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<rneese_> bbiab
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<rneese> well I booted the ubuntudde-dde iso and did a dpkg
<rneese> but now looking at how we can make out install match to a point
<rneese> just looking at the setup its nice . now I have managed to get it a little further but they have alot more to make a full robust install
<lanefu> yeah thats a lot of packages
<rneese> I need to clean the list up but yes
<rneese> but if you look at the iso its very clean
<rneese> just looking at making the install work its best for people and make a full working desktop
<rneese> I pland to clean the list up some and test
<rneese> but thats a full debian deepin install
<rneese> but the list can boe gone over and we can work on it
<rneese> brb have to go get a new list alot cleaner
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<rneese> better klist
<rneese> list
<rneese> so then I just have to edit it to match a basic install
<rneese> so I have to look at the diff pkgs and figure out what we are missing and whats on base install and rm those pkgs
<rneese> then I can build off that
<rneese> now I have to find the file that has the base pkgs for armbian
<R0b0t1``> aight if anyone cares
<R0b0t1``> the issue seems to be the usb mode "otg" not actually meaning anything to the dwc3 driver?
<R0b0t1``> I mean I guess it means something, but I can't figure out how to flip it over to device
<R0b0t1``> I tried plugging it in, figured that'd work, and tried rebooting with it plugged in as a device
<R0b0t1``> no dice
<R0b0t1``> but if I set the device tree node to be permanently peripheral it shows up in /sys/class/udc
<lanefu> what otg gadget do you want it to be?
<R0b0t1``> a custom one. I have a userspace driver already.
<R0b0t1``> as a test I could make it be a serial port or whatever
<R0b0t1``> lanefu: better explanation of where I am https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15242-usb-device-mode-on-rockpro64/
<R0b0t1``> I can load the modules you are thinking of, they'd just do nothing as there is no UDC
<R0b0t1``> (afaik, it may be otherwise, but dwc3 has received a lot of recent commits)
<lanefu> yeah sorry you've been kinda fighitng this one alone
<lanefu> seems like you're at least making steady progress
<rneese> ok night guys but I have a bigger to do on this install to make it a full clean install to match the ubuntudde iso
<R0b0t1``> lanefu, yeah I don't mind too much, I was really hoping someone knew what was going on though
<R0b0t1``> kernel ml was slightly more helpful but I kinda got lucky
<R0b0t1``> there's an interesting concept: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunbar%27s_number
<R0b0t1``> basically, due to limitations on how many people can keep track of, a lot of groups self organize into 120 members or fewer
<R0b0t1``> why I think this is interesting is you can go backwards too: it's likely you're 1 of only 120 or so people working on a given thing in the entire world, at least with any specificity
<R0b0t1``> and within that you may literally be the only one doing what you are doing right now in whatever technical capacity
<lanefu> whoa
<lanefu> that's super wild
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<Grobo> Hi. I'm trying to set up LxQt. I have sddm, openbox, lxqt installed and it boots but I don't see any window managers listed when I log in
<Grobo> How can I get this to work?
<nekomancer[m]> Grobo: run `dpkg-reconfigure lxdm`
<nekomancer[m]> or sddm
<nekomancer[m]> recommended for lxqt display manager
<nekomancer[m]> * Grobo: run `dpkg-reconfigure sddm`
<Grobo> thank you
* nekomancer[m] not remember display manager name
<nekomancer[m]> and you need to have non-root user added to users
<Grobo> Yes, I have a non-root user. The problem has been after logging in with that user.
<nekomancer[m]> do you get a graphic login prompt if you start sddm from text console under root?
<Grobo> I switched to a terminal, logged in as root and tried 'sddm' it says "aborted"
<nekomancer[m]> om... then sorry, I have no ideas :(
<Grobo> maybe I should try something other than openbox
<nekomancer[m]> 2 days ago I solve same as your problem for kde-plasma-desktop
<nekomancer[m]> but my sddm works from root
<Grobo> maybe the existing GUI is conflicting with it
<Grobo> sddm started for non-root at boot
<nekomancer[m]> it's possible if it runs
<nekomancer[m]> is it run? do you see it in `ps -ef|grep sddm`?
<Grobo> yes, it's running
<nekomancer[m]> then — why don't you see a prompt?
<nekomancer[m]> what do you have on screen after boot?
<Grobo> I see the login prompt and I log in. The problem is then it asks for a window manager and doesn't show anything
<Grobo> (except "Other")
<nekomancer[m]> login prompt in text mode?
<Grobo> No, it's graphical
<nekomancer[m]> then you don't need to run sddm, you got it already.
<Grobo> It's like this except only "Other..." is there
<nekomancer[m]> now sddm not see a desktop env
<Grobo> Yes. How do I get sddm to recognize the wm?
* nekomancer[m] not know. always use installer magic
<Grobo> I'm having to install from a minimal version because there isn't a desktop image
<nekomancer[m]> did you run something like `apt install lxqt-desktop`?
<lanefu> do you need to add it to xession alternatives or something?
<Grobo> yes, I did "apt-get install sddm xorg lxqt"
<nekomancer[m]> run armbian-config and choose "setup grafic desktop"
<Grobo> Great! I will try that
<nekomancer[m]> there no some other components in non-desktop image
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<R0b0t1``> sigh, the configfs driver doesn't seem to actually work
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<Grobo> nekomancer[m]: thanks for your help. I re-imaged the device and tried armbian-config. That worked :)
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<jock> hello!
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @cscmeu @cnxsoft Not enough. agree :) $ lsusb | wc -l 26 (5s ago)
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<rneese_> man editing a pkg list is a pain but it gives me a better look at a desktop install for the dde
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<lanefu> anybody know what linux fonts i need for emoji stuff in weechat with xfce terminal?
