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<rneese> lanefu, you there or asleep
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<rneese> ok ok need input IgorPec for adding pkgs
<rneese> like filezilla and qbittorrent thunderbird
<rneese> do I make a dir called internet and add packages file with them in it
<rneese> or is there specific dir you want
<rneese> like browser has chromium-browser and firefox
<rneese> i have been reding the doc but the apps is not well defined
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<rneese> my first dde build is runnign
<rneese> we will see how it goes
<rneese> IgorPec, you can review what I have done
<rneese> but I added budgie and dde
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<lanefu> rneese: sup
<rneese> you worked on the pbp img
<rneese> I need help with what you did to get the edp port to work
<rneese> so I can get it working on the t4
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<lanefu> nothing :)
<lanefu> my buddy used it on his
<rneese> i have a edp touch screen
<rneese> what bl env did you set
<rneese> to activate it
<lanefu> like i said. did nothing..
<lanefu> but let me send you a link to something that might help
<rneese> hmmmm
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<rneese> ok
<lanefu> do a ls -l /sys/class/drm
<lanefu> in armbianEnv.txt. may have to do like
<lanefu> extrabootargs="video=stuffinthatdo-to-try"
<rneese> well I am building my first tests
<rneese> I will have to wait till its done
<lanefu> rneese: http://ix.io/2z6S
<rneese> ok I am not getting that
<lanefu> bummer
<rneese> i dont seed the edp
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<rneese> thats why I have to figure out the mods they did in pbp
<rneese> it has to do with the bl not loading the port
<rneese> IgorPec, i need to know how to add the ppa repo correctly and where
<rneese> I can not testbuild with out a repo or the ppa
<rneese> lanefu, can you get me the full env setup for the pbp or point me to it
<rneese> lanefu, can you get me the full env setup for the pbp or point me to it
<nekomancer[m]> what do you mean "get me the full env setup"?
<rneese> i need to see all the setenv they send the u-boot loader
<nekomancer[m]> then look into BOARDFAMILY="rockchip64"
<nekomancer[m]> BOOTCONFIG="pinebook_pro-rk3399_defconfig"
<nekomancer[m]> and by chain
<lanefu> also look around /home/rneese/build/cache/sources/ after you've built or attempt to built to see patched source etc
<rneese> my build failed due to the lack of the repo
<rneese> i have to get it into the build
<lanefu> i'd suggest just building some unmodified images and get the hang of the tool
<rneese> well we where woring to test the new build system
<rneese> as I was pointed to this new branch today so we can work on desktops
<rneese> looking for just a file that sets the env
<rneese> brb looking
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<flyback> Owns your "canuck"
<flyback> i JUST SWwapped from the basterdized version of uC***tu that my orange pi lite offers
<flyback> armbian is so much better
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* flyback bows
<rneese> why is the pbp not in the board list
<flyback> ?
<rneese> runing ./compile.sh
<rneese> and the pinebookpro is not in the list of boards
<flyback> oh dunno sorry
<flyback> orangePI lite here
<flyback> for a sdr radio project
<flyback> now I just need to get some esp8266 or esp32 for the serial console
<nekomancer[m]> when you look to board list window, down under list you can choose WIP. do it, and you will see PBP in list
<nekomancer[m]> or just set BOARD=pinebook-pro in command line
<rneese> running build now
<rneese> then I have to find the file that holds the setup
<rneese> this has to be easier to find the settings
<lanefu> rneese: EXPERT=yes then goto the wip/cos/eos page
* flyback shuts down his pi
<flyback> getting nasty outside
<lanefu> flyback: or another opilite to be serial cosnole lol
<rneese> running but it has not got to the point of the wip/ces
<rneese> current or dev kernel
<lanefu> current
<rneese> ok
<rneese> building
<flyback> lanefu, na I want something with power safe firmware
<flyback> esp32 or esp8266 is that
<flyback> bigger system with linux and sd filesystem won't fair well in a power outage
<flyback> also safer to use a watchdog timer on the esp and use the esp to hard reset the orangePI if I absolutely have to
<lanefu> fair
<flyback> they would also make a good battery/ups management chip/firmware to allow the biggert system to be shutdown properly every time in a outage
<flyback> the only challange is if any of this the pi or the esp is going to work in the garage
<flyback> since the wifi really only reaches the door
<flyback> but my antenna for sdr-radio is in there and works good so I should be able to make wifi work perhaps with a outside antenna
<lanefu> esp32 should be able to support some flavor of SSH, so probably more ideal than esp8266
<flyback> hmm good point
<flyback> both are very cheap also :)
<flyback> im very impressed with this little orange pI lite so far
<rneese> looking like the nanopipct4 not in the patch
<rneese> explains why we might not have support
<flyback> thease are the shit
<flyback> you get to find out how much ower draw something is to figure out what size psu or battery you need
<lanefu> flyback: yeah its a great little board. ram is actually 2 chips so you get good ddr performance.....i use an opi lite as a ttl console for other boards
<lanefu> wow
<flyback> you find out that 2 cables can drastically differ in charge rate. and
<rneese> I might have some patching to do
<flyback> you also find out that some usb hard drives are good citizens
<flyback> meaning when they detect they are on a usb 1.x/2.0 port they actually change performance so they stay within 500ma max
<flyback> *AND*
<flyback> you find out what usb hubs actually honor external power and stop sucing from host
<flyback> these $12 modules I bought 2 of paid for themselves the first day just playing wiht them
<flyback> hehhe
<rneese> I take its all kernel patches
<flyback> also lets you find out what devices are dip shitted and prone to frying stuff
<flyback> BEFORE you plug it into your nice embedded board
<rneese> crap this is killing me
<flyback> meese don't worry you will get it :)
<flyback> I think pinebook uses allwinner chips also
<flyback> I ay be weong
<rneese> no it uses a rk3399
<flyback> ah
<rneese> the pinebook-pro
<lanefu> original pinebook was allwinner A64... pinebook pro is rk3399
<flyback> yeah I dunno how well rock chips are supported in linux
<flyback> :/
<flyback> allwinner looks like they are trying to
<rneese> its looking like the kernel /bl have to be fixed for the edp
<flyback> the company is such NDA assholes, even microsoft stopped working with them
<flyback> *zing*
* flyback takes a bow
<lanefu> flyback: yeah i like the H6 allwinners.
<flyback> yeah I am sure they are great but 64 bit was overkill for spyserver
<flyback> espically it's just going to take the usb packets from a rtl-sdr module in the garage where my big rotator antenna is, and stream it over wifi to my house
<lanefu> rneese: i hear my server fans spooled up
<rneese> building the kernel/bl pinebook pro
<lanefu> whats bl?
