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<nacelle> the more common spelling is with a z
<nacelle> with an s is someone from a country where they dont use z in other common words trying to assert that the word shouldnt have a z :-P
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<lanefu> TRS-80_mobile: yes, but in a PR
<lanefu> nacelle: good point; no regretz
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<lanefu> c0rnelius: sorry I don't have one
<archetech> slack sysv feels like the stone age
<lanefu> slack sysv?
<archetech> slackware
<lanefu> ohhh
<lanefu> man I have used slackware since floppies
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<archetech> my first time
<lanefu> Have you tried doing buildroot for your rock64?
<archetech> whats that
<lanefu> More linux for masochists stuff
<lanefu> Its for building embedded linux stuff.
<archetech> building LFS uses buildroot during cross-compile so yeah
<archetech> used armbian as hsot os
<archetech> host
<TRS-80> Now that I am plating with qemu, soon I think it will be time to start playing with Arch, Gentoo, LFS, and other things like that I always wanted to try...
<TRS-80> s/plating/playing
<lanefu> arm or x86 qemu?
<TRS-80> lanefu: So far I installed x86 and MIPS (was trying to emulate router) but several architectures are available of course. Host is x86 if that is what you were asking, but eventually I will play with arm hosts like ODROID-XU4 and others I have here.
<TRS-80> playing with OSes and LFS would be on x86, as I would be far out of my depth doing anything like that on arm
<lanefu> Very cool
<TRS-80> just adding too many wrinkles at once IMO (for me at least)
<TRS-80> qemu is very powerful and versatile, I am excited to use it more, but right now just reading a lot. Like about networking, for 2-3 days now probably off and on. :/
<archetech> doing lfs is easy just use a spare hdd not a vm
<TRS-80> archetech: a whole HDD? Or would a partition be enough?
<archetech> one part is ok
<TRS-80> (I have small number of big HDDs) but maybe I have some old one laying around...
<TRS-80> OK cool
<archetech> best to be empty for safety sake
<TRS-80> well, that later, anyway...
<TRS-80> yeah, duly noted
<archetech> and dont use a good host you like use a fresh install of arch or deb for host
<archetech> a spare pc witha sata/pate 160GB hdd and a dual core is enough
<TRS-80> archetech: So sounds like ideal for VM? :) Why not use VM then?
<nacelle> pata? for vm? yuck.
<nacelle> not enough iops
<archetech> cuz peeps trip all over the dual disk setup thats needed
<archetech> nacelle: nothing diff in perf between a sata2 and a pate hdd
<archetech> pata
<archetech> point is use spare stuff so ya dont worry
<archetech> you wil make mistakes
<lanefu> as in accidently nuke your real computer?
<archetech> yup
<lanefu> yeah i can see that
<archetech> dont beleive the fud its just a book and alot of cp pastes
<archetech> fun to see things go together as ya build
<archetech> esp the toolchain that a lesson all in itself
<archetech> ya cross compile a /tools dir that holds the compiler that builds the compiler :)
<archetech> so theres 3 gcc builds
<lanefu> do you build gcc with gcc?
<archetech> yes
<lanefu> oh it turns out that guy didnt finish his LFS ansible role
<archetech> thers plenty of dead lfs attempts littering the web they get frusdtrated easy and quit
* TRS-80 was just reading up on LFS
<TRS-80> gn all
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<Tony_mac32> howdy
<TRS-80> Evening, Tony_mac32! :)
<Tony_mac32> Pine has an IRC --> Discord bot. looks interesting
* Tony_mac32 meant <-->
<Tony_mac32> My stack of MC1's showed up early, so I don't have the supporting hardware yet
<TRS-80> Yeah lots of places do nowadays.
<TRS-80> Discord is what Siege, et al are using, amirite?
<Tony_mac32> Yep
<TRS-80> Ooh nice! Do you have a particular use in mind? I am not sure if I regret not buying any or not. I had no use in mind yet feel it was such a good price. lol
<TRS-80> Yeah I tried checking in to that once (Discord). Right off the bat they wanted my phone number. So I was like fuck off nope nope nope
<TRS-80> I cannot believe so many people willingly sign up for shit like that. This is why we cannot have nice things!
