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<lanefu> Meow to you too
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<nekomancer[m]> meow nigh.
<Werner> Good morning
<lanefu> ha. there's my sign
<lanefu> to go to bed
<Werner> Sleep well
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<ArmbianTwitter> @linuxdevices (linuxdevices): BashTop is a Linux Resource Monitor for the Terminal: Neil Amstrong of BayLibre recently added ODROID-C4 support to Armbian,  fired up RosettaHome on the Amlogic S905X3 SBC, and took a  screenshot of some kind of advanced htop program showing the... https://t.co/5WgMvEIIs4 (8s ago)
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<IgorPec> good morning
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<ArmbianTwitter> @zoobab (zoobab "NO Software Patents"): @krisnova Simply DEB packages for Armbian? They support way more boards. (17s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @mkrentovskiy (КМС по игре на скрипке в борделе): RT @linuxdevices: BashTop is a Linux Resource Monitor for the Terminal: Neil Amstrong of BayLibre recently added ODROID-C4 support to Armbi… (18s ago)
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<lanefu> hiya
<Werner> wb
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<lanefu> IgorPec: i'm strongly considering re-writing the jenkins-ci.sh stuff in Python. Any concerns / objections?
<IgorPec> hej
<lanefu> i originally did bash for consistency w/ our other tools, but I'm really missing python lists now :P
<IgorPec> hmm, python is more versatile, sure
<IgorPec> is it a lot?
<IgorPec> ah, not critical
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<lanefu> is what a lot?
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<IgorPec> bash code to be rewritten to pythond
<lanefu> i don't think it will be too much once I get up to speed
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<lanefu> although if i just generate temp files.. that makes lists in bash easier
<IgorPec> one more thing i will add to improve / simplify
<IgorPec> u-boot building as optional
<IgorPec> we don't need to rebuild it very often nowadays
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<kolla> how does configure an ethernet interface to always be "up" (with static IP address) using networkmanager? What needs to go into `/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Armbian\ ethernet.nmconnection`? :)
<kolla> all the "automagic" gets in the way
<IgorPec> use armbian-config utility
<IgorPec> it will make it for you
<IgorPec> or peek into netwwork manager manual, i don't do that often to shoot it up
<IgorPec> nmtui-edit for interactive is also usable
<kolla> I have done that
<IgorPec> and?
<kolla> but I have not seen any configuration for what I want
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<kolla> it keeps taking the interface down whenever cable is unplugged
<kolla> and up again when it is plugged
<IgorPec> that could be related to driver. which hardware?
<kolla> with IP addresses and all
<kolla> dwmac-sun8i
<IgorPec> which board?
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<IgorPec> kernel and everything
<kolla> the driver is not the issue, everything works fine if I tell networkmanager to stay the heck away and just use ifconfig
<IgorPec> well, that would be better in any case
<kolla> sure, but networkmanager is there
<IgorPec> we use manager because its simple for average joe
<kolla> it is what armbian ships with, and is what one is supposed to use
<IgorPec> you can setup network old way without touching network manager
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<kolla> I want networkmanager to manage the interfaces... it is ... networkmanager
<IgorPec> this classical way, it overrirdes network manager
<kolla> I don't want to mess around with interfaces files, I want networkmanager to do it
<kolla> it should be darn simple
<IgorPec> it is simple ... until it backfires ;)
<IgorPec> network manager is application made by who knows who
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<IgorPec> i can't help you if its buggy
<kolla> so, networkmanager cannot easily be told to just do the simplest task in the world - keep an interface "up"?
<IgorPec> we know few workarounds, but we can't do much.
<IgorPec> it is, but ... in case driver has some glitches, if mac changes, if your OS is debian jessie / stretch ... it can make troubles
<kolla> the alternative for me is to throw out networkmanager alltogether.. it is mostly redundant anyways
<IgorPec> what is your OS anyway?