<rneese> bootloader
<rneese> uboot
<lanefu> oh
<flyback> but yeah those usb meters are great for giving you some ballpark power usuage fifgures so you can compute your budget
<flyback> hell I would have bought one just to test my hack I did 11 yrs ago on a xmas tree
<flyback> came out 200MA@5v, far less than the origional 10w halogen bulb and color wheel
<flyback> so I dunno if i will be able to contribute any code any time soon but I can defintely give out hw advice :)
<nekomancer[m]> no snow
<lanefu> gonna crash see y'all later
<rneese> ok going to bed pick this up in am fresh brain
<rneese> but I need to get the edp port working on the t4
<rneese> gn
<flyback> gn
<Werner> Good morning
<nekomancer[m]> good morning
<flyback> morning? BMCC!
* flyback hurls a canadian at Werner
<Werner> Haha
<flyback> :P
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<Tonymac_32> lol flyback I've only seen that level of hatred for Imagination from a select few other people. But I definitely feel it.
<Tonymac_32> So Oleg's image booted the MiQi, but I dont' see a lot of config differences to our kernel. I might have to comb through the patches and see what ones touch power supplies and/or the mmc code, something Uboot was or was not doing before is now a problem
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<Heisath> Morning
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @InnerJason: As of yesterday, k3s-ansible should now be working on #Armbian devices 🎉. #kubernetes #k3s (14s ago)
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<IgorPec> rneese: i know little about new way of building desktop. Just ask myy here https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15352-architecture-for-adding-additional-desktop-enviromnents-and-application-groups/
<Heisath> Does the automated build check on github also place full images somewhere? Than it would be even easier to test changes. https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2222
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<Heisath> emOne maybe fix your connection?
<IgorPec> you mean those from pull request CI?
<Heisath> jep. I assume not because of storage reasons.
<IgorPec> its planned, but not sure if done already
<IgorPec> yes, it would be handyto have artefacts
<Heisath> yeah could even be deleted when the PR is merged/rejected.
<Heisath> But then ppl w/o the buildscript could check out PRs
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<IgorPec> we'll sort that
<Heisath> it is not extremely urgent/important. I assume everyone who can give a meaningful comment on the PR also has the build ability.
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<IgorPec> AR-450
<ArmbianHelper> AR-450 [Task] "Upload CI build artefacts to web" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-09-29. Status: To Do
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<Heisath> Is it possible that the armbianEnv.txt way of assigning MAC address is broken?
<Heisath> For eth0 atleast?
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<Heisath> Just testing LK5.8 on clearfog and this was my armbianEnv + MAC addresses reported by 'ip link': https://pastebin.com/CUuDpkRn
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<rneese> morning
<rneese> ok IgorPec in the new desktop builder where do I add the ppa
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<IgorPec> i don't know
<IgorPec> rneese: ask myy to integrate such things better IMO add the same way as https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2220/files
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<IgorPec> Heisath: i know there were some changes regarding this, at least in mvebu64 doesn't work this way anymore
<Heisath> I was confused, because it seems to work for eth1,2 and only fails for eth0.
<IgorPec> eth0 is random or some fixed id?
<Heisath> Just hogged my testing network, because I booted helios4 and clearfog at the same time and both got the same MAC (instead of the different ones in armbianEnv).
<Heisath> Seems fixed, probably by the uboot
<IgorPec> yeah probably
<IgorPec> removing setting eth0 mac solves the issue, right?
<IgorPec> probably we could remove them all?
<Heisath> not sure.
<Heisath> I'll try to figure this out. On 20.08 everything worked as supposed (mac settable via armbianEnv)
<Heisath> Ah it is the default address set by boot.cmd before the import armbianEnv.txt is run.
<IgorPec> ok, try removing them and see they are set
<Heisath> That might actually be my problem, uboot seems to f'u loading armbianEnv.
<Heisath> But anything above uboot2018 is a struggle on clearfog anyway.
<IgorPec> yeah, we don't need to push it
<IgorPec> just kernel upgrade to 5.8.y and that's it i guess
<Heisath> jep thats what I'm trying next. Would've been nice though
<IgorPec> the problem is that u-boot must support all sorts of variants
<IgorPec> emmc, sd, sata, m2
<IgorPec> and this u-boot is known to work
<Heisath> yeah also newer uboot breaks pcie which is some core functionality on clearfog
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<IgorPec> well, then strongly against pimping u-boot :)
<rneese> ?
<rneese> morning back
<rneese> so I posted a msg on the repo /request
<rneese> for the new desktop build
<rneese> so where and how to add the ppa correctly so I can run a build of dde
<rneese> ok IgorPec what is needed to mirror the dde ppa repo
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<IgorPec> rneese: can we script it?
<rneese> the issue is has to be added to the build server and to the img source.list.d dir
<rneese> thats what I asked on github was is there a way to add a file called repo that you list special repos /ppa into to be used and added
<rneese> I am still reading the build system line for eline as I go to learn
<rneese> but there is no real docs on how to add custom repos because it looks like the build system was never geared for it
<archetech_> Ive done it for git repos its set in a file somewhere in the builder dir
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<IgorPec> currently there was not support for custom repo
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<rneese> so we have to add it
<IgorPec> for base system you usually don't need it ... in the user costomization part
<IgorPec> now we will sort this somehow
<IgorPec> perhaps we will mirror needed packages but for that we also need to do some scripting
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<rneese> well if we mirror the repo and add that like the armbian repo
<rneese> so that we have pkgs
<IgorPec> that's one option, but we need to keep it up2date
<rneese> where is it the armbian repo is added
<IgorPec> automatically
<IgorPec> one way is this https://github.com/armbian/upload
<rneese> well if we add to where the armbian repo is added to look for a repo file
<IgorPec> no, this should be a part of the desktop
<IgorPec> specificly
<IgorPec> i don't want to add 3rd party repo just like that
<rneese> ok
<archetech> finally
<archetech> odroidn2 Kernel: 5.8.12-meson64 aarch64 bits: 64 Desktop: LXDE 0.10.0
<archetech> Distro: Armbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
<archetech> Machine: Type: ARM Device System: Hardkernel ODROID-N2Plus
<rneese> nice
<IgorPec> then better adding packages to our repo
<IgorPec> if DE will be working only on Buster for example
<rneese> well once its tested it should work on 18.04 and up
<IgorPec> so we need a script which will download x,y,z, ... packages from 3rd party repo and place them in respective directories. the rest is done
<rneese> from looking that their repo
<IgorPec> can you script that?
