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<Tonymac32> #makeAmericaMetalAgain (Electric guitar intensifies)
<TRS-80> \o/
<nekomancer[m]> LEDs on RockPi-4 too bright. Is it possible to tune led brightness?
<TRS-80> nekomancer[m]: There is the "various thickness / transparency of tape" method?
<nekomancer[m]> hm. sure.
<Tonymac32> yeah that green one is making my eyes hurt
<nekomancer[m]> but for a while my SBC not have a case
<Tonymac32> I thought it was because I got an early model
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<ArmbianTwitter> @CryptoKairos (CryptoKairos): @armbian is https://t.co/G8JtqmPnt3 supposed to be redirecting to Estonia's https://t.co/TG5eFkpgFr for the buster repo? (29s ago)
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<IgorPec> good morning
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<Xogium> heya guys
<Xogium> just tried the armbian build script… and, er…
<Xogium> it has the same kind of accessibility issues as armbian-config :/
<Xogium> I don't know how to explain what needs to be done to make it usable but… See the standard kernel menuconfig ? That's 100% usable in comparison
<IgorPec> did you checked manual?
<Xogium> I mean more like the build script pulled without any pr on top
<Xogium> nah, honestly I just ran compile.sh with the docker option, to get a feel for it
<IgorPec> sure - just saying if this is the bug you are mentioning
<IgorPec> its a cosmetic issue, it works anyway
<Xogium> probably not related
<Xogium> but I can try it just in case
<Xogium> but as a general rule, I don't know how the ui is structured or anything, but screen readers thend to dislike any app that has several columns
<Xogium> as far as I know the traditional menuconfig is a single column and that's why it works so well
<IgorPec> i don't understand what you mean? where do you see that?
<IgorPec> things are pretty much standard
<Xogium> well I'm blind so I'm trying to understand it myself but… All I know is that my screen reader is stuck repeating the ok and cancel buttons in the ui
<Xogium> not the actually important things
<IgorPec> ahaa
<Xogium> and I don't see this in standard menuconfig
<IgorPec> we never thought about that
<Xogium> but I wouldn't be sure how to explain why, tbh
<Xogium> because I don't know how the ui is made, visually
<Xogium> armbian-config is also having the exact same problem
<IgorPec> got it, we added remarks that we have to rework this somehow
<IgorPec> but it can take some time, we are cronically low on staff
<Xogium> sure
<Xogium> just thought I'd mention this
<Xogium> I'd be happy to help testing
<Xogium> to be fair I mentioned the other day and I *think* it was lanefu that opened a git issue, but I've been caught up with real life and didn't get a chance to answer
<Xogium> but this popped up this morning so I took a chance on irc ;)
<IgorPec> yeah, i know little about this
<IgorPec> only saw that he open a Jira
<Xogium> you and me both x)
<IgorPec> well, we will look into this and fix it. i think it should not be difficult
<Xogium> hopefully it isn't
<IgorPec> you can see something or nothing?
<Xogium> sometimes, I see fragment of things, but I can never be sure if I see a false or a true setting
<Xogium> or I should say
<Xogium> I can never be sure if what I press enter on was the real thing I meant to select or if its just what the screen reader read
<IgorPec> my wife used to work with blind kids for a decade, so she brough home some stories
<Xogium> it was super hard to select what to build for example, and it turns out I didn't select full OS like I intended but u-boot and kernel
<Xogium> but a lot of the time all I hear is ok cancel
<Xogium> lol
<Xogium> even in the special display mode where my screen reader does its best to follow what is hilighted on screen
<IgorPec> strange - this first menu is really simple
<IgorPec> its a box with OK / Cancel at the bottom. There is a title Coose an option and there are two options to select them from
<Xogium> well its the same for all the menus :/ even what OS to build, what kernel, etc.
