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<lanefu> Tonymac32: so in theory making patches against our patched kernel with tehse commits... http://ix.io/2cbF
<lanefu> im sure there's a smarter way to do this
<lanefu> basically i did a git diff on files changed.. foudn their commit hashes, and de-duped
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<lanefu> ROFL okay i did find a smarter way
<lanefu> wow I'm a knucklehead
<c0rnelius> lanefu: didi you boot the new potato kernel yet?
<lanefu> c0rnelius: yeah man didn't you see all my fanfare
<lanefu> fixed the sound
<c0rnelius> i didn't look up ;)
<c0rnelius> well that's good.
<lanefu> testing it as an armbian kernel patch now
<c0rnelius> maybe i'll pull the eMMC off mine and give it go.
<lanefu> yeah totally
<lanefu> i can give you debs if you want as well
<c0rnelius> nah it's kool. I like to build. thank you though.
<lanefu> totally understand.. i build cuz what else would i do with all this iron
<c0rnelius> :)
<c0rnelius> i like to use my own rootfs. not that I don't dig amrbian and all, but I'm picky.
<c0rnelius> especially when it comes to testing.
<c0rnelius> peps keep logging in saying the latest release is broken.
<c0rnelius> might wanna look at the one before it.
<c0rnelius> maybe they fixed it. i see two updates this month for the img
<c0rnelius> shit. wrong place :)
<Tonymac32> lanefu that looks like it, of course some are unnecessary (like the Bose companion quirk)
<lanefu> Tonymac32: yeah i'm doing it smarter now
<lanefu> took single patch diff of patched armbian vs libre
<lanefu> now splitting those patches per file and pruning
<Tonymac32> I was working through the new audio patches last night, looks like their kernel is using them already.
<Tonymac32> from there it should be a slightly smaller diff
<Tonymac32> or maybe not, it just looks like a big pile of work you carved out
<Tonymac32> I would only do the audio patches for now TBH
<lanefu> ignore what i showed you earlier
<Tonymac32> lol
<lanefu> i'm down to this http://ix.io/2cbR
<lanefu> I think i still might have an extra patch in there for usb_snd
<Tonymac32> I wouldn't worry too much
<lanefu> building lets see if i'm badass
<lanefu> i've been obsessing over this since like monday
<lanefu> havent been able to get any work done
<lanefu> i forgot to eat dinner
<lanefu> are we still on 5.4.y on master? it looked like martin was moving some things to 5.5
<Tonymac32> it should be, I don't understand the rush if Dev hasn't even been made bootable yet
<lanefu> Man.. i'm back to that bug frmo the other day
<lanefu> Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic!
<lanefu> SCRIPT FAILED: continuing...
<Tonymac32> did you break the packaging script?
<lanefu> i thought i pulled the patch that clobberd it
<lanefu> but i see somethign tahts probably teh culprit now
<lanefu> damn he's going to 5.6
<lanefu> v20.02 is officially the stable branch now lol
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<Tonymac32> we shouldn't be touching 5.6 yet
<Tonymac32> I still haven't gotten up to speed with the post #1586 build script
<Tonymac32> like wtf is there a GXL and a GXBB configuration instead of meson64? I get there was some mess there because of the amlogic blobtastrophe, but the fragmentation, I don't know
<Tonymac32> So now I have to keep a meson64 include file, and these 2 family files straight when I go to check a change... hmm....
* Tonymac32 will see how well this works if he has to add a GXM
<Tonymac32> lanefu, I think the dtb idea from Piotr was a good idea, but I think we should possibly just define it for all boards rather than have it inconsistently sprinkled around...
<Tonymac32> Meson64 got kind of jacked because I've been otherwise occupied. I'll probably start cranking on 5.5 Dev so we can get ahead of this before the next release. When is that? (I have not been reading the forum)
<lanefu> 20.05
<lanefu> May!
<Tonymac32> ah, that makes sense
<Tonymac32> confusingly
<Tonymac32> :P
<lanefu> put your euro hat on
<Tonymac32> I work for a German company, The hat is stuck
<Tonymac32> haha
<Tonymac32> I wish the A53 wasn't such a disappointing core, performance wise
<Tonymac32> it is meant to be low power, I know
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<lanefu> what uses A53
<lanefu> okay.. i pruned my patch in half and it applied.. compiling again
<Tonymac32> H5, S905/X, rk3328
<Tonymac32> H6, but it at least had a decent clock speed behind it
<Tonymac32> the RK3399 and S922X use A72 and A73 cores, which are a lot heavier duty
<Tonymac32> the RK3399 unfortunately only has a pair of fast cores, while the S922x has 4
<lanefu> S922 is that whats iyeah the S922x is freaking dope dude
<lanefu> i'm still on the 4.x kernel with mine tho
<Tonymac32> I haven't looked at mine in too long, I have outstanding responsibilities with the other boards
<Tonymac32> :P
<Tonymac32> ghost
<Tonymac32> haha so I have sound after killing the extra kwiboo patch that I don't know the origin of, I'm sure it was for 4.20 or something
<Tonymac32> hmmm, nevermind maybe, it's still a bit crunchy
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<Tonymac32> ...or was that track just crunchy?
