<danboid> So no eMMC, no analogue audio output and HDMI hotplug are only current issues I'm aware of with this box


<BroderTuck> OpenElec uses some out-of-tree patches for hdmi audio since it never managed to land in mainline
<buZz> on my H3 box with openelec, HDMI audio works totally fine
<psydruid[m]> is any progress being made on HDMI audio support for A64 and other SoCs? is there anything I could test or help out with?


<tuxd3v> Mainline kernel doesn't provide hdmi,hdmi-audio,bluetooth-partially, and CSI Camera support


<nik123> Touchscreen, Audio (both speakers and jack), Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, GPU (but in HDMI only)


<smaeul> this will allow almost any IRQ to trigger wakeup from suspend, such as the main GPIO banks and UARTs, and in the future USB, HDMI CEC, audio jack, etc.


<willmore> And the tfp401 doesn't handle the audio as it's DVI not HDMI... Gotcha.
<libv> and the original difference between dvi and hdmi is that the blanking area was now used to pass things like audio
<libv> willmore: with the current fosdem video setup, audio is concentrated at the professional camera, which then passes it on through hdmi


<jernej> psydruid: then you have to make sure that you have designware hdmi i2s audio and simple sound card drivers enabled, along sun4i-i2s
<jernej> a ton of patches required for hdmi audio landed, but it's not finished yet
<psydruid> I've built linux-next and am running it now but I can't see hdmi audio among the possible audio outputs


<jernej> but all sun4i-i2s driver modification needed for hdmi audio just landed, that's true
<jernej> however, they should work if you need hdmi audio now
<jernej> psydruid: those patches will not land as-is, I'm working on hdmi audio card driver, which will connect i2s and hdmi together
<psydruid> apritzel, I tested the allwinner_hdmi_audio_v4 branch recently, but I see there is now an allwinner_hdmi_audio_v10 branch, which I will try soon
* psydruid wonders if we might see HDMI audio support for Allwinner SoCs in the mainline kernel in the course of next year, particularly for A64


<libv> we could also daisy chain hdmi and analogue audio


<jernej> mirko: I was asking you to test old and new LE hdmi patches for your hdmi audio multi-channel issue you noticed


<smaeul> I wonder if this is seen with HDMI audio on mainline


<psydread> has support for HDMI audio on A64 and possibly other SoCs already been imerged upstream?


<clementp[m]> megi: do you have a patch for the NKMP clock ? Aldo, Do you want me to pick your OrangePi HDMI audio patch for the next HDMI audio series ?


<jernej> issue is in I2S drivers improvements, needed by HDMI audio
<jernej> analog audio is already supported, but you mean HDMI audio, right?


<jernej> and sample of I2S node is in "r40 hdmi audio wip"


<rellla> i'm trying to get hdmi sound work on H3 and don't get an hdmi audio device... will i get the device at all, even if the hdmi display is video only and doesn't support audio?


<clementp[m]> but for hdmi_audio w/o panfrost did you try it ?
<clementp[m]> megi: hdmi_audio is now disabled by default


<megi> hdmi audio also is missing in dmesg
<mirko> +simple-audio-card,name = "sun50i-h6-hdmi";
<mirko> -simple-audio-card,name = "allwinner-hdmi";
<megi> HDMI audio seemed to be enabled on all H6 devices
<mirko> also can't get audio through hdmi on current version


<warpme_> interesting: hdmi monitor has black screen but hdmi audio works....


<JohnDoe_71Rus> plaes: i have february image for cb2 with working hdmi-audio. but all next test images broken hdmi-audio for me


<JohnDoe_71Rus> without switch work good. except hdmi-audio in last kernels


<BroderTuck> a) HDMI audio out (guessing a kernel patch here) or


<jernej> however, there are changes in DT for other stuff, like hdmi audio


<tuxd3v> not sure If I have sun4i hdmi audio working :(
<tuxd3v> Ixnus, the v3 sun4i HDMI Audio, only apears in menuconfig if you select [M], not if you select [Y], which seems strange
<tuxd3v> 'Add support for sun4i HDMI audio'
<tuxd3v> nice to see sun4i HDMI audio submited :)


<JohnDoe_71Rus> tuxd3v: libreelec have hdmi audio support for a20
<tuxd3v> hello guys, I know that Olimex was working in HDMI Audio Codec for Lime2


<luke-jr> is Cedrus working today? (my current projector system is a Novena which apparently never ended up getting its hardware acceleration working in the same kernel as HDMI audio..)


