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<TRS-80> My Harbor Freight price check script announcement (I made today) is top thread on r/harborfreight now :)
<stipa> TRS-80: you're famous
<TRS-80> not hardly
<TRS-80> 22 upboats
<TRS-80> but not bad, either :)
<stipa> not at all
<TRS-80> oh it was 30, I refresh and now 29; I gues stipa give me downvote :D
<TRS-80> maybe I have anonymous hater in here or elsewhere 8)
<stipa> not me
<TRS-80> I keed, I keed :)
<stipa> i keed too
<stipa> well, haters are a good thing, you're doing your job well
<TRS-80> dealwithit_ani.gif
<stipa> they must be afraid of you for some reason
<TRS-80> who knows
<TRS-80> Reddit is mostly cancer, but some of more tecnical fora are not as bad as the rest
<TRS-80> I only hang out on harborfreight, ikea, emacs, etc.
<stipa> reddit is crap
<stipa> all crap of the internet at one place
<stipa> but it's popular
<TRS-80> yep
<stipa> great place to promote a script
<TRS-80> yeah I don't know where else to
<TRS-80> in that case
<TRS-80> My Emacs stuff I can announce on mailing list
<stipa> it's a great place
<stipa> for promotion
<stipa> bunch of people from various industries use it
<stipa> there's no need for middlemen
<stipa> you are in direct contact with costumers
<TRS-80> well, Reddit is itself, a middle man.... however much less onerous in many ways than some of others...
<stipa> even though it's not visible at first but tha's actually happening
<stipa> it is miidleman but i would say the're only interested in ad revenue
<TRS-80> but removing of middle men is why I chose sr.ht as a forge, to help promote the original (decentralized) way of using git, which is via mailing list and patches...
<TRS-80> truly, no middle man is needed in that case (well, running a mailserver, but that can be switched...
<TRS-80> but I like/trust Drew and what he is trying to do over there, so I am happy to throw him few bucks for that
<TRS-80> that way, no ads, no ulterior motives... his motive is to serve his paying customers... the old fashioned way... :)
<TRS-80> no spyware, no "ad tech", no JavaScript, etc...
<stipa> soo, what do you think people don't want to use that system?
<stipa> why people*
<TRS-80> I think most people do things either: 1. because they are "easier" and/or 2: because "everyone else is"
<stipa> popularity
<TRS-80> it's not that they don't, it's just that GitHub made it so easy to do it another way, and also "everyone" is there now
<TRS-80> yes, I would say more accurately "network effect"
<stipa> right, makes sense
<stipa> you told it all
<TRS-80> however it is becoming greatly concerning to me and many other people how centralized GitHub has become
<stipa> i guess more advanced coders would use the more efficent way
<TRS-80> look what happened to youtube-dl recently, for instance
<stipa> what?
<TRS-80> their GitHub just disappeared one day
<stipa> downtime?
<TRS-80> DMCA takedown
<TRS-80> they are back up now, but still...
<stipa> oh, didn't hear that
<TRS-80> oh yeah it was big news; hang on I save a screenshot ;)
<stipa> yeah, they're training everyone to say them who's the boss
<TRS-80> found it
<stipa> heh
<stipa> so, is there info why they did it?
<TRS-80> it was some bullshit
<stipa> of course
<TRS-80> but that is usually the case and one of main criticisms of DMCA takedowns are they are far too powerful and often abused
<TRS-80> Meanwhile YouTube are the worlds largest free music streaming service, but that's fine... It's all so tiresome..
<stipa> it is
<stipa> there are no laws and govrenments are lazy to make them
<TRS-80> I would say there are plenty laws, they just only favor certain private industries ;)
<TRS-80> not only, but in an awful lot of cases
<stipa> goverments like money
<stipa> it's all about the money
<TRS-80> it's all about control, money is just one form of that
<stipa> so they just go with what could generate money
<stipa> money is fuel for everything
<TRS-80> thought and platform control are also big, and not always even about money...
<stipa> without fuel there is no government
<stipa> so governments choose bad options just because they would get fuel and leave poor people in crap they are in
<stipa> platforms are for money making for the platfor movners, all others are just bringing money in in hope of earning some
<TRS-80> I dunno, some of these platforms, newspapers, etc. are losing lots of money, that's why I say it's not only about that I think (although largely, it is)
<TRS-80> also they can (and do) simply print whatever money they want...
<stipa> yeah, newspapers are gone
<stipa> printed media
<stipa> people just expect everything on internet to be free
<stipa> one of the best ways to earn is ad revenue
<stipa> what is actually killing online media is ad blockers
<TRS-80> good, let it die!
<TRS-80> ...and nothing of value would be lost...
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> businessess are going direct to clients and consumers
<stipa> since adverst don't wor
<stipa> work*
<TRS-80> need to change IP addresses, bbian
<TRS-80> bbiab
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<stipa> it seems like gmail is broken
<stipa> linkedin is complaining that it cant send email to email i registered with
<stipa> i can access gmail via web gui without a problem
<stipa> i guess linkedin server is in US
<TRS-80> Maybe you made a typo? Double check email address.
<stipa> i din't touch it
<stipa> it has worked for almost a year
<stipa> but i think i read it in news that US has problems with google
<TRS-80> yeah, good luck getting a hold of anyone at Google, either... LOL
<stipa> ha ha
<stipa> this is a headline of the news article...
<stipa> --Ponovno problemi s Gmailom, ali ovaj put uglavnom većinom u Americi
<ArmbianHelper> Problems with Gmail again, but this time mostly in America [hr~>eng]
<TRS-80> well, I read that YouTube and everything were out the other day, was this during that?
<TRS-80> rare outage for Google...
<TRS-80> I think maybe including email
<stipa> yeah, half of an hour
<stipa> syncing was down
<stipa> lgoogle login was down
<stipa> you coulldn't log in
<stipa> and you could wisit youtube only in Chromes incognito mode
<stipa> now
<stipa> the US has problems
<stipa> and this time more than half an hour
<stipa> atleast with gmail
<stipa> who knows
<stipa> to much people on the internet
<stipa> it's collapsing
<TRS-80> the sky is falling!
