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<nekomancer[m]> > * <@freenode_stipa:matrix.org> Repairing and Reusing I ARTE Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bCW1pubyk0
<nekomancer[m]> ремонт требует высокой квалификации. за неё хотят много денег. а тот, у кого много денег, лучше новое купит. кого нет денег — не может оплатить работу квалифицированного техника.
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<fromport> so hardkernel just responded to me: My Dead-on-arrival C4 (USB not working) is within the 8 week warranty period. I just have to pay to ship it back. Cheapest is $36.45 for me from usa to SK
<fromport> really?!
<fromport> i just ordered > $700 hardware. one unit is dead-on-arrival and i need to pay >75% of the purchase price of the unit in shipping in order to get warranty?!
<stipa> post sucks
<stipa> -- ремонт требует высокой квалификации. за неё хотят много денег. а тот, у кого много денег, лучше новое купит. кого нет денег — не может оплатить работу квалифицированного техника.
<ArmbianHelper> repair requires high qualifications. they want a lot of money for it. and the one who has a lot of money is better off buying something new. those who have no money cannot pay for the work of a qualified technician. [ru~>eng]
<[TheBug]> fromport: you should know going in if you buy anything from China, unless your buying a bulk, there isn't any returning it for any reasonable cost -- mail outbound is subsidized by government but mail back is not so you will easily pay almost half the devices value or more to ship the device back
<[TheBug]> er China / Korea / Asia
<[TheBug]> generally about the same
<[TheBug]> fromport: better off just to ask them for some type of coupon towards a new one or something if they will entertain that
<fromport> [TheBug]: this is a matter of quality control on the part of HK. don't put that on the shoulder of the end customer
<stipa> they probably want to know why it failed
<[TheBug]> fromport: I had an m.2 to pcie adapter board I bought from Raxda catch on fire, was a 5$ board they tried that on me as well, I just said give me coupon and I will order a different device later -- easier to deal with than trying to pay to ship an item back
<fromport> they only give 8 weeks of warranty on anything. this is at first use, 1 week after receiving the package.
<[TheBug]> yep it happens you should include the possibility of failure in the low cost of the item
<fromport> talking to them in this thread: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=207&t=41202
<[TheBug]> ask for a coupon and just order a new one
<[TheBug]> you will waste less of your sleep and sainity on it
<stipa> or ask them to send you a new one
<stipa> at the end they would
<fromport> Hardware damage by user's misuse is not covered by warranty.
<[TheBug]> also fromport have you used usb to ttl
<[TheBug]> to login to the device and find whats happening
<[TheBug]> I would hope you have a USB TTL with amount of devices you have
<fromport> in their email as a response, i understand they want to cover their *ss against abuse.
<fromport> i could do that
<fromport> i think i have 3 or 4 of them
<[TheBug]> yeah I would hook one and see if you can verify USB isn't coming up
<[TheBug]> another thing you could do is if you have a multimeter
<[TheBug]> see if your getting the 500mA out of the USB port
<fromport> i hooked up a phone to see if it charges: nothing. no power
<[TheBug]> hub chip may be DOA
<[TheBug]> does c4 have micro-usb otg port?
<stipa> nekomancer[m]: right
<[TheBug]> do you have a micro-usb to USB-A adapter?
<[TheBug]> if you do you could see if the micro-usb port still works
<[TheBug]> often it's not tied to same hub
<[TheBug]> may have to switch it from otg to host mode though
<[TheBug]> fromport ^
<fromport> let me do what they want me to do first: downloadin & flash ubuntu mate
<[TheBug]> its a shame they don't expose a usb port via gpio on that board
<[TheBug]> would make it easier to test lines on that side also
<[TheBug]> fromport: all 4 ports on the back of the device are likely run by a single hub chip there behind the ports -- so if none of them are registering its likely that hub chip is in some way faulty
<fromport> ack.