<BroderTuck> Oh, I see a Hdmi-audio patch for A20 is in progress. What's holding back the sun8i-one (listed under "Major drivers") from being accepted into mainline?


<JohnDoe_71Rus> hi. any news about hdmi-audio for A20?


<gnarface> so you can get hdmi version based degredation of audio too
<gnarface> i also had a issue with a hdmi 1.0 cable causing a device to fail over to raw pcm stereo audio, preventing it from recognizing surround-sound capability of the stereo


<paddlestroke25> btw some weeks ago I gave a bounty for HDMI audio on mainline for A20. Do you know if someone got interested?


<warpme_> does anybody got working HDMI audio on h6 (beeline gs1) with 5.4-rc1?


<megi> I tried to test HDMI audio on 5.4-rc1 on H5, and it's funny :) When I switch to HDMI audio output in pulseuadio, it will start playing at twice the speed compared to the internal codec output


<jernej> I think this commit will help with HDMI audio delays, but I have to test it first: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/drm/drm-misc/commit/?id=c41784b042ac9cf97f2e871aceef3e06eff14140
<wens> speaking of HDMI audio, I think there was a recent patch that programs the audio sample rate properly in the HDMI block.
<jernej> there is ongoing effort to improve HDMI audio support


<jernej> that sounds like you're trying to make HDMI audio work :)


<wens> I think the A20 hdmi audio patch is a bit over complicated though. it's straight DMA, and shouldn't need to go through ASoC
<libv> PaddleStroke: pop quiz, which open source graphics driver first introduced hdmi-audio?
<codekipper> early HDMI audio uses apb instead of i2s
<codekipper> I've looked at A20 HDMI audio but yet to get it working...
<PaddleStroke> I'm willing to put a bounty on HDMI audio proper drivers for mainline.
<psydroid> is anyone working on HDMI audio support for A64? I had that for the old vendor kernel, but I was happy to get everything running with mainline recently except for some small issues such as sound, which I'm sure will be resolved in due course
<PaddleStroke> I read in IRC history that there are some patches for HDMI audio for H3 H6 H64. What about A20 ? Is there any patches available?


<Mangy_Dog> right, ive so far had to decompile the dtb file once.... to get the option to set my analog audio out instead of defaulting through hdmi...


<jernej> I'm using A64 I2S, but only for HDMI audio


<jernej> dgm78: Same as before, patches exist, mainlining them is very slow. I'll send H6 I2S patches soon (prerequirement for HDMI audio)
<dgm78> jernej, Hi! News about HDMI audio for H6?


<Mangy_Dog> i have a sound headding that lists simple audio card and in that class allwinner,hdmi
<Mangy_Dog> but i would have thought what ever audio hardware thats passing trhough to the hdmi would still be hardware in the analog out
<Mangy_Dog> is there an easy way to set the audio out to go through the analogue audio pins of the 13 pin header rather than hdmi out? currently getting no audio


<Mangy_Dog> oh audio might be in hdmi mode


<lsjet> Just curious: Looking at the linux mainlining chart it shows HDMI Audio as "No" everywhere meaning no one is working on it, right? Is there a big roadblock there, or is it lack of people?


<jernej> but before they are merged, I2S driver has to be improved (I2S is transport bus for HDMI audio in H6 SoC)
<dgm78> Hi! When HDMI audio will be available for Allwinner H6?


<dgm78> Hello! Any prevision for HDMI audio support to Allwinner H6?


<codekipper> JohnDoe_71Rus: HDMI audio works on H3, A64 and H6 but you will need to patch it yourself. LibreELEC and armbian use it.
<Hellsenberg> looks like there's something for dw-hdmi audio, but i'm not sure of its status
<JohnDoe_71Rus> acording the table https://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort all chip hdmi-audio NO N/A
<JohnDoe_71Rus> why no one work on hdmi-audio?


