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<ArmbianTwitter> @orangepixunlong (OrangePi): RT @armbian: @orangepixunlong @rogerioff88 @lanefu @OPi_Community @HashiCorp Stack of various @orangepixunlong for CI autotests and cluster… (9s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @orangepixunlong (OrangePi): @armbian @rogerioff88 @lanefu @OPi_Community @HashiCorp amazing! can you share the method with our fans? thanks in advance! (29s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @co7wt (Pavel Milanes Costa): @armbian @orangepixunlong @rogerioff88 @lanefu @OPi_Community @HashiCorp What soft are you using for the cluster? What CI soft? (17s ago)
<R0b0t1> tfw twitter blast
<ArmbianTwitter> @orangepixunlong (OrangePi): @lanefu @OPi_Community @HashiCorp @armbian Can you share the method with our #OPIfans? really appreciate it! (10s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @Deniz_Ogut (K. Deniz Öğüt): RT @S_Config: After 4 years of sitting in a drawer.. My #Pine64 is brought out from the darkness with the help of Armbian. given purpose wi… (14s ago)
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<Werner> Good morning
<lanefu> ha. i should probably go to bed
<Werner> Indeed :D
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<ArmbianTwitter> @appelgriebsch (Andreas Gerlach): @armbian hey, tried your Ubuntu 1804 image for the #pinebookpro yesterday. Did the usual dd to sdcard and restart it. Got stuck on a black screen. Did I miss something? (31s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @LaurentF4BWT (Laurent F4BWT): RT @armbian: @orangepixunlong @rogerioff88 @lanefu @OPi_Community @HashiCorp Stack of various @orangepixunlong for CI autotests and cluster… (16s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @appelgriebsch Yes, two things. Never use DD with SD cards https://t.co/VLNIoJYHIx and always use forum for support questions. Person behind Twitter, doesn't know everything, community does. Thank you for your understanding. (27s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @co7wt @orangepixunlong @rogerioff88 @lanefu @OPi_Community @HashiCorp Custom. Those boards (+20 more) are running various stress tests simultaneously triggered manually at this stage, and when stable, it will be attached to Jenkins pipeline. We also developed support hardware which is in the assembly phase. More info https://t.co/6woS441D0s https://t.co/8RMHfLtkIw (22s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @co7wt @orangepixunlong @rogerioff88 @lanefu @OPi_Community @HashiCorp Cluster of Opi Prime was made for experimenting with Docker swarm cluster. We support #docker and #kubernetes kernel wise and generic how-to's should just work. Perhaps something like this: https://t.co/tFSobBBFWM (4s ago)
<ArmbianHelper> I hear someone talking about the evil. lanefu is not amused...
<ArmbianTwitter> @orangepixunlong (OrangePi): RT @Khomutoff: #PiDay project: All add-free internet at home with #PiHole! Just add #orangepi, #armbian and some very light system engineer… (19s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @LlnuxBot (LinuxBot): RT @Khomutoff: #PiDay project: All add-free internet at home with #PiHole! Just add #orangepi, #armbian and some very light system engineer… (30s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @LaurentF4BWT (Laurent F4BWT): RT @Khomutoff: #PiDay project: All add-free internet at home with #PiHole! Just add #orangepi, #armbian and some very light system engineer… (10s ago)
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<sbbg> Hi, I would like to add new option of other distro's rootfs. Would anyone share me some simple keywords or document to start with?
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<Saurabh009> Hello, how could I fix the resolution in the Armbian image so that it boots according tot that fix resolution only?
<IgorPec> that is different on each hardware
<IgorPec> sbbg: what exactly you have on youer mind?
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<Saurabh009> I have orange pi pc
<Saurabh009> Do you think I can make some changes in the DTB file for that?
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<IgorPec> Saurabh009: for start, you need to use image build from sources, where display is disabled in u-boot and experiment with kernel boot parameteers ... which i would tell you, but don't know them
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<Bha009> Oh ok. Thanks for info
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @zoobab: Raspberry Pi Foundation censoring negative comments "Liz Upton: YouTube comments are a horrid place. (We know this very intimat… (1s ago)
<Tenkawa> whats the url for the twitter feed?
<IgorPec> twitter.com/armbian
<Tenkawa> thanks
<Tenkawa> gotta read that last bit there
<Tenkawa> haaa I have that case
<IgorPec> which case?
<Tenkawa> the tower one
<IgorPec> with raspberries?