<Tony_mac32> haha yeah
<Tony_mac32> it became just "yeah whatev"
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<Coraxyn> Morning
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<johnwho> hi. I would like to get access to the GPIO8 A4 and GPIO8 A5
<johnwho> therefore i have looked into sys/class/gpio
<johnwho> there i have found these gpiochips: https://imgur.com/a/jNGCXA2
<johnwho> but how do i know which of them i need for doing an export?
<johnwho> cause as a i know, i must first do an export: echo 913 > /sys/class/gpio/export
<johnwho> echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio913/direction
<johnwho> echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio913/value
<johnwho> for example... But how can i figre out which number i have to use?
<johnwho> for GPIO8 A4 for example
<johnwho> by the way, the board is a Tinkerboard S
<johnwho> ok the number was 252...
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<Minoru> hi! Did anyone else run into 404s from buster/updates? `apt update` returns this (IP redacted): https://framabin.org/p/?42828dc56ee1247e#YKkQkXGt2ckceZz20YzxTRfXiPmWSne6Vs5w6fAjSz0=
<Minoru> when I edited /etc/apt/sources.list and changed "http://deb.debian.org buster/updates" to "http://security.debian.org/debian-security buster/updates", it started working fine
<Minoru> the previous config worked just a few days ago, I think the problem started on February 1st. Yet I can't find no mention of any relevant changes
<keesj> is armbian compatible with buster?
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<c0rnelius> Minoru - did you try changing it to another mirror? https://www.debian.org/mirror/list
<c0rnelius> the current setup is supposed to redirect and find the best one for you, but that doesn't always happen.
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<Minoru> c0rnelius: yes, I tried two other mirrors in my country, but neither worked. Later on, I also checked ftp.debian.org manually, and didn't find "buster" in the root there
<Minoru> keesj: it ought to be compatible. I downloaded the image from here: https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-pc2/ it lists Debian Buster and Ubuntu Bionic as base distros
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<Minoru> although now I notice that the Buster one says "kernel 5.4.y". I installed mine a while back, about two months ago, and `uname -a` says Linux orangepipc2 5.3.9-sunxi64
<Minoru> so perhaps the problem is fixed in a newer image
<Minoru> I'm downloading the image now to take a look at the stock /etc/apt/sources.list
<c0rnelius_> it shouldn't matter. buster is buster. does ur resolv.conf look right?
<Minoru> it does. Lists the correct IP for my local DNS server
<c0rnelius_> hmm. odd for sure.
<Minoru> does anyone else here runs Armbian Buster? Can they run `apt update` and check if their buster/update is fetched?
<c0rnelius_> one sec let me boot the nanopc
<Minoru> I should probably ask these questions on Debian channel, but I went here first because I don't know what modifications Armbian did. (I can't imagine any reasonable modification that'll cause this, but still)
<c0rnelius_> all seems right on my end
<c0rnelius_> i don't see how it would be armbian related. it is just pulling from the debian sources.list after all.
<Minoru> c0rnelius_: just to verify: can you show your sources.list?
<c0rnelius_> i did notice when you posted before it did say Release instead of InRelease.
<c0rnelius_> yeah. one sec
<Minoru> /etc/armian-release might help as well. Mine's here: https://framabin.org/p/?676c523ead4b13ec#omtZ96sMu4VLA1JK5CrWjeLKHB2n5pgCLlfAcXVWdEs=
<Minoru> okay, so yours correctly pull buster/updates from *security*.debian.org. Mine tried to pull it from deb.debian.org
<c0rnelius_> mhmm
<Minoru> ok, I guess I moved on to the next debugging stage now: I wonder how my previous configuration ever worked at all :)
<Minoru> I downloaded the newest image, but it's a whole disk image, i.e. with the DOS partition table and all -- no idea how to mount it to view =\
<Minoru> whoa, 5.90! You must've upgraded this thing a number of times now
<c0rnelius_> yeah
<c0rnelius_> it was a fresh stretch originally and upgraded it to buster and then installed the desktop
<c0rnelius_> i believe? been while.
<c0rnelius_> a*
<c0rnelius_> are you in linux? you can mount it simples with gnome-disks
<c0rnelius_> the ,img that is
<Minoru> yep, on Debian testing. Will try that, thanks!
<c0rnelius_> i always try a new img for the nanopc but they always give me trouble so i just stick with this one. just tried the latest with the 5.4.17 kernel and the wifi was dead :-/
<c0rnelius_> i did build it myself so i'm not overly shocked
<Minoru> okay, so I mounted both the old image (the one I provisioned originally) and the new image (the one I just downloaded), and both list "security.debian.org buster/updates"
<Minoru> so this was all a user error ._.
