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<ZirconiumX> Also fraught with people not reviewing my Yosys pull request, but that's by the by
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<GenTooMan> Yosys is definitely imperfect, it is however functional enough to use. Since I haven't used Quartus since the last decade I can't comment. Sorry to hear about the MiSTer experience, why can't we all get along? :D
<ZirconiumX> I have an ICE that is unique to me
<GenTooMan> is that good or bad?
<ZirconiumX> And I get it pretty often when trying to feed Yosys netlists to Quartus
<ZirconiumX> Bad, because Intel are basically guaranteed to never fix it
<TD-Linux> so you get to guess at workarounds?
<ZirconiumX> All I know is that it happens when it tries to expand altsyncram "primitives"
<tpw_rules> ICE?
<ZirconiumX> Internal Compiler Error
<tpw_rules> oof
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<GenTooMan> Well could be worse ... I think. Maybe not if you can't do anything that kind of stops everything. How has your PS2 hardware fun progressed?
<omnitechnomancer> antic mix of 4 and 5, half the slices are lut4s and can be used as RAM, the other half are LUT5 which can also be used as two LUT4s with shared inputs
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<tnt> Does anyone know how the IO2 / IO3 lines of the ECP5 configuration port behave during configuration if you're using dual io config (and not quad io) ? I'm hoping that (1) they'd behave the same on the crosslink-nx (2) they stay hi-z ...
<daveshah> I guess they can't do anything too weird, otherwise a flash with all lines connected but in SPI mode could end up with hold asserted
<tnt> good point. I want to use them for soft USB, but I'm afraid they'd be driven high or have pull-ups strong enough to be detected by the host side.
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<q3k> q3k | so, anyone every noticed a regression in yosys that stops it from inferring some kinds of BRAM?
<mwk> ugh
<mwk> that... may not be unintended
<mwk> got a testcase?
<mwk> *sigh* we need to take our bram passes and blow them all up
<q3k> mwk: i got a big honking .v for ya
<q3k> if you wanna try minimizing
<q3k> ./yosys -p 'read_verilog /home/q3k/Projects/m16c-interface/adapter/build/top.v; attrmap -tocase keep -imap keep="true" keep=1 -imap keep="false" keep=0 -remove keep=0; synth_ice40 -top top -edif dupa.edif'
<q3k> which i've nabbed from migen-at-the-time's build process
<q3k> as tnt mention, this might be instead a migen bug where it just generates a weird fifo
<q3k> since that bram is the fifo backing ram
<q3k> i'll also try bumping the version of migen i use
<q3k> bumped migen to current master, generates 'bad' verilog anyway
<q3k> so either a migen bug, yosys bug or i'm holding the fifo wrong :)
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<mwk> hrm
<mwk> well there's an obvious async read port here...
<q3k> there is
<q3k> doesn't the ice40 have async read bram?
<q3k> i don't remember
<mwk> does anything have async read bram? that sounds strange
<q3k> fuck if i know
<q3k> i can just switch to a SyncFIFOBuffered that will not use an async read port from what i understand
<mwk> anyway, what happened here
<mwk> is that the async port was being converted to a sync port with a hammer before
<mwk> by merging the FF on address input
<q3k> i mean, it only is used in a dff anyway afterwards
<q3k> so maybe
<mwk> it's not, there's a mux
<q3k> oh
<mwk> on the output path
<q3k> what is the memory_dff pass supposed to do?
<mwk> well, initially all mem read ports in yosys are async
<q3k> This pass detects DFFs at memory ports and merges them into the memory port.
<q3k> I.e. it consumes an asynchronous memory port and the flip-flops at its
<q3k> interface and yields a synchronous memory port.
<q3k> yeah it's the hammer
<mwk> memory_dff looks for two patterns
<mwk> reg <= mem[addr];
<mwk> ie. output of async read port going straight to register and nothing else
<mwk> and the other pattern
<mwk> addr <= something;
<mwk> the first is the usual sync memory pattern (which you don't have here)
<mwk> the second is an alternative one: merge a FF on address input into an async port to get a sync port
<mwk> but it turns out it's only a sound transformation if the address register isn't initialized
<mwk> and it is initialized in your case (to 0)
<mwk> the yosys commit you references adds the check that the address reg is not, in fact, initialized
<mwk> thus preventing memory_dff from working
<mwk> whitequark: what do you think of it?
<q3k> yeah, i'm not sure either
<mwk> I think we can loosen the check in memory_dff pass a bit
<q3k> or make migen not emit initial values in this case, if possible?
<mwk> because it's still a sound transform if the address is initialized, but the memory is not
<mwk> (the output will be 'x either way)
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<mwk> (or is it? double check plz)
<mwk> hmm
<mwk> or wait
<mwk> actually, is the second pattern *ever* sound in the presence of two different clocks
<mwk> .... this is going to be another messy yosys JF agenda item for next week, isn't it
<mwk> q3k: so my thoughts are, yosys is being overly permissive here, and the circuit is not realisable with sync read port without very shaky unsound transforms
<mwk> yeah, the second transform is unsound as fuck
<mwk> q3k: sorry, your fifo (or its inference) was built on a lie
<q3k> it's a migen fifo
<q3k> SyncFIFO
<mwk> well, that's why I'm summoning whitequark
* ZirconiumX complains bitterly about the Verilog Quartus Mapping format
<tnt> mwk: when you have different clocks, read and write at the same address is pretty much always undefined in brams anyway.
