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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @guidol70 Will be present in tomorrow nightly build so testing will be easier. (7s ago)
<rneese> tony what have we told you about linux porn on the channel
<rneese> lol
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<archetech> lanefu, running n2 desktop info is quite voluminous on odroid forum
<rneese> armbian on the n2 runs greta
<rneese> great
<rneese> only img I find for them is a gnome and a xfce that is not well maintained
<rneese> for prebuilt and the odroid n2 xfce img
<archetech> keep drinkin that koolaid
<rneese> arch is nice
<rneese> bbut no koolaide
<rneese> I am looking to move over to wayland
<rneese> but need to learn more about it
<rneese> and the sway wm for wayland
<archetech> <lanefu> Wow. So there really is zero X11 acceleration with N2. Even wjth legacy
<archetech> but rneese says all is fine
<archetech> my odroid gnome ran from day 1 of my purchase still does
<archetech> using mali blobs
<archetech> and it has wayland
<rneese> thats 18.04
<rneese> and with 20.04 I Have built and run deepin/budgie/mate/and a few more with no issues
<rneese> we are working on panfrost for the n2/n2+ and the rk3399
<rneese> as far as i know
<rneese> and the c4
<rneese> i am looking to understand wayland better
<archetech> ya sure fire up your n2 armbian and run glxinfo
<archetech> ya call llvmpipe working thats crap
<archetech> dev at manjaro says same thing you guys just dont get it
<rneese> then help out and help fix things
<rneese> dont just bash
<rneese> at 51 i am still learning and doing my best
<archetech> no you go read what real hw accell is and stop brushing it off
<archetech> not try to rope somebody else into it
<rneese> its not ropping . its called community work
<archetech> lazy
<archetech> you are the desktop guy ya outta know this stuff
<rneese> no as wayland is new and I have not delt with it with the job I was at
<rneese> coming over from bsd/os and x and our software to relearning as I go about this linux stuff
<rneese> and they way they do things diff
<archetech> get hw accelleration learned then wayland is simple
<archetech> its just a set of protocols
<archetech> lane knows why the n2 hw accel is broke he wont do the work that a odroid dev does to make it work on armbian
<archetech> so ya get llvmpipe
<archetech> I dont care to help if they wont lift a finger
<archetech> just wait another month and it will be in 5.11 or maybe 5.12 then ya dont have to do anything :)
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<rneese> ok well I have read
<rneese> to try and learn the basics
<rneese> still more to learn
<rneese> off to bed PT at 630 am
<archetech> ok thats the background history next read arch wiki pkgs to see how its implemented into arm/x86
<archetech> gn
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<lanefu> archetech: so i was messing with n2 and mainline with acceleration. It works but 2d stuff had terrible ghosting and tearing
<lanefu> But glmark was accelerated
<lanefu> ..but pointless given the rest of the experience
<lanefu> Also rneese bundles all the latest mesa stuff in his desktop images and works great on my pbp
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<archetech> step one for above glxinfo says what
<archetech> Vendor: Panfrost (0xffffffff)
<archetech> Device: Mali G52 (Panfrost) (0xffffffff)
<archetech> Version: 20.3.1
<archetech> Accelerated: yes
<archetech> got that?
<Tonymac32> I thought you went to bed
* Tonymac32 goes and gets a drink
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<archetech> using a cpu for a gpu......works great! ok enjoy your koolaid
<archetech> thats like buying a nvidia 3080 misconfiguring it and saying to other 3080 users mine works great too all thw while the gpu is inoperable
<archetech> lol
<lanefu> Extended renderer info (GLX_MESA_query_renderer):
<lanefu> Vendor: Panfrost (0xffffffff)
<lanefu> Device: Mali G52 (Panfrost) (0xffffffff)
<lanefu> Version: 21.0.0
<lanefu> Accelerated: yes
<lanefu> Video memory: 3633MB
<lanefu> Unified memory: yes
<lanefu> Preferred profile: compat (0x2)
<lanefu> Max core profile version: 0.0
<lanefu> Max compat profile version: 2.1
<lanefu> Max GLES1 profile version: 1.1
<lanefu> Max GLES[23] profile version: 2.0
<lanefu> OpenGL vendor string: Panfrost
<lanefu> OpenGL renderer string: Mali G52 (Panfrost)
<lanefu> OpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 21.0.0-devel (git-f9ceab7 2020-12-20 focal-oibaf-ppa)
<lanefu> you can even see the glitch in the screen shot bottom right
<archetech> oibaf?