<Minoru> sorry for wasting your time, c0rnelius_
<c0rnelius_> all good
<c0rnelius_> it happens
<Minoru> oh, and thanks for the help as well :)
<c0rnelius_> :) np
<Minoru> gnome-disks (gnome-disk-utility in Debian) works like a charm
<c0rnelius_> yeah its a great app. use it all the time.
<c0rnelius_> much better than etcher
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<IgorPec> Minoru: Armbian provides the core, kernel and u-boot
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<TRS-80> Thanks for answers to that one Flag IgorPec. I did have couple other Flags I been waiting for answer for day or two... Anyone can answer of course not just you... :)
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<IgorPec> yes i know. we have to establish this culture, since we were not doing that before
<IgorPec> perhaps also pinging other mods as well. getting a second opition is goot to have
<TRS-80> It seems to be hit or miss. I do get good participation at times. I don't know how anyone can miss it, actually. lol
<IgorPec> i get so many notifications, even with strong filter
<TRS-80> I don't miss those days...
<TRS-80> But good idea IgorPec, I will look and see who is online and ping them nicely asking to check flags. Gently urging over time until it becomes habit...
<IgorPec> try to get those recently appointed mods into the motion :)
<IgorPec> i will do the same when possible
<Werner__> Hey
<IgorPec> hej
<Werner__> TRS-80, I did not receive any mention or something about pending reports?
<TRS-80> soerendoerfer (sp?) was one of the early users (with lanefu and I) of the Flagging functionality, he tood to it like a duck to water. :) Vanitarium was on there a bit too, but seems to have fallen off in general (he told me he was getting busy and would have less time)
<TRS-80> Werner__: Really? Do you not see the Flag at top right with numbers?
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<TRS-80> Sorry, ! triangle logo
<Werner__> Nope. That is a feature for moderators I guess?
<IgorPec> aha, yes
<TRS-80> I thought you were one? LOL
<Werner__> No, that is why I reported and did not clean up myself :P
<IgorPec> we can arrange that :)
<Werner__> No thanks, I am fine =)
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<TRS-80> Werner__: It's not an obligation, but there are times I surely could use a second opinion, since you have been here longer than me
<Werner__> Feel free to ask any time :)
<TRS-80> More recently, we been using Flagging system for this, as described: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12854-moderation-better-using-report-this-content-for-mentoring-new-mods/
<Werner__> As stated earlier I do not want to dive deeper into this forums staff. I am fine with and be happy to contribute by managing the IRC stuff as good as possible and doing some comments/commits from time to time.
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<TRS-80> Yes I know how you feel about Moderating. :) As you wish. I was just hoping not to have to duplicate stuff I already wrote in Flags then again in other channels. Which is why I said there would be no expectation of you taking on Moderation duties. Only having permissions so you could see the flags and add your $0.02, if and when you felt like it. No pressure. But, as you wish... :)
<ashthespy> If I have a repo with a set of commits - is preparing those nice patches as simple as `git format-patch -n <sha-v5.5> --stdout > n-commits.patch` ?
<TRS-80> ashthespy: I am not sure, but hang out you might get an answer ;)
<TRS-80> lanefu must be busy at $dayjob, usually he gives feedback on my Flags / Reports on the forum... :D
<lanefu> haha yeah... beating on K**** and all the other annoying cloud tech
<lanefu> I decided AWS is this decade's NT 4.0
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<lanefu> and there will be another reckoning
<archetech> w2k was nt4 done right great OS
* TRS-80 is so glad he only uses tech "for fun" and not professionally...