<rneese> hmmm never done that ....
<IgorPec> which packages comes from that repo - do you know that?
<rneese> all the dde/deep in 1 min
<rneese> i have a list 1 min
<IgorPec> ok, then i'll try to make a pull script
<IgorPec> in the mean time - for testing - just add that repo the same way as for the original build scipt
<rneese> never figured out how
<rneese> that was a issue
<archetech> is zram setup by default on armbian ? I have no swap
<archetech> I see a swap.target loaded active
<IgorPec> yes, by default
<IgorPec> you don't need to do anything in this regard
<IgorPec> only adding file swap in case you are doing some very odd things
<archetech> ok reading forum thread on it
<rneese> running test 2
<rneese> so where do we add the apt-mirror stuff or is that on the repo server
<rneese> igore pkg list
<rneese> ubuntudde-dde-extras
<rneese> missed 1
<IgorPec> i will need to add that
<IgorPec> need to do some domestic work, later
<rneese> ok
<rneese> let me know if you need the ppa
<rneese> once I know it builds for ubuntu I will dig into the debian side
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<rneese> the budgie desktop should build ine as their pkgs are in the ubuntu repo
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<archetech> zramctl shows nothing
<IgorPec> zramctl
<IgorPec> "/dev/zram1 996.2M 4K 74B 12K 4 [SWAP]"
<archetech> nano /etc/default/armbian-zram-config shows enabled thats it
<IgorPec> which image?
<archetech> dont thinkits working here
<archetech> bullseye n2
<IgorPec> bullseye is not supported
<IgorPec> :)
<archetech> beta
<archetech> so you dont want any input on beta quality here?
<IgorPec> bullseye could have / have problems here and there
<IgorPec> me?
<archetech> yes Im aware thats why its called a beta :)
<rneese> not you ?
<IgorPec> no, you can mention this on forum
<archetech> but not in here?
<IgorPec> you can say, but you can't expect i will do anyhting abozut
<archetech> why you assume things help if ya want or dont i
<archetech> I wont use betas any more thats all
<archetech> but then dont complain about nobody helping test things
<IgorPec> did i asked you to test that?
<IgorPec> and why would I do that? we don't have resources to fix problems
<archetech> you asked for help with testing long ago in a diatribe
<IgorPec> we asks for very specific testsings ... and usually very little / nobody pick that up
<archetech> now I get this kind of thing when I install stuff
<IgorPec> if you test what you like to test, add things to forum
<IgorPec> i have to cook
<archetech> ok np whats your irc policy on beta discussion once and for all pls
<archetech> ok or only forum?
<IgorPec> nobody tells you not to discuss things
<IgorPec> i am actually discussing with you ;)
<IgorPec> there more people will see this, that's why
<archetech> ok so ill troubleshoot this zram thing by myself
* rneese saends IgorPec off to the kitchen ... 1 order home made mac n cheese 3 porkchops and mashers
<rneese> saends/sends
<archetech> funny how the kernel updated and 220 pkgs today
<rneese> you talking about over allpkgs
<archetech> was dead stuck on 5.8.0 2 weeks ago
<archetech> for bullseye beta
<archetech> think it was the 20.8 to 20.11 upgrade that did it
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* archetech thinks only other bullseye n2 user is lanefu ;/
<archetech> so /dev/zram is missing hmm
<rneese> i am waiting on my n2plus
<archetech> I like mine
<archetech> can I necro bump this thread its same issue unresolved
<archetech> posted
<rneese> Building desktop package [ armbian-focal-desktop-dde_20.08.0-trunk_all ]
<rneese> 'Recommends' field, missing package name, or garbage where package name expected
<rneese> dpkg-deb: error: parsing file '/home/rneese/armbian-desktop/.tmp/focal/nanopct4/armbian-focal-desktop-dde_20.08.0-trunk_all/DEBIAN/control' near line 8 package 'armbian-focal-desktop-dde':
<rneese> mv: cannot stat '/home/rneese/armbian-desktop/.tmp/focal/nanopct4/armbian-focal-desktop-dde_20.08.0-trunk_all.deb': No such file or directory
<rneese> grr
<rneese> wrong window
<archetech> what command will give the startup info after a login?
<archetech> welcome thing
<rneese> (process:2487): GLib-ERROR **: 12:24:30.947: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<rneese> qemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped
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<rneese> you can gointo armbian-config and disable the login info that is displayed
<stipa> he's gone
<stipa> :D
archetech has joined #armbian
<IgorPec> archetech: you forgot to add logs
<archetech> which ones ya want
<IgorPec> only one
<IgorPec> armbianmonitor -u
<IgorPec> add it to that post, not here
<archetech> right
<archetech> fyi this is a lanefu build of bullseye
<IgorPec> but he probably made you to check some specific things?
<archetech> not that I recall no
<archetech> was a favor
<rneese> pkg-deb: error: parsing file '/home/rneese/armbian-desktop/.tmp/focal/nanopct4/armbian-focal-desktop-dde_20.08.0-trunk_all/DEBIAN/control' near line 8 package 'armbian-focal-desktop-dde':
<rneese> 'Recommends' field, missing package name, or garbage where package name expected
<rneese> mv: cannot stat '/home/rneese/armbian-desktop/.tmp/focal/nanopct4/armbian-focal-desktop-dde_20.08.0-trunk_all.deb': N
<rneese> its seeming the repo is not getting added
<IgorPec> probably no leading space in package group
<IgorPec> or some odd character
<rneese> ok
<rneese> looking I vbased it off the xfce one
<rneese> it lookes just like the xfce file
<rneese> (process:3635): GLib-ERROR **: 12:52:41.967: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<rneese> qemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped
<rneese> break time brb
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<archetech> stipa, thks
<rneese> so it looks like repo is not being added for install its not finding any og the dde pkgs
<stipa> archetech: np, even though It seems like it's not what you exactly search for.
<archetech> I just ran bash blah
<rneese> so either the build server version is to old or the repo is not added
<rneese> lanefu, you alive
<archetech> rneese, what builder ver youon 18 or 20?
<rneese> the buid server lanfu has me onis
<archetech> 20 is pretty new
<archetech> had to blow away my 18 vm wasnt cutting it
<rneese> the build server lanefu has is bionic base
<archetech> well 20 is focal
<archetech> just curious
<rneese> yes I am buildign that but it seems for somereason its not getting the repo
<rneese> we are working on the new build system
<archetech> not talking about what your building ...what the armb builder ver is
<rneese> armbian-desktop
<rneese> we are building current build
<archetech> nm
<rneese> we are are workign on the new desktop builder and building the current build
<archetech> ok that has to sit on top of armbian-builder right ? or is it some standalone thing?