<lanefu> huh?
<archetech> thats not armbian stock
<lanefu> desktop branch
<lanefu> that rneese is working on
<lanefu> only thing i did was copy x config frmo PBP repo
<archetech> thats new and good
<lanefu> yeah he's been working his fucking ass off
<archetech> oibaf werner said was not too good from his experience
<lanefu> like i said it glitches bad on the screen
<lanefu> my mouse is renderin gin 2 different spots as i type
<archetech> I havent tried oibaf stuff its rep is very shakey
<lanefu> what is oibaf?
<lanefu> oh
<lanefu> yes
<lanefu> oibaf using htat repo
<lanefu> works great on rk3399
<archetech> so yes I expect you get some artifacts or tearing and who knows what else from him
<lanefu> so you're telling me i can run a patched 5.9.15 kernel, build my own mesa, and run modesetting with glamour and not have screen glitches on N2?
<archetech> why frame a question like that
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<lanefu> guess i'm trying to figure out what the variable is between your utopia and my reality
<archetech> its defensive arrogant and condescending all at the same time lol
<lanefu> yeah sorry.. i'm a little defensive because you've been talking shit
<archetech> you been a "dev" too long
<archetech> I can explain how to get a near perfect experience with pfrost if ya humble your butt just a litttle
<archetech> get an odroid tobetter kernel 5.10.1 is out I think DONE!
<archetech> its all about the drm patches I said this countless times
<archetech> then I'd get a deb somehow idk where for mesa 20.3.1 or 21.0.0-git
<archetech> ive had a hard time finding that in a deb
<archetech> or id have posted my armbian with above stuff
<archetech> build it if ya have to
<archetech> so theres my shit talk
<archetech> Host: manj-n2p Kernel: 5.10.0-rc7-7-ARCH aarch64 bits: 64 Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.20.4 Distro: Manjaro ARM
<archetech> Machine: Type: ARM Device System: Hardkernel ODROID-N2Plus
<archetech> Device-1: meson-g12a-mali driver: panfrost v: kernel
<archetech> Device-2: meson-g12a-dw-hdmi driver: meson_dw_hdmi v: kernel
<archetech> Display: server: X.Org 1.20.10 driver: modesetting s-res: 2560x1440
<archetech> OpenGL: renderer: Mali G52 (Panfrost) v: 2.1 Mesa 20.3.1
<archetech> perfect hw accell on KDE nobody has it yet
<archetech> ive had it for months now
<archetech> so dont tell me I talk shit when I can back it up
<archetech> and you use some ppa crap
<archetech> or llvmpipe
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<lanefu> womp womp.. built armbian dev kernel 5.10.1-meson64 but still gpu glitches
<lanefu> i wonder what patches tobetter has that we dont
<lanefu> he posts on medium a lot
<lanefu> archetech: are you passing any driver options besides accelerator?
<lanefu> ## Use modesetting and glamor
<lanefu> Driver "modesetting"
<lanefu> Option "AccelMethod" "none" ### "glamor" to enable 3D acceleration, "none" to disable.
<lanefu> Option "DRI" "2"
<lanefu> Option "Dri2Vsync" "true"
<lanefu> Option "TripleBuffer" "True"
<chewitt> all the DRM patches are in my 5.10.y branch
<lanefu> chewitt: yah but you dont use X11 right
<chewitt> nope, never
<lanefu> lol
<chewitt> but I still pick all the drm/panfrost changes whenever I see anything posted to the list of discussed in #panfrost
<chewitt> s/of/or
<lanefu> gotcha
<lanefu> alright that gives me somethign to think about at least
<chewitt> I'm hoping that all the drm stuff went upstream for 5.11
<chewitt> if you do find anything missing in my branch, please ping me
<chewitt> far too many people use my branch as their upstream .. despite it being unstable and continuously rebased :)
<archetech> lanefu: I dont even have an xorg.conf ;p
<archetech> and it dont matter chewitt dont use X he has the goods for it anyhow ;)
* archetech knows he does his homework
<archetech> between tobetter and chewitt they have a great N2 image over there
<chewitt> I'm expecting N2/C4/VIM3/VIM3L to become very stable over the next few months
<archetech> but I like my cobbled Arch/Manajro too
<chewitt> the AOSP "reference" status for VIM3/L will see a lot of adoption on them
<archetech> chewitt: yes I said that here earlier to rneese
<archetech> all this jabbering will cease in a couple months
<chewitt> and the Tizen folks are also using them as reference hardware now
<archetech> if pfrost devs come through the march alive
<chewitt> in case you wondered why Samsung staff are contributing to Amlogic u-boot/kernel things, that's why..
