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<TRS-80> Since fromport was asking about syncing photos in a PM, I will explain here in case anyone else is interested
<fromport> :-)
<TRS-80> I do not actually use any Google services whatsoever
<c0rnelius> yeah its called an app and a nas
<TRS-80> I self host all my own "cloud" services, including contact, calendar, photo, and other file sync, etc.
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: exactly
<TRS-80> OK so some details on my photo management in particular, as I am quite proud of my setup :) until I can write some blog article about it
<c0rnelius> you still on Lineage?
<TRS-80> yes
<c0rnelius> nice
<TRS-80> So within moments of taking a photo, it gets synced via SyncThing to my NAS at home
<TRS-80> immediate backup
<fromport> that is admirable. imo google knows everything from me. photo of my home on maps, i have google fi as carrier so they know who i call, i have several gmail accounts but now am switching to my own domain. running into a lot of things like spam filtering. now with limitations of photo's i am thinking: why not host most things myself? hence the question ;-)
<fromport> do you have unlimited on wireless data ?
<TRS-80> yes
<fromport> :-(
<TRS-80> but there are settings in SyncThing client, you can limit to wifi
<TRS-80> pretty sure
<c0rnelius> I use both google and home sync. I'm pretty sure I'm not interesting enough for them to care about me.
<TRS-80> Then nightly, I run sortphotos which is a nice Python script that sorts things from IN folder to OUT folder and nice folder structure like /year/month eg /2020/12-Dec/
<TRS-80> And then files are also renamed to very consistent naming scheme like YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS.jpg or whatever
<TRS-80> Because different phones and stuff have different photo saving and naming schemes. But this gives me very consistent base to start.
<fromport> nice nice..
<fromport> and i could seperate (or label) my phone's pictures different from my spouse's photos?
<TRS-80> I then have a system I have been working on which is strictly defined, but basically I do all my photo description and tagging right in the file name, which I found is most portable solution
<fromport> her phone pictures
<TRS-80> fromport: You can set up sortphotos to run pretty much however you like
<TRS-80> it's just plain files and folder structure
<TRS-80> just take care in how you organize your SyncThing folders
<fromport> do you know of a beginners guide to set something upfrom scratch ? and you mainly use docker for those tasks?
<c0rnelius> I use an app called foldersync
<TRS-80> One big advantage of SyncThing (unlike otherd like DropBog, Google Drive, last time I checked) is you can sync any folder on your device with SyncThing
<c0rnelius> you specify what you want synced and where it gets synced too
<TRS-80> where the others (unless they changed in the meantime) everything has to be inside the one "sync" folder which is inconvenient
<TRS-80> I sync several folders scattered all over filesystem with SyncThing
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: I used to use that, before I found SyncThing
<TRS-80> fromport: These things are very simple to set up, believe me
<TRS-80> SyncThing especially. Just take your time, but it is pretty straightforward. The running client includes a web server, and you interact with it via broswer GUI on your local machine.
<fromport> but with so many things capable on self hosting, is everything on 1 big fat server and do you use docker to divide the functionality in ready chunks? or averything on a main server? do they all work with eg wireguard?
<TRS-80> Just take care writing things down (or better, in password manager) because you start multiplying folders x people x devices it can get to be a lot. So devise a good naming scheme for your folders to keep everything straight.
<fromport> are you hosting on arm or on x86?
<TRS-80> Wireguard is transport layer. Consider that just like another IP address. Everything else run over that like normal IP.
<TRS-80> my "servers" are Armbian, ARM
<TRS-80> very nice because low power
<TRS-80> work great
<fromport> but when i am out of my wifi range, i wuld like to access my server(s) through vpn, preferred WG. that is not a problem?
<TRS-80> containers are only necessary for running "services" like a web site, RSS feed manager, Home Automation or other similar complicated things
<TRS-80> fromport: No problem, it works over the Internet, even through NAT (but you need to forward ports of course)
<fromport> do you currently have multiple arm setups that each take 1 kind of functionality and store stuff on nas(es)?
<TRS-80> SyncThing is very simple, clients available everywhere just install the client and go. Something like that does not need a container.
<TRS-80> In fact, SyncThing is not actually a client:server type program. Another (very!) important distinction! It is in fact completely peer to peer! Which makes it really neat and much cooler than centralized alternatives. :)
<fromport> installing on my phone through f-droid atm
<TRS-80> on Debian it's right in the repos, just apt get syncthing
<fromport> thanks, i just want(ed) to get the big picture to not do things wrong in the beginnin so i have to redo stuff later
<TRS-80> fire it up, open browser, look at barcode with your phone and you won't even need to manually enter the long UUID
<TRS-80> yeah no problem
<TRS-80> big picture often is not clear when you are first starting out, I get it
<TRS-80> in fact it's not until you know quite a bit that you can get the "big picture"
<fromport> full resolution ;-)
<TRS-80> I am happy to help people with F/LOSS, on the condition you pay it forward whenever you are able
<TRS-80> as that's the only way any of this works
<TRS-80> I really need to do some write ups abot some of this stuff
<TRS-80> I have actually quite some good software I wrote in Emacs Lisp to help with photo management, labelling, tagging, etc.
<TRS-80> but basically it's all in the file name and based first of all on a consistent timestamp for starters
<TRS-80> so you always have a reliable UUID in a sense to find that file, even if you change the name / tags
<TRS-80> But yeah, SyncThing is one of neatest things since sliced bread! :)
<TRS-80> Play with it, read instructions, let me know if you get stuck. But it's pretty straightforward, well written software.
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<nekomancer[m]> but how to manage central point of all syncs? to add new devices to it and remove.
