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<Werner> Good morning
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<Werner> IgorPec, can you add a task revise https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/1884 since Clement is working round some stuff that other run into with this patch.
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<IgorPec> good morning
<IgorPec> werner: what exactly is the problem with that commit?
<Werner> From our point of view there is none. Though other devices than sunxi seem to have side effects with this patch applied as I was crawling through the mailing list thread.
<IgorPec> aha, than no worries. perhaps a remark to a patch for the futrure ref
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<HerculeP> GM, both 5.4 and 5.5 kernels fail on the reboot command on odroidc2, kernel 4.19 works as expected
<HerculeP> plain images from dl.armbian.com/odroidc2/ (no upgrade yet)
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<IgorPec> ok, let me check
<IgorPec> HerculeP: eMMC and / or SD?
<HerculeP> sd
<HerculeP> I could try emmc too, takes a bit (backup 1st..)
<IgorPec> no problem, just collecting info
<IgorPec> i am already booting it
<IgorPec> from SD card for now
<IgorPec> otherwise - this https://github.com/armbian/autotests should detect such problems in the future, but its in development mode atm
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<abananabread> hey guys
<abananabread> for a SBC NAS, which board would you guys recommend?
<abananabread> i have in mind, 1) nanopi m4 2) ODroid HC2 3) Rockpi64
<IgorPec> 1
<Werner> Depends. For the Nanopi M4V2 you can get a SATA hat that adds 4 SATA ports.
<abananabread> i searched for nanopi mv4 on armbian, but it doesnt fully support it i think
<abananabread> but i am a newbie... might have missed something
<IgorPec> armbian support = SUPPOrT
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<IgorPec> no other OS on the planet supports it better
<IgorPec> they just provide links for download - if any, but they actually don't support it
<abananabread> sorry, i don't fully understand..
<HerculeP> odroid HC2 with SSD runs flawlessly and FAST here
<IgorPec> HerculeP: reboot without a monitor attached also work
<HerculeP> I just miss a HDMI output
<IgorPec> bananabread: perhaps i don't understna your questions? what exactly do you mean by that?
<HerculeP> IgorPec: I just wanted to report my issues with buster and bullseye images, testing bionic next ...
<IgorPec> HerculeP: sure, sure. i just want to replicate the problem :)
<Werner> Two hours I was wondering why the 5.6.5 kernel patch was not applied until I realized that I was not on master branch.... -.- What a day
<IgorPec> if the problem is related to 3rd party (SD card or something) then I will not waste my time
<IgorPec> Werner: hehe. i know the feeeling :)
<abananabread> @igorPec: when i searched for armbian OS for Nanopi, only Nanopi m4 shows up as supported. Could not find M4v2, which uses DDR4 ram instead.
<IgorPec> this means your searchfu is terrible :)
<abananabread> ah.. thank you igorpec
<Werner> The m4v2 should be just fine. NicoD did a video about it a while ago.
<Werner> Since I was playing with the idea to grab one myself I also messaged him and he confirmed that he loves his m4v2 :)
<Werner> Though he is using it as desktop, not as NAS :P
<IgorPec> yes, its his main desktop machine afaik
<IgorPec> i saw his video claiming he saved on electricity bill
<Werner> Yes, saw that one as well.
<abananabread> ah.. sorry i meant Odroid H2 not HC2 for Nas
<IgorPec> H2 is x86 right=
<Werner> Yes
<abananabread> H2 comes with 2 gigabit ethernet
<abananabread> oh......
<IgorPec> in 2020 you need faster than gigabit
<abananabread> sorry i am noob
<IgorPec> i mean its recommended
<Werner> I am fine with GBe :P
<IgorPec> i have 10Gbe dump swich for testings , but NAS is not attached there
<IgorPec> since its helios4 which anyway doesn't have
<IgorPec> delivery is probably delay due to this c-thing ...
<abananabread> but the helios64 is very expensive
<abananabread> i know, i really want to try it actually.. but $300 usd...
<IgorPec> good nas is expensive
<Werner> True story...
<abananabread> also, if they come out with the ECC version, i will be very interested
<IgorPec> if you want cheap nas, Allwinner H3 via USB2 can do the job
<IgorPec> i don't think there will be ECC with this one
<IgorPec> i think its not possible, not sure
<abananabread> i am using RPi 3B+ Nas right now. it is fine for now too...
<IgorPec> OMG :) that's the worse possible NAS
<abananabread> but my goal is to use armbian -> ZFS -> zpool mirrored.