<IgorPec> this plays important role
<kolla> "Welcome to Armbian buster with Linux 5.4.31-sunxi"
<kolla> amrbian 10.3
<kolla> opizero
<kolla> but the trick should be to just tell networkmanager to ignure dbus/linkstatus whatever
<IgorPec> that i don't know. i never explored netman internals much
<IgorPec> but i recall people were switched to classial old style networking and troubles were gone
<kolla> of course, if only distros could do the same, instead of chasing this mythical "Joe Doe" user case
<kolla> "average user" and "most users" are the root of all pains with linux these days
<IgorPec> there are 10-15 people maintaining this distro. not 1000 :)
<kolla> all the more reason to keep it simple :)
<IgorPec> yes, but nm is far more verstaile ... when it works :)
<IgorPec> in most cases it works, but cheap hardware can cause troubles
<kolla> I hope networkmanager vanishes, hope for some huge security hole or something so it happens sooner rather than later :)
<kolla> in my experience it is nothing but trouble
<IgorPec> yeah, but compared to 10y back its nothing. now its quite ok
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<kolla> it's a weird thing to say, but I rather use systemd netctl or just dhcpcd, rather than networkmanager...
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<kolla> ok, guess I must customize images
<IgorPec> apt purge network-manager and you are done
<kolla> as long as it doesn't deinstall the entire OS in the process...
<kolla> ok, doesn't look bad
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<Werner> Playing with vhosts is fun.
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<lanefu> Werner: haha yeah..now that the world supports SNI for TLS
<lanefu> vhosts + SSL used to be horrible
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<ed_peguillan> is the armbian site down for maintenance?
<Tenkawa> thats what I was wonderinh
<Tenkawa> er wonderinh
<Tenkawa> uugh wondering
<Tenkawa> my typing is off
<ed_peguillan> not nearly as off as the website! :)
<Tenkawa> lol
<IgorPec> what is offline?
<Tenkawa> its back up now
<IgorPec> some network related problem i guess
<Tenkawa> eww networking
<Tenkawa> now to see if attempt #2 to boot my odroid-n2 goes any better
<Tenkawa> attempt #1 bombed
<IgorPec> burn SD card and go ? :)
<Tenkawa> reflashing my emmc
<Tenkawa> it never showed any sign of booting at all
<Tenkawa> just a solid led
<Tenkawa> the card seems to be good
<IgorPec> it might have some delay ... which kernel did you try?
<Tenkawa> no idea. whatever came with red dot 64g preload
<Tenkawa> thats why I'm going to load ubuntu specificly to test predefined
<IgorPec> get SD card and burn armbian witk 4.9 stock kerenl
<IgorPec> that must work
<Tenkawa> where? I didnt see it on webpage
<Tenkawa> doh
<Tenkawa> hardkernel
<Tenkawa> duh
<Tenkawa> I kept thinking they were their own company
<Tenkawa> "called" odroid
<Tenkawa> ok grabbing it now
<Tenkawa> Hey.. anyone got the C4 going yet?
<IgorPec> first link is stock kernel based bionic desktop
<Tenkawa> i already got the n2 stuff
<IgorPec> I am getting C4 in monday / tuesday
<Tenkawa> someone else was interested in me asking about the c4
<IgorPec> sadly we are getting only 1 pcs
<Tenkawa> ok.. I'll pass the word not yet
<IgorPec> but we already have full support for C4 :)
<Tenkawa> oh ok
<Tenkawa> oh so yes
<Tenkawa> thanks. I
<Tenkawa> 'll pass it along
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<Tenkawa> ok lets see if this flash works better
<Tenkawa> success
<IgorPec> great!
<Tenkawa> thanks for the suggestion
<Tenkawa> now to get it configured enough so I can detach it and reconnect it back headless
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<Myy-hamster> Meow
<IgorPec> hej
<Myy-hamster> I tested Rocket.chat. It's nice. You can store and send voice/video message on the chat, and the administration panel is more useful than the mattermost one. But it consumes way more memory (500MB with only one person) and had some troubles with the bots.
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<gediz0x539> hi all. I'm trying to increase spi clock frequency to boot to the linux faster from an spi nor flash. currently im working on pretty much up to date uboot, 2020.04 and I could not change speed with sspi/sf probe commands and also increase spi-max-frequency on dts to no avail. I have tweaked spi registers located at 0x01c05000 with mw command but I'm unable to read back what I write using "md". I'm sure the registers I'm adjusting are R/
<gediz0x539> W. anyone have idea what am I doing wrong?
<gediz0x539> sorry, wrong channel :/
<Tenkawa> IgorPec: I'm impressed so far
<Tenkawa> this little soc is flying
<[TheBug]> Myy-hamster: now go try it on android with a channel that has any type of buffer or backlog -- enjoy waiting about 4-8 minutes for the channel to open in the app ---- desktop isn't generally the issue, mobile apps are pretty garbage
<IgorPec> Tenkawa: yeah, N2 rocks!