<archetech> ok its on top of the current builder
<archetech> thought so so that can be either bionic or focal I suggest you use focal is what im saying But if its lanes server you are stuck vs having your own
<archetech> i.e. you just adding to/modifying the builder so DE's can be included in an image
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<rneese> it is to become the new builder
<rneese> once we get desktops tested
<rneese> testing the bugdie build now
<rneese> if it works then we can move on it
<rneese> the goal os to allow for diff desktops to be built
<rneese> so if someone wants lxde they build a lxde img
<rneese> but in the furutre you sould use the base img and then install the desktop youwant
<archetech> I get what you're doing ...you dont get what i'm saying
<archetech> ya got errors posted in here an hr ago
<rneese> yes I am looking to try and load up a focal build unit
<rneese> and retest
<rneese> but I have to see if I have the money in the account
<archetech> linode is pretty cheap if ya dont have the hardware
<archetech> armbian has one online I thought for public use
<rneese> well as arm becoomes where desktops are moving having more desktops allows for people to select the desktop they like
<rneese> so far the budgie build is working
<Heisath> IgorPec, I investigated the MAC address bug further: The uboot uses the armbianEnv.txt only after one reboot. On first boot with new image the defaults from boot.cmd are used.
<Heisath> Don't know how that happens, I will create a issue on github/jira. Don't have time to look into it further
<archetech> hmm I hope this is all that was wrong sudo systemctl start armbian-zram-config
<archetech> Disk /dev/zram0: 50 MiB, 52428800 bytes, 12800 sectors
<rneese> Errors were encountered while processing:
<rneese> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
<rneese> ca-certificates-java
<rneese> ok time to get a updated builder
<lanefu> what'd i do this time
<archetech> heh
<rneese> it seems that the builder gives some errors because the repo does not have pkgs for bionic
<rneese> and it just failed the budgie build
<rneese> (appstreamcli:20142): GLib-ERROR **: 13:57:30.767: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<rneese> qemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped
<rneese> also got 5 of these
<rneese> but it does not give more info
<archetech> alright who just hid the 2 dev forum sections
<archetech> oops nm
<archetech> helps to click on it
<lanefu> rneese: which repo? pkgs for the build server or the sbc image?
<rneese> well its not adding the repo I think for the sbc
<rneese> not shure
<rneese> brb door
<archetech> sudo systemctl start armbian-zram-config see if this has fixed my zram reboot
<lanefu> rneese: oh you know what
<lanefu> are you building desktop image
<lanefu> with desktop flag
<rneese> ?
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<lanefu> like are you choosing "DESKTOP" in the build
<lanefu> vs server
<rneese> following this
<lanefu> rneese: okay are you using myy's branch?
<rneese> yes
<lanefu> is armbian still downloading a desktop filesystem durring part of the build?
<rneese> no we rare building from scratch
<rneese> it is debootstraping the os and installing the desktop pkgs
<lanefu> okay cool i was just wondering if that filesystem image was getting pulled adn conflicting
<lanefu> okay good
<IgorPec> lanefu: pinebook pro rebuild?
<rneese> rrors were encountered while processing:
<rneese> ca-certificates-java
<rneese> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
<rneese> so that just caused a build failur
<lanefu> IgorPec: 1 annoying little bug... https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-451 up to you if we wait or not
<ArmbianHelper> AR-451 [Sub-task] "Bug: volume keys don't work with Ubuntu, but work in bullseye" reported by Lane Jennison at 2020-09-29. Status: To Do
<rneese> running new build brb
<rneese> then can go over log
<IgorPec> lanefu: that's minor issue, well
<rneese> lanefu, when you going to do a os update lol
<rneese> your slacking
<rneese> heheh
<lanefu> rneese: OS update? bionic is fine to build from it's what i use
<rneese> then its justa repo issue we have to figure out
<rneese> on dde build
<IgorPec> rneese: i made a mirror
<rneese> the buudgie is building
<rneese> ok
<rneese> that was fast
<IgorPec> packages will be at our repo, focal desktop only
<IgorPec> at this point
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> aptly -architectures="arm64" mirror create dde http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntudde-dev/stable/ubuntu focal main
<rneese> i will retest it once budgie is done
<IgorPec> i can also add for bullseye
<rneese> ok
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<rneese> I think debian has pkgs I have to look
<IgorPec> can you check now? I am one click from away from runnning repo update
<rneese> explain it seems dde is on the debian pkgs
<IgorPec> ok, then ubuntu
<rneese> Setting up ca-certificates (20190110ubuntu1.1) ...
<rneese> qemu: Unsupported syscall: 276
<rneese> qemu: Unsupported syscall: 276
<IgorPec> don't worry about that
<rneese> (process:21619): GLib-ERROR **: 14:49:01.990: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<rneese> qemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped
<rneese> its still building
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<archetech> chk your qemu version
<rneese> sorry hit caps lock
<IgorPec> aha, you get this error when building desktop ?
<rneese> yes
<rneese> Setting up appstream (0.12.10-2) ...
<rneese> (appstreamcli:26353): GLib-ERROR **: 15:05:10.452: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<rneese> qemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped
<rneese> Processing triggers for libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0:arm64 (2.40.0+dfsg-3) ...
<rneese> (process:26252): GLib-ERROR **: 15:05:04.708: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<rneese> qemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped
<IgorPec> did you try to upgrade qemu as suggested in that bug report?
<rneese> it happens like 5 times
<rneese> well I am on a lanefu vpx dont know
<rneese> I will try
<IgorPec> ok
<lanefu> ohhhh
<lanefu> shit
<lanefu> i know this
<lanefu> rneese: 1 sdec
<lanefu> 1 sec
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<rneese> my build is still going
<rneese> should I kil it
<lanefu> rneese: reboot and try again
<lanefu> sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04-edge
<lanefu> the cloud images have a miimal kernel and i think bin_fmt isnt enabled
<lanefu> ran into this before
<lanefu> i installed that kernel instead hopefully should fix
<rneese> ok rebooted
<lanefu> lanecloud has some quirks, but best deal around for 12-core vm
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> thats what she said?
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<rneese> running
<IgorPec> rneese: 24h for repo sync, then focal will have those packages
<Heisath> whats the best way to link pr / jira?
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> [AR-XXX] in the pull reqest textr
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<IgorPec> Heisath: don't work in tittle
<IgorPec> just in text, Use: "Closing" if this is closing the issue, else without
<archetech> how to tell version of u-boot on n2 ?