<KotCzarny> is hdmi audio working in LE-H3 ?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> need hdmi audio. HDMI and jack are different inputs for the TV. Difficult to combine picture and sound


<codekipper> Ideally you want the codec attempting to play something and then get a dump of the reg settings. I've used a handful of codecs with the A64 and HDMI audio which also uses the i2s.


<MoeIcenowy> jernej: why is even A64 HDMI audio not mainlined?


<KotCzarny> in libreelec hdmi audio works
<Jojo1411_73> Hello. I try to get hdmi audio working on my OrangePi PC (H3) with armbian mainline kernel. As I found out it's still not officially supported but there are some forks with patches included, that should work (https://github.com/megous/linux/tree/orange-pi-4.19). Is it possible to get it working or do I have to go back to legacy?


<anarsoul> as per jernej there's no consensus on implementation details for hdmi audio
<anarsoul> I have HDMI audio working in my tree (2 channels only)
<davidebeatrici> Ah, here's why HDMI audio is not working.


<jernej> marcodiego: consensus on details, I have out of tree patches for up to 8 channels HDMI audio thanks to codekipper and kwiboo
<marcodiego> what is missing for allwinner soc's to get mainline support for hdmi audio?


<plaes> linkmauve: there's no hdmi audio driver yet


<catphish> no hdmi audio either, that seems odd


<Net147> Now just need HDMI audio and you can make a media center =D


<anarsoul> jernej: what's the plan for your "drm: bridge: Add audio workaround for dw_hdmi v1.32a" patch?


<fALSO> cpufrq, themal reguladion, hdmi audio...


* willmore is still surprised they did something so reasonable as to bridge common I2S for HDMI audio.
<lvrp16> HDMI audio needs I2S right?


<R0b0t1> Well only thing that makes me sad is lack of HDMI audio


<KotCzarny> shouldnt hdmi audio be enabled along with hdmi ?
<jernej> additionaly, hdmi audio should be enabled per board basis, not in dtsi
<jernej> Guest60434: HDMI audio is actually pretty simple to do
<Guest60434> ok, so it is pretty safe to start these projects using H3/H5? Seems like the only parts that are currently missing are the HDMI audio on the H5 (H3 is done per anarsoul|2)?
<Guest60434> and the A64 HDMI audio works you're saying?
<BenG83_> anarsoul|2, and that makes HDMI audio just work?
<smaeul> I know anarsoul|2 and codekipper were working on HDMI audio, they'd have a better idea about how close it is to upstream submission
<Guest60434> @KotCzarny is there a place to list an HDMI audio bounty (which may just be the construction of a driver per BenG)?
<BenG83_> I think atm there is just no basic HDMI audio driver at all
<BenG83_> HDMI audio always needs I2S support first
<KotCzarny> you can always try offering bounty for hdmi audio support
<Guest60434> @KotCzarny it looks like the H3 has the same problem as the H5 - no HDMI audio. Both are red boxes indicating no current work on them. I would need HDMI for the products.
<smaeul> HDMI audio is currently actively WIP
<Guest60434> it looks like most of the SoC is supported, but things like HDMI audio are not currently implemented according to the wiki page


<mirko> jernej: do you have any idea what i might be missing if no alsa sink for hdmi is showing up? CONFIG_DRM_DW_HDMI_I2S_AUDIO=m and CONFIG_SND_SOC_HDMI_CODEC=m are set
<mirko> thought so, too.. i do have CONFIG_DRM_DW_HDMI_I2S_AUDIO=m and CONFIG_SND_SOC_HDMI_CODEC=m though
<megi> hdmi audio seems to somewhat work on H3, but the sound goes on/off every few seconds
<mirko> but it seems hdmi audio development is happening in orange-pi/hdmi-4.16 and not yet merged
<mirko> the HDMI audio sink is missing in ALSA - however i remeber i already got it working once. is audio via hdmi supposed to work ootb on H3 with the orange-pi branch from megous?