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<ZirconiumX> Desperation level: outputting EDIF instead of VQM to circumvent parser bugs
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<ZirconiumX> *** Fatal Error: Access Violation at 0X00007FFF979FCC69
<ZirconiumX> I broke Quartus in a new and exciting way
<GenTooMan> ZirconiumX perhaps it was already broken and you merely discovered another flawed facet?
<ZirconiumX> Of course, but the alternative is trying to implement PnR by myself
<ZirconiumX> And I do not have the time or focus for that
<omnitechnomancer> ZirconiumX: do you have any routing knowledge?
<ZirconiumX> Little to none
<omnitechnomancer> most inconvenient then :/
<ZirconiumX> I would have to RE the chip data to get that
<omnitechnomancer> anticw: Sorry I didnt ping you right before, its a mixture of LUT4 and LUT5
<omnitechnomancer> ZirconiumX: no convenient routing pip format to explore then?
<ZirconiumX> There's a text-based RCF format for this, but it needs a special parser, being a unique format
<omnitechnomancer> Well I guess given your existing trouble with parsers it probably has many ways to crash it trying to do anything interesting
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<ZirconiumX> Am I just naturally cursed with bad luck regarding vendor tools?
<OK_b00m3r> i don't think it's you
<omnitechnomancer> I think Altera might just have extremely cursed vendor tools
<q3k> they're all cursed
<omnitechnomancer> I am actually kind of surprised how vaguely reasonable Tang Dynasty seems so far
* jn__ is now curious about the FPGA tools of the Tang Dynasty
<omnitechnomancer> Well that is what the tools are called
<omnitechnomancer> for Anlogic
<OK_b00m3r> o_o
<omnitechnomancer> Mostly I like how not multiple Gigabytes tehy are
<jn__> weird name, but ok
<omnitechnomancer> It is kind of weird
<omnitechnomancer> Hmm, I think I need to adjust the RoutingGraph as well for my purposes, I think I will touch this tomorrow when more awake.
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<GenTooMan> ZirconiumX can't even use nextpnr possibly?
<GenTooMan> ZirconiumX everytime I work on something some bizarre flaw comes out. For example ST-Link won't upgrade under linux. ST simply doesn't care about it and didn't even TRY to answer the why.
<ZirconiumX> GenTooMan: nextpnr requires bitstream and timing data from Quartus
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<GenTooMan> ZirconiumX doesn't nextpnr use the output of yosys? Wait does yosys work with quartus?
<ZirconiumX> I'm trying to get yosys to work with quartus
<ZirconiumX> Since Quartus accepts netlists in EDIF and VQM
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<omnitechnomancer> GenTooMan: to write a nextpnr arch you require knowing how the placement and rouing of things on the FPGA work, you need a database of how things can actually be routed
<omnitechnomancer> and then you need a way to turn the result into a bitstream
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<GenTooMan> Ahh now I see the disruption of the process. I can see that being frustrating at least. Sort of like wanting to make a plugin for Eclipse kind of thing.
<GenTooMan> people always complained about Eclipse because making a plugin fort it required them to use Java which is not a very common language (my explanation) so plug ins for Eclipse often didn't get made for compilers et al. That's changing some because jython and things that create java byte code. Is quartus written in Java C/C++, or "WTH"?
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<OK_b00m3r> not a very common language? :)
<GenTooMan> not compared to javascript C C++ python etc.
<OK_b00m3r> oh
<ZirconiumX> GenTooMan: C++.
<SpaceCoaster> omnitechnomancer: I agree with you about TD. Small and not unpleasant at all. Running from makefiles is easy. Do you know how to make it produce fewer messages? It seems a bit chatty.
<GenTooMan> ZirconiumX: that explains the maintenance of quartus. I presume your running it under windows too. I definitely commiserate with you on that.
<ZirconiumX> I mean, it works fine under either Windows or Linux
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<GenTooMan> Linux? really... Well I guess since Intel's entire engineering staff uses Linux that might give impetus to that happening. Anyhow C++ is hard to maintain, even if one was the original programmer.
<ZirconiumX> Yosys and nextpnr are written in C++ and people seem to have no real issues maintaining that :P
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<GenTooMan> Yes but... they wrote it and they did so with a staff that volunteered to work with each other. Right I'll explain in as brutal fashion as possible. It depends on who wrote it and their style of writting. If the mentality and style are mature good, else God help whoever has to keep it working. It's like mentors PADs (disaster) was purposefully made bad by the person in charge.
<OK_b00m3r> they are likely under-resourced and under excessive pressure to ship, and not allowed to pay down technical debt
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<GenTooMan> It's not likely a failure of the people doing the work but those who are in charge of them. Mentors PADs suffered such a horrible fate.
<GenTooMan> Actually most of my projects suffered from that as well. I wonder how people can be such horrible planners.
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<OK_b00m3r> GenTooMan: exactly
<GenTooMan> That is a big concern, it seems to have become "acceptable" practice. One literally has to lie to people to get that past most competent upper level managers.
<kc8apf> Quartus was designed for *nix first.
<kc8apf> Vivado ended up being some hellish amalgamation of Java calling C++ and running a TCL interpreter.
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