<lanefu> archetech: dd if=/dev/blockdevice bs=1024 count=50|strings|fgrep -i u-boot
<lanefu> ...seriously
<ArmbianHelper> .seriously [en~>eng]
<lanefu> probably a bigger count tahn that, but you get the point
<archetech> didnt work
<lanefu> dont do partition
<lanefu> and do biggere count
<lanefu> it will work
<lanefu> ane@hambone:~/tmp$ dd if=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1024 count=100|strings|fgrep -i u-boot
<lanefu> 100+0 records in
<lanefu> 100+0 records out
<lanefu> 102400 bytes (102 kB, 100 KiB) copied, 0.016866 s, 6.1 MB/s
<lanefu> U-Boot SPL 2019.10-armbian (Feb 07 2020 - 13:59:27 +0100)
<lanefu> U-Boot
<lanefu> Configuration to load ATF before U-Boot
<lanefu> U-Boot (64-bit)
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<rneese> lanefu, yo might get tt build a budgie test for the pbp
archetech has joined #armbian
<rneese> budgie would be good on pbp
<archetech> ok ran armb-config system-upg uboot rebooted
<archetech> sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1024 count=100|strings|fgrep -i u-boot
<archetech> [sudo] password for duser:
<archetech> 100+0 records in
<archetech> 100+0 records out
<archetech> 102400 bytes (102 kB, 100 KiB) copied, 0.00200138 s, 51.2 MB/s
<lanefu> archetech: keep poking around.. you'll find it
<rneese> i stiill have to work on the edp port on the t4
<archetech> why dont that comd work
<lanefu> because every snowflake is unique
<lanefu> this workd on my n2
<lanefu> sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0boot0 bs=1024 count=1000|strings|fgrep -i u-boot
<archetech> isk /dev/mmcblk1: 14.84 GiB, only got one partiton here
<lanefu> what's `lsblk` say
<archetech> mmcblk1 179:0 0 14.8G 0 disk
<archetech> └─mmcblk1p1 179:1 0 14.7G 0 part /
<lanefu> interesting
<lanefu> oh well sorry i wasnt more helpful
<archetech> lol tyvm
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<rneese> [ o.k. ] Done building [ /home/rneese/armbian-desktop/output/images/Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Nanopct4_focal_current_5.7.19_desktop.img
<rneese> now this was os/desktop no apps
<rneese> but it built
<rneese> lanefu, the kernel update fixed the issue
<archetech> kernel has nuttin to do with that error
<rneese> well I am now going to build with apps included
<rneese> brb
<rneese> we are adding in desktop so thet people have a choice
<Heisath> so to have more than one possible desktop?
<rneese> you would be able to take a base ing amd install desktop of your choice
<rneese> yes
<rneese> like right now I am testing budgie desktop build
<lanefu> rneese: glad changing host kernel was fix as expected
<rneese> it worked but now to add pkgs
<archetech> btw this is that bullseye ya gave me from your stash lanefu
<archetech> one for nicod
<Heisath> well ok. Seems useless to me, but for ppl wanted to use arm(bian) as desktop replacement, sure why not.
<archetech> (appstreamcli:20142): GLib-ERROR **: 13:57:30.767: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<archetech> <rneese> qemu: uncaught target signal 5 (Trace/breakpoint trap) - core dumped
<archetech> hows that kernel related?
<lanefu> archetech: qemu is relyin on bin_fmt to automagically emulate on arm processse
<lanefu> VM i gave him was an ubuntu cloud image, that as a minimal keerneel meaent for cloud, which doeesnt have binfmt support
<archetech> ok so glib was erroring due to qemu like the link said gotcha
<archetech> btw your welcome
<archetech> see thats helping others not hey poke around some more youll find it
<lanefu> dude common. we all have different levels of bandwidth.. we all have different capacity and different timese.. and sometimes breadcrumbs is all we can give and its better than nothing'
<archetech> just sayin
<lanefu> you sure are
<rneese> ok everyone to corners
<rneese> time out
<rneese> take your meds and sit down
<rneese> lol
<lanefu> rneese: ahead of you by 20 minutes
<rneese> lol
<rneese> ok so are you willing to build and test a budgie img on the pbp
<rneese> once I finish teest build
<rneese> building with apps included now
<rneese> this is new now have to figure this out
<lanefu> rneese: i can tonight
<rneese> ok
<lanefu> need to find some more PBP testeres
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well if I can get a pbp I will
<rneese> just woorkingon funding
<lanefu> whats going rate on plasma
<rneese> dont know
<rneese> budgie looks very nice
<rneese> once tested then I can move onto dde and then onto other desktops
<lanefu> mate mate!
<rneese> you can add mate
<lanefu> it's better when you do it tho
<rneese> just have to get a list of default pkgs to add
<rneese> lol
<lanefu> yeah i've mate'd my armbians beforee
<lanefu> just been a whilee
<rneese> ok give me time I have to study each build and make shure they work
<rneese> at the min its foal/eno
<rneese> error came back
<rneese> Processing triggers for libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0:arm64 (2.40.0+dfsg-3) ...
<rneese> (process:31869): GLib-ERROR **: 16:34:09.781: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<archetech> it's better when you do it tho lol
<rneese> 1 time
<rneese> need a way to set flags
<rneese> --install-suggets and --install-recommends
<rneese> in the future
<rneese> appstream error came back
<rneese> grr
<rneese> Errors were encountered while processing:
<rneese> ca-certificates-java
<rneese> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
<rneese> build failed
<rneese> dpkg: error processing package ca-certificates-java (--configure):
<rneese> installed ca-certificates-java package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
<rneese> so we have a pkg issue
<lanefu> i wonder if running java JVM via qemu is a bad time
<lanefu> where's tehe java certificat depenency coming from anyway
<lanefu> i'd eliminate that
<rneese> I have to find out whats installing java
<archetech> getting the uboot version is hard since its not accessible after boot
<rneese> ./usr/bin/head: cannot open '/etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts' for reading: No such file or directory
<rneese> so we have to find what pkgs installs java
<lanefu> archetech: yeah it is.. all my googling told me to just do the strings trick... maybe try smaller block size or something
<archetech> strings needs a var that ubbot sends the data to during loading
<archetech> why you can see it idk
<archetech> I can boot with the serial reader
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<maximilliangreat> Hi all!
<maximilliangreat> After installation, armbian asked if I want a locale based on my location. Great! Now I cant type anything userfull in console. How do I switch keyboard layout?
<maximilliangreat> Things like ctrl+shift or capslock do not switch layout/
<IgorPec> armbian-config
<IgorPec> -> personal and change to something else
<maximilliangreat> I cant write english letter in console with curret layout.