<codekipper> A64 hdmi audio works for 2channels...I've got some patches on my github for multi-channel which I've not tested yet
<BenG83> codekipper, thanks a lot for your efforts, I was just asking because jernej was looking for I2S support to get A64 HDMI audio going :)


<sunshavi> beeble: hdmi audio is still loaded. Even I have added hdmi.audio=0 on bootargs
<beeble> if so i would take a look at the fex file, there should be an option to disable the hdmi audio path i guess


<rodrigoaguilera> HDMI display works great. I wanna help and specify the audio bit in the wiki. Should I just create a user?
<rodrigoaguilera> I just changed my bananapipro a20 to a 4.15-rc2 kernel in the hope that HDMI audio is mainlined


<mirko> wanted to check where/when jernej branched from for the hdmi-audio changes and now i'm just starring on my screen: https://foo.nanl.de/Screenshot%20from%202017-12-04%2022-38-18.png


<jernej> wens: using my h3/h5 patches, hdmi video, audio and cec works, however, I'm waiting DE2 support before I send them again


<anarsoul> codekipp1r: HDMI audio works fine with jernej's patches
<codekipp1r> anarsoul: Hi, I've not tried them on A64 for a while...are you testing HDMI audio?


<wens> for the old hdmi controller, looks like we could follow/copy the vc4 hdmi driver's audio parts
<anarsoul> probably it makes sense to get HDMI audio working first on A64...
<anarsoul> jernej: actually, I'm not trying HDMI audio
<jernej> anarsoul: I hope you didn't take h3_hdmi_audio_wip branch but h3_hdmi_audio_v1 instead


<pjwl> I do not use any hdmi, it just straight from the headpones.. the allwinner A13 doesn't have any HDMI only standard LCD output and standard audio codec


<cds> Is there a way to force (A20) HDMI video / audio on boot, before the connected TV/monitor is turned on? Turning the TV on after is too late - it gets detected but no subsequent video/audio output.


<jernej> MoeIcenowy: Cleaned up and a bit hackish branch with H3 HDMI audio support: https://github.com/jernejsk/linux-1/commits/h3_hdmi_audio_wip
<jernej> MoeIcenowy: I had solution for HDMI audio all along, but due to a bug we solved yesterday, it didn't work
<MoeIcenowy> jernej: still any HDMI audio issues left?


<jernej> MoeIcenowy: That workaround also solve issue with no HDMI audio if U-Boot has no video enabled


<codekipper> yeah audio fails to work for me if I boot with hdmi connected on the h3
<oliv3r> as a pure hdmi audio output
<oliv3r> ah no that's the hdmi audio stuff
<codekipper> I'm not sure about the way forward with a20 hdmi audio...so far I've just extracted reg settings from legacy to compare
<codekipper> and https://github.com/codekipper/linux-sunxi/commits/upstream for h3 (i2s is getting delivered first but I test hdmi audio)
<codekipper> oliv3r: I'm looking at hdmi audio on the a20 at the moment
<wens> unlike dw-hdmi on sunxi, which needs an i2s controller to send it audio
<oliv3r> you reconn it's a lot to add it using the hdmi-audio-codec extension? using at the mediatek driver, doesn't look like too much effort?
<oliv3r> wens: but sun4i-drm-hdmi doesn't use audio yet does it?
<oliv3r> hey guys, with the mainlne work, do we have hdmi audio already?


<MoeIcenowy> the HDMI audio?
<jernej> I'm currently working on HDMI audio


<hardik-> Can we share hdmi audio buffer with one more sound card/audio codec in kernel space?


<jernej> Did anybody tried to do H3 I2S driver, which is prerequirement for HDMI audio?


<deskwizard> sunshavi: most likely, DVI and HDMI are the same signal, minus the audio on HDMI and different connectors, I'd be surprised if it wouldn't


<tkaiser> Maybe one pin is S/PDIF, since the board has a HDMI connector digital audio out would make some sense...


<Qui_Sum> I'm currently running Archlinux ARM, analog audio works, but HDMI doesn't. Am I doing something wrong? I see great progress for mainline on the wiki, should I wait? Or should I switch to the sunxi kernel?
<KotCzarny> so his question is 'is audio via hdmi working on a10/mainline'
<Qui_Sum> Hi! I want to use a cubieboard (A10) as a headless MPD server with audio via HDMI. I'm not entirely clear on the current status in the mainline kernel. Is HDMI audio possible / planned / impossible?
<KotCzarny> wens, nah, when you add other audio devices there would be analog and hdmi path?