<IgorPec> especially with armbian ;)
<Myy-hamster> TheBug: Yeah, no, I went back to Mattermost at the moment.
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<xperia64> Hi, I've been trying to build mainline for my Odroid N2 using the armbian config, and I can't seem to get any console output after uboot. Could this be a bug in mainline post-5.4, or does anyone know which of the armbian patches may fix this?
<xperia64> I have the armbian 5.4 kernel with the armbian device tree booting/outputting as expected, but I can't seem to get my own kernel to do the same, even with the same device tree
<IgorPec> few days ago a bigger batch of config changes has been merged. It was not very well tested yet. Perhaps that is the prboelm
<xperia64> I guess I'll go back and see if I can build 5.4 myself first.
<IgorPec> we are slowly preparing things for next release, so this will be sorted out soon
<xperia64> The heartbeat LED is blinking on my current 5.7 build, but no other signs of life. But yeah, I'll roll back to 5.4.
<IgorPec> 5.7.y is to fragile, waste of time in case you are not a developer
<xperia64> Got it.
<IgorPec> we anyway port all functions to LTS kernels
<IgorPec> so you are not missing anything
* Tenkawa will be starting to compile his own tuned kernels for his N2 soon...
<Tenkawa> hmm does the N2 have no temp sensor?
<xperia64> It does
<Tenkawa> or is it somewhere I need to poll differently through a specific api
<xperia64> they don't show up in sensors iirc
<Tenkawa> like broadcom does with videocord
<xperia64> you need to check the thermal_zones in /sys
<Tenkawa> no. it definitely doesnt show up in lm
<Tenkawa> ok
<Tenkawa> I'll look through
<Tenkawa> hahaa nice typo videocord instead of videocore... about the same thing some days haahaa
<xperia64> Kinda weird that sensors doesn't read thermal_zone* nodes
<Tenkawa> yeah I was just noticing they are all blamk
<Tenkawa> er blank
<lanefu> IgorPec: yeah i think the 5.6 amlgoic stuff might be amiss. my le potato was hanging on boot with it....
<IgorPec> damn
<IgorPec> it seems it needs lots more testings ... i tested on c2 and le potato and works
<IgorPec> tenkawa: no support in 5.4.y for cpu temp
<IgorPec> not sure if its done yet
<Tenkawa> ahh.. I'm moving to 5.6 anyway
<Tenkawa> we'll see what I can do
* Tenkawa goes back to his past life
<Tenkawa> kernel porting and debugging for fun
<Tenkawa> scary eh?
<IgorPec> hehe
<Tenkawa> I was handy with assembler back in the dark ages
<Tenkawa> way back
<IgorPec> "dark ages" :)
<Tenkawa> if you look outside my house right now though its looking fairly scary dark
<Tenkawa> clouds moved in
<Tenkawa> no storms "suppose" to hit but the wind shook my whole house earlier
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<IgorPec> lanefu: made a way to create an image without compilation - repository packages https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/force_repository_pkg
<IgorPec> POC, not tested yet
<IgorPec> xperia64: made an image for N2 from sources, boots normally (5.4.y)
<Tenkawa> IgorPec: do you think I will need anything out of the normal other than the armbin dev 5.6 kernel sources?
<Tenkawa> wanted to make sure I'm not missing any last minute fixes
<IgorPec> 5.6.y is more up2date than www.kernel.org in term of Amlogic support
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<Tenkawa> theres not a uboot change or anything is there?
<Tenkawa> great
<IgorPec> modern u-boot for n2 ... there were some experiments, but i don't know if anyone tried it yet
<Tenkawa> isnt that what its running?
<IgorPec> u-boot is stock
<IgorPec> mainline u-boot usually needs much more time
<Tenkawa> I just meant for recreating the boot sequence
<Tenkawa> ok
<IgorPec> what would you like to change?
<Tenkawa> nothing... just need to make sure I rebuild my scr
<Tenkawa> wanted to make sure I wasnt going to need to do anything else..
<IgorPec> if you need chromium on 20.04 you will need to diy
<Tenkawa> oh god no
<IgorPec> i didn't find a proper way
<Tenkawa> its headless
<IgorPec> ahaa :) ok
<IgorPec> mine is usually also, but i just attach it to the screen and serial console
<Tenkawa> I'm on debian anyway not ubuntu
<IgorPec> our ubuntu is ubuntu crap free ;)
<kinkinkijxu4> I've got an issue where the dkms driver isn't building against the current kernel, mali-midgard-dkms on my xu4. log spat errors about a bunch of instances of "access_once"
<kinkinkijxu4> any ideas?