<archetech> only girls use emoji's
* archetech runs
<lanefu> I will use my ageism to explain your sexism
<lanefu> lol
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<igorp_> lanefu: shell i remove it?
<lanefu> yeah if you dont mind i'll have somethign for you shortly
<lanefu> almost have sound now.. there's a patchi have to edit
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<Werner> Good day
<lanefu> Hi wener!
<lanefu> are you still on Holiday?
<Werner> Came back a few hours ago
<Werner> Still unwrapping stuff
<lanefu> feel refreshed?
<Werner> Kind of. Was a nice place.
<igorp_> ok, will remove images
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<igorp_> removed
<igorp_> also hid related posts
<rneese> man editing a pkg list is a pain but it gives me a better look at a desktop install for the dde ?
<rneese> sorry
<lanefu> revenge of the up arrow
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<rneese> igorp_, = IgorePec ?
<rneese> yes
<rneese> just got back from doing out NETCC buss
<lanefu> what's that?
<rneese> and back to workingon the install
<rneese> I did a pkg list from the ubuntu dde isu
<rneese> man they make a full install but I still have to go over the install as figuring out what pks includes pkgs is harder
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<rneese> I want to make the install match as much as possible for what the do for the dde install to make it all work
<rneese> sorry hit caps
<rneese> its a mobile vet mobile home
<rneese> to help low income familys with pets
<lanefu> wild you near like Bristol?
<rneese> south
<rneese> but yes
<rneese> look up Elizabethton TN
<rneese> Johnson City is the closest
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<rneese> so this is the list thus far
<rneese> I am going over the pkgs and rm whats installed from the list
<rneese> so I can work on the list to make it smaller
<rneese> 0 upgraded, 690 newly installed, 0 to remove and 26 not upgraded.
<rneese> Need to get 398 MB of archives.
<rneese> After this operation, 1,963 MB of additional disk space will be used.
<lanefu> lol it sounds like nodejs
<rneese> this is just a new desktop build
<rneese> so I am working on the basics of the install to make it all work
<rneese> but I figure its going to take a day or 2 to get the full install right
<rneese> then then get the build into github
<lanefu> yeah that stuff is tedious.. like i spent an evening or two just trying to figur eout hte right place to update defaults for xfce fr the mouse adn power management lol
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* lanefu needs to get this commit pushed and get into the garage
<rneese> yeah but for me to get this right and get a build going it will be good
<rneese> I figured makingn it match the ubuntudde iso would be best so we know it works
<lanefu> yeah sounds like easiest place to baselien frmo
<igorp_> rneese: its me / my shadow. out of office until tomorrow
<rneese> just surprised how many pkgs get installed with just the dde stuff
<rneese> ahh ok
<igorp_> desktop needs lots of packages, yeah :)ž
<rneese> well I managed to get the power/logout/standby/reboot issue fixed
<igorp_> great
<rneese> yes and I am woking through it but its looking good
<rneese> so I figure gove me a week I will have it nailed down then after in the build I will have to look at the armbian-config and work on it to select the desktop
<lanefu> yeah stay in sync with myy since htey're refactorign desktopp work rihgt now
<rneese> yeah
<rneese> but I had to work on getting the pkg list working firts and match what the iso uses and get them in the build correctly
<rneese> but I am watching it
<igorp_> i hope we will not run low on build capacity ;)
<rneese> I want to get it into the script and have a test build done so we can see how it comes out
<igorp_> myy sais we will need to build several packages from sources
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<rneese> well sofar for the desktop install we dont
<igorp_> true
<rneese> it seems all the pkgs are in the amr64 resources
<rneese> but we do have to add a repo
<igorp_> this means another desktop will be yet another cache file
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<igorp_> yeah, also that
<rneese> add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntudde-dev/stable
<rneese> will have to know where to put this in the build
<igorp_> we can also establish mirrors for that
<rneese> ok
<igorp_> is this the only ppa?
<rneese> so I am just matching list for now to make shur I shink the list down of requirements
<rneese> yes
<igorp_> ok, probably myy will also use some, dunno atm
<rneese> ok
<igorp_> you already add ppa to the build script?
<rneese> no at the min I add it everytime I sun a buils
<rneese> in my build script
<rneese> its the first line
<rneese> its adds the ppa then it does the install
<igorp_> ok
<igorp_> if you will be implementing, just add it here https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/lib/distributions.sh#L508 temporally
<rneese> ok
<rneese> its nice to be back working on this
<rneese> once done I want to make a img you can test with and see how you like it
<rneese> the thing I like it gives you 2 looks in 1
<rneese> it can look like win10 or look like mac
<rneese> as I see just like apptle is moving from intll to arm alot of desktops non gaming will most likly do the same and having a img that will work on these boards fo a desktop easy to use will make moving over easier
<rneese> ok back to editing the list for now
<lanefu> yeah gonna step away myself
<igorp_> ok
<igorp_> if it has to reming on something then i would preffer mac. but its just me
<rneese> ok
<rneese> bbl
<rneese> 0 upgraded, 723 newly installed, 0 to remove and 26 not upgraded.
<rneese> Need to get 407 MB of archives.
<rneese> After this operation, 1,982 MB of additional disk space will be used.
<rneese> thus far
<rneese> I know it will make the img bigger but to have a working desktop its worth it
<rneese> ok bbl
<igorp_> thats around 3Gb in total?
<igorp_> that's just fine
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<[TheBug]> lanefu: seems some possible instability in the RockPi 4c networking driver in 5.8.6 - http://prntscr.com/uk8oa5
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<lanefu> Hmm.. [TheBug] try a nightly kernel it's on 5
<lanefu> 5.8
<lanefu> .10
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* nekomancer[m] sees `dde` and remember DDE in windows 3.11.
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