<Tonymac32> The minute the N2 crashed by me plugging in a wifi card and a USB stick it became irrelevant to me and has been doing protein folding ever since
<archetech> ah interesting
<archetech> Tonymac32: thats pretty harsh you showed so much love to the 3328 crap soc too
<Tonymac32> The rest of the board was fine
<Tonymac32> well, not on the V2 I guess XD
<archetech> no that I get
<Tonymac32> but if the SoC support improved, the roc-cc and the Rock64-V3 would be nice little boards
<archetech> but you hammered on the 3328 why not the n2
<Tonymac32> the N2 having a non-existent power delivery to the 5V USB rail is a problem that no amount of dev can fix
<archetech> its usb3 just needs some tweaking to get it to work pretty well
<Tonymac32> no, my issue wasn't a kernel hang due to software, the 5V was dropping below 4.5
<archetech> really thats bad
<Tonymac32> maybe the N2+ is a bit tougher
<archetech> n2 usb3 has tons of threads all over so yeah poor choice of chip I think on odroid's part
<lanefu> chewitt: oooh that's super promising
<Tonymac32> I'm looking forward to looking at the Tinker Board 2, another RK3399, but it's the newest rev one as far as I understand, so lower power requirements and higher clock rates
<lanefu> alright rolling the dice with chewitts kernel
<Tonymac32> careful they're weighted
<archetech> wow it only took 10 arguments to get ya there
<archetech> I expect you can then fire up that armbian n2 ya got and see what a diff it makes even without a good mesa
<archetech> then get a good mesa-git and enjoy
<lanefu> Womp womp black screen
<Tonymac32> kernel params passed from bootloader?
<archetech> ill fire mine up
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<lanefu> Tonymac32: dont have console cable connected. I bult chewitts kernel via builder and eliminated meson64-dev patches
<lanefu> At least got to blinking heartbeat light
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<lanefu> Anyway got a good try in. Need to spend my hacking hours this week soldering xmas presents
<Tonymac32> soldering them, huh?
<lanefu> Haha yeah making some cool homeassistant control surfaces for my buddy
<lanefu> And wife doesn't like the single knob double-click to change modes solution living room
<lanefu> So making one for that
<archetech> config-5.10.0-odroid-panfrost-arm64
<archetech> odroid uses a initrd too fyi
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<ArmbianTwitter> @SketchyFletchy (Fletch 🐝): @abrasion @hexadecim8 More a matter of adding some workarounds in our distro. Not ideal but better not to throw out the baby with the bath water and try another inconsistent distro. Different set of problems and challenges with armbian, but that’s next on the to do list. :) (15s ago)
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<saurabh009> Hi, I have one question , by clicking on poweroff in the Armbian image, the system is getting rebooted rather than the poweroff.
<saurabh009> Does anyone know which file does I need to look for it ?
<IgorPec> it works for me
<IgorPec> on some hardware
<buZz> not all hardware -can- even poweroff
<IgorPec> exactly
<buZz> many arm boards dont have powersupplies similar to what we know from desktop machines
<saurabh009> But the vendor image is getting off
<buZz> well, what board are you using?
<saurabh009> And it is Ubuntu image which vendor is providing
<IgorPec> hardware and kernel plays role
<IgorPec> not how it looks "ubuntu"
<IgorPec> armbian mainly use modern and maintained kernel
<buZz> and what board?
<IgorPec> which is overall in far better shape, but might lack some functions
<saurabh009> Board is orange pi zero 2
<lanefu> saurabh009: have you measured current draw when vendor image powers off?
<lanefu> Often they pull full current
<saurabh009> Sorry I didn't get it
<IgorPec> aha
<IgorPec> zero2 has no support from armbian side
<IgorPec> its just some experimental preview
<IgorPec> while we don't plan to provide images with their private kernel
<saurabh009> Is there something like mapping done in normal Armbian images like when we do Shutdown it executes the command and system shutsdown?
