an M5Core2 and used its screen and case.😃 (24s ago)
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<Sebastian[m]1> Hello, I would like to install a git project on my armbian image with customize-image.sh, the problem I currently face is that the routine works until I hit a point where I usually use `sudo`. For example: git clone https://git.linuxtv.org//v4l-utils.git && cd v4l-utils && ./bootstrap && ./configure && make && sudo make install . The routine fails with: `sudo: unable to resolve host basti: System error
<Sebastian[m]1> make: *** No rule to make target 'install'. Stop.` & `configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH` . How would you do something like that? Thanks a lot :)
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<Heisath> Morning
<ArmbianTwitter> @A13_technology (∆13🏳️‍🌈): Thinking of buying a @armbian mask. https://t.co/uZ2ki2oXY7 (17s ago)
<stipa> c0rnelius: that's great for a dongle without an external antenna
<stipa> my usb gigabit nic was heating like mad, i installed the heatink like you did, the other day i figured out it was crashing a linux bridge, i hit the chip with hot air and all of a sudden it's not overheating, i guess there was a short somewhere on the chip pads
<stipa> chip pins*
<stipa> and i had to hit chips on my two usb wifi nics as well, balls beneath them got crusty and with heat the connection was lost betweene the board and the chip, it was a hard bug to find..., stuff from china needs additional soldering work and a lot of care
<stipa> Sebastian[m]1: post that question in the forum as well
<stipa> Heisath: morning
<Sebastian[m]1> stipa: Ok thank you
<stipa> Sebastian[m]1: np
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<ArmbianTwitter> @motakasoft (motakasoft): GitHub Trending Archive, 30 Nov 2020, Shell. void-linux/void-packages, gcgarner/IOTstack, angristan/wireguard-install, kodekloudhub/certified-kubernetes-administrator-course, v2fly/fhs-install-v2ray, pry0cc/axiom, MatMoul/archfi, armbian/build https://t.co/EIFSf8CHM6 (23s ago)
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<lanefu> Sebastian[m]1: add basti into /etc/hosts
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* stipa I missed this one, new metcal soldering iron... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2gRGENXlUs
<stipa> no review videos yet...
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<stipa> Metcal GT90HPT4 90 Watt $445.55 , Metcal GT120HP-T6 120 Watt $517.75
<stipa> well, not really for hobby despite it looks like it
<lanefu> wild.. yaeh i guess those things can do all sorts of magic the same way all the new welders can
<stipa> yeah, maybe you're right, i'm looking at the tips that go with those two models http://info.okinternational.com/hubfs/GT-Tips-and-Cartridges-Guide.pdf
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<stipa> From my perspective welders with high power and with sub 0,5mm tips are highly desirable, even 0.5mm is too big :D
<stipa> 5mm = 0.019685 "
<stipa> 0.5mm = 0.019685 *
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<stipa> 0.2mm is the samllest tip what they offer
<stipa> that's the standard everywhere
<stipa> nowdays, but smaller than that would be nice if possible
<stipa> very nice but not for hobby
<stipa> maybe there's some hacked hardware that can be built for cheap that goes with those tips from JBC
<stipa> so you buy just the handle and tip and DIY the PSU
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<stipa> "In my case, the station (including tools individually valued at about 400EUR) is sold for approx 1200EUR. So the price tag of the station itself is about 800EUR. The DIY project cost me about 10EUR, so that's a huge difference. "
<lanefu> uhh yeah
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<TRS-80> Good morning frens
<ArmbianTwitter> @zoobab (zoobab "NO Software Patents"): Rpi Foudnation adds a fan and a heatsink, Tkaiser will say their shitty closed-source bootloader is still messing up the voltage and thermal regulation. So much for "open source" https://t.co/HlTeWTw0lE @armbian (4s ago)
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<stipa> hi TRS-80
<stipa> RPI has closed source bootloader?
