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<c0rnelius> which patch(es) make the edits to the scripts dir during the kernel deb build process? for example a symlink is created for Image and the byteshift-headers patch is applied during the deb install.
<lanefu> which kernel?
<lanefu> your saying a kernel patch makes changes to the kern's scripts dir?
<c0rnelius> its all kernels. part of the build process
<c0rnelius> just curious as to which patch it is. i would like to look it over.
<tonymac32> there is one in each kernel patch folder called "packaging" something or other
<c0rnelius> thanks. i'll check it out
<c0rnelius> general packaging. i believe this is it. thanks very much.
<lanefu> glad to help
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<lanefu> serial console pro-tip... attach GND to GND, rather than attaching VCC to GND
* archetech likes the smell of arm napalm in the morning
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> fortunately i didnt cook anything
<lanefu> Libre Computer seems to build okay boards in that regard
<tonymac32> they put thermal fuses on everything IIRC
<lanefu> them folks is smart
<lanefu> so i'm having lepotato problems
<lanefu> but. i'm doing a scorched earth build
<lanefu> before i further freak out
<lanefu> also... `cat /dev/ttyUSB0 | tee console.log`
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<lanefu> Tonymac32: yeah le potato is getting stuck http://ix.io/2bUZ
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<tonymac32> I think I saw this on patchwork
<lanefu> whats patchwork
<c0rnelius> i couldn't get the potato to boot at all on the most Armbian kernels.
<c0rnelius> booted fine "with out the frills" using a vanilla one.
<c0rnelius> most recent*
<lanefu> yeah that does seem to be the case
<archetech> c0rnelius: is there such a kernel for the rock64 you know of?
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<archetech> vanilla plus armbian would be worth a shot
<c0rnelius> archetech: i haven't played with the rk3328 in a while.sorry,
<c0rnelius> my experience. the vanilla is never good on that ;) it will boot, but ports and things won't work.
<c0rnelius> maybe its changed in the last few months?
<fysa> archetech, what are you looking for? I've spent a lot of time with the rock64
<archetech> seemed like a good path to try np
<archetech> fysa: my v2 wont boot an armbian build above 4.4
<archetech> I have some info in the 3328 lerenl forum
<archetech> kernel
<fysa> did you try swapping out the kernel with an ayufan kernel?
<archetech> I think its the ubbot if ya time to look at the thread
<archetech> uboot
<fysa> maybe?
<fysa> will take a look
<archetech> chk the thread then ill take suggestions
<archetech> not one to willy nilly try stuff been there
<fysa> I don't see it, URL?
<fysa> sounds like there is a dts/dtb problem
<fysa> with the 4.20
<fysa> still looking for 5.5
<archetech> kernel bugs section last posts for 3328
<archetech> last=latest
<c0rnelius> archetech: the dtb in the vanilla kernel is shit. you can though "and this is just my experience" compile a fresh one and use one from say armbian or ayufan and get things working.
<c0rnelius> the usb3 won't be fully fuctional. most likely.
<fysa> ok .. well .. I would grab the ayufan rock64 spi/uboot scripts but honestly if you haven't tested eMMC or a different SD card, you're taking the wrong path ..
<fysa> and the dtb will not match .. get a dts/dtb from the mrfixi2001 release or ayufan
<fysa> maybe it's close but from what I saw last there were still problems .. and you will get regressions
<fysa> into 5.x
<archetech> I can try another sdcard easily the other stuff mentioned isnt so easy
<archetech> ill try my new 32gb sandisk
<archetech> I should have done that days ago
<fysa> can you try an older release with a new kernel?
<archetech> I can try anything you guys suggest I just dont know the procedures at all
<fysa> I would try one of these
<fysa> well, this one, maybe there are newer releases
<fysa> but this will have a dtb/dts and it sounds like someone is using this for rock64 panfrost
<fysa> if you google a bit for rock64 panfrost you will run into someone using 5.x
<fysa> and maybe see the same issue you saw in one of thoes threads
<fysa> those
<lanefu> archetech: they have a great deal on working rock64s on ebay
<lanefu> ones that don't have a curse
<fysa> https://i.e. forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=7839
<lanefu> of a failing secuirty company
<fysa> oops
<fysa> sorry
<fysa> that's a rockpro64 thread, but I would try it anyway
<fysa> I think ayufan's kernels work for both
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<fysa> archetech, have you tried one of the unified 5.x releases for lima/panfrost? https://mega.nz/#F!j9QSDQSQ!6WpasOlbZYIInfw6yo4phQ!bgIWCKAK
<archetech> who built those
<archetech> thye have a 3328 folder with some fresh stuff
<archetech> why you poinmt to that folder vs the 3328 one?