<Tonymac32> lanefu help, what did the potato sound like before
<lanefu> super overdriven and distored
<Tonymac32> so, I had some crunch on a video I watched, but it might have just been that track
<lanefu> it was obviously terrible
<lanefu> on naything
<Tonymac32> did you try building without the multichannel patch before you took the long road?
<lanefu> nope
<Tonymac32> and are we talking TRS jack or HDMI
<Tonymac32> I think we lack the DAC driver
<Tonymac32> (it's in the libre update though)\
<lanefu> HDMI
<Tonymac32> this sounds 90% fine on my side, but if you are "doing it right", I'll leave it be and wait for that. the current patchset will be in 5.6 or 7 or something without our intervention, then it will be a cleaner transition
<Tonymac32> (downloading release for comparison)
<lanefu> k borked my patch with video stuff
<lanefu> lol
<Tonymac32> :-P
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<lanefu> ...okay progress
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<ratandeep> There is no .xinitrc file in it then I created file but the file is not executing in armbian Ubuntu xenial image.
<lanefu> you shuold probably be making changes iwthin /etc/X11
<lanefu> rather than .xinitrc
<lanefu> i dont think that gets dealth with
<lanefu> because lightdm manages the session
<lanefu> you don't run 'startx' as a user or anything
<lanefu> X doesnt launch the way it used to
<lanefu> that's about all I know
<lanefu> she boots!
<Tonymac32> nice!
<lanefu> waiting on Fs resize
<Tonymac32> so I can confirm the "patch of uncertain origin" relating to multichannel hacks is the culprit
<lanefu> lol
<Tonymac32> soi if yours isn't ready we can nuke that one for the short term
<lanefu> will know if i'm cool or not in a few minutes
<Tonymac32> hahaha if it built and booted you're in the 80th percentile at least, so
<Tonymac32> lanefu did you kill trs-80?
<lanefu> man i was wondering if we pushed him over the edge
<lanefu> got my 3 led's
<lanefu> i forgot it had 3
<lanefu> for some reason i thoguht it would be faser to install nfs-common adn mount a share vs start chomre
<lanefu> okay firing up zardoz
<lanefu> sound be good!
<lanefu> i win!
<lanefu> okay Tonymac32 here ya go https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/1805
<lanefu> and it used more than a gig of ram
<lanefu> anyway im hapy
<lanefu> hopefully someone will make it easy to do the acceleratd desktop now
<lanefu> ha.. AND my CI testing built the right kernel from the PR.. i'm on fire https://armbian.lane-fu.com/jenkins/job/armbian-test-pr/43/console
<lanefu> gonna just loop armbianmonitor -z over night
<lanefu> so yeah i manually paired that diff down from 197 files changes to 90 lol
<Tonymac32> nice, I wonder if we do the cheap/easy fix to the release 20.2, then push this to the rolling release for May.
<Tonymac32> philosophical question more than anything
<lanefu> The work is done. Id say merge it
<lanefu> Actually so.. if we hadn't just tossed this release over the wall and hoped for the best. Id be more infavor of the simpler fix
<lanefu> But ultimately we got all the stuff to make 5.4 pretty whole now
<Tonymac32> fair, I just hope there's no hidden demons we might uncover
<Tonymac32> but, agreed, RAM fix + audio fix + whatever else
<Tonymac32> this patch will affect N2
<Tonymac32> so should test it as well
<Tonymac32> +++ a/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/meson-g12-common.dtsi
<Tonymac32> if that got merged into meson64
<Tonymac32> wait, that's part that got yanked in commit 2, my bad
<lanefu> Ha
<Tonymac32> I'll have to try this in the morning, I got some warnings that I assume are my not git-ing properly
* Tonymac32 mean "tomorrow", not morning
<lanefu> Yeah time to crash. Later
<Tonymac32> later on
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<amittel> Hello! I have an orange pi zero +2 H5 and downloaded Buster. After flashing the sd card I'm wondering how I can set the WiFi config without keyboard and screen. Is there some kind of config file or option?
