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<TRS-80> lanefu: You ever get around to playing with that table in Org-mode?
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<lanefu> TRS-80: no. I failed you... and my self..and most importantly org mode
<TRS-80> lol I know your busy, I was just curious
<TRS-80> that was the killer reature for me, that tipped the scales (esp coming from Markdown)
<TRS-80> s/reature/feature
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<Tony_mac32> power supply, switch, and stack of SD cards arrived today! #OdroidTime
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<Tony_mac32> I got referenced as someone who adopted the audio patches sooner than Robin Murphy expected... :|
<Tony_mac32> To be fair, even if I'd hardwaired it like Rock64 was originally the fault would persist, it's just easier to find now. :D
<TRS-80> Apparently we have some tradition (I learned) of getting shit-talked on the LKML. XD
<Tony_mac32> interesting, I've only seen us mentioned a few times, usually just they saw the issue there, a user there found it, etc
<archetech> cd ..
<archetech> ls
* archetech built a .deb of ninja yay
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<TRS-80> gn
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<lanefu> Good job archetech what's ninja
<sarnold> ninja's a build system, similar to make or cmake https://ninja-build.org/
<sarnold> (the experienced ninja users have probably already learned that I'm at the limits of my ninja knowledge with that one statement :)
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<lanefu> Ohhhh ... sooo what are you gonna build with ninja
<archetech> more LFS
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<archetech> im flip floppin on buyina replacement
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<archetech> I can live w/o a 5.x kernel but I'll have to become a rk3328 uboot dtb expert to fix why its not working community isnt gonna do it
<archetech> to use lima I need 5.2+
<archetech> ill get a serial out cable soon
<lanefu> archetech: have you tried building armbian from master recently
<archetech> not since we tried
<archetech> tonys fix isnt gonna address this
<lanefu> oh
<lanefu> womp
<Tony_mac32> yeah. I unfortunately don't have the v2 board.
<archetech> interesting issue he helped on read the kernel mail on it if you like EE troubleshooting volts
<archetech> oh he=you
<Tony_mac32> haha
<lanefu> lol
<Tony_mac32> probing SBC boards sucks, my hats off to Robin
<archetech> what I gathered was when using osund it pulls the sd/mmc card voltage down and can cause big probs
<Tony_mac32> actually it jumps it up
<archetech> sound*
<archetech> ok up/down
<Tony_mac32> so when the SD card/SoC negotiate high speed mode, it drops the voltage to 1.8v
<Tony_mac32> but the mute io pos it back to 3.3
<lanefu> like having the 3.5mm audio jack active in device tree?
<Tony_mac32> Apparently Sandisk and Samsung cards of decent variety don't care much
<Tony_mac32> turning on the SoC codec output
<Tony_mac32> so yes
<lanefu> but that would mean HDMI audio also?
<Tony_mac32> it's hardcoded into the driver
<Tony_mac32> no
<Tony_mac32> the I2S is different from the Codec
<lanefu> ohh interestin gokay
<lanefu> soooo if archetech builds a u-boot and kernel with that disabled, he's probably in business?
<Tony_mac32> the codec takes the I2S and DAC's it
<Tony_mac32> no, his boot issue is something else entirely, and since I don't have the board
<Tony_mac32> no idea what
<lanefu> ohh
<lanefu> okay
<lanefu> new angle
<lanefu> so archetech SBCS is a gateway drug / black hole
<lanefu> you're gonna end up with like 50 of them
<Tony_mac32> over time, depending on budget, yes
<lanefu> so just go ahead and buy another one
<lanefu> then use it's uart to debug the rock64
<Tony_mac32> (consider 5 new ones entered my house this week...)
<Tony_mac32> lanefu brilliant.
<archetech> u got 5 new rock64's ?
<Tony_mac32> lol no, I got 5 Odroid MC1-solos when they were on firesale
<Tony_mac32> 8-core 2 GHz
<archetech> ok
<archetech> read that mainly good for a farm bout it
<lanefu> yeah that's their purpose
<Tony_mac32> the A15 Exynos runs circles around the A53 stuff in nearly every metric
<lanefu> so that looks like v2
<archetech> thats the rip off I bought being new
<Tony_mac32> New Old Stock
<lanefu> trying to decide if stranger is michigan is worth sympathy purchase
<lanefu> not you Tony_mac32
<lanefu> lol
<Tony_mac32> lanefu well "strange in my case works
<archetech> go for it $20 shipped but be rerady to bash your head
<Tony_mac32> I wish Pine put some resources into Armbian, this is their problem TBH
<lanefu> ordered
<Tony_mac32> You can't just spray SBC versions out into the wild with actual differences under the same name, it a complete mess
<lanefu> yeah
<archetech> lol "spray"
<Tony_mac32> V1 doesn't even have the same Ethernet PHY
<lanefu> jeez
<lanefu> so this is really rock65
<Tony_mac32> lol
<archetech> good one lane the v3 is a rock65
<Tony_mac32> it is my only real complaint, well, that and using the audio mute IO for UHS SD signalling. :-P
<lanefu> pine64 is a weird org
<lanefu> they had THE BEST marketing for pine64
<lanefu> which was beyond garbage
<lanefu> their images were even more hilarious
<lanefu> they had images for different size sd cards
<lanefu> that woudl expand to like.. 64gig uncompressed if it was for a 64gig sd
<lanefu> then they do like the pinebook pro and everybody loves it
<lanefu> pinephone seems promising
<lanefu> watch seems at least neat
<lanefu> then they say their like zero profit community ran?