<nekomancer[m]> and sync all — good for small part of all use cases.
<nekomancer[m]> I don't need to have all my photos or music on all of my devices...
<Tonymac32> I use Synthing as well
<Tonymac32> s/Synthing/SyncThing/
<ArmbianHelper> Tonymac32 meant to say: I use SyncThing as well
<TRS-80> nekomancer[m]: Syncthing works on granular level of folders and devices, which you can set up however you like. There is no "central point" which is good or bad as you point out. So what I do is just careful folder organization to accomodate this.
<TRS-80> There are some things which do make it easier however. For example you can set one device as "introducer" which makes it a bit easier to get other devices into the group.
<TRS-80> For me, each year of timeline (photos, etc.) is a folder. Music is a folder. etc. Then I can choose what to sync to which devices. On my phone for example I keep 2 years photos. Older than that are on NAS only.
<TRS-80> Some things are not synced. Only things I need everywhere, like todo.txt. I keep a lot of other things in git repos and some others in archive only on NAS.
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<TRS-80> OK, missus summoning me to bed. :) gn all
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<nekomancer[m]> gh
<nekomancer[m]> gn
<nekomancer[m]> I have syncthing on some devices. But I still not invite strategy of usage.
<nekomancer[m]> nextcloud understandable for me. sycthing — not.
<archetech> cuz cp -Rv * /share is hard ;P
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* Tonymac32 thoughtfully lights a pipe to sit back and consider the world
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<nekomancer[m]> my cat spends a lot of time watching the world balance
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<archetech> ponder this...why is panfrost devel like mollasses
<archetech> im not agiest but giving the reins to a teeny bopper was a big mistake
<archetech> no offense to the teeny bopper
<archetech> he certainly is working hard
<archetech> but who made this decision yikes
<Tonymac32> I'm unfamiliar with any dev team, I'm not high enough social function to even think about the fact these are teams of people most of the time unfortunately
<Tonymac32> I plugged my UART adapter in 1 pin over from where it should be, it went to the great scrapyard in the sky
<Tonymac32> after melting a hole through the housing
<archetech> oh it's a team
<archetech> that's all it takes in e-world
<archetech> i saw a video of one go poof
<archetech> mine gets super hot too
<archetech> get so tired of chinese crap they have no honor
<Tonymac32> haha well I had power --> ground through the RX pin, so I can see how it got a bit angry XD
<archetech> theres these things called fuses
<Tonymac32> this is true
<archetech> they cost 10 cents
<archetech> when I ponder the world I play B Dylan's "Everything is Broken" from Oh Mercy album :)
<archetech> and Man in the long black coat lol
<Tonymac32> :)
<archetech> came out 30 yrs ago so ya can imagine how long Ive lamented on it heh
<archetech> or World on Fire fr Sarah Maclauphlin
<archetech> and other postive songs heh
<archetech> positive even
<Tonymac32> haha
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<archetech> clowns to my left jokers to my right... stuck in the middle he just sold his whole song rights to universal
<archetech> wise guy
<archetech> 1/2 a billion
<Tonymac32> oof
<archetech> what board ya workin on
<Werner> Good morning
<archetech> hey its Verner
* archetech is a kraut
<Tonymac32> Hi Werner
<Werner> Hey fellows
<Tonymac32> I made another '-' vs '_' typo trying to make the RK3328 OC overlay XD
<Tonymac32> "WHY DOESN'T IT WORK?!?!?!"
<Tonymac32> Ok.
<Tonymac32> OH.
<Tonymac32> SH#$%$#%$#%
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* archetech is building QT 5.15.2 webengine it's a nasty pkg to build 20k components
<Tonymac32> ugh.
<bbt> latest armbian on my orange pi 3 the eth0 network doesnt load, if i downgrasde to prev ious armbian image, it works fine, if i do an apt update && apt upgrade to latest kernel the ethernet doesnt work again. how do i install previous kernel after update and lock it so that this kernel isnt installed for now
<Tonymac32> ok, these overlays work, now to get it packaged and a PR submitted
<Tonymac32> bbt, armbian-config should have the tools for this
<Tonymac32> go to system, then "other" to install other kernels
<bbt> got it, ty
<Tonymac32> then go to "freeze"
<Tonymac32> that will freeze the firmware
<bbt> sigh of releief i honestly thought my op3 carcked it.
<archetech> pro tip there fr tmack
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<q4a> Hi. I fixed hdmi on rk3288: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2471
<q4a> Should I squash commits?
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<saurabh009> Hi, is there any image for the Orange Pi Zero 2 board in which WiFi works?
<saurabh009> It has the H616 processor
<saurabh009> and Aw859a
<Xogium> 0-2 is very experimental
<saurabh009> wifi chip
<Werner> No. H616 is to be considered as experimental at most. Not even USB works on it yet
<saurabh009> So there is no image which I can use for it ?
<Xogium> not yet
<Werner> Vendor image only but no idea how well this works
<saurabh009> I wonder what will be the kernel provided by the vendor in the ubuntu image provided by him
<Werner> I'd guess 5.4 or 4.9 and an outdated bootloader
<saurabh009> Orangepizero2_2.1.0_ubuntu_focal_desktop_linux4.9.
<saurabh009> last updated in Dec
<Xogium> good guess
<Werner> What I know so far is that it suffers a similar issue the early H6 vendor images had: cpu load without proper reason
<Werner> the H6 had a constant load of 3 without any process drawing computing. H616 has constant load of 1
<Xogium> charming
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<saurabh009> So the downloaded image from the Vendor site worked and WiFi is working too.
