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<Tony_mac32> sup grae
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<ArmbianTwitter> @OlavFolland (Rev. Olav Folland (olavf)): @JohnMPowell1 I'm working on a NanoPi Neo Air (ARMbian board) which at 40x40mm fits inside a Minicube. The only real trick is going to be enough battery. (14s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @T4R74N (Tarzan): @foss2go @armbian @gnome @pine64 Glad to hear that. I've been working with Armbian for more than 6 months. Hope you improve the web browser and python IDE (6s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @T4R74N @foss2go @gnome @pine64 Browser "improvements" comes soon, March 15, (21s ago)
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<torpor> hi armbian people.   i'm working on a project based around the IMX7D chip from Toradex, and I have my own kernel tree and configuration, with a custom  .DTS for my board .. I'd quite like to have Armbian build the udoo rootFS for my needs, but use my kernel config - but I can't quite work out how to tell Armbian's to use my kernel
<torpor> tree instead of its own - is there a simple way to do this, or should I just go ahead and fork Armbian, put my kernel in place, and work on it that way?
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<Werner> There is no simple way to tell the script to use a different kernel than given in the config files for the boards. So the easiest way to proceed for you would be as suggested fork the repo and adjust whatever you need
<ibisum> ok
<ibisum> thanks for the tip, i will do this.
<Werner> If you use your own kernel sources you may want to take a look at the patches/kernel and patches/misc folder and remove unneeded ones or empty it entirely because they would be applied against your sources and maybe break it
<Werner> The other solution would be to compare both sources and port things that enhance the sources Armbian uses back to the project :)
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<ibisum> thanks, thats good advice
<ibisum> but the majority of the work i've done is for a custom DTS for my board, which isn't available to other Armbian devs
<ibisum> generally i'd do that though
<ibisum> just not really relevant/productive in this case
<Werner> I see. Well good luck then with your project :)
<ibisum> thanks!
<ibisum> i appreciate the advice also
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<ArmbianTwitter> @tuxphones (TuxPhones): For those who do not know it, @Armbian is a very stable and mature OS for ARM SBCs. Its wide community and excellent support will be a welcome addition to the PineBook distro arena. (8s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @tuxphones @armbian Armbian was available for PBP and PBP Pro long before, also in the download section of pine64 wiki. Unfortunately the PBP Pro lacks a proper maintainer, last but not least due to the unavailability of devices. That is why it is marked as work-in-progress (WIP) since introduction. (22s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @tuxphones (TuxPhones): @DieZuckerbude @armbian Thanks for the notice! (4s ago)
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<lanefu> Werner: did I help with your ticket?
<Werner> ?
<ArmbianHelper> AR-625 [Task] "Explore alternatives to" reported by Werner at 2021-01-28. Status: To Do
<Werner> that was just a impulsive idea which might be worth exploring. no priority though
<lanefu> linx also has a fancier go-lang based client we could build and ship
<Werner> linx?
<lanefu> lol dude read me comment
<ArmbianHelper> AR-625 [Task] "Explore alternatives to" reported by Werner at 2021-01-28. Status: To Do
<Werner> Ah lol. Did not realize you answered already =)
<Werner> Nice. But the author stated work has stalled
<lanefu> well doenst even publish the source
<lanefu> and all the ther pastebin codes are nasty php things
<lanefu> linx doesnt really need any improements IMHO
<lanefu> anyway I'm already using it.. so if ther's a problem i can patch it
<Werner> True. But we would need to host this service ourselves. If has security flaws it is their problem.
<lanefu> in the meantime.. is free to use
<lanefu> hosting isnt a big deal
<lanefu> right now its on lanecloud but i can setup one on our colo later on
<Werner> It isn't really about the hosting itself but the responsitbility if there are security problems
<lanefu> such as?
<Werner> Like the unlikely case somebody finds a weakness that allows access to the server and spread bs or spam
<lanefu> your solving for the risk of armbianmonitor -u output being compromisd with spam?
<Werner> Not necessarily. The service is public and can be used by anybody without the need for armbianmonitor to upload stuff
<lanefu> yeah i'm just trying understand the risk / threat you're trying to mitigate
<lanefu> we havent viewed armbian monitor as sensitive data
<lanefu> not trying to be difficult btw
<Werner> Maybe I am thinking too much about worst case scenarios
<[TheBug]> what specifically are you using for?
<[TheBug]> I may have an idea / solution
<Werner> is used in armbianmonitor -u
<[TheBug]> is it just a pastebin?
<[TheBug]> would something like work?