<archetech> now days me to
<TRS-80> archetech: > Windows and "great OS" in same sentence < disdain.jpg
<TRS-80> :D
<archetech> I never mixed up mr feelings for MS vs its products
<archetech> like you young ones do
<archetech> thats politics not tech
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<TRS-80> "Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches," former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told the Chicago Sun Times
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<archetech> he was a lucky salesman had nothing to to with the tech
<archetech> to do
<TRS-80> yes that's right, Dirty Operating System, bought for X and resold for Y per each, the entire basis of Microsoft, what cunts
<archetech> talking to the wrgg guy couldnt care less about the evil in mgmt
<archetech> thats in FOSS too ya know
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<Minoru> IgorPec: got it, thanks! So I should just treat is as a Debian installation, really
<IgorPec> yes, its pure Debian except important packages are ours
<IgorPec> You should have this on the system: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list
<IgorPec> deb http://apt.armbian.com buster main buster-utils buster-desktop
<Minoru> yup, have it right there! The /etc/apt/source.list was borked by me, though I'm not sure when -- looks like Armbian already uses deb.debian.org, and that's the only thing I could've edited there =\ A bit of a mystery still, but absolutely my fault
<IgorPec> base pacakges comes from Debian directly. We don't dig into that at all. Focused only to the staff that matters
<archetech> new hardrock64 is coming ~april 2020 !
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* archetech will wait for the v3 version it ;p
<IgorPec> archetech: at least :)
<archetech> of it
<archetech> rpi4 is strting to look good to me some mainline support in 5.5
<IgorPec> what can some mailine support change?
<archetech> less probs
<TRS-80> still blob bootloader, AFAIK
<IgorPec> of course
<TRS-80> and so many people think it is "open source" /smh
<IgorPec> on rpi4 linux runs inside Microsoft :)
<TRS-80> 3/10 bait :p
<c0rnelius> i hear peps at debian are working on a opensource alternative to the bootloader on the pi
<c0rnelius> but were directing the effort at the pi3b/+ models
<IgorPec> that project is dead AFAIK
<c0rnelius> is it? i just watched a video on it. thats a shame.
<c0rnelius> vid was from mid last year?
<IgorPec> if its alive, there must be traces, stories, ...
<IgorPec> not just one video
<c0rnelius> it was of/from a conference
<c0rnelius> OFTC irc channel #debian-raspberrypi i thinks? also has a link to the website.
<IgorPec> but link to the project?
<c0rnelius> be interesting it if it happens. if not oh wells.
<IgorPec> i know people would like too see RPi free ... but dunno if that is possible?
<IgorPec> especially Debian folks
<c0rnelius> i know in the vid they didn't sound like it was something they were to sure about. let me check the channel. one sec.
<c0rnelius> hmm the wiki doesn't mention it. justthat you need to add the blobs to the debian img ur self. non-free and all.
<c0rnelius> atleast i don't see it
<TRS-80> IMO, companies who are famously hostile toward F/LOSS (Broadcom) do not deserve any support, attention, nor any other Nice Things from the community. Vote with your feet/wallets for more open hardware, I say...
<c0rnelius> but was touched on in the vid
<IgorPec> no, that's certainly closed source
<c0rnelius> maybe one. i doubts it though.
<c0rnelius> pis cost to much now anyway. those pi4 kits are ridicules.
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<TRS-80> This is why I changed my mind on Purism, their strategy is to push the hardware market towards more F/LOSS drivers, as I touched on here: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12929-librem-5-phone-purism-from-a-freedom-standpoint/
<TRS-80> That is for phones, but it's the strategy I support (and they are somewhat related iMX8 chips anyway)
<c0rnelius> i see on the wiki they say - Unfortunately development of rpi-open-firmware is currently stalled. That was 2016... Wonder why they brought it up? stupid.
<c0rnelius> aren't binary blobs used in other bootloaders? like amlogic for instance?
<TRS-80> yes
<c0rnelius> yep yep
<TRS-80> I have a thread on it where you can find more details exactly where the blobs are and on what platforms
<c0rnelius> i just mentioned them because of compiled the bootloader for that and knew it needed the blobs.
<TRS-80> IMO, idea is to keep pushing in a direction -> vote with feet/walets for most open solution possible
<c0rnelius> doesn;t rockchip and allwinner need them too? i can't remember
<TRS-80> this is what is so exciting to me about ARM in general, the market is shaping up before our very eyes
<c0rnelius> to bad not on our phones
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: See my thread about Purism / Librem 5 ! :)
<c0rnelius> i use to love it when companies would just you just unlock the bootloaders. now all of them got shitty about it.
<c0rnelius> just let you*
<c0rnelius> i already read this morning
<TRS-80> my thread is very relevant to this topic ;)
<TRS-80> oh ok
<c0rnelius> already*
<TRS-80> it's obnoxious, isn't it? Who's phone is it, anyway?
<ashthespy> ^it's obnoxious, isn't it? Who's phone is it, anyway? - Apples..