<Xogium> I don't know what causes this to act up as bad as it does
<IgorPec> yes, we are using the same method
<IgorPec> there are two apps in the CLI for this
<Xogium> well I can always ask some blind programmer, he's familiar with dialog I believe, maybe there's workarounds
<IgorPec> we use dialog
<Xogium> yeah, and the other is ncurses ? I suppose that's what the usual menuconfig uses
<IgorPec> from the quick brainstorm i have no ideas what can be wrong
<IgorPec> that comes with a kernel
<IgorPec> not our work, we just call it from the script
<IgorPec> is that also wrong?
<Xogium> no, no, on the contrary, standard menuconfig is perfect
<Xogium> I don't even need to enable the special display mode
<IgorPec> visually it doesn't look different
<Xogium> hrmm
<Xogium> this is so weird
<Xogium> well I've asked around for dialog tips for blind peeps, hopefully that brings something
<IgorPec> we need an expert in this thing
<IgorPec> yes, that would help
<Xogium> I initially thought it was a column/row problem
<IgorPec> it could be some tiny difference
<Xogium> but it seems different
<IgorPec> welcome to our world :)
<Xogium> the column/row problem can have the same kind of effects so that's why I thought of it
<IgorPec> "everything is the same, but it doesn't work"
<Xogium> poor thing doesn't know which column it should keep track of
<IgorPec> which reader do you use?
<Xogium> so it keeps track of the first one in the best case… and of *all* of them in the worst possible case
<Xogium> speakup, its inside the linux kernel
<Xogium> for the gui I use orca, but its the same
<IgorPec> got it
<IgorPec> well, try to ask around if anyone knows something
<Xogium> yep will do and report if I get some things to try
<IgorPec> i can't find anything useful on the net
<Xogium> heh… doesn't really surprise me… blind peeps are a minority, even more so in linux ;)
<IgorPec> true
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<ArmbianTwitter> @Nosluop56 (George P): @armbian Such a shame that it's now too late to get Christmas delivery here in the UK. Maybe a 2021 birthday present 🤔 (28s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @UDOO_Board (UDOO Board): @armbian 2013? That's great! Thank you for being one of our first customers and trusting us then <3 (4s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @Nosluop56 Anyway poor delivery service is totally overloaded for past few weeks. 2020 will also be the year of online consumerism. Right after that most used keyword ... (22s ago)
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<f476> fast boot in 5-7 second with up eth interface possible with armbian?
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<IgorPec> f476: with or without dhcp?
<IgorPec> and again highly depending on hardware
<f476> @IgorPec: with dhcp
<IgorPec> that solo needs around 2s
<IgorPec> which hardware and why do you need this?
<f476> me work on internet provider, need small device line oranePiZero with i2c display, for print dhcp ip address after connect cable on eth
<f476> and fast load
<IgorPec> i2c display can be connected to any device. go for something that has gigabit lan and emmc
<IgorPec> if you need super fast load, you will need to make your own linux from scratch
<IgorPec> remove 2s delay from u-boot, shrink kernel, remove unneeded services
<IgorPec> which is a lot of work
<f476> ok, thx for info
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<mkultra44> afternoon! well it is in Europe....
<mkultra44> how many days do I need to be on the forum before I'm allowed more than 1 post a day? lol
<mkultra44> i'd like to report a bug! see this https://armbian.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/AR/issues - it keeps refreshing using chromium but works ok under firefox :b
<mkultra44> so there's a bug in your bug reporting system........I'm not here to take the pee I just thought it was quite funny.....
<IgorPec> its seven days
<IgorPec> but reporting a bug in jira is another story
<IgorPec> there is not bug in bug reportinf system - its read only for public
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<Werner> Good day
<[TheBug]> O_o
<mkultra44> IgorPec yeah that's the post I read this morning! the 'bug' is that the page keeps reloading using chromium but it remains static using firefox.......maybe it's my version of chromium but I'm always 'up to date' or thereabouts
<mkultra44> yeah this https://armbian.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/AR/issues you get a blue progress bar at the top, it never makes it to the end, just keeps refreshing, can't be only me......someone else confirm please!
<mkultra44> 'static' maybe bad choice of word but the blue bar makes it all the way to the end, tada! :]
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<IgorPec> mkultra44: so you are saying bug is in the Jira but i would 1st suspect your browser. Jira is used by millions and its just a 3rd party tool we use.