<TRS-80> yes of course
<stipa> lol, that explains everything
<stipa> i din't know why it sux
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @zoobab: Rpi Foudnation adds a fan and a heatsink, Tkaiser will say their shitty closed-source bootloader is still messing up the voltag… (2s ago)
<lp0-on-fire> closed source bootloader, along with a proprietary realtime OS called threadX running alongside linux
<TRS-80> one of main criticisms of the platform (but only by people who are knowledgeable, which are outnumbered greatly by consumerist muppets, unfortunately)
<lp0-on-fire> who's drawing the lightning icon when there are voltage problems ? Why, that rt OS of course
<TRS-80> lp0-on-fire: I would say "underneath" would be more accurate
<lp0-on-fire> mhm true
<lp0-on-fire> linux used to have 0 knowledge of that OS
<ArmbianTwitter> @scas (Sakari Castrén): @zoobab @armbian Downgrade to Raspi 1 ;). No fan needed. (3s ago)
<lp0-on-fire> iirc its the OS that runs on the gpu
<ArmbianTwitter> @QuantoMax (Stefan Hachmann): @scas @zoobab @armbian Two will do. 😁 (29s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @IronicBadger @kobol_io @m_wimpress @popey ZFS support via dkms was just fixed on 5.9.y kernel for Armbian Focal builds while Debian based builds fix is under development. In fact its also fixed but update is going out with a next bugfix release https://t.co/oESbQZTLKG (11s ago)
<TRS-80> yes it is bootloader and GPU
<lp0-on-fire> yeah lol I always found it funny that rpi boots its gpu first, not its cpu
<TRS-80> They are one of handful of companies still following some old dinosaur business model where they really have the audacity to believe they should still "own" the device, even after you gave them your hard earned money in an otherwise free and voluntary exchange. Absolutely obnoxious, IMO, and why I despise them (and similar companies) so much.
<lp0-on-fire> TRS-80: too right
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<stipa> well, in either case they're earning money and to a pussy that's enough.
<stipa> but riding of the popularity of open source is disgusting...
<stipa> on the*
<TRS-80> ^ this is probably what sticks in my craw the most about it
<TRS-80> average muppet thinks it's "open source" while nothing could be further from the truth
<ArmbianTwitter> @onteconur (Onur ŪNLŪ): @armbian Will you officially support h96 max plus tv box? It looks like a good option with 4gb ram and 64gb storage as a small desktop pc (1s ago)
<stipa> well, i wass a muppet
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<stipa> it was totally open source to me
<TRS-80> my first board (and I expect many people) was RPi, also
<TRS-80> difference is, at some point, we learned better
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<stipa> i don't have one, I went USB3 and Armbian was in fron of the time with it
<stipa> not long after that rpi4 came out with USB3
<stipa> and for example there are much better boards than RPI, that compute chip is total ripoff
<TRS-80> yes, there are much more interesting boards nowadays, and have been for a long time
<TRS-80> but they could put a turd on a circuit board and those muppets would happily gobble it up
<stipa> well, they did a good marketing
<lp0-on-fire> my first board was odroid c2, I never even thought about the rpi lol
<stipa> you can sell shit if you know how to market
<TRS-80> stipa: True, however I do not hold dishonesty as a virtue, in fact quite the contrary. The fact that they have been very successful, does not change this, either.
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: you have a nose for a scam
<stipa> TRS-80: i feel you but to a muppet that's not reality
<stipa> reality is what people decide it to be
<lp0-on-fire> besides, for me the thing that threw me off the rpi was the fact its 64 bit hardware and yet support on software is pathetic and armv7 only. And the hardware side, what left me totally uninterested was the uart port… The odroid c2 is a board where you just end up plugging a female header into a male header. The rpi, you've gotta connect pins
<lp0-on-fire> that's rather a huge turn off for blind peeps
<stipa> TRS-80: i guess it's best to adapt to the situation as is and take most you can from it
<TRS-80> Right, hence my disdain for muppets, in general. I am a live and let live sort of guy, but there are so many stupid people now that it is starting to affect everything (market changes, politics, etc.), and therefore starting to affect me in some ways and I only see that getting worse going forward.