<stipa> all in all it's not good
<stipa> not good at all
<stipa> noob overload and failing services
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* Tonymac32 engages auxiliary power
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<archetech> Tonymac32: hows the helios64 doin
<archetech> found any issues
<Tonymac32> none so far, running great
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<nekomancer[m]> rockpi4 without any radiator hangs running any work — 2 GB file transfer via ssh, or run `./configure` in zfs folder... sometimes watchdog return them back, sometimes I have to pull out power cord.
<nekomancer[m]> Now I set sceduler to conservative max freq to 1GHz — and zfs debs was builded.
<Necrosporus> OK, the solution was extraargs=video=1920x1080@60 which was appended to kernel command line
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<Tonymac32> No heatsink on a chromebook SoC is bad news, generally
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<archetech> need a mesa 21.0 version
<archetech> or 20.3
<c0rnelius> you guys getting this in ur rk3328 builds on 5.10?
<c0rnelius> drivers/devfreq/rk3328_dmc.c: In function ‘rk3328_dmcfreq_probe’:
<c0rnelius> drivers/devfreq/rk3328_dmc.c:751:15: error: too few arguments to function ‘devfreq_event_get_edev_by_phandle’
<c0rnelius> data->edev = devfreq_event_get_edev_by_phandle(dev, 0);
<c0rnelius> ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<c0rnelius> In file included from drivers/devfreq/rk3328_dmc.c:11:
<c0rnelius> ./include/linux/devfreq-event.h:108:34: note: declared here
<c0rnelius> extern struct devfreq_event_dev *devfreq_event_get_edev_by_phandle(
<Tonymac32> I haven't tried a 5.10 yet
<Tonymac32> but my 5.9 on rk3328 is blinking the screen randomly
<c0rnelius> seems to be related to the new clk shit they added and this patch - rk3328-add-dmc-driver.patch
<c0rnelius> been trying to figure it out for two days. no luck as of yet.
<Tonymac32> No, my 5.8 with that has no issues, unrelated clocks
<c0rnelius> yeah ihave no probs on 5.8. or 5.9
<c0rnelius> only seems to be happening in 5.10
* Tonymac32 needs glasses checkd
<Tonymac32> yeah so that's the DMC code, hmmm
<Tonymac32> I had display manager stuff on the brain
<c0rnelius> 01 thru 06 is the patches they added
<c0rnelius> not sure why or if its related but every since adding those that devfreq patch seems to freak in 5.10 now
<Tonymac32> looks like an extra parameter was added
<c0rnelius> aww
<c0rnelius> well.. shit
<Tonymac32> tada!
<Tonymac32> added a phandle
<Tonymac32> so, I'll put in a ticket on it
<c0rnelius> ur awesome dude
<c0rnelius> thanx
<Tonymac32> no problem
<ArmbianHelper> AR-583 [Bug] "RK3328 DMC driver needs small (hopefully) update for kernel 5.10" reported by Tony McKahan at 2020-12-16. Status: To Do
<Tonymac32> I will try to take a look at it later, for now it's logged at least and I tagged piotr so he knows it exists
<c0rnelius> you are the man! and I've noticed the blinky screen too, especially on the renegade. I use use most things headless and just happened to check it one day I though well that is odd.
<c0rnelius> thought*
<Tonymac32> I didn't have that issue until this last build, I'll need to dig into it, I saw a comment on the RK3288 saying something similar, but some patches there had been disabled
<c0rnelius> I'll say this, the T4 seems to be running great on 5.10.y so far.
<c0rnelius> of course i mostly just use it for native compiles, but everything onboard seems to be working as it should.
<Tonymac32> good to hear. I am currently working on cleaning up the default overclock situation while still giving people the option
<c0rnelius> aw kool
<Tonymac32> anyone who lost the silicon lottery has stability issues
<Tonymac32> the rk3328 is also OC'd out of the box for some reason, I'll hit it too
<c0rnelius> I personally don't use the rk3328s that much but like to check up on them from time to time.
<Tonymac32> stretch goal is figuring out the parameter thing in the overlays so I can allow people to play with the RAM speed on the Renegade
<c0rnelius> They have their usefulness every once in awhile somewhere.
<c0rnelius> That's would be kool
<Tonymac32> The Renegade RAM speed was fixed with the DMC code and a cut/paste of the vendor ram skew values I was able to dig up
<Tonymac32> I have it set to max 1068 MHz, the RAM itself is 1200 MHz capable
<Tonymac32> whether the board can handle that I have doubts
<Tonymac32> it was running 740 or something like that
<Tonymac32> http://ix.io/2A3F
<Tonymac32> RAM speeds are still slower than the vendor kernel, no idea why, but much improved from before
<c0rnelius> I've given all hope on the Renegade to be honest :D
<c0rnelius> even as a kodi box it runs to damn hot
<c0rnelius> given up*
<Tonymac32> interesting, I haven't had heat issues
<c0rnelius> lucky
<Tonymac32> I had it hammering away on BOINC doing protein folding lol
<c0rnelius> take ur fan off it and trying doing some intense
<Tonymac32> OK, my overlay works
<Tonymac32> sweet
<c0rnelius> mine stalls like the rock64, unless it has active cooling.
<Tonymac32> hmmmm
<Tonymac32> what kernel
<c0rnelius> 5.8 5.9
<Tonymac32> the older 5.8 armbian would still have had shit DRAM skew
<c0rnelius> i was running it as a kodi box for a whiles "whatever kernel libreelec" was using and it would get so hot the usb dongle would die.
<Tonymac32> interesting
<c0rnelius> passive cooling
<Tonymac32> usually they use the vender kernel for the codec drivers
<c0rnelius> yeah
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<IgorPec> good morning
<Tonymac32> 'morning
<IgorPec> 3328 night?
<Tonymac32> lol 3399, 3328 is tomorrow XD
<IgorPec> yeah, i saw. does it help?
