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<nekomancer[m]> * why I not see there https://developer.arm.com/tools-and-software/open-source-software/developer-tools/gnu-toolchain/gnu-a/downloads/9-2-2019-12 bundle for `aarch64-aarch64-none-linux-gnu`?
<nekomancer[m]> arm not like non-cross compilation??
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<nekomancer[m]> no way to native building. external toolkits too deep insidee.
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<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: look for linaro toolchian
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<nekomancer[m]> i686, x64
<nekomancer[m]> so?
<lanefu> damn it
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> i misread that lol
<nekomancer[m]> maybe to simlink system gcc... or setup native ubuntu package into cache/toolchain...
<nekomancer[m]> gcc, libc, binutils...
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<nekomancer[m]> some reason there forced i386. maybe for 32 bit uboot. then need arm instead aarch64?
<nekomancer[m]> too complex for little at
<nekomancer[m]> cat
<lanefu> yeah man that stuff is so confusing and complicated
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<nekomancer[m]> just as whhen I try to build torbrowser for arm64 :^(
<nekomancer[m]> fail — too complicated for me
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<lanefu> damn archetech is never here when i wanna ask him something
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<Werner> Good morning
<IgorPec> morning
<Werner> IgorPec, Just curios. Have you ever played with the "clubs" feature of the forums?
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<Werner> Crude merging of tutorials, hardware hacks and reviews is done. All topics left in research I'll do manual decision.
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<IgorPec> no, haven't open any clubs
<IgorPec> not sure if our forum needs any
<IgorPec> its like outsourcing forum managament for some group if i understand properly
<Werner> Me neither. I am still thinking about if there is a way how this feature could be useful. Not found one yet.
<IgorPec> we don't neet to use a feature just because its there :)
<Werner> Correct, that is why I did not activate it yet since I do not have a proper plan how it could be useful :P
<IgorPec> yeah. perhaps try to get some assistance in managing forum. now you just came from vacations, its no problem, but what when you don't have time
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<Werner> From what I have seen in the last few weeks it is actually not that bad. Most of the time spent was for figuring out ideas. Leave that aside the rest is done in no time.
<IgorPec> sure, but as you can see people need a loooot of time to react on proposals. if
<IgorPec> i see, there is another update on forum sw version
<Werner> Yeah true. It is still fine to give no opinion on something though.
<Werner> Yeah they bumped minor to .3
<IgorPec> we could try with update ... i will do manual backup just right before we start in case things collapses
<Werner> The only reason to do it atm would be to get rid of the nag screen ;D
<IgorPec> no opinion is also good somotimes, yeah :)
<IgorPec> just close it
<IgorPec> you and me are the only one seeing it
<Werner> If comes back every 24h
<IgorPec> true
<Werner> lane probably see it as well
<IgorPec> lets try to do this in sunday evening
<IgorPec> lane too, yes
<Werner> I will not be there sunday evening.
<Werner> You can still upgrade if you want
<IgorPec> ok, then i will try. anyway you can't help much in case it crashes
<Werner> True. I'll catch up with the new stuff the day after then
<IgorPec> once i had to take their support
<Werner> Is it useful?
<Werner> s/Is/Was
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: Was it useful?
<IgorPec> ofc. before i would find the cause of the problem i would waste days, they knew how to fix straight away
<Werner> Awesome.
<IgorPec> i don't know how forum function. they do. its like our build script ... sources are there, but even I have to think sometimes
<IgorPec> how to deal with this and that problem. not to mention if kernel or u-boot is in question
<Werner> Yeah sure. Was just curios if they actually know their way around or it is just nice-to-look-at
<Werner> Some support is not worth calling it "support".
<IgorPec> well, we can't conclude nothing out of one case
<IgorPec> perhaps i got lucky
<IgorPec> but overall i would say you can find people that will help you fix troubles
<IgorPec> fast
<Werner> Good
<Werner> I think now is a good time for brewing a 2nd cup of coffee.
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<no_maam> Hi, I have a rather stupid question. I'm looking for good arm64 quick assembly reference card. There are a few ones I like, but there it's not that obvious that for example stp also writes back the pointer offsset to the corresponding register.