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<IgorPec> we are constructing hardware interface from scratch
<IgorPec> while vendor kernel comes fixed without further support
<IgorPec> and its not fully open source
<Xogium> heh, ain't it…
<IgorPec> boot loader is closed
<Xogium> on which board ?
<Xogium> 0-2 ?
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> 2
<IgorPec> 0 2 :)
<Xogium> ewww damn
<Xogium> that is ugly
<IgorPec> well, venor kernels are usually always like
<Xogium> yeah
<IgorPec> or more prices, board support package ... kernels are actually open
<Xogium> nod
<IgorPec> and some routines wihin closed
<Xogium> so its xunlong that decided this or allwinner ?
<IgorPec> allwinner
<Xogium> meh
<Xogium> I'm not too surprised
<IgorPec> the same is with other vendors
<Xogium> they probably violated the gpl a thousand more times doing this
<IgorPec> they don't care about
<Xogium> and… why's noone doing anything ? I mean, maybe people are trying to go against them for violating the gpl, but it doesn't seem so to me. I've not seen it, if there is. Is there nothing to be done really ?
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<IgorPec> don't know
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<IgorPec> as an individual its hard to fight corporations
<Xogium> yeah
<IgorPec> organisations around FOSS movements? but are also week
<IgorPec> not sure who else will protect this interest
<IgorPec> linux is also fairly corporised
<Xogium> so we have a license… but its alright to violate it anyway because no consequences can be done to you… Meh
<Xogium> that's kinda sad
<IgorPec> there is a lot of cunfustion
<IgorPec> people are also not properly educated what this and that means
<IgorPec> what are licences, what is free software, etc
<IgorPec> its a big grey zone
<Xogium> yeah
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<horiatm> hello
<IgorPec> hello
<horiatm> i need some help please
<horiatm> i have a s802 box with linux on it
<IgorPec> sorry, we don't deal with tv box support
<horiatm> ok, thank you
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<Rar9> hello, I´ve got a rock64 and i just donwloaded a fresh Focal Image.
<Rar9> Unfortunately I get no HDMI Signal on my 2k Dell Monitor. What do i need to change to get a signal. If i connect to a TV HDMI is showning.
<Werner> Try with 4.4.y based image
<Rar9> cant i set the right paramates seomwhere?
<Rar9> i tried
<Rar9> setenv video-mode sunxi:2560x1440@60,monitor=hmdi,hpd=0,edid=0-bash: setenv: command not found
<Rar9> but get this
<IgorPec> each hardware interface is different
<IgorPec> each arm device is different
<IgorPec> sunxi = allwinner
<IgorPec> rock64 = rockchip
<Rar9> nano /boot/armbianEnv.txt is also not helping :-(
<IgorPec> armbianEnv.txt is 1st start toward making things universal
<IgorPec> but if hardware interface is totally different, kernel parameters will be different
<IgorPec> armbianEnv.txt only makes it easy to handle them
<Rar9> This means?
<IgorPec> that if you don't know which parameters are correct, helps little
<IgorPec> and we don't know for this particular case
<Rar9> I need to compile u-boot with right paramates?
<IgorPec> you don't need to complie anyhting
<IgorPec> and especially not u-boot
<IgorPec> you need to add correct parameters to armbianEnv.txt
<IgorPec> the problem is that we don't know which are correct for rockchip with this kernel
<IgorPec> parameters valid for allwinner will certainly not work
<Rar9> sound very promissing
<IgorPec> well, this is linux
<Rar9> but why is the hdmi output generating out on my TV and not even a flicker on my monitor?
<IgorPec> because there is some bug or lack of support for your monitor screen resolution
<IgorPec> afaik resolution is set from EDID detection on most of the drivers
<IgorPec> but many things can go wrong in this process
<Rar9> So i can only work infron of my tv... :-(
<Rar9> so best to buy a better Pi alterantive?
<IgorPec> well, you didn't pay for more :)
<IgorPec> hard to say that others will be better
<Werner> Before throwing it into the bin try 4.4 image. I have better results with this branch on resolutions other than common FHD
<IgorPec> exactlym, stock kernels are usually better in this
<IgorPec> modern kernels are more stable, but hw support is not that wide
<archetech> <Rar9> so best to buy a better Pi alterantive?
<archetech> <IgorPec> well, you didn't pay for more :)
<archetech> classic
<Werner> And rockchip is a special problem. they squeezed everything in their 4.4 branch rather than mainlining stuff
<archetech> true dat ^
<Werner> ("like most other vendors of cheap hardware" I should add)
<archetech> Rar9, try ayufan goole
<archetech> google
<archetech> best there is for r64 and that aint sayin alot
<archetech> theres 3 versions of that board so gl
<Rar9> got version 2
<Rar9> so would focal-xfce4-rock64-0.10.12-1184-arm64-packages.txt be fine?
<archetech> the best one (not)
<IgorPec> nobody knows which is the best, probably none
<IgorPec> armbian 4.4 is using the same source so you don't need to waste time
<IgorPec> just change kernel
<IgorPec> and expect other problems and troubles
<Rar9> so if i buy something new what your current recommendation for trying Tensorflow ? Pi4 + google corel?
<IgorPec> we don't deal with rpi around here
<Rar9> lol
<Xogium> the pi is horrible anyway
<Rar9> so what chipsets are best supported then?