<q4a> mroblem is that they removed `struct drm_connector *connector` from func parameter
<q4a> and if I tried to get it like `struct drm_connector *connector = &hdmi->connector;` - i got error
<q4a> `drivers/gpu/drm/rockchip/dw_hdmi-rockchip.c:224:41: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type ‘struct dw_hdmi’`
<IgorPec> ok, a bit complicated situation then.
<q4a> in kernel 5.8.18 `struct dw_hdmi` and `connector` was in - drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/synopsys/dw-hdmi.c
<q4a> so, it was working in 5.8.18. In 5.9.14 - they keeps `struct dw_hdmi` in drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/synopsys/dw-hdmi.c
<q4a> I'm not so godd in C, so what is best way in this problem?
<IgorPec> i got up 15m ago :) and am also not the best
<IgorPec> looking into the code ...
<q4a> thanks!
<IgorPec> bad thing is there is quite a lot of change
<Tonymac32> I'm not sure where that patch came from. LibreElec?
<Tonymac32> miouyouyou might actually know
<Tonymac32> well, I put in a PR for the OC overlay, time for bed. :D
<IgorPec> you mean this for deflicker?
<IgorPec> good night
<Tonymac32> yeah that isn't one of my patches, I don't mess in DRM land O_o
* Tonymac32 of course means "isn't a patch he added"
<IgorPec> yeah, perhaps moving to 5.10.y and looking into librelec land might be a better approach
<Tonymac32> I'm planning on moving my efforts into just the 5.10 area since it is LTS, other than bugfixing
<Tonymac32> alright, actually leaving XD
<Tonymac32> until tomorrow for me, later today for you
<IgorPec> ok, l8r
<q4a> IgorPec - I don't see any pathes for dw_hdmi-rockchip.c there
<IgorPec> perhaps they are not needed
<IgorPec> now to understand the bigger picture of this section, more research is needed
<IgorPec> then lets ask chewitt_ if he have some hints
<q4a> I saw kwiboo on forum a log time ago(
<IgorPec> so this is the core problem probably "RK3228/RK3328 does not provide a stable hdmi signal at TMDS rates
<IgorPec> above 371.25MHz (340MHz pixel clock).
<IgorPec> "
<q4a> Looks like this
<IgorPec> did you try to pull this function in as done in the patch?
<IgorPec> its to cover exception for 3328 and 3228
<q4a> has only `struct dw_hdmi *hdmi, void *data,` and `const struct drm_display_info *info,`
<q4a> I need connector to check `connector->ycbcr_420_allowed`, but if I thied to do it like `struct drm_connector *connector = &hdmi->connector;` - i got error
<q4a> `drivers/gpu/drm/rockchip/dw_hdmi-rockchip.c:224:41: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type ‘struct dw_hdmi’`
<q4a> I I sould just create new func and use old `dw_hdmi_rockchip_mode_valid(struct drm_connector *connector,`
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<q4a> thanks - I'll try it now
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<chewitt> ping @kwiboo in #linux-rockchip or #libreelec .. I don't track what we do with RK things (large SEP field around it)
<chewitt> he won't answer quickly, but I'll drop him a note in team chat (Slack) to let him know there's Qs
<archetech> SEP=septic?
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<q4a> IgorPec using patch from patchwork as is leads to black screen (no hdmi output at all)
<IgorPec> yeah
<q4a> On 2020-07-07 21:53, Johan Jonker wrote:
<q4a> I will send a v3 of the phy/rockchip parts of this series later tonight/tomorrow.
<q4a> Jonas, I need v3 of that pachset)
<IgorPec> yeah, kwiboo is our best hope
<q4a> BTW, is it posibble to `Compressing sources for the linux-source package` after real build? Compressing is slow and useles if kernel build fails
<chewitt> ^ knaerzche is our other RK dev, a little more active than Jonas in recent times (Jonas has a lot going on right now)
<q4a> Looks good. He uses pdata `if (pdata->ycbcr_420_allowed && drm_mode_is_420(info, mode) &&`
<q4a> chewitt Thanks!
<IgorPec> we need to compress cleaned sources
<IgorPec> but its probably possible to skip that
<q4a> my build command is `sudo ./compile.sh BOARD="tinkerboard" BRANCH="current" KERNEL_ONLY="yes" KERNEL_CONFIGURE="no" BUILD_DESKTOP="no" USE_MAINLINE_GOOGLE_MIRROR="yes"`
<chewitt> q4a that branch looks like it's based on drm-tip tho, which might not be the best
<IgorPec> BUILD_KSRC="no"
<q4a> Thanks to booth. chewitt - I'll use single idea - how to get `ycbcr_420_allowed`
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<ArmbianTwitter> @motakasoft (motakasoft): GitHub Trending Archive, 14 Dec 2020, Shell. oznu/docker-homebridge, kodekloudhub/certified-kubernetes-administrator-course, ohmybash/oh-my-bash, armbian/build, matryer/bitbar-plugins, wmnnd/nginx-certbot, BlackArch/blackarch, itzg/docker-minecraft-server https://t.co/lWeX7sJf1e (30s ago)
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<pakcjo> hi
<TRS-80> Hi pakcjo
<pakcjo> I finally placed an order for the vim3... with free shipping it should be here somewhere in the middle of 2021 :D
<ArmbianTwitter> @Hacksterio (Hackster.io): Hands-on with the Kobol Helios64 — a five-bay, Armbian-based, RK3399-powered NAS system: https://t.co/tKoMRwJrBQ https://t.co/Zb2AeUA8An (22s ago)
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<TRS-80> :D
<pakcjo> Interesting fix for the ethernet port...
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* stipa is it just me or open source projects are going payware?
<TRS-80> There have always been some "open core" type projects. Some times that works out, some times not (then forks happen).