<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @onteconur @armbian Most likely not. TV boxes vendors usually have no interest in contributing to the open sources community but sell cheap crap with poorly put together software and no open source code. Armbian has neither interest nor resources to support this behavior and do reverse engineering. (14s ago)
<lp0-on-fire> bam
<lp0-on-fire> right in one, tweeter bot
<lp0-on-fire> :D
<TRS-80> stipa: I try and help Armbian as much as I am able, because I think it is very important to have support for all these other biards out there in order to try and create some competition (at least for those of us who are enlightened enough to take advantage of that)
<TRS-80> s/biards/boards/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: stipa: I try and help Armbian as much as I am able, because I think it is very important to have support for all these other boards out there in order to try and create some competition (at least for those of us who are enlightened enough to take advantage of that)
<lp0-on-fire> oh if it interests people here, I got a dongle with a rtl8811CU chip to behave here, with this driver
<lp0-on-fire> yea apparently AU vs CU ain't the same…
<lp0-on-fire> works quite good must say… -42 dbm signal
<lp0-on-fire> and I cheated because well, the makefile tells you to set to rpi platform for arm… Great, it works for other boards too
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: yeah, unfortuantely i alos compiled dirver for my usb wifi dongle for the RPIARM64 yesterday...
<stipa> it works
<lp0-on-fire> same dongle ?
<lp0-on-fire> or well, same chip ?
<stipa> TRS-80: maybe the world was like this all the time, it's just that you're starting to see it now
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: no same dogle, also realtek, 88x2bu
<TRS-80> stipa: I think you are exactly right
<lp0-on-fire> ah, BU… Wait, do you use that driver ?
<TRS-80> ~"he who increaseth his knowledge, increaseth his sorrow also"
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: i use this https://github.com/morrownr/88x2bu , had to remove led control from the config file, works great
<lp0-on-fire> TRS-80: heh. I'm very scinical myself. Been for years. I guess you get that way when you realize that for the most part, society doesn't care about blind people
<lp0-on-fire> stipa: wow nice
<TRS-80> cynics are just disappointed idealists ;)
<lp0-on-fire> TRS-80: I mean, sure, some people do care. But there's like a ton of stuff that makes me feel unwanted :p
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: yeah, it works for a day now, and by the way, your trick with disabling DNSSEC in rpi worked
<stipa> in pihole *
<lp0-on-fire> read a credit card ? Nop, can't. Same for a debit card. Same for the buttons in an elevator, or even a menu at a restorant
<stipa> TRS-80: you are a realist
<lp0-on-fire> stipa: yay, I'm glad that worked out
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: me too
<TRS-80> lp0-on-fire: I wouldn't take it personal; almost everyone is totally unaware of any of the rest of the world outside the end of their own nose. I know, easy for me to say.
<stipa> TRS-80: you probably had contact with or are an intellectual
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @onteconur Technical reason: TV boxes usually comes without schematics. No schematics = no chances for official support. When schematics exists, than you start here https://t.co/wfPhyXKkDu (4s ago)
<lp0-on-fire> oh no, I don't really take it personnal. But it still doesn't make it nice to fit in society. People in power somehow expect you to fit in, and simultaneously don't allow you to
<TRS-80> stipa: I noticed most people who are strong supporters of Free Software usually have a background in, or at least some contact with philosophy.
<lp0-on-fire> they've now decided to stop teaching braille to blind people at school in many countries
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: wow
<lp0-on-fire> save 50 million of whatever money from that, to use 40 million to decorate the office of freaking politicians
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: that's too much stupid
<lp0-on-fire> aye, so it is
<lp0-on-fire> and then they wonder why blind kids started writing phonetically
<stipa> TRS-80: i'm not proud of it but philosophy is something that was always part of me, the cool thing now i'm discovering is behaviorism
* TRS-80 read Plato's Republic as a child
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: it's just that stupid agressive people end up in politics, usually psychopats that have no ability to feel emotion.
<lp0-on-fire> yep
<lp0-on-fire> I'm glad I learned it
<lp0-on-fire> I don't know if I could somehow pass the knowledge on or something
<stipa> maybe it's your path
<stipa> to teach others
<ArmbianTwitter> @onteconur (Onur ŪNLŪ): @DieZuckerbude @armbian I'll try to sort it out by myself then. Thanks . (4s ago)
<lp0-on-fire> heh, if we could be in computers when we die, I think I'd leave the part that knows braille ;)
<TRS-80> ^ Very true! Most normal people don't even recognize the socio-/psycho-pathic behaviour as it is foreign to them, this is another thing that annoys me about muppets. Estimates range that these people are few to ten percent of population, and are disproportionately represented in certain fields (CEOs, politicians, lawyers among others).
