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<IgorPec> pphay weN raeY!
<archetech> HNY
<archetech> Igor has a few I think
<archetech> Igor has had a few I think
<lanefu> Dont believe so. We have a 8 channel switcher prototype board
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<archetech> I meant drinks :)
<lanefu> Hahaha
<lanefu> Doh
<stipa> i have a feeling that Youtube removed option to select channels you're "not interested in", does anyone has the same problem? Chromium on Linux.
<stipa> its back,
<stipa> i got scared there for a moment
<archetech> yt stinks theyre killing free speech
<stipa> i guess the're forced to do it because governemnts want that
flyback is now known as Star2021
Star2021 is now known as flyback
<stipa> if you create a movement it can waste resources of the government
<stipa> but there are alos bunch of lunitacs
<stipa> and buvnch more that wopuld follow a lunitac
<stipa> it creates problems
<stipa> bunch of agressive lunitacs
<stipa> even if some people have something nice to tell it's not worth the risk because there are also mean people wanting to spread their ideology and if it's agressive ideology it's no good
<stipa> there are always some mean people using the good will of others
<stipa> if there would be free speach things would get out of control very fast
<stipa> tounge of a lunitac versus hard work
<stipa> but i must admit, politicians are sometimes lunitacs
<stipa> :D
<stipa> that's what they are doing, whenever there's some potential of movement they kill it
<stipa> whenever some "noone" becomes popular they delete his account
<stipa> it's not he who people should listen to it's the government
<stipa> i have changed ISP router and network acts different
<archetech> Im talking fact based real info not opinion
<stipa> they are killing it
<stipa> i told why
<archetech> you why sounds like you agree with censorship
<archetech> your*
<stipa> what would you do if you were a government?
<archetech> truer the info is the faster they ban em
<stipa> haha
<stipa> be it true or not
<stipa> it's treat to the government if people are interested in the ideology of it's opponent
<stipa> i'll miss the privacy
<archetech> usa gives 50 k per person in country X but 2k for citizens thats not ok
<stipa> i'm not much of an talker
<archetech> so we got a problem in the goberment
<stipa> i don't follow
<archetech> and our constitution says we can do something about that when it happens
<stipa> it's
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> the law doesen't protect citizens it protect government
<stipa> and itself
<stipa> all starts at the police
<stipa> they are "the dogs"
<archetech> im pro police
<stipa> like military police?
<archetech> no
<archetech> cops are jsut reg people
<archetech> just
<archetech> most good a few bad
<stipa> yeah, but they serve the law
<stipa> that's their job
<archetech> yup so are you lawless?
<stipa> nope
<archetech> me either
<stipa> it's above my skills to be
<stipa> but, i would liek to know how it's up there
<stipa> in lawless system
<stipa> what law protects
<stipa> i guess it's money
<stipa> or some kind of ideology
<stipa> many will fall down due circumstances we're in now
<stipa> rich are loosing alot of omoney
<stipa> the'll come to fight for resources on lower grounds
<archetech> are the rich my concern?
<archetech> no
<archetech> the poor are
<stipa> they both are
<archetech> do what ya can when ya can
<stipa> it'll be nasty
<archetech> time for some Queen on yt song about fat cats death on 2 legs :)
<stipa> i'm having troubles with usb nic, didi you have any luck with some usb nic chip archetech ?
<archetech> my n2+ RUNS LIKE THE WIND :)
<stipa> does it have seperate nic hip on board or it's in soc?
<stipa> nic chip*
<stipa> well, there's probably no version of it for usb
<stipa> of the chip*
<stipa> i have RTL8153 and have no luck with it, now i have to ping isp router to keep it from crashing
<marcodiego> people who complain about yt restrictions should consider using open/independent/decentralized technologies. Peertube exists and works well but even the most technically inclined ignore it. People who use fb, whatsapp have no reason to complain about big-tech if they do nothing to improve the situation. Opposing restrictions was the spark that started the free software movement. The same should happen again in other areas for the same reasons
<archetech> read the new laws in usa section 230
<stipa> i guess everyone whou will not comply with laws will be a cyber criminal in the near future
<stipa> you want freedom? you area a criminal...