<TRS-80> Imagine people accepting buying a car with the hood welded shut... it's ridiculous
<c0rnelius> i had bought two huawei tablets because at the time they were allowing you to unlock them. of course shortly after that they stopped.
<c0rnelius> bunch of dicks :)
<c0rnelius> i still got them unlocked but still.
<ashthespy> TRS-80 What about a Tesla?
<TRS-80> ashthespy: I don't know specifics, however in general I support F/LOSS/H
<TRS-80> there is going to come a day when your refrigerator stops working after x years because the mfr decides they want you to buy a new one
<c0rnelius> now I only buy Xiaomi. They have a way better record of keeping things up to date and still let you unlock free of charge.
<TRS-80> we are already there in some cases (Apple nerfing older hardware)
<c0rnelius> plus LinageOS rocks ;)
<ashthespy> Wasn't there is article recently about John deer tractors, and how older models are soaring in price as they are easier to repair, and don't need a trip to dealer to unlock stuff..
<TRS-80> ashthespy: Yes, JD has gotten on the stupid lockdown bandwaggon
<sarnold> *aren't even locked in the first place*
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<TRS-80> c0rnelius: LineageOS is a great stop-gap and I use it on all my phones, but I still find Android to be a mostly useless toy OS. I am really looking forward to having actually useful full on GNU/Linux for a (huge!) change (Librem 5)...
<c0rnelius> TRS-80 - I agree.
<ashthespy> Ah well, all that being said, we are truly living in a good age to tinker and play around with stuff - both Software/Hardware and manufacturing aspects!
<TRS-80> ashthespy: +1
<c0rnelius> Android is alright. It has its place... Way better than iOS. Good lord!
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: like my mother used to say about voting: "the choice between the evil of two lessers" XD
<c0rnelius> :)
<c0rnelius> smart lady
<c0rnelius> I've been starting to get back into using BSD. Actually got it installed on my laptop and amazingly enough, stuff works.
<TRS-80> most normies though, I look at their phones (Android) and they are absolutely overwhelmed with obnoxious pop-ups, spam notifications, etc... I don't know how they put up with it. To them it's just normal. :/
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: I am getting to grips with qemu lately, so eventually I look forward to branching out into other OSes...
<c0rnelius> TRS-80 - yeah its crazy. I need my root and my adblocker.
<c0rnelius> that and Nova Launcher
<c0rnelius> Bsd is fun. I like the it's a "Whole OS" vib its got and not just a bunch of pieces strung together.
<c0rnelius> which GNU/Linux mostly feels like
<TRS-80> > not following "UNIX Philosophy"
<TRS-80> ;)
<c0rnelius> hah
<TRS-80> I like the "box of legos" approach
<c0rnelius> I like them both
<TRS-80> I have not really tried BSD, so I cannot make a fair comparison
<TRS-80> but it seems to me most distributions (well, at least Debian, anyway) seem to give a pretty consistent experience?
<c0rnelius> Yeah. These days I only really use Debian. Back in the day i was Slackware and CRUX guy.
<c0rnelius> but now i'm lazy and Debian does a good job out of the box.
<TRS-80> That is why I have used it so far, it "just works" and is reliable. I need to use my computer. But now excited to branch out and try other things (via qemu).
<c0rnelius> for sure branch out.
<c0rnelius> You learn more that way. For example: just setting up BSD on my laptop and getting everything just right, helped me to make my Debian experience better on it.
<c0rnelius> it's a dual boot
<c0rnelius> So tricks I learned in Bsd when it came to making my touchpad more usable, I then brought over to my Debian install.
<c0rnelius> actually really interested in checking out NetBSD on some of these SBCs
<c0rnelius> especially ones I just use headless anyway
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<c0rnelius> an example of the lego sitch in Linux. I installed tlp on the laptop which is suppose to help with power management, but now if I have the computer on for an extended period of time it hangs when shutting down. So now i either remove tlp or go through the process of trying to resolve the issue. Pain in the butt.
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<TRS-80> c0rnelius: Well, I think non-free bootloaders and low level board code have more to do with power integration issues.
<TRS-80> basically, if the code (firmware / drivers) are F/LOSS you are (generally) going to have a much better time, as sooner or later, someone will likely integrate that into Linux
<c0rnelius> no doubt. but what I was saying was a lot fo the board "us peps" use are still stock with binary blobs for the time being regardless of the manufacturer.