<abananabread> exactly
<abananabread> worse possible nas, so i am using it as a learning tool
<IgorPec> yeah, I also have to build something like that together
<abananabread> also must be low powered
<Werner> "Running ZFS without ECC RAM from a data integrity perspective is like closing the back door but leaving the front door open."
<abananabread> that's also true..
<IgorPec> low powered and cheap and enoug ECC memory ... not sure if there is something like that on the market
<Werner> Credits to go reddit :D
<IgorPec> besides helios4 .. but only 2G of memory
<abananabread> helios4 has ecc?
<abananabread> oh.....
<IgorPec> yes ofc
<abananabread> ohh... but it is 32 bits?
<abananabread> hmmmm
<IgorPec> yes, unfortunately
<abananabread> so close to perfection..
<HerculeP> even a rpi4 (via usb3) is MUCH faster than rpi3B+
<IgorPec> anything is faster than rpi3b+
<abananabread> yes, the gigabit ethernet shared with USB2.0 on 3B+ is very bad.
* HerculeP is content /w odroidHC2
<abananabread> Is ZFS without ECC is still better than other non-ZFS options?
<abananabread> or ext4 option?
<HerculeP> 6min armbian FS resizing is SOOO annoying (and unneccessary IMHO) while testing images
<IgorPec> get a decent sd card :)
<IgorPec> we thought to add a warning there (if t > 3m) saying: "Your SD card is below the minimum required to run the system ... press I to ignore "
<Werner> abananabread, the checksumming stuff won't help much if the data gets corrupted in ram
<HerculeP> not SD related at all there is some wait loop in the script I think, other OS resizes almost immediately
<IgorPec> no, others doesn't wait there
<abananabread> oh..........
<IgorPec> they don't wait that the job is done, other doesn't care and proceed with booting
<HerculeP> 6min regardless of the SD size !
<abananabread> actually... the Odroid-h2 with Ubuntu 19.02 can do ZFS?
<HerculeP> always
<abananabread> oh.. no ecc
<IgorPec> no no,
<IgorPec> it takes seconds on fast (and small) to a minute
<IgorPec> what kind of card do you have? model?
<IgorPec> my Odroid C2 survived several reboots and upgrades
<IgorPec> running this https://amzn.to/2yoPOvQ , relatively cheap, SD card
<HerculeP> this was my emmc, using current bionic /w DT, which indeed has no reboot issues
<HerculeP> resizing ANY armbian image (and I tested a LOT!) always takes 6min + 1s regardless of SD size or eMMC - thats not as expected
<IgorPec> if you always use the same SD card, i can belive that, otherwise that is not possible
<Werner> abananabread, since a NAS does not replace a backup entirely you do not need to put too much thinking about ECC or nonECC memory. Having it would just put data integrity to enterprise level and that obviously costs money. For simple home network data providing to with any board, maybe do some extended memory testing before going live and maybe put it into a nice metal case for shielding.
<HerculeP> IgorPec: I used several different SD makes and sizes ofc
<HerculeP> it is NOT sd related
<abananabread> a metal also for the SBC ?
<IgorPec> 6 minutes that you see there is a timeout
<abananabread> also: do you guys have any suggestions for a PSU for SBC?
<HerculeP> unneccesay timeout IMHO
<HerculeP> *sary
<Werner> Of course for the sbc, the harddrives are shielded themselves already
<IgorPec> do you know how startup scripts works and why there is a timeout?
<IgorPec> each script has timeout
* HerculeP didnt check yet tbh
<HerculeP> why 6min then
<IgorPec> timeout is to kill the script if it reaches the timeout
<IgorPec> and declare error
<abananabread> https ://shop.allnetchina.cn/collections/sata-hat/products/penta-sata-kit-for-rock-pi-4-in-production-now
<IgorPec> or display "your sd card is crap"
<abananabread> this is a 5 drive rock-pi4 Nas with a case
<abananabread> it says it is 4 2.5"hdd/ssd + 1 ext hdd/ssd
<abananabread> not sure if external means thru usb?