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<gilarelli> hi all :)
<Werner> Hi
<gilarelli> I've joined the chat as I cannot post on the forum as my account is too young (I think) - is it the right place to ask for help or should I wait to be able to post on the forum ?
<Werner> New accounts are limited functionality by default to avoid spam/abuse. First posting needs manual approve.
<Werner> Whats your nick in forums?
<gilarelli> gilarelli too
<Werner> Aight, I'll look into it
<gilarelli> oh ok - thx !
<Werner> Your account is alright. You probably hitting the 24h limit at the moment.
<gilarelli> Ok, thx anyway. Then I just have to wait to be able to post again
<wizzard> guys, some time ago, I created a fb group https://www.facebook.com/groups/armbian, hope you have not a problem with that :)
<Werner> There is an unofficial reddit group too
<IgorPec> no :) didn't know avbot
<Werner> (\.|^)facebook\.com$ is in my pihole :P
<IgorPec> haha
<IgorPec> it would be nice to join all those efforts under twitter
<IgorPec> this is the only social account we have some people around
<Werner> s/only/only official
<ArmbianHelper> Werner thinks IgorPec meant to say: this is the only official social account we have some people around
<Werner> but yeah
<Werner> gilarelli, I lifted the restrictions on your account
<wizzard> I just missed that group on fb, cause it is the most famous site on the web now
<IgorPec> fb or armbian ? :)
<IgorPec> "most famous site"
<wizzard> just nobody talks there yet :)
<IgorPec> yeah, you need critical mass i guess
<IgorPec> which is why we only try to build community around twitter
<wizzard> but some people joined without advertising
<IgorPec> sure. the probably search for and ..
<IgorPec> even groups with 1000x people are silent
<wizzard> did not know about twitter :)
<gilarelli> @Werner : thx a lot !
<gilarelli> I just replied to my original post
<IgorPec> on twitter we have a critical mass to spark some new out
<IgorPec> news
<Werner> You're welcome buddy
<IgorPec> but its still not a very large one.
<wizzard> home some volunteers will join fb too :)
<wizzard> Linux base on fb is very large, but nothing dedicated to Armbian
<wizzard> *home = hope
<IgorPec> linux is much larger entity and here for several decades
<IgorPec> we are very specific in what we do and around 7 years
<wizzard> btw, I see that there is no armbian for RPI?
<IgorPec> no
<wizzard> they have that Raspbian, so it is basically the same?
<IgorPec> not entirely ... if this amuses you https://forum.armbian.com/topic/483-support-of-raspberry-pi/
<wizzard> I was just surprised, although I never planned to buy RPI
<IgorPec> why would we waste time and energy for it?
<Werner> This karmbian project started to work on rpi support but they never delivered any update on their repository.
<wizzard> oh, I see
<IgorPec> rpi userbase is also in general very immature / newbie which is very costly to support
<wizzard> so they are basically closed source?
<wizzard> I just read their support is quite good
<IgorPec> rpi runs linux inside closed sourced VM
<IgorPec> rpi is a propriatery video player by design with added ARM cores
<wizzard> I see
<IgorPec> millions don't :)
<IgorPec> and don't care as well
<wizzard> just read that RPI is much easier to work with as some video player etc
<wizzard> other boards require more skills to install and configure
<wizzard> also they have a lot of OS available
<Werner> RPi has only half a dozen boards to deal with and have hundreds of developers. Armbian has hundreds of boards to deal with but just half a dozen of developers :P
<wizzard> :)
<wizzard> RPI is for newbies :)
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<stipa> When are we going to se SBC's made by Armbian project?
<IgorPec> opi2e was co.designed by Armbian
<wizzard> wow
<IgorPec> this is to support our testing, not a board it self. it needs one board
<wizzard> btw, no Armbian or something for RK3066A? :)
<Werner> IgorPec, any concern if I activate the clubs feature and hide it to administrators to play with it? Just ran into an idea...