<mkultra44> well what I'm saying is this https://armbian.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/AR/issues/ doesn't work under Chromium 'Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit)'......but it works under firefox.......I could do a video but that's a bit time consuming......I was just looking at your bugs to see if I could possibly help in nayway
<mkultra44> but probably above my pay grade......I just enjoy doing a bit of testing/hacking every now and again :b
<Tonymac32> It's unfortunate if Atlassian has a bug in their web code :/, but I'm afraid like Igor said, we can complain about it to them but they are a huge company and won't care unless a large customer is having an issue
<[TheBug]> hahah yeah and like all big companies, they are sloths when it comes to fixing their own stuff
* Tonymac32 uses SAP
* [TheBug] sadly spends his day supporting customers on a range of similar products so the multitudes of bugs in Atlassian products is all too familiar, unfortunately...
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<Xogium> IgorPec: around ? Could you try this real quick for me ?
<Xogium> add this at the top of the script that uses dialog
<Xogium> export DIALOGOPTS='--no-lines --visit-items'
<Xogium> I don't know if it will act visually
<Xogium> but if it doesn't look acceptable, you can skip the no line bit
<Xogium> no line removes a lot of trash around the border, and visit items allows to follow the cursor so screen readers know where you're at
<IgorPec> no visual impact
<Xogium> no line can be skipped but its not as usable. It works a lot better still, but
<Xogium> oh awesome
<IgorPec> but more than 1 person has to test this before we integrat
<Xogium> come to think of it, I should probably add this export to my own .bashrc so I never ever have trouble with any app that uses dialog
<mkultra44> yeah I hear you guys...methinks you shouldn't be supporting these 'corporate money grabbing sloths' X-P
<Xogium> yeah, sure. Not many blind peeps round here though, but plenty of sighted folks to catch any sort of glitch
<mkultra44> (y)
<IgorPec> xogium: plenty of people catching bugs, very little people that fixing them :)
<Xogium> :/
<IgorPec> mkultra44: at least we pay nothing for Jira instance due to our non-profit work
<Xogium> well I'm glad we at least know how to make even armbian-config usable now. I hope there's no major issues with these settings used
<IgorPec> only time will tell
<IgorPec> first quick test reveal no issues
<Xogium> good sign ;)
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<rneese> ok who is good at making cases
<[TheBug]> ahah
<[TheBug]> depends on your opinion of 'good'
<[TheBug]> :Z
<[TheBug]> and what does a case make?
<[TheBug]> I have been so bold as to create a case from plastic card stock and hot glue, but I am sure thats not what you are wanting ;p
<q4a> Hi. I edited patches and tried to build kernel, but got `[ error ] ERROR in function compile_kernel [ compilation.sh:410 ]` - where I can found build log
<[TheBug]> "Logs are in output/debug folder"
<q4a> Thanks!
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<ArmbianTwitter> @NicoD99364191 (NicoD): @thepine64 @IloveRockchip Could I get an RK3366 device please? I'm NicoD from Youtube and Armbian. Greetings. (4s ago)
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<mkultra44> rneese I recently came across this if you're feeling adventurous https://runawaybrainz.blogspot.com/2011/11/diy-how-to-bend-aluminium-easy-way-with.html
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<Konsgn> hi all, quick question, has anyone used hardware video decoding on the s905 processor in odroid C2? I modified the docker dlandon/zoneminder to use the bionic base image matching arm64, but i still cant get max fps recording from a 4k h265 camera.. ffmpeg has no hardware decode built in it seems.
<Konsgn> one interesting note is that the tweaked "arm64" dlandor/zoneminder image gave virtually no speedup compared to sga...aoeu/zoneminder which was a "arm" hw compile.
<rneese> well 2 gig is tight to workin
<rneese> and you might look at c4
<Konsgn> really? 2 gig?
<rneese> as I remember the c2 was only 2 gig
<rneese> or wa sit 1
<Konsgn> i don't have that and really don't need yet another device. i have a huge enough graveyard for sbc's
<Konsgn> it is 2, but i find it hard to believe that 2gigs is small for that application
<TRS-80> Hi Konsgn
<Konsgn> the data rate is only 300kbps for that stream
<Konsgn> Hi TRS-80!