<IgorPec> HerculeP: i make a new image on eMMC and expand last around 3 minutes
<IgorPec> which is expectex for slowest eMMC module (8gb) and a full 4GB size of desktop image
<Werner> abananabread, eSATA connector for the fifth harddrive
<IgorPec> if you go for CLI image on last generation of SD cards it should expand more than 20-30s
<HerculeP> kk I never checked the aktual time, the msg "resizing 6min" is misleading then (nvm, just ignore me)
<IgorPec> 5 minutes of timeout was the slowest expand we recorder on some very slow sd cards, +one minute to make sure it works for all ... timeout must be set so that in case of some mailfunction don't wait for one hour
<HerculeP> at least I can remotely reboot now, thx for your patience
<IgorPec> HerculeP: this is Linux, get used to it :)
<IgorPec> the problem is nobody knows how long the expansion will take
<IgorPec> its not possible to determine
<HerculeP> makes sense
<IgorPec> we just set some sane limits. if it goes over that, something is wrong
<HerculeP> leaving the timeout loop on succes would help maybe
<HerculeP> success*
<IgorPec> it does leave
<IgorPec> i just checked, it left the loop after 3minutes
<IgorPec> from my perspective, it works as expected
<Werner> Is there a switch to put /root/.no_rootfs_resize at image building?
<IgorPec> i think it is, yes
<HerculeP> ok, I just was misled by the constant 6min+1sec mesg then (real countdown would be less confusing)
<IgorPec> ... which is not possible to make
<Werner> Ah there. Maybe this could be added as expert build parameter. RESIZEROOT=no or something
<IgorPec> but as Werner noted, if you do this a lot, you prepare your custom builds
<IgorPec> but they can also solve this by user scripts
* HerculeP tried to build a n img (yet), always used dl.armbian..
<HerculeP> didnt try*
<Werner> I do it all the time. I have a bunch of images in the queue and put them to armbian.laet.pw once finished
<HerculeP> is there a tutorial/howto anywhere?
<Werner> .rtfm
<ArmbianHelper> Check out our awesome documentation! It's tremendous, promise! https://docs.armbian.com/
<HerculeP> hehe
<Werner> You should find all necessary information there
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<Werner> lanefu, do you need a bouncer or something? :P
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<abananabread> Can i ask... eMMc is for loading the OS mainly ?
<abananabread> is it necessary to increase from e.g. 8gb upwards ?
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<IgorPec> abananabread: 8Gb is enough for the OS and most of the use cases
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<lanefu> Werner: usually my setup is pretty stable. It might have something to do with running rosetta on the same device lol
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<lanefu> Okay i killed that container 🙄
<lanefu> Weechat is my bouncer
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<lanefu> i wish i could filter out TVboxes from the all activity stream on teh forums
<archetech> lanefu: gm wheres the latest rock64 images at?
<lanefu> oh good question.. hopefully they got built by the nightly..
<lanefu> okay answer.. there isn't one :P
<lanefu> other than ubuntu focal
<lanefu> I'll have ot look at Igors announcement
<lanefu> there's still a lot of kinks with this stuff
<lanefu> want me to build one for you?
<lanefu> ~>~.
<archetech> not necessary
<archetech> ill check back
<abananabread> hey guys i have a noob question..
<abananabread> usb 3.0 is faster than 1 gigabit ethernet right?
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<abananabread> so.. technically, if i use a nanopi mv4 + a usb 3.0 external hdd. the bottle neck is gigabit port?
<abananabread> well.. also the harddisk's write speed of around 200mb?
<abananabread> /s*
<abananabread> i don't necessarily need sata ports then?
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<lanefu> abananabread: yeah a reliable usb 3.0 drive or usb 3.0 sata adapter should have plenty of performance
<abananabread> i see....
<lanefu> sometims usb drives can goto sleep
<lanefu> so you gotta kinda watcha out for that...
<lanefu> but i'm using a usb device for my /home director on one of mine
<lanefu> been fine
<abananabread> then a nanopi m4 + an external usb 3.0 hardware RAID0 cage (x2 tray)
<abananabread> should be okay to use?
<lanefu> are you planning on using it as JBOD, or actually doing raid on them?
<abananabread> i meant a 2 bay tray, a hardware RAID controller
<abananabread> and then load it with Armbian, ZFS filesystem, samba, plex. should be an okay nas solution ?
<abananabread> what is a JBOD..?
<lanefu> Just a bunch of Disks
<lanefu> IMHO you're adding a lot of complexity
<lanefu> specifically ZFS + hardware raid
<abananabread> i will be using Raid0 between 2 Harddisks.
<abananabread> are those not necessary?
<lanefu> so raid0 is striping not mirroring
<lanefu> right?