<Werner> yes and no. needs a client
<[TheBug]> I know the guy that runs that maybe I could convince him to setup some stand alone setup for us
<[TheBug]> or similar
<[TheBug]> seems his code is free
<[TheBug]> " is a FREE Pastebin with SSL, IPv6, and an easy to use API.
<[TheBug]> This pastebin was built for the users, by a regular pastebin user, providing the experience users deserve without advertisements or paid features.
<Werner> There is no need to setup an own service actually. It is just about exploring alternative services in case we need it
<[TheBug]> ohh but of course he is just saying the service is free
<[TheBug]> I thought he meant free as in software in that originally
<[TheBug]> but I mean, if that service works..
<[TheBug]> and you did want something for armbian I could probably work it out
<Werner> Might be interesting to have the option in armbianmonitor to fallback to another service if ixio fails for some reason
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<rrman> Hello guys, I need help with my Orange Pi 4G-IOT. I flashed android and it worked for an hour, but after reconnecting the cables, it no longer works. No green light, only red. And it makes a ticking noise.
<rrman> Can you guys help? I hope it's not dead, I found out that the cable I used for power supply was faulty and kept dropping the current. What can I do to fix my orange pi?
<Werner> No idea. We dont deal with Android
<rrman> but could you help me find out what's wrong with the board?
<rrman> the serial pins aren't put, I couldn't find anything online on how to solder them eother
<Werner> serial console is best chance to get an idea what happens inside. without its nearly impossible to tell
<rrman> how can I bring the serial ports out? it's not like other models, the pins aren't out
<[TheBug]> you get a soldering iron and some pins and solder them to the board?
<rrman> Ok I'll try that, I was a bit worried of ruining the board
<Xogium> hi guys
<[TheBug]> well have you tried other things like replacing power supply and bootding from SDcard
<Xogium> also where's the ticking coming from ? Board itself ? Speakers ? Psu ?
<Xogium> I sometimes heard that ticking when boards are under heavy load
<Werner> haha. thinking about that sometimes boards running images from xulong have heavy load included by default ^^
<Xogium> yep
<Xogium> but I'm not crazy, right ? It's really because of heavy load ?
<Xogium> :D
<rrman> [TheBug]: It doesn't read from sd on its own, does it? in the manual it says I have to write something to the board first before being able to boot from sd.
<Werner> No. Its about poor design. The early images for H6 boards were ALWAYS running on loadavg >=3
<Werner> H616 has the same issue. If you put the xulong image to it the board will always run on loadavg >=1
<Xogium> Werner: nah but I meant the noise itself
<Werner> ah. then nvm
<rrman> Xogium: I think it's from the PSU :( I gave it bad power supply, it kept ticking
<Werner> That is good. because psus are usually dirt cheap and easily replaceable
<rrman> really? can I replace it myself? is it board specific?
<Werner> I dont know this specific board but it most likely runs on 5V which means you could even use your ordinary cellphone charger
<Werner> not the best option possible but good enough to test if the board is dead or not
<rrman> oh sorry I meant the sound is coming from the power control unit on the board
<Xogium> huh, now that doesn't sound nice
<Werner> welp....makes things slightly more complicated :P
<Xogium> no pun intended
<rrman> lol
<rrman> I gave away my router and got this piece of art instead, good for me :P
<Werner> I cannot see why using this board as a router if a unused cellphone can do the same. The phone could receive some security patches while this board certainly will not...
<Xogium> well, eventually the phone won't receive any either
<Werner> true but there is a chance at least
<rrman> will linux some day support 4g?!
<Xogium> good old pixel 2 here is done for. Ah well. It runs amazingly good anyway, so I'm keeping it
<stipa> rrman: 4g modems run linux for sure
<Werner> 4G is supported. It depends on the used modem and if there is a driver available
<Werner> quick search: yeah german but you can get the idea
<Werner> 4G is also known as LTE
<rrman> aah so it could work some day
<[TheBug]> I mean if you are getting a coil wine from the power management on the board then you likely overheated the board / somethings wrong with the power delivery chips, shouldn't make a coil whine when working correctly
<archetech> yeah....fix that
<stipa> it would be cheaper to buy a new board than to pay someone to do it for him
<[TheBug]> I mean did you at least have a heatsink on the SoC?
<[TheBug]> A different power supply could work as well, if the one you have isn't putting out correct power
<stipa> rrman: what board do you have problems with?