<IgorPec> and what kind of layout you have?
<maximilliangreat> russian
<IgorPec> mmm, that can be challanging :) well, we have to fix this then
<IgorPec> I think CTRL-C should work when doing that detection
<maximilliangreat> so there is no shortcut for switching layout?
<IgorPec> not that I am aware
<IgorPec> i can only disable automatic or do it different way
<IgorPec> first run without ethernet is also one of the workaround
<maximilliangreat> Whell it asked me about layout. Now i'll reinstall and will chose "No"
<Heisath> yeah try that.
<Heisath> I had the issue recently that I could not select anything at the prompt
<IgorPec> if you will not have internet at that time, it will not know where you are
<IgorPec> this is bullet proof
<Heisath> jep w/o internet it worked. But w/ internet it has a [Y/n] prompt but I could not enter anything via serial console
<IgorPec> aha, true ... ok, then we need to change this
<IgorPec> but what would be better way?
<maximilliangreat> better way would to have shortcut to switch keyboard layout :)
<IgorPec> ... locales are set at first boot and it would be best to set them there. The case is that for most of the people works right
<ArmbianHelper> . locales are set at first boot and it would be best to set them there. The case is that for most of the people works right [en~>eng]
<Heisath> maybe check on another board/build if the prompt works there? Perhaps I did something wrong. Apart from that I would leave it as is. No internet->default locale, Internet -> Prompt / Autoselect.
<IgorPec> or create ANG + detected
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<IgorPec> AR-45 2
<ArmbianHelper> AR-45 [Story] "Make first login more user friendly" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2019-11-15. Status: Done
<IgorPec> AR-452
<ArmbianHelper> AR-452 [Task] "Fix first boot locales selection and add desktop lang switching" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-09-29. Status: To Do
<rneese> trying to find out what pkg uses jre is a pain
<IgorPec> rneese: output/debug/install_something.log
<Heisath> I'd think just setup en-utf8 as default, and then ask the user on user account creation about locale choice?
<IgorPec> aha, you mean system should be eng, user whatever it was detected else choosen
<Heisath> yeah. That might work / be usable for most ppl
<IgorPec> or perhaps just "This was detected: Are you sure?"
<Heisath> also good.
<Heisath> This was detected, want it or manual?
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<rneese> there is no istall_something.log
<rneese> grepping the log nothing
stipa has joined #armbian
<IgorPec> there are some logs
<IgorPec> must be
<rneese> install.log shows nothing for the java jre
<IgorPec> this java is part of?
<rneese> root@armbian-builder-rneese:/home/rneese/armbian-desktop/output/debug# ls
<rneese> compilation.log compiler.log install.log logs-.tgz output.log patching.log timestamp torrent.log
<IgorPec> aha, this new desktop :)
<rneese> trying to find out what pkg is installing it
<IgorPec> i never tested it
<rneese> [13:00:02] <rneese> ./usr/bin/head: cannot open '/etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts' for reading: No such file or directory
<rneese> something im the pkgs added in the apps setup
<rneese> its adding jre and I have to figure out what
<rneese> as its breakign install
<IgorPec> its expected ... just open bug and wait. i can't go on this
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<IgorPec> right now
<rneese> ok
<rneese> the base and the desktop build
<IgorPec> what doesn't?
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<stipa> What a mess, do you guys see it? With freenode...
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<rneese> so its a app in the apps group trying to install openjava jre
<stipa> massive ping timeouts
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<IgorPec> throw it out
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<rneese> trying to find otu which one
<IgorPec> throw all of them out :)
<rneese> thats the issue I am working on now
<rneese> ok
<rneese> wekk the os/desktop builds
<rneese> budgie
<rneese> so the first part is done
<rneese> once the repo updates I cantest dde
<IgorPec> beta desktop with alfa tools is amazing if you get something working
<IgorPec> if you fix repository, to imola.armbian.com/apt you can try now
<IgorPec> instead of apt.armbian.com
<rneese> ok so I have to find what file thats in
<IgorPec> ah, sorry, it will not work
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> beta.armbian.com will work in 1h
<rneese> ok
<rneese> so Ihave to find the file witht he repo in it
<rneese> and push it to the github
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<IgorPec> files are already in the repo, just updating process is a bit complicated
<rneese> ok
<rneese> running
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<beanbag-> wow
<beanbag-> if I had only had wsl 10+ yrs ago
<beanbag-> :/
sdoran has joined #armbian
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<beanbag-> so nice having strings and md5 in windows without a lot of nasty hacked version ports that canuck up frequentely
<beanbag-> I was considering using some old routers with usb ports as nas's and syslog store devices
wooster has joined #armbian
<beanbag-> but these orange pi's are so cheap and armbian is so pleasent to u se
<beanbag-> I might just buy more
<beanbag-> to do nas or syslog secure storage
<beanbag-> sorry, just not used to shit that works right
<beanbag-> after 27+ yrs in it
TheNumb has joined #armbian
<beanbag-> might get a orangePI zero 2 or LTS or H5 version to play with
<beanbag-> I didn't want to wait for china seller so I paid full price for a pi lite for my first one
<beanbag-> but now I don't mind waiting a month to save some $$
<beanbag-> origionally I wanted to use a zero but got scared off by the v0.0 having overheating and wifi issues
<beanbag-> one thing I can't comprehend is how the bootloader works on the orange pi or allwinner chips
<beanbag-> there's no real bios/firmware/etc in the chip just a primodial thing that can load u-boot binary off a hard drive
<beanbag-> well flash hd
<beanbag-> and I get how it worked if there was a dedicated flash fat parititon that the primodial loader looks for
<beanbag-> but armbian doesn't appear to have that parititon in the image
<beanbag-> how the hell did it load from ext4
<beanbag-> if the chip had u-boot built in I could understand
Manouchehri has joined #armbian
<beanbag-> thx
<beanbag-> oh mabye they are using a boot sector as a jump point and that then gets them to uboot
<beanbag-> hmm
<IgorPec> boot sector / location, yeah
<rneese> man the buildserver has slowed
<rneese> bbian
<beanbag-> neat thx
<IgorPec> but each chip can have this done differently
<beanbag-> I just couldn't see how they got around the chicken and egg problem
<beanbag-> but I guess they just ignore file system partitions and just scan for a byte pattern
<beanbag-> or the bootsector point sthem to the right place
<IgorPec> this has nothing to do with partitions
<IgorPec> its physical location
<IgorPec> or let's say number from starting
<IgorPec> below fs
<beanbag-> oo
<beanbag-> so it resides in a unpartitioned space?