<archetech> point
<fysa> that's the latest 'unified'
<fysa> newer kernel
<fysa> it should also support 3328
<fysa> they are trying to do 5.x kernel with panfrost/lima for all of thoes platforms
<archetech> so am I
<fysa> and generally the later rockpro64 releases (rk3399) also support rk3328 from rock64
<archetech> lima is the end goal so thanks for this link its ideally the end result I want armbian + lima for kde
<fysa> so you should be able to follow that also ..
<archetech> right
<fysa> I was using lima + kde successfully after installing bionic, upgrading to cosmic
<fysa> and recompiling Qt with GLES properly
<archetech> wow you my hero
<fysa> it was my primary desktop for 6 months - 4k screen
<fysa> on rock64
<fysa> upgraded to rockpro64 for 6 months
<fysa> this was over a year ago
<fysa> now coming back to try panfrost/5.x also ;)
<archetech> impressive but why leave the rock if ya got it to all that
<fysa> on both rock64 and rockpro64
<fysa> just ran out of time for work
<tonymac32> over a year ago, eh?
<archetech> so is this your repo or what?
<archetech> ok backing up im about to test boot the image lanefu sent me few days ago on the other sandisk card brb
<fysa> no no, this is what I am trying also ..
<fysa> you should join irc.pine64.xyz
<fysa> #rock64
<fysa> will be better for SPI/etc/dtb/dts
<fysa> there is an installPanfrost script there ..
<archetech> been there for couple weeks nobody answered
<fysa> I mean off that armbian image thread
<fysa> after booting with the image, try the installPanfrost script
<archetech> ok thats up next diff sdcard didnt help
<fysa> ok
<fysa> gotta run for a bit but I will be around, idling here now
<archetech> k
<fysa> and on irc.pine64.xyz
<tonymac32> I am in awe at your rock64, we just switched away from the ayufan kernel since it was "yet another kernel"
<archetech> id get lima eoan and 5.5 kern with this IF it works
<archetech> 3 birds one stone
<lanefu> let us know if you win
<lanefu> Tonymac32: any idea what the u-boot gxl stuff is in a nutshell?
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<archetech> no luck same as I posted on forum
<tonymac32> lanefu give me a minute to see if I can find it/try it
<tonymac32> wait, g12b, I saw another one, but it looks like a similar issue
<tonymac32> OK, looked through your log more closely, [ 2.075258] EINJ: ACPI disabled.
<tonymac32> ummmmmm
<tonymac32> why is error injection happening?
<lanefu> Now thats interesting
<tonymac32> other question is why the Intel pcie drivers are loading
<lanefu> Yeah so i was wtfing about e1000 drivers on archetechs logs too
<tonymac32> ok, I am building one where I turned of EINJ
<tonymac32> and the PCIE intel drivers at least
<tonymac32> like I said earlier I got hung up on the CF that RK3328 was and didn't go over the Amlogic stuff
<lanefu> CF?
<tonymac32> lol cluster
<archetech> my bud strit is doing a diff on armbian uboot vs theirs at manjaro :)
<archetech> he remembers changinf something for the v3 soit didnt break the v2
<tonymac32> Cool. the v2 must be some cursed hardware though, if not all of them go sideways
<archetech> v3 wouldnt boot to sdcard
<archetech> id say not all v2's are the same
<archetech> mine may have benn modded at recon sentinel
<archetech> its obv more sensitive somehow
<tonymac32> lanefu still came up empty on potato. I'll have to dig in tomorrow
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<raver> Hi, has anyone else the issue that `apt search package` is extremely slow when GzipIndexes is set to true?
<raver> There is a special armchair conf file which set this config. Switching to false resolves the issue
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