<IgorPec> you don't get it
<IgorPec> there is no support for zero2
<IgorPec> low level drivers are missing
<IgorPec> you can't fix this
<IgorPec> kernel was assembled on a bare minimum, just that we could boot cpu, network is up and that's about it
<buZz> eventually support might get better
<buZz> maybe you could get better support sooner by donating a board to armbian project?
<IgorPec> eventually yes
<IgorPec> we don't need cheap hardware
<IgorPec> :)
<buZz> :)
<saurabh009> oh okay ^^
<saurabh009> and one more issue I have but it is in another orange pi pc board. In journctl it says get audio avcc failed(sunxi_internal_codec_probe)
<saurabh009> any hint about this issue ?
<IgorPec> but does audio works or not?
<IgorPec> and again, which kernel?
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<saurabh009> kernel 4.9\
<saurabh009> USB headphone works , not the HDMI one,
<saurabh009> audiocodec has subdevice 1/1 when I do aplay -l . But when I play something , the subdevices becomes toggles like 0/1 to 1/1 and so one
<saurabh009> on*
<IgorPec> we don't have kernel 4.9
<saurabh009> Okay but is there a reason for this kind of toggling while sound is playing ?
<IgorPec> how do i supppose to know that? :)
<IgorPec> i never even ran that kernel
<lanefu> saurabh009: you may want to post in the peer-to-peer section of the forum
<lanefu> We focus mostly on the build platform in irc
<saurabh009> Oh okay
<Xogium> okay… seriously, if there's one thing I hate about sbc and things, it's when you need to get a heatsink and put it precisely on the cpu chip
<Xogium> how am I supposed to find which chip it is on a SoM and put a 20x20 mm heatsink on there ? Apparently bad idea to put a bigger heatsink on the entire SoM
<ArmbianTwitter> @jerry_hopper (jerry hopper): The latest the Altis Times! https://t.co/jNxrauaTRv Thanks to @armbian @historicfirearm @6THVFW #history #engineering (20s ago)
<Xogium> something to do with the tape being electrically conductive and possibly shorting the chips
<Xogium> this is like super annoying if you're blind though
<Xogium> or… I guess, are there heatsink where they don't use alluminium for the tape ?
<Xogium> I guess that's the conductive part
<Xogium> I suppose if I could find that, then I could put a larger sink on the whole SoM because frankly 20x20mm isn't a size I feel comfortable dealing with, 38x38 is still easier
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<Xogium> and also even with that, is there a risk from having heat from the cpu flowing to the eMMC or the ram chips ? And is it really bad ?
<IgorPec> mainly use those https://snipboard.io/bp1XTG.jpg
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<archetech> Xogium, just use arctic silver
<Xogium> archetech: any particular reason for your preference ?
<archetech> once it gets hot it will stay on
<archetech> for you cutting a little square sounds hard
<Xogium> ah, that's a very good point
<Xogium> well it's a bit complicated yeah…
<archetech> its true if theres overlap you could short\
<Xogium> but, say I take a slightly larger heatsink than the entire SoM is, that's still okay, right ?
<Xogium> provided I find one that doesn't use conductive tape
<archetech> yes overlap of the sink bad its the tape hanging off it
<archetech> yes overlap of the sink is bad its the tape hanging off it
<archetech> yes overlap of the sink is not bad its the tape hanging off it
<Xogium> oh
<Xogium> because I saw some that use alluminium in the tape
<archetech> slightly over sized sink is what i'd use
<Xogium> what about heat flow ?