<fromport> so that is a QC thing, should have been cought in factory imo
<fromport> caught
<[TheBug]> fromport: if it makes you feel any better I had the 2 usb 2.0 ports on my Khadas Vim1 die in a similar fashion -- hub chip died and only usb port that work on it now is the USB-C port port
<[TheBug]> power*
<fromport> my vim3l still works [knock wood]
<[TheBug]> but it died from just plugging in a keyboard and mouse
<[TheBug]> something it didn't like about it and it just ate it
<fromport> that s*
<fromport> is that the bath tub curve ? in the beginning higher chances of something breaking, then a long happy life and then breaking of old age/thermal expansion etc?
<[TheBug]> plus, really you should be ordering a Raxda RockPi 4c instead of that C4
<[TheBug]> :D
<fromport> how are you related to that product? ;-)
<[TheBug]> its awesome
<[TheBug]> I now have 4 of them
<[TheBug]> all working
<[TheBug]> 2 running Android 10 as media centers
<[TheBug]> 2 runnins as NAS servers
<[TheBug]> just performant is all, been replacing all my EspressoBins with them
<[TheBug]> and Andrtoid 10 does do 4k very well
<[TheBug]> there is some draw backs I guess if you really compares the two, RockPi 4c only has 2 x USB 3.0 ports
<[TheBug]> while c4 is supposed to have 4x USB 3.0
<[TheBug]> also you need a micro-hdmi to hdmi converter
<[TheBug]> otherwsie you get more CPU Cores
<[TheBug]> and thats awesome m.2 slot
<[TheBug]> if you want to add an nvme or something
<fromport> [TheBug]: serial console doesn't help. only thing I see is: M1:BL:511f6b:81ca2f;FEAT:A0F83180:20282000;POC:F;RCY:0;EMMC:0;READ:0;0.0;CHK:0;bl2_stage_init 0x01 bl2_stage_init 0x81
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: that mean anything to you ^
<[TheBug]> "This is showing the board cannot find the boot image (or it is corrupted) on your sdcard. "
<Tonymac32> yeah
<Tonymac32> that's The Scary Language of the internal bootloader
<Tonymac32> you know, the one that actually loads u-boot
<Tonymac32> bl2 isn't answering
<[TheBug]> fromport: are you actually trying to boot from SDcard or a USB3 drive device, if you read the end of that post there, he states since kernel 5.4 there has been issues with booting many usb3 to sata converted devices there
<[TheBug]> and it took specific firmware in some cases to work
<[TheBug]> fromport: maybe try a image with an older kernel
* Tonymac32 is doing some fall cleaning of patchsets to get the spaghetti arranged logically, may not respond immediately
<[TheBug]> np
<[TheBug]> if I had expected to find that as quickly as I did I wouldn't have tagged you and left you to it , lol, next time I will be more patient
<Tonymac32> haha
<fromport> [TheBug]: emmc 64M
<[TheBug]> have you tried from sdcard yet?
<[TheBug]> maybe try from an sdcard
<Tonymac32> +1
<fromport> same image that HK says i should flash to emmc, flash that to sdcard and boot with that ?
<[TheBug]> I would assume they are interchangable but even write Armbian to SDcard and try it
<Tonymac32> amlogic is weird that way but I'd try it
<c0rnelius> which board u trying to boot?
<[TheBug]> C4 c0rnelius
<c0rnelius> which uboot version?
<c0rnelius> i use mainline v2020.04 with a few patches. seems to do fine.
<c0rnelius> although I believe its supported in v2020.10 now
<c0rnelius> just need to have python2 garbage installed or the boot fips tend to fail sometimes.
<fromport> [TheBug]: reply from technical person of hardkernel: "Ah. the USB hub controller IC or 5Volt DCDC circuit seems to be damaged. Sorry about that."
<c0rnelius> oh... ur trying to boot from usb?
<c0rnelius> never tried.