<IgorPec> rk3399
<IgorPec> and ofc allwiiner
<IgorPec> without most recent ones
<Werner> s/allwiiner/allwinner
<ArmbianHelper> Werner thinks IgorPec meant to say: and ofc allwinner
<Werner> H616 is early experimental
<IgorPec> H6 and older are well and we have lots of know-how about those chips
<archetech> allwinners for losers
<archetech> spend $80 US or stay home
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<archetech> N2 and rockpro64 those are the choices
<Rar9> guy let me try 4.4 kernel .. if all wont work xmas is around the corner... ;-)
<tionebrr> Hello folks.
<IgorPec> archetech BS
<tionebrr> I'm stuck and cannot answer
<tionebrr> is grek here?
<archetech> IgorPec, yeah so what else is there
<IgorPec> there for you ...
<IgorPec> and i already said rk3399, while rockpro is not exactly 1st on the list to recommend
<IgorPec> rpi for winners, winner for loosers :)
<Xogium> :p
<Rar9> IgorPec whats on your first choise list?
<IgorPec> it always starts with the use case
<IgorPec> that's the point of customisation and so many variants
<IgorPec> serious folks / business users make their own designs
<Rar9> Tensorflow in my case
<IgorPec> which will run on 3rd party hardware?
<archetech> 98% are 2 uses nas or desktop you make it sound like theres many use cases
<IgorPec> archetech: you know nothing about this business. You know that or not?
<archetech> theres 2 socs and 2 uses cases
<archetech> rest is junk
<IgorPec> and one archetech that knows everything
<IgorPec> o shit, we are all junk
<IgorPec> rar9: sorry, that's so upper level from our perspective
<archetech> I got this arm thing down... heh
<archetech> got a corner case see Igor :)
<IgorPec> rar9: but if you seek raw computing power, n2+ is currently most powerful
<archetech> rest of ya follow me :)
<IgorPec> arhetech: you won't have hard job. most of people knows nothing. you just need to be loud
<archetech> Rar9, I own a odroid N2 and a rock64 v2 im not making this up
<IgorPec> and produce popular BS
<Rar9> so anybody what to by a rock 4gb version 2? lol
<IgorPec> they sold it for few bucks on amazaon
<IgorPec> so you can't get much :)
<Rar9> ok guys thanks for the support ... Enjoy a corna free xmas.
<Werner> have fun
<Werner> tionebrr fixed
<tionebrr> Werner: Oh that's so nice ! Thanks you :)
<Werner> the limit usually lifts itself once you have been there for a while or received a like from somebody else
<Werner> (or get a donator subscription :P)
<tionebrr> Werner: how much is 'for a while' ?
<Werner> A week I think
<tionebrr> Those are good spammers and 'halp pls' crybabies countermeasures :P
<Werner> Actually there aren't that much crybabies. Though you are right, it is anti spam measure
<IgorPec> also some people get offended, so its not a perfect way
<tionebrr> I really like the forum look and notifications... I'm getting pretty angry at discuss with their 'Wow you posted an emoji <3' kind of rewards...
<IgorPec> in some small % there is some colaterall damage in this
<tionebrr> Yeah I guess some messages cannot wait :/
<ArmbianTwitter> @jerry_hopper (jerry hopper): The latest the Altis Times! https://t.co/C0L7F1v7Hh Thanks to @BritishArmy @armbian @historicfirearm #liverpool #browningm1917 (4s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @AntratekEurope NAS can also run clean and modern #armbian #linux https://t.co/H8qRzY2ciY https://t.co/B3wNbruzT5 (8s ago)
<tionebrr> I'm wondering something, just exploring an idea... What would it take to entirely replace POSIX shells with an ipython shell?
<tionebrr> Is it even a good idea?
<tionebrr> And by replacing I mean everything, from init to userland
<IgorPec> for build system?
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<tionebrr> Erf, for everything. You wouldn't have zsh or bash. Only python.
<IgorPec> nah, thats too agressive approach to tell people to use pyhton :)
<IgorPec> even changing to ZSH might be to much ... / i use it daily
<IgorPec> and waaaaay too much work to refactor to python
<IgorPec> there were some solo tries to bring up build system with python, but until we are not 80% agreed to spent a lot of time to change this and gain little in term of functionality.
<tionebrr> okay I see. I was thinking about this because the syntax of python is quite easy and I guesstimate it would be way faster to run scripts.
<tionebrr> there is already a mature python build system I think. The one platformio is using, can't remember the name.
<tionebrr> Ah, SCons.
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<ArmbianTwitter> @motakasoft (motakasoft): GitHub Trending Archive, 15 Dec 2020, Shell. bioconda/bioconda-recipes, oznu/docker-homebridge, kodekloudhub/certified-kubernetes-administrator-course, simplesteph/kafka-stack-docker-compose, armbian/build, matryer/bitbar-plugins, wmnnd/nginx-certbot https://t.co/DPxON7ubRc (16s ago)
<IgorPec> scheleton technology is a very low / little problem in overall design
<IgorPec> this build system is huge and refactor it into python a gigantic task
<IgorPec> remember that we are dependent on a few peoples private resources only
<Xogium> I find python clunky and confusing
<IgorPec> xogiom: i can also agree with that.
<Xogium> I mean I don't dislike it, but… it just isn't the best language for blind peeps I reckon
<Xogium> what with having to follow the indent to figure in what block of code you're in… ah wait screen reader can't do that
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<Tonymac32> oof yeah
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<agrisis> hey guys, I'm trying to overclock a rk3326 past 1.5GHz but avail_frequencies refuses to show anything past 1.5GHz (1.296GHz is the default). I suspect there is a max freq limit somewhere in the kernel, just curious if you guys ran into this before?
<agrisis> http://bbs.t-firefly.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=257 has a mention of "kernel/drivers/clk/rockchip/clk-ops.h : this is to edit the safety frequency"
<agrisis> but that file isn't in my kernel tree, and I figure you'z might have some ideas on where this limiter is if any
<stipa> Xogium: python is great if you want results fast but what is underlying code doing to achieve that is very scary and unoptimized.