<archetech> if ya ever need that sink off beware bug pulled a mem chip off
<Xogium> first time I deal with trying to find a good heatsink hehe
<Xogium> oh wow
<archetech> may need a small fan like the rpi usues
<archetech> if the sink isnt enough
<archetech> uses
<Xogium> hmm
<Xogium> board is the stm32mp157c odyssey from SeeedStudio
<Xogium> idles at around 50 ~60 without heatsink
<ArmbianTwitter> @motakasoft (motakasoft): GitHub Trending Archive, 19 Dec 2020, Shell. markshust/docker-magento, kodekloudhub/certified-kubernetes-administrator-course, armbian/build, klever1988/nanopi-openwrt, BlackArch/blackarch, tfutils/tfenv, bats-core/bats-core https://t.co/F38gmTf7Dy (9s ago)
<Xogium> so I'm a bit new to all of this heatsink business ;) my understanding was that you could cause a short if the tape touches other board components, like if it touches the eMMC and cpu chip at the same time
<Xogium> but, I probably get it wrong
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<Xogium> because the SoM is 38x38 mm, and on there you have eMMC, power management unit, ram and cpu
<Xogium> the largest being the cpu at 20x20 mm
<Xogium> it's not like a SoC in that sense where SoC have all they need in a single chip, at least from my understanding
<archetech> u can short it with paste too so no slop
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<Xogium> well this is really confusing
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<stipa> there are components around the soc
<stipa> resistors, capacitors...
<stipa> zou could short those
<Xogium> mhm yeah that makes sense
<Xogium> ugh
<stipa> yeah
<Xogium> why is it so damn bloody hard to figure out heatsinks ?
<stipa> it happened to me but luckily soc didtnt fry
<stipa> it's not hard
<stipa> it's just that many SBCs has crappy solution for heatsinks
<Xogium> well, and this one has none
<Xogium> :p
<stipa> right, that's the problem
<stipa> the designers of the board expected it to be cold for some reason...
<Xogium> that, or they assumed people could just figure magically how to put a heatsink on
<Xogium> 75 degrees max temp, and the thing idles at around 60…
<stipa> right, some boards have nice heatsings, like odroids
<stipa> some leave holes in the board so that you can mount one
<stipa> some that have no holes on the board for the heatsing are a joke
<Xogium> I don't know if seeed did that… I suspect they didn't
<stipa> i'll take a look
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<stipa> in wich board from seeed are you interested in?
<Xogium> stm32mp157c odyssey
<stipa> it has holes
<stipa> three
<stipa> on the board and on the expasnion board
<stipa> that could be your holes for the hatsik if one exists with the same footprint
<stipa> fast google images search didn't show any that seeed sells
<Xogium> hmm
<Xogium> I think I'll have to get someone with a working pair of eyes to do this
<stipa> right
<stipa> it's a research
<Xogium> I really don't want th fsck it up lol ok the SoM is only 20 euros or so but meh
<Xogium> *to
<stipa> i would go with heatsink, sticking metal on soc is just crappy
<stipa> especially if it'll be sold
<Xogium> well, I was under the impression a heatsink was a piece of metal ?
<stipa> it is
<stipa> but if you stick it on it could fell off
<Xogium> hm, so what then ?
<stipa> maybe if it could be cheap to get someone to make you heatsing with drilled holes
<stipa> some chunky piece of aluminum
<Xogium> hm
<Xogium> what about having a case acting as heatsink ?
<stipa> you could that if the soc was on the opposite side
<Xogium> agh damn it
<stipa> now you have headers on the way, usb ports ..., they are "higher"
<Xogium> meh
<stipa> than the soc
<Xogium> sigh, I see
<Xogium> its a mess alright
<Xogium> I think I might just say to hell with it, at least my own, and just not stick it into a case or anything
<stipa> if it can run cool without heatsink there's no need for it
<Xogium> well 50 ~60 idle
<stipa> that's alot
<stipa> heatsink for sure
<Xogium> my friend said there's no scew holes on the board
<Xogium> screw holes
<stipa> you have three on the smaller board where soc an ram are
<stipa> ttwo in the corners near the usb ports
<stipa> and one in the middle of that smaller board at the other side
<stipa> you can use those holes for mounting the heatsink
<stipa> to cool the soc and ram...
<stipa> if chips in that smaller board aren't at the same height you could use thermal pad instead of the paste
<stipa> thermal pad would adjust itself to coe with the height differences
<stipa> to cope*
<Xogium> anyway for what its worth I found these
<Xogium> mind the language though heh
<Xogium> might need to switch it if mouser doesn't suggest english to you
<Xogium> but it's kinda annoying
<Xogium> I saw it has a very low electric resistance, but might not take that in light of all you said
<stipa> if it matches with the holes on your board you could drill one additional in the middle of one side
<stipa> put thermal paste and youre in
<stipa> since there are only three holes on your board
<stipa> but one hole is in the middle
<stipa> of one side
<Xogium> yea definitely be needing eyes for this
<stipa> maybe, there's something cheaper from ebay
<stipa> i'm trying to find board measumerents
<Xogium> hrm I forget where I saw those
<stipa> in resources menu of theboard
<stipa> it's chinese
<Xogium> ah yes
<stipa> some weird metrics
<stipa> lol
<stipa> of course, there are no measumerents for that smaller board where the soc is
<Xogium> the SoM is 38x38 mm
<Xogium> soc is 20x20
<stipa> Xogium: could you maybe measure the distance betweene the holes on one side betweene the holes on the smaller board?