<fromport> c0rnelius: my (new) C4 is not able to use any USB port. it is just 'disconnected'
<fromport> i am able to boot from emmc, probably from uSD as well (didn't try yet)
<c0rnelius> like as in a new revision of the board?
<c0rnelius> cuz I have mine hooked to a usb3 drive as we speak.
<c0rnelius> works fine
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<c0rnelius> but yeah never tried booting from usb
<c0rnelius> wouldn't booting from eMMC be better?
<[TheBug]> fromport: the goal would be to boat the board and login vial USB TTL so you can run lsusb and find the actual state of USB hub there if its even coming up or not
<[TheBug]> s/boat/boot
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: fromport: the goal would be to boot the board and login vial USB TTL so you can run lsusb and find the actual state of USB hub there if its even coming up or not
<[TheBug]> This would allow you to prove for sure if its the hub chip or what since you can actually see what ports come up
<fromport> [TheBug]: armbian has getty running on serial console, ubuntu doesn. but I was able to login over ethernet/ssh and do the lsusb
<fromport> i posted it above: according to the technical guy from HK: Ah. the USB hub controller IC or 5Volt DCDC circuit seems to be damaged. Sorry about that."
<[TheBug]> would make sense
* Tonymac32 has made observations about HK USB ports
<[TheBug]> you know you could simply ask them to send you a new USB IC and replace your self
<[TheBug]> if you have equipment for that
<[TheBug]> would be a lot less expensive than shipping board back
<[TheBug]> but if it is the 5volt dcdc circut then it would seem a board failure
<fromport> i used to be electronic engineer, soldered a lot in my life, even smd . but this is so tiny
<c0rnelius> what kernel are you using? maybe something is of in the defconfig?
<[TheBug]> capton tape and hot air stations
<c0rnelius> off*
<Tonymac32> yeah, and it may or may not be the IC iteslf
<Tonymac32> could be a diode, or a badly spec'd fuse
<[TheBug]> true
* fromport downloads schematic
* Tonymac32 approves
<[TheBug]> fromport: so I guess its gonna be up to you to call, but honestly if its 40$ to ship back the way I would approach it is I would ask them for some coupon to cover shipping and just order a new one
<Tonymac32> not done, but way more readable patchlist XD
<[TheBug]> Then maybe find a use for that board you have without USB, it may be the OTG port still works, I would next test that
<Tonymac32> I forgot to take care of the "PAtches of Numbers" at the top
<[TheBug]> if so at least you could use it
<fromport> [TheBug]: i made a comment about that: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=207&t=41202
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<fromport> [TheBug]: you are using rockpi for your nas you say, how dows that compare to odroid hc4?
<[TheBug]> well I use direct SATA, I use m.2 to pcie x4 adapter with 8 port sata card
<[TheBug]> I have 2x that
<[TheBug]> 1 is running 7x3TB @ ~250-300M/sec throughput
<[TheBug]> 1 is running 9 x 2TB by one drive being attached to USB 3.0 to SATA adapter
<[TheBug]> same throughput specs essentially
<[TheBug]> can max gigabit NIC no issue
<[TheBug]> if you have some specific stats you would like or tests run you want to provide I am happy to test
<[TheBug]> I am using ext4 on both
<[TheBug]> (mdadm raid5)
<Tonymac32> my Helio64 is so far working very well, (same SoC, 5x4TB)
<fromport> i had 10x odroid hc2 * helios64 running lizardfs
<fromport> until i hit a bump: amd64 master server is not compatible with arm64 masterserver. somehow the database is not compatible. :-(
<Tonymac32> sheesh
<[TheBug]> qenu on the amd64 to run an arm based VM and then run it there?
<[TheBug]> qemu*
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> but yeah that sounds crappy
<fromport> official reply: "At the moment ARM based targets are not supported, work on that if ever will happen after 3.13 is released." (current stable is 3.12)
<fromport> "Not supported"? It's freakin' C! There's nothing special to support for ARM.