<IgorPec> yeah, sure
<IgorPec> 3066a what's that ?:)
<wizzard> well, I read it on the chip on my Atari Flashback :)
<wizzard> seems like some low end soc
<IgorPec> chips out of mainstream have poor linux support
<IgorPec> and can usually only ran BSP rockchip only supported kernels which are
<IgorPec> crap
<wizzard> I thought so
<wizzard> I replaced that PCB with Opi PC plus and it fits quite well
<wizzard> sorry for spamming
<Werner> No worries
<IgorPec> opi+ is still a nice board
<IgorPec> pc+
<stipa> Hmmm, those two "MPAD" bards on the picture https://raw.githubusercontent.com/armbian/mpads/master/images/mpads.jpg , green is for additional I/O and the blue is full of sd card memory slots. What's going on there? How is the blue board connected to the SBC below it?
<wizzard> it is, quite powerfull with wifi
<IgorPec> stipa: this board was fully redisgned. this v1.0 which we only made few proto
<IgorPec> otherwise that is connected via i2c
<stipa> I see now, someone put too short black connector that connect a board to the SBC...
<IgorPec> those connections were ment to be via cables
<stipa> oh
<IgorPec> and blue board is for SD card mux
<IgorPec> while green is for uart muxes
<stipa> Cool
<stipa> I by my limited knowledge don't have a clue where those boards could be used, especially the blue one?
<IgorPec> this is the latest version
<IgorPec> blue one - on each connector you attach SD card
<stipa> Oh
<stipa> So multi sd cards at the same time?
<IgorPec> its 8x emulated SD card - you burn OS, boot the board and listen to UART
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> in fact the SD cards are on the PCB
<IgorPec> so actually just switching them on / off / burn
<IgorPec> so that the process of testing can be fully automatised
<IgorPec> and its generic
<stipa> I had a feeling it's somehing for development of software and debugging Armbian uses.
<IgorPec> yeah, not for end usage defenetly
<stipa> Because it's something you don't see often.
<IgorPec> its a software development tool
<IgorPec> that saves us a lot of time
<IgorPec> and time is the most expensive resource
<IgorPec> werner: i like the idea
<Werner> What? lost track
<IgorPec> clubsd
<IgorPec> which you are experimenting
<stipa> I see
<Werner> The tv boxes forums is a mess and i hate these insanely long threads. Very unclear
<IgorPec> werner: to move tv boxes there
<Werner> yeah
<stipa> Thanks IgorPec for the explanation.
<Werner> This way we dont waste forum space for tv boxes but still everything is nicely clear
<IgorPec> u welcome. even i know this not very in detail, i was not designing it
<stipa> I understan, it's a huge thing.
<IgorPec> also i talked with balbes few days ago ... he is trying to cut down support
<IgorPec> since its insane lots of request for this and that hw which is very hard to support
<Werner> I was waiting for the point when it gets too much for him to handle... Already offered help as far as possible
<IgorPec> yes, its amazing that how much he hangles
<IgorPec> i would not withstand that
<Werner> If you have passion for something.... ^^
<IgorPec> i know, but you hit the limit one day
<Werner> Yes
<IgorPec> burnout is actually one of the biggest dangers for projects as such
<IgorPec> if not the biggest
<Werner> At least for me, even though I get older, I hope I won't get burned out from these forums any time soon. Doing this is kind a kindergarten compared to the stuff I did a decade ago.
<IgorPec> true. one have to keep that not all day is filled doing this
<IgorPec> when you wake up in the middle of the night and worrying about some things about that ... :)
<IgorPec> then its not a good sign
<Werner> Yeah. But it is good to know to have something to fill gaps before start doing something stupid ;)
<Werner> Hm I had a member here that did not get promoted from validation to member properly. Had enough days and postings...
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<stipa> Burnout is sick stuff, if it doesen't damage nerves for a week or so you're good as new till the next one.
<stipa> It's a common thing nowdays.
<stipa> It's just a sign you need to rest for a few deay.
<stipa> few days*
<stipa> But it's a standard employers expect nowdays, if you break the'll just hire someone else.
<stipa> break = go mad
<IgorPec> recovery can be much longer if you don't pay attention
<IgorPec> yeah, so its good to know limits
<stipa> Yeah, just know the limits nad say NO.
<IgorPec> yep
<IgorPec> well, in case if OSS project, where people doesn't have bosses ... one can burn out without having a boss
<stipa> if there are deadlines I guess yes.