<stipa> if the psu is seperate find another one
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<stipa> internet problems
<stipa> young man is no luck today
<chewitt> HC4 on 5.11-rc5 :)
<[TheBug]> thats a wifi chip right? or is that ethernet rt8192eu?
<[TheBug]> I am having flash backs to that being a really shit wifi chipset and that not being too uncommon but I could be misremembering
<Xogium> it's a board
<Xogium> odroid hc4, irc
<[TheBug]> no if you look at his pastebin
<Xogium> oh that
<[TheBug]> his issue is wifi nic driver
<[TheBug]> he is using really crap wifi adapter that has equally as shit drivers
<[TheBug]> hate to say but I tested that adapter on H3 and never had much good luck with it either
<[TheBug]> the drivers for that chipset suck
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<Xogium> hmm as bad as xr819 ? :p
<[TheBug]> wait
<[TheBug]> 8192eu is the one that Hardkernel support direct
<[TheBug]> but you are using Armbian and seeing that issue
<[TheBug]> chewitt I would almost see if Hardkernel have their own git for drivers, may have a bettrer version
<[TheBug]> also I have two of those adapters
<[TheBug]> the ones from Hardkernel
<[TheBug]> and they overheat badly
<[TheBug]> on one of them to getr it stable
<[TheBug]> I ripped side off and placed thermal glue
<[TheBug]> + heatsink on the wifi adapter
<Xogium> dang
<chewitt> there's no wifi on the HC4
<[TheBug]> the adapter would get overly hot in the plastic case they put it in
<Xogium> I was very lucky then with my rtl8811CU
<[TheBug]> then why the pastebin you gave have wlan0 rt8192eu?
<[TheBug]> 8492041.646141] WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 591 at /root/rtl8192eu-linux-driver/core/rtw_mlme_ext.c:15165 rtw_chk_start_clnt_join+0x214/0x2a4 [8192eu]
<[TheBug]> I assume thate the Hardkernel wifi adapter they sell
<[TheBug]> the 3/5ghz one
<[TheBug]> er 2.4/5ghz
<[TheBug]> have one in a box somewhere on my desk
<[TheBug]> chewitt: ??
<chewitt> ignore, I though you were talking to me :)
<Xogium> [TheBug]: this one of the wifi adapter you recommended that work well under linux ? So they just overheat
<Xogium> ? *
<[TheBug]> I was talking to you
<[TheBug]> I looked at your pastebin
<[TheBug]> did you not look at it your self, lol?
<[TheBug]> it shows a bunch of errors with the wlan0 card
<[TheBug]> maybe thats not what you were trying to show?
<[TheBug]> Xogium: on Hardkernel board with their distributions it is usually stable -- same as in Android -- as they usually get driver in a good place, as far as in Armbian / other dists I have seen that errors before shown and usually happen when the device starts to get too hot
<chewitt> I'm (easily) confused
<chewitt> Odroid-HC4 is a board, not a WiFi chip
<[TheBug]> [12:11] <chewitt> HC4 on 5.11-rc5 :) <-- I went and looked at this
<chewitt> no wlan there
<[TheBug]> in this pastebin t here is a bunch of isssue with 8192eu wifi card in dmesg
<[TheBug]> OHH
<[TheBug]> wait wtf
<chewitt> not in the think I pasted
<chewitt> s/think/thing
<ArmbianHelper> chewitt meant to say: not in the thing I pasted
<[TheBug]> chewitt: I would have to screen shot this for you to believe me, but I loaded that before and it loaded a complete different output than when I just loaded it again now
<Xogium> I see a bunch of cec-hdmi timeouts but… that's about it
<chewitt> :)
<chewitt> the HDMI panel connected doesn't support CEC and Kodi attempts to find devices .. so that's normal
<[TheBug]> chewitt: this is what the top of the doc that loaded for me looked like:
<Xogium> that's what I thought… odroid hc4 is a sbc
<[TheBug]> This is what I was commenting on:
<chewitt> odd .. maybe something freaky with
<chewitt> definitely no wifi going on with an HC4 .. HK doesn't believe in adding chips to their boards
<[TheBug]> lol yeah
<chewitt> and you won't catch with within 500 yards of a Realtek chip
<[TheBug]> sorry to confuse you
<[TheBug]> obviously acting up
<chewitt> np
<chewitt> man, can't type today.. brain is meh
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<rrman> stipa: sorry I got disconnected, my board is Orange Pi 4G IOT
<IgorPec> rrman: we don't deal with this hw
<rrman> ah, I just had no where else to go for support
<[TheBug]> rrman: First get new power supply and test, second, get USB TTL adapter and solder pins so you can see console, three, it shouldn't be making coil whine sounds -- if it is hoping it is from power supply and switch of supply will change, if not... thats probably bad
<[TheBug]> lastly, I hope you are running board with a heatsink on it and not trying to run it without
<stipa> rrman: how does your psu connector looks like, is it a DC barell?