<archetech> exactly
<marcodiego> people fear the government... people should fear accumulation of power. Be it the government or big-tech
<archetech> I dont want any more freedom then what my forefatheres wrote into law period
<archetech> and thats alot of freedom and hard fought for
<archetech> so they are the criminals not the populace
<archetech> these so called representatives
<stipa> right
<archetech> my fellow countrymen just sit and complain on soc media its pathetic but there's a bright spot
<stipa> where is the bright spot?
<archetech> JUSTICE IS COMING ! and it won't be pretty
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<stipa> it wont
<Tonymac32> it never is
<stipa> too bad, internet is a nice thing
<archetech> he's got them in a stranglehold and he will crush their face
<archetech> Uncle Ted said so
<Tonymac32> XD
* archetech does a pick slide
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* Tonymac32 kids are sleeping
<Tonymac32> lol
* archetech does strong cowbell
<archetech> beep beep Freeway Jam
<archetech> Jan 6th is the day
<lanefu> Picks the electric slide
<archetech> nobody does a slide guitar like duanne allman
<lanefu> Bonnie Raitt
<archetech> cmon
<lanefu> Lol
<archetech> zz top is atm
<archetech> up*
<archetech> just got paid
* lanefu more of a foo fighters kinda guy
<archetech> weak
<lanefu> Lol really
<archetech> try some shinedown
<lanefu> I will investigate
<marcodiego> you want good guitar, I recorded this many years ago: https://marcodiegomesquita.tripod.com/Nocturneopus9n2.mp3
<lanefu> Sorry bro i only do flac
<lanefu> J/k
<lanefu> Will dig out headphones in a min
<lanefu> So my bro-in-law is in a pretty famous band but not touring this year cuz covid
<marcodiego> bass is a bit saturated. Should have recorded it more carefully. Nice playing overall. I transposed to guitar myself. It was a lot of work but it was worth it
<lanefu> Anyway he like collabed with friends from his old band from way back and they did an album remotely. https://lizardmusic.bandcamp.com/album/arizone-2020
<marcodiego> actually I'm really proud of it
<lanefu> Checking it out now
<archetech> slide guitar lesson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVlSkN-ytxM 3:11
<archetech> and 4:33
<lanefu> marcodiego: very nice. Classical is hard to record. Sounds good. I can't play anything technical like that
<marcodiego> lanefu, thanks! Good to hear that
<marcodiego> I really the classical guitar
<marcodiego> *like
<archetech> sry not on NY eve
<marcodiego> the sad thing: I basically stopped evolving because I developed tendinitis
<marcodiego> but I'm happy with the way I play. I can play choros, some Villa-Lobos, Bach...
<marcodiego> Classical guitar is a big world
<lanefu> Here's something uhh absurd that we did in a single take. https://armbian.lane-fu.com/tmp/Mall%20Santa.mp3
<marcodiego> lanefu, sounds blues-y! Cool! Something I'd like to learn
<lanefu> Haha luckily im not playing. I made up lyrics on the fly
<marcodiego> you're talented then
<lanefu> I get lucky sometimes
<marcodiego> luck favors the prepared mind
<lanefu> Ha
<lanefu> Its funny cuz we would sometines just work on like backing tracks n stuff and if we like go rework them
<lanefu> So id come up with the basix riffs to a lot of stuff. And by the time the song is done my guitar has been totally edited out / replaced lol
<lanefu> "A lot" is exagerating
<marcodiego> I never had a band
<marcodiego> when I was a teen I bought a electric guitar
<marcodiego> the only thing I could play was some music from Nirvana and Legião Urbana (popular rock band from Brazil)
<marcodiego> then I got fed, decided to sell the guitar to a friend of mine
<marcodiego> when I arrived at his home, he was playing this: https://marcodiegomesquita.tripod.com/rda.mp3
<marcodiego> I decided to learn it, and basically put my electric guitar by the side and started learning the classical guitar
<lanefu> archetech: thanks for bringing zztop back into my rotation lol
<archetech> yw
<archetech> stones god gave me everything
<lanefu> Yeah i never had a band but finally ended up with a bunch of buddies that we'd jam and come up with stuff like that
<archetech> my first public playing was 5th grade
<marcodiego> in Brazil rock is in a low now. Nobody listening, nobody playing no new popular bands
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<archetech> shinedown save me
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<archetech> deep purp lazy live japan
<archetech> billion $ babies
<lanefu> Count down to celebratory gunfire
<archetech> lol yup
<archetech> I cant hear it ac/dc goin
<lanefu> My poor dog
<lanefu> Still goin
<archetech> my cat cant hear it :0
<archetech> angus !