<c0rnelius> boards*
<c0rnelius> stuck*
<c0rnelius> i can't type today
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<c0rnelius> one reason I don't understand why people hate on the Pis really. I mean I do get it, but when you look around it is kinda of just as bad everywhere.
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<TRS-80> because the RPi are highly touted as "open / hacker" devices
<TRS-80> which is complete rubbish
<c0rnelius> trix are for kids silly rabbit. just like Pis ;)
<TRS-80> yes lol
<c0rnelius> those pi0ws are awesome though
<TRS-80> is this bait?
<TRS-80> oO
<c0rnelius> bait?
<TRS-80> not sure if srs
<c0rnelius> no i'm just saying I like the PiZeroW
<c0rnelius> thats all
<c0rnelius> really handy lil device regardless of the bootloader
<c0rnelius> nice you guys finally got the IRC channel all legit
<TRS-80> same blob issues, even putting that aside, by the time you add the other things needed to make it actually useful (depending on use case, of course) you could have bought something else (possibly better) for same of close money...
<TRS-80> s/of/or
<c0rnelius> that could be said about anything. one thing i do enjoy is control over these things. As an example I made one into a bluetooth / pandora player. not many sbcs i could do that with.
<c0rnelius> especially when u consider i had most of the stuff i already needed to make that happen
<c0rnelius> and the size of the device, tiny
<c0rnelius> so yeah. they can be useful
<c0rnelius> end all solution to everything? of course not. but for a headless project pretty easy peasy stuff.
<c0rnelius> none of them are no NanoPC-t4 or anything :D
<ashthespy_> I have more SBCs than projects :P
<ashthespy_> *currently*
<c0rnelius> oh i'm pretty much fresh out of sbcs :( anyone got a suggestion on one?
<ashthespy_> Raspi 5 ;-)
<c0rnelius> i don't plan on getting the 4
<c0rnelius> something else?
<ashthespy_> I dunno, my go to little boards use to be the H3/H5 based ones, and don't really need much more for what I doing right now - mainly audio + home automation..
<c0rnelius> allwinner is great for that
<ashthespy_> Achievement of the day:
<ashthespy_> ``` ____ ___ ____ _ __ ____ _ ____| _ \ / _ \ / ___| |/ / | _ \(_) / ___|| |_) | | | | | | ' / | |_) | | \___ \| _ <| |_| | |___| . \ | __/| | ___) ||_| \_\\___/ \____|_|\_\ |_| |_| |____/Welcome to Armbian buster with Linux 5.5.0-rockchip64```
<c0rnelius> i use my H5 as voice assistant.
<ashthespy_> Meh, need to figure out markdown here.
<ashthespy_> ^^ What do you use for voice stuff?
<c0rnelius> usb mic and that bluetooth speaker I made
<c0rnelius> or do you mean how do I use it?
<ashthespy> Cloud for recognition?
<c0rnelius> i use it to interact with devices mostly. Tell it to open an application, start Pandora, reboot this... it uses ssh to interact with the device.
<c0rnelius> but it can also tell me the weather and dumb shit like that
<c0rnelius> the project is Mycroft.ai
<ashthespy> What do you use for speech to text?
<c0rnelius> it's pretty neat
<ashthespy> ah okay..
<c0rnelius> people use it with openhab and all kinds of stuff... endless options it seems
<c0rnelius> be a neat thing for Armbian to get involved in or as a install to the list of softy stuff
<TRS-80> There is also Rhasspy if you want to keep everything on site (that is what we use)
<c0rnelius> TRS-80 - kool. i'll check this out.
<TRS-80> I actually wrote a guide to get it working on openHAB forums
<c0rnelius> show off
<TRS-80> It wasn't too hard
<c0rnelius> just playing ;)
<TRS-80> The most interesting thing to me was that Speech To Text absolutely does not need to go out over the Internet due to computational resourses nor any other BS which we have been told since years
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<TRS-80> That was a big eye opener for me
<TRS-80> More conspiracy "theories" turning into "conspiracy facts" ;)
<c0rnelius> yeah
<c0rnelius> well surprise!
<TRS-80> yeah, imagine my shock...
<ashthespy_> TRS-80 is it based on Kaldi/CMU Sphinx?
