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<bl4ckb0ne> did somebody started to package openzfs 2.0?
<lanefu> archetech: were you having some ethernet woes on N2 a while back? https://lkml.org/lkml/2020/11/30/1443
<archetech> only on armbianyes
<archetech> I have a new arch install thats acting up during updates
<lanefu> i need more amlgoic devices
<DarthGandalf> I had ethernet woes on N2+. I'll try that patch
<lanefu> DarthGandalf: k need me to build? or you got it?
<lanefu> well i'll build anywya, gonna have to see if it causes regressions on the other stuff i think
<DarthGandalf> Well, currently I'm running 5.9.8 with armbian patches applied, and the #2166 reverted. I can build it, but if you're going to build it anyway, I can try that one
<lanefu> so you disabled the other reset patch
<lanefu> got it
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<lanefu> DarthGandalf: archetech wanna make sure ethernets works on this? https://armbian.lane-fu.com/Armbian_21.02.0-trunk-AR-554_Odroidn2_focal_current_5.9.11.img.xz
<ArmbianHelper> AR-554 [Task] "OdroidN2 Ethernet Failure Pt2" reported by Lane Jennison at 2020-12-01. Status: To Do
<DarthGandalf> Sure. Should I unpack it to /boot/uImage or /boot/zImage, or not to unpack at all?
<lanefu> uhh
<lanefu> did you just want the debs?
<DarthGandalf> no, image is actually better
<DarthGandalf> ah, it's not a kernel. ok
<DarthGandalf> I'll extract the kernel from that image
<DarthGandalf> Tomorrow. Good night
<archetech> you got an n2 use that
<c0rnelius> or kill ur self
<c0rnelius> or am I being to harsh?
<lanefu> you mad at me?
<c0rnelius> I don't think we have slept together? we should be good. ;)
<c0rnelius> cheers
<lanefu> word
<c0rnelius> son
<c0rnelius> mofo
<lanefu> assbandit
<c0rnelius> asspirate
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<DigitalMan1983_> hey gabg
<DigitalMan1983_> *gang
<lanefu> hi DM
<DigitalMan1983_> ArmbianHelper: DigitalMan1983_ didn't mean gabg....or maybe he did...?
<lanefu> HerculeP: when you get a chance can you just confirm ethernet works on this? I'm just making sure no regression https://armbian.lane-fu.com/Armbian_21.02.0-trunk-AR-554_Odroidc2_focal_current_5.9.11.img.xz
<ArmbianHelper> AR-554 [Task] "OdroidN2 Ethernet Failure Pt2" reported by Lane Jennison at 2020-12-01. Status: To Do
<DigitalMan1983_> sweet! new releases for Lime-A64!
<lanefu> fun for the whole family
<DigitalMan1983_> indeed!
<DigitalMan1983_> ...dysfunctional as said family may be ;)
* DigitalMan1983_ realizes he missed the window on submitting pull request before next release :P
<lanefu> alright.. I just booted armbian on my le potato that was built by armbian on my tritium-h5 (full disclosure i used pre-pacakged kernel deb)
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<flyback> or armbian devices
<lanefu> yep
<flyback> even good brands are having deals
<lanefu> ahh yeah.. 128gb evo select on amazonfor 16
<lanefu> 64 gig for 9
<lanefu> hmm maybe thats the normal price lol
<[TheBug]> I haven't gotten them yet but https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08GJTHZFY seems like a good deal if they are what they say..
<[TheBug]> should arrive some time this week
<TRS-80> I no longer consider Amazon a reliable source
<Tony_mac32> Dear Mouser, I want my farking ESP32-S2 Mini modules!!!!!!