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<ArmbianTwitter> @bigbrovar (Othell Yarwyck): This NAS server has been one of my best project in the past year. 3 x 4TB WD Red with 2gb ECC Ram & a low powered arm SOC optimized for network transfer and capable of 4 dedicated SATA 3 lanes. It currently runs Armbian (a version of debian for arm based Single board computers) https://t.co/kisWms2EpU (26s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): Oh man, forgot what I was dealing with in the Rock Pi S, @armbian nand-sata-install failed because the 1 GB SD NAND is too small 🤣. I guess I'll try a minimal image next time, or start tweaking images for these tiny boards... (23s ago)
<Tonymac32> IgorPec the patch organizing PR looks ready to merge to me, but I flagged it for review so others can double check in case Strange Things Happened
<Necrosporus> Can somebody with armbian do id command from their user and give me output?
<Necrosporus> I need to know what groups to add
<Necrosporus> I mean regular non-root user which was created by startup script
<Necrosporus> 44(video),60(games),109(render)
<Necrosporus> I have added this groups but not sure if that's enough
<[TheBug]> fromport: if you get fed up with HardKernel, it appears that Xunlong has thrown their hat into the ring -- https://www.cnx-software.com/2020/12/14/buy-banana-pi-bpi-m5-sbc/ essentially a C4 with build on 16GB emmc for $53+ship
<[TheBug]> s/Xunlong SinoVoip
<[TheBug]> s/Xunlong/SinoVoip
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: s/SinoVoip SinoVoip
<[TheBug]> poop
<[TheBug]> anyways
<[TheBug]> $60 USD shipped it appears
<[TheBug]> looks like same USB 3.0 hub also
<[TheBug]> :Z
<IgorPec> good morning
<IgorPec> bananapi m5 buying club :)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @bigbrovar: This NAS server has been one of my best project in the past year. 3 x 4TB WD Red with 2gb ECC Ram & a low powered arm SOC o… (21s ago)
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<Necrosporus> IgorPec, it's not necessary to rewrite the whole message. The first login script isn't removed after it's finished, it is in /usr/lib/armbian/armbian-firstlogin
<Necrosporus> It's presence is checked by /loop/etc/profile.d/armbian-check-first-login.sh which also not removed
<IgorPec> yes
<Necrosporus> /root/.not_logged_in_yet this file controls whenever the script is run, so it's enough to rerun the script or to make this file and logout
<Necrosporus> But you could have told me that. Then I would not need to unpack armbian again
<IgorPec> i could easily lost about 36 hours per day answering on questions
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<stipa> GMAIL IS DOWN!!!
<stipa> youtube ...
<stipa> wow
<stipa> at least at my place
<stipa> almost whole Europe
<stipa> i can access YT if i'm not trying to log in it.
<stipa> sync betweene google services is down
<stipa> or, i cn access YT id i use Chrome Incognito Mode
<stipa> if*
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<yang> yes, it's back now
<stipa> it is
<stipa> i hope it was a faulty switch somewhere and not servers with user data
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<stipa> but i must admit that it left bitter taste in my mouth
<stipa> trust in google services is not trust anzmore
<stipa> anymore* :D
<rneese> I have no faith in either
<rneese> or teiter or fb
<rneese> twitter
<rneese> lol
<stipa> i have only LinkedIn and i must admit that i feel dumb after using it for almost a year.
<stipa> i can feel the transformation
<stipa> under my skin
<stipa> i lied, i also have a twitter but don't use it for now
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<yang> stipa: they have redundant data @ google , FB
<yang> even if someething fails, its backed up
<stipa> yang: in theory, some guys say that cloud drives have problems with syncing to personal computers, some unexplained errors and data gets corrupt which destroys data. IE, data that was synced from cloud drive to personal computer at the company has glithces and noone knows where they come from...