<c0rnelius> mycroft uses sphinx
<TRS-80> yes, Rhasspy itself is more like a grouping of underlying F/LOSS tools
<TRS-80> they are similar projects
<TRS-80> difference being mycroft goes over internet, and Rhasspy does not
<c0rnelius> i likey
<c0rnelius> yeah they do. but i think you can adjust the configs?
<TRS-80> I was actually surprised how well and easy it was to get something going with Rhasspy...
<TRS-80> I am tin foil hat guy, so that's as far as I got with mycroft (preliminary research) then went with Rhasspy, so you may be right
<c0rnelius> well then... throw ur phone in the garbage
<TRS-80> I run LineageOS with no Google services whatsoever
<c0rnelius> tape the cam on ur smart tv and don't leave the house.
<TRS-80> which is about as far as I can reasonably go
<c0rnelius> they don't need google services to track you
<TRS-80> we don't have any smart TVs, we use dumb display and separate device with Kodi
<c0rnelius> me too
<c0rnelius> you sound like me but more paranoid
<TRS-80> I am well aware of cell tower triangulation. That does not mean to throw the baby out with the bath water. I try and remove as much of the low (now to medium ;) ) hanging surveillance fruit as possible
<c0rnelius> i came to the conclusion no one cares what I do anyway. i just stay off of social media and try as lil to interact
<c0rnelius> most of my online accounts are fake names with bs info.
<ashthespy_> IgorPec Following up from the PR for the RockPiS, I got it up and running with 5.5, but am having a hard time making patches that work.. Will try again in a day or two..
<IgorPec> where exactly you have problems?
<ashthespy_> user skill and experience :-S
<IgorPec> alright :)
<ashthespy_> I created the patches, but it keeps failing when I try and apply them. I need to spend some time creating them in the right order.
<ashthespy_> Cause I don't think it's super helpful to just dump all the commits into one patch..
<IgorPec> aha, they work when they are alone ... but when you join with rockchip64-dev its failing?
<ashthespy_> Yep..
<ashthespy_> else I can just base it on mainline 5.5
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<IgorPec> If things are working without other patches, make a PR and note that ... I'll fix that
<ashthespy_> Alright, I currently based it initially on linux/kernel/git/mmind/linux-rockchip.git, and then merged in 5.5..
<ashthespy_> not sure how different the trees are w.t.r aufans kernel
<ashthespy_> Eitherway, will give it a shot!
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<c0rnelius> TRS-80 - what you using as a Kodi box(s)
<TRS-80> wait for it.... an RPi! XD
<c0rnelius> haha
<TRS-80> hey it was the first thing I ever bought, before I knew any better...
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<c0rnelius> i'm using the Le Potato
<c0rnelius> much better
<TRS-80> yeah if I had to do now again I would get something else for sure
<c0rnelius> especially when u add eMMC
<TRS-80> OK, good to know. Amlogic are supposedly go to for cheap good TV boxes, but... blobs...
<c0rnelius> the pi works though. which one, pi3b+?
<TRS-80> yeah
<c0rnelius> i figured
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<c0rnelius> rockchip is ok with kodi too. I used the Renegade (rk3328) for awhile but then got disgusted with board, so now it's a local web server.
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<TRS-80> c0rnelius: I never realized Le Potato was S905 based until just now. They are called Libre Computer, so are there blobs or not? confused.jpg
<c0rnelius> yeah. there are blobs in the bootloader
<c0rnelius> and support for the board is garbage, but it is a good board and very cheap.
<c0rnelius> coreelec makes a really good kodi img for it
<c0rnelius> armbian does as well for that matter ;)
<c0rnelius> TRS-80 - look up
<c0rnelius> to be fair it does have good support all around in Linux.
<ashthespy> Any mods from over the forums here?
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<c0rnelius> *crickets*
<ashthespy> is it possible to change my nick over from there? 😅
<watire> Hi everyone, i'm trying to run "Armbian auto testing" with no success
<TRS-80> ashthespy: I am a Mod but I dunno, lemme look...
<watire> the script stops at "$HOST not defined. Exiting."
<ashthespy> TRS-80 thanks!
<TRS-80> ashthespy: I don't think so. At least not from Mod level. Might need site level Admin like lane or Igor. Probably best to make a post in Administration forum or something. Or they may see here and take action. But don't bug them. ;)
<ashthespy> Yep! If it takes longer than 1 min, it's not worth it! :-)
<TRS-80> watire: That software is ... alpha maybe? It was started and then just sort of left where it is... We have limited resources, so if you feel interest you are welcome to pick it up, I could point you to some threads if interested...
