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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): New article: #nanopi R4S - router overkill? @armbian @FriendlyARM_ @jmdawson_blog #SBC #ARM #Linux #rockchip #RK3399 (28s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): "In any case Armbian does what everyone who uses it is used to: Provide a mostly clean OS with proper kernel." (3s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @FrankMankel (Frank Mankel): @DieZuckerbude @armbian @FriendlyARM_ @jmdawson_blog 4GB RAM is overkill 😉 1GB model is on the way.. (16s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @jmdawson_blog ( @DieZuckerbude @armbian @FriendlyARM_ Tha is for the mention! Great detailed article. I will have the R1 review out on the 18th of Feb - orange pi kindly supplied the hardware and asked me to review if after the Spring Holiday. (20s ago)
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<kre10s> Hello.
<Werner> Hi
<kre10s> I've got this OLIMEX SOM204 board I'm trying to get to boot. But it is getting stuck after loading the kernel.
<kre10s> Begin: Running /scripts/local-premount ...
<Werner> Tried increasing debug ?
<kre10s> There is an env variable in uboot called verbosity. are you refering to this one? It is set to 1. I can't find the documentation on what other values it accepts.
<Werner> Yes, that one. Set it to 7. Here is the docs:
<IgorPec> documentation for linux kernel
<IgorPec> that applies
<kre10s> Aw. nice. a bootscreen I am used to :)
<Werner> Hehe. I prefer raw output over boot splash as well
<IgorPec> but we don't want to scare people :)
<kre10s> Sadly it doesn't enlighten me
<IgorPec> Linux version 5.2.21-sunxi (root@ubuntu-development)
<IgorPec> what's that?
<IgorPec> and Device nand0 not found!
<kre10s> There is no nand flash. this is correct I think.
<IgorPec> but this is not armbian
<kre10s> I am using an external sd card.
<kre10s> it is not!?
<IgorPec> nope
<IgorPec> very different
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<kre10s> I see some olimex boards on the armbian downloads page, but not the A20-SOM204. I downloaded the images from olimex
<kre10s> Interestingly the link provided takes me to but there is also
<Werner> Seem like they put together something on their own. However not genuine Armbian and we dont know what they might have changed/adjusted to break things
<ArmbianTwitter> @Narly9999 (Anthony Ray): @armbian How proper is it? (12s ago)
<Werner> However Armbian is available but support is CSC and no images are provided. Can be built with the build script though. Doing that atm
<IgorPec> kre10s: why don't you hire someone to help you out?
<kre10s> I will try the other image first. I was kindof hoping it would at least boot.
<kre10s> what's the acronym CSC mean?
<Werner> no official support. its community provided
<Werner> No idea though if it works/boots, just built from master
<kre10s> Did you pull these sources from Olimex or is this a comunity contribution?
<Werner> Sources for Allwinner SoCs come from megi with a few patches from Armbian on top:
<IgorPec> linux is community project
<IgorPec> no, we don't use sources from olimex in this case and even we would do, armbian is a built system
<IgorPec> 1st, then images we build, we try to provide some support
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<ArmbianTwitter> @fkardame (Furkan kardame): @armbian Perfect. I appreciate the work done by @armbian keep up the good work. (30s ago)
<kre10s> Werner: you image appears to at least boot to the kernel (I get an indication via led). But In order to see if it is working I need the debug console via uart.
<kre10s> I can enable it in uboot?
<Werner> uart is always enabled by default
<kre10s> ok. It just needed a reset.
<kre10s> The only change I made was to increase verbosity.
<Werner> No idea. I have exactly zero experience with this SoC. At least now we know it is broken for unknown reason
<kre10s> Ok.
<kre10s> do you see anything that could indicate a hw issue?
<kre10s> [ 4.908589] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.mmc: data error, sending stop command
<kre10s> this is for the SD card of the missing nand flash?
<Werner> I have not enough experience to be the judge of that. try easy things like another sd card
<Xogium> logically, nand flash isn't mmc
<Xogium> so its for sd card, most probably
<Xogium> unless this thing has some kind of wifi connected over mmc like orange pi zero
<Xogium> nand is raw flash, mmc isn't
<ArmbianTwitter> @Open_Embed (OpenEmbed): @DieZuckerbude @armbian @FriendlyARM_ @jmdawson_blog we use a switch to solve the single pcie problem. but it's more expensive and not perfect. (11s ago)
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<koutsie> IgorPec, do you know what ISO's i should seed?
<koutsie> I've been seeding OPi Zero torrents for a while but, do you have any suggestions for more?
<IgorPec> torrents are changing automated
<IgorPec> when new release is pushed out, all are changed
<koutsie> well, do we have an way to get the latest torrent for the newest torrents?
<IgorPec> we do
<koutsie> Awesome, thanks!