<stipa> soo, the old way of storing data to NAS or removable disks is the best way to go
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<stipa> but it may be just the marketing thing from computer techs, i can't tell for sure
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<Werner> Good day
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<stipa> gd Werner
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<Tonymac32> writing an SD card at 70 MB/s feels good
<Tonymac32> quick test on Renegade with kernel 5.9, my nameless SD was corrupted so trying with a good one
<Tonymac32> whew. Good, old SD card in trash, board is ok
<Tonymac32> :P
<rneese> no Tonymac32 get it right your corrupted and you infected the card which in turn messed up the board
<rneese> be honest we wont diss like you any more then we already do
<rneese> lol
<rneese> hehehhe
<rneese> morning Tonymac32
<stipa> well, those shitty sd cards that claim to be 500GB but are only 8GB are shit but to be corrupt as well is a word i don't have in my vocabulary.
<rneese> I need ti get mipi-dp socket working
<rneese> II have a screen for it
<rneese> and the edp on the t4
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<Tonymac32> haha hi rneese
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<IgorPec> shopping spre on armbian merch :)
<TRS-80> yeap
<Tonymac32> testing 1.8 GHz max on RK3399, then enabling 1.5/2.0 GHz via overlay. I'm guessing it won't work first try
<Tonymac32> this won't be necessary on any SoC actually capable of 2.0 GHz (officially) because they use a different opp table for the "OP1" variant
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Holiday shopping the easy way! https://t.co/qG4cRZn3WK #armbian #swag #foss #mug https://t.co/i8OjdR7xel (10s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): My mug is fame \o/ https://t.co/QjAiiz5RZd (12s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @luisbruno (الجبر خوارزمی): @anovacap For completeness sake, is this thread below the one you meant? https://t.co/1H9sVKKFee (21s ago)
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<TRS-80> brb
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<Burnsys> Hi guys
<TRS-80> Hallo
<Burnsys> i need a little help to install armbian in a s905 board
<TRS-80> best bet is going to be posting in TV Boxes forum
<Burnsys> thanks!!
<Burnsys> i was stuck here
<TRS-80> best of luck!
<Burnsys> (y)
<stipa> BIDEN 250 232 TRUMP
<stipa> what's that about?
<stipa> Elevtoral Colloge vote
<TRS-80> delegates, maybe?
<TRS-80> yeah
<stipa> man, BIDEN number is falling down, is that bad?
<TRS-80> depends on one's perspective, I suppose ;)
<stipa> so if Trump has bigger number after that, will he actually win?
<TRS-80> but this is offtopic for Armbian
<TRS-80> normally I don't care, but too many people getting butthurt about politics these days
<stipa> politics are awesome
<stipa> Armpolatian
<TRS-80> I also enjoy a good discussion about politics, however the sort of discussion that tends to come out of US presidential election is not going to enlighten anyone, I am afraid
<stipa> To be honest i dont care, but Trump might actually win
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<TRS-80> much could be said all the way around, but I really rather not
<stipa> I guess Biden celbrated too early...
<stipa> or not
<stipa> Biden won
<TRS-80> it doesn't matter, nothing changes in the empire
<stipa> sure
<stipa> another incompetent idiot
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<rneese> slackers all of you
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<stipa> rneese: You are the people you surround yourself with.
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<rneese> well this year thats not many
<rneese> as everyone thats family is miles away
<stipa> well to be honest rneese i'm not happy here either...
<stipa> bunch of weirdos
<stipa> TRS-80: is leading it
<TRS-80> Igor is our leader, I am Janitor and maybe part time Press Secretary :)
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<rneese> II am just the desktop guy with miou
<stipa> i'm nobody
<stipa> like
<stipa> bottom of the pit
<TRS-80> Everyone is somebody, stipa. <3
* TRS-80 tries to focus on re-factoring some Elisp function
<stipa> <3
<TRS-80> OK, dinner and family time, cheers
<stipa> cheers TRS-80
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