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<lanefu> interesting
<lanefu> i had built it without patches and got the same thing
<lanefu> i'll try again
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<lanefu> i may have incorrectly deletd patches
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<lanefu> grrrr
<lanefu> i ALWAYS get meson64 and mvebu64 mixed up
<lanefu> ya know i wonder if its this patch
<lanefu> im going to stop talkign now
<lanefu> c0rnelius: well done! when I disabled the correct patches it worked!
<lanefu> now i just need ot narrow it down
<c0rnelius> brilliant!
<c0rnelius> lanefu: let me know what you find.
<lanefu> so far i've found out that i'm a knucklehead
<c0rnelius> well that happens. i'm an idiot too ;)
<c0rnelius> i mean that in the very best way.
<lanefu> hehe
<lanefu> 10 minutes to get a full minimal image built.. not bad i suppose
<lanefu> with clean sources etc
<lanefu> hahahaa
<lanefu> i got it o nteh first time
<lanefu> i disabled the correct patch on the first try
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<Tonymac32> oh nice
<Tonymac32> did that get mainlined when we weren't looking?
<lanefu> not sure.. there's another patch or two for fixing clk stuff
<Tonymac32> hmmmm
<lanefu> that patch was older.. maybe its deprecate
<lanefu> now i'm on to a new funny problem building frmo master
<Tonymac32> could be, it was for 4.19 originally
<Tonymac32> (I remember it)
<lanefu> impacting u-booot.. but I think i know what its from
<lanefu> see that
<lanefu> that assumes odroidc2 was built first
<Tonymac32> no it doesn't, the entire repo we stuff amlogic blobs in is called "OdroidC2-blobs
<Tonymac32> "
<Tonymac32> we clone it
<Tonymac32> ...it isn't the clearest thing. So the blobs come from the vendor u-boot tree
<lanefu> ahh okay i thikn it was cuz i built with EXTERNAL=no
<lanefu> testing with external yes
<lanefu> okay yeah thats what it was
<lanefu> i saw it checkout
<lanefu> blerg
<lanefu> did fix my boot problem http://ix.io/2c0y
<lanefu> *didnt
<lanefu> I had to unplug my network cable to get taht log.. cuz i have a pxeboot server on my network.... and boy did that make the u-boot go bonkers
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<lanefu> Tonymac32: i'm gonna start a new thread about the u-boot issues on master branch for le potato
<lanefu> on teh amlogic subforum
* archetech watches sad faced as other kids play
<lanefu> archetech: getcha an orangepi
<lanefu> they just work
<lanefu> archetech: btw did you ever try Babel's universal image?
<archetech> my deflated v2 just needs a needle to inflate it not a new ball
<archetech> so I keep thinking
<archetech> yeah same boot halt
<lanefu> womp
<lanefu> so less far
<archetech> I know there's a fix for it thats my hang up
<lanefu> as in you know where the fix it and dont know how to implement
<lanefu> or just like we know there's gravity
<lanefu> you know ther'sa fix
<archetech> neither
<archetech> grav dont need fixing
<lanefu> ha
<archetech> and I dont like to declare defeat beleiving the above
<lanefu> okay
<lanefu> are there things about the armbian build engine you have questions about, or need help understanding... would that let you hack in this more?
<archetech> so Ill whine and tap this sbc against concrete until there is a real problem lol
<archetech> no just hangin out
<archetech> some poster on pine64 said he ordered 2 one acts just like mine
<lanefu> solidarity
<lanefu> i saw your link to that the other day.. any responses on there?
