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<sajattack[m]> does migen have an equivalent to verilog's thing where you can assign something multiple times and the last one will take precedence?
<awygle> yes
<awygle> er, sorry. thought i was in #nmigen and autocompleted an "n" there. no idea about migen lol
<sajattack[m]> ok well I hope it does
<sajattack[m]> lol
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<john_k[m]> It does
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<dkozel> Hi _florent_ You offered a few weeks to give some guidance on getting my Aller PCIe board up and running with LiteX, could use that help now
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<dkozel> Board is in and seems to be detected, LiteX and everything else is up to date, and I've built the demo image
<dkozel> buut... ha, not sure if I even can program it over PCIe or if I need to get the JTAG interface up.
<_florent_> dkozel: hi, sure i can try to help
<_florent_> so the board is detected with lspci?
<dkozel> yes
<_florent_> ok
<dkozel> 03:00.0 Memory controller: Xilinx Corporation Device 7024
<_florent_> i'm going to look at the Aller target just to see what it does and what you can test
<_florent_> have you already programmed it with the LiteX design or is it the default configuration?
<dkozel> Default config
<dkozel> I don't know how to program it (short of the JTAG adapter, which I don't have yet)
<dkozel> Reading app notes makes it sound like it could/should be possible
<_florent_> ah ok, i'm not well aware of what is already loaded to the board
<_florent_> i would recommend using using/having a JTAG cable
<dkozel> Yeah, I've ordered one from Digilent, not sure what their shipping is like at the moment
<dkozel> bit of an oversight
<_florent_> ok
<dkozel> I'll ping Numato and see if they have a suggestion, otherwise catch you back here in a few weeks
<_florent_> i think that would be useful spend 20-30 minutes setting up a design for you based on https://github.com/enjoy-digital/netv2
<tpb> Title: GitHub - enjoy-digital/netv2: NeTV2 SoC based on LiteX (at github.com)
<_florent_> i'll take the time to do it in the next days
<_florent_> please ping me when you know how to reprogram your board and i'll help you getting LitePCIe working
<dkozel> Thanks. What's useful about that netv2 based design?
<_florent_> That's just that i know i tested/updated it recently and the software is included
<dkozel> Ok, sounds great. I'll let you know when I have more pieces here. Thanks
<dkozel> My core interest is DMAing data over PCIe to one or more blocks hanging of the wishbone bus or similar, then back up to the host.
<dkozel> If that helps narrow what bits of the design are most relevant
<_florent_> ok, i can easily create a design with that
<dkozel> Many thanks. I'm looking forward to learning more gateware dev. Almost all of what I've done is debugging DSP inside of existing designs.
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<pdp7> trying the orangecrab and getting:
<pdp7> build_top.sh: line 4: /opt/Diamond/diamond_env: No such file or directory
<pdp7> Is Diamond the lattice ide?
<miek> yup
<pdp7> ah ok... i didn't need for the other ECP5 boards
<somlo> interesting, the default toolchain is "trellis" in the latest litex-boards git version
<somlo> i.e. yosys/trellis/nextpnr
<tpb> Title: litex-boards/orangecrab.py at master · litex-hub/litex-boards · GitHub (at github.com)
<somlo> pdp7 any chance your litex-boards repo is a few commits behind the latest?
<somlo> alternatively, try "--gateware-toolchain trellis"
<pdp7> ok thanks
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<gregdavill> Yep, the old default on the orangecrab was diamond, it's now been updated to Trellis.
<pdp7> Thanks all. I can build the gateware now
<rjeschmi> I'm having a tough time with LiteEth and understanding the clocks. They seem to get renamed on me when I make changes.
<rjeschmi> for a while they were eth_rx and eth_tx
<rjeschmi> but now they are eth_clocks_tx and eth_clocks_rx
<rjeschmi> Is this something to do with AutoCSR? Or is there something I'm missing?
<rjeschmi> which is only a problem when it tried to compile and eventually gets to: ERROR:ConstraintSystem:59 - Constraint <NET "eth_rx_clk" TNM_NET =
<rjeschmi> "PRDeth_rx_clk";>
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