<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): Adding the 2 GHz operating point for the RK3399 becomes completely optional in future @armbian releases, I've made it an overlay that can be enabled through armbianEnv.txt. A set of 2 similar overlays will be available for the RK3328, enabling 1.4 and 1.5 GHz at user discretion. (6s ago)
<stipa> maybe a transition from win to linux has no sense anymore
<TRS-80> not sure I'm following that logic
<stipa> popularity of linux is based on free stuff
<stipa> now, all major linux project went payware
<stipa> why not just stay on win
<TRS-80> I think that is a wrong assumption (first thing you said)
<stipa> may be wrong
<stipa> but it's what's going through my head
<TRS-80> Certainly, some people are attracted by that. I even was a little, at first. However at some point you realize what's important is not the "free as in price" but the "free as in freedom" as they say. Freedom being much more important, in the end...
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @TonyMac_32: Adding the 2 GHz operating point for the RK3399 becomes completely optional in future @armbian releases, I've made it an ov… (28s ago)
<stipa> yeah, but they'll lose new people to the platform as all new potential users come as we both said for free stuff
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @Hacksterio: Hands-on with the Kobol Helios64 — a five-bay, Armbian-based, RK3399-powered NAS system: https://t.co/tKoMRwJrBQ https://t.… (21s ago)
<stipa> hoiong deeper in results in "freedom" ideology
<IgorPec> my "work" is mentioned "accidental exclusion of the driver for the 2.5-gig-E port in the most recent release" LOL
<TRS-80> In our release notes? Or somewhere else? Like that one time we were shit talk on LKML... LOL
<TRS-80> A rare mistake by Igor, that... I almost commented to that effect, as a matter of fact.
<IgorPec> it must be the fact that the device is not in the autotest ring yet
<IgorPec> but TBH even that might not prevent such gig :(
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<tionebrr> Hello folks
<tionebrr> I am trying to install zfs-dkms on the 5.9.14 kernel, but I cannot find which repo has the headers.
<tionebrr> Anyone can give me a hint?
<TRS-80> Hi tionebrr
<tionebrr> TRS-80: Hi !
<TRS-80> Ubuntu or Debian? And what device?
<IgorPec> armbian-config -> software -> headers install
<TRS-80> or just listen to Igor lol
<TRS-80> he know better than me
<tionebrr> omg really? As simple as that?
<IgorPec> yeah
<tionebrr> Okay, the problem seem to be the -current- headers are for 5.9.11
<IgorPec> apt update
<IgorPec> well, repository was updated yesterday
<tionebrr> already did it today.. Will retry
<tionebrr> hmm, maybe I installed the headers before updating.
<IgorPec> i am trying here on my rk3399 machine which is freshly installed ...
<tionebrr> You got an helios64 too?
<IgorPec> not yet, but got a dozen of rk3399 boards
<IgorPec> drwxr-xr-x 23 root root 4096 dec 16 16:54 linux-headers-5.9.14-rockchip64
<IgorPec> this is why i got in /usr/src
<IgorPec> so it works correct for me
<tionebrr> Aah yes here we got.
<tionebrr> I see them.
<pakcjo> are there any news on the rk3399 successor?
<tionebrr> Somehow apt update doesn't advertise the headers upgradable
<tionebrr> pakcjo: I've seen a post on CNX software
<tionebrr> will get you the link
<pakcjo> tionebrr: don't worry, I saw it as well
<tionebrr> okay
<TRS-80> There is a post also on Armbian forums if it's same one I am thinking about.
<pakcjo> if it's the one that I think :/
<TRS-80> like RK3359 or something?
<tionebrr> IgorPec: thanks for the tip. :)
<TRS-80> IgorPec: I have to say, tough but fair review.
<pakcjo> 3566 I think
<IgorPec> yes, its fair. we were just a bit unlucky that review was done last week :)
<TRS-80> Also FWIW, I am seeing A LOT of nuw users coming to forums from Helios64 release, I'm sure you noticed, too. Some are even venturing out to other forums. I think it's good overall. Only one Windows crybaby so far that I recall.
<TRS-80> pakcjo: yes, something with 5 in it
<IgorPec> TSR-80: yes, i noticed that too
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<tionebrr> zfs-dkms building :3
<TRS-80> cool beans!
<TRS-80> FeelsGoodMan.jpg
<tionebrr> Yeah I've seen the post of that guy. He said he's going back to windows server lol
<tionebrr> so he sold his helios64
<TRS-80> and nothing of value was lost
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<tionebrr> command line is scary when you're acustomed to click on buttons
<TRS-80> I realie that. I try to empathize with the guy and support with reasoning why I prefer command line (and others did ,too) but there is just no helping someone who beginss the conversation by saying "CLI fanboys"
<tionebrr> btw, I can't edit my posts on the armbian forum?
<TRS-80> I think so?
<TRS-80> oh wait
<TRS-80> Guess not then?
<TRS-80> I dunno
<Werner> new user?
<TRS-80> I think there is either time limit or maybe if you are new?
<tionebrr> Werner: yes
<mkultra57> yo yo! I was offline for hours due to no power, the joys of living in the countryside =*
<tionebrr> I wanted to add that I'm a dummy to my post :3
<Werner> I think this limitation is gone once this validating thing is over
<TRS-80> Werner: So regular user can? Just for my own info.
<TRS-80> Hi mkultra57
<Werner> I think so
<tionebrr> Hello LSD in tap water 57 :P
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<TRS-80> tionebrr: I like you, you can stay
<tionebrr> TRS-80: thanks )
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<mkultra57> I've hacked my first TV box, let's rejoice! lol quick q, why don't I get 'install to satat. emmc, etc' in armbian-config, I am running with mighty 20.10 Buster, one of balbes special (y)
<TRS-80> mkultra57: Because TV Boxes are unsupported by Armbian proper
<mkultra57> k cool
<TRS-80> You read "read first" thread in TV Boxes?
<TRS-80> it explains a lot
<mkultra57> errrr, maybe not, apologies, I did read one of 'read me first'!!!
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<mkultra57> actually if you end of here https://forum.armbian.com/clubs/1-tv-boxes/ there is no 'read me first' X)
<TRS-80> it's in top of "General Chat" section of TV Boxes, but we are discussing maybe shuffling those forums around again so might change in future
<tionebrr> hey I have a question too... Why does some commands still need 'sudo' even when in root ?