<stipa> Dadline is a boss in that case :D
<IgorPec> mainly there are not, just there is usually so much to do
<stipa> Informatin overload
<IgorPec> also that
<stipa> Today people make posts just to make them, to be in a feed, and it's complete crap. It's crap overload.
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<IgorPec> yeah
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<Werner> Nice. Topics can be moved from/to clubs/forums
<Werner> Interesting. Guests should not have access to clubs but the rss feed seems to have...
<IgorPec> clubs can't be open?
<Werner> Sure they can. I just noticed that the bot accounts a topic I created in a club which he should not be able to read
<IgorPec> aha
<Werner> Just a minor issue
<Werner> Crowdfunding can be disabled I guess? Forum uses subscriptions
<IgorPec> that's different thing
<IgorPec> when we will collect for server
<IgorPec> for example
<IgorPec> users doesn't see it anyway
<Werner> Yeah it is not in active use, that is why I asked
<IgorPec> aha, yeah it can be disabled
<IgorPec> for the opening of tvboxes club we should at least discuss with a few people that are making things there
<Werner> Of course.
<IgorPec> so just prepare it, but not do any moving
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<Werner> Had no intention to simply do anything to the forums until there was some talking
<IgorPec> leave a comment here https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-230
<ArmbianHelper> AR-230 [Story] "Decide what to do with TVboxes" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-05-04. Status: In Progress
<[TheBug]> O_o
<IgorPec> bug is around, hi
<IgorPec> what do you think?
<[TheBug]> I think I need coffee
<Werner> Will do
* IgorPec cooks coffee for bug :)
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<Werner> I have put my two cents below AR-230
<ArmbianHelper> AR-230 [Story] "Decide what to do with TVboxes" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-05-04. Status: In Progress
<[TheBug]> Werner: hope is with storage issues resolved we will be much more able to actually find people to help and directly support boxes who have time -- having a specific forum/club to get those people involved in would be a good idea -- though I would hope the goal would be to better support boxes, not edge towards removing any of the existing support that is there
<IgorPec> armbian doesn't official add any special support - tv boxes receive generic part - at least officially
<IgorPec> there are few people active in there and those are the one to aks
<IgorPec> asks
<IgorPec> moving things under the club just makes a line of where official support ends stronger.
<[TheBug]> yeah, but I like idea of club or whatever to get people together on those topics
<IgorPec> but yeah, since we have more capacity at least we can do something. it doesn't costs much if anything extra
<[TheBug]> indeed
<IgorPec> balbes stuff is already at users.armbian.com
<IgorPec> and more can be done
<IgorPec> [thebug] perhaps just notify people that you were talking about tvboxes or open / add to forum that we have some discussioin prior
<[TheBug]> for sure, will have to look into making a club as he mentioned and invite all those who want to participate to there
<Werner> If I got that correctly club creation and mostly everything related to is open to everyone in the mentioned groups that have access to the feature atm. Will be restricted later of course.
<Werner> beta.armbian.com seems to be down
<IgorPec> i see
<IgorPec> working
<IgorPec> on
<Werner> k
<IgorPec> we shut down dl.armbian.com yesterday and beta was also there but we forget about :)
<Werner> haha
<IgorPec> well, lanefu figured that out just before getting to bed actually
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<Werner> beta seems back online but using the wrong certificate. Using archive.armbian.com
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<IgorPec> fixed
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<lanefu> woohoo kernel 5.8.11 is otu now
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<IgorPec> yes, i had to rebuild one corrupted image
<lanefu> also did you know the Focal desktop image is about a gig larger than the bullseye desktop image
<lanefu> lol
<IgorPec> nope, wtf?
<lanefu> ubuntu bloat
<lanefu> i havent looked to see if we have any different packages in our config
<IgorPec> new desktop should have "remove packages definition"
<IgorPec> they probably attach all sorts of garbage to some basic desktop elements
<IgorPec> i never really pay much attention to that
<lanefu> yeah i hadnt either
<lanefu> been using bullseye because i think it's mesa is newer out of hte box
<lanefu> also i feel cooler using it
<IgorPec> how is this pinebooky ? usable yet
<lanefu> btw does EXTRAWIFI provide any special drivers for the apack wifi stuff? or is is just realtek
<IgorPec> what is pbpro using?