<Konsgn> Not yet.
<TRS-80> oh wait, I see you mention C2
<Konsgn> but i have been hunting around on the forums
<rneese> c2 was not a s905 desktop box
<rneese> it was a odroid board like the c4
<Konsgn> wait what!
<Konsgn> ?
<TRS-80> right in fact it's Supported, disregard
<TRS-80> I just keyed in on "s905"
<TRS-80> so many numbers, models... :/
<Konsgn> ahh yea, it is s905
<Konsgn> haha yup.
<TRS-80> like one letter of digit can make huge misunderstanding
<TRS-80> s/of/or/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: like one letter or digit can make huge misunderstanding
<Konsgn> huge project. the 5.9 kernel is nice, docker works compared to hardkernels 3.6kernel
<TRS-80> Konsgn: There are many many little fixes and tweaks over crusty old unsupported mfr "legacy" kernels
<Konsgn> haha yea, minus the hub reset line becoming Gpio hog and no longer under user control ;)
<Konsgn> but i found a workaround for my situation, so that's not bugging me
<TRS-80> please consider sharing your fix on forums, it may help someone else
<Konsgn> hahah, my fix was keep another device plugged in when connecting a usb3 hard drive adapter. not really a fix i would say
<Necrosporus> How do I configure screen resolution? disp.screen0_output_mode=1920x1080p60 in /boot/armbianEnv.txt doesn't change anything? The initial boot log is displayed in 1280x720 anyway
<Necrosporus> Orange Pi 4 is my board
<TRS-80> Necrosporus: Did you check in docs? There is some stuff about connecting various screens (might be on different hardware, not sure) and/or check forums?
<Konsgn> But yea, RE: my zoneminder install on odroidc2 , it works, but i still have a load of 6 when trying to just record a single 4k h265 stream.
<Konsgn> it seems that hardware decoding isn't being compiled in for that device, but in the case of record mode, would that help me or is the solution just use another device?
<Necrosporus> TRS-80, docs suggest this line in boot env
<TRS-80> Konsgn: I opted for motion instead of Zoneminder, worked pretty well for me and seems much more lightweight
<Konsgn> motioneye?
<Konsgn> what if i just want record?
<Konsgn> is there something even lighter, and would hardware decoding help me with that?
<TRS-80> Necrosporus: Yeah if those are docs I am thinking of, I think they are out of date. I also seem to recall some forum post, but that could be different hardware. If you figure it out, please make a post or something so we can update docs. Sorry if that's not directly helpful. Also, chances are low that someone in IRC right now has this specific hardware, etc. so you might be better to make a
<IgorPec> Necrosporus: you can only change resolution this way if it exists / is supported
<TRS-80> forum post.
<TRS-80> Konsgn: I think MotionEye is like, the wholoe OS, but you can just install the software which is called Motion
<mkultra44> i've got an odroid c2 running home assistant and it displays an rtsp stream from 2 cameras......I haven't got around to making it save anything yet mind you...
<Konsgn> gotcha. would hardware decoding be helpful recording the stream? should i even keep researching that?
<TRS-80> Konsgn: Other than that, I dunno. I don't see the point of recording everything without detecting motion. Then what? Are you going to manually review all that footage? And what about storage od all that video? Also why I don't think that is "lightweight" solution.
<Konsgn> in my case (urban setting) always record is very desirable.
<Konsgn> haha yea hassistant is great, i run that on my xu4
<Necrosporus> TRS-80, ok, do you have _any_ devices with armbian? How do you change resolution there?
<TRS-80> Konsgn: Are we talking IP cameras or direct connected or USB or...? Anyway this is offtopic for #armbian, not to be rude but I am sure you could find this info at Motion or elsewhere and I do have other things to be working on.