<IgorPec> before 1st partition
<beanbag-> so what keeps the host from accidentely overwriting that ?
<IgorPec> partition table
<beanbag-> just th efact it's unpaertitioned?
<IgorPec> when you create it, you say where it starts, right?
<beanbag-> yeah true
<IgorPec> and there is some default starting point already. which is not 0
<beanbag-> neat shit regardless
<beanbag-> the algorithiums also that handle managing raw nand or raw nor
<IgorPec> its a block device
<beanbag-> so we aren't wearing out even the boot locations or survive some loss
<IgorPec> you mean if that location gets damaged?
<beanbag-> yeah
<IgorPec> you replace the (SD) card
<beanbag-> yeah I know you can't fix everyhing
<IgorPec> flash media is as is
<beanbag-> im saying a 50% fight ratio is pretty damn good
<beanbag-> fram on a small device would be insteresting
<beanbag-> it doesn't scale high enough for flash replacement but for small amounts it does
<beanbag-> say a few MB for crticial boot files
<IgorPec> its not a problem if you don't write much there and it 99% of usage you don't
<beanbag-> did you know nasa took some off the shelf fram, shot it into space on a project, took some more and put it into a particle accelerator
<beanbag-> 6 months
<beanbag-> 0 errors
<beanbag-> it's naturally radiation resistant
<IgorPec> well, this here is not that resiliant :)
<beanbag-> yeah I know :)
<beanbag-> just saying in general the storage tech fascinates me it keeps chaning
<beanbag-> changing
<rneese> Processing triggers for libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0:arm64 (2.40.0+dfsg-3) ...
<rneese> (process:10487): GLib-ERROR **: 18:26:27.457: getauxval () failed: No such file or directory
<rneese> grrr
<IgorPec> storage ... i recently purchased 4 hard drives, 1 was dead on arrival, 1 dead in one week :)
<rneese> ok its not seeing the files
<IgorPec> rneese: wasn't this fixed with qemu upgrade?*
<rneese> the not seeing files or the glib
<rneese> I get about 1 glib err a build
<rneese> but it seems the beta repo is not working yet
<IgorPec> not yet
<IgorPec> repository rebuild is fuc* slow
<rneese> ok
<rneese> IgorPec, peddle harder it might fix the repo
<rneese> lol
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<IgorPec> rneese: try now beta
<rneese> running
<nekomancer[m]> <IgorPec "... locales are set at first boo"> ...only for latin-based keyboard layouts.
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<nekomancer[m]> IgorPec: did you use non-latinic-based layouts in console? if yes — is it possible to do anything having *only* this layout? at least for cyrillic layouts — definitely not.
<rneese> still no go on the build
<nekomancer[m]> propose some asian layputs too.
<nekomancer[m]> I want to say: bad idea.
<rneese> running a fresh runn again
<IgorPec> neko: i don't understand what is the problem?
<nekomancer[m]> if man have only "ru" layout afterfirst run — there no way to fix it.
<nekomancer[m]> impossible to run any command, because linux not have commands in russian.
<IgorPec> so we disable this for russian, chinese, ... what else?
<IgorPec> so how to fix this?
<nekomancer[m]> not set keyboard layout at all. possible to propose text "run armbianconfig→personsal→lamguage to add your keyboard" or like that"
<nekomancer[m]> and — I got "lv" layout, and try to change it with armbian-config... but it not work for keyboard.
<nekomancer[m]> happily "lv" is latin-based, then I can "just work in console".
<nekomancer[m]> and, who knows how to use console layouts at all?
* nekomancer[m] work with computers from 88 — but since DOS not use language-specific locales in console.
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<nekomancer[m]> not I, nobody I know — just can't switch between locales in console. they newer use it.
<nekomancer[m]> all locale-related — GUI, desktop, remote terminal etc. Not console itself.
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<nekomancer[m]> (it only about keyboard)
<nekomancer[m]> I propose don't toush keyboard at all, or add locale-specific layout to "us", and keep us default.
<nekomancer[m]> if it possible...
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: how is this keyboard/locale thing normally solved..ex: fresh x86 install of debian or ubuntu in a VM
<rneese> no go
<rneese> i change dthe line in the bootstap
<nekomancer[m]> there are interacctive labguage choosers, separate for keyboard and messages, and always default is "don't touch layout".
<rneese> for the rpo
<rneese> but no go
<nekomancer[m]> so, main problem now are: 1. change to non-us by default and 2. it's very,very fast! change timeout to 15-30 second — and 90% of WTF will gone.
<nekomancer[m]> or make whitelist of countries. and insert there western europe and americas. keep outside cyrillic part of eastern europe and asia.
<nekomancer[m]> or change only of "y" pressed. And keep engllish it not touch.
<nekomancer[m]> it's my opinion only.
<rneese> IgorPec, whats the command to use beta
<rneese> I might be building wron
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<rneese> well I found what was looking for java
<rneese> arduio ide
<rneese> 3.5G Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Nanopct4_focal_current_5.7.19_desktop.img
<rneese> so it built the img
<rneese> ok I am pulling the buggie img now to test
<rneese> anyone here have a nanopit4
<rneese> willing to test
<c0rnelius> mhmm
<c0rnelius> test what?
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<rneese> built a img for t4
<rneese> new desktop
<c0rnelius> oh sorry. I use mine headless. that sounds like work :D
<rneese> thats why the new build system... once tested we can do alot more
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<[TheBug]> c0rnelius: yeah but if you have the board could help us if you have time to burn image and test :Z
<rneese> I am building a pbp ing for lanefu now
<[TheBug]> rneese: tell ArmWorks to send me a T4 and I will help you test :D
<c0rnelius> is it using u-boot.itb or still running old school?
<[TheBug]> lol
<rneese> make a swap I will sent you a t4 tou send me a pbp
<rneese> lol
<[TheBug]> I don't have a pbp either :(
<[TheBug]> I have a bunch of H3's
<[TheBug]> you want one?
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> have a few older EBins too
<rneese> lol I have h2/h3/h4/h5
<[TheBug]> have some h5s also
<[TheBug]> need an A20?
<[TheBug]> or an A10?
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> I have A10, A20, H3, H5 Allwinner
<[TheBug]> Then I have RockPi X, RockPi 4c and soon Rock64 from Raxda
<[TheBug]> (Rockchip)
<nekomancer[m]> playboy
<nekomancer[m]> full garage
<[TheBug]> Have EBin, Vim 1 (Amlogic S905)
<[TheBug]> Odroid C2
<[TheBug]> but if you wantr an H3 I have a few extra, lol
<[TheBug]> even have a Sunvell R69 if your feeling froggy
<nekomancer[m]> ..богатый шейх
<ArmbianHelper> rich sheikh [ru~>eng]
<[TheBug]> H3 is from H3Droid
<rneese> what board are you using for desktop ?