<jernej> yes, and I think it uses also I2S for HDMI audio transport


<codekipper> Hi All, if anybody is interested I have a branch here that has working I2S, HDMI (audio and video) and analog codec on the H3. https://github.com/codekipper/linux-sunxi/commits/sunxi-wip


<zxchris> I'm using eMMC, so that might be an option. Though I need audio (over HDMI and headphones) - is that working in mainline?


<codekipper_> now instead of using linux-next I've added everything to your branch and all of the audio blocks seem to work(HDMI, SPDIF, I2S, codec)
<apritzel> audio and HDMI are WIP for the H3, chances are that it's not far from the A64


<codekipper> BTW....have HDMI, I2S, SPDIF(not yet tested) and normal audio working on my Orange PI 2 on mainline.


<Guest97474> I'm trying to get 8 audio channels out of the HDMI. I have checked many SBCs and non of them shows 8 audio channels discovered by ALSA. The Linux SW I'm using is working with ALSA and JACK.


<dr1337> and the H3 has audio, ethernet and hdmi working


<KotCzarny> this one looks like hdmi pass through + additional split onto spdif/rca audio
<hramrach> I have DVI+VGA display which I can connect with HDMI cable and it has the analog audio that forks off the HDMI adapter iirc
<KotCzarny> so, you only have hdmi display without audio?
<KotCzarny> there are hdmi-vga adapters you can use to fork analog audio with
<LargePrime> audio over hdmi?


<KotCzarny> you might also try hdmi audio out


<tkaiser> MoeIcenowy: But where's the point to use PMIC without battery and a SoC that needs an external component to provide HDMI and audio output? H2+ would've been the better choice.


<slapin> KotCzarny: my tv likes allwinner devices, but 1 of LCD displays do not like HDMI output of device, on some of devices it is possible to change HDMI output mode, when no audio frames present no green, same thing happens for HDMI-DVI converters.


<Net147> it can detect EDID over HDMI to select resolution and timings, can output video and audio over HDMI


<miasma> i bought the x86 based up board some time ago from kickstarter. they still haven't got hdmi audio support and i'm not sure about the board specific stuff either. like gpio


<IgorPec> actually i was playing with audio yesterday and working fine, hdmi and analogue


<willmore> It was never an option for me as I rarely need wireless, but I do need ethernet. Basically, I need (in order of priority): Ethernet, GPIO, HDMI, audio, bluetooth, wifi.


<Rambler454> I was lucky enough to have an audio out jack on my TV, so when I tried the OPi PC with a desktop, I played audio through that port using the TV and HDMI. That worked flawlessly
<KotCzarny> remember you also have hdmi audio out


<oneinsect> not hdmi audio


<tkaiser> oneinsect: Legacy kernel supports HDMI Audio (default), jack and I2S (after setting the pins in fex file)


<longsleep> well you most certainly need to turn on hdmi audio output first
<lennyraposo> to see if it isn't just hdmi audio issue


<tkaiser> longsleep: I almost never do any desktop stuff with ARM boards. Built an Armbian image for A20 maybe two weeks ago (with Cedrus/Mali stuff active) and then tried out a H.264 movie out of curiosity. It played and I was really shocked since I was not aware that my display has speakers and played the movie's sound horribly loud. I did not even realize that it's possible to route Audio through HDMI :)


<KotCzarny> i think last time i've tried hdmi audio it 'just worked'
<KotCzarny> you probably have 2 audio cards, onboard and hdmi


<Rambler44> I saw some HDMI-VGA devices too but I wonder what audio quality that will give depending on what is onboard?
<Deskwizard> Rambler44: I remember seeing some hdmi-dvi adapters that had the 3.5mm audio, might be worth looking at those
<Rambler44> Most boards just have a HDMI, but my guess there is no HDMI to 3.5mm audio jack converter out there


<tkaiser> The new board is rather limited (1 USB host, Audio out only through HDMI, 512MB RAM) so it would be a mistake to discontinue it.


<KotCzarny> AND, remember you have hdmi output with audio


<KotCzarny> similar question about audio (just analog jack, not hdmi)


<dodo_> I just need audio, no hdmi.