<lanefu> ampack 6256
<IgorPec> we don't touch those drivers
<lanefu> gothca
<lanefu> anyway it's super usable once you put the new uboot on it
<lanefu> i'm haivng some intermitten wifi problems downstairs.. which is weird as i have an AP nearby
<lanefu> but upstairs its fine
<IgorPec> why don't we just use that u-boot?
<lanefu> cuz i'm too dumb to figure out how to set it up
<IgorPec> right. well, perhaps lets wait for piter
<IgorPec> currently he is out on some vacations
<IgorPec> i can try to look into later
<lanefu> man i want some vacations
<IgorPec> oh, me too
<lanefu> i spent my vacation money on new air conditionign
<lanefu> probably still need to do a weekend at beach at least
<IgorPec> i am probably done with this kind of vaca for this yeat
<IgorPec> year. just some offline time would also do
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<lanefu> yeah i'll be back in garage soon have some new car projects coming
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<rneese> so now next issue igore is getting the ubc on the t4 to be a video port to add a 2nd screen
<rneese> I dont know if a hdmi spliter would work to get dual display but I want to get 2 displays working
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<nologin> hello, how do you recompile one of the kernels provided with Armbian, natively on aarch64? i've tried Armbian build with compile.sh KERNEL_ONLY=yes, but it does not allow to compile on native aarch64?!
<nologin> is it absolutely necessary to own x86 and have virtualization set up on it to recompile Armbian kernel?
<nekomancer[m]> уес
<nekomancer[m]> yes
<nologin> but what's the point? why does compile.sh blocks native compilation?
<nekomancer[m]> it not block
<nekomancer[m]> it just builded around x64 cross compilation toolkits
<nologin> [ error ] ERROR in function prepare_host [ general.sh:935 ]
<nologin> [ error ] Running this tool on non x86-x64 build host in not supported
<nologin> sorry for pasting
<nekomancer[m]> it can be replaced with native envirounment. but somebody have to do that work.
<nekomancer[m]> ironicaly yesterday I invest some hour to that. but failed — too complicated for me.
<nekomancer[m]> you welcome to try.
<nekomancer[m]> maybe you will success
<nekomancer[m]> and can submit solution to community
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<nologin> uh, fact is i have -j32 x86 sitting right beside me running archlinux, but 1) i don't even have virtualization support built into the kernel 2) it's not debian, so i can't follow compile.sh requirements
<nologin> this frustrates me as i could build the kernel on aarch64 in 30-40 minutes and move on
<[TheBug]> thats nice but because we support so many different boards and have to recompile things very often, it requires more horsepower so most of our work is done and compiled on x86 for that reason.
<[TheBug]> As such all our tools are setup in that way in our build tool.
<nologin> i've had a quick look at the shell scripts of armbian build, but it looks a bit too compilicated for my sh skills
<nekomancer[m]> you can git clone kernel sources you need, git clone armbina repository, then take patches from armian repo and manualy apply it to kernel sources.
<[TheBug]> Maybe one day someone will donate one of those nice ARM servers with 24-48 cores and we can do it natively
<nekomancer[m]> then just run kernel compilation, as usual — make menuconfig; make and so on
<nologin> [TheBug]: don't get me wrong, building all the armbian stuff on fast x86 seems reasonable, but blocking the way to do a simple kernel rebuild? weird
<nologin> nekomancer[m]: i could do it, but i would prefer to end up with .dpkg with all the deps, pre and post install scripts as they were designed by armbian people
<nologin> nekomancer[m]: to make matters worse it's been decades since i had the skills with apt/dpkg
<nekomancer[m]> somebody have to do that. not yet.