<lp0-on-fire> yea
<ArmbianTwitter> @onteconur (Onur ŪNLŪ): @armbian Thank you for your answer and link 😍😍😍 (26s ago)
<stipa> TRS-80: more like 2%
<TRS-80> ;)
<[TheBug]> erm if anything I would say its a larger portion than you expect, not less
<stipa> i did a personality test today https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test
<stipa> it's longish but well worth it
<[TheBug]> You assume those whom are socio/psycho-pathic can actually understand that about them selves and admit it -- there are a vast amount of people in that way which just don't acknowledge it at all
<[TheBug]> or understand it
<[TheBug]> they just think "it's normal"
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: What's worse is that it is far too often heralded as "success" or "just business" etc. in the modern West. Disgusting.
<[TheBug]> indeed.
<stipa> one big problem that i experienced is that people trust other people too easily and scammers use that for their own benefit.
<[TheBug]> thats a default human thing not a problem
<[TheBug]> if we were not predisposed to trust people we would all be alone
<TRS-80> stipa: That's exactly what I was referring to. There is far too little recognition of socio/psycho-paths in most people. Which allow them to keep getting away with it.
<[TheBug]> s/thing/trait
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: thats a default human trait not a problem
<stipa> TRS-80: man, there's to many of them
<[TheBug]> it is unfortunate that there are unscrupulous people out there that would take advantage of poeple in such ways as to cause them harm -- that tells you more about the person your dealing with than just their personailty..
<TRS-80> stipa: I worked hard to arrange my life such that I only rarely have to deal with such people, organizations, companies, etc.
<stipa> [TheBug]: righ, you're spot on
<[TheBug]> stipa: was a Psychology major in University ;)
<stipa> TRS-80: man, you're in haven
<TRS-80> in fact using and advocating Free Software is actually some (fairly big) part of that
<TRS-80> As proprietary business models are inherently socio- (if not psycho-) pathic, IMO.
<stipa> TRS-80: RPI did it, capitalism will eat open source concept and tru believers will be prosecuted!
<stipa> muppets won't care
<TRS-80> Broadcom are the least of our problems, when Microsoft are now sitting on the board of Linux Foundation itself
<stipa> yeah, i tought Github was Linux thing
<stipa> When i found out that Microsoft is the owner i was...
<TRS-80> haha, you know who owns it now, right?
<stipa> yeah, i found out, that's scary
<stipa> no good
<stipa> at all
<stipa> also, Microsoft became the investor for bender
<stipa> not so log ago
<TRS-80> Well, git was written by Linus Torvalds himself (in couple days) to aid (distributed) Linux kernel development. GitHub is a website that provides some services (Issues, code review, etc.) on top of git. But many people conflate the two.
<TRS-80> You mean Blender?
<stipa> yea
<stipa> Blender
<lp0-on-fire> [TheBug]: fun, apparently I'm a defender
<TRS-80> stipa: I suspect you are a little younger than me. Which doesn't matter, other than to ask if you remember (or are aware of): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embrace,_extend,_and_extinguish
<stipa> TRS-80: wow, spot on
<stipa> i had a quarell with a Blender fanboy that deals with Public
<stipa> he don't get it
<TRS-80> and now their purchase of GitHub, and involvelemt on Linux Foundation only becomes more alarming
<TRS-80> most people don't "get it" on a wide array of issues
<fromport> another thing M$ said "the nice things about standards there are so many"
<TRS-80> ^ bingo
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<icypee> hello
<icypee> i tried to boot armbian on my pinebook
<icypee> but they won't boot
<icypee> i tried bionic and buster
<[TheBug]> likely story, using the correct image?
<icypee> and they show a little bit of startup stuff in the terminal and then the screen goes completely blank
<icypee> yeah
<[TheBug]> yoiu sure? There is a pine book pro and a pinebook are you using the image for the correct device?
<icypee> yes i have a pinebook and i'm using the pinebook image
<[TheBug]> just trying to get the silly stuff out of the way before we go further
<[TheBug]> and you wrote the image using dd / etcher to the SDcard after extracting it from .xz?
<icypee> yes
<icypee> i did
<[TheBug]> does anything happen at all on screen when you boot?
<[TheBug]> does it load uboot?
<[TheBug]> or just nothing
<icypee> it loads uboot
<[TheBug]> so does it start to load OS and fail or not load OS?