<[TheBug]> equal chance some knock off crap
<[TheBug]> that said I also ordered a nice samsung 32Gb usb thumb drive supposed to come yesterday and it seems Amazon lost it somewhere
<lanefu> oh man that sucks
<lanefu> man i've seen the light and 64gig evo selects for me
<lanefu> midn still blown they're that much faster than 32
* Tony_mac32 still remembering the look on Wifes face when she was complaining about the cables under the TV and I got out the 4" diameter heat shrink
<Tony_mac32> it's intended to patch conduit, eh
* Tony_mac32 hasn't gotten more bourbon yet
<lanefu> haha man thats gangster heatsthrink
<[TheBug]> actually, I have also had very good results with Adata A1 V10 cards and Team Group A1 v30 cards
<[TheBug]> right now one of the RockPis is running off a 128Gb team group A1 V30 card
<[TheBug]> pretty nice
<Tony_mac32> lanefu if you ever wondered why heat guns came with that deflector thingy, that's why XD
<Tony_mac32> turn to 11, apply liberally
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> get map torch
<[TheBug]> Tony_mac32: that package should be there in next day or so, it did go out today
<Tony_mac32> awesome, then we see if I can legally change my name to Montgomery Scott
<[TheBug]> lol
<lanefu> man
<lanefu> digging deep
<fromport> fresh installed armbian, i found ip address based on mac address. it pings but refuses ssh, is that expected behavior ?
<lanefu> fromport: give it some more time, may still be in disk resize stage
<lanefu> so worst case scenario wait 5 min
<fromport> 15 minutes already :-)
<lanefu> that sounds suboptimal
<lanefu> reboot and pretend nothing hapened
* TRS-80 always waits way longer than he probably should
<lanefu> TRS-80: you probably saw my post.... but i figured you'd be interested in this endpoints... https://github.com/armbian/dl-router#api
<fromport> i just received my odroid HC4, flashed sd card, was glad i could ping it, but no login
<Tony_mac32> flashback to yesterday me complaining about having to grind a point onto a bolt to put a stupid aero guard back on my volvo-platform mazda powered GM transmissioned Ford
<Tony_mac32> I was right. The arm, it hurts
<Tony_mac32> it hurts us!
<Tony_mac32> Unrelated I AM TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THE M1
<Tony_mac32> if you tune another processor to the exact workload you use it for ( a luxury Apple has) you can get pretty close to the same performance/watt
<lanefu> ^^this
<Tony_mac32> not right on, since it's a new process chip, but close enough to make it less WHOA and more "cool"
<[TheBug]> LOL
<[TheBug]> fuck the M1
<[TheBug]> until it can run Linux I don't want to hear about it
<TRS-80> sorry, what is M1?
<[TheBug]> :Z
* Tony_mac32 grumbles in old man and counts days till Apple locks that fkr down harder than an iron maiden on a heretic
<TRS-80> some Apple crap?
<[TheBug]> apples arm chip
<Tony_mac32> yeah, an Apple ARM SoC
<Tony_mac32> not a bad piece of work, but ThE FaNbOiS aRe OuT iN FoRcE
* TRS-80 goes back to reading GNU mailing list
<Tony_mac32> LOL
<Tony_mac32> I am highly agitated by storage suppliers using buzzwords to name their products
<TRS-80> only storage suppliers?
<Tony_mac32> cas ein point: Seagate Barracuda COMPUTE
<Tony_mac32> WTF IS AN HDD FOR YOU @#$%@#$%@#$%^#$%^&#$%^&%^$&^#$%^#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Tony_mac32> ok I feel a little better
<TRS-80> and you were doing so well
<TRS-80> sorry mate
<Tony_mac32> s-s-s-s-ssynergy
<ArmbianHelper> Tony_mac32 meant to say: cas ein point: Seagate Barracuda COMPUTE
<Tony_mac32> ROFL
<Tony_mac32> I love bots, they prove the terminators aren't coming too soon
<Tony_mac32> at least, not before mine are ready for them
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<lanefu> Tony_mac32: the epic Us-east AWS kinesis outage last week proves Skynet will not survive
<Tony_mac32> TinyML on rad-hardened Atmel and 8086 will save us
<Tony_mac32> XD
* Tony_mac32 currently listening to Clutch, "Book of Bad Decisions"
<fromport> hooked up my odroid hc4 with armbian image to a screen. it seems to get 'stuck' in petitboot. recognizes the sd card but not (yet) able to boot from it. will look at it tomorrow ;-)
<Tony_mac32> gets stuck in what
<TRS-80> We only have 2 NA mirrors? This is not counting torrents, amirite?