<nologin> funny thing is i just wanted to have a look (and possibly cross-patch solution from different branches) at the meson (odroid n2) lack of sound problem :)
<nekomancer[m]> run it on aws or digital ocean
<nekomancer[m]> you will pay for it about 1€
<nologin> wouldn't this take away the satisfaction of solving the problem yourself? ;) i think i'll dig into compile.sh a little more
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<nologin> maybe it's time to 'man sh' and improve my shell scripting
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<rneese> goto the baaash handbook online
<rneese> bashlol
<IgorPec> nologin: i would also like to see native compiling but i am affraid rework script brings a lot of work and still some parts will not be able compile natively without poking into the source code, especially into some weird old u-boot code
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<IgorPec> the reason why we have more compilers and not just one is because its 100x more cheaper to add another compiler then fixing old code
<IgorPec> also kernel compilation on the board itself its only one step from complete
<ArmbianTwitter> @press5 (Jessica Litwin): @_r00k_ @joshobrien77 @kobol_io 1. decide on a boot method 2. install armbian 3. configure whatever services / raid you want 4. the wiki will probably have a sample monitoring script to run the front panel fault light based on mdraid output, you can of course write your own 5. forget it until a disk MTBF's out (9s ago)
<nekomancer[m]> nologin: my work finished there : https://termbin.com/gjh8q
<nekomancer[m]> it stops on "now there need a way to use gcc aarch64 linux native toolkit and point to it"
<nekomancer[m]> I just not found such toolkit as single bundle
<nologin> IgorPec: thanks, but is u-boot even necessary? i have it already in place and i just need a modified kernel
<nologin> nekomancer[m]: thanks, i'll have a look
<IgorPec> its not about what do you need ;) our tool build complete image from sources, below u-boot, u-boot, kernel, rootfs from packages ...
<nologin> IgorPec: i get it, the moment i had a first look at armbian build it came to me it's meant to built the whole distro, u-boot, kernel etc.
<IgorPec> but i belive we can push it toward native building, especially for modern mainline kernel and u-boot
<nologin> good to hear
<IgorPec> the bad part is that we have no resources
<IgorPec> to do any major changes or to add more. we currently started major rfc of the desktop part and this will take months to complete
<nologin> i'm not into debian/ubuntu distros but after a couple days with Armbian i admit it's comfortable
<IgorPec> now if we say we want native suppoort. nice, but things has to be troughully inspected, a plan has to be made, allocate people and start the work
<IgorPec> central point of armbian is a build system
<IgorPec> we choose debian on the user end just for the sake of comodity, large userbase
<IgorPec> personal preferences
<rneese> port the build system to use arch
<rneese> lol
<IgorPec> lol
<IgorPec> well, it would certainoly be possible
<rneese> ubuntu and debian are dead
<rneese> lol
<IgorPec> just need few arch folks with deeper know-how and strong wish to do that
<IgorPec> all this is the same sh* it you ask me
<rneese> lol just yanking your chain IgorPec
<rneese> heheh
<IgorPec> yeah. i really don't care how thin is called ... i need this and that application and all are present in arch, debian, fedora, ...
<nologin> how many people are involved in the core Armbian development on a day to day basis?
<rneese> we need a nice png for the login screen
<nologin> oh, btw, coming from slackware, archlinux, the kernel logo patch got me feeling uncomfortable ;)
<IgorPec> haha, why?
<IgorPec> i am also comming from slackware
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<nologin> pure candy and i can't see what's going on behind the scenes ;)
<nologin> just joking, for most users it's convinent
<rneese> well oother thee 2 apps I dont have on here this is turning out to be a great build
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<IgorPec> you just hit ESC and logo is gone
sassinak-work has joined #armbian
<nologin> oh, cool
<IgorPec> the plan is to add some text about that
<IgorPec> but time is the missing component ;)
<nologin> once i upgraded to 20.08.3 yesterday i think the logo stopped working anyway
<nologin> but i may be something different on my end since i was messing with bootloader (petitboot)
<IgorPec> Linus the greatest dedided to remove some related components
<IgorPec> that was K5.8.10 but we put them back so now is working again
<nologin> yep, 5.8.10-meson64 (current)
<IgorPec> next upgrade will have it back
<nologin> cool, how often do you release updates? does it take long for a new kernel dpkg to go public? i mean as long as the patches don't need any modifications
<IgorPec> but there are bugfix releases inbetween
* [TheBug] <IgorPec> Linus the greatest dedided -- you got me laughing
<[TheBug]> :D
<IgorPec> :)
<nologin> so for the 3 months period you stick with one kernel version?