<Tenkawa> except I have the top piece on it with a fan and top guard
<Tenkawa> no
<Tenkawa> let me get url
<ArmbianTwitter> @zoobab (zoobab "NO Software Patents"): @pauloasilva_com @armbian ah still have this one taking dust! (30s ago)
<Tenkawa> its fairly close if not that one that one
<Tenkawa> just without that top layer bolted on
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<IgorPec> and pi3 ?
<IgorPec> i got two, just standoffs and some diy https://twitter.com/armbian/status/1252529034753454080
<Tenkawa> I'd need about 4 of them to hold all mine *ducks*
<Tenkawa> I started counting them last night and was omg
<Tenkawa> I have at least 15 zero's
<IgorPec> rpi zero'
<Tenkawa> yeah
<Werner> Good day
<IgorPec> i have zero zeros :)
<IgorPec> good day
<Tenkawa> 3 4's
<Tenkawa> I think 10 3's of various models
<IgorPec> my Rpi herd is on v1 and one v3
<Tenkawa> and several 2's and 1's
<IgorPec> they are all the same
<Tenkawa> that I dont even count
<Tenkawa> got these 2 friendlyelec's (suppose to have 3 but apparenly lost one)
<IgorPec> i have 200-300 boards :)
<IgorPec> and just two are Rpi
<Tenkawa> and a bunch of olimex that just sit
<Tenkawa> IgorPec: well thats me over the years but I'm also old..
<Tenkawa> I'm kinda winding down a bit
<Tenkawa> trying to just focus on one or two to mess with
<IgorPec> a lot of them are in here
<Tenkawa> awwww no poe?
<Tenkawa> lol
<Tenkawa> or gppio
<Tenkawa> er gpio
<Tenkawa> would save you a lot of room
<Tenkawa> haahaa
<IgorPec> not really
<Tenkawa> the gpio would
<IgorPec> each board would need poe adaptor
<Tenkawa> you could bundle the cables all together
<IgorPec> gpio, yes, but this is easier way for plugging unplugging
<Tenkawa> true
<Tenkawa> I wish I could convince otherse you still need poe adapters for each board
<IgorPec> also consoles are going to be added on 1/2 off
<Tenkawa> they dont believe me in certain places
<IgorPec> poe would be nice, but boards should have this onboard
<Tenkawa> nod
<IgorPec> i have another location with POE switch but no boards are attache there
<Tenkawa> same
<Tenkawa> my main switch is like that here
<Tenkawa> you should see this box I'm typing from
<IgorPec> why? :)
<Tenkawa> its what I do all my dev, builds, crosscompiles, etc from
<Tenkawa> 12 cores nvme laptop :)
<Tenkawa> all dedicated to arm devel
<IgorPec> ahaa, i don't use laptop for that
<IgorPec> only in emergency/travel situation
<Tenkawa> I dont own a desktop
<Tenkawa> I'm always on the move
<IgorPec> even during lockdown ?:)
<Tenkawa> (except during the current lockdown)
<Tenkawa> I'm also retired though
<IgorPec> aha, make sense. i am not yet
<Tenkawa> just did
<Tenkawa> (not by choice)
<IgorPec> ah, well, now you can finally do what you like
<Tenkawa> going to try
<Tenkawa> soon as I can leave the house again I plan on buying a new toy at microcenter
<Tenkawa> so nice to have one in town
<IgorPec> what kind of toy?
<Tenkawa> I want a new soc
<Tenkawa> I'd really lika odroid-n2 I think
<IgorPec> yeah, n2 is a beast.
<Tenkawa> 2 of us already ported debian over to the pi
<Tenkawa> instead of raspbian
<Tenkawa> so why not try it too
<Tenkawa> I know armbian's already there .. more of an exercise of can it be done
<IgorPec> we have many many things to do, not there yet
<Tenkawa> oh
<IgorPec> not so far away, but for example, desktop
<Tenkawa> debian took some work but we got it on the pi natively
<IgorPec> there we are at very basics
<Tenkawa> it runs great
<Tenkawa> the only hitch....
<Tenkawa> the kernel
<Tenkawa> because of those licensed pieces
<IgorPec> kernel is the biggest problem, the rest is easy
<Tenkawa> so we still need the github code
<IgorPec> yeah, and boot process as well
<Tenkawa> no
<Tenkawa> we pulled that off
<Tenkawa> we were able to recompile that on the fly
<Tenkawa> oh you mean vhci
<Tenkawa> yeaj
<Tenkawa> *grumble* right?