<icypee> it starts to load the os
<[TheBug]> okay any way you could show us where it gets to before it fails ?
<icypee> sure
<[TheBug]> if you were using a UART TTL adapter you could copy the console or maybe take a picture of screen
<[TheBug]> if text please put in pastebin
<icypee> well it's text but i can't paste it into pastebin because it's booting up and then going to the black screen
<[TheBug]> well if you can take picture of it maybe that could help?
<[TheBug]> Next step after that I would suggest seeing if you can go back one image version and see if it loads
<[TheBug]> maybe an error was itroduced into current image
<TRS-80> preferably Etcher, as dd does not verify anything
<[TheBug]> TRS-80: real men use DD :D
<icypee> wait can i try the previous image first?
<icypee> where's the download to it?
<TRS-80> I also prefer dd, however this has been discussed ad nauseum at forums, and current consensus is Etcher. It's on my list to write some instructions or a script to use dd and verify what was writted afterwards.
<TRS-80> Even that is only half of it though, the other half being cross platform (Windows support) which I personally do not care about, but... well there you go
<TRS-80> Etcher or there is another one, too, USB something... those 2 are only officially recommended ones
<archetech> nuttin wronf with dd
<archetech> nuttin wrong with dd
<TRS-80> it's like people don't even read wrat I wrote lol
<icypee> so where can i get the image for the previous version of armbian?
<archetech> try manjaro
<[TheBug]> icypee: let me see I can link you to archive in a moment, just in middle of something at work , but you could for example go to https://armbian.systemonachip.net select Archive, find PB and then look through all the images there in archive
<TRS-80> it has been years long battle to get people to stop using and recommending dd, creating much trouble and wasting a lot of time for devs and helpers of the project
<[TheBug]> TRS-80: I was just being that guy :p hahaha
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: I also prefer dd, as I said, but...
<[TheBug]> someone has to proclaim DD is for real men, why not me ;p
<icypee> wait
<icypee> there's pinebook and pinebook hd
<icypee> maybe i need the hd version
<TRS-80> Vast majority of problems are the simple ones: power, sdcards, not verifying image, etc... It has been said ad nauseum, yet still beard repeating.
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* TRS-80 needs to get to work
<stipa> [TheBug]: there's nothing wrong in socailising with people, knowing who you can trust is a skill.
<stipa> more trust skills = less scam
<stipa> but i guess noone is born with trust skillset
<stipa> at least i didn't
<stipa> wasn't
<stipa> wasn't *
<TRS-80> most of my fellow Americans seem to me to be much more gullible than Europeans, especially Eastern Europeans
<stipa> i guess it's the same everywhere
<stipa> i'm not a genius either
<icypee> the image worked
<icypee> thanks for the help
<stipa> icypee: great man
<stipa> you have a reason to celebrate
<TRS-80> icypee: good deal
<TRS-80> So now the question becomes, did something break on new version?
<TRS-80> Or was the problem something else?
<icypee> no i just had to use the hd image
<icypee> also
<icypee> how do i update to the latest ubuntu on this?
<icypee> it's stuck on xenial
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<archetech> man thats old
<stipa> he's gone
<TRS-80> he gone
<stipa> bummer
<archetech> js
<archetech> imo that should not be needed on something as popular as a pinebook image
<TRS-80> Sounded like maybe a very basic Ubuntu question, but never got that far to confirm.
<TRS-80> like a fart in a windstorm
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> so sad
<Sebastian[m]1> <lanefu "Sebastian: add basti into /etc/"> Thank you, something like this? `echo "" >> /etc/hosts`
<stipa> he's working atm. he's not here
<Sebastian[m]1> ok, timezones are great I was working when he wrote it ;)
<Sebastian[m]1> Thanks for telling me tho
<TRS-80> Sebastian[m]1: I will cc to armbian-devel, or you can join there too?