<mkultra57> end up even
<TRS-80> mkultra57: Right, hence discussion
<TRS-80> also other reasons
<TRS-80> it's also relatively new, so I don't expect everyone to have read it
<TRS-80> tionebrr: It shouldn't?
<mkultra57> trs-80 I would stick that top of the link I posted too....
<TRS-80> I am not sure that's possible with this "club thing" but I do agree with you
<tionebrr> Well from what I understood, the root session shouldn't need sudo for anything right?
<TRS-80> So far we are mostly pointing people to it manually, which is still better than typing common things repeatedly
<tionebrr> I may need an update on that
<TRS-80> tionebrr: correct
<TRS-80> you have # for prompt, right?
<tionebrr> yes
<TRS-80> yeah I dunno man
<TRS-80> Maybe make post in Helios64 club?
<TRS-80> could be device specific, or, I dunno...
<mkultra57> tionebrr I'm new too
<tionebrr> TRS-80: okay I'll try
<mkultra57> I don't like this web chat, it's not intuitive X)
<tionebrr> mkultra57: new to linux also?
<TRS-80> mkultra57: Native IRC clients are much nicer
<mkultra57> no not really, I've been doing IT for too long.....but lots of other rubbish first.....
<mkultra57> I ran away to live in another country :b
* TRS-80 is working toward retiring out to the boonies
<mkultra57> any frenchies here?
<tionebrr> yep
<tionebrr> Strasbourg here
<mkultra57> ah bon, moi anglais dans la campagne.....sud-ouest
<mkultra57> allez les bleus! (y)
<TRS-80> --ah bon, moi anglais dans la campagne.....sud-ouest
<ArmbianHelper> oh well, me English in the countryside ..... southwest [fr~>eng]
<tionebrr> Haha welcome bruh
<mkultra57> merci buckets ;D
<TRS-80> --allez les bleus! (y)
<ArmbianHelper> go the blues! (y) [fr~>eng]
<tionebrr> TRS-80: the blues are the french football team
<mkultra57> yes or rugby
<TRS-80> aye
<tionebrr> (or soccer if you're in en-US
<TRS-80> si
<tionebrr> I'm using Element (matrix.org) as an IRC client
<mkultra57> I take it that armbianhelper is a robot, hilarious
<tionebrr> I like it a lot
<tionebrr> --c'est clair
<ArmbianHelper> it's clear [fr~>eng]
<mkultra57> you on linux? tionebrr
<TRS-80> tionebrr: Just don't post some multiline message and no one will know anything. lol
<tionebrr> No, my main session is a W10 machine
<TRS-80> I take back what I said earlier! :D
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<tionebrr> I still depends on some stuff but slowly getting rid of that
<pakcjo> sorry to get a bit ot, but how's the support of the khadas vim3 in armbian?
<mkultra57> I was an M$ pro in NT 3.51 - showing my age lol
<tionebrr> TRS-80: UU
<TRS-80> Hey, at least you are trying it sounds like, good man!
<tionebrr> My build laptop is running arch since a year I believe
<mkultra57> W10 is the biggest pile of poo going, I run arch, specifically Endeavouros
<TRS-80> W10 is the best thing to happen to GNU/Linux in a long time! :D
<tionebrr> hey, arch too. :)
<TRS-80> so many jumping ship the last many years...
<IgorPec> isn't w10 forbidden word around here? :)
<tionebrr> I don't even know why I choosed arch. I guess their wiki is attractive...
<tionebrr> IgorPec: :x
<pakcjo> they have a very good wiki indeed
<TRS-80> No we welcome them to the church of Free Software so that we can de-program them with daily rms sermons. :D
<IgorPec> hehe
<pakcjo> that sounds like torture
<tionebrr> Come on it's running fine. You have to close your eyes on a lot of crap but it works
<mkultra57> arch is pure and simple to me, ubuntu I don't like cos of canonical...
<IgorPec> armbian is also pure and simple
<TRS-80> mkultra57: I like Debian for same reason
<TRS-80> vanilla Debian
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<TRS-80> which also has benefit of not being bleeding edge (some consider that a bug, I know, lol)
<mkultra57> I am sooooo anti-corporate now it is quite scary BUT if you have worked for bankers maybe you understand why D:
<tionebrr> I feel you there
<TRS-80> mkultra57: preaching to the chior my man (to me, anyway)
<mkultra57> (y)
<IgorPec> mkutra57: welcome
<TRS-80> what is this (y) I keep seeing?
<pakcjo> (y): thumbs up emoji
<TRS-80> I guess SBC attract people who are interested in decentralization, makes sense I suppose, self hosting and all that
<mkultra57> I just give you the thumbs up...in a friendly manner.....I gave it to the french guy at the tip earlier XD
<tionebrr> TRS-80: this true
<TRS-80> OK I am just seeing ( then y then ), maybe it render different for you guys?
<TRS-80> ( y ) in other words?
<tionebrr> I'm eagerly waiting for the big RISC-V cpu to make their grant entrance
<mkultra57> me too!
<tionebrr> (and ruin Nvidia btw)
<TRS-80> tionebrr: I was too, until I read things from libre-soc that they are not really interested in being so "open" after all
<pakcjo> I'm using irssi, no emojis here, actually I think this (y) is from microsoft messenger or something like that, not sure... Last time I saw it was there iirc
<mkultra57> I need to build a robot woman cos I've had it with the real ones.....they are too much work :O XD :')
* TRS-80 suddenly remembers he has work to do
<TRS-80> pakcjo: Wow I don't even see Vim3 on https://www.armbian.com/download/ at all. Did you check board bring-up (and other) forums? I know NicoD mention it in at least one of his videos, too.
<mkultra57> you can't ruin nviidia cos they are buying arm......corporate muscle at work again ;(
<TRS-80> Yep, like M$ they just won't go away, too much money piled up already.
<tionebrr> mkultra57: they bought it for $40B. It's done.
<TRS-80> like a bad rash
<tionebrr> TRS-80: really, they are closing ?
<tionebrr> ** closing the RISCs?
<mkultra57> I think it needs approval from US bigwigs.....
<tionebrr> mkultra57: Ah I see
<tionebrr> Did you knew the antikernel?