<Tenkawa> vchi
<Tenkawa> videocore is the bane of my existence
<IgorPec> i don't deal with Rpi
<Tenkawa> hh
<Tenkawa> ahhh
<IgorPec> and in general people around armbian, stay away ;)
<Tenkawa> well.. the good thing is that we did have success.. which gave people options which is good
<IgorPec> its like dealing with running a Linux inside VM
<IgorPec> not really interesting
<Tenkawa> not anymore :)
<Tenkawa> not in debian 64 bit :)
<Tenkawa> it flies
<IgorPec> don't understand. How can you boot Linux without videocore?
<Tenkawa> we recompile the git sources
<Tenkawa> vcgencmd measure_temp
<Tenkawa> temp=34.0'C
<Tenkawa> pi@dpi42:~$
<Tenkawa> theres an example from a running machine
<Tenkawa> thats native debian code using manually compiled code from rpi sources/kernel and native debian userland
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<Tenkawa> its an image builder
<Tenkawa> thats on 5.6.6 kernel currently too
<Tenkawa> compiled it last night
<Tenkawa> so which socs are the most popular in armbian anyway
<Tenkawa> if I want to look at targetting picking one up?
<IgorPec> we have done that years ago, but unofficially
<IgorPec> Armbian for Rpi exists. Its 64bit Debian
<Tenkawa> yeah this was just 2 of us
<IgorPec> but it was a side project for supporting OMV project with ARM images
<Tenkawa> we got tired of waiting on the debian team
<IgorPec> they don't want to support evil devices, i would say :)
<IgorPec> Debian folks used to take security, privacy and OSS serious
<Tenkawa> no... they dont want to support "anything" not "templated"
<Tenkawa> so do we
<Tenkawa> they do still
<IgorPec> well, that's common for all distributions
<Tenkawa> (mostly_
<IgorPec> except special distros like Armbian, OpenWRT,
<Tenkawa> problem is devices like rpi, etc fall in a strange category with their mix of hardware "conundrums"
<IgorPec> they wanted this
<Tenkawa> back to the earlier q though... if I want to look at targetting picking a armbian targetted soc with some decent horsepower.. what should I look at?
<IgorPec> n2 or some rk3399
<Tenkawa> ok
<Tenkawa> I can get an n2-2gb today (not sure if a 4gb is really necessary -out of stock-)
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<IgorPec> depends what you are planning to do with it
<IgorPec> for pure exploration, 2gb is enough
<IgorPec> for some desktop running chromium, 2gb won't be enough
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<Tenkawa> headless server
<Tenkawa> everything I do is headless through ssh
<IgorPec> then run for 2gb
<Tenkawa> k thanks
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<Tenkawa> ordered.. now I wait
<IgorPec> where are you located?
<Tenkawa> with emmc.. and anc parts
<Tenkawa> ohio, usa
<IgorPec> aha, you have local dealer there
<Tenkawa> says 3 days
<IgorPec> i was refunded by amazon for postal charges three times in a row for delayed delivery :)
<IgorPec> in last two weeks
<Tenkawa> ouch
<IgorPec> it was actually not that critical, two or three days after
<IgorPec> 5 days instead of t wo
<IgorPec> it was auto refunded, never happend before
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<ArmbianTwitter> @co7wt (Pavel Milanes Costa): @armbian @orangepixunlong @rogerioff88 @lanefu @OPi_Community @HashiCorp Nice! (30s ago)
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<lanefu> Tenkawa: honestly if you're buying odroid stuff.. just buy direct from hard kernel in korea.. they ship with DHL and stuff comes in like a week tops
<lanefu> i'm east coast.. they're alway super fast
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<Tenkawa> already done
<Tenkawa> oh well
<Tenkawa> if I like this machine i may want another...
<Tenkawa> hehehehe
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<lanefu> yeah.. be sure ti get an odroid go with your next order
<Tenkawa> I got an n2 with this order
<Tenkawa> heheh
<lanefu> yeah dude its fast
<Tenkawa> we'll see how it compares to my 12 core.... j/k
<lanefu> or my 40
<Tenkawa> I cant wait for larger soc's
<Tenkawa> which one? is it a threadpipper?