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<raver> Isn't there a wpa_supplicant.conf somewhere?
<amittel> Hmm... I'll have a look.
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<lanefu> HerculeP: would you be up for testing another C2 image with a different kernel
<HerculeP> sure, np
<lanefu> okay lemme kick off a build
<lanefu> debian desktop okay?
<HerculeP> any DT
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<lanefu> so thats the patched 5.4 kernel.. loosk really healthy.. dmesg is quiet.. all the hardware accel stuff seems loaded..... but FYI X11 still isn't configurd with any acceleration stuff
<HerculeP> k, downloading ...
<lanefu> woohooo 40mbit not bad i gess
<lanefu> my haproxy is actually a huge bottleneck right now
<lanefu> HerculeP: bonus points for "works for me post" on https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/1805
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<Herc_> hmm, I had to reboot my router,starting download again ..
<lanefu> wompwomp
<Herc_> pretty unstable connection, dunno on which side, dwnl resumed several times now
<lanefu> weird
<Herc_> 25 sec chunks 100Mbit/s, then 20+ sec nothing etc
<Herc_> Inever had such issues b4
<lanefu> let me change a portforward hang on
<Herc_> 75% ready, better dont touch it
<lanefu> hahhaa
<Herc_> grrr 95% , failed "File moved or missing" :(
<lanefu> i think i know what it is hang one sec
<Herc_> lanefu, could you provide a 7zip, gz, xz or whatever?
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<lanefu> Herc_: yeah i'll zip it, but do me a fav and try oen more time while i zip
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<Herc_> looks better now
<Herc_> down again
<lanefu> my empire is crumbling
<Herc_> back after 2 sec but larger chunks now
<Herc_> after 25 s*
<lanefu> my load balancer setup is a little insane
<lanefu> and apparently you're actually able to download from me quickly
<lanefu> and its highlighting some flaws
<Herc_> I get 50 seconds @ 100Mbit/s now, 25s nada, 60s 100, 25s nada etc
<Herc_> my max dwn speed is 200Mbit/s btw
<lanefu> yeah i dunno if its my application router puking, or if my ISP ratelimiting me
<archetech> hook a laptop to the fat pipe for speedtest
<lanefu> actaully i see the real problem
<lanefu> soooo
<lanefu> i have HAProxy on my little router (which bogs down) doing tcp sticky forwarding to do fabiolb application routers, which then proxy to nginx sharing a folder on nfs
<lanefu> simple right?
<lanefu> anyway.. sometimes one of the faibo nodes gets itermittent
<lanefu> and wonky
<lanefu> and when i decide o take haproxy out of the equation
<lanefu> i sent it to the unhappy one
<Herc_> the unhappy one is me ;)
<lanefu> haha yeah
<lanefu> is it still going or is it dead
<Herc_> it stopped @99% "file moved..." again
<Herc_> maybe the .img is ok tho
<lanefu> do you happen to have the headers that have that file moved message
<lanefu> look at logs okay soo this is a bit weird
<Herc_> nope, I just used firefox, now using wget, same issue
<Herc_> but 150Mbit/s peaks now
<lanefu> are you in TOR, or vpn or something
<Herc_> nope
<lanefu> oh okay.. i saw different IPs
<lanefu> but that was when you rebooted router
<Herc_> could be, didnt check
<lanefu> anyway i'm compressing file
<lanefu> sorry its being a pita
<lanefu> i have a feeling the small file will work
<Herc_> got a new IP indeed
<lanefu> hmm
<lanefu> ha.. soooo i mean... you _are_ in germany and i'm in the states
<lanefu> and we're moving 4 gigs accross a residential connection
<lanefu> all sorts of rate limiting opportuntiies in between us
<lanefu> i'm pulling the image through haproxy and its held together
<Herc_> wget gave up @ 80%
<lanefu> still compressing
<lanefu> my synology isnt the best place to run 7zip on a 4 gig file
<Herc_> hehe my c2 is faster :)
<lanefu> so my test worked fine
<lanefu> i'm blaming something in the ocean
<lanefu> hopefully the compressed will go
<lanefu> or you could use a really robusu download manager
<lanefu> wget --download-at-any-cost
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<Herc_> okidoki
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<lanefu> 7zip is kind of amazing
<Herc_> 100% (two chunks, 30s paused /timeout @50%)
<lanefu> yeah.. turns out its not me.. its just the evil internet
<Herc_> btw, 7zip /w lower compression rate would have been faster
<lanefu> my friend accross town pulled the image at 150Mbit/sec
<lanefu> yeah i was lazy and just clicked something
<lanefu> went with defaults
<Herc_> 150 peak here too
<lanefu> thats crazy i can get that speed to you
<lanefu> but yeah i'm pretty sure some sort of rate limiting is happening somewhere
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<Herc_> fiber since last year, got 2Mbit/s before, lol
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> yeah i upgraded to gig fiber recently
<lanefu> i was on 50
<lanefu> i couldnt justify the ned for the upgrade other than that "I deserved it"
<Herc_> getting some coffee, unzip, flashing, ... what exactly do you want me to test?