<tionebrr> This stuff is amazing
<mkultra57> not 100% so don't quote me
<tionebrr> alright, back to work for me too
<mkultra57> tionebrr what do you do?
<TRS-80> tionebrr: It's a bit more subtle than that. Go read EOMA / libre-soc guy comments on the matter. They were initially going RISC (in fact project used to be called RISC-soc) however in practice they are just another big consortium riding the current wave of open source popularity, while being actually nothing of the sort. At least that is libre-soc guy perspective. So they change their name to
<TRS-80> libre-soc and are working with IBM on a POWER based solution which are recently becoming more open and seem to be much more friendly towards ACTUAL F/LOSS development...
<TRS-80> look "closely" and then rubber stamp, anyway... regulators are all completely captured any more
<mkultra57> quick q, this tv box I'm on 5.9.0, how can I force an update to latest? not bothered if I break it, I'll learn....lol
<pakcjo> TRS-80: nah, I haven't done any research to be honest... (being quite busy with work lately), but well, let's see. Eventually I'd like to play with it and get into arm stuff, i haven't done much with it and seems like a nice hobby to have besides mechanical keyboards, my plan is to test it with armbian and also arm.slackware, see if I can get into the kernel again, last time I did any kernel development
<pakcjo> was in 3.x stuff
<mkultra57> re the emojis, I have an icon in the bottom right hand corner so I just click on them.....
<mkultra57> <3 -_- :') '=D XD '=( :@ ;( O:3 :b </3 =D ;D
<ArmbianTwitter> @nl_observant (observant 🌱): @Hacksterio @armbian The Realtek NIC hw offloading issues can most likely be solved by using the latest driver. (15s ago)
<TRS-80> pakcjo: Those areas I mentioned (most especially, download page) will give you idea very fast what the development state of any particular board is at. So I would continue along those lines: check forums, etc. I am glad to hear you are up for some tinkering because that may be required on some (so far) unsupported board.
<TRS-80> mkultra57: Yeah they just come through as plain text in a real IRC client (I am using weechat for example).
<tionebrr> TRS-80: found why I needed sudo, /usr/sbin is not in the PATH for root
<tionebrr> mkultra57: I'm setting up a NAS right now
<TRS-80> tionebrr: Aaah yes this is something I noticed, too on newer Debian (even x86...)
<TRS-80> forgot about that
<tionebrr> TRS-80: worth opening an issue?
<TRS-80> I don't know why they did that, seems dumb but there must be some reason behind it
<mkultra57> cool, you work in Strasbourg? Not been over that area for a while.....in fact I'm allergic to cities now....
<tionebrr> mkultra57: Yeah I kind of work ~~
<TRS-80> No this is (I think) intentional upstream change. I mean, you can try, but...
<mkultra57> #metoo I avoid work really lol
<tionebrr> TRS-80: might be documented somewhere then?
<TRS-80> #methree
<TRS-80> tionebrr: I suspect Debian proper
<tionebrr> what is proper?
<TRS-80> actual Debian itself
<tionebrr> ah okay
<TRS-80> main Debian project (i.e., not Armbian)
<mkultra57> I think he was English Ian from Debian....lol
<tionebrr> Armbian is actually built on top of Debian, or following Debain in some ways?
<tionebrr> TRS-80: thanks
<mkultra57> what's with this antikernel? sounds like the antichrist X)
<mkultra57> trs-80 how do I force a kernel update?
<TRS-80> mkultra57: armbian-config?
<mkultra57> tried this but after reboot I was still on 5.9.0
<tionebrr> mkultra57: It is a harware kernel
<tionebrr> All the function of a kernel are actually performed on silicium instead of behing programmed
<mkultra57> mmmmm dunno, just the linux kernel methinks! what's the difference?
<mkultra57> I want to be on 5.9.14 to be in line with my arch desktop and my odroid c2 :]
<TRS-80> mkultra57: I would stick with what is supported by Armbian. Because if Armbian is not on newer kernel for your board, there is almost alway some (good) reason for that.
<TRS-80> Or is this TV Box? If it is, stick on whatever balbes or whoever have distributed. Otherwise things may very well break.
<mkultra57> k cool......I'm slightly confused by what balbes150 does, cos I see he is one of your team BUT he appears to do lots of other stuff too....he's obviously talented...
<mkultra57> trs-80 yes the tv box, I had an idea of buying some cheap, hacking a cluster/swarm and playing with podman....
<tionebrr> Does removing all locales and set LANG to C.UTF8 works?
<tionebrr> I like having my system full vanilla
<TRS-80> he had made a TV Boxes fork of Armbian which was years in development and worked pretty well but too many variations in TV Boxes made the endeavour unsustainable and he stop support for Amlogic based devices
<mkultra57> #metoo I like vanilla too or KISS
<TRS-80> mkultra57: Before you go too far down that path, you might want to read: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16407-please-read-first/
<mkultra57> yes I knew the AMlogic connection and I have a few amlogic boxes following his wizardly but now I don;t use them for TV so hacking it is......and my next purchases will be purely Rockchip..
<mkultra57> wizardry even!!
<TRS-80> maybe you like a tinker, I personally stick to supported devices
<mkultra57> YES that is the one I read! see I can read lol
<TRS-80> as long as you are aware
<mkultra57> yes I'm a bit of a hacker at heart, you should see the state of my house lmao!!!
<TRS-80> because eupport resources are extremely scarce
<TRS-80> so maybe like SteeMan you can eventually help some other people in TV Boxes, as balbes150 support withdrawal have left a bit of a vacuum there
<TRS-80> s/eupport/support/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: because support resources are extremely scarce
<mkultra57> sure time is money or it used to be.....I have 101 diy jobs to finish off but get distracted with technology, it's interesting lol
<TRS-80> I think you are in good company in that regard ;)
<mkultra57> and I've been to the tip today with the freezer XD
<mkultra57> yes I read some Steeman posts, he makes good points, they are dirt cheap, mmc onboard, psu included, hold on cheap my watts usage....