<Xogium> so on one side of the SoM ?
<stipa> som is for module, right?
<Xogium> yeah, there's eMMC, ram, cpu and power management unit on it
<Xogium> 4 tiny chips
<stipa> right
<stipa> that holes
<stipa> on that board
<Xogium> I'll ask my friend for help, sec
<Xogium> and also, the heatsink I posted has a higher resistance than glass, for electric current
<stipa> thermal pad is not conductive
<Xogium> all the others we found previously had about same resistance as sea water lol
<Xogium> er, really ? Then what is ?
<Xogium> lol sorry I sound probably dumb
<stipa> thermal pad is fancy thing you can use instead of the paste
<stipa> but its spongy so it can adpat to the surfaces
<stipa> ant it doesn't stick
<stipa> to the surfaces
<Xogium> so on boards like odroid c2, they actually used thermal paste ? Because in the 5 years I got mine, the heatsink didn't move
<stipa> why i suggest it beacuse your chips on som maybe aren't at the same height
<stipa> not equally tall
<stipa> thermal pad would compensate that and it's not conductive
<stipa> and you don't need to worry about the shorts
<Xogium> right
<Xogium> but it doesn't hold as good as paste
<Xogium> or well paste+ screws
<Xogium> right ?
<stipa> i see it beeing used on graphic cardsa nd such
<stipa> modern tech
<stipa> is i tbetter id on't know
<Xogium> right
<stipa> you could go with paste and srews if your chips are eqaully tall and if capacitors and resistors are smaller than the socs
<stipa> shorter*
<stipa> thermal pad is like a rigid gel that dapats to the surfaces
<stipa> and equalize stuff
<stipa> adapts*
<stipa> paste is alos messy
<stipa> also*
<Xogium> yeah and I bet if you put too much it could squeeze out like a sandwich where you put too much things
<Xogium> lol
<stipa> right, it's messy
<stipa> no matter how much you try not to get things messy they end up so
<stipa> and paste with time gets dry
<stipa> and shitty
<stipa> but, it's cheaper
<Xogium> eww
<Xogium> best not to do that
<stipa> the cheapest way would be just to glue with thermal epoxy some cheap small heatsings from china
<Xogium> and that one I posted earlier though ? It's thermal pads, right
<stipa> yeah, but for some reason all products end up being made cheap :D
<Xogium> indeed
<stipa> you posted a heatsing from mouser?
<stipa> that's what i saw
<stipa> thermal pad goes betweene the soc and heatsink
<Xogium> appears that all the chips are the same height except the pmu
<stipa> right, and if you put straight mettalic surface over those socs
<Xogium> dzz
<stipa> pmu will stick out or not get heat transfer to the heatsink if you use paste
<stipa> if you use thermal pad it would compensate the difference
<stipa> thermal pad would adjust itself
<stipa> it's like a sponge
<Xogium> hmm so I guess pad woud be best
<stipa> or on every chip one small heatsink glued with thermal epoxy
<Xogium> okay so this heatsink I checked earlier is tape, not thermal pad
<Xogium> that's not the same
<stipa> heatsink and thermal pad are two not distinctive objects
<stipa> not* forget about the not
<stipa> two distinctive objects
<stipa> thermal pad serves to transfer heat from soc to heatsink
<Xogium> hmm
<Xogium> so I should apply both a pad and a heatsink, or just one or the other ?