<TRS-80> Necrosporus: I have a few, they are all "server/headless" type devices
<Konsgn> ip camera, rtsp stream 4k resolution, h265 encoding
<Necrosporus> I have expected armbian-config to be able to change screen res
<TRS-80> Konsgn: I think those should be supported in Motion without any decoding/transcoding needed but to be honest it's been a while since I mess with it so you should look into that to be sure.
<Konsgn> the i5 i run zoneminder on takes the same stream at 15fps so the camera can push it, but with the o2 takes it in at 5fps with a cpu load of 6...yeeesh
<f476> now test ethtool version 5.9 for cable-test option. and this get error "netlink error: PHY driver does not support cable testing"
<TRS-80> So maybe not then. A am not sure offhand what the problem is. Make a forum post though, many mmore eyeballs there
<Konsgn> Good idea, will do.
<f476> now test ethtool version 5.9 for cable-test option. and this get error "netlink error: PHY driver does not support cable testing". need patch for driver? device orange pi zero.
<Necrosporus> > https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16407-please-read-first/ < Hm, but no TV box can beat mine. It was zero-cost
<TRS-80> Konsgn: f476: Necrosporus: I refer a lot of people to our forums, and that's not just a brush off, as only some (small) portion of the community hang out on IRC. Also the forums have been around a lot longer (officially), and therefore contain much more (valuable and focused) content. Whereas we mostly bee ess around here in IRC. ;) So IRC is good for camaraderie and maybe a quick/simple
<TRS-80> answer if you get lucky and happen to catch the right person. But forums are actually better for lots of other reasons.
<f476> now test ethtool version 5.9 for cable-test on orange pi zero
<TRS-80> Necrosporus: Right, and yet you come here seeking support from us for free
<f476> ups sorry
<rneese> hard part is the c2 is eol replaced by c4
<TRS-80> so why should we spend our valuable time then?
<Necrosporus> TRS-80, nope, that box is running other OS
<Necrosporus> I'm talking about orange pi 4
<TRS-80> aah, sorry
<rneese> orangepi kill them
<TRS-80> anyway, I hope you can appreciate where we are coming from
<rneese> they are a knock off of nanopi for the most part
<TRS-80> we would love to help everyone, but it is impossible
<rneese> agree
<rneese> hesk TRS-80 needs so much support we bill him for the hours
<rneese> lol
<Konsgn> yeah, just trying to push off the recording function so i can use the i5 server for other tasks. want to keep another sbc out of the board graveyard
<TRS-80> I think I can say my give:get ratio is in fairly good shape ;)
<mkultra44> is podman supported on armbian?
<TRS-80> mkultra44: userspace is just regular Debian / Ubuntu; therefore yes (I guess?)
<TRS-80> did you have some problem?
<rneese> mkultra44, iinstall and test
<rneese> never heard of podman
<TRS-80> mkultra44: Also you might be interested in my container/services related thread: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16198-self-hosting-micro-or-regular-services-containers-homelab-etc/
<mkultra44> no problems yet just read about it! thinking about some ideas for a cluster/swarm resilient setup
<TRS-80> we were just talking about that in fact
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<mkultra44> TRS-80 I read your post at the weekend, it was one of the reasons I joined the forum, interesting stuff (y)
<TRS-80> mkultra44: Cool!
<mkultra44> I used to do corporate esx amongst others things, I'm a bit out of touch nowadays....I just 'fanny around' for something to do XD
<TRS-80> You should fit right in, we have good mix of home gamers and pros with same interests.
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<stipa> mkultra44: or run away till it's not to late
<mkultra44> I've been doing that for a while now.....it has its ups and downs=D
<stipa> yeah, it can be tough sometimes
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<TRS-80> OK I would like to move some things around
<TRS-80> sry wrong channel
<[TheBug]> well go ahead and get on with moving them then TRS-80
<[TheBug]> ohh..
<[TheBug]> ;)
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<cweiske> Hi. I'm trying to get a 5" LVDS display running with my Banana Pi M1, and I found a sunxi wiki page telling me to change an "u-boot configuration string" "CONFIG_VIDEO_LCD_MODE": http://linux-sunxi.org/LCD#Mainline_Linux_.28simple-panel.29
<cweiske> How/where can I change the uboot configuration and add that setting?