<mkultra57> 2.4 watts!!! totally awesome!! I want to save the planet too!!! <3
<mkultra57> cheap=check
<TRS-80> Yes I think we gave good idea of both perspectives. However as a moderator I can tell you that the vast majority of people are not like you and SteeMan but rather just bought some cheap device and don't know anything and require support which we cannot provide. Help vampires, if you will... And they are a flood...
<TRS-80> we are only few volunteers
<mkultra57> sure......the world is a big place.....and lots of folk want a piece of 'new technology' or be like westerners or be like Mark Zuckerberg or Mr Musk :')
<mkultra57> trs-80 you in US?
<TRS-80> yes
<mkultra57> cool, which state?
<TRS-80> internet connected underground bunker, location not disclosed ;)
<mkultra57> best way to be......don't get involved with mkultra types X-P
<mkultra57> I went to pensylvania in 96 with work, I was blown away but I was only married 1 year so couldn't make the jump....
<TRS-80> There are many very beautiful and rural parts in US still.
<mkultra57> and I never met Bruce Springsteen....
<TRS-80> I hope to move to one of them in next couple years. Plan is well in motion and has been for some time.
<mkultra57> north america is a seriously amazing place but with some seriously weird people:O
<mkultra57> that was a :O
<TRS-80> no all of us, but you are not wrong, either...
<TRS-80> s/no /not /
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: not all of us, but you are not wrong, either...
<mkultra57> sure I have left UK cos it was well.....let's not go there but overcrowded for one, yikes...
<tionebrr> I'm actually a fan of the old Pennsylvania railroads footages
<tionebrr> That country looks nice, better than the midwest flatland.
<mkultra57> have you seen The Current War movie? very good
<tionebrr> Huh nope, going to check that
<mkultra57> Edison vs WEstinghouse
<tionebrr> Interesting :)
<mkultra57> and of course Nikola Tesla
<mkultra57> who Einstein said was the true genius.....
<tionebrr> He was really good indeed
<tionebrr> But couldn't understand how to defend its interests
<mkultra57> yes I think he was naive in business......and JP Morgan was involved....oh no bankers again D:
<ArmbianTwitter> @Seven7J (Jogy Sam): Nice! Hands-On with the Kobol Helios64, a Five-Bay Armbian-Based RK3399-Powered Open-Spec NAS System by Gareth Halfacree with Linux https://t.co/3OAlwl4axW (14s ago)
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<mkultra57> omg I've got an SSD running off my a95x box now and the power consumption has gone up to 3.8 watts XD
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @nl_observant @Hacksterio We use latest v2.14 driver. (12s ago)
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<q4a> I hate today's release 5.9.15
<q4a> It breaks everything for me( I could not connect via ssh to tinkerbord
<TRS-80> What board is this again?
<TRS-80> oh sorry, I'm dumb
<TRS-80> you said already
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<TRS-80> I don't know anything about this board, maybe someone else does
<q4a> not board problem
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<q4a> where can I set mailnime to 5.9.14? not lastest 5.9.y?
<TRS-80> armbian-config
<q4a> no, I mean when building kernel from source
<TRS-80> I just scan the list quickly, but I did not see kernel option there
<TRS-80> it does mention kernel config file, did you look at that?
* TRS-80 never built from source before
<TRS-80> maybe KERNEL_CONFIGURE yes in order to call make menuconfig ?
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<TRS-80> bbiab
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<IgorPec> q4a: KERNELBRANCH="tag:v4.14.14"
<q4a> thanks!
<tionebrr> Hey guys, is it just me or is openmediavault... errr... sluggish?
<IgorPec> its quite bulky so probably yes. on which hw?
<tionebrr> on the helios64
<tionebrr> I didn't looked at the cpu and ram usage when going from page to page, but just getting the landing page is something like 5 seconds
<tionebrr> just wondering if I may have an issue here
<IgorPec> idk, don't use it
<tionebrr> ok
<IgorPec> 5 seconds always or 1st time?
<tionebrr> always. Sometime I don't even get the landing pag
<IgorPec> thats probably something wrong
<tionebrr> /s/pag/page
<tionebrr> Maybe the nDNS
<tionebrr> ssl looks fine tho
<IgorPec> board is among most powerfull one
<tionebrr> yeah, it should be blazing fast
<IgorPec> but for OMV, hard to say, omv forums might be a better start
<tionebrr> sure
<tionebrr> Ah, also, I have a system right now I am happy with. What would be the best way to take a snapshot of it?
<tionebrr> boot an sdcard and dd to a usb drive or something like this?
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<IgorPec> i am not fan of binary backups
<IgorPec> of the os
<tionebrr> why not? copy errors?
<IgorPec> that also, but can be mitigated with verify
<IgorPec> its slow and you backup 99% of garbage you don't need to backup :)
<tionebrr> I see
<IgorPec> script or write down install steps, use ansible or similar
<TRS-80> tionebrr: I was saying similar thing to a guy in a thread recently, like reproducible setup
<IgorPec> i am not familiar how you backup/transfer OMV
<TRS-80> to me is better than full backup, like what Igor is saying
<tionebrr> hmm I don't know ansible yet. Will take a look
<IgorPec> ansible is just a steps to automatize install
<TRS-80> tionebrr: I don't either. I use a Makefile. But that's something to learn, too. You could also write a bash script. Etc...
<IgorPec> but for home usage you might need it, but againa why not
<tionebrr> Ah I don't have OMV installed yet. Just ZFS and my zsh and lang and so on
<IgorPec> both is easy to reinstall
<tionebrr> okay so there is actually a lot of different ways to proceed...
<IgorPec> we are also working to provide ZFS out of the box
<TRS-80> Do you even need all features of OMV? Or just share some media?
<IgorPec> ZSH install with oh-my-zsh is one click setup
<tionebrr> Meh, I have some stuff going on there
<tionebrr> development, storage...
* TRS-80 doesn't understand why people use OMV I guess
<IgorPec> i am also running high end NAS but without any OMV garabage
<TRS-80> I do all those (and more) on plain vanilla Debian?