<IgorPec> this is for seeding all our images. its not dividided by board
<koutsie> Oh boy
<IgorPec> i know
<koutsie> I'll need to re-arrange my setup for this
<IgorPec> its little less then 400 GB
<koutsie> I have other torrents taking up my current drive :D
<IgorPec> i know its not exactly small - we should perhaps add some intelegence popular / all
<IgorPec> but it represent additional work
<koutsie> Yeah, that does
<koutsie> But it'd be nice if you could seed a smaller portion of the ISO's
<koutsie> I have devices around finland doing basically nothing and could repurpose them to seed but none of them have over 200gb storage
<koutsie> :D
<Werner> cluster them with mergerfs or similar :P
<koutsie> lmao
<IgorPec> its cheaper to buy another hard drive then me reworking this
<koutsie> yep
<koutsie> i could also make an scraper that scrapes the latest .torrent file for certain boards.
<koutsie> a workaround but i could easily make that scrape when a new release happens :D
<Werner> You can use the provided update script and add a few filters for the torrents you want to seed
<koutsie> How'd i do that?
<kre10s> If I could get my current project to boot I could offer 6TB of storage ;)
<IgorPec> kre10s: thank you for your kind offer, but we receive a lot of offers every day to blow 1000 and earn 5.
<kre10s> I am not familiar with this expression. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<IgorPec> i can give you others, more common ones, but you should get it by now?
<kre10s> Have I upset you? That was not my intention.
<stipa> oh man, it's snowing
<stipa> i hope it'll melt soon
<stipa> like tomorrow
<stipa> my ass, it's snowing like there's no tomorrow
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<koutsie> lmao
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<koutsie_> hm
<koutsie_> i managed to get a youtube stream up on an opi zero, and its running under 60*C
<koutsie_> :D
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<stipa> that's nice
<koutsie_> that is very very nice!
<stipa> what kind of cooling do you have?
<koutsie_> stipa, literally none
<koutsie_> i should add an cpu temp to the stream
<stipa> why not to brag if there's a chance
<koutsie_> there
<koutsie_> added temp
<stipa> 58C
<koutsie_> now @ 55*C
<koutsie_> no heatsink tho
<koutsie_> and oc to 1.36
<stipa> yeah
<koutsie_> and streaming
<koutsie_> and running a bunch of other stuff
<stipa> 480P
<koutsie_> its an low end orange pi lmao
<stipa> it's cool for an opi 1 for sure
<koutsie_> yes
<koutsie_> also running a bunch of filters for the audio
<koutsie_> like a normalizer etc
<stipa> right
<stipa> it's no point to normalize on YT
<stipa> it's loudness processor lowers it by 6db
<koutsie_> well i want to have the same volume for all audio
<koutsie_> some modules are louder than others
<koutsie_> it dont need to adjust the volume in youtube you see :D
<stipa> YT should fix that dor you, but for some reason doesn't work lol
<koutsie_> i dont think youtube does any filtering to audio
<stipa> ha ha
<stipa> it does
<stipa> it has the worst processing ever
<koutsie_> oh yeah maybe lowers the quality by a faction of 10000
<stipa> it doesnt just compress
<stipa> it destroys it
<stipa> but if you stream shit it doesn't matter really
<koutsie_> yeah
<koutsie_> yeah
<stipa> TEITCH is cooler for audio
<stipa> i haven't noticed anything idiotic there
<koutsie_> mm
<stipa> TWITCH*
<koutsie_> i could stream to twitch yeah
<koutsie_> or multistream with MonaServer but
<koutsie_> eh
<stipa> if you're gping to stream audio go there
<koutsie_> let me just quickly do a multistream
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<stipa> koutsie_: see here, your stream is peaking at -3.4db but you at your machine are normalizing at 0db. So where did that 3.4db go?
<koutsie_> i just restarted.
<stipa> you see, the sont just compress audio they heavily modify it
<stipa> they dont*
<stipa> the fuck audio very hard
<stipa> very pathetic
<stipa> but multistream is oke i guess
<stipa> rarely aynone cares where 3.4db of energy wanished
<koutsie_> i need to hard reset lmao
<koutsie_> what opi should i get just as a stream machine
<koutsie_> 3?
<stipa> mpcie donesn't work on pi 3
<stipa> doesn't*
<koutsie_> lol
<stipa> yeah, silicon bug
<stipa> or something like that
<stipa> N2+
<stipa> odroid i guess
<koutsie_> mm
<stipa> idk
<stipa> now it's like
<stipa> 8GB SBC's are hitting the market
<stipa> slowly
<koutsie_> hjesus
<koutsie_> i need to reboot
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<koutsie> fixed stream
<koutsie> i think we good
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> works here
<koutsie> good good
<stipa> you could normalize i guess
<stipa> it looks like you didin't
<koutsie> i do
<koutsie> it is.
<koutsie> managed to get to stable-ish 55*C too!
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<stipa> so, how much decibels are you sending to the twitch?
<stipa> it's not hitting the zero db
<stipa> cany you amplify it more?
<stipa> he's gone
<stipa> yeah, he's stream is shit, i'm seeing other streams hitting 0db
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<stipa> some hitting even over, ha ha
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<stipa> on firefox it goes over 0db, chromium is fine
<stipa> bug
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