* Tony_mac32 has torrents
<fromport> up to now, i had the experience it would default boot from sd card. it seems (h)c4 has a little bit of flash in it with petitboot. I think i need to build a config line to continue booting from the (recognized) sd card
<fromport> it kind of looks like a bios [SPIT]
<Tony_mac32> ah
<Tony_mac32> always something
* Tony_mac32 already planning on surgery on his Veyron to remove SPI
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: correct only 2 NA mirrors
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<lanefu> sorry trs
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<TRS-80> Any metrics on torrents? Short of firing up a client I mean? I always been curious about the swarm health.
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<lanefu> TRS-80: no data on hand
<lanefu> I think we need to change how we seed. Ex only seed currwnt release.
<TRS-80> I just think about it from time to time, I could be arsed to set it up, but it seems there is no urgent need, and there are always other things to work on...
<TRS-80> If, OTOH, there was some indication somewhere, and especially if there were some idea that there were not enough seeders, I would probably make the time...
<lanefu> Whenever i set it up there's not a ton of action. I feel like more bandwidth on everyone's intial seeds
<TRS-80> Right. This time around it was that release bottleneck crisis that made me think about it again.
<Tonymac32> ooof I've DL'd 1 TB
<TRS-80> And maybe next time we make sure the release has propagated before making anouncement?
<lanefu> Yes. Release should be fully synced before we annouce
* Tonymac32 is learning python classes
<Tonymac32> it's like BASIC and C++ hooked up after a night of experimenting with controlled substances
<TRS-80> Python is like pseudo code that actually works
<lanefu> Its certainly a very friendly language
<Tonymac32> but it physically hurts my optimized OCD
<lanefu> Lol
<lanefu> Try rust?
<Tonymac32> I haven't so far
<TRS-80> all the cool kids are doing it
<TRS-80> well, SJWs, anyway (I hear)
<Tonymac32> yeah, I've seen. 3-6 weeks of setting up the toolchain to get a "hello world" seems less than optimal
<TRS-80> Is that today's phrase or something? I must have missed the meeting this morning.
* Tonymac32 could write an interpreter and deploy the product in that time
<lanefu> Choosing slumber
* Tonymac32 is a highly evolved AI, probably parroting the last instance of the phrase
* Tonymac32 doesn't sleep
<Tonymac32> :D
<TRS-80> lanefu: cheers, not sure how much longer I will even be up
<Tonymac32> later on lanefu
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<Tonymac32> oh?
<TRS-80> yes
<TRS-80> "going to bed" now, leave me alone
<TRS-80> :D
<TRS-80> jk
<Tonymac32> haha
<TRS-80> This is one of those famous games I never played. On a lot of lists, often in first place. This is completely F/LOSS version of course.
<TRS-80> Maybe I feel like building castle instead https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/0ad
<Tonymac32> haha
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<ofli> hello
<ofli> I would like to silence boot messages while boot
<ofli> How can you help me
<stipa> i don't know if you can turn it of entirely
<stipa> but if it's possible you won't be able to see an error on boot if something goes wrong with your machine.