<sunxi_fan1> actually a I2S driver is the "platform" driver of the SOC that's dealing with the hardware DAI in the I2S mode (a Sun4i/sun7i could also have a Hdmi-audio and SPDI DAI too, as there are also those hardware modules inside those SOCs and indeed the legacy linux-sunxi 3.4 has drivers for those DAIs too..)


<cubeast> evening, does Allwinner A20 support audio over HDMI? Like if I connect a TV to it via HDMI alone, will I get audio too?


<ssvb> because the 1680x1050 monitors tend to be confused by the audio signal on the HDMI and fail to work


<jmcneill> next weekend i need to do hdmi audio


<codekipper> the M1 Audio codec should be first then the HDMI codec


<quitte> have you tried wether there is audio coming out the hdmi port or changing the alsa config,too?


<woprr> extending the hdmi audio driver for 8ch IEC60958
<wens> there is no hdmi audio driver for sunxi in mainline
<woprr> extending the hdmi audio driver for 8ch IEC60958
<woprr> A20 HDMI-Audio Offset: 0x048: Aud_Ctrl: AUD_LAYOUT: PCM/1-bit Audio layout selection 3 R/W 0 layout 0 (2 chan


<wens> kivutar: that's because you probably set hdmi as the default audio output
<kivutar> Hi, I got hdmi audio working by adding an asound.conf telling the default card, but now jack sound does not work anymore


<wens> Turl: hdmi audio is a fifo in the hdmi block


<libv> dack: hdmi cec and hdmi audio are things some people seem overly interested in
<Turl> libv: do you recall how is hdmi audio handled?


<fiola> Come to think of it, a 2.5mm stereo audio socket might just about fit on the end bracket of the LIME on the HDMI side. And it would have the benefit of giving anyone who plugs in their headphones a surprise. :P


<Turl> libv: and HDMI audio


<libv> wingrime: hdmi audio and other special things are left todo, as there are enough people interested in working on such a fancy feature


<physis> Guys, some one have XBMC with HDMI audio working fine using HDMI? I found this issue (https://github.com/rellla/xbmca10/issues/18) from rellla (I'm using A20) but still not working even recompiled with this changes.


<wens> codekipper: the hdmi block has a fifo for audio data
<codekipper> the code looks like a cut & paste of the i2s driver with just some DMA additions. Is the i2s block used in the hdmi audio chain?
<codekipper> libv: Can I probe you on hdmi audio?
<libv> but things like hdmi audio and the rest of the info thatneeds to be sent to the monitor, that all will remain open, from my side


<libv> i should manage with about 10, but that doesn't include the fancy scaler or fancy hdmi things (audio and things)


<paulk-collins> I was asking because some HDMI to VGA converters have audio out too
<oliv3r> i dont' have a device capable of playing back audio over hdmi, so I personally never tested it
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, another thing, is there support for HDMI audio on the linux-sunxi tree?


<laureon> hi everyone. Anyone knows how do I change the audio output priority for a sun6i_fiber? I need to output audio to codec instead of hdmi even if hdmi is plugged. Is this done by the kernel?


<wens> oliv3r: see the hdmi block diagram, there's a fifo for audio data
<oliv3r> wens: also isn't audio on hdmi multiplexed with the video data on the same lvds pins?
<oliv3r> we have an audio engine, and 4 possible outputs, ac97 -> analog out, i2s for digital out, hdmi for digital out and spdif, each can be clocked and used individually as output?


<arokux> Skaag: usb is there, audio - do you mean jack or hdmi audio?


<ccube> same sd card in a10s olimex board is booting fine. the "faulty" board is missing some of the hw-components ( no audio, no hdmi, no second sd slot, no gpio, no usb host). dont know if this matters


<oliv3r> the tables are quite different int he hardware that it supports; mUSB is listed for example, as is nand, mac, spi* SS, HDMI Audio and MemoryStick


<wingrime> mnemoc: but I sended patch for sound resume pcm-audio (100% same with hsang one for hdmi-sound)


<robertjw> I have a Mele a2000 (512MB) and sunxi/f19 loaded up on it fine except I've got a problem with no audio feed to the hdmi


<oliv3r> tm512: HDMI is DVI + hdcp (optional) + audio; so of course it will


<boycottg00gle> rmmod hdmi ; modprobe hdmi audio=0 semms to help but still no output


<TheSeven> what do I need to do to make HDMI audio work?