<stipa> some "coders" like that approach but they usually have no knowladge about the hardware, literally none
<stipa> that same coders make python libraries that others use, soo, you get the point...
<stipa> but, i do use it, in fact only python lately :D
<stipa> it has cool libraries
<stipa> but not something to write home about regarding optimization
<stipa> but, java script in web desing, that's a winner
<stipa> hands down
<stipa> agrisis: sometimes it's necessary to lower the clock due the overheating or kernel crashes, if there is no option to go faster maybe it's with a reason.
<stipa> if it's crashing the kernel, no cooling system would help you with that
<TRS-80> Hi agrisis
<TRS-80> If you don't get lucky and catch the right person in here at the moment (slim chance as only few of us are active in here) I would try a forum post where you are casting a much wider net so to speak.
<TRS-80> some times you can come here and get answer right away (lucky) but many times not ;)
<TRS-80> I never tried overclocking anything, so can't help with specifics, sorry
<TRS-80> stipa: Very good insight. Son I am proud.jpg :D
<stipa> TRS-80: :]
* TRS-80 goes back to writing recursive algorithms in Lisp
<TRS-80> muh tail optimization
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<stipa> i have just replaced click buttons for a mouse on a laptop, they were practically unusable, now laptop is like new!
<Rar9> archetech IgorPec Just for feedback kernel 4.4. is also not producing any usable hdmi signal my my rock. :-( and other ideas?
<stipa> which processor does it has?
<stipa> soc*
<Rar9> Rockchip RK3328 Quad-Core SOC with Mali 450MP2
<Rar9> so on my Dell monitor (2k) no signal.
<Rar9> on TV full hd all is fine.
<stipa> maybe it's WIP
<stipa> 2017
<stipa> hmm, did outher have any success?
<stipa> Rar9: is this the board? https://wiki.radxa.com/RockpiE
<Rar9> The ROCK64 4GB board is designated as LTS (Long Term Supply), which means that PINE64 is committed to supply it for at least 5 years – until year 2022 and beyond.
<Rar9> LOL
<stipa> Rar9: this guy has video out... maybe there's some info in that YT video you could harvest... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6mveCeijEs&feature=youtu.be
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<stipa> ohh, it seems like he is shelling into it, my bad
<stipa> or not
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<TRS-80> Rar9: That means hardware support. Which means nothing, without software support. As you are perhaps finding out a bit at the moment. ;)
<TRS-80> When we say suported / CSC / WIP /etc. in here, we are probably using those terms in the context of Armbian.
<stipa> Rar9: this guy maybe succeeded to boot Armbian and xfce https://bitcannon.net/post/linux-on-rock64/
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<Rar9> @stipa the trouble is that on the Monitor is see noting, Only on the TV is get Hdmi output.
<stipa> oh
<stipa> maybe if you could try another monitor of different brand with different internal electronics
<stipa> if it works then it's problem in your existing monitor Rar9
<Rar9> the monitor is a 2k from dell with is 1 year old.
<TRS-80> Yeah I start to wonder about EDID, etc... I think that would be a good step, at least for troubleshooting
<Rar9> my old pi2 worksfine on it :-(
<TRS-80> newer != better, in fact often the opposite when we are talking hardware support
<stipa> it could easily be deels fault
<TRS-80> Maybe their implementation of {something} is different? Who knows. It's pretty easy just to try...
<stipa> they have some weir reolution monitors and shitty firmwares
<stipa> weird resolution*
<Rar9> i tried a 144hz benq fullhd same troubles.
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<stipa> bummer
<stipa> it's hard to find an expert who could take a look at that
<TRS-80> Well, at least it helps define the problem. Try one more to be thorough? :)
<stipa> at least for free
<TRS-80> If we can't figure it out Rar9, I would make a forum post. Many more (knowledgeable) people there.
<stipa> Yeah, Rar9 , you could do a forum post and wait forewer for an answer or not!
<stipa> the question would be why it works on a tv and not on a 2K monitor
<TRS-80> Some people get answer right away. Some not for months, years. It really just depends. But we are also building a repositiry of information for people to be able to search through.
<stipa> is TV 1900x1080
<Rar9> yes
<stipa> and that 2K monitor, is it also 1900x1080?
<stipa> Rar9 | i tried a 144hz benq fullhd same troubles. << is this one aslo 1920x1080?
<Rar9> no its 2560x1440
<Rar9> yes the bneq is 1920x1080@144hz
<stipa> so, maybe it works only on stuff that is 1920x1080
<Rar9> didnt like the 4k screen. getting to old
<Necrosporus> TRS-80, IgorPec, the solution was extraargs=video=1920x1080@60 which was appended to kernel command line
<Necrosporus> Adding it to /boot/armbianEnv.txt
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<TRS-80> Necrosporus: I only vaguly remember this now, kindly refresh my memory (hardware, etc.)?
<Necrosporus> OrangePi4, console screen res
<TRS-80> may be relevant for Rar9 too (I dunno)
<Necrosporus> Nobody answered me so I started searching forums and found this, but it was with extraargs="..." which turned out to be incorrect. You do not need quotes
<TRS-80> Necrosporus: Should we put this info somewhere or do you think it's too specific?
<TRS-80> maybe reply to that post and say that?
<Necrosporus> It is probably quite general way to set resolution
<TRS-80> for next poor sod who come happening along...