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<ArmbianTwitter> @motakasoft (motakasoft): GitHub Trending Archive, 29 Nov 2020, Shell. r00t-3xp10it/venom, htr-tech/zphisher, P3TERX/aria2.conf, void-linux/void-packages, angristan/wireguard-install, v2fly/fhs-install-v2ray, pry0cc/axiom, armbian/build, skvark/opencv-python https://t.co/b85UDcWmT7 (21s ago)
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<HerculeP> heya lanefu, I downloaded that .img.xz, expanded using pixz, wrote to emmc and SD, but both didn't boot :( ; nothing on HDMI, no blue "heartbeat"
<HerculeP> maybe some1 else can crosscheck
<HerculeP> (on a odroid c2)
<HerculeP> an*
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<Tony_mac32> which one ? ;)
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<lanefu> HerculeP: yeah thats fine i think it was bad
<ofli> hello eveyone
<ofli> hello everyone
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: the ar-554 ones
<Tony_mac32> ah ok
<ofli> I need hideboot messages
* HerculeP wouldn't call it "fine" tho ;)
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<ofli> How can I change boot sequences
<ofli> boot image png or boot messages
<ofli> IgorPec
<HerculeP> Tony_mac32: Armbian_21.02.0-trunk-AR-554_Odroidc2_focal_current_5.9.11.img
<ArmbianHelper> AR-554 [Task] "OdroidN2 Ethernet Failure Pt2" reported by Lane Jennison at 2020-12-01. Status: In Progress
<lanefu> ofli: dont think any of is have bandwidth here to help you with cosmetics
<Tony_mac32> I just saw a patch series hit patchwork talking about ethernet woes on G12b btw lanefu
<lanefu> You can post in the peer support section in the forums
<Tony_mac32> a power-on delay needed increased
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: this one? https://lkml.org/lkml/2020/11/30/1443
<Tony_mac32> nope, yet another one
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<winterGrey> so lanefu how can I be like you hero ?
<winterGrey> I want to save the world
<Tony_mac32> it's an update to make it even longer
<Tony_mac32> Stefan must have misread something on V1
<lanefu> K. Although probably why my test image didnt boot lol
<Tony_mac32> ah rev 1.98 datasheet
<Tony_mac32> 1.8 vs 1.4 I mean
<Tony_mac32> ugh nevermind. newer datasheet.
* Tony_mac32 is going back to day job
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<chewitt> I've never seen the issue flagged in that series tho ..
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<lanefu> Werner: what do you think about making a "help wanted" section in the forums under development where we can kind of re-attempt to recruit help from community on specifc tasks
<lanefu> Ex recruiting for testing or something like this https://git.io/JIJVA
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<Werner> Good day
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<Werner> lanefu, well basically this is kind of the feature request forums. wishes nobody can take care of
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<lanefu> Werner: yeah but instead of usrs requests its us requesting :)
<lanefu> hi bd1308 !
<Werner> So create a request to deal with stuff in user requests :D
<lanefu> Werner: well that's not the dumbest idea in the world lol
<lanefu> i might try
<bd1308> hey lanefu , back on Armbian from my Manjaro vacation, feels sooooooo good to be back!
<lanefu> your soul thanks you
<ArmbianTwitter> @its_hard_2_name (IAMLIUBO): @armbian 😘 Linux for ARM develoment board. Super mini pocket SBC with LCD screen,I love it.Thanks armbian team!#armbian https://t.co/Gk7wE5ZQ7z (18s ago)
<Tony_mac32> wtf is that little thing?
<imliubo> ???? robot?
<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @its_hard_2_name @armbian Cool🤠 (25s ago)
<Tony_mac32> whoa that's weird
<Tony_mac32> I don't know that device
<imliubo> ahh It's my pocket computer! It based on nanopi neo air.I add a lcd screen and case~
* lanefu asks the hard questions
<lanefu> oh! the tweeter is here
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @its_hard_2_name @armbian very awesome! .....what is it? (23s ago)
<Tony_mac32> AHA! a neo air. very nice
<Werner> It's a boy!
<Werner> Oh
* Tony_mac32 approves this message
<lanefu> bluetooth keyboard?