<archetech> hows about this solution send ur POS v2 to pine and they send a v3 out
<lanefu> listn think about all the PCB trees that died to make the v2
<lanefu> don't they deserve to be honored
<lanefu> you cant plant a v2 in the ground and get a v3
<archetech> nope cuz the release was a greedy mistake imo
<Tony_mac32> THat was not a small change
<archetech> we no spend on QC ship it
<archetech> thats biz today
<lanefu> yep
<lanefu> agile is awesome for hardware design
<lanefu> not
<lanefu> maybe if i'm lucky it be something dumb i can fix
<Tony_mac32> I'm hung up on the fact the 40-pin header changed
<archetech> yeah thks for getting it in advance
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: yeah for rpi dac hat compatibility
<lanefu> archetech: yeah it'll be my first rockchip.. possibly my last
<Tony_mac32> lanefu that's a crazy change to keep under the same name though
<archetech> one issue ive had is theres no one else here or pine even trying to make 5.2+ work which baffles me
<Tony_mac32> lanefu as for Rockchip, the RK3288 is still my favorite, it "Just Works" (TM)
<lanefu> Tony_mac32: yeah like mustang mach e
<Tony_mac32> lanefu :'(
<Tony_mac32> for Pine, they are only making the V3. here, well, only Igor has one, and he is epic busy at all time
<lanefu> Speaking of :'( and cars..... i ended up sending my 89 lebaron convertable to the junkyard because the city cracked down on my project fleet
<Tony_mac32> aw
<lanefu> it was in pretty great shape generally.. but when i pulled the cover the interior was pretty moldy
<lanefu> so i punted
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<archetech> the kit you bought lane is a failed recon pihole type device
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<archetech> imagine how pissed those guys are at pine
<lanefu> hahah okay
<lanefu> i was like wow 130 sold
<lanefu> why would the pine guys be pissed
<archetech> the recon guys
<lanefu> so tell me more about the recon guys
<archetech> sank their whole business
<lanefu> oh... recon pissed @ pine
<lanefu> gotcha
<lanefu> what sunk their business.. just bad boards?
<archetech> all I know not 100% on the why but I can assume it has to with returns
<archetech> I saw alot of this thing just dies suddenly ie the nic issue
<lanefu> do you have a link to the recon product
<archetech> no I googled
<lanefu> hmm im not googling effectively
<archetech> recon sentinel
<lanefu> that sounds redundant
<lanefu> no wonder they failed
<archetech> true stand guard or do recon pick one
<archetech> heres the logic that killed me its a v2 cant be that much worse than a v3 heh
<archetech> pi4 kit @70 or r64 kit @20
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<lanefu> yeah pricing is a deal
<lanefu> just $15 and gut it
<lanefu> lol reviews are ...
<TRS-80> You guys talking about tw2002 the other night got my wheels turning... few days later and I am looking at BBS capable telnet clients... :D
<lanefu> TRS-80: yeah its hard to get ansi chars to like be RIGHT isnt it
<lanefu> AT&F1&C1&D2
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<archetech> lanefu: get the ebay one instead?
<archetech> I mean amazon one
<lanefu> lol you what would be awesome...a RPI form-factor case that actually looks like a tiny minitower PC
<lanefu> i already ordered the ebay one
<lanefu> otherwise i probably would have
<archetech> cant cancel?
<lanefu> meh i'll just run with it
<archetech> yeah
<lanefu> point is to make sure i get a v2 right?