<BW^-> however, there are internal Ethernet, GPU, audio and HDMI+TV output controllers and also controllers for two SD:s and one flash chip right?


<boycottg00gle> regarding hdmi i think i see 2 problems: my monitor doesn't like it that audio is always on, my tv somehow chops of the borders


<woprr> hdmi audio device is reported but not found by pulseaudio or kaffeine
<provel_> if anyone has hints on why hdmi-audio disappeared from sun41 (kernel 3.4 stage) please tell here I'll read the logs, thanks and bye
<provel_> hi all, since the change of name my stage/3.4 kernel seems to not have the hdmi audio passthrough device anymore... I'm the only one?


<woprr> direct attachment of dvb-receiver modules to Boards, decode MPEG2-TS + audio, output with HDMI to DD-receiver and TV, record with vdr


<hansg> wingrime, any news on my hdmi-audio fix ?
<wingrime> hansg: but only with hdmi-audio


<utente> rellla, ssvb i 4got who of you i tal to me about my problem with audio issue in xbmc. anyway finally i worked on it, and the solution on my sistem is: AUDIO STREAM = DPLII_Q0.4 (2/2) it came out english language from hdmi.. Curiouslym audio autput is set to "analog" but the audio cames out from hdmi. also AUDIO STREMA set to AC3 5.1 vorks (in my own language)


<utente> no way, also afete reboot, speaker-test give output audio on hdmi, but youtube still mute
<utente> mmm speaket-test say "right feft" in hdmi audio output, but if i try youtube, it is mute, no audio :( (yes, gnash audio cursor is to the maximum)
<utente> who to do to reactivate hdmi audio? afaik, the 2 config are identical related to audio menu :-(
<utente> i on cubieboard. i fount a istallation "cubian", a debian for cubieboard. it works, but kernel didt support all hardware i have. so i recompiled 3.4.43 (patched for cubie). i used the .confg of 3.4.29 using "make oldconfig" options, then i did make menuconfig to activatre what i need. at the end i moved uImage and /lib/modules/3.4.43 on cb. all works fine the new hardware support, but i lost the hdmi audio (that of course prev


<hansg> ssvb, also I have the a20 booting and stable, as long as you don't try to use hdmi audio :)


<user_2> hi all. im getting crazy. im running linaro and debian on cubieboard, both od distors hase some positive side (linaro run gnome-mplayer with audio and video on hdmi, debian dont) and debian recognize ORG usb, wireless, dongle, but linaro dont. so, how to merge audio/video support inside debian?
<oliv3r> /silo/build/sunxi-bsp/linux-sunxi/drivers/video/sunxi/hdmi/drv_hdmi.c:339: undefined reference to `audio_set_hdmi_func'
<oliv3r> hdmi is DVI + audio + hdcp + cec
<oliv3r> the display bit has some hdmi audio function in it


<RoadRiverRail_> Hey guys, I've been poking at HDMI audio on Android for the A10 and I'm getting some really weird sound output. It stutters and runs too fast, and I don't think it's the audio decoders in the framework to blame. Anyone know who I might talk to about that?


<oliv3r> well they've implemented the SUN5I hdmi audio driver :)
<oliv3r> maybe it does have the hdmi audio pin ;)
<oliv3r> so vidoe = LCD, audio = hdmi
<oliv3r> yeah, but i don't want video output to hdmi, only audio, is that possible?
<oliv3r> does anybody know btw, if I have a tablet (LCD output) can I still use HDMI output for AUDIO? (I did see alsa mixer for hdmi, so my initial guess is 'yes')


<Epsylon3> well i will continue to find the hdmi audio diff
<Epsylon3> 20:19:26 | Epsylon3: i think something has changed in hdmi audio between 52 and 62
<Epsylon3> - {"sndhdmi", AUDIO_NAME_HDMI},
<Epsylon3> + {"sun4isndhdmi", AUDIO_NAME_HDMI},


<gzamboni> without usb , hdmi, audio or any other connector, all them will be in the gpios


<mnemoc> that happens if you build hdmi without hdmi_audio
<user> lowmemorykiller.c:(.text+0x306f0): undefined reference to `audio_set_hdmi_func'