<stipa> barrel*
<stipa> you could cut that barell off from the pyu that wines and tape it to some other DC psu that has 5V and try that
<stipa> psu*
<stipa> watch the polarity
<stipa> you could use a computer supply, it has beffy 5V rail
<Xogium> [TheBug]: about the whine, they say it comes from the power connector on the board itself, not the psu
<Tony_mac32> you better hope it doesn't
<[TheBug]> yeah thats makes me fear more if it just started at random
<Tony_mac32> are you moving 100 amps?
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<[TheBug]> sounds like adapter ate it and sent voltage down line that wasn't expected
<[TheBug]> thats my first thought at least
<[TheBug]> which wouldn't suprise me with some of those cheap chinese psu they sell
<Tony_mac32> volts don't make things physically move unless you have the e-field of destiny
<[TheBug]> if you burnt up caps they can make whine
<Tony_mac32> inductors can whine
<Tony_mac32> and that
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<stipa> or combination of
<stipa> stuff
<[TheBug]> "STUFF"
<stipa> STUFF
<[TheBug]> you need the big scare quotes
<[TheBug]> doesn't have same impact
<Xogium> "STUFF", then
<Xogium> ;)
<[TheBug]> see there you go :p
<Xogium> better close the quote, or the world will most probably explode
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<stipa> "STUFF"
<Xogium> :p
<rrman> [TheBug]: is there any hope to fix the board if it burnt up caps?
<rrman> I'm gonna get some pins to solder out the debug serial, I'm just worried the serial would not respond...
<stipa> if you want to move one you'll have to try
<stipa> move on*
<stipa> do you have a multimeter?
<stipa> you'll need one, without it you're risking alot
<stipa> maybe the psu is good
<stipa> but you can't check it
<stipa> maybe something is creating a short on a board and psu whines beacuse of that
<stipa> but usually psu+s have some kind of protection
<stipa> which should turn them off if there's a dead short
<stipa> there's a bunch of variables
<stipa> without DMM you could make things worse
<stipa> you can buy multimeter in bigger shopping centers
<stipa> with food and stuff
<stipa> "STUFF"
<stipa> they're around 15$
<stipa> you know, compartment where are bulbs, cables, screwdrivers
<stipa> there's usally a multimeter as well
<stipa> at least one model
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<rrman> got it, yeah I've seen multimeters around
<Xogium> stipa: when will they create a multicentimeter ?
* Xogium hides
<rrman> lol
<stipa> Xogium: probably never, but don't lose hope
<Xogium> :D
<rrman> what should I do after I get a multimeter?
<stipa> 1. Put multimeter in voltage mode and measure output of the psu
<stipa> if it's not 5V than psu is fucked
<Xogium> lets hope it's not -5v…
<stipa> 2. if psu works put the multimeter in Ampere mode, and see how much current board draws
<stipa> if it's something insane than there's a short
<rrman> what would be an insane amount? too low or too high?
<buZz> keep in mind that for amp measurements you need to 'break' the circuit and put it between
<stipa> to high
<Xogium> like 6 amp or something
<rrman> ah got it well, thanks guys
<rrman> so if there was a problem with amps, what next? :P
<stipa> there's a short on the board
<stipa> you have to find it
<rrman> how?!
<stipa> the easiset way is to go with your fingers over the components and sens which component is hot
<stipa> there's the short
<stipa> you have to apply power of yourse to the board
<stipa> course*
<rrman> whoa cool
<stipa> when you locate it
<stipa> desolder it and put new component
<stipa> or
<stipa> maybe there's another sgort as well
<stipa> short*
<stipa> you can check components with various tricks and multimeter
<stipa> all in all you have to locate the culprit
<stipa> sometimes something shorted because of something else that shorted before
<stipa> so you find faulty component, put new one in and it blews again
<stipa> beceuase there's another short as well on the board
<stipa> sometimes there's no short
<stipa> but open component fault
<stipa> then you have to follow the voltage and see where it stops flowing through the circuit
<stipa> shorts are easiest fault to solve
<stipa> if you have open circuit fault thenyou have to think and know how components work and the circuit as well
<Xogium> also, don't short usually have some kind of burning smell associated ?