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @its_hard_2_name: @armbian 😘 Linux for ARM develoment board. Super mini pocket SBC with LCD screen,I love it.Thanks armbian team!#armbia… (29s ago)
<imliubo> Thanks Thanks everyone for your recent help, I finally did it!
<lanefu> yeah nice work.. now we all want one
<imliubo> not bluetooth
<imliubo> ahh only one for now
<lanefu> RF-usb?
<[TheBug]> You didn't bring one for everyone in the class? for shame!
<[TheBug]> ;p
<imliubo> My english not very good... lol...
<[TheBug]> haha
<Werner> No big deal, you know we have a toy that helps with this.... use -- in front of your message and simply write on your native language
<Werner> --einfach, aber effektiv
<ArmbianHelper> simple but effective [de~>eng]
<imliubo> --这样?
<ArmbianHelper> such? [zh-CN~>eng]
<imliubo> -- 看起来可以
<ArmbianHelper> Looks ok [zh-CN~>eng]
<imliubo> --我用这个产品(https://docs.m5stack.com/#/en/core/core2)的屏幕和外壳进行组装的
<ArmbianHelper> I use the screen and shell of this product (https://docs.m5stack.com/#/en/core/core2) to assemble [zh-CN~>eng]
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<imliubo> Hi stipa!
* stipa got his USB3 WiFi AC adapter into USB3 mode, i smell some speed...
<stipa> hi imliubo
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<stipa> hehe, cool resolution
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<IgorPec> "armbian supports large screens" :)
<stipa> imliubo: good work man
<IgorPec> indeed!
<imliubo> ahh thanks!
<imliubo> I like this size..
<bd1308> --guten tag!
<ArmbianHelper> good day! [de~>eng]
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<bd1308> neat!
<ArmbianTwitter> @its_hard_2_name (IAMLIUBO): @DieZuckerbude @armbian ☺️Thanks! (12s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @its_hard_2_name (IAMLIUBO): @lanefu @armbian 🤣Pocket PC... (18s ago)
<stipa> --bolesno
<ArmbianHelper> sick [bs~>eng]
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<imliubo> goodnight! :)
<TRS-80> gn imliubo
<TRS-80> and Good Day to everyone else :)
<Werner> Hi
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<DarthGandalf> lanefu: Hi, I'm ready to test it. Shall I test the one you posted before, or you have a newer one ready?
<lanefu> DarthGandalf: its a bad image.. :( so dont
<DarthGandalf> Alright
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<Tony_mac32> I need to fire up an RK3399 board and try a ZFS mount on a random drive with kernel 5.9. on 5.8 it took me 20 minutes, starting from "having no idea what I'm doing" to "functioning RAIDZ1"
<Tony_mac32> I have heard, however, that 5.9 is not playing nice for some reason
<TRS-80> Yes but you are moderate to high level wizard (where high on my scale are like dmr, etc.) :D
<TRS-80> ok maybe dmr is like Grand Wizard, but I digress
<TRS-80> Let me grab you some specifics I think I came across, as there has been a lot of chatter on forums about
* Tony_mac32 didn't know you had to build the kernel module at first, had to find that in a Google hunt
<TRS-80> yeah that's one of issues, in meantime this young man wrote a script to do so: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15441-unable-to-build-zfs-module-on-buster-rockchip64/?tab=comments#comment-114121
<TRS-80> I think this may have something do do with problems in 5.9? https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/2245
<lanefu> ZFS on linux just sounds like the opposite of fun
<Tony_mac32> like I said I only had the issue of being able to install the zfs tools with no complaint about the kmod missing
<Tony_mac32> well, no obvious complaint
<Tony_mac32> :P
<Tony_mac32> then when it didn't "just work", I had to do a search, then run a couple commands and tada!