<lanefu> Ha
<lanefu> Well I've had worse years
<archetech> I dont need no doctor! Humble pie
<archetech> cmon hwos jammin the new yr in
<archetech> Mountain Mississippi queen
<archetech> never forget 1st time I heard that tune wtf is that!
<archetech> More Cowbell!
<archetech> we're an American Band
<archetech> move fr cowbell to bass chicago im a man
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<archetech> hendrix said this guy is better than me terry kath
* Tonymac32 allegedly unleashes some 30/30-150 into the sky and howls at the moon
<Tonymac32> ok ok, I'm not that guy, this isn't West Virginia after all
<Tonymac32> A damned shame, really
<Tonymac32> :)
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* archetech loves w Virginia
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<archetech> just dont go there alone ;)
* Tonymac32 is from the border, spent a lot of time there, lived there for a few years
<archetech> mcCartney Soily
<archetech> live over America
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<ArmbianTwitter> @012balr (Freel4ncer76): @MyHushTeam @Raspberry_Pi @armbian @radix42 Can you translate it pls to people who are not programmers/coders? 😉 https://tinyurl.com/y9ubsw9d (25s ago)
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<diederik> can I assume that ubuntu bionic and debian buster are the minimal target platforms?
<Xogium> diederik: would be focal I think
<Xogium> and buster
<diederik> I looked at a random/popular one (https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-4/) and there I saw bionic
<Xogium> ah
<Xogium> hmm
<Xogium> possibly then ? Pi 0 has focal
<Xogium> so I'm not sure
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<diederik> with minimal I meant oldest and focal is newer then bionic, so that would still mean 'yes' for my question :)
<Xogium> ah
<Xogium> my bad then :)
<diederik> my initial question wasn't clear enough
<lanefu> diederik: if you use the build tools you can make minimals for otyer distros such as bullseye
<lanefu> diederik: what minimal image do you want
<diederik> lanefu: you just proved that "my initial question wasn't clear enough" :)
<lanefu> Haha
<lanefu> Well feel free to try again
<lanefu> Whats your desired outcome lol
<diederik> I am/was wondering whether f.e. Debian Stretch (oldstable) should be supported by the build tools
<lanefu> Its still able to be built but EOL / community supported
<lanefu> Use EXPERT=yes with compile.sh to see more build options
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<diederik> I saw that apt-transport-https was used, but that package isn't needed anymore since apt 1.5 and in Buster it has therefor become a transitional package (https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=apt-transport-https)
<diederik> in ubuntu bionic it's also a transitional package
<diederik> but in Debian Stretch it wasn't as that has apt version 1.4.x
<lanefu> diederik: gotcha... i'd just leave the package in there until it finally breaks a LTS distro during build
<lanefu> rather than code for edge cases
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<horiatm> hy and happy new year to evreyone
<horiatm> could someone please help me with the forum, i'm a new menber and i can't replay to my post
<horiatm> You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day.
<Werner> name?
<horiatm> horiatm
<horiatm> i would like to answer steeman questions
<Werner> you should be able to do so now
<horiatm> thank you
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): Receiving the #nanopi #R4S #sbc a few days earlier than expected and just one day later #armbian boots flawless and runs very smoothly on latest mainline #Linux #kernel 😍 This is so awesome. https://tinyurl.com/y73ldo2u (9s ago)
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<stipa> man, i installed git amdgpu drivers, installed java stuff, installed gnome DE in pair with xfce, turned off compositing in xfce.., and the problem was option in a monitor for some "movie" stuff, it was changing tinting of the monitor from blue to reddish like in a disco, what a crapy problem...