<lanefu> nah. 2 sockets xeon E5-2650 v3
<Tenkawa> ahh but I bet you paid 3 to 5x what I did
<lanefu> doubt it
<lanefu> a good sysadmin oor ex gets quality plunder
<Tenkawa> (ok... if you had paid retail)
<lanefu> the most absurd part is hte 256G of ram.. i have my armbian build cache on a tmpfs
<Tenkawa> fun fun... wed noon alarm tests
<Tenkawa> I am <1 mile from 2 county line sirens
<lanefu> oh fun
<Tenkawa> so testing each week is loud
<lanefu> yeah. they did that in my hometown in ky
<lanefu> don't seem to do that here in VA
<Tenkawa> intriguing
<Tenkawa> i thought it was a requirement everywhere in the us now
<Tenkawa> definitely is in ohio
<lanefu> so re: n2
<lanefu> i've been participating in teh rosetta@home crunch-on-arm stuff
<Tenkawa> as you know livinv in ky at one point.. we have really messed up weather
<lanefu> so i spun up some 4 core AWS Graviton arm CPUs
<lanefu> anyway see the graviton benchmark vs teh n2 https://github.com/ThomasKaiser/sbc-bench/blob/master/Results.md
<Tenkawa> hey.. do you guys have a build script yet for the Jetson?
<lanefu> yeah shit gets pretty extremem
<Tenkawa> I'm thinking about getting one of those too
<Tenkawa> that one I "would" hook up to my tv and use for multimedia
<Tenkawa> not letting that gpu go to waste
<lanefu> nah.. too expensive for most of this community
<Tenkawa> awww
<Tenkawa> its about the same as the n2
<Tenkawa> only 20$ diff
<Tenkawa> I "think"
<Tenkawa> yeah 99
<Tenkawa> even one model is 89
<lanefu> at this point, i thnk the n2 probably has better raw compute performance
<IgorPec> but its full of dirty propriatery code ...
<Tenkawa> IgorPec: touche..probably a good point
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<Tenkawa> wow this is one hefty g pu
<Tenkawa> er gpu
<Tenkawa> 128-Core Maxwell
<IgorPec> nvidia sdk is hectik, mainline kernel probably too distant. didn't check for progress in a while
<Tenkawa> someone was asking last night how to do 8k video on an rpi... I was like... omg if you can even do it "where" are you going to find 8k sources
<Tenkawa> I personally cant see very well (almost completely colorblind and partially blind) so visuals do nothing for me... sound on the other hand
<R0b0t1`> hrmmm I build a kernel via deb-pkg, copied the .debs over, and installed them, but I boot into the 5.4 kernel, not the 5.7 one?
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<Tenkawa> R0b0t1`: did you run update process that rebuilds the uboot scr
<Tenkawa> theres a command at the bottom of one of the files in /boot
<IgorPec> where did you get 5.7.y from?
<Tenkawa> 5.7???? why
<Tenkawa> even I dont cut it that close
<Tenkawa> its still kind of messy
<IgorPec> yeah, it is, also messy on our side which I will not repair since I have life to live
<Tenkawa> heheheheh I hear ya
<lanefu> IgorPec: FYI I've started working on a new jenkins job that's just a parameterized job for building whole images
<R0b0t1`> well yeah I'm not expecting unlimited support
<R0b0t1`> if it don't work I'll go back to 5.4
<lanefu> i figure we can expand on it... I'd kind of like to go ahead and test rsyncing to a test folder on dl.armbian.com or something
<IgorPec> R0b0t1`: sure, for development areas we never provide any support
<IgorPec> if you pay 1000 USD per hour, maybe, not sure
<R0b0t1`> lol
<IgorPec> well, you can DIY, nobody forces you
<IgorPec> but such a price take can make you think (btw. i don't expect anyone to pay, so this is just big NO)
<R0b0t1`> Tenkawa: so I looked at /boot/boot.scr and ran the command at the bottom, but no change
<R0b0t1`> my kernel is in /boot
<IgorPec> the core of the problem is that kernel install scripts at 5.7.y are broken
<R0b0t1`> oh huh
<IgorPec> not sure what it is, since I didn't look
<Tenkawa> did you use "your" pathnames
<R0b0t1`> Tenkawa: "yes"? I mean, I'm doing this from the device
<IgorPec> it can be initramfs creation, who knows, ... at 5.5.y worked, so do the diff and see .. perhaps
<R0b0t1`> hmm
<R0b0t1`> well, I'll just go back at this rate
* Tenkawa has updated his 11 times already in last 3 days
<Tenkawa> (dont ask)
<IgorPec> do a diff for files that are touched by our packaging patches is the path to go ...
* Tenkawa looks at lanefu lol
<IgorPec> Tenkawa: you updated kernel 11th times?