<archetech> more like comiseration
<archetech> yeah he replied he uses good one to geta working build and inserts that in the bad sd slot heh
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> I'm really disappointed in how arm boots using uboot think that whats really got me soured on buying any more sbc's to be frank
<archetech> I read theres work being done to address it but not ready
<lanefu> yeah... the evolution was different
<lanefu> embedded systems suddenly got real cpus instead of microcontrollers
<lanefu> and that raw way of working with stuff continued
<lanefu> where as PC.. has had a bios since XT
<lanefu> you can actually build bare metal apps on top of u-boot
<archetech> I hate it and dont care how it can be used never seen tech like it before
<archetech> it the worst thing ive ever used
<archetech> tells me somebody in arm world just dont care
<archetech> and thats usually because of money
<lanefu> oh yeah.. there was no incentive to care
<lanefu> before you had to patch your products
<lanefu> you just mangled whatever until it works
<lanefu> all teh BSP kernels for android stuff
<lanefu> criminal
<lanefu> hacky hacky stuff
<lanefu> same thing.. they'd just chuck it over the wall
<archetech> exactly smeels of criminality in product design
<lanefu> pressure from google to be able to patch and run recently kernel versions in order to use newer android releases is what's making the SoC vendors get their shit together
<archetech> smells
<archetech> if peeps buy that crap they give the sbc sellers no incentive to improve it
<archetech> "look at those morons gobble up this junk we fabricate"
<lanefu> preachin to the choir
<lanefu> they're getting better as well
<lanefu> but the SBC people don't make the SoCs
<archetech> ok but still just sayin im not an idiot consumer
<lanefu> and its the SoC manufacturers that are't pulling their weight
<archetech> why I spent $20 not 80-100 bucks
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<lanefu> yeah... with exception of odroidn2, i don't think i've spent more than $40 on a board
<archetech> so if I want to spend 50-100 on another try ...I say wheres that new sdd/cpuive wanted put the $towards that ya know
<lanefu> so there'sa million flavors out there
<lanefu> what do you actaully wanna do with an sbc
<archetech> 80-100 is sbc psu sdcard serial cable and emmc card
<archetech> thats the true cost of arm entry right?
<lanefu> for a "dev kit" yeah i suppose
<archetech> least I think so
<lanefu> i mean dont buy a power supply, serial cable and emmc fr every board i get
<lanefu> but yeah i understand barrier to entry cost is closer to hundred bucks all in
<archetech> no for it to boot and learn about it as a consumer not a dev
<archetech> what should happen is I show my ebay receipt to pine and they exchange it
<archetech> cuz these v2's shouldnt be out sealed up and avail from anybody
<lanefu> yeah maybe
<archetech> or a big sign on their website dont buy r64 v2's we wont support it
<archetech> it s a mistake we made in them
<archetech> we put wrg resistors in and didnt do anything like a recall
<lanefu> i'm still waiting for my rock64 to get some work
<lanefu> its been sitting in my cluster for a few days
<archetech> thought clusters are supposed to be all the same nodes
<lanefu> depends on what you're clustering
<archetech> I played with Hadoop on 5 vm's :)
<lanefu> this is workload / job scheduling
<lanefu> i have arm32, arm64, and x86 all in the same cluster
<lanefu> and most of my containers are multiarch
<archetech> I read up on archs distcc usage thats cool
<lanefu> yeah i havent used distcc in a long time
<lanefu> probalby when i was actually using gentoo at work!
<archetech> Ive always had in interest in parralel computing since my lpar days on IBM mainframes
<archetech> which leads into supercomputing like Livermore etc
<archetech> then they start using it all for surveil/pre-crime and my interst dies
<lanefu> kinda spoils the fun
<lanefu> speaking of fun... le potato desktop test firing up
<archetech> I just wanted to see how good arm can do vs x86 on a LFS based kde plasma desktop w/mali gpu to answer you earlier question
<archetech> I hear a rare few have gotten it to work nicely
<archetech> on 3399 mostly
<archetech> I was gonna show the world how it copuld also be done on a 3328 NOT!
<archetech> could
<lanefu> ha
<archetech> denied ! by unseen arm forces
<lanefu> so basically like the hardest thing to do
<lanefu> you wanted to do
<lanefu> and you didnt even pass go
<archetech> yup arch manjaro armbian not at fault
<archetech> and yes it was a grand goal many are still trying
<archetech> fr what I read read I can still do it if I throw cash at the right arm sbc
<lanefu> accelerated desktop stuff is just a pita i stay away from it
<archetech> ie roll the dice again
<lanefu> i'm just using bruteforce on my n2
<lanefu> ....and i have a KVM switch to my mac's thudnerbolt dock
<archetech> ok but what work do you feed your arm boards if not for desktop
<archetech> I think they stink for real NAS workj
<lanefu> dude my helios4 is pretty solid
<archetech> so only thing left is a farm
<lanefu> i use it to archive from my other nas
<lanefu> im like the opposite i think dekstop shit is boring lol
<archetech> it is to use its the building of it thats a challenge atm
<archetech> once its up I got a terminal browser and irc chat apps lol so yeah not the end all be all
<archetech> now if I had all that sbc gear u have id make a compiling farm
<archetech> like arch arm uses but for armbian
<archetech> and add jenkins
<archetech> it would query a list pkgs for all the armbian builds when a certain point is hit it would kick off a daily build
<archetech> all automated
<lanefu> i've got it building kernels based on files changed in PRs
<lanefu> and a nightly image build
<archetech> ok for kernelsbut why not whole images?
<archetech> so you have it setup as a CI?