<IgorPec> it depends
<IgorPec> but mainly yes
<IgorPec> major version
<IgorPec> its a bit different model - we have legacy - current - dev
<nologin> ok, seen the kernel flavours before
<IgorPec> so you can stay a bit behind, fresh or fully latest. but since we add enormous list of patches
<nologin> though it looks like current=dev on meson
<ArmbianTwitter> @press5 (Jessica Litwin): @_r00k_ @joshobrien77 @kobol_io that's what had me interested in the synology, "look ma, a thing i can just plug disks into" but then i saw what was actually involved in *using* it and opted for helios instead. it doesn't get simpler than armbian -> mdraid -> samba -> done (29s ago)
<IgorPec> things can be much different / better then generic distro kernels
<IgorPec> current = dev sometimes yes
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<lanefu> nologin: should be able to build natively from our kernel source deb package, right?
<lanefu> that builder creates
<nologin> lanefu: i've tried that yet i must have messed up my deb-src entry as it did not work
<nologin> lanefu: what would be the correct deb-src to fetch armbian source packages?
<nologin> "Aliases provide a convenient way for naive users to create shorthands for commands without having to learn how to create functions with arguments."
<nologin> naive users? lol
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<nekomancer[m]> nologin: I look for "can I build toolchain myself".
<nekomancer[m]> fragment:
<nekomancer[m]> Supported targets on Linux(AArch64): AArch64 (bare-metal), AArch32 (bare-metal, Linux hard-float)
<nekomancer[m]> Supported targets on Linux(x86_64): AArch64 (bare-metal, Linux, Linux big-endian), AArch32 (bare-metal, Linux hard-float)
<nekomancer[m]> We need combination `targets on Linux(AArch64): AArch64 (linux)`
<nologin> Target: aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu
<nologin> that's on my rpi4 running archlinux-arm
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<lanefu> nologin: armbian-config will let you
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<lanefu> install the source package
<lanefu> armbian-config -> software -> kernel source
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<nologin> lanefu: ok, so that's a kernel source with armbian patches applied, i assume
<nologin> lanefu: the question is does it come with all the required files to build .dpkg?
<nologin> with a single command presumably?
<nekomancer[m]> nologin: `aptly` used in armbian build scripts seems intel-only
<nologin> there's a debian directory inside, what was the debian way of building a package? dpkg-deb?
<nologin> dpkg-deb: error: failed to open package info file 'linux-source-5.8.10-meson64/DEBIAN/control' for reading: No such file or directory
<nologin> argh! case-sensitive bs
<nologin> dpkg-deb: error: parsing file 'linux-source-5.8.10-meson64/DEBIAN/control' near line 7: missing 'Package' field
<nologin> it's not gonna fly
<nologin> i'm done reading man sh, better go take a look inside 'build' scripts ...
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<archetech> <lanefu> also i feel cooler using it lol
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<archetech_> cool guys run on the edge
<stipa> Is it possible to stick ath10k minipcie card in a opi 4? Would it work?
<archetech_> try ti
<archetech_> it
<stipa> Only clue i get on the net is that I could stick 4G modem in it, but there isn othing about sticking a wifi card in :\
<stipa> I don't have the rpi 4 board.
<stipa> I know there is a silicon bug in opi 3 regarding the minipcie.
<stipa> Some SBC's only accept 4G modems, some only accept SATA controllers, it's all confusing regarding minipcie...
<stipa> Simply put, can I stick an wifi card into the rpi 4's minipcie slot?
<stipa> What's worse, it's not even an minipcie it's PCIE in rpi 4.
<stipa> This expansion board looks like it does conversion from PCIE to minipcie https://www.cnx-software.com/2020/01/06/orange-pi-4-4b-pcie-expansion-board-mpcie-socket-sim-card-slot/ , but I'm not sure that it accepts wireless cards :\
<stipa> Did anyone try it?
<stipa> oh man I meant opi not rpi, sorry.