<Sebastian[m]1> Ah ye I can go there swiftly, ty
<TRS-80> he does lurk in there, but we chat an awful lot in here ;)
<Sebastian[m]1> I see ^^
<stipa> he needs focus
<TRS-80> me being one of main culprits :D
<TRS-80> he is smart, I should do the same, lol
<stipa> yeah
<[TheBug]> haha
<[TheBug]> have to have some restraint, sometimes it is hard to
<stipa> topics are very interesting in here
<[TheBug]> been dealing with a Network outage in our of our datacenters.. while still chatting here back and forth... lol
<TRS-80> fun fun
<stipa> hard to resist, it's better to leave if you have something important to do
<TRS-80> I still trying to get .org export for README in my repos working well on Sourcehut; composing email to Orgmode mailing list now
<[TheBug]> ahh, I have been doing this long enough I know better -- but I generally just minimize irc if I have priority shit going and just come back when stuffs done. You can pm me all you want, I just reply when I am back ;p lanefu has a pavlovian response where he hears the ding and runs to see, so he has to leave or he will be in and out the whole time ;p
<stipa> i feel him
<TRS-80> I also get sucked in too easy, should change side monitor workspace to something else to cover it up, but I do like to try and help people at same time
<[TheBug]> ROFL I have decided Youtube music is a borken piece of software -- I love when I click a song I want and instead of loading that song it randomly decides it will play a differnt cong completly unrelated to what I chose..
<[TheBug]> s/cong/song
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: ROFL I have decided Youtube music is a borken piece of software -- I love when I click a song I want and instead of loading that song it randomly decides it will play a differnt song completly unrelated to what I chose..
<[TheBug]> I remember now why I don't like this player at all
<[TheBug]> what I get for wanting to listen to music and choosing youtube for it.. eesh
<TRS-80> there are many interesting TUI and other interfases that leverage things like youtube-dl so you don't have to deal with such nonsense
<stipa> youtube is crap for music, it's audio is based on a concept from eighties
<stipa> the problem is information that is available in books
<stipa> but the audio tech is much more advanced and about 30 years in the future
<stipa> or in 2020
<stipa> not in the 1980
<stipa> so they degrade todays production to be in pair with crap production
<stipa> so called leveling, which should solve equal loudness betweene the unprofessionall made YT videos
<stipa> so they degrade modern audio material to be in pair with crap material
<stipa> but to be honest
<stipa> the system isn't working
<stipa> they just made od great audio crap and crap stays crap
<stipa> i still need to constantly set voulme with hand betweene videos
<stipa> so leveling isn't working
<stipa> automatic audio leveling betweene videos
<stipa> and awsome productions are degenerated by 6 db
<stipa> twitch is oke
<stipa> audio is untouched
<stipa> so crap is crap and awesome stuff is awesome
<[TheBug]> ROFL
<[TheBug]> I click the song I want, client says
<[TheBug]> "song unavailable, skipping"
<[TheBug]> click it again, same
<[TheBug]> click it third time, it loads
<[TheBug]> I mean...hot garbage
<stipa> whre?
<[TheBug]> Youtube music app
<[TheBug]> just garbage
<stipa> yeah, it is
<stipa> i would say something worse tha ngarbage but don't know the word for it
<[TheBug]> aha
<TRS-80> stipa: The words you are looking for are "Progressive Web App" and/or "modern web"
<stipa> yeah, very progressive
<stipa> and modern
<stipa> TRS-80: thanks for the words!
<TRS-80> you guys had the right words the first time, lol
<TRS-80> just letting you know the marketing buzzwords so you can avoid them
<stipa> i'll keep that in mind
<stipa> a life saver
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<ArmbianTwitter> @onteconur (Onur ŪNLŪ): @h96tvbox hey. Why don't you support the armbian. I've got the h96 max plus and it can work as desktop pc as well. (11s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @onteconur (Onur ŪNLŪ): @armbian hey I just found them 🤣 (3s ago)
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<stipa> is there an SBC board with sub 100$ price?