<stipa> 3 days
<stipa> wasted
<stipa> i even updated to the newset kernel
<stipa> reinstalled xorg
<stipa> man
<stipa> there's nothing i didn't do
<lanefu> Werner: does nanopi r4s has SPI flash
<Werner> No
<Werner> It has pin header for though
<lanefu> watcha gonna use it for
<Werner> Not sure yet. The initial though was replacing the current setup of neo3 and 1+ with it
<Werner> Also since it has 4G of memory I can do stuff like lxc with it
<lanefu> yeah.. i really wish it had emmc, but i dont know why i'm being so critical of that
<lanefu> looks like a good little computing beast
<Werner> emmc would be nice indeed but since it is headless anyways I think working via sd is perfectly fine
<Werner> pcie would make it overkill
<lanefu> yeah
<Werner> but doesnt have :(
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> the newer sdcards perform quite well anyway
<Werner> I usually using sandisk extreme microsd cards
<Werner> s/I/I'm
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: I'm usually using sandisk extreme microsd cards
<lanefu> yeah i usually go with the samsung evo selects
<lanefu> biggest lesson i learned is that teh bigger sized cards are faster
<lanefu> so i only buy 64g now
<Werner> probably no big difference I guess? the bottleneck is the average access time
<lanefu> the performance of 32gig and 64 gig is night and day for me
<Werner> The last i bought were 32G....Well not exactly. The last few were 64 but I threw them in IgorPec's parcel :P
<Werner> really?
<Werner> Interesting
<lanefu> yeah
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<Werner> whats the average writing speed of the samsung evos?
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<Werner> I mostly buy the extreme cards because I am impatient and dont want to wait a few minutes to write new images :D
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<lanefu> Werner: okay standby for real world testing
* Werner is standing
* Tony_mac32 mutters something about numbers without meaning XD
<Tony_mac32> :P
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: it's calibrated to a use case
<lanefu> lol
<Tony_mac32> :D
<lanefu> testing has already revelead which card is going to the trashcan shortly
<Werner> nice
<Werner> from my guts feel the sandisk extreme are still faster
<lanefu> refresh
<lanefu> new entry lol
<ArmbianHelper> AR-512 [Bug] "Fix Ethernet for Opi3 and other devices with phymode for kernel 5.10" reported by Werner at 2020-11-06. Status: Done
<lanefu> well bring it to teh table
<lanefu> for testing lol
<Tony_mac32> ugh can anyone test building a rockpi 4b image for me plaease?
<Tony_mac32> just try to build the kernel and let me know what happens
<lanefu> yep... current or dev?
<Tony_mac32> current
<Tony_mac32> I'm getting a mountain of warnings
<lanefu> building
<IgorPec> y2021 problem ?:)
<Tony_mac32> blech
<Tony_mac32> lol
<lanefu> haha i rebooted my server so toolcache is gone
<lanefu> BUT thanks to geoip redirect.... it ssooo fast
<Tony_mac32> every so often my local build environment just gets fubar'd and I have to restart from scratch
<IgorPec> you use ramdisk for /cache?
<Tony_mac32> can we force that?
<IgorPec> no, but you can mount it elswherew
<Tony_mac32> or just config the filesystem thusly
<Tony_mac32> yeah ok
<Tony_mac32> lanefu if you haven't had a problem yet I guess I need to flush and refill
<Tony_mac32> XD
<lanefu> LABEL=ARMBIAN /mnt/armbian ext4 defaults,noatime,nodiratime 0 2
<lanefu> /mnt/armbian/output /home/lane/GIT/build/output none bind 0 0
<lanefu> #/mnt/armbian/cache /home/lane/GIT/build/cache none bind 0 0
<lanefu> armbian_cache /home/lane/GIT/build/cache tmpfs nodev,noatime,nodiratime,size=80G 0 0
<lanefu> still downloading tools, but will keep you inform
<Tony_mac32> ok I'll hold on
<IgorPec> i am getting no errors
<lanefu> yeah still building
<lanefu> uboot doen its doing kernel now
<IgorPec> i build image without a problem
<ArmbianTwitter> @MyHushTeam (Hush): @012balr @Raspberry_Pi @armbian @radix42 you can run $HUSH on many Internet-of-Shit devices now #Bitcoin Protocol Runs In Weird Places https://t.co/tchEKOnOBf https://tinyurl.com/ycvlrklx (11s ago)
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<Tony_mac32> ugh ok
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