<Tenkawa> IgorPec: just that one
<Tenkawa> changing debug code
<lanefu> Their other hobby is walking circles around the house
<Tenkawa> I rewrite parts of the scheduler
<IgorPec> ahaa
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<Tenkawa> IgorPec: back in my youth I was a kernel developer for microchannel kernels
<IgorPec> lanefu: ok, drop me ssh key on PM
<Tenkawa> and early linux
<Tenkawa> ncr svr4
<Tenkawa> was my thing
<IgorPec> Tenkawa: btw. many of us are old farts here. I am close to 50 :)
<Tenkawa> I'm right there with you
<Tenkawa> not quite there.. but close
<IgorPec> ok:)
<Tenkawa> unfortunately I got messed up with my medical issues
<Tenkawa> short term memory is gone
<IgorPec> yeah, you said, well, i am also not in a perfect condition any more
<Tenkawa> since you are "seasoned"... you remember ncr svr4 right?
<Tenkawa> i cant find hardly anyone who does
<IgorPec> also not in my world
<IgorPec> my oldes experiences goes to VAX VMS, Solaris, SCO
* Tenkawa cringes and runs
<Tenkawa> NOOOOOOOOO..... you just reminded me of one of my jobs
<IgorPec> hehe
<Tenkawa> 1996
<IgorPec> somewhere around those years Linux started
<Tenkawa> btw.. is it worthwhile to backup the redhat I'm getting on my emmc or is it even worth keeping nowadayds?
<Tenkawa> IgorPec: 1993
<Tenkawa> 1991 rather
<Tenkawa> I started in 93
<Tenkawa> I started on unix itself in 79
<IgorPec> true, actually me too, with this http://www.slackware.com/announce/1.0.php
<Tenkawa> since I got a usb to emmc reader I can do copies/backups/stages/etc
<IgorPec> which eMMC you wanna backup?
* archetech MVS 3090 operator in 1991
<Tenkawa> its redhat
<Tenkawa> the only choices were that or androif
<Tenkawa> er android
<IgorPec> archetech: you too ?:)
<archetech> I bought one of the first IBM XT clones in 1986
<Tenkawa> trs-80 all the way....
<archetech> ha thats a a toy like a commodore
<Tenkawa> well ya
<IgorPec> I had Atari ST in that time
<Tenkawa> I never did have an atari
<IgorPec> well, it was a bit more serious than Amiga and much better than XT
<IgorPec> in fact, emulated XT wored faster ;)
<archetech> another toy
<archetech> toys=mc68000
<IgorPec> yes, it was not a PC
<archetech> 80286 stank but the 80386 was the real start of pc's imo
<Tenkawa> 486 ftw
<archetech> my first build was a 486sx 4gb ram
<archetech> 4MB
<Tenkawa> i was about to say... how?????
<archetech> heh
<archetech> you'll never use all that ram they said still laugh at that
<archetech> we say it today when one buys 16/32GB ram
<Tenkawa> haahaa want to bet??
<Tenkawa> lol
<Tenkawa> I almost ran my machine out of ram and swap 2 days ago
<IgorPec> i was providing shell accounts on a PC with 8Mb of memory back in the 90" :)
<Tenkawa> IgorPec: yep
<Tenkawa> archetech: mind you I had 5372 processes running 8 kernel builds at once
<IgorPec> i remember, kernel compilation was "leave it over the night" ... now (xxx times bigger kernel) compiles on my desktop in less than one minute
<Tenkawa> and my thermal sensors had my notebook almost making my turbines lifting my notebook off the table off like a drone
<Tenkawa> my notebook has 2 monster turbines that are whisper quiet until they need to be then stand back.....
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<Werner> Haha. I just made the 100000th comment on forums.
<Tenkawa> party!!!!
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<ArmbianTwitter> @pauloasilva_com (Paulo A. Silva): @zoobab @armbian Give it a try: the guys from @armbian did a great job and the image seems stable. @FreedomBoxNet works like a charm on it! (15s ago)
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<lanefu> Werner: you're a legend!
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<IgorPec> lanefu:
<lanefu> Hi IgorPec
<IgorPec> how far did you get with this?
<lanefu> IgorPec: with the upload stuff? Been doing $dayjob. i verified ssh access but that was it for today
<lanefu> so far
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<IgorPec> aha, no problem, i mean how far did you came with automation? you mention earlier that you did some jenkinsfu
<lanefu> not far cuz my session timed out and i lose my changes :P
<IgorPec> agggh ;:)
<IgorPec> no problem, for sync use some other directory than dl., until we are sure everthing works fine
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<lanefu> coool
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