<lanefu> yeah, basic ci
<lanefu> just added it like a month ago
<archetech> so then you have it great
<lanefu> anyway reason i dont do whole images right now
<lanefu> is because armbian builder is a stack of shell scripts
<lanefu> and it has to run as a privileged user
<lanefu> which means a PR
<lanefu> would just execute foreign code on my box
<lanefu> so i wanna lock it down way more
<archetech> I see thats where armbian is at now
<lanefu> https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/README.md i am doing a full end-to-end nightly
<lanefu> but yeah.. need to chunk down a lot of the build engine workloads
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<lanefu> so that it can be distrubted etc
<archetech> right thats the part ai was saying
<lanefu> im proud of this insanity... it like dynamically generates the list of boards and cpu familes to test against... https://github.com/armbian/ci-testing-tools/blob/master/jenkins_ci.sh
<archetech> distributed farm that builds automatically
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<lanefu> yeah thats the pie in the sky aspirations
<archetech> its just virtual lincoln logs :)
<archetech> sry thats a 60's reference
<archetech> myabe legos be better anaolgy
<lanefu> yeah i only played with lincoln logs when i visited my grand parents house
<archetech> so this script is jenkins like or uses jenkins
<archetech> not up onall the ci yet
<lanefu> jenkins is using that script
<lanefu> as far as ci stuff... jenkins is much less elegant than newer solutions
<lanefu> BUT it has 134234234 plugins
<lanefu> so has that enterprise crustiness that keeps it going
<lanefu> for quick and dirty. i really like gitlab ci
<lanefu> there are others that i havent trid
<lanefu> the jenkins job has stuff for checking out repos... had follow github webhooks etc.... then eventually there's a section where it includes the functions from that script and does the build. https://snipboard.io/L9VMcO.jpg
<archetech> putting this arm stuff on the side I'd like ot automate my LFS builds a scipt that grabs latest book dl'eds all the pkgs and spits out a build with X ready for DE of my choice to build with a coupel other scripts
<lanefu> $dayjob is devops / cloud consulting if you havent pieced that together yet
<lanefu> yeah you coudl totally do it
<lanefu> jenkins is easy to run on arm
<lanefu> because java
<lanefu> i just use an off-the-shelf tomcat container, adn download the latest jenkins.war at runningtime
<lanefu> my jenkins server is decoupled from the slave/runner
<lanefu> i have a dedicated runner on my x86 server. for obvious reasons
<archetech> hmm I could get tomcat vm prebuilt and ready to fire up from turnkey
<lanefu> yeah check it out
<lanefu> if you play with it, enjoy it, and wanna help with our ci stuff lemme know
<archetech> sure sound more fun than screwing with uboot
<archetech> but what doesnt
<archetech> thing is im not a java fan wish it was python
<lanefu> troubleshooting other people's homegrown CI tools at $financial_company without any sort of admin or debugging acccess
<lanefu> well you don thave to write your CI code in java
<lanefu> although groovy is like the most popular way to interact with jenkins
<lanefu> i mean look i'm just doing shell scritpts
<archetech> yup
<lanefu> jenkins is like the eclipse of CI tools
<archetech> long as I dont have to edit java
<lanefu> its terrible, but you can make it whatever you want it to be
<lanefu> nope
<lanefu> Groovy would be the closest you get to writing java.. and you don't have to groovy
<archetech> ill look into it test it with LFS builds
<lanefu> yeah that sounds pretty rad
<archetech> let ya know how that goes wont be right away
<lanefu> alright i've used up my armbian brain
<lanefu> yeah no hurry
<lanefu> that stuff happens when it happens
<archetech> ok gn
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<lanefu> Happy v20.02 release day!
<archetech> *\o/*
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<lanefu> IgorPec: we do we have our own build of hostapd? is is that somethign we still need to build, or have the distros caught up?
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> no, we need to build
<IgorPec> i meand we could also use from distro, but lack some features
<IgorPec> and they are mainly behind
<lanefu> i guess we need some tools maintainer roles too.. like a maintainer for hostapd
<IgorPec> aha, huh, i am not sure how to solve this
<IgorPec> its probably not a hostapd issue
<IgorPec> but a broken driver
<IgorPec> we always use latest stable
<IgorPec> so far it was always a driver
<lanefu> okay that's good to know.. thanks
<IgorPec> without research its really hard to tell
<lanefu> yeah.. it would be cool to have someone just focus on wireless stuff
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<lanefu> i have a weird idea.... what if we kept more legacy images available..... but only via torrent. that way only the latest stable stuff could use the dl.armbian
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<maccraft> since you guys would probably know
<maccraft> can i have rk3288 based device work as usb rndis device?
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