<stipa> yeah, some components overheat
<stipa> go above working temperature
<stipa> and start to smell
<Xogium> right
<Xogium> I continued the investigation on this overheated orange pi zero board here… And I think I found the problem… They used a resistor that was not one bit intended to be used for high power things, to power up a 3v rail, I think it was. So the thing can get damned hot and take the whole board down
<rrman> thanks man, stipa, I learned a lot, gotta get the stuff and try it out
<Xogium> on opi zero rev 1.4 and 1.5 it appears
<stipa> yeah, unpderpowered components doing hard work is bad thing
<stipa> morons save costs that way
<Xogium> but hard to say because there's no schematics for rev 1.4, only for 1.5
<stipa> rrman: yw
<Xogium> so all the stuff comes from people actually physically comparing board as best they could
<stipa> rrman: also, when multimeter is in ampere mode you have to connect the board in searial with the psu
<stipa> and multimeter in betweene in serial
<Xogium> in any case I had a sighted friend checking out the remains of the board :p the back of the board completely discolored and shows trace of burning. I really think this turned into some kind of short, or beyond boiling resistor and pcb trace
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<stipa> yeah
<stipa> that's extreme heat
<Xogium> I wasn't even aware board had color
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> it's like fancy
<stipa> usually it's green
<Xogium> like, do they actually paint them or something ? Or did it turn litterally white hot ?
<stipa> it's called a mask
<stipa> "mask"
<stipa> it protects traces from oxidation
<[TheBug]> yeah can be several differnt colors, but usually coated
<stipa> and it "colors" the board
<Xogium> that's weird, I guess… But why not. For some reason I always thought they were the standard black
<[TheBug]> I have seen white, black, blue, green..
<Xogium> how fun
<stipa> there are multicolor now
<[TheBug]> some will be screen printed with some labels for components, some not
<stipa> you can put some fancy graphics
<stipa> yeah
<Xogium> so the heat melted that anti-oxidation layer off
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> that's very hot
<stipa> it turned black
<stipa> that's like char
<Xogium> dang
<stipa> like it burned
<Xogium> I'm still shocked at the violence this thing displayed lol
<[TheBug]> It was just taking its panties off for you ans sharing the goods... :p
<Xogium> rofl
<[TheBug]> it was all hot and bothered
<Xogium> yeah hehe
<Xogium> I'm not sure a heatsink would have helped given the very limited airflow in the official case
<[TheBug]> :D
<Xogium> might have simply delayed the unavoidable
<stipa> it's just bad design
<stipa> or maybe even cheap design
<Xogium> guy I'm working with is using opi in his project and meh, we'll have to underclock a lot of stuff and disable whatever peripherals we don't use
<stipa> but at the end they're the same
<IgorPec> werner: any change on torrents?
<Xogium> like I saw armbian actually underclock the dram from 624 mhz to 408
<stipa> slower speeds, less heat
<Xogium> and I think cpu freq is underclocked to 480 mhz
<Xogium> at least for u-boot
<stipa> who knows
<Xogium> yeah… I didn't know these things before ;) I wish I had. I always ran them at the regular clock speed
<stipa> it probably made bard stable
<stipa> board*
<stipa> or the chinese ram that claims to go fast simply cant
<stipa> do that in reality
<Xogium> heh
<stipa> so
<stipa> you get data glitches
<Xogium> tbh when I saw the board did cost only $10 I was suspicious of so high performance
<Xogium> figured there was a catch somewhere, but I never thought this could… What's the stage after overheating ? Lol
<stipa> yeah, luck is your home didn't catch on fire
<Xogium> indeed
<stipa> firemans would never solve that one
<Xogium> pretty sure they wouldn't hehe
<stipa> the cause of the fire i mean
<stipa> probably not
<Xogium> I'm glad my sense of smell wasn't screwed up with the covid roaming around
<stipa> so, sometimes it's ok to use currents that can't make a fire
<stipa> like low power chips
<Xogium> :D
<Xogium> yeah
<stipa> but if you want to run linux on a chip
<stipa> it requires some energy
<Xogium> yup, linux can be pretty power hungry
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> it's a waste of energy in embedded world
<stipa> but you can develop solutions fast
<stipa> in either case, it's not you who'll pay for electricity that runs boards you produced
<stipa> i meant products
<Xogium> yeah
<Xogium> frankly the thought of dropping linux crossed our mind, use a mcu instead, but we'd be in the same situation as we're in linux right now
<[TheBug]> Good Quality Power Supply +1, Heatsink +1, FAN!! +2 -- BOM > 10 euro +2
<[TheBug]> Get what you pay for...