<TRS-80> nice work, btw :)
<Necrosporus> I guess it depends on particular board, Since on my board the screen turns on after the kernel is loaded, I have figured out that u-boot does not initialize the screen
<Necrosporus> So it must be the kernel, so it's controlled by kernel command line
<Necrosporus> Btw is it possible to make u-boot turn video on?
<Necrosporus> So I can see early log on screen
<TRS-80> that I do not know
<TRS-80> offhand
<TRS-80> I suspect it will also be device specific?
<Necrosporus> I think it only half-specific
<Necrosporus> The code to enable display on rk3399 is there in the kernel. Maybe it exists in u-boot as well but needs to be enabled somehow
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<TRS-80> I know I say it a lot, but I would make a post about that. Especially as RK3399 are generally supported. Make post in that subforum, maybe even piter75 will answer you.
<Necrosporus> Either u-boot env or command or some source-configuration and recompile
<TRS-80> don't ping or PM or bug him about it though
<nekomancer[m]> it's so strange zfs after 15+ years of "production" state still not support "reflinks".
<nekomancer[m]> It was understandable (but not justified) until zfs was groomed inside solaris. But after — why?!!
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<TRS-80> nekomancer[m]: What is reflink in context of ZFS?
<TRS-80> surely you are not talking about regular symlinks?
<Necrosporus> TRS-80, what's special about him?
<TRS-80> Necrosporus: He is RK3399 dev
<TRS-80> but don't pester via private channels, can result in ban
<TRS-80> goes for any devs
<TRS-80> my point is those guys read their respective forums
<TRS-80> esp on supported devices
<TRS-80> and I see them replying aften enough
<TRS-80> also your question may help others in future, maybe someone else already solved it, etc...
<stipa> yeah, old fart devs don't like private chat
<TRS-80> piter is not an old fart
<TRS-80> also it's obnoxious going outside proper channels
<TRS-80> devs are valuable resource, vital to the sustainability of the project
<TRS-80> obnoxious users are not; it's not even a comparison
<TRS-80> the idea is to promote a sustainable project culture by encouraging people to make posts, submit PRs to docs, etc.
<stipa> makes sense
<TRS-80> because it is not only impossible for few devs to do everything, if they even try to they will very quickly burn out
<stipa> devs are left alone and noobs are trying to solve problems themselves...
<stipa> but
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<TRS-80> Well, noobs can help each other, too. Intermediate people like me try to also help where we can.
<stipa> Armbian devs participate in dorum
<stipa> forum*
<TRS-80> yes they do
<TRS-80> esp in their supported board areas
<stipa> at leas something
<TRS-80> asking questions on open forum os no problem in fact it is encouraged
<TRS-80> only pestering via private channels is a problem, see the difference?
<TRS-80> if people are trying, it is more likely they get help
<TRS-80> but we see a lot of people just looking for others to do their thinking / work for them
<TRS-80> that sort of behaviour is unsustainable
<TRS-80> help vampires, I just put link to that in my signature in fact :D
<stipa> of course, but finding information ain't an easy task even if it exist on the internet
<stipa> some need some help to learn that, noone is born with it
<TRS-80> people I am referring to not even reading the most basic of things
<stipa> maybe they just don't know the process
<TRS-80> they are not like you and me who at least try to learn something first before bothering others
<Xogium> help vampires
<TRS-80> Yes so I try and encourage them. More experienced people may have less patience.
<TRS-80> Xogium: you like that? :)
<Xogium> most definitely not
<stipa> TRS-80: i don't like people who you give information for free and then they sell it, that's worse than vapires :D
<TRS-80> stipa: Those are just different sort of vampires ;)
<stipa> true, it came across my mind
<stipa> those could be Senior vampires
<TRS-80> Xogium: Did you actually read the article? I don't imagine so, given the timing of your reply, as it's a bit long.
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<TRS-80> stipa: professional vampires :)
<Xogium> nop, didn't. but I was commenting about the behaviors of people expecint to be spoonfed
<pakcjo> what are your thoughts about the raspberry pi with 8GB ram and is there something similar/better with 8GB around?
<stipa> TRS-80: pros
<TRS-80> Xogium: Aah, gotcha. I thought you were referring to the article. I suspect you will agree with it then.
<TRS-80> pakcjo: We don't like RPi areound here for lots of reasons
* TRS-80 actually did not even realize they have an 8GB RAM model now
<TRS-80> is that for real?
<pakcjo> TRS-80: I noticed...
<TRS-80> main criticisms of Broadcom are not going away with more RAM, even 8GB, so...
<stipa> some x86 boards have 8GB and more
<stipa> pico ITX
<stipa> but they cost a fortune
<Xogium> super high-end arm boards too…
<TRS-80> stipa: You mean those x86 SBC?
<TRS-80> Xogium: yeah like server boards
<TRS-80> x86 is dead to me :D
<stipa> TRS-80: yeah, x86 SBC's pico TX format
<stipa> pico ITX*
<IgorPec> Necrosporus: great find! Welcome to add to the documentation!
<TRS-80> future is ARM, eventually POWER arch (hopefully)
<pakcjo> Xogium: I was checking the ones from 96boards
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<stipa> TRS-80: it has it's market for sure
<TRS-80> Cool, Necrosporus, thank you. You are now officially contributor to F/LOSS project! :)
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<TRS-80> nekomancer[m]: I know a lot of general ZFS stuff has been written at Oracle blog over the years, but perhaps this is Oracle only feature?
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<nekomancer[m]> reflinks have abstract api in linux for some years (ioctl_ficlonerange(2)), and suppported by xfs, btrfs, reiser4 and nilfs
<nekomancer[m]> on windows ReFs do the same, hammerfs on bsd
<nekomancer[m]> it's not something new.