<cweiske> does that mean that I have to recompile u-boot to get the screen working? It's not just some configuration parameter?
<stipa> i guess
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<cweiske> the second page is indeed very informative; thanks
<stipa> np
<TRS-80> Oh stipa filling in for me while I was gone, good man! :)
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* TRS-80 just placed third order for Armbian swag for holiday gifts
<stipa> TRS-80: No worries
<TRS-80> I have to go back to work after first of year, and I will likely have to curtail my Armbian activities even before that (starting already in fact) as I need to wrap up some of my own things, too, before then.
<TRS-80> So even just hanging out in the channel greeting and directing people is greatly appreciated. It's most of what I do anyway. :)
<TRS-80> You see stipa, that's all it takes. Now you are "contributing to open source" already. ;)
<stipa> i'm not on the bottom of the Armbian pit after all TRS-80 ! Thanks bro!
<TRS-80> stipa: Not by a long shot, mate!
<stipa> awesome!
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<cweiske> according to https://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort, A20 LVDS display support is in linux mainline since v5.7, which is fine because current armbian kernel is 5.9. But I wonder what that actually means, and what linux support helps if there is no native u-boot support
<IgorPec> this means drivers were developed and were working ... status of them? unknown implementation? unknown
<TRS-80> cweiske: I had stepped out for a moment, so I don't know what resources stipa had pointed you towards. There is some (probably outdated) info at Docs about this, and also a more recent forum thread where people were trying to figure it out. Have you come across any of those?
<cweiske> I commented in that forum thread :)
<TRS-80> OK, I thought maybe was not sure.
<IgorPec> there are not many people playing with those things
<IgorPec> so spotting one for a live chat is extreme luck
<TRS-80> I hate to say it brother, but that might be all there is...
<TRS-80> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<IgorPec> good things is that "its possible"
<cweiske> I've got that BananaPi with LCD touchscreen lying around since 6 years, and now my son is old enough wanting to get it working
<TRS-80> maybe he can fix it :D
<IgorPec> banana lcd display - there is some how-to on the forum
<cweiske> I just expected that things would "just work", but the original instructions are all void now
<IgorPec> linux needs constant maintaining
<TRS-80> cweiske: The only way things even "just work" at all (to the extent they do) is because of constant ongoing maintenance / development by Armbian and many other people... Just to give some idea...
<IgorPec> EDIT: 04.01.2020 - Fixed patches to work with latest armbian sources. (references have changed)
<IgorPec> its fresh
<cweiske> why would u-boot need to be patched when the kernel has support for the display?
<TRS-80> early startup stuff is essentially a memory map hooking hardware to software
<TRS-80> any of which can change at any time
<TRS-80> I mean, I am low to mid level wizard at best, but that's my understanding
<IgorPec> cweiske: you should be asking people that made the driver. it must be the reasoning
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<IgorPec> anyone has idea hot to solve https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2414
<TRS-80> yes it is because license incompatibility stuff, there are couple different ways around that, one of which is not kosher from license perspective
<IgorPec> seeking for technical implementations first:)
<IgorPec> we will be bad as ubuntu
<TRS-80> let me find the relevant info, I know I read it before somewhere
* TRS-80 died a little inside
<IgorPec> just a little like ubuntu :)
* TRS-80 thinks all distros downstream from Debian are memes
<TRS-80> except Armbian ofc ;)
<TRS-80> I meant those other ones
<IgorPec> true
<IgorPec> sadly we have hard time to break that off
<IgorPec> but its always some sort of trade
<TRS-80> esp for desktop, I get it
<IgorPec> lots of folks from armbian
<TRS-80> Yes, I think this is one I was looking forl still reading though (again)
<IgorPec> nope
<TRS-80> That doesn't work? Or just now you will try? (also, still reading)
<IgorPec> just that is not enoght i guess
<TRS-80> did you try to simply set CONFIG_PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY=y
<IgorPec> not yet
* TRS-80 is still studying this thread
<TRS-80> although I definitely remember reading it before at some point
<cweiske> I'm using the docker build container, and it asks me to modify /root/armbian/cache/sources/... - but /root/armbian/cache is a separate docker volume that is not accessible from the outside. So everytime I rerun the build, I have to "docker exec" into the container, "apt update && apt install nano" and do my modifications. is that how it should work, or should the cache directory betternot be a docker volume?