<Xogium> that's to say, stuck with having to make some software able to use maps in shapefile format, having to create mapping for those, hope we can load from micro sd card…
<[TheBug]> Pay peanuts, expect monkies
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<rneese> what the skinny in here
<stipa> "STUFF"
<[TheBug]> badum, tscccchhh
<Xogium> :D
<stipa> Xogium: yeah, coding all that from ground up sounds scary
<Xogium> and well when the guy just didn,t believe me over the mess my own opi turned into because it never happened to him, I left
<stipa> but those are fancy things
<Xogium> I give him advices here and there but… that's about it
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> partnerhip horror
<stipa> ego
<stipa> turn into
<stipa> "I work alone"
<Xogium> ;)
<Xogium> well on my own project, I at least managed something nice
<Xogium> I have the usb otg acting as serial console and mass storage at the same time via usb gadget
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<stipa> sounds like usb hub
<Xogium> yeah, but in reality its all through the same usb type c port
<stipa> neat
<Xogium> yeah I really like this stm32mp
<stipa> i dont yet have usb c
<stipa> like in computers
<rneese> well checking in
<Xogium> yeah me neither, this board is my first
<stipa> right, but things with usb c will sneak in our lives as time goes by
<Xogium> but I can say I really like usb c… No more screwing around with usb peripherals… damn it it was to plug the other way around
* Xogium drools
<Xogium> this one sure looks fun
<stipa> right
<stipa> fancy arm
<stipa> machine
<Xogium> hmm
<Xogium> not sure about this thunderX. I heard it had some weird quirks and buggy things thanks to marvell
<stipa> this is something
<stipa> hmmm
<Xogium> but those might have been fixed, or I'm mixing it up with another board
<stipa> 32 cores and 48 cores
<Xogium> one I can say I'm in the end very glad I didn't buy was the macchiatobin
<rneese> you have your choice
<Xogium> hardware was cheaply made for that relatively high-end sbc
<Xogium> and I know someone who blew up the uart port simply by plugging tx to gnd
<rneese> I want the honeycomb for my desktop
<Xogium> heh honeycomb sure looks nice
<rneese> yeah
<ArmbianTwitter> @T4R74N (Tarzan): @armbian @foss2go @gnome @pine64 Sounds like a plan (20s ago)
<Xogium> but I'd really take my time checking online for reviews people might have made, in case you need to expect some quirks, or something like that
<Xogium> considering the price it's soled at
<rneese> yeah
<[TheBug]> Just so you feel confident in purchasing.. "No warranty nor returns."
<stipa> so
<stipa> how much is HoneyComb LX2 Workstation ?
<stipa> 750$
<Xogium> should have seen the price when it first came out XD
<rneese> 270 for ram
<rneese> so about a grand
<stipa> + case
<[TheBug]> yeah but that means to me there isn't any good support for the platform, probably some limited kernels and limited compatability overall -- otherwise they would want to offer some type of warranty or help, but they are afraid someone will buy and then expect them to help
<Xogium> that's the whole thing with arm it feels like
<Xogium> most stuff is weirdly / crudly made
<Xogium> no matter if you get the high or low end
<stipa> Xogium: what was the price bofer 750$ ?
<stipa> before*
<stipa> [TheBug]: If there weren't Armbian bubch of boards would be total junk
<stipa> bunch*
<Xogium> stipa: I think it was initially above 2k
<stipa> scary
<Xogium> hehe yep
<[TheBug]> stipa: problem is if ESPRESSOBin support is any indication of how Marvell handles their chipsets and supporting it, I fear to some extent you would be left with a very limited life-span on that investment and few people wanting to actually continue to support it after a while. The SBCs have very low barrier to entry so offers a different type of interest
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<stipa> it's hard to sell stuff
<stipa> you newer know what could work
<stipa> šepšle want more for less $
<stipa> people*
<buZz> [TheBug]: marvell's PXA270 still works fine on mainline though :P
<buZz> (ok they bought the design off of intel, but still)
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<grae> evening all
<stipa> hi
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<grae> fix your heatpipe?
<stipa> not really
<stipa> but laptop is running
<stipa> what i did to it ain't nice but it's running
<stipa> it's not a "laptop" anymore
<stipa> it's more like "shave your balls with fast motors"
<stipa> and cool the balls so it don't catch on fire
<stipa> while motors are ripping hairs
<stipa> kind of laptop
<grae> kinky
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<stipa> very
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