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<lanefu> Herc_: sound and just generally to see if its as good or better than previous
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<lanefu> you can stress test it with 2 windows of `while /bin/true;do armbian-monitor -z;done`
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<z6np> my searches on the synaptic package manager are taking 45 minutes each, is this my microsd card?
<Herc_> lanefu: found the 1st bug (wifi issue)
<IgorPec> z6np: are you using stock armbian desktop?
<z6np> IgorPec, seems like it
<IgorPec> i mean did you start with a desktop image (and which) or you made an upgrade from CLI image?
<Herc_> armbian-config>nw>wifi all my wlans were listed, selected main one, was asked for pw, entered it, ERROR: wlan not found
<z6np> oic, i upgraded it from CLI orangepi3 armbian
<Herc_> IgorPec: armbian20.2.1000-lanfu...5.4.21desktop buster
<IgorPec> aha, ok. then you need to recreate index
<Herc_> dunno if it works in 5.4.20 (never tried)
<IgorPec> z7np: run only whats inside ""
<IgorPec> Herc_: this AP autimatic tool is not bulletproof
<Herc_> apparently
<IgorPec> its dependend from so many 3rd party stuff
<Herc_> at least it found all wlans, so the driver is working
<IgorPec> and we lack resources for maintaing those scripts
<IgorPec> hard to tell what is wrong without looking into the code and testing
<Herc_> well, lanefu asked me to test in on my odroidc2
<IgorPec> wait a minute, you have a problem with connecting to the WLAN network?
<Herc_> so this was my first report ;) , I tried an Edimax and a netgear usb-stick btw
<Herc_> IgorPec: yes, using armbian-config right after 1st boot
<IgorPec> with latest images this problem should be fixed
<IgorPec> if you made an upgrade, not necesarelly
<Herc_> lemme try 5.4.20 ...
<IgorPec> this is/was the problem ... you can try to implement it manually
<Herc_> ok, work as expected in 5.4.20
<Herc_> works*
<Herc_> cant c&p in this shitty weechat, will try your fix later
<IgorPec> Herc_: great!
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<lanefu> Herc_: so wifi images with teh one i gave you, but not the other
<lanefu> *wifi issues
<Herc_> yup
<Herc_> 5.4.20 is ok, 5.4.21 "wlan not found" inspite of wlan list / auth
<lanefu> interesting
<lanefu> also sucks
<Herc_> will try igors fix tomorrow (almost 11pm here)
<lanefu> gotcha
<lanefu> yeah see if you see something like [60504.138277] wlx74da387d6e48: aborting authentication with fe:9f:db:1c:2e:15 by local choice (Reason: 3=DEAUTH_LEAVING) in dmesg
<lanefu> have a good evening
<lanefu> thanks for your help again
<Herc_> yw
<lanefu> will add to my branch
<lanefu> ..added
<archetech> hows the le potato working out?
<lanefu> archetech: great!
<lanefu> i've been pounding it for hours armbianmonitor -z * 2
<lanefu> then dude a super long iperf3 test on a usb wireless dongle
<lanefu> dmesg has been silentr
<lanefu> silent
<lanefu> ..and sound is fine
<archetech> good im looking at libelec rock64 image any thoughts on that
<lanefu> i'm curious
<lanefu> check it out
<lanefu> i assume it probalby has 4.x BSP/vendor kernel
<archetech> move to my burn box and try it
<archetech> if its kern 4.4 I wont
<archetech> armbian already works there
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<lanefu> armbian is a lifestyle
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<c0rnelius> i thought it was a debian based distro for arm.
<c0rnelius> my bad :(
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> decided to do similar stress test to opi 3
<lanefu> seems good
<lanefu> iperf3'd 8 gigabytes of wireless data
<lanefu> runs a little hot
<lanefu> i sometimes wonder if i have placebo heatsinks
<lanefu> they're ceramic ones
<lanefu> theyre's supposed to be better
<lanefu> but came in a little bag from china
<lanefu> and the adhesive pad on them is questionable
<archetech> libreelec 9.2 uses 4.4 kern but its impressive to look at 2560x1440
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<lanefu> nice!
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