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* TRS-80 just got up to patch IgorPec referred to
<IgorPec> cweiske: i never try that within a docker, perhaps you can map dir outside
<cweiske> thanks for all the information. bb.
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<TRS-80> dinner time, will continue studying later
<TRS-80> I will let you know what I find
<IgorPec> ok, tnx. i'll try to solve it as well
* fromport just got his pinephone. pretty slick for a linux phone ;-) too bad google is having problems atm
<ArmbianTwitter> @hofmannedv (Frank Hofmann): article completed, and waiting for publication @linuxhint . @XTaran and I extended it to a comparison between #Debian, #Armbian and #RaspberryPiOS (19s ago)
<TRS-80> > gets GNU/Linux phone, tries to use Google first thing
<stipa> what a great comparison
<TRS-80> stipa: Could you post link? Twatter doesn't even work any more without enabling JavaScript.
<TRS-80> ...which is not happening...
<TRS-80> I guess I meant the article, I assumed there was some article somewhere?
<TRS-80> Or it's just on Twitter?
<stipa> i have no idea
<TRS-80> link does not work without JS, either, but thanks
<stipa> np
<fromport> TRS-80: part of the signup is using existing account. should I have used fecesbook? ;-)
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<TRS-80> sign up for what?
<fromport> you want your phone to be able to send emails i guess
<TRS-80> "accounts" on the phone? i.e., symc, etc... or? ok email?
<TRS-80> sync
<fromport> but i will setup my imap/smtp server instead. let's keep it free from prying eyes
<stipa> TRS-80: there is no article, it's "and waiting for publication"
<fromport> good point
<TRS-80> I was using NextCloud but found it too heavy weight. It's nice if you want fancy UI and lots of features though. Moved to Radicale for DAV and Syncthing for file sync. Super lightweight, works a treat!
<TRS-80> Radicale will handle your contact/calendar sync. No need of Google at all. But you are on your own for backups of course. I mean, in addition to phone + server/SBC which are two for starters...
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<fromport> what are the things you sync with your own hosting ?
<TRS-80> just files, calendar, contacts
<TRS-80> you mean what files?
<fromport> email ?
<TRS-80> email I still have not figured out solution I like, keep trying different things
<TRS-80> I think I will keep most of email on home server though
<fromport> so you have a dynamic ip adress at home ? (i do)
<fromport> are you using wireguard to connect to your home setup?
<TRS-80> yes but that is easy to get around with some service like freedns.afraid.org
<TRS-80> wireguard is even better
<TRS-80> is this a social engineering phishing attack? :D
<TRS-80> to be clear, you would need dns service + wireguard
<fromport> ehh why do you think? I have 156TB hosting at home. i would like to learn from your ideas/setup. i read the thread. maybe open ##selfhosting ? ;-)
<TRS-80> as you need the "server" end to be a (more or less) reliable address
<TRS-80> I'm just joshing you, mate
<fromport> when we get new dhcp update, we can update the dns records (i use he.net) so that wouldn't be a problem. I don't know how certs will like changing of ip addresses though
<TRS-80> if you use wireguard, no need for certs
<TRS-80> if you like to have public facing services, certs are only slightly hairy to do first few times but not hard nowadays with Certbot, etc.
<TRS-80> understand that IP address is irrelevant for certs, as the cert resides on the host
<fromport> i thought certs included an ip address
<TRS-80> no they are for a domain name, AFAIU
<TRS-80> I mean, I don't think I have any problems at home when my IP address changes... let me check
<TRS-80> yeah look at any cert in your browser (I just did) there is only domain name
<fromport> okay, need to dash, something called work caught up with me grrr. l8er
<TRS-80> later
<TRS-80> OK I take break from Armbian, time for my own projects now :)