<archetech> yes
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<archetech> still wonder wheres the users at if they selling them still weird
<TRS-80> I got the wife a classic NES form factor case for the RPi we have in the living room a couple years ago... she loved it (and loves the retro games on it)
<archetech> I know a few are at doozen
<lanefu> yeah those cases are cool
* archetech like the mini-tower case idea
<lanefu> i'm using a sunvell r69 with retrorangepi bluetooth dongle and ps3 controller clones
<archetech> or a full tower 4 inches tall
<lanefu> yeah archetech exactly
<lanefu> maybe with like a sdcard extension
<lanefu> so you like stick it ina little cddrive slot
<archetech> double wide full tower for ssdvelcro
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> i wanna weld a micro rack for my mc1 solos
<lanefu> screws would probably be smarter
<lanefu> TRS-80: stack all your MC1s then braise them together at the heatsinks
* TRS-80 waffled on pulling the trigger so long the sale ended
<TRS-80> I feel like I'm the only one around here that didn't buy some. lol
<lanefu> you seem to struggle at wasting money
<TRS-80> that is a good way to put it
<lanefu> of course braising heatsinks might also just reflow everything right off the board
<TRS-80> SyncTERM looks like the only one available under any sort of open license (GPLv2) and it seems one of the most recommended ones
<TRS-80> someone is actually trying to get it into Debian
<lanefu> did you ever use OS2?
<lanefu> i had some really cool serial drivers for warp that would let a comm port listen on a telnet port
<TRS-80> No
<TRS-80> But I did just log in to bbs.lunduke.com via telnet! :)
<TRS-80> using syncterm, with full ansi goodness :D
<TRS-80> TradeWars 2002 * Legend of the Red Dragon
<TRS-80> DoorMUD * L.O.R.D. II * The Pit * Exitilus
* archetech found an old pl2303 serial/usb cable and 2 gator clips im in biz
<archetech> fig how to test it
<lanefu> archetech: okay making sure you know that wont work with the pine
<lanefu> its a different kind of serial
<archetech> how so 8 n 1 115k baud
<lanefu> RS-232 serial is 12volts
<archetech> ah
<lanefu> TTL serial is 3.3-5V
<lanefu> need TTL serial adapter
<archetech> ok amazon it is'
<lanefu> sometimes called FTDI because of well known ttl serial chip ftdi
<lanefu> the cadillac is the adafruit ftdi friend
<lanefu> but ther are cheapies out there
<lanefu> TRS-80: Oooo hah yeah i forot lunduke ran that
<lanefu> *forgot
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<TRS-80> haha! do `curl wttr.in/yourtown`
<lanefu> thats great
<TRS-80> :D
<lanefu> had to use airport code, using zip gave me some scandinavian city
<TRS-80> city name worked for me
<lanefu> oh actually yeah city did work
<TRS-80> I can't figure out how to get this thing full screen though, alt-enter not working
<archetech> dontr see any good cheap ones cept the little boards
<archetech> got the ada local for $16
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<TRS-80> This is so cool just reading messages people have left for one another... brings me right back man :)
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<RoyK> hi all. I can't make gpio work on an orange pi zero, using armbian, Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid
<RoyK> I've tried to compile and install the gpio tool ported from raspbian and it shows me everything, but nothing really works
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<buZz> RoyK: try looking into /sys , no tool
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<ashthespy> Good morning/day/afternoon/evening! :-)
<IgorPec> afternoon for me :)
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<ashthespy> Same - a particularly sunny one here in NL :-)
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<IgorPec> zero clouds in Ljubljana :)
<ashthespy> I wonder if there is still hope for some snow this "winter"...
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<TRS-80> Good morning, gang! :)
<c0rnelius> It is the usual for me... Rain. tis not even the rainy season yet.
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<IgorPec> we had some snow flakes falling from the sky few days back. For few minutes :)
<c0rnelius> I like the snow. I'm just not a big fan of what comes after.
<ashthespy> Its all fun and games when your inside and watching it... or outside and well prepared ;-)
<c0rnelius> how is this 5.4.x kernel for the Le Potato, anyone know?
<IgorPec> its ok
<ashthespy> hey IgorPec - I updated my RockPI s PR. I started transitioning from my kernel branch over to patches for the RockPi S - let me know if that will work as an interim solution while I figure out this whole patching game!
<IgorPec> if piter have no complains, than its ok. i only briefly scanned today
<ashthespy> Yes please - would be nice to have others test it as well!
<IgorPec> yes, it looks fine. i don't have this hardware
<IgorPec> but i saw you posted to the forum, so there will be others to test
<ashthespy> That was indeed the motivation!
<ashthespy> Just need to figure out the i2s stuff now. Its driving me crazy.
<IgorPec> i2s works well on stock kernel?
<ashthespy> Input yes
<ashthespy> Not sure if anyone has tried output..
<ashthespy> Input should work on mainline as well - I ported over the stuff, but haven't tested it..
<c0rnelius> TRS-80: Darius is a complete noob. he'll never figure that out and I can't recall the name of the module that gets loaded off hand.
<c0rnelius> he should run lsmod and then find the module and then rmmod followed by a blacklisting it.
<RoyK> buZz:
<buZz> ?
<RoyK> sorry ;)
<RoyK> tabcomplete mistake and then an erronous <enter>
<RoyK> buZz: just trying to build some software written for raspberry pi to armbian/orange pi zero
<RoyK> that is, I gave up - may try again later
<ashthespy> What software is this?