<Tenkawa> my debian is unstable with all the crap stripped out
<Tenkawa> :)
<IgorPec> kinkinkjxu4: dmks itself it should be working
<IgorPec> dkms
<Tenkawa> dkms can be fickle
<IgorPec> while mali-mitguard-dmks ... never tried that
<Tenkawa> dependeng on t he driver
<IgorPec> yeah, we fix it not long ago and i am still not 100% sure everything is fine
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<kinkinkijxu4> I came back to this board after a year not using it and forgot the workarounds I used for everything to get gpu accel working, and it looks like they're not possible anymore anyways
<IgorPec> kinkikijxu4: is it working manually ?
<IgorPec> which kernel?
<Tenkawa> well.. each person's driver ie 8812cu driver I have for my bt/wifi card isnt using the same field names as nvidias
<IgorPec> on 5.4.y this might not work out of the box
<kinkinkijxu4> 5.4.28
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<IgorPec> this is not recommended to use yet, we have ups and downs with it on much more basic levels. We stiched to another repository last week and nothing from advanced features has been tested
<kinkinkijxu4> are you saying I should up to the dev kernel (5.6.y) or go back to 4.14.y?
<IgorPec> 4.14.y in case you need multimedia. Anywhere else I can't say its working. Maybe yes, most likely not
<kinkinkijxu4> I only need gpu accel of 3D
<IgorPec> we are happy that we hopefully sorted out basic stability on 5.4.y that it can be used for server cases
<IgorPec> you can try
<Tenkawa> well the nice thing is that if this does go badly its easy to revert to my backup kernel.. yay emmc :)
<kinkinkijxu4> anything that requires reflashing is a no-go right now as the monitor to my main computer exploded last night, and the xu4 is the only computer that works on my TV
<IgorPec> well, then try compiling mali without dkms, by hand
<kinkinkijxu4> hmm, hopefully won't be too hard
<Tenkawa> yeah copy it to a spare area and compile
<Tenkawa> we can help you
<kinkinkijxu4> might not need help
<Tenkawa> "I will volunteer.. I shouldnt speak for all"
<Tenkawa> new 5.6 kernel today
<kinkinkijxu4> oh dear, this is just meant to be plopped in the kernel source tree and compiled in it seems
<IgorPec> we have auto-precompiled, but they are not much tested
<IgorPec> armbian-config -> system (switch to beta and choose alternative kernel)
<Tenkawa> they keep failing for me
<IgorPec> what?
<Tenkawa> switching to the dev kernels
<IgorPec> aha, yeah that is just build from trunk, untested
<IgorPec> i will hook autotesting there once testing becomes stable
<Tenkawa> thats why I just got the vm and started building my first one with it and once its installed I build the rest myself from those sources
<Tenkawa> works great for me
<Tenkawa> but I got the machine to do it
<Tenkawa> only takes about 30-45 min
<Tenkawa> a kernel for me takes <15mi
<Tenkawa> n
<IgorPec> yeah, takes time
<Tenkawa> once its all done though my follow up runs take under 4 min
<Tenkawa> lol
<Tenkawa> ccache ftw
<IgorPec> that's all enabled
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<IgorPec> follow up is very fast, true,
<Tenkawa> this is all on a laptop... I couldnt even imagine if I gave this thing like a threadripper
<IgorPec> i just made today one feature, that you can build an image with packages from repository. it can be handy sometimes
<IgorPec> no compilation at all
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<IgorPec> i got 3950x here and its nice value when you need true horse power
<Tenkawa> too hardware restrictive though
<Tenkawa> you arent optimizing those pkgs potentially for all a persons best setup
<Tenkawa> I like mine built for my hardware
<Tenkawa> so I add in flags/opts/etc
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<Tenkawa> but these are for noone but me
<IgorPec> sure, we have to keep some common ground
<Tenkawa> I understand general pkgs.. I use to be a build engineer remember (not sure if I told you)
<Tenkawa> lowest common denominator was the name of the game
<Tenkawa> repeatability across customers
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<Tenkawa> ok.. getting ready to test a new kernel
<Tenkawa> this is just stock config.. if this goes well.. changing it will be simple
<xperia64> Are armbian kernels built the debian way or the mainline way?
<Tenkawa> elaborate?
<xperia64> `fakeroot debian/rules ...` or just `make`?