<IgorPec> with 6 drivers in Zraid2
<TRS-80> simple NFS shares, piece of cake and super reliable
<IgorPec> NFS shares only
<TRS-80> IgorPec: You using one of those Clearfog IIRC?
* Tonymac32 doesn't use OMV
<tionebrr> thanks for the great advices guys.
<IgorPec> no, i use x86 nas
<TRS-80> :p
<tionebrr> I may ditch OMV altogether then
<Tonymac32> 5 drives RAIDZ1 working well on RK3399 ;-)
<IgorPec> haha :)
<TRS-80> tionebrr: NFS setup is dead simple, plenty guides on internet, just a few commands
<IgorPec> i have 128GB memory in NAS, not possible in just any ARM
<Tonymac32> hahahahaha
<TRS-80> in fact I think ZFS will do a native NFS share per zvol if I understand correctly, even easier
<tionebrr> TRS-80: I'll try to stay clear of anything that would require windows to have a network drive connected.
<tionebrr> I'm on a laptop.
<tionebrr> So explorer.exe is going crazy unless I unmount the storage first
<Tonymac32> I want to see this RK3368 with potential 8 GB RAM
<TRS-80> tionebrr: Oh yes, if you need to support some Win clients, do samba instead.
<tionebrr> which is a pita
<TRS-80> but NFS is better
<tionebrr> I was thinking about rsync.
<TRS-80> if you can avoid Windows
<tionebrr> So I have my files on local and they get duplicated on write
<tionebrr> TRS-80: haha sure I'm trying
* IgorPec doesn't have samba shares
<TRS-80> well it's a goal, some times we need to get there in the meantime, it's OK
<TRS-80> me neither, IgorPec
<tionebrr> Windows have NFS support actually. The bad things are happening when windows doesn't find the network storage
<TRS-80> Amazing how everything in my home network "just works" once every box was running GNU/Linux and open protocols, etc... Really makes you think.
<TRS-80> tionebrr: In classic M$ fashion, their so-called "support" for opn protocols is sub-par
<TRS-80> s/opn/open/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: tionebrr: In classic M$ fashion, their so-called "support" for open protocols is sub-par
<TRS-80> meaning, NFS in this case
<TRS-80> I have read many people having problems with it
<TRS-80> imagine my shock ;)
<tionebrr> haha indeed, must have been a huge surprise ;)
<tionebrr> Meh, WSL can run rsync
<tionebrr> idk
<TRS-80> too many layers for my tastes, but you do you, mate :)
<tionebrr> IgorPec: that's some speed
<TRS-80> hot damn
<IgorPec> its pretty decent, yeah
<tionebrr> it's MB and not MiB so he's cheating :P
* TRS-80 tells his little Cubietruck that everything will be fine
<IgorPec> hehe
<tionebrr> TRS-80: I think at least using the WSL would allow me to prepare for a total move to linux
<IgorPec> you run win workstation?
<tionebrr> (WSL = microsoft footgun?)
<tionebrr> No W10
<tionebrr> I don't even know the version, may even be Family hehe
<TRS-80> In fairness, even I was dual booting for some time. But it did not take me too long to realize I don't really need Windows for anything. But you need to be comfortable and do it at your own pace.
<tionebrr> yeah.
<IgorPec> me too
<IgorPec> it took loong, had dual booting and so on
<IgorPec> well i still keep one windows laptop around, but its more like for emergency
<tionebrr> Also, I'm doing some sound design and audio stuff. The big name in this domain are not playing the linux game
<IgorPec> oh, and a gaming rig
<TRS-80> USB keys with Debian Live are for emergenries :D
<TRS-80> tionebrr: I find big names over rated in many cases, but I am no expert in that field
<TRS-80> gayming
<tionebrr> Yeah it's mostly to look serious... But really, some stuff just sound really good.
<tionebrr> And I'am a sceptic audio engineer
<TRS-80> IgorPec: I don't think we ever told you, do you know that I knew Tonymac32 since years before Armbian from some gayming community before in fact? :D
<IgorPec> no, really? small world
<tionebrr> anyone playing Zero-k here?
<IgorPec> you also met in person?
<TRS-80> exactly what I thought when bumping into him here
<TRS-80> no not yet
<IgorPec> we planned a bit to have a world armbian meetup in germany
<IgorPec> but this strange situation blew all plans away
<IgorPec> actually in austria, Saltzburg
<TRS-80> I think I might make the trip (whenever it gets planned again). Always wanted to visit the place of my ancestors.
<IgorPec> i think you have bigger desire to come to europe, that we have to come to USA :)
<TRS-80> for sure
<TRS-80> can't really blame you, most stereotypes are too true in too many cases for my taste
<TRS-80> regarding Americans I mean
<TRS-80> but we are not all like that
* Tonymac32 chews on Big Mac with large fries
<Tonymac32> :D
* TRS-80 fires his Ar-15 into the air
* TRS-80 in full auto
<Tonymac32> poor trigger discipline
<Tonymac32> wait
<Tonymac32> lol
<Tonymac32> "This is fully, semi-automatic"
<Tonymac32> sigh
<IgorPec> LOL
<IgorPec> we have AK47
<TRS-80> so does my brother, as a matter of fact, and he is a gunsmith
<TRS-80> order from Poland, apparently they make good ones
<Tonymac32> I can just hear the day it was introduced to the military: "Guys, does it shoot good?" "No Comrade, it ALWAYS shoot"
<Tonymac32> One of my friends has one, certainly more robust shall we say than the Armalite
* Tonymac32 is waiting on rk3328 compilation
<Tonymac32> TRS-80 the thing you don't trust Poland with is the IL-62
<Tonymac32> they had a special skill of causing uncontained engine failures
<Tonymac32> not that the inboard engine wasn't destined to overheat anyway
<tionebrr> uncontained failures on that must feel like blending your tuna while it's still in the can
<tionebrr> :x
<Tonymac32> yeah it's not so great
<Tonymac32> however unlike Boeing stuff they don't have to worry about sucking up gravel into that thing
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<c0rnelius> Tonymac32: thanx for the ticket and I saw the fix. It worked like a charm.
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