<stipa> thermal pad can adapt to the surface, so if one chip is taller it will compensate for that defect, all other shorter chips will get their heat transfered to the heatsik as well
<stipa> both
<stipa> you have three layers
<Xogium> I see
<stipa> you have chips
<stipa> thermal pad
<stipa> heatsink
<Xogium> funny that all the heatsink I see have tape and none talk about thermal pad
<Xogium> you basically get told to grab one of these, remove the small thing that protect the adhesive side, and stick it on the chip
<stipa> some heatsinks have tape
<stipa> like glue
<stipa> so you just stick it to the chip
<stipa> and it stays so
<stipa> some don't and then you could use paste or thermal pad or thermal epoxy
<ArmbianTwitter> @lq_feed (LinuxQuestions Feed): LXer: Armbian Linux for ARM Devices Switches to Linux Kernel 5.9, Supports Ubuntu https://t.co/ITIKRLMkxR (1s ago)
<stipa> but in your case, since your PMU is on different height glue or paste won't help much
<stipa> you coud stick small size heatsinks, the soze of your chips on every of them on the som but it wouldn't help much since they would be small
<stipa> there's to much heat for that solution
<Xogium> the one I posted earlier is tape
<Xogium> its got a good rating too for thermal resistance
<Xogium> I think, at least. 2.5 c/w
<Xogium> from what I understand, the higher that number, the worse it is
<stipa> i have no idea about that
<stipa> the question is if that heatsink even fits the board
<stipa> 40x40x10
<stipa> and, i don't see the mounting holes...
<Xogium> stipa: it should… its 40x40 mm, and the SoM is 38x38
<Xogium> don't think its holes… you litterally just uncover the adhesive and stick it there
<stipa> right
<stipa> i dont know, is that pmu taller or shorter tha the rest of the chips?
<Xogium> slightly taller
<stipa> so imagine
<stipa> if you put flat survace
<stipa> surface*
<stipa> over all those chips on the som
<stipa> and the pmu is slightl taller
<stipa> what would happen?
<Xogium> hmm
<Xogium> I guess it wouldn't conduct heat properly ?
<stipa> not just that
<Xogium> or well you could maybe even damage the slightly taller chip
<stipa> all other chips but the pmu would not be cooled properly
<Xogium> hm
<Xogium> what about the reverse then ? Say if pmu was smaller
<stipa> because there is no contact betweene the chips and the heatsink where heat could travel to the heatsing
<Xogium> that makes a ton of sense
<stipa> if the pmu was shorter
<stipa> all other chips would run cool instead of the pmu
<Xogium> I see
<stipa> if you put thermal pad, it would fill the places where chips wouldn't theretically touch the heatsink
<stipa> it would fill the void
<Xogium> and the pmu would get all the excess heat from the other chips ?
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<Xogium> or that would just work but the pmu wouldn't be cooled down at all
<stipa> yeah, not cooled down at all
<stipa> like there is no heatsink
<redentor> hi, i got a upgrade problem. "Fail to fetch. Hash Sum mismatch"
<stipa> because it's not in contact with the heatsink
<stipa> redentor: yeah, i saw that too, it's not a big problem i guess
<Xogium> right
<stipa> did anything broke?
<Xogium> stipa: thanks a ton for explaining so much, I really appreciate that
<stipa> Xogium: it's complex physics
<Xogium> stipa: thermal pads and all that, that reminds me on the big problem they have with the nvidia gtx 1060 and 1080
<Xogium> they forgot thermal pads on the video ram
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<stipa> may be
<Xogium> the card can spontaneously catch fire
<hejux> is 150balbes here?
<stipa> hejux: no
<stipa> Xogium: np
<lanefu> redentor: we've been having some mirror issues. Apt clean and try again
<hejux> can anyone connect him?
<stipa> 15:56:44 freenode -- | NickServ (NickServ@services.): 150balbes is not registered.
<lanefu> hejux: you can DM him in the forum. He doesn't speak English so inky uses translater
<lanefu> Also why is doesnt hang out in irc much
<lanefu> s/inky/he/g
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<lanefu> hejux: i hope you're not just wanting tech support
<redentor> @lanefu, Thanks !
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<hejux> lanefu: he speaks very good english actually
<hejux> oh, i just got his reply about an issue.
<lanefu> hejux: no. Good translate speaks good English
<lanefu> Google translate
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<hejux> lanefu: lol
<Werner> It's fact that he uses translator for most of his posts
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<hejux> amazing, but how did he manage the development
<hejux> english is a must in software development, right?
<[TheBug]> Thats like asking how a German engineer built a bomb even though he doesn't speak english..
<Werner> I dont know but what I know is that he has great knowledge of stuff
<hejux> Xogium: i see you everywhere.