<Tenkawa> they have patches from what I just saw in the builder but a kernel build can be ran multiple ways
<xperia64> I tried an unpatched 5.4.35 with just the meson64-current config, still no serial or even heartbeat LED. Trying it fully patched now.
<Tenkawa> you can do debian kernels with just make ; make modules_install ; cp the kernel ; and update_grub too
<Tenkawa> there so many diff ways nowadays
<xperia64> tbh I'm building this for gentoo, but armbian seems to be the most active in terms of n2 development
<xperia64> seems like a good starting point
<Tenkawa> well if you are building it for gentoo its quite possible you need to rebuild your boot loader
<Tenkawa> theres a scr
<xperia64> At the moment, I was able to boot the armbian-provided 5.4 kernel from the u-boot I already had on there.
<xperia64> I'm just trying to replicate that kernel myself at the moment
<Tenkawa> is there a boot.scr in /boot?
<Tenkawa> or something similar?
<xperia64> boot.ini, odroid added plaintext loading.
<Tenkawa> odroid may have but you have to deal with gentoo boot sequence too
<xperia64> Well, I'm just looking for kernel sanity at the moment (i.e. a serial console). Once that's good, I can figure out the rest
<Tenkawa> nod
<Tenkawa> ok... installing my debs... *crosses fingers*
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<Tenkawa> ok rebooting it... wish me luck
<Tenkawa> something broke
<Tenkawa> lan is pinging ... ssh is down
<Tenkawa> makes me think it didnt hit runlevel 2
<sarnold> is sshd perhaps generating hostkeys?
<Tenkawa> no. just toook a while
<Tenkawa> sarnold: this was just a kernel upgrade
<sarnold> ahhh
<Tenkawa> Linux orac 5.6.8-meson64 #trunk on the N2 :)
<Tenkawa> will be tuning it tonight
<Tenkawa> this is cool
<Tenkawa> this thing flies too
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<xperia64> I'd be interested in your build steps, especially if I can't get 5.4 working
<lanefu> Tenkawa: Oh you got it! fast eh?
<Tenkawa> yup
<xperia64> do you happen to know if your serial console works? (at least enough to print messages immediately after u-boot?)
<Tenkawa> already got it running 5.6.8
<Tenkawa> xperia64: havent tried it since I use a ethernet console too
<lanefu> xperia64: edit your armbianEnv.txt file and set verbosity=7
<Tenkawa> I hook mine straight up to my notebook unless something goes way wrong
<xperia64> Already got verbosity cranked
<lanefu> hmm
<Tenkawa> lanefu: weirdest thing was getting that case put together
<Tenkawa> those 2 pieces were odd
<lanefu> case
<lanefu> lol
<Tenkawa> I have to
<lanefu> yeah heatsink is my case
<Tenkawa> cats
<xperia64> yeah the N2 case is weird, but not as much of a pain as the C2 for accessing the emmc
<lanefu> man i'm glad my cats do't get into that
<Tenkawa> they wont leave it alone if I dont
<Tenkawa> the emmc is very easy to access.. I did like that
<Tenkawa> lanefu: how many you got?
<Tenkawa> we got 3
<lanefu> 2 cats 2 dogs
<Tenkawa> nod
<Tenkawa> ours rule everything
<Tenkawa> (and of course right now just want to know when they are getting "their" house back)
<lanefu> cat 1 ruled the roost.. then we got the dogs... then we got cat 2, theen cat 1 passed, then we got cat 3
<lanefu> so dynamics are pretty decent
<Tenkawa> yeah... we had 4... then one passed and it really made one sad
<Tenkawa> thats the only cat he let near him
<lanefu> oh man that's a shame
<Tenkawa> so he just chases the youngest one now
<Tenkawa> (of course the youngest one tries to start stuff)
<lanefu> i want my n2 back
<lanefu> its busy crunching away on rosetta
<lanefu> rosetta@home
<Tenkawa> haahaa
<Tenkawa> too bad I wont be powering this one via usb
<Tenkawa> :(
<Tenkawa> heheheh
<Tenkawa> but then again I still wont be leaving the house for a while likely
<xperia64> Yeah idk what I'm doing wrong. Armbian-provided kernel works fine and starts talking over serial immediately after uboot, mine doesn't
<xperia64> Hmm, found something suspicious in the .config. Trying again
<xperia64> Doh, got my 5.4.35 kernel booting. Device trees are weird.
<xperia64> Neither the kernel built one nor the Odroid one work. Only Armbian's.