<Tony_mac32> as far as Debian goes, it's always so far behind the dev curve as to cause issues
<Tony_mac32> If you're going to use it, you either accept that all of your software has to be old, or that you're in for a ton of fun
<Tony_mac32> Welcome to Armbian 20.08.21 Focal with Linux 5.8.17-rockchip64
<TRS-80> It's not about fun, it is about being the most reliable and awesome file system out there, birthed out from classic Sun Microsystems of old, long before the bad new days of Oracle, and since then development picked up courtesy of huge federal funding of none other than Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, who hired original guys when they fled Sun after Oracle acquisition. BTW it's actually
<TRS-80> now called OpenZFS, as the BSDs and Linux developers joined forces with goal of making it truly cross platform in same project. Alhough it was "ZFS on Linux" for a long time and in truth that is where bulk of development work went into from LLNL.
<Tony_mac32> that's the one I had 0 issues with rolling out a zfs pool
<TRS-80> but reading back now I think I missed your meaning somewhat, lol, but get it now
<Tony_mac32> hehe sarcasm on "fun". fun meaning work
<TRS-80> t. person been following ZFS development for very long time now and very excited about
<TRS-80> right
<TRS-80> also descended from Germans, fun is no part of anything we do :D
<Tony_mac32> oh jeeze lol
<TRS-80> Yeah, I did not make point about Debian being "slow" but my post was already getting too long. Maybe later if someone replies.
<TRS-80> it did also occur to me
<IgorPec> ZFS was fine up to 5.8.y
<TRS-80> I also would not characterize it as "far behind the dev curve" rather Debian take a much different view toward stability and support, something I for one (and many others) appreciate greatly, the vast majority of the time.
<IgorPec> zfs on debian is blocked with compiler compatibility
<TRS-80> yeh I thought so, link above
<IgorPec> yes. that far i got with this
<TRS-80> I was posting for Tony_mac32 and others
<IgorPec> so to get it work is a bit complicated atm
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<TRS-80> OK yeah, sorry for being slow on uptake lol, updated: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16119-zfs-on-helios64/?do=findComment&comment=114189
<IgorPec> if this workaround works, we have at least working zfs on ubuntu variant
<TRS-80> he seems to be referring to Debian /and/ Ubuntu
<IgorPec> it works
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<IgorPec> just compiled on Focal and N2+
<TRS-80> kid is in Madagascar it says, did you notice that? :)
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<IgorPec> noticed both
<IgorPec> biav
<TRS-80> Baking Industry Association of Victoria?
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<TRS-80> Is BOOT_USE_BLOBS flag required to declare kernel taint?
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<IgorPec> typo :) sorry, i had to do something
<IgorPec> BOOT_USE_BLOBS where did you find this?
<TRS-80> in config sources
<IgorPec> aha, i think we have two ways of boot process
<IgorPec> with FOSS and BLOSS :)
<TRS-80> OK so this is a "one of the other" and not necessarily to flag kernel taint?
<IgorPec> not sure if has anything to do with kernel
<TRS-80> I do like that we delineate some difference here, I don't know if that is only for practical reasons, but I think it is in line with Debian philosophy :)
<IgorPec> sorry, not that deep in rockchip boot process
<IgorPec> usually we have blobs first
<TRS-80> I was asking in some thread about blobs, and this is where piter75 point me
<IgorPec> then after some time we get rid of them
<IgorPec> piter knows best around those specifics
<TRS-80> Yeah, I sort of gather that. Related: I been drafting something about legacy vs mainline kernels, it seems to me we used to have this somewhere (or I read it) but failed to find it when looking recently.
<TRS-80> So that is on my TODO list for working on docs.
<TRS-80> I am keeping my own little notes and todo list here, don't want to bother you guys who seem so busy all the time. lol Also start to keep some index of references by topic, as I come across them. Mostly for myself so I can answer questions in forum, but maybe I do more with it some day.