<hejux> he's a genius for sure
<Xogium> hejux: that's cause I'm everywhere !
<Xogium> even where it's not possible to be
<Xogium> lol
<[TheBug]> Be careful or he will start purchasing realestate in your mind
<Xogium> bwahahah
<hejux> Xogium: you are an ARM guy. i don't see you in #debian
<Xogium> heh
<[TheBug]> Personally, I like LEG the most.. but ARM is okay.
<Xogium> I'm not liking debian a lot, actually. I don't know, it just never felt comfortable with it
<hejux> LEG is for what
<Xogium> but
<Xogium> yeah I'm more ARM
<hejux> Xogium: feel the same with you about debian.
<hejux> wat we call it? bloated?
<Xogium> it's by no means a bad OS
<hejux> [TheBug]: btw, what is LEG
<Xogium> I wouldn't say bloated. But for some reason it doesn't feel like the right OS for me, and I'd be having a hard time putting the exact why in words
* [TheBug] facepalm
<hejux> Xogium: so arch? gentoo?
<hejux> [TheBug]: damn, leg.
<Xogium> always wanted to try gentoo
<hejux> that's too cold
<Xogium> but my hardware ain't powerful enough
<Xogium> so arch
<hejux> Xogium: me 2. i compile kernel myself, it takes 1h40m on 4core A53@1.5Ghz with the help of distcc on intel
<hejux> so i got a script to check the latest kernel every 10mins, and compile the kernel automatically. so now i'm on 5.10.2
<Xogium> hejux: I'm blind ;) won't help any :D
<hejux> Xogium: are you kidding me
<Xogium> I'm not
<hejux> then how did you know i sent a link with picture
<Xogium> because imgur
<hejux> your computer reads for you?
<Xogium> yep
<hejux> sorry to hear that if that's true.
<hejux> i hope you enjoy a good life
<Xogium> why is it that noone believes me, seriously ?
<hejux> because it is unbelieveable
<hejux> what if someone sends a typo, how did your computer read.
<[TheBug]> I would assume because people often associate learning disability with it and its hard to process your actual abilities through the lens of not having sight when everyone else has never had to deal with such a hurtle and can't imagine doing so.
* stipa is sensing philosophy in the room and pretends he hasn't noticed it.
<hejux> [TheBug]: i feel it hard.
<stipa> hejux: don't woory, we all felt the same
<stipa> Xogium won't tell it untill you throw pics on him.
<stipa> it was the case with me as well
<lanefu> Xogium: buildroot is the traditionalist's way of building ARM images
<lanefu> Bug's in an alterred mental state from working nightshift
<Xogium> lanefu: buildroot is nice
<hejux> github action is even nicer
<[TheBug]> I blame it on all the flouride they put on my teeth after my teeth cleaning this morning... has me a bit loopy
<[TheBug]> and I can't drink coffee for a few hours still ;/
<Xogium> lanefu: that's what I use :) been using it for almost 4 years now
<lanefu> ha awesome
<hejux> [TheBug]: it tastes good actually, i had the same experience
<stipa> is here anyone from the UK?
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<chewitt> stipa: from the UK = yes, in the UK = no
<chewitt> (very happy to be not in the UK right now)
<stipa> chewitt: are you even allowed to come back?
<stipa> things in media sound very scary
<chewitt> probably.. the UK gov is piss weak about controlling anything (which is the entire reason things are bad)
<stipa> to be honest no government is better than that
<pakcjo> New Zealand?
<stipa> ok, one
<chewitt> anyway, what was the UK question?
<stipa> chewitt: i don't know how to phrase it, it seems like everyone is breaking all connections with the UK because of the advanced virus
<stipa> it's like zombies live in the UK
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<Tonymac32> ever watch 28 days later?
<Tonymac32> ;)
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<Xogium> good point
<Tonymac32> Or maybe it's closer to the setup to V for Vendetta
<stipa> resident evil doesn't sound way off either...
<Tonymac32> unlike V or even 28 days later, the resident evil zombies defy basic physics
<Tonymac32> probably more "Omega Man" (Kids these days are more familiar with "I am legend", same base story)
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<stipa> right, right
<stipa> but all those stories revolve around the virus
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<archetech> I got 2 mesa's installed
<archetech> lol any apt gurus here to remove the origianl and leave the experimental one?
<archetech> got 20.2 and 20.3
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