<stipa> with two M2 ports
<stipa> small form factor
<stipa> like RPI
<stipa> or maybe one M2 and the other M2/mpcie through the GPIO port
<[TheBug]> no
<[TheBug]> what you may be able to do
<[TheBug]> is get a board and bifercate the x2 lane into 2x x1 or something
<[TheBug]> but its not going to be performant and I am actually not sure on bifurcation(sp?) support there
<[TheBug]> not sub 100$ that I know of
<[TheBug]> you may find an x86 board that does, like that seed stuios oddesy
<[TheBug]> or maybe there is a Solidrun board with multiple
<[TheBug]> but your talking real money
<stipa> yeah i know
<TRS-80> too many requirements, pick 2 out of 3 :D
<[TheBug]> if x86 is okay you could look at one of the Asrock Jxxxx SoC boards they usually can be found sub 100$ or so on Ebay with 8Gb of ram if you search
<[TheBug]> they usually have at least an x4 and an mpcie on board
<[TheBug]> and an m.2 USB I think
<stipa> i'll research, thanks
<stipa> TRS-80: yeah, if one M2 lane can be hacked into two i'll go that route
<[TheBug]> your going to spend more on the adapters to do that then the board is though
<[TheBug]> just saying
<[TheBug]> at that point just buy an AMD ryzen or something
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> with 40x pcie4
<stipa> fuck man
<stipa> why good stuff has always to be expensive
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> well the J4xxxx boards by Asrock may support it in yuour budget
<[TheBug]> just not ARM
<[TheBug]> and yourt talking
<[TheBug]> 25 watt TDP or so
<stipa> ok
<[TheBug]> NoNot exactly what you want
<[TheBug]> but example
<[TheBug]> that one has multiple PCIe
<[TheBug]> you say you want mpcie
<[TheBug]> I know there are some variation of that board with at least 1 m.2
<stipa> yeah, small format, like Rpi
<[TheBug]> you will have to look for them though
<[TheBug]> ahh well
<[TheBug]> your not gonna get that
<[TheBug]> I can't say
<[TheBug]> and you break your own format ruls as soon as you discuss ANY adapter as well
<stipa> right, at least not sub 100$
<[TheBug]> rules*
<[TheBug]> not at any rate, its gonna be hanging off the thing in most cases
<[TheBug]> the best case would be like
<[TheBug]> RockPi 4c with the m.2 extender that allows it to be on top
<[TheBug]> otherwise your talking about it sticking up in down in the air
<stipa> yeah , it would be in the box
<[TheBug]> or hanging off the side
<[TheBug]> at that point just get mini-itx jxxxx series board then
<[TheBug]> will end up actually taking less room
<[TheBug]> if how much it takes up is actually important
<[TheBug]> whats the actual use case?
<[TheBug]> if its for nvme just break out a single pcie slot and use a dual nvme to pcie controller card
<[TheBug]> I don't know if you said what your actual usecase is though
<stipa> fro two wifi cards
<stipa> for*
<[TheBug]> ohh
<[TheBug]> in that case you don't even need a real m.2 slot
<[TheBug]> cause thats m.2 USB
<[TheBug]> so your actually looking at something different there entirely
<stipa> for mpcie wifi cards
<stipa> not usb dongles
<[TheBug]> most wifi cards of that form factor don't actually use pcie they use usb lanes broke out in the m.2 connector
<[TheBug]> let me give you example
<stipa> ath10x atheros
<[TheBug]> go look at this
<[TheBug]> thDarwoV3BBEV2b%26brand%3DUnbranded&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
<[TheBug]> grr
<[TheBug]> I hate ebay
<[TheBug]> let me see if I can get a better link
<[TheBug]> that
<[TheBug]> now zoom in on the board
<[TheBug]> in top middle
<[TheBug]> you will see there is a m.2 slot
<[TheBug]> that is label for wifi
<stipa> i would stick some of these inthere https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/ath10k
<stipa> i guess they're not avaialble in usb format
<stipa> that's why i'm going mpcie route
<stipa> or M2
<[TheBug]> hmm
<[TheBug]> do you have a link to buy a specific adapter your looking at?
<stipa> not yet, probably from amazon, just a sec i'll look at it
<stipa> ebay*
<[TheBug]> notice the type of adapter on it
<[TheBug]> one thing you REALLY need to watch
<[TheBug]> when you check out m.2 / mpcie adapters is the connector
<[TheBug]> there are many different versions and it matters
<stipa> i noticed that
<[TheBug]> note the adapters there are M.2 NGFF
<[TheBug]> this is different for example than the keying on RockPi 4c m.2
<[TheBug]> I think its meant for that specific m.2 slot like on that board I showed you
<stipa> asrock
<stipa> it says wifi on M2
<[TheBug]> yeah and I think thats the correct key
<[TheBug]> would have to look up specs
<stipa> ok, keying is important, gotcha
<[TheBug]> you may need to get an adapter board for one of the pcie slots for example and that may be easier
<[TheBug]> I would think you can probably find
<[TheBug]> an adapter board
<[TheBug]> that goes pcie x2-x4 to 2x M.2 NGFF
<[TheBug]> and then break out any SBC to a single x2 or whatever
<[TheBug]> (actually on rockpi 4c may be x4)
<[TheBug]> and then place that card in it
<stipa> so it'll work on rockpi 4c?