<TRS-80> nekomancer[m]: Aah, OK then. But I meant, ZFS support for it...
<nekomancer[m]> not with ioctl_ficlonerange function.
<TRS-80> Are you aware of history and version split between Oracle ZFS and ZFS on Linux (now called OpenZFS)?
<nekomancer[m]> but somewhere inside — definitely yes. as every copy-on-write fs.
<nekomancer[m]> yes.
<TRS-80> ok, probably you know more about this specific issue than me
<nekomancer[m]> And I mention already — "ok for oracle-compatible period". but it ended long ago.
<nekomancer[m]> probably (but not sure) oracle add this to solaris zfs in solaris 11.4. I work only with solaris up to 11.3.
<TRS-80> Solaris user! Cool! I read it starts to suck now, just another once great project runied by Oracle. They seem to be good at that. And lawsuits.
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<nekomancer[m]> I confirm.
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<nekomancer[m]> They drop support of tons enterprise hardware still in use. they drop comfortable support levels. they make support "incredible India"...
<TRS-80> imagine my shock
<TRS-80> I don't know how they stay in business, their lock in must be extremely onerous
<nekomancer[m]> they drop my precious "midnight commander" 11.3→11.4. but they add a lot of new for solaris free packages — like go and rust.
<nekomancer[m]> but solaris need for conservative businesses.
<TRS-80> I guess so
<TRS-80> it still boggles my mind though putting up with such behaviour
<TRS-80> Stockholm Syndrome, I guess
<nekomancer[m]> they broke old-good "you can safely upgrade, nothing will be broken"
<nekomancer[m]> without it I think nobody need solaris.
<TRS-80> most people go along with anything nowadays it seems
<TRS-80> nekomancer[m]: Yes that is what I mean, companies paying a lot of money e.g. to RedHat for same thing, this is the whole point, and now they are breaking that?
<nekomancer[m]> legacy systems. millions bucks invested, and 10x millions need to develop replacement.
<nekomancer[m]> they already broke it.
<TRS-80> in this case, you are right
<TRS-80> but still, how much do you need to get bent over before finally wising up?
<TRS-80> I mean businesses who are spending millions? Must be a lot of government, banks and stuff with more money than sense
<nekomancer[m]> he! it's not abbout wishing. It's about money and development speed.
<nekomancer[m]> You can't just drop old system and start to work with new.
<nekomancer[m]> and resources for migration.
* TRS-80 is highly allergic to lock-in
<TRS-80> you are right of course, but how onerous do things need to get before alternatives begin to be considered?
<nekomancer[m]> bank, or insurance company, or big retailer. with system, that evolutionary grows from 1983 or (real case) 1992.
<TRS-80> right
<nekomancer[m]> complete unique system.
<TRS-80> yeah
<TRS-80> It's all proprietary software? I never work on such things.
<TRS-80> I mean, I have no contact, so I don't know. But that is what I would suspect.
<nekomancer[m]> you just can't formulate a plan to a new system. you not have stuff who can.
<nekomancer[m]> it a tree, or a chain of small changes, performed by separate developers.
<nekomancer[m]> just no one have clean and complete system behaviour description.
<TRS-80> That would be the way I approach it. Start replacing one little piece at a time with some well architected solution.
<nekomancer[m]> there are people who can investigate and modify current system step by step. but not to make a complete specifiction.
<TRS-80> But that require some long term planning, which seem to be lacking in corporate / institutional structure these days, lol
<nekomancer[m]> yes, it's a way how they go.
<TRS-80> only next quarter results matter
<nekomancer[m]> the one choice they can do. All better ways just not available for them.
<TRS-80> I have some ideas, but you sound like you have direct experience.
<TRS-80> Dinosaurs following dinosaur business models all get what they deserve, IMO. :) I only have sympathy for you losing your precious Midnight Commander in the meantime. :D
<nekomancer[m]> > only next quarter results matter
<nekomancer[m]> not a case I talking about.
<TRS-80> ok
* nekomancer[m] have. And see around, from friends around, in similar companies.
<TRS-80> yeah sounds like it
* TRS-80 talk to few guys at local LUG also
<TRS-80> well, before lockdown...
<nekomancer[m]> he-he, all linuxes have my precius midnight commander ^)
<TRS-80> I found a version even on F-Droid!
<nekomancer[m]> and midnight commander do a reflinks on filesystem support it :)))
<TRS-80> nice
<TRS-80> Nice, my changes now live! Click on Changelog under Release Management https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/
<TRS-80> bah click here instead https://docs.armbian.com/
<TRS-80> to get nice unfolding action :)
<TRS-80> Now each release is an actual heading you can click on, instead of just bold
<TRS-80> I think I will move date in front though, as that will make list nicer looking because of variable length version numbers
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<IgorPec> TRS-80: Fancy!!
<IgorPec> like it
<TRS-80> why thank you
<IgorPec> better structure this way
<TRS-80> What do you think about date first? I think it will look even better.