<Werner> From a data safety point if view raid0 is not a good idea
<abananabread> yes, chunk 1 on disk1, chunk 2 on disk 2... & so on
<pmjdebruijn> so you have two single points of failure isntead of 1
<pmjdebruijn> so it doubles your risk instead of halving it
<pmjdebruijn> so it's x4 the risk of a mirror
<pmjdebruijn> (crudely put)
<abananabread> if these are only non-crucial media files
<abananabread> what do you suggest i should use?
<abananabread> as long as data errors can be corrected in time
<pmjdebruijn> uhm? can be corrected? how do you figure that will happen?
<abananabread> just use zfs filesystem or ext4 is enough?
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<pmjdebruijn> no filesystem "corrects" data errors
<pmjdebruijn> most don't even detect it
<Werner> There a two things to consider. Data corruption and hardware fault.
<abananabread> ok
<lanefu> non-curcial media files, but you're considered about bitrot :P
<pmjdebruijn> zfs is a strange duck, since it sortof kinda also can do raid internally
<lanefu> TLDR you want to have a media server
<abananabread> yes
<lanefu> your need for 2 drives.. is because of space?
<abananabread> only for future expansion
<abananabread> for space yes
<lanefu> okay here's my suggested approach
<pmjdebruijn> btw, for bitrot detect there's userspace tools like chkbit
<lanefu> treat your drives as individual drives, rather than abstracting them with raid0
<lanefu> if you can just manage your libraries etc accross the different volumes
<lanefu> if you really need it as a single volume
<lanefu> mergefs can let you flatten to filesytems into a single view
<lanefu> btrfs can do checksumming as well, but does require some maintence... just using ext4 and something like chkbit is probably good
<lanefu> if there is some stuff that you view as important.. you can use snapRAID... which is meant for use cases like media servers. where the files are static and you realy just need to replicate
<Werner> Or just get a synology nas :P
<pmjdebruijn> the main advantage with chkbit is that you move the cpu overhead to a specific time of day (at night for example), as opposed during regular use
<pmjdebruijn> and it doesn't force you to use any particular filesystem of course
<lanefu> Werner: not gonna lie.. I love my synology
<lanefu> but OMV on my helios4 is super great for the price
<lanefu> abananabread: as far as plex..are you planning on usng direct play on your devices to avoid plex trying ot transcode?
<abananabread> yes only direct play
<abananabread> i guess.. maybe i need to simplify the nas a lot more
<abananabread> maybe just do
<lanefu> yeah... every layer decreases reliability
<abananabread> no raid, no zfs
<abananabread> just individual disks?
<lanefu> yeah just individual disks
<abananabread> this one is only for media
<abananabread> i want to ask... does rsync work for backup to another harddisk?
<lanefu> yep
<abananabread> let's say i have 1 or 2 folders that need to backup to disk 2
<abananabread> ok.
<lanefu> there's some command like tweaks you can do so it doens't do so much checksumming on teh files n stuff
<lanefu> if you're backing up media
<lanefu> you just want it to just move whole files and not worry about block changes
<lanefu> *commandline
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<wooster> hi, how do I disable the prompts to change root pw and create initial user account on first login?
<HerculeP> it's a good feature IMHO
<Werner> .rtfm check "user configurations" and "User provided image customization script" @wooster
<ArmbianHelper> Check out our awesome documentation! It's tremendous, promise! https://docs.armbian.com/
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<wooster> I've got my own customize image script, what do I need to put in there to disable it? I'm adding an authorized_keys file to root so my needs are pretty much covered
<Werner> Not necessarily. You can use the customization script to simply remove the .not_logged_in_yet file
<lanefu> well not exactly that script
<lanefu> haha thanks werner
<Werner> lanefu, you can still have a bnc if you like, needs ipv6 connectivity though.
<wooster> + rm -f /root/.not_logged_in_yet
<wooster> + echo -e 'notsecure\nnotsecure'
<lanefu> Werner: thanks. i think i'm good as is.. also havnet taken the ip6 plunge yet
<wooster> i found
<Werner> Aight
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<abananabread> May i ask if the nanopi's transfer speed will improve if i also connect a USB3.0 gigabit ethernet adapter. e.g. 1 gigabit ethernet connected + 1 usb gigabit ethernet?
<lanefu> transfer speed for what
<abananabread> if i am direct streaming + downloading things
<lanefu> direct streaming doesn't use that much bandwidth
<lanefu> like all my roku boxes are 100mbit ethernet ports
<abananabread> i see
<lanefu> anyway, short answer no
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<Tenkawa> greetings all.. anyone changed out a kernel on a Friendlyelec Nanopi Neo Plus 2?
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