<watire> Oh ! Well I'm probably not very able to code benchmarks, but maybe scripting I could help.
<watire> I do not know what are the errors most likely to be catched out of basic test
<TRS-80> watire: I have looked at sources once, it's pretty simple script, maybe you can figure it out: https://github.com/armbian/autotests
<watire> I have a Bpi M1 not busy 24/7 so I tried the RC1 with no issue for the moment with iperf3 and the few thing I can run from sysbench. I registered on github and will read the script.
<watire> Thank you
<TRS-80> watire: Cheers! :)
<IgorPec> watire: you need to define those values
<watire> IgorPec: Ok. But the way I define value in bash is not working for me in the go.sh script
<IgorPec> it was a bug, i just fixed, update the code
<watire> IgorPec: should I try it in .profile or .bashrc ?
<watire> IgorPec: great ! I'm updating
<IgorPec> those autotest you run on 3rd party machine ... it connects to the Armbian board via network
<IgorPec> its not very complete
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<watire> IgorPec: I get it now. The remote notion eluded me. I was fixating on running the test from a screen session
<IgorPec> ok
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<lanefu> ashthespy: pm me on forum and i can change name
<ashthespy_> lanefu super, thanks! :-D
<lanefu> ashthespy_: done
<ashthespy_> Thanks!
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* archetech what's that smell...
<lanefu> ashthespy_: thanks for choosing armbian
<archetech> its your 10 + yr old PSU dying
<lanefu> womp womp
<archetech> cut power tossed into trash glad I was sitting right here not sleeping
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<ashthespy_> It chose me ;-)
<ashthespy_> Any recommendations IRC client that is not Kiwi based?
<ashthespy_> I spend five min on the captcha each time.
<sarnold> weechat or irssi in a tmux is kinda nice
<ashthespy_> which came first? Weechat or wechat?
<sarnold> I think weechat
<buZz> ashthespy_: irssi
<sarnold> "first version" in 2003 https://weechat.org/about/history/ vs "It was first released in 2011" for wechat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WeChat
<ashthespy_> Unfortunately my laptop is windoze.. so no irrsi
<sarnold> that's why the tmux is nice, throw it on a cheap VPS somewhere and it's always on
<ashthespy_> Strange that they let them use the name without making a fuss..
<ashthespy_> its close enough to get your trademark lawyers up and about..
<sarnold> well; weechat is likely just a handful of folks, and wechat is done by a national leader in a nation not known for following the intellectual property norms the rest of the world uses
<ashthespy_> plus one could argue wee = small chat, vs WeChat.. :-P
<ashthespy_> ah well.
<sarnold> hehe
<sarnold> we just have to make sure the dozens of people who might use weechat know to use the right one :)
<lanefu> the weechat remote client thing is kinda cool
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<lanefu> when you dont feel like opening tmux from your phone (or screen :P )
<sarnold> lanefu: oh does that work? I had the impression it was still in early stages
<ashthespy_> Google is quite helpful in redirecting my "weechat windows client" to "WeChat for windows 10" :meh:
<lanefu> sarnold: yup. Im on my phone right now. Just exposed the service on my ssl reverse proxy
<lanefu> And magic
<sarnold> lanefu: nice. I've been meaning to look at weechat for a dozen years.. my irssi config is super-brittle and I don't remmeber enough perl to really use the thing any more..
<sarnold> one of these days I'm going to try to make a small change and nothing will ever work right ever again
<lanefu> Im pretty new to weechat. I used to use BitchX lol
<sarnold> zounds, I was pretty happy to give that up :)
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<patrixl> BitchX! that brings back memories haha
<buZz> ashthespy_: irssi.exe exists for ppl handicapped away from running a free operating system
<ashthespy_> `Download setup.exe from Cygwin and select irssi during the package selection step. To start irssi, open MinTTY (link should be on your Desktop) and type irssi` :-(
<ashthespy_> I can actually just use it from WSL..
<sarnold> heh I was about to paste a link to wsl :)
<sarnold> dunno why I didn't think of it earlier..
<sarnold> cygwin still feels new :)
<ashthespy_> WSL + Docker gets me about 90% there these days..