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<lanefu> archetech: well technically your audio doesnt work
<archetech> worked on libreelc
<archetech> everything worked on that
<archetech> ls
<archetech> i have bionic from ayufan running just need a guide to compile the kernel source I have
<archetech> spent hrs on google
<lanefu> great!
<lanefu> so what'd you end up doing... just rolling your own bionic image and not using the armbian buildtools?
<lanefu> i guess we could diff hte patched kernels and see
<archetech> no I burned a stable version of ayufans build
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<archetech> all this effort ill fix the missing config items above and sit will stop just like armbian does
<archetech> I should geta pie4 and park my butt at raspbian
<archetech> stop making noise here
<lanefu> i mean that's an option
<lanefu> just depends on whats fun for you
<archetech> fun is good docs and peeps with same board
<archetech> doing fun stuff like LFS or big de's like gnome/kde
<archetech> for me
<archetech> I know you like the dev/ops
<archetech> but as a old tech I see an issue like this and it hooks me into solving it
<archetech> and this solution needs better docs and goole aint cutting it
<archetech> rock64 really never took off in last 2 yrs
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<Tonymac32> hello all
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* Tonymac32 likes talking to himself
<Tonymac32> :)
<lanefu> hiiii
<lanefu> hmmm no usb3 ports on opi3
<lanefu> well i plugged and unplugged enough stuff and switch enough kernels that i dont know what the fix was but its workign
<lanefu> alright i sent our buddy trs a message to check in
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