<ashthespy> orange pi (sunxi) gpio stuff works quite okay when I last checked?
<buZz> RoyK: most raspberry pi software is incompatible with anything else
<TRS-80> c0rnelius: We were all complete noobs at some point. He has to show some effort that he is at least trying. Now get off my lawn. :D
<c0rnelius> haha
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<ashthespy> I really need to look at PXE boot - Popping sd cards in an out all evening :-(
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<RoyK> buZz: well, some is ported
<buZz> RoyK: why arent you saying -which- software?
<buZz> if they would just use sysfs on raspberry end, it wouldnt even -need- porting
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<RoyK> buZz: I'll get back to you once I've tested this. It uses wiringpi and some related libs
<buZz> oh thats sad
<ashthespy> May be https://github.com/eclipse/mraa is an option?
<buZz> that wont be compatible with anything :P
<RoyK> buZz: wiringpi is ported to opiz, though, but it doesn't work :þ
<buZz> yes, wiringpi is hell
<RoyK> heh
<ashthespy> buZz Why? I remember glancing at it briefly..
<buZz> wiring is hell to begin with
<ashthespy> wiringpi on Opi is meh at best..
<buZz> making wiring incompatible with wiring is the beginning of the hell
<ashthespy> I mean `The Open source project of WiringPi on OrangePi. maintain from www.orangepi.org` :-P
<buZz> nowadays ppl call wiring 'arduino' , btw ;)
<ashthespy> I just realised I haven't yet bought an arm board in 2020! :o
<TRS-80> ashthespy: it's early, yet ;)
* ashthespy heads off to ebay
<TRS-80> ashthespy: we have a weekly meeting every Wednesday here in channel for SBC Addicts Anonymous
<ashthespy> Hahaha
<buZz> no we dont :P
<ashthespy> You know you need to join that when you have more SBCs in drawers than up and running!
<TRS-80> meeting involves code sprints, therefoere may not help with your underlying issues XD
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* TRS-80 goes to make breakfast after having morning coffee and doing forum rounds
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<IgorPec> TRS-80
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<ashthespy> oh god. Raspi kernel stuff is such a mess.
<ashthespy> I had no clue.
<c0rnelius> its pretty easy
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<c0rnelius> what you trying to do?
<ashthespy> Good question.
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<ashthespy> I ask my self that quite often these days...
<ashthespy> Well - was trying to make a custom image, and then went down the rabbit hole of matching Kernel and firmware and this and that and other bits.
<c0rnelius> i couldn't get the 5.4.x kernel to boot on the le potato from the armbian build ;( pulled from kernel.org and all boots fine, except missing some stuff.
<c0rnelius> i should try an older kernel
<c0rnelius> ashthespy: for which model?
<ashthespy> rpi 3
<c0rnelius> i have some aarch64 builds for the p3b/+ and pi4
<ashthespy> oh nice.
<c0rnelius> could use the img as a base and add ur own kernel
<ashthespy> Nah - Its friday :P
<c0rnelius> hah
<c0rnelius> want a link?
<ashthespy> Yes please!
<c0rnelius> the pi3b acts wonky in the bluetooth department but works. 3b+ works as expected.
<ashthespy> Would you recommend 5.x over 4.19?
<ashthespy> Or does it not matter too much?
<c0rnelius> i use the 4.19.x
<c0rnelius> that 5.4.1 was an early build
<c0rnelius> not sure how stable that is
<c0rnelius> i haven't bothered upgrading the imgs because... no one asks ;) only made the pi4 because someone wanted them. i don't own the board.
<ashthespy> pi4 has mainline support right?
<c0rnelius> yes it does... Tenkawa is using it. says it runs ok. used my img as a base and upgraded the kernel.
<ashthespy> Good to know!
<c0rnelius> i wasn't going to bother messing about with it though.
<TRS-80> Yes IgorPec?
<TRS-80> oh I think I see something different... :)
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<IgorPec> TRS-80: yeah, be careful :)
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<TRS-80> IgorPec: I sent you a PM, I lost regular Moderation powers, apparently... lol
<IgorPec> yes, i just tried to fix ..
<IgorPec> check if works now
<IgorPec> maybe you need to logout / login
<TRS-80> No it's working, I was just checking few things
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<sputnik> evening. guys, is Armbian_5.89_Odroidc1_Debian_stretch_next_5.1.8.7z somewhere archived? can't find it on armbian.com archives :/
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<TRS-80> Evening, sputnik
<TRS-80> I am not sure, but hang around a bit any you may get an answer
<sputnik> gotcha
* TRS-80 hands sputnik a beer
<TRS-80> Happy Friday! :)
<sputnik> yup, happy weekend :)