<IgorPec> i think it was below "Hardware notes" https://docs.armbian.com/Hardware_Allwinner/
<IgorPec> otherwise "legacy kernels2 should be classified as a private linux fork where initial support for hardware was made
<IgorPec> it always goes this way
<TRS-80> No this was more of like top level, general overview of the difference. Maybe I even got it from some NicoD video. It was when I couldn't remember where I read/saw that, that was when I started taking notes. LOL But I take tons of notes anyway, in general.
<TRS-80> Yes I think I have the idea, one of these days you will see some PR and you can give feedback. I think I understand though.
<IgorPec> yeah. a lot of stuff is scattered in forums , but its hard to collect / find
<TRS-80> Well in fact here my notes already pay dividends. ;) Instantly I can put my fingers on this, what I will use as genesis for doc update about legacy vs mainline: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15905-kernel-education-needed/?tab=comments#comment-112779
<TRS-80> feedback welcome
<archetech> get a haircut
<TRS-80> and get a real job? :D
<TRS-80> clean your act up, and don't be a slob
<IgorPec> what's real job ? :)
<archetech> I keep cutting my own ...and it shows ;p
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<TRS-80> you probably would not believe me if I told you lol
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<TRS-80> archetech: best $15 I ever spent, were those hair clippers, lol
<archetech> yup
<TRS-80> Aah I think I take your meaning differently now IgorPec, i.e., maybe like me you no longer "work" in traditional sense (well in your case I think you do contract work or something?).
<IgorPec> i have some local contract work mainly to socialise in the office, but haven't been there since months :(
<IgorPec> remote only now :)
<TRS-80> Living the dream! :)
<IgorPec> in current situation not so dreamy :)
<[TheBug]> hehe
<TRS-80> well yeah
<IgorPec> two kids + wife + cat breaking my zen
<lp0-on-fire> that moment where you get killed by a boss when said boss had only 5% of health left…
<lp0-on-fire> :'(
<TRS-80> Yeah, luckily mine goes to work and school during day at least
<[TheBug]> Well you could be single, lonely and without a cat.. so I would say in the grand scheme your doing just fine ;p
<TRS-80> [TheBug]: You don't know how good you've got it
<TRS-80> :D
<lp0-on-fire> don't mind me lol managed to get wine to run a game for the blind that we've been unable to run for years… because it was missing some gstreamer
<IgorPec> mine works 1-2 days per week
<IgorPec> [thebug] it can be worse, absolutely
<[TheBug]> ;)
<TRS-80> We have any tag in GitHub like "good first issue"? Right now I'm just browsing issues from oldest to newest and looking for low hanging fruit.
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<IgorPec> no, we probably don't
<TRS-80> I am adding some (more) thoughts to "what to do about bugs" forum post
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<IgorPec> feel free to add it, you got invite
<TRS-80> oh ok
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<Tony_mac32> pesticides
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<lanefu> TRS-80: thre's a help wanted tag
<lanefu> but good first issue is somethign we should add. i keep on thining we have it but we dont
<TRS-80> Yeah I saw that. To me "help wanted" is something more like "this is out of our bailiwick" or can mean other things too.
<TRS-80> I can add now, Igor invited me to Org on GitHub.
<TRS-80> I was just replying to some old issue with hopefully a resolution, will do after.
<TRS-80> isn't "need PR" redundant with "help wanted"?
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<lanefu> TRS-80: probably
<lanefu> we should probably just replace thos
<lanefu> need pr w/ help wanted
<TRS-80> I am re-working this whole tag shit, with some consistent colors, too (like all dispositions one color, etc.) will post what I have soon
<TRS-80> I consider kernel, u-boot as like "compontnets" along with build scripts, have I got that right?
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<lanefu> sounds pretty fair
<lanefu> also thank you
<lanefu> i wanna setup a github bot for some of the issues too
<c0rnelius> Shouldn't it be uboot, kernel and then build scripts.
<TRS-80> You want to join shell and see how easy it was to parse this list and put it in a table in Emacs and move things around? Well, you probably got the idea already. :)
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: I am grouping by similarities (color) and then alphabetical
<c0rnelius> Ah gotcha
<TRS-80> I share what I got here momentarily for feedback before going live
<c0rnelius> I didn't realize you were being alphabetical.
<c0rnelius> Or colorizational for that matter
<c0rnelius> I'll just shut up
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* Tony_mac32 thinks colorizational just became word of the day
<TRS-80> lol
<TRS-80> OK, feedback pls: https://bpa.st/FHKA
<TRS-80> I think about colors after this feedback
<TRS-80> tags are alpha within groups, except status which proceed in ~workflow order
<TRS-80> additions, deletions, thoughts welcomed
<TRS-80> question, discusion tags could easily also be misc/other? I dunno
<TRS-80> no I think discussion should be status
<c0rnelius> Tony_mac32: its a damn good word, isn't it :D
<lanefu> nothing like ascii text describing color lol
<TRS-80> get off my lawn
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> i'm trying to figure out a more elegant way of installing test kernels i've built instead of dpkg
<lanefu> armbian-config can do it fairly well.... so i'm trying to just create my own deb repo
<c0rnelius> apt install ./*.deb
<TRS-80> All jokes aside, plan was to paste the hex codes from GitHub at some point
<c0rnelius> dpkg i better though
<c0rnelius> is*
<TRS-80> Also, I really wish I knew more (well, anything, really) about deb packaging. It's one of those things that's "on my list."
<TRS-80> No feedback on this list? If not I go on to thinking about colors.
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<c0rnelius> what do you wanna know about building deb packages? Like how to create the debian folder needed to do so or just how to build them?
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: I mean, I have some little idea, like they are an archive, with some folder structure inside, and some metadata, in fact I may be like halfway there. I have looked into it a few times, but still not all the way there. If that makes sense. So I guess anything helpful you like to share?
<TRS-80> I mean, it's not my focus at the moment, but take it as it comes I guess.
<TRS-80> I know there is a lot of policy, and that I can join the packaging mailing list and learn, and I probably should do that at some point.
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<c0rnelius> well is someone has done all the hard work for you and all ready created the debian folder its pretty basic. the debian folder in its self is still something I'm teaching my self at the moment but I know how to navigate and edit what I need to make it work for me.
<c0rnelius> if*
<TRS-80> I learned a little more when I was looking for u-boot when doing Recovery on cubietruck, as I got if from Armbian package.
<TRS-80> s/got if/got/it/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: I learned a little more when I was looking for u-boot when doing Recovery on cubietruck, as I got from Armbian package.
<TRS-80> fail
<TRS-80> "got it from"
<lanefu> c0rnelius: as in a local folder?
<lanefu> i guess it could be eh
<lanefu> dpkg-scanpackages . | gzip -c9 > Packages.gz
<lanefu> root@pinebroke:/etc/apt/sources.list.d# cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/lanefu.list
<lanefu> deb [trusted=yes] https://armbian.lane-fu.com/debs-beta/ ./
<lanefu> seems to do the trick. i suppose you could just put a folder there instead of url
<c0rnelius> of course thats already been prepared
<lanefu> ohh.. no dont wanna build package, just wanted a graceful way to do the dance of adding and removing armbian kernels
<lanefu> but i think i solved it :)
<c0rnelius> for building a kernel deb its a bit different - https://github.com/pyavitz/rpi-img-builder/blob/master/lib/function/kernel#L126
<c0rnelius> but of course in arm kernels you still need to edit the build deb to move things into place and do all kinds of craziness
<c0rnelius> and then there is patcjing control files and adjusting change logs and adding ur own patches
<c0rnelius> which can all be done with sed and echoes usuallty
<c0rnelius> usually*
<c0rnelius> why can't you just sudo apt purge 'said kernel' ?
<c0rnelius> and install the new one?
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