<TRS-80> yes
<TRS-80> because it's so long now
<TRS-80> lots of development work there since years Igor, you should be proud
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<IgorPec> i am proud too everyone that contribute
<TRS-80> I basically already made my mind up on date, so I am offering you veto option to shoot down before I go do it. :)
<IgorPec> its ok
<IgorPec> we said USO
<TRS-80> cheers
<IgorPec> s/USO/ISO
<ArmbianHelper> IgorPec meant to say: we said ISO
<TRS-80> yes they are already, and consistent
<IgorPec> should be most universal/neutral i guess
<TRS-80> I insure v prefix also, which was dropped at some point on newer version numbers
<TRS-80> but I look at repo and tags have v so I add them back
<TRS-80> so everyghing should be nicely consistent, machine readable even
<IgorPec> branch is without
<IgorPec> yeap
<TRS-80> hmm
<TRS-80> I mean tags for releases
<TRS-80> in repo, they seem like v20.11.3
<IgorPec> yeah
<fagunb> #n00balert, as I was advised last time, I am now equipped with "Armbian_20.05.4_Pinebook-a64_focal_current_5.4.45_desktop" on Pinebook. I would like to contribute in Testing. So what could be the starting point? Thanks
<IgorPec> tags are not used much
<TRS-80> ok
<TRS-80> well they can be added retroactively ofc (I might not know where to though)
<IgorPec> not much value
<IgorPec> since code is not attached to sourcess commits
* TRS-80 just added his first tags on babby's first own repo lol
<TRS-80> yeah I was wondering about that
<TRS-80> thanks, maybe other one time out
<TRS-80> bah
<[TheBug]> fagunb: just test and report any issues you find so that if possible they can be addressed
<Xogium> ulo [TheBug] :)
<fagunb> Thanks. I would like to know where to log an issue and also if there is any requirement to setup codebase to go ahead with testing
<[TheBug]> Xogium: Good day :)
<TRS-80> Hi fagunb
<TRS-80> Basically what [TheBug] said, just use and report, participate in forums, etc. It is appreciated. We all move forward together...
<TRS-80> fagunb: Is screen working for you? We had some forum post not too long ago saying it wasn't.
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<fagunb> Please correct me if I am wrong - I am able to see Armbian boot process and then the desktop. When I run the command - armbianmonitor - U - I came across issue related to Network/Firewall. Here is the log:
<IgorPec> sudo
<fagunb> the log file
<TRS-80> fagunb: I would like to confirm, you are able to boot to desktop on PineBook A64?
<fagunb> yes
<ArmbianTwitter> @_Nidouille_ (Nidouille): First running with armbian and discovery a sata does not work. Investigation tomorow https://t.co/IZMbupaie7 (19s ago)
<TRS-80> fagunb: I am guessing this is latest download? What version, if you don't mind?
<fagunb> connecting to wifi is still a headache as it keeps asking for a password and sometimes, it does not connect at all although the correct password is given. I believe this is a known issue - not sure though
<fagunb> I am on version - 20.05.4 - focal 5.4.45
<fagunb> So the latest one I tried and it was not booting at all so someone from this forum suggested me to try this stable version
<TRS-80> fagunb: Yes that's why I ask, one person was reporting screen not working, so I apprecuate you confirming that. Hang on your wifi issue, I have several thing going in different windows. :)
<fagunb> TRS-80 sure thanks!
<IgorPec> pinebook was recently frozen on kernel 5.4.y
<IgorPec> 5.9.y / 5.10.y has no screen
<IgorPec> so legacy kernel
<TRS-80> OK, so this was reverted in the meantime, thanks for confirmation IgorPec
<TRS-80> I would like to reply to that one guy reporting this in forum
<IgorPec> actually i removed non working current builds and replace them with legacy, which works
<IgorPec> and we will probably stop with this pinebook
<IgorPec> i suspect screen is dead because they are using same codebase for pinephone
<TRS-80> Why because too much hassle? Or no one have one?
<fagunb> IgorPec I have not come across pinebook getting frozen on kernel 5.4.y. But, if I keep the pinebook idle for few mins, all i need to restart to go back to system - is this the same issue?
<IgorPec> not sure, screen just don't show up ... even if you wait
<TRS-80> fagunb: He mean hold kernel on that version, frozen in development sense
<IgorPec> on kernel 5.9.y
<IgorPec> on 5.4.y it works for me fine
<IgorPec> there will be no development and also no problems
<IgorPec> 5.4.y works to some degree. not sure what works and what not, but its usabler
<fagunb> TRS-80 sure, thanks for the confirmation
<fagunb> TRS-80 So is it advisable to run update and upgrade? (I am going by official documentation and its instruction)
<TRS-80> fagunb: Some times that way is easiest / fastest. If you have a spare dscard it is even low cost for you (easy to go back).
<TRS-80> Things getting fixed all the time, cannot possibly know specifics without research which takes time
<TRS-80> s/dscard/sdcard/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: fagunb: Some times that way is easiest / fastest. If you have a spare sdcard it is even low cost for you (easy to go back).
<fagunb> TRS-80 yeah, sure. Got it!
<TRS-80> If you still have trouble, maybe search for and/or make forum post. Honestly more likely for relevant people (devs for that board family) to see it that way.
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<TRS-80> also could just work in meantime, ofc...
<fagunb> TRS-80 thanks for the info.
<TRS-80> fagunb: Yeah, cheers. Let us know how it goes.
<TRS-80> good luck
<fagunb> Definitely
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<eth01> hey
<eth01> I'm updating our internal records
<eth01> best email to use for you guys for announcements, etc?
<eth01> *@armbian.com ?
<TRS-80> IgorPec
<eth01> @armbian ?
<TRS-80> I do not know, so I ping Igor, let me try lanefu in dev also
<IgorPec> send on PM
<eth01> thx
<IgorPec> u welcome. since you around. any news about uk mirror. it seems to be totally out
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<ArmbianTwitter> @mizanyx (Mizahnyx 🇲🇽 I love Japanese idols!): Its just me or Synaptic package manager feels way faster on Armbian / Bananapi M2 Zero than in Raspbian / Raspberry Pi Zero W? https://t.co/rnbomSVCXY (7s ago)