<[TheBug]> this..
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<stipa> oh
<stipa> so mpcie to pcie and than to that thing to get 2 mpcie
<[TheBug]> then put that pcie card in the x4 slot
<[TheBug]> now be careful and read some
<[TheBug]> cause if that card requires all 4 lanes to w ork
<[TheBug]> and RockPi 4c only provide say 2 lanes
<[TheBug]> you could only have one end up working
<[TheBug]> so maybe read description some
<[TheBug]> just giving a quick example from searching
<stipa> ok
<[TheBug]> (just because the adapter breaks out to x4 doesn't mean the m.2 on board supplies x4, anything placed into it will be dropped to whatever the most lanes available is)
<[TheBug]> also
<[TheBug]> one other thing then ill let you get to it
<[TheBug]> that adapter you are going to use to adapte m.2 to pcie requires 12v power
<[TheBug]> in my use case I power them from a ATX power supply
<[TheBug]> with the 4 pin connector
<[TheBug]> but just be aware it does require external power
<stipa> ok
<[TheBug]> Got my knock-off Arwarro branded 32Gb A1 V30 cards today
<[TheBug]> want to take any bets on if they are performant at all
<[TheBug]> lol
<stipa> bummer
<stipa> let us know
<[TheBug]> no I am joking, I bought them knowing could be good or bad
<[TheBug]> anxious to test
<[TheBug]> just don't know what to expect lol
<stipa> i guess the're ok
<[TheBug]> they say they are rated to "90M/sec"
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> will have to find out
<stipa> that's fine if it's true
<[TheBug]> interestingly the SDcard adapter is white
<stipa> i could live with that speed
<[TheBug]> first white ones I think I have ever gotten
<stipa> fancy
<stipa> sooo...
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<stipa> [TheBug]: and ditch the https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08B3KGNHC cable?
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<stipa> and i guess there's no need for 12V power lane
<[TheBug]> ohh I suppose so
<[TheBug]> I didn't know about RockPro64
<[TheBug]> seems it has the interface on board, nice
<[TheBug]> though its only x2
<[TheBug]> I bleieve
<stipa> it could work?
<stipa> i guess so as well
<stipa> i'll have to research that
<[TheBug]> oh they give you open ended slot
<[TheBug]> yeah you need to check th aadapter board and make sure it works what you need
<[TheBug]> it may be if you use that one I showed you have to have all 4 lanes
<[TheBug]> you may want to see if you can find a x2 lane one
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<[TheBug]> or confirm it may work
<stipa> i don't still get the lanes
<stipa> so if pcie has x4
<stipa> it splites into two times x2 M2 lanes?
<[TheBug]> also I note in that listing
<[TheBug]> it shows specs for only compatability with certain nvme devices
<[TheBug]> so that may not adapt to what you need
<stipa> and i guess i'll also nedd 2 M2 to mpcie adapters
<stipa> Dual M.2 NGFF to PCIe X4 Adapter Card
<[TheBug]> does the connector in top right of that main image match the connector on the card?
<[TheBug]> gonna say no
<[TheBug]> ;/
<stipa> you mean wifi card?
<[TheBug]> yeah wifi card won't fit in that card
<[TheBug]> unless you use an adapter in an adapter but that seems absurd
<stipa> yeah, so i need two M2 to mpcie adapters?
<[TheBug]> and doesn't often work out well
<stipa> hmmmmmmmmmmmm
<stipa> the information about M" sux bad
<stipa> M2
<stipa> on the internet
<stipa> especially on chinese listings
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* TRS-80 slides a cold one down the bar towards lanefu
* lanefu shoots the boot
<stipa> lanefu: Sebastian[m]1 asked you something important, i don't know if you two came in contact while you were away...
<lanefu> nope what was it
<stipa> Sebastian[m]1 | <lanefu "Sebastian: add basti into /etc/"> Thank you, something like this? `echo " basti" >> /etc/hosts`
<lanefu> A: yes
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