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<nologin> IgorPec: have you considered make instead of bash scripts for build system? just curious
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drobo_01 is now known as drobo_00
<lanefu> nologin: hmm our source debs look like they're missing
<lanefu> did yours download okay?
<IgorPec> nologin: like i said before. compilation on the board is not completed task - packaging is missing
* lanefu facepalms
<IgorPec> nologin: we have no plans to blow millions on the build script
<nologin> lanefu: download went fine
<IgorPec> compilation should also work. i did several tests ...
<[TheBug]> stipa: if you get their pcie expansion board, you can easily buy a 20$ adapter cable from mpcie to pcie x2 or x4 and place a normal sized pcie card in it or you can put cards that fit the actual mPCIe form factor in their, supposedly mPCIe sata cards will work for example for other peripherals you would just have to make sure it is compat
<[TheBug]> only deal I guess with adapter cables to PCIE is they need external power and depending on your usecase might not be adventagous
<nologin> i did not try compilation yet, i was looking for .deb packaging files
<nologin> i guess i'm not supposed to just throw built kernel image and modules into the system like we did it slackware days
<IgorPec> you could, but that's not the way
<nologin> exactly
<IgorPec> this part of the code has to be translated to some script
<nologin> i'm reading through your scripts and was just looking at compilation-prepare.sh, compilation.sh was next in the queue :)
<IgorPec> "pack_armbian_kernel" ... and you will get standard debs which you install
<IgorPec> good!
<IgorPec> we produced a lot of code since the day one :)
<nologin> it amazes me how you stick to typing all the codes escape codes instead of using variables or something :)
<nologin> *color escape codes
<IgorPec> probably copy / paste was faster. where did you spot that?
<nologin> neat idea with the ncurses dialog though
<nologin> compile.sh has a bunch of these
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<nologin> i'm by no means shell expert
<stipa> I didin't know it is possible to go from minipcie to PICE again. What I want is to stick minipcie wifi card into that dapter that goes from PCIE on the opi 4 board with ribbon cable to the small board with minipcie. So it is possible. Thank you [TheBug]
<IgorPec> aha, compile.sh is a call script where we have no support from libraries
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<IgorPec> its by purpose
<nologin> i see
<IgorPec> compile.sh builds docker or runs nativels
<IgorPec> its early stage of preparation
<nologin> what are the advantages of building with docker?
<IgorPec> that you can build on any linux
<nologin> am i right thinking it's a debian running on a VM?
<IgorPec> docker is not virtualization
<IgorPec> you have dedicated userland
<lanefu> Docker is chroot on steriods
<IgorPec> you still need 64bit Linux
<IgorPec> but i heard it also works on WSL2
<nologin> so like running different userspace on the same kernel at the same time?
<lanefu> Exactly
<IgorPec> yes, kind of
<lanefu> Kind of exactly lol
<IgorPec> ok :)
* lanefu shuts up
<nologin> haha :)
<IgorPec> so if you are a Fedora person and you want to build Armbian, no problem
<lanefu> Or if you don't want to clog your system with a bunch of toolchains and packages. Instead it's all in a container image
<nologin> maybe i should give all the novelties a try one day
<IgorPec> do it. things as such helps a lot
<nologin> been hearing about this docker thing for a while
* [TheBug] lol
<IgorPec> but it would be fun to install it on a modern machine again ;)
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<nologin> i was just thinking about the days of single core CPUs, when no one thought about running another userland concurrently because it was out of the question on present hardware :)
<nologin> present-day hardware i mean
<IgorPec> now even runnnig docker on SBC is something completly normal
<IgorPec> on those with 1C is not recomended :)
<lanefu> btw checkout linuxserver.io for containers that run on x64 and arm,arm64
<nologin> we've come far and quick from assembly writen software to this
<stipa> who knows what future will bring.
<lanefu> "serverless" and it sucks
<stipa> Hmm, serverless, it looks to me like everything there is with a fancy gui.
<stipa> and automated networks
<lanefu> it's modular and powerful
<lanefu> but extremely segmented, abstracted and difficult to troubleshoot
<lanefu> no tcpdump to find quick answers :P
<stipa> At least it's simple when it works.
<stipa> bunch of bloatware.
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