<[TheBug]> which is project my self and a few other guys run
<[TheBug]> haha
<[TheBug]> my desktop..
<[TheBug]> well
<[TheBug]> RPi 4 as a thin terminal running 2 screens
<[TheBug]> then I run 1 screen with a Win 7 VM and other with my Debian VM running on a E5
<[TheBug]> my desktop is inception
<[TheBug]> virtual machine inside virtual machine inside virtual machine :D
<rneese> I want to build upa terminal system I like the idea of a central server with clients
<rneese> the best way to go
<nekomancer[m]> <[TheBug] "virtual machine inside virtual m"> did sound works?
<[TheBug]> yes.... but...
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<[TheBug]> since it uses pulseaudio its okay for notifications and similar
<[TheBug]> but not really video playback at least not like you would watch a movie
<[TheBug]> maybe a short clip
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<[TheBug]> if I need to do that I have an H3 running H3Droid on a screen above or I drop back to RPi 4 and run it direct
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<[TheBug]> my setup is 4 screens
<[TheBug]> 2x 27" 1x32" and 1x24" that shows my monitoring all the time
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<[TheBug]> 2 for workstation, one for media, one for monitoring
<nekomancer[m]> <[TheBug] "but not really video playback at"> life is sad
<[TheBug]> I mean you can watch it just experience won't be great
<[TheBug]> depending on what its decoding quality of video and audio vary inside the VM
<[TheBug]> so its okay for maybe 2 minute clip
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<[TheBug]> but you try to watch full video it will lag and chop etc
eth01 has joined #armbian
<[TheBug]> works great for those pop-up ad videos that are inserted into about every news site now :facepalm:
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<rneese> lanefu, you home yet
<[TheBug]> hes probably having dinner
<[TheBug]> where I am gonna head soon
<rneese> dinner dinner he dont need no stining dinner
<rneese> lol
<rneese> stining/stinking
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<lanefu> rneese: sup
<Tonymac_32> lol [TheBug]
<Tonymac_32> My VIM1 is laying around, like my pile of H3's, KR3328's, 4-5 Tinker Boards, 2 RockPro64's etc
<nekomancer[m]> miso
<Tonymac_32> I have some of these doing BOINC number crunching with Rosetta anyway
<lanefu> Tonymac_32: yeah i need to resume my SBC relay.. and maybe use the network drops I added
<Tonymac_32> I need to test the Renegade Elite with new kernel and compare device tree to PBP, I want that DP working
<Tonymac_32> At least I think it has DP over Type-C
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<lanefu> Tonymac_32: I think you and rneese have similar dreams
<Tonymac_32> Type-C, the opposite of or a micro-B: Mechanically pretty solid, protocol/standards garbage
<Tonymac_32> (ignoring that USB has always been protocol garbage)
<Tonymac_32> lanefu it should be doable, but I need to keep on a single task, I will give the Tinker U-boot another night of consideration before jumping to something else
<Tonymac_32> then I need to see if I can mainline the Tinker Edge R XD
<lanefu> Tonymac_32: did you see piotr got PBP onto new u-boot?
<Tonymac_32> it also has DP over Type-C, so that can be inparallel with the R.E. and the T4
<Tonymac_32> I did, need to test
<Tonymac_32> then my name got attached to a Jira ticket, need to do that
<Tonymac_32> someone I know seems to have bricked an N2, we're not sure why
<rneese> ?
<rneese> well I want to get the edp port on the t4 working
<rneese> lanefu, th pbp budgie img is about done
<rneese> you can pull it from the build server and test
<rneese> at the min I would test but eno edp so I can not use the 11 inch screen
<rneese> https://andahammer.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=63&product_id=302
<rneese> i have this screen
<rneese> ok lanefu Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Pinebook-pro_focal_current_5.7.19_desktop.img /home/rneese
<rneese> I thought we where ate a higher kernel
<rneese> but this is what current builds
<rneese> ok
<rneese> why is the builder not building 20.11
<rneese> Tonymac_32, what boar you using
<rneese> Tonymac_32, what did you do to get the edp port working
<rneese> lanefu, you there or you run off
<flyback> dammit
<flyback> my h3 core is getting almost hot
<flyback> running spyserver
<rneese> pput a fan on it
<rneese> throttle it down
<flyback> shoudn't need to
<flyback> makes me wonder if armbian stil isn't apply the right thermal control
<rneese> well h3/h4/h5 are all eol last i knew
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<flyback> eol?!?!?
<rneese> end of life
<flyback> wtf
<rneese> the chips
<flyback> I just bought the damn thing
<rneese> yes they get replaced
<rneese> the boards are sold but no longer developed
<flyback> I find that hard to believe
<rneese> dood I work with friendlyelec/arm and we sell the boards but the chips have been eol for about a year
<rneese> they no longer make them
<flyback> doesn't mean that linux wll stop working on bugs
<flyback> what the fuck replaced them then
<rneese> there is a new h6 better power and thermal
<rneese> and speed
<lanefu> rneese: you're gonna be soooooo mad.... by default armbina check sout master...... do touch .ignore_changes
<lanefu> to keep it from chekking out durrying build
<rneese> i dont touch it
<flyback> 40C is fine
<rneese> well I have a build for you to test but we neeed to build a updated ver
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<rneese> lanefu, touch the file ?
<rneese> you mean generate one
<flyback> 40C is not too hot
<rneese> lanfu pm
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<rneese> Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Pinebook-pro_focal_current_5.7.19_desktop.img /home/rneese/
<rneese> thats where the file is lanefu
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<rneese> but we will have to update
<flyback> im 30C away from max
<flyback> its' fine
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<[TheBug]> lol h3/h5 have plenty of devices and chips remaining and most are mainlined so they are supported in that way, as far as direct support from vendor, thats a whole other thing, each vendor chooses their own support procedure
<flyback> yeah that's what I figured
<[TheBug]> and if y our serious enough I am sure you could still have h3/h5 boards made
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<rneese> ok well it looks like the build worked I just dont have a way to fully test till tomorrow when I can get a cable and kbd and mouse
<rneese> lanefu, if you can build amore updated img I have the line for the build I use
<rneese> ok bbiab
<rneese> ok I got it on hdmi and the budgie desktop comes up but its not in budgie mode
<rneese> its coming